Qld Govt Pays Compo for Institutional Damages!


I want compo for being forced by the government/church...



It wuz skule wot sent me owtacontollllll

E.D.U.C.A.T.e Y.O.U. Realpolitics for YOUTH

E.D.U.C.A.T.e Y.O.U. Realpolitic Party
Stands for Edge-Dwellers, Under-Class, Alienated and Traumatized Youth, Organising and Uniting, or once a Member, Organized and United, Party.

Hmmmm? An Hypothetical, y'unnerstand!?

Society, as it is, doesn't work!

USA, Europe, Australia, Middle East, Africa, Planetwide, SOCIETY DON'T WORK!!!!



"No true Law says one man or family can appropriate disproportionate tracts of Land from the People-Collective, from the Community, from the National or Global Population, for themselves."

Current "privileged" parliamentary and justice departments "fail to recognise the severity of the crime" of BAD LAND LAWS - WORLDWIDE!

Whose gonna suffer most?

Edge-Dwellers, Under-Class, Alienated and Traumatized Youth!

E.D.U.C.A.T.e Y.O.U. Realpolitic Political Party is about the Knowledge, the Facts, about YOUR Patch, Your Country! Your People and Justice for Your People wherever on Earth YOU and they Live.

I'm pissed-off! My People are pissed-off!

You're pissed-off about what's happening to Mother Eartha!

A better informed new generation of Voters, in Australia and in the United States, has popped-up since the last Australian and U.S. federal elections, a generation of not just plum-mouthed private-schoolies with a limited conscience, but a mass in every nation on Earth now, awake to the past, and see frighteningly clearly the protending future.

Many, if not most under-20 year olds, would flex their vote if they KNEW the Party wanted the Best Future for everyone. Kids are much less bigoted.

Two key elections arise in 2008.

Australia and the U.S.

Both elections, everyone knows, are full-of-shit, painting false gods to lead us all down the environmental and Spiritual sewer.

Educate You gets straight on "LEADERSHIP". It's a furphy! get over it.

Local Economic Land Reforms would only improve the future for ALL Youth, eliminating the call for a messiah to help the government or council back out of the labyrinth of corrupt Land laws.

Jesus is dead. God Bless Him.

It's the Economy, Stupid!

Think about it children. Such a Localised Realpolitik Political Forum like the herein named E.D.U.C.A.T.e Y.O.U. Realpolitic Political Party, decentralised for YOUTH could make a future for you possible and governable by YOUth!

This last four, five, seven years has seen the biggest generational shift in Collective POLITICAL Knowledge amongst the world's Youth in the Planet, the Galaxy and perhaps the Universe ever.

This massss..., in every nation...., wants fair Laws, based on True Land Laws.


And Pay The Rent!


Get That Warm Inner Glow!

Vote for uranium........