"Howard, touring the colonies"

How does John Howard respond to the FACTS that he is now 'touring' the colonies of the old white, Judeo-Christian economic structure?

A western imperialist structure which has either viciously oppressed the Indigenies of Asia - China, India et al - and Australians - Aborigine - or lured them into being Ethics-free arseholes and ardent materialists in the Ju-Christ-mould - Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong - which Howard is now trying to further embed everywhere he tries to levitate his pumped-up self.

Clearly every overseas 'opportunity' by Howard, Downer and coven are 'crusades' by the 'ruling establishment magi' to promolgate into the eyes-thus-minds-and-hearts of every non-white, non-Christian they can evil-eye-ball, that good ol' Anglophilia and Americaphilia (lap-lick-suck-slurp) are Humanity's best AND ONLY way forward, via trade-spells-thus-advertising-thus-entrancement into Culturally deadly capitalist-materialist-overconsumerism.

"Let John Howard bring Christian 'Armaggeddon' to YOU, me ol' China!

America's been entrancing Japan since Hiroshima.................

Surely, he goes with cap-in-hand, begging SOME forgiveness........


Anti-drug ads detail organ meltdown, panic attacks?

Last Update: Sunday, April 17, 2005. 7:44am (AEST)

Anti-drug ads detail organ meltdown, panic attacks

The Federal Government is launching the second phase of a strategy urging parents and their children to talk about illicit drug use.

The Government says graphic television messages will warn people about the dangers of ecstasy, amphetamines and marijuana.

The Federal Parliamentary Secretary for Health, Christopher Pyne, says the ads will include real-life stories of organ meltdown caused by ecstasy use, and panic attacks caused by amphetamines use.

"Some people will think the Government has gone too far but the truth is you can't be too graphic when describing the health impacts of illicit drugs," he said.

The above is a dump from Australia's ABC online news:


This is my comment...........


OK, if so-called 'illicit drugs' are to be blasted by the 'authorities', then in the interests of "Balance":

The 'authorities' are obliged to disseminate, proportionately, information, FACTS, detailing the amount of damage done to the whole society, by those mainstream drug manufacturers, and the damage to drug-takers who, through the 'LEGAL'? sale, purchase and use of 'safe' legal pharmaceutical drugs, make themselves too-often terminally sick, necessitating utterly warped hospital systems, and expect the society and the Community Purse, to support such dysfunctional individual habits, and the medical costs they attract? Costs, 'fees' going 'up' to the cult of medical doctors.

How many of our "Geriatrics" are so because of the wrong diagnoses, bad advice and toxic prescription drugs they've been-on, for twenty, forty, fifty years? Do the professionals make public statistics on these failings of the mainstream 'legal'/medical system? Oooooooowwww-noo!

Could the government (or parliament) endure an inquiry into the broad allegations I make here, considering the parliamentarians and it's industry of powerplayers come from the same deluded, spellbound mob - the Judeo-Christian g-c-t? The ancient evil, the golden calf tribes, ex-Judea.

In the interests of Balance we must be able to honestly compare figures and effects on society of all 'drugs' per se, not just of the smaller sector of 'illicit drugs' and users who are or become a problem for the Community Purse.

To unthinkingly expend so much on 'unsolvables' like the current medical-hospital-'health' system, the costs of THOSE 'straight' users needs-must be accounted for.

Users whose 'attitudes' come from the epidemic (overt!) culture of legal drug abuse like alcohol, tobacco, sugar, artificial food-additives AND pharmaceuticals, to which too-many become too-addicted. Then there's material abuse of resources in excessive abuse of energy fuels as expressed in fast-car-culture etc.............

The costs of THOSE straight users needs-must be accounted for IN AN IMPARTIAL LIGHT, which means keeping ALL medico's, pharmacologists and academics and their spindoctors OUT of the consultation-process of any inquiry?

(Dream-on, Mux!)

While the whole fabric of the mental or psychological health of society has been exposed as shattered, requiring most to take quite some more "medication" than pharma's have any right to claim ownership-of, and with their medical lawmakers (on government advisory boards) making it impossible for us to get enough of, which the Masses need - BECAUSE THE PHARMACEUTICAL PILLS DON'T WORK - it is absolutely ludicrous to stop people from self-medicating on Natural Herbs and Chemicals, even more so when they realise, the only reason we're only allowed pharmaceutical pills etc., is because of a paranoid profit-driven powertrip by spellbound clones who firmly believe that their greedy way (to 'heaven'?) is RIGHT-RIGHT-RIGHT. I'm sorry, but it's not....

"While the whole fabric of the whole mental and .... .....have any right to claim ownership-of....." (from last paragraph), most are fully cognisant of the FACT-FACT-FACT that the current fuck-up we call the 'health system', is...., a...., fuck-up.



Public or private, the hospital system deals with the dross of an overgrown, uneducated, dysfunctional BAD CULTURE, thus unhealthy society, as in cities.

The attitude prevailing within upper-levels of the whole medical system, a self-interested, self-deluding system built around 'curing' EFFECTS, not CAUSES stinks, basicly, born of the powerlessness against a gigantic monster called pharma-medico-psychiatry magic. BAD MAGIC!.

WATCH-OUT! BAD SPELLS everywhere in there!

A rotten system legalising artificial drugs, yet-to-be-understood as deadly to the "Social-Flow" if-I-may.

At least today, they can be accounted-for, in their effects on the broad, complete health of a Community, of Humanity.

A rotten system legalising artificial drugs, yet-to-be-understood as deadly to the "Social-Flow" if-I-may, of Balanced minds, who are cognisant of their own mental functionings and thus are able to medicate either by Self-Control and/or via the most Organic-thus-in-the-long-run, least harmful methods, some involving Herbs like Cannabis which the 'authorities' have the gall to call - "dangerous"?

Dangerous indeed, to the rude-nay-absolutely-filthy profits of the multinational pharmaceutical, textile, petro-plastics AND religious corporate industries.

Dangerous also, to the uneducated imbiber. For loosely-spoken, simple catch-phrases like "dope'll spin-ya-out" etc., by bigoted, oft'-drunk fools, can have a spinout effect on a first-time user, if they are yet a bit young or naive as to the 'activities' and the "Activities" the mind is capable of. Same-same as alcohol and even coffee, etc., on inexperienced heads. After years of being pummelled by pro-grog-cigarettes-and-meat mental diets from advertising, and by the aggressive-headedness of that culture, the passifying effects of smoking Cannabis will have 'different' effects on the nubile's mind, but Argh The Struggle! And the Benefits of bringing the Over-Mind-Observer (some call it the Holy Spirit) back in via the eventual Stillness, outweighs all coughing-fits, and smelly pipes.

And, what recognition do the 'authorities' give to the HUGE blackmarket, on the street-level in all cities, and most towns, of the reselling of prescription pharma-drugs ('pills' - nice little clean round WHITE 'pills'?), whether initially obtained through a legitimate prescription, a 'bent' doctor's, or from some channel of illegitimate supply?

There cannot not be some financial element (read 'profit') of these blackmarket street-transactions reaching the global manufacturers, via a general increase in the overall sales and consumption of the legal drugs.

What powers do the planet's coppers have to investigate and reach that far?

Can the coppers establish such figures and statistics enough to bring charges to do with "supply", and a court of law to order the pharmaceutical companies to pay for "Anti-pharmaceuticals" promotion campaigns, to the value of that street-selling they profitake???

The ignoring of such issues by the 'authorities' can be bloody-safely-read as meaning they are dead-scared of having the public, and their right-wing judeo-christian fundamentalist customers, share-holders, and political lobbyists "wake-up" to the pharma's generic fraudulance as an industry, PLUS it's almost totally devious-that-is-self-interested cartellian collusion with the 'wait-for-it? - MEDICAL INDUSTRY.

It must be said, that it is the incarceration of those who are not really criminals, but merely "Self-Medicators", which incurs the greatest 'cost' on the Community Purse, NOT the unhealthy effects of most of the drugs we today make illegal - Cannabis, Heroin, Cocaine, even speed.

Most other 'costs' are incurred in chasing-down the mafia-and-multinational, essentially right-wing leaning drug-running organisations, groups who are only as powerful as they are because they have spent the last fifty or so years, since Washington won world war 2, buying-off governments, bringing them down if they had any Principles leaning toward the Well-Being of their People, and installing puppets 'owned' by the dynastic powers of bigball to play it their ruthless drug-running way.

Anti-drug ads detail organ meltdown, panic attacks

Organ meltdowns and panic attacks aye?

Created first-and-foremost by the worst diets on the planet, by the worst physical 'lifestyles' EVER, inducing mass-paranoia by massive attacks on our minds by the psychotic global cartellian media and advertising blah, and, by the worst levels of economic disparity, sustained by the same corporate global elite, that would make most of the sick wanna die?

At least take more drugs than any legal prescription system will allow, just to kill the effects of the rude forecast our proud-as-fuck western consumer system has made for us and for our children.

BALANCE! Dickheads..............

MEDIA! UNIONS! GREENS! LABOR! You must keep hammering the pharmaceuticals industry, for all YOU are worth.

I cannot fail to emphasise the level of detriment - long-term - the totally aberrant deployment of pharmaceutical-type drug-and-drug-therapies will have on individual minds, and thus eventually, but sooner than later, on the broader Community.

It is not far-fetched to say that many dysfunctions of today's western societies are caused and-or exaccerbated by the epidemic misuse, born mainly of false-advertising and academic skullduggery, of LEGAL pharmaceutical drugs.

Seeking "Peace-of-Mind" from a pill?!

SO! Once more I scream "GET IT RIGHT!!!" in media especially, but in DEMOCRATIC government, that is through Wise government of the authorities, to ensure we are not misguided by spell-bound microscope-peering church-boy scientists, who have been lured into the corporate lush by these fucking rogues of the pharmaceuticals scurge, lured into 'high-places' as 'experts', telling the society how to "numbthink" - that numbthink' is best! - at least to think not in ways which might be Genuinely Beneficial for the Global-thus-Local Community(ies), thus also for Life-on-Earth.

Obviously, this is an Issue of Ethics, Ethics of a Major Weight, which cannot be educed, understood, explained and adhered-to by mere highly-trained monkeys, as most scientists and doctors are. 'scientists' and 'doctors' who oft' do littlemore than learn the jargon enough to land a sweet-seat on some government advisory board or lobby-group or other....., possessing NO QUALIFICATION to advise how such products 'PASSED'....? will effect Humanity.

Its worth noting, inline with my general diatribe against the Ju-Christ cults (see ), that the sucked-in-scientists are generally from the same cult colleges - church-schools - as those CEO-bumming morons of the toxic pharmaceuticals, medical, oil, textile, pesticide, fertiliser and weapons (of all types) industries.

Indeed, what percentage of the squillions of clones in medicine, science, technology, or in upper management of any large business DID'NT attend a spell-binding church-school?

Few, I'd suggest, very few.........

God help us, this is why under a market-driven (consumer) society, out-of-the Ju-Christ west, Humanity is fighting itself to decimation - cult-war-spells from above.......

Very 'golden-calf-tribe' --- materialist ---of them.

Refering once more to the article............

I condone parents talking with their kids and any kids about illicit drugs, especially the HERB Marijuana. But again, on-Balance, lets have them CORRECTLY informed about all effects of PHARMA's junk as well as the effects of Ganja.

It's dangerous to yabber-on about anything, but especially 'drugs' per se, without being properly informed, without taking the step to KNOWING what happens when "on" them. Unless you're asking questions....

But whose going to tell the sucked-in masses, the sucked-in consumers of the negative effects of any pills? Not the corporations! But the 'authorities' are deluded too?

Maybe some Geek-Feral-Organic-Health-Fanatic could open a website dedicated to receiving testimonies from people who have suffered negative effects from taking 'prescription' drugs?

Finally, the last paragraph in the article, of the words of Federal Parliamentary Secretary for Health, Chris 'Pisstopher' Pyne (like's a wine, I bet?), deserves turning back on the 'pharma dogs' he's paid by.

"Some people will think the Government has gone too far but the truth is you can't be too graphic when describing the health impacts of illicit drugs," he said.

What Pisstopher is really saying in regard to the smear campaign is : "A lie has been created (Prohibition on Cannabis, Heroin, Cocaine, etc). It was a big lie. The bigger the lie, the bigger again the following lies must be, to maintain the 'air' or 'authority' of the original lie, of the original smear campaign (the 'authority' of which, always fades with time) against Nature's Herbs, like Cannabis, perhaps the pharmceutical industry cult's biggest enemy."




Max No Difference


"Greedus Capitalus Titanicus"

April 17th 2013CE. Capitalising on the collision, the Good Ship "Greedus Capitalus Titanicus" sunk not alone itself and the hubris of the mogul shipping owners, but also the iceberg, the oceans, and the atmosphere of the whole Planet!

Rest in Peace "Greedus Capitalus Psychosis Titanicus", the 'end-game' of the Satan, the evil of western materialist ex-Judeo-Christian 'golden calf tribe' BAD SPELLS!

Wake-up China!

Wake-up Japan! Taiwan! Hong Kong!

Wake-up Africa!

Wake-up Islam! (Alas!? But Mohamed?!)

Wake-up Catholicism!!

The next Pope must lead the Advocates, Religious and Biker alike, in dispelling the nuclearised market-directed society, consumerism-is-Godly myth.

Change NOW, or Bring It Down!!!

May The Perfect Existence Be Your Inspiration





Il Papa? please pass-on to the "Catholic Conclave" will you?

Influenced by innumerable spiritual forces, I nevertheless throw my arrows of (my perceived) Truth into the Conclave, to see what hits home amongst and within ALL Cardinals.

The next "Il Papa", while there appears a need to maintain the Tradition, in this new Millennium addresses an audience, a global flock, far-and-away more advanced in understanding issues of power and control, of themselves, of the world, and of People around them, "Spiritually" and materially/Economically, than any one or number of groups of Human Beings have ever yet Attained, under any Pope - thus far.

This threatens a Level of Democracy within the Church as is unthinkable amongst the higher reaches therein, yet may be the only way the church can redeem itself. The scales have fallen, and there is no going back.

Decentralisation is the Common Call, not just for the church but for the Masses, if we are to survive the next thousand years.


As never before, over these last ten or so years, A Message fitting of a Messiah has been given to a larger number of people than ever, perhaps over half the planet's population, of personal improvement and social importance, which addresses not only the Spiritual /Work He (any Messiah)would call us to do, but the hard, cold, simple, pure ECONOMIC facts of LAND RENT for GOVERNMENT REVENUE.

This information, data, facts, Knowledge, Wisdom and Truth, be-it Known fully across a culture, would as much do away with the need for that last vestige of Spirituality on Earth, 'religions' per se.

These events and influences, these "advances in understanding issues of power and control" on Humanity's level of attainment are not, I maintain, an Ascension into the Highest Realm, as-it-Be, but merely an opening of the third eye. A magnificent advance on personal and communal levels no-doubt, enabling advances undreamt of by earlier thinkers, the most vital being that we can in common atune our mind's ear to many new, higher and lower realms of entertainment and distraction, but our Priority is to use that power and light to hear how to lift us beyond the mental realms, into the Highest, Common Spirit....., rah rah rah. Use the Third Ear, to Hear the Truth.

However, the west, that is the Judeo-Christian western world, is the most deeply astray on Earth, thus furthest from Truth, thus is in need of the Greatest Teachings, inclusive of all things, FACTS Principally, about Humanity's Highest Call: Human Justice.

Today though, not only have the western Judeo-Christian lots commonly opened 3rd eyes, but the spread is global, and is advancing faster than we could count, through cultures, tribes and clans in every corner.

This has given (I estimate) over three billion, BILLION people an ear to the thoughts of a True Spirit, via the astral realm. A True Spirit who Brings Gifts from afar, free of 'beads-and-trinkets', just Knowledge. Primary Knowledge about Life on Earth, and the Attaining of Heaven on Earth for our Generation, from here on into the Future.

"The next 'Il Papa', while there appears a need to maintain the Tradition", from the second paragraph, also alludes to the brutal Truth that the Principle Aim of all "Religions" so-called, is to put themselves out of business.

More-so in this filthy-rotten 'Judeo-Christian' age of the 'golden calf tribe'.

For the People are sick-and-tired of the romantic rhetoric from pulpit, throne and chair, and are better Knowing that their Further Spiritual Development is limited most, by having to live a life in a society powered by delusional UNtruths.

Untruths ozzing thicker-than-ever from those same podia.

So...., to do the work the new Pope is brought to perform, he must be more powerful than ever, strong enough in Spirit, in the fearless Faith that the Father's Will is for him to speak Truth, the Whole Truth and only Truth, soas to expunge the toxins of untrue spells from the psyche, from the Soul of his Society. (Truth is one's most Powerful Weapon.)

Today, from the Soul of the World.

If he/She is to be a True Representative of God's Grandfather, as according to Scripture, particularly Judeo-Christian Scripture, his/her Weapon is the Truth, the Whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth.

The Whole Truth means the Truth about Life, Justice and Heavenly Peace, on Earth.

The Sacred Book, I call the black book, the Christian Bible, states one thing as true, rah, rah, Leviticus 25.


Over the years I've detected Blessed help from the Catholics, and May AUM Bless THEM. Without doubt, without their apparently brave aid, I'd be dead a long time now.

We wont go into my being demonised as satan himself by the same bunch prior to a few exposeayes that reached the last il Papa in about 1996, December.

But my travails have given Knowledgeable Light to a shitload of "Micks" over the ten last years or so, enough to stand themselves in potent of Redeeming themselves, after a few (17) hundred years of running the people amock in occult terms, and astray as to the ECONOMIC TRUTH of LAND RENT for GOVERNMENT REVENUE.

Thus they have Learnt that the Message of the Covenant, LAND RENT for GOVERNMENT REVENUE, instituted into Government, sets the Foundations for the "Greatest Spiritual Shift" Humanity has had, and today, appears to need more than ever, ever, ever. ever. Ever!

No Cardinal from the Catholic Church is going to "Talk True" in these Vital Matters, me-thinks, thus whomever is 'elected' this time around, is already safely assumed to be a fraud.

Can this troubling Conclave "Surprise" Humanity???????

The Wider, Global Catholic Laity is, now, aware of these and more, deeper Truths, of Soul, of Conscience, of Duty, Responsibility, Faith, Justice and Just Plain ECONOMICS, according to THY FATHER'S WILL!

Need we mention the environmental death-sentence we and our western judeo-chrustian opulance have cast upon the Good and Holy Mother Earth?

The Virgin Mother!? Is Mother Mary not the Holy Symbol of The Holy Virgin Mother Earth?

And the Good Catholics of our One and Only Planet, on all continents, islands all, in Concordance with the Call and Will of the Whole People of Earth, before and above mere religion, would, were they "Listening", Hear the Call and assert their Democratic Spirit, their Democratic Holy Spirit upon the Institution they seek their Spiritual Nourishment from - the Holy Catholic Church.

The Messiah, it is said, would speak of these things, so why wouldn't the Pope? And why would the People, Knowing of the Truth about these Primary Issues, remain silent, if it was not for the devil standing between them and That Highest Truth - God - Allah - YHVH - AUM? Their
True Self?

Only the Truth will set Rome and it's Flockers Free................, from a spell in Hell..............

GET IT RIGHT! There in the Conclave!

Perhaps the question is "Can the next Pope Redeem the Church through decentralisation, devolvement to local Temples et al, along the True lines of dissolving the NEED FOR the Church all-together-now!?"

The only way is with the Truth.


Or bear witness, and probably false witness if the current darkness remains over the Vatican and it's powertripping enclaves and branch-offices, to the ongoing Judeo-Christian-generated degeneration and ultimate destruction of the current structures, Good and ill, West, and East, North and South, first and third worlds.

Time is now for the Catholic Church to GROW-UP, get it's feet back on the ground, down from the drunken, dreamy shit of their ancient talmudic right-wing occult power-trippers, WHICH GUARANTEE ARMAGEDDON! (self-fulfilling forecasting by dangerously deluded Spiritually disconnected minds), and TALK TRUE in all aspects of your Life - Spiritual and ECONOMIC!

Catholicism must, at this moment in global religious affairs, lead the way, if the new Pope is to be Listened to or taken seriously, in breaking the deadly and false spells over the 'occult real estate values' surrounding Jerusalem, and the Holy Land in general. And Rome......... and........ (I heard recently that the Catholic Church has 'assets' to the value of $100 BILLION Australian, in Australia alone?)

You all know I've been hammering all sides of politics and religion, and the Reformists and Freedom Fighters of the Middle-Eastern Region and farther afield on the one standing option of LAND RENT for a few years now.

I'd suggest the Conclave also knows we-the-Advocates have had some success across that strife-torn area, where the oppressed are better educated to run their affairs on facts, not corrupt land laws.

They also await the Call.

Also, this Call has been picked up all-across - Africa, South and North America, Asia, Russia and Europe and here across Australia, and may well be the catalyst for many of the recent 'velvet-type-revolutions' here-and-there.

So why on Earth.........., HOW on Earth can Catholicism, and any New Pope, so-called Communicator with God, not speak out on this Stuff, and in so-doing ease-off the explosive pressure-points of national and global aggression?

Maybe I'll Nominate MYSELF as the next Il Padre, Pope Max the First.

Pope Maximus Saturnicus Economicus Agrarianus.

Blessed Be The Advocates of Land Rent.

.........and of Cannabis Legalisation!

Redeem your Soul, Christian? Catholic? Jew?

May The Perfect Existence Be Your Inspiration.