Media for the rich?


Thoughts from Mr Etherhead on media ownershipssss....:

ABC The Drum Unleashed:
The rich, the powerful and media ownership

Media for the rich?

Delusions of grandeur are part-and-parcel with wealth, perhaps the biggest delusions being that they can manipulate lives and minds enough ad-infinitum, to maintain and increase their opulence, and that they are able to be certain that THEIR oligarchic upclubbery is undefeatable, or will never, of it's own weight, fall.

Murdoch and probably James Packer have agenda, global agenda, which is why media becomes so valuable to the super-rich.

But Rinehart is merely excessing in her power to secure her Queendom's future, playing along with the other more serious media moguls and cartels to stay immune from their vitriol.

The best way to undermine those oligopoly moguls' influence is to lobby for a major increase in broadcasting licences for TV radio and other media.

10 Community Radio licenses etc, and even TV, per 100,000 people demographic, then let the market in quality local media sort out the better performers.

Media is at a stage, from which we cannot retreat, to the sought-for centralised control the Murdochs and Packers enjoyed and still desire.

The more they, and Rinehart, spend to re-win control, the more the public will Resist.

Sadly, the issue of democratized media will be lost in the mediated outrage, and trivial issues and lobby groups will overtake the underlying call and need for a liberated media, and the liberal accessibility, actively supported and funded by government, to the technology for local output.

But..., maaaaybeee not...?

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The Aboriginal Constitution!

The Australian Constitution? O What a fooling!

And the federal government announces we's gonna have a referendum on whether Our Immortal Australian Aborigines get a mention in that document called The Constitution!


And on top of that distraction, they'se gonna set-up an 'EXPERT PANEL' to figure out the details!


Another 5-or-10 million dollars syphoned-off to the upclub's private-schooled boffins, to write a report telling us what everyone always knew!

Aborigines are Human Beings, as well as being Australians!

Whatever an 'Australian' is?

Somehow, I DON'T expect they'll be givin' them their LAND back, though?

Aye farmer?


And the eggspert report will be finished at the end of 2011, but a few moons away!

“Gillard said it was vital to build consensus before holding the vote, which will not take place for at least 12 months. She announced an expert panel to examine the question and report back by the end of 2011.”


An' what about Aboriginal SOVEREIGNTY, Madame Prim?

Come to that, does yer average white guy Ozzie have 'Sovereignty'?

Or is that the privileged province of HRH over there in Blighty, who's too good for us convicts, colony slaves and True Fellas?

Whatever..., we can be sure that some millions will be made by one or more offshore corporate legal consultancy firm, as we make it look like we are creeping away from Christian, white supremacist Cecil Rhodesian bullshit, to some tailored politically-correct piece of paper drawn-up to keep the genocide and Zionist landgrabbery out of our collective memories and the headlines!

Is this what the aging and decrepit Rupert Murderer came to sanction, PM Gillard?

A quiet admission that his Bilderberger, Illuminaughty new world order, white supremacist absolutely corrupt mobsters may have got it WRONG?

Would white fellas like Murdoch, Tiny Habit, Malturn the Bull, Hockey Jo, Phillis Rollock, Johnette Howhard, unnerstand The Constitution, if it wuz written for nothing, by a Bleck True Fella Lawman?

HA! O What a fooling!

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Random thoughts on 'love' and 'god'


Random thoughts on 'love' and 'god'.

“Evil is the total absence of love” unquote, 'Cloe' in US tele-drama 'Smallville'.

'Love' is from Sanskrit, 'lubh', meaning 'desire'.

As Sanskrit was a language of ancient India, and used by the Wise Teachers and Practitioners of ancient Hinduism, I assume this word's origin, 'lubh', meant desire in it's highest sense, where the person desires only for the highest, which, in the Hindu Philosophy and Way, that highest desire can only be for (their oneness with and perhaps understanding of) 'Brahma' or, 'God'.

It may follow that lubh, or the desire for less than Brahma is not 'love', but a less pure, or more base desire.

Academics and pundits would argue, I'm sure, that Hinduism holds, that Brahma permeates everything, and is everything, is the cause and body of everything, so lubh for a fancy motor-car is still love for, or of, Brahma.

I would retort, therefore, that evil is also made of Brahma, so love of or desire for evil is also, following that argument, the highest way of lubh, of love.

And as the modern way, of desire for things which do damage to the Pure things made of god, like a fancy motor-car which damages the Natural environment in it's every step of production and use, this type of desire for the divine in a motor-car, pits god-against-god.

The one god against the one god?

All of course, based on the fundamental pretext that there is 'god'.

As in a person who is at war with themselves, a condition which is in fact where the person is 'occupied' by some malignant spirit, which seeks the destruction of any purity of the person's own spirit, or soul, the logic of the one most supreme god being at war with itself fails.

If evil spirits are also aspects of god, seeing as god is the creator of everything, light and dark, high and low, good and evil, etc., it may be that god makes evil spirits for some 'purpose'.

As contention, or friction, is also productive, perhaps evil is necessary for life to be productive?

Evil is the total absence of love, the total absence of desire for the highest, most pure, most primary, first state, aspect, element, level or being of our own and all other beings, and manifestations.

But what has to be produced, if god has made a perfect world, which provides every-living-thing with everything they need?

Things deemed needed, may therefore only be seen or believed to be necessary by the mind, soul or being who has not attained to knowing god, and, then, lost, wanders looking for satisfaction in things which are not 'from on high'.

Those who do not desire for any-less-than the purest state of dwelling within the fullness of a god-state, are the enlightened, and those who desire things made by artifice, by mankind, are lost and are seeking after god, but in a defective, perverted, corrupted way.

If so, then all of our modern objects of desire, mostly made by invention and artifice, serve only to distract us from attaining to that pure state.

But 'god' is indefinable in any way less than being 'in' there, 'in' that most pure state of existence, where there is nothing else 'occupying' one's being, one's body and mind, etc.

Hinduism says that god manifests in innumerable ways, and so can be 'worshipped' in innumerable ways.

But Hinduism also says, that to attain to the one true, eternal, infinite god, there is only one path, which is to turn away from the god of things, and seek to break through the veil which is the mind or the mental state, where all things actually exist, and climb up beyond all 'that' to 'this' singular pure Light within.


Random thoughts on 'love' and 'god'.

Not a bad attempt by a cynical, bitter-and-twisted, faithless and trustless Atheist!

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Aboriginal Laws and white bandaids?

Aboriginal Laws and white bandaids?

Yuendumu and other Aboriginal Communities are stressing under the conflict between white and Bleck Law.

Still, after more than 200 years, these tensions exist. An article today about the discrepancies introduce 'sorcery' as being blamed on criminal behaviour.

From a Christian view, this is regarded as old ways, passed their validity and effectiveness.

From a Christian view......?

For centuries, the Christians have marched-in to Original Cultures and mashed their Traditions and views on how the world works, condemning witchcraft as evil.

Yet these same western invaders have used sorcery to destroy and oppress 'foreign' cultures themselves, introducing the western versions of magic in the guise of Christianity.

Versions which fails terribly at ensuring the local, and the larger global Cosmos remains stable and in harmony.

Mainly, this is because the invader culture is more interested in claiming the land from the Original People, and even in this modern age, where legal rights win some element of respect, the fundamental laws are ignored and so too must they ignore the tried and true ways of the Aborigines.

Today, many of us have grown a long way from the old and extremely narrow ways of the invader cults, and know that the world as we sense it, is participant of a much wider, deeper and more mysterious world than Rome will admit.

No doubt, Rome, or the Vatican, has sought to keep the Cosmos stable, believing it's dogma is enough to overcome any turmoil. But so many changes have opened up the Cosmos to the majority in the last 50 years, and with that insight, they can see the deep flaws and disastrous failings in Christian beliefs and propaganda, the crimes and the outright lies.

Testimony is flooding in to everyone's ears, that the churches in general are falling apart, rotting from within, as if an evil piece of 'software' has been inserted into the doctrinal program, forcing priests and clergy to err and fail their 'flockers', and to expose the failings in the fundamental teachings.

Our civil laws, supposedly based on the Teachings of the ancient Jews and their Prophet J.C., are so corrupt that there is nothing anyone can do to rescue the venerable legal professions, nor the courts which ascribe laws built on a fundamentally bad religious and civil programs.

Yet stoically, stubbornly, our western news legal reps, agencies and reporters try to look as if they are going to the issues of a dying and increasingly dangerous culture forcing it's errant will upon the oldest, most stable culture known.

Everyone involved wants to resolve the differences and the ensuing disruptions to their local and national lives, but the complex internal conflicts are ignored, such as the finite, culturally-degrading and irresolvable outcome unavoidable through the 'western' approach.

Comparatively, the Aboriginal comprehension of the world as we know it, is enormously larger than the narrow materialistic view of the northern cults.

The same applies to most all non-western belief-systems, developed over thousands of years, and not for any personal gain, or political or profit-motive.

The Christian law-makers insist theirs' is the best culture, yet wars are raging globally precisely because of the narrow cultural self-interest of the west, openly contradicting every sacred line of it's holy book.

We have Orwellian 'Ministry of Truth' statements pouring from every Christian authority and church, based surely, on promises of forgiveness for the horrendous crimes being committed hour-by-hour, in every nook and cranny they can insert their dogma.

Britain and Eurape sag under the burden of their 500 year escapade into living beyond their means, of plundering the Cosmos to feed their greedy and demented Christian delights.

Everyone, from the streets to the halls of power, knows the tyranny of the tired mule lashing-out as it lies dying, under the weight of it's own excessive hopes and dreams.

The boffins of the upper Eurapean elite live utterly blind to the chaos and the imminent outcomes of 2000 years of errant religion and social law, and keep 'crossing the T's and dotting the I's', while the rest of the world slowly drowns under archaic western-Eurapean disempowering belief systems and evermore complex-thus-complicated laws.

Systems and laws which quite deliberately and stupidly ignore the larger Cosmos, it's final say on what makes-it on Earth, and the carnage for the future that very same set of systems and laws is preparing, eroding the world for.

Is a spear to the thigh more primitive, so we assume, more damaging to the Soul of the offender, than a 20 year prison sentence?

Are the white laws invoking Wisdom when dealing with cases of violent crime, when most of us now see clearly that in fact 'sorcery' IS being deployed upon the perpetrator?

How long must an Intelligent society endure the dominant western cults' enforced deliberate ignorance of the subtle realms of life, as understood, respected and honored by Aborigine world-over??

Clearly, the west is abusing the occult to conquer the rest of us, and so must keep the deep facts on sorcery hidden.

So Wise pleas from other cultures to try to see life from their ageless point-of-view go unaddressed, so the special people indoctrinated behind the walls of the most powerful cults, baptised into staying loyal to an evil set of beliefs, remain loyal and adherent to the social model of mass death of people, environment, culture, and the future.

That few if any white lawyers, judges, politicians and community leaders/Elders can admit the failings of their long-astray culture, and so cannot divine right-minded laws and pathways through the current stupor, only ensures the speedy demise of all that is good, in Bleck and white culture.

If the fanaticism of the white religious, economic or cultural evangelist, whether in religion, law, culture or mainstreet society, cannot be mollified by those it possesses, and they cannot step out of the way here and there, to allow other perspectives to be heard, weighed and allowed to carry weight, doom is all we have to look forward to.

The Bleck Fella of Australia know this, as their Ancestors knew it from the first time they set eyes on the whiteskin invaders, which is why many of them resort to drink, being the only 'legal' way to dope the broken heart mind and soul into forgetting about their 'Garden of Wisdom' now passed, the current fuck-up called white culture, and the doomed future.

When you gonna learn, whitey?

Any white witch, who is bred or sent to resolve whiteman's driven, hypnotised ignorance, will NOT look upon white culture, white laws, white occupations, white loose-mindedness, kindly.

But whose gonna tell whitey, in a way that they LISTEN, and HEAR, and LEARN that they are idiots, really, really brutal, out-of-control and dangerous idiots?

Perhaps the Australian High Court's panel of judges who recently decided that Bikers DO have the Right to associate, should sit to consider exactly which culture is the more Honorable, more Just, less damaging to society and Soul, less dangerous to life-on-Earth, short and long term? White, or Bleck?

Clearly, there is no point trying to bring justice to the local or county courtrooms.

Each little prissy-wig and courtroom copper is set on their career path, and NOBODY'S gunna stop THEM from bullshitting their way through the chambers' procedures, avoiding the CRUCIAL errors in judgement, stymieing every attempt, by Bleck Law Fella, Rightminded QC or Brave Citizen to put some JUSTICE into the legal systems here!


And the Humble, near-broken homeless, landless, Bleck Gods and Goddesses of the Desert, walk back to their drinkin' tree, sit down like their Ancestors have done forever, crack a joke, like their Ancestors have done forever, say a few precious things about the way things are, open a wine box, and return to the place no white fella exists.

Good on yer white fellas!

Thanks for comin' here, and stealing our Bliss.

'Course, if y' asked, we'd have happily shared it with ya!

But, I guess, that just ain't the white fellas' way, is it?

All or nothin', like a greedy Scot.....

True, Bleck Fella Law can't work within the framework of white laws, mainly because white fella law is one big bundle of corruption and deceptions, smoke and mirrors.

And they say sorcery doesn't come into issues of crime and law and payback and punishment?

What's that 'unicorn' s'posed to represent on the courtroom shield, your honor?

You's kidding y'selves SO BAD, white fella, you're gonna wake up too late. When you do wake up, all you'll see around you will be madness, chaos, war and division.

People around you will be talking loud about 'competition' and 'the free market', and 'free speech' while they gleefully drink poison and smoke poison, and eat poison, feed their children poison, learn poison and plant poison in the Scared Ground.

“It doesn't get any better than THIS!” they'll chant, calling you, especially if you're a judge, or doctor or professor or CEO or politician, to join them in drinking, smoking, eating and celebrating the poisonous life that we've created.

Meanwhile, where the limos and learjets don't go, the Immortal Warriors, Men and Women, walk peacefully across the desert, skiffing sand away here and there with their bear feet, to uncover morsels of delectable bush tucker, using a digging stick to extract a plant root for cooking later, gently, fullmindedly, picking leaves of plants to spice the meal, herbs to make the meal healthy, healing sap to apply to Big Daddy's bruise..........

Meanwhile, as they meander through the saltbush, the youngsters have found a snake!

Big Fella grabs it by it's tail, swings it, to all the kids screams and delight, onto a rock, snapping the snake's neck.

Big Fella's the hero tonight! Aye? A special treat for tea!

Meanwhile, somewhere in the suburbs, a white kid throws a violent ADHD tantrum because his ipod's batteries have died, kicking his sister.

Dad roars at him. He leaves the house. Wanders, pissed (pissed-off), looking for anything to occupy his time.

Meets mates, wanders toward.......

“Police were called to an incident this evening.....”

Good on yer white fella!

You unnerstand LAW, don' ya?

As I have scribed in the driver's side of my tarpaulin covered ute


From the Travelling 4x4 Tent of
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Outlaw, for
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Australian NBN forever!


OECD's each-way bet on NBN

Thank you, Alan Kohler, for making clear the barrels of bullshit surrounding the government's 'National Broadband Network'.

1st, a point strikes me, that the OECD, the Paris-based OECD, doesn't recognise that Australians are not all overly wealth-soaked, do not/can not all skip down to the local Apple Store to buy the latest, replete with Wi-Fi, and do not all live within the usual Eurapean-accepted suburban/inner-suburban range of fixed wire or transmission tower electricalisms, above or underground.

To the OECD, poor Australians don't get a look in, apart from doing the hard labour the prissy white northerners who buy Aussie residence as they waltz through Customs wouldn't DARE do, like empty the trash, round-up the cattle, sheer the sheep, or collect the dole.

To the OECD (methinks), if Aussies want broadband, they should buy it from an offshore, multinational Euro-centric conglomerate satellite private corporation. We should definitely NOT engage the government to construct the best, long-term, not-for-profit utility that stands the chance of enabling world's best access-speed to education websites and courses, information about the world around us, and about whose fucking it fastest.

To the OECD, and their subversive political agents here, yer av'rage Aussie should not expect government to act with the greatest efficiency of government economy of scale, performance-centred, not profit-centred projects.

NO-O! Aussies MUST tie ourselves to offshore new world order corporations who can ensure we are evermore dependent upon minimal-lifespan (planned obsolescence) foreign technology and innovation, and everless independence from the tyranny of the old kings' psychosis that IS British and Eurapean politics and commerce!

Perhaps the OECD has been egobruised because it knows it was Australia's own government telcorp, our pre-Telstra 'Telecom', which developed and refined the fibre-optics cables to the high degree of quality and speed it now gives us, which we now know is best for the NBN?

I mean, Mr Kohler? When has Eurape ever really done anything FOR Yer Av'rage Aussie Battler?

As for Malcolm Turnbull's and the drOpposition's persistent opposition to the NBN, I'd bet it's more a case of 'in Opposition..., so we better oppose?'

Since the Liberal party was formed by the charismatic charlatan Bob Menzies, they've made it their specialty business to turn things upsidedown.

Proof of this rests in the party's very name!

If ever there has been a people done-over by their politicians, it has to be where Australians were fooled to believe the Liberal party was liberal!


The party's very name makes a rude and offensive mockery of Australians' ability to think intelligently enough to deduce the contradiction.

As Menzies was Britain's little antipodean darlingk, and as Britain has been a tad closer to Eurape geographically and ideologically than to the True Fellas' Culture of down-here-down-below, the Liberal name is probably another joke aimed at us to psychically disempower this new and rising nation, like sending many thousand Diggers to certain death at Gallipoli.

The poms spent centuries honing their skills of mocking the Irish, so there's no doubt that once Australia had become something of an entity in the world of nations, and with other aids to their mock, our being on the 'bottom' of the globe, and occupied in large part by either 'non-Human' Aborigines, or, since the white invasion, convicts who were forced by the demented British elites to crime and to transportation, merely to depopulate Britain, there's no doubt we are most suited to be ridiculed and ripped-off.

Ripped-off exactly as the International Monetary Fund, IMF, previously the British East India Company, has been doing to us, to our Aborigine, to their Land and resources since the 1780s.

So, right-on Mr Kohler!

That the stobbins of the OECD have condemned our own plans for a nationwide fast internet and telecomms network, indicates to mememe, that they want to keep the majority of Aussies, especially RURAL Aussies, as dumb and poor as they think we are (by keeping educative and enterprise material as hard to get as possible), and impossible for us to access entertainment stuff as easily as they do, via a slow troublesome national internet and telecomms Euro-made system requiring evermore product from OH! Eurape!), so they can keep treating us and our land as THEIRS to plunder, and so that the pro-foreign, pro-white Christian Anglo-Euro Liberal party can appear as if they have something to say, because a bunch of overfed, upclub, upemselves Eurapeans assume to know best, and to claim the right to say so!

On similar issues......,

It is far beyond a joke for the Australian federal Liberal opposition to persist in being so obstructionist to so many Labor government ideas, concepts, policies and reforms.

Perhaps the greatest tragedy is that so many of them are lawyers, who define their existences with verbose and empty rhetoric, mostly to keep the prozaced upper-class inner-suburbanite white, blond BMW-driving women (with their own upstreet fashion boutique!) fooled to believing they are intelligent, wise and useful to the betterment of the nation and the planet.

Oh! and to keep the OECD happy that all is falling down a deep well in Oz!

“Vould you like to buy zee Eurapean technology to guide them - viss lazars - as they fall?”


Y' shit me!

And take the driberals with ya'!

From the Travelling 4x4 Tent of
Countryzen bin Eartha

Outlaw, for
Education and



Ray White R/E hit by debts. Start of GFC round 2?


Ray White R/E hit by debts.

Ray White franchise directors under fire

Watch this space, I reckon.

The space that-is, in news' networks that cover the events following Ray White Randwick's disclosure of huge debts, debts which at this stage are likely to be paid by the public, via a government safety net (insurance) scheme called General Employee Entitlements and Redundancy Scheme (GEERS).

When the real estate industry suffers a hit like this, we can usually be sure that more of the same will follow.

This case may be one of local rort, where one or more employee fiddles the books unbeknown to the more senior executives.

However, that is the line often put forward by such as real estate industry empires when they are covering-up a larger more widespread imbalance in their accounts.

Associate professor Christopher Symes is an insolvency expert at the University of Adelaide.

He says the existence of the GEERS insurance scheme may encourage the practice of companies folding because they realise that in the end the government will take some of the heat and pick up some of the entitlements.

"It's certainly possible to think that that might be happening in the sense that directors who are perhaps engaging in some kind of phoenixing would think 'well it doesn't really matter because if we leave behind the employees and what they're owed in the old company, they will pick up those amounts being paid for by the government under the GEERS scheme'," he said.

Similar real estate company troubles sent the Victorian economy into a deep depression in the 1890s.

Then, the government as it was, was structured by and around the interests of the wealthy (surprise surprise!), who as often made their piles by investing ridiculously in real estate, and who held the majority of parliamentary seats.

Then, one had to be a landowner to be elected, and so the larger landowners always got the seats.

Then, the government, courts and most all authorities and institutions, and of course, the media (David Syme's 'The Age' one exception), were wholly controlled by the (offshore) elites, so such enormous frauds and thefts were in effect condoned by the government, and the courts, which let the offenders, most all in government or banking, some, of the 1800s, closely related to the family of today's Victorian Liberal leader Ted Bailleau, get away with paying back in some cases, as little as one halfpenny in the pound.

Most Victorians today under 30 years old would hardly remember the old red trains which used to rumble and rattle along Melbourne's suburban rail networks, known as the 'red rattlers'. But those carriages were still in service some 60-to-80 years after they were first introduced, because of the 1890s depression, which drained the state's (still a colony then) coffers so much that it was actually still paying-off state debts from the 1890s, the old carriages, and other parts of the Melbourne suburban rail network, as late as the 1970s.

All because of a consortia of collusive land-grabbing wealthy politicians, who were a long way from properly understanding national, state, council and community economics.

Reminds me of the callous disregard instituted in the Kennett Liberal government of the 1990s?!

Today, Victorians are being asked to vote for either the ALP's John Brumby, who apparently is a descendant of convicts, or for Ted Bailleau, Liberal's leader, whose family was right in there in the 19th century scamming the real estate bonanza which was Victoria through the 1800s.

Bailleau's family seems to have ridden the wave through the 1890s and later depressions, such that they are now one of the biggest real estate corporations in Australia, and one of the richest families in the nation.

Creating wealth is fine, but not when it relies on the vast majority suffering under the callous dealings of these moguls.

Ray White Randwick branch financial problems may well be the first of several large thieving real estate corporations being exposed.


If this does happen, it will be a short jump to an economic downturn not far removed, in scale and mainstreet suffering, from the heavy 'global financial crisis' GFC, which hit the USA and most of the world's economies from 2007/8.

Australia's federal government has trumpeted how it's national economic policies saved us from the worst effects of the 2007/8/9/10 GFC.

The facts may well be that all they managed to do was delay the impact way-down-here-down-under of seriously BAD global fiscal policies (policies maintained by the IMF, which still in-effect owns corporate Australia!) that have been riding the wave of public stupidity for centuries, and which brought-on the 1890s depression, the 1930s depression, the 1980s 'recession', and the latest GFC. As well as most of the larger wars of the 20th century.

I've always contended that our avoidance of financial pain from the GFC was more correctly attributed to the fact that we have so much available land in Australia to open-up for sale when other things in the economy turn sour.

If our own citizens fall into hard economic times, the states and federal politicians have always been able to resort to 'inviting' more rich bastards from Britain and Eurape to fill the shortfall. One of the shaded yet most beneficial changes to government policy that ex-PM Kevin Rudd pushed through parliament in 2009 was to stop offshore speculators from buying property in Australia if they were not residents.

That we are apparently a wealthy country, suggests that enough of us can afford to buy a home so-as to show in the 'statistics' that we are doing well.

The facts are as likely quite otherwise, because the real estate scam which has run our economy for over 200 years (since Proper Economic policies were destroyed in and after the 1808 rum rebellion) has pretty much always been a case of cult favouritism, with the lucky graduates from our Christian private schools being the first and most likely to get the educational, training, social and financial help they need to 'qualify' for a piece of land.

The rest of us, the Workers, some 60-to-70% whose parents are still in the mill or factory and so cannot afford to send their babes to a special school, thus initiation into the 'brudderbond'-type cults, have been left to struggle with painful work-a-day lives, ever-increasing debts to thieving utilities, service or retail providers, and, AND, with spiralling land prices.

Spiralling land prices made so by this very same outright evil land speculation trade we politely call 'real estate'.

Considering the huge profits that have been stolen through land deals over time, none of which has ever gone to the Original Owners, here, our Aborigine, it should be of serious concern to the public and of course, to the government, that such a massive and enormously profitable company such as Ray Whites R/E should be hit with such sudden and large debts.

Surely, a sign of things to come?

If anything does ''grow' from this moment forward in Australia, in terms of real estate corporations going into insolvency, we can be sure that it is but a delayed reaction to the 2007/08 GFC of the USA and Eurape, and may well signal the start of 'GFC Round 2', which will utterly fuck nations like Greece, Ireland and Portugal, as well as other Euro nations which are teetering on the brink of public debt collapse, and will guarantee to send the whole planet into an economic spiral we cannot possibly recover from, without, that-is, some SERIOUS REALPolitik Economic and banking, real estate and government reforms.

O JOY! Methinks!

If..., the world is sent down that track, there will be no going back culturally, and therefore no going back in most affairs of person and corporation and state, until we have come out the other side with the most substantial reforms ever seen.

As we in Astrayliar are such astray liars, it is our preference to live on in denial that the world is about to explode, or such.

Yer av'rage Jo prefers to ignore the important issues like government economic policy etc, mainly because they know it is pretty much all in the filthy hands of offshore bankers and merchants.

So the common bloke just wants to keep doing it as he/she has been doin'-it for ever.

Asking them to think hard about the future, and about the very near 'expiry date' for the dominant tyranny we call capitalism, excites most white Aussies into throwing punches, and bashing the 'Commo' to a pulp.

However, such hard questions will have to be asked and answers will have to be nutted-out soon enough, which will challenge most every aspect of our Australian lifestyle.

But as most of the hubs of policy and corporate and media direction are tightly in the grip of the upper-class knobs, who are all tied in allegiance to the offshore religious schools and cults, the worker here is already in shit street, because those knobs will never concede to an Egalitarian, Socialist nation and economy, and will do everything they can to ensure the land and thus all our nation's natural resources are irreversibly owned by the upper echelons, namely the foreign cults.

Cults who specialize in indoctrinating students in preparation to enter the corporate worlds of high finance and OH! Real Estate speculation!

So..., keep an eye on Ray White R/E in the coming months, and see if anything comes from it which might signal a further, and a far worse GFC Round 2.

As I wrote on the Australian Communist Party's 90th birthday (30/10/10), 'maybe this is YOUR TIME, Comrades?'

We might just hope that yer av'rage Aussie Punter/Battler/Voter can engage the thinking gears soon enough to get involved with Socialist and Geo-REALPolitiks (alluding to our undeniable relationship with the 'geo' or the land), and is/are inspired to PROTEST their learned dissatisfaction with the dying 'old kings' economic models?

Here's hoping, for a change!

From the Travelling 4x4 Tent of
Countryzen bin Eartha

Outlaw, for
Education and



Vic ALP Unions Construction and Green Politiks

Vic ALP Unions Construction and Green politiks

And Kennett part 2.

Lately, bits and pieces about ex-PM Kevin Rudd have made the media, painting him in a less-favourable light.

Shame about that? Kinda liked the guy, seeing him as courageous enough to go where usual Aussie politicians dare not tread, and, were he not subverted, may well have put some genuine soul into Aussie politics, via an enabled follow-up to his Apology to the Bleck Fellas of Uluruba, etc.

Of less effect, the intended referendum on putting the Aborigine into the Constitution, follows his initial steps toward conciliating white invader culture with the Cultures of the Immortal Aborigine.

But while further invasive impositions like the remnants of John Howard's abortion of an intervention remain, no amount of written words will have the slightest upward effect for the general Bleck Fella in Australia.

Courageous or blind with faith, his heart was heading for the right place, and he had commandeered his phenomenal intellect for the fight.

That he might have been tyrannical, must depend on where each minister's allegiance is doomed to lie, and I'd put it that the International Labor Organisation wins hands-down whenever the questions are asked.

From here, it can't be said that they are a major enemy of the Australian Republic, but suspicions linger that they are stuck on one world plan or another, with roots over there in Britain and Eurape, probably Moscow also.

But today, we have China, India, Indonesia, Et Al, Et Al, and others who cannot help but look to the Aussie continent and dreammm...?

So any grounded suggestions from down here down under, with masses of evidence to support the Aussie Republic, a scenario the global bigboys, the IMF, the ILO, etc etc., and media have sought to subvert and take over for generations, are frowned upon by the ILO, IMF consortia.

Another indication of the Rectitude of Rudd's Reforms, was the little highlighted 'ban on overseas residents buying Aussie property'.

Added-up, this is a most Progressive step, which surely challenges those offshore landowners, thus their banks, and possibly the local economy, where the economy runs wholly on tourrorism, speculation and corruption.

His ETS, was ahead of it's time.

Surely, as the world panicked over global warming, as we were around 2007, as many scientists were diving into researching whether we WERE heading for an environmental catastrophe, and from amateur, profiteer, and clear-headed Observers the evidence gushed back at government - we have trashed the future! -

I say the sums were being done across Uni campuses and in large industry HQs, and in government departments, and a loose concordance was being seen, that the sustainability of our most popular community/cultural model, of yer av'rage 3-bedroom quarter-acre nuclear family suburban home, and every piece of infrastructure, facility and service to maintain it and it's inhabitants, was through the floor, and that without something not-all-that-far-from ripping up every suburban fence, clothes-line, shed, garage, outhouse, house, bitumen road, concrete footpath, gutter, sewer, water-pipe, rose garden, and the 'life' within it, and rebuilding in quite another fashion, we're fucked.

Short and long term.

From my wizard's chair, if-I-may, I could tell that the Team who were elected with Rudd in 2007, could see some of this, and they had the collective intelligence to be able to administer a way through whatever showed high likelihood of occurring.

Food supply? Water? Farming and irrigation? Gainful employment? Housing? LAND DISTRIBUTION?

With this, they could see the enormous merits on breaking-off from Britain. But some one or cabal over there deemed they could not ride the wave of popularity after the '07 victory, because it might win the Aussie Battler a chance at being an Honorable Aussie, by standing for making the nation Just, economically, and becoming a Republic.

So..., the ETS became a curse, because the unions, in construction, saw the threat to the whole materials, industry supply and jobs culture of nuclear family housing and every aspect of the western existence, and they are understandably, addicted to the fast cars and stuffffff.

Reading what they could bare to, they saw that basically to survive passed a few decades, means learning how to start a fire from a flint and tree branch.

So... fatalistic futility prevails, and we excess on what we can fool the credit card we can afford, and make no mention of this culture fast-tracking us to Hell?

Good try, Kev!

Maybe we should hope for that politician, that REALPolitician, who stands-up in parliament and makes the strong point, that we have trashed it, and that without immediate moves in the opposite cultural, economic, social and lifestyle directions, we are betraying everyone's future.

But try getting a collective of Lygon Street Unionists agreeing to march on every state and federal parliament simultaneously, with an OUT THERE shout to 'arrest the slide-masters', when the trades they endorse and protect, are farmed-off to private-schooled sub-contractors who don't care about the Workers, because they've got the church's brudderbond to keep them socialised, employed and housed, etc?

And who are buying the spec-houses?

OH! MORE church-educated K-mart employees with the confidence of a global cartel backing their every smile.

When the issue arises, a little short-circuit occurs in the subbies' or K-mart employees' head, and they find a reason to duck and weave away from the issues of REALPolitiks.

"NO-ONE'S gonna change my allegiance!"

So the planet keeps getting it in the neck.

What can a Labor party do?

A Liberal party?

Greens? No-one's tripping on the Greens wooping the ACTU into ripping-down the old, so the new world can grow.

And yer av'rage Unionist is getting a bit old now, to keep turning-up at Y-&-J's before the rally.

Besides, Victoria seems to be sitting sweet?

Is it better-off now, after 11 years of rebalancing the upsets imposed by the Liberal's Kennett regime?

The trouble with government of our type, is that deeply damaging laws can be imposed by a majority or popular government, which continue to damage after they've been voted out and taken the pension.

One pro-forestry, say, state government can invite a major foreign logging corporation to set-up some industry set to last 10, 15, or more years, but later the next government can find, with science, that such a project is deadly.

But because of the contract, they cannot stop the loggers from doing their work, and the land is stuck with damaging cultures for decades or longer.

Each of us are embroiled in our own concerns, and so the really BIG issues cannot be fitted in to most people's lives.

If the last ten years, during the 'Howard' years, and since the saving grace of the eviction of Kennett and his mobsters, Victoria might have found some semblance of social balance, it is nevertheless dangerous to forget the direction the so-called 'Liberals' and their co-conspirator Nationals party were taking Victoria before the ALP dethroned the idiot in 1999.

A new face to an old whore, is a very insulting way to describe Ted Bailleau, but I see clearly that he is the next version of the old, naïve Jeff Kennett. The old whore is not the man, but the old kings' model they represent while trying to look and sound 'Aussie!'

Not that I'm fooled by the ALP. Bracks challenged Kennett's hubris successfully, better than Brumby could have then.

Brumby's a solid bloke I think, in a fluid world, so he's not gonna look or sound the cheery happy leader.

Even in 1999 Brumby probably would have been a far better state premier than Kennett, but we were being sucked into the vortex of egomania, so a less-timid contestor, in the likes of Bracks, had to front.

When he quit Brumby looked more than mature enough to run the state, from afar....?

Issues which deeply divide Victorians simmer under the surface, and violent eruptions can occur when they are stirred.

The Latrobe Valley mining culture. The general culture behind logging, and the accelerating spread of catholic middle-class suburban culture. The general issue, or question, of how insane it all is?

Voting-in a descendent from Victoria's first white land grabbers, who profit from the worst corruptions of the primary laws, and from the ongoing oppression of the vast majority, will not make anyone's life better, more secure or Wiser.

Brumby puts it out that the Vic ALP don't like the Greens.

That the ALP are siding with the Lib/Nats should tell us something important about the new kids, the Greens?

Are they I fact an homosexual takeover of state and federal government?

Perhaps so? Cannot agree with it, if that is what's going on in the fairy-castles.

Granted, gays break the stereotype of dead white culture, perhaps because it is more dangerous, as we witness, but any fanaticism therein will do more harm than good, if the promo guys aren't careful.

Perhaps the bigger planners saw that the whole stereotype of husband, wife, kid, kid, kid as popularised over the last capitalist upsurge, while very profitable for construction companies and employees' unions, was the enemy of Wise and Happy Communities, and so radical measures had to be drawn-up to bring it down?

Whatever, current models are deeply dangerous to the environment, and all forces need to be marshalled to dissolve the culture before it consumes us.

As many 'True Believers' from ALP ranks will know this, and were they certain their actions would have some upward effect, would even join the Communist Party to help Promote the necessary causes for Reform.

Some might start informal visits to Greens' watering holes?

Whatever hard yards are still being walked by Lower Class and middle class Victorians, the future, what there will be of it, has to be Greener than we are letting it be now.

So YO! THE GREENS! But that they can force open the minds of the offshore ILO, and 'HEAVEN BE!' the IMF, to allow Victoria to rehabilitate it's lands and it's People.

Watching Ireland and it's rush downward after it's 'Irish Tiger' fad on ribald land speculation, displays similarities with Victoria, as, 'Australia's economic Tiger'.

Will the very enemy which Victorians ran from in 1999, return in 2011-on, leaping us back into the abyss before the one billion Asians march-in and ALL CHANGE the culture?

When cultures die, they have already been rotten underneath for some time. Like a complex organism, whole cultures are born, nourished and grow, live a time, and decay to dust. Those which blossom quickly usually are flawed somehow, and have a vulnerability to invasion and destruction.

As if an anti-carcinogen, the planet is monitored by an organic consciousness, which flares up when one culture excesses beyond safe limits, and inflicts antibodies upon the disordered style until it declines.

If Australia, and for that matter, the rest of the first world, 'industrialised' nations, usually farthest from the worst-off, refuses to open it's eyes about the extreme damage our culture causes, once we have in confidence and economic and political independence collapsed and imploded, we'll be at our collective weakest.

While WE might be able to keep 98% of us fed and housed, the rest of the neighbouring nations could be struggling, with increasing temptations to amass a flotilla of boats and migrate here.

All our troubles could come at once. But more so if our own institutes and organisations stay sitting on their hands, and do not begin the reforms planning for beyond their own narrowed lives.

From the Travelling 4x4 Tent of
Countryzen bin Eartha

Outlaw, for
Education and



Bigger than I realise?



Is the High Court's ruling for Bikers bigger than first realised?

Interesting that the Murdoch-owned AdelaideNow website gives so much positive spin to the success?

Perhaps they've seen the FACTS, in regard to the larger threat to Australians from such attempts by government (and private global corporations etc.,) to take away our Common Rights to associate, etc?

Nevertheless, I wait with eager ears to hear how things Progress from here, to and through the upcoming elections in a few states, and how Bikers may be able to come in from the cold, as-it-were, and be accepted in mainstream circles as Citizens with more to offer than drugs, etc?

Politics, or, REALPolitiks, maybe???

Buddha knows we could do with some fearless Honor in our houses of national management.

And more than a few of Canberra's 'cross-benchers' would agree, methinks?

But let's watch the state elections in the next 6 or so months.....

Max Earth


Law Council concerned with bikie laws


What can I say?

JUSTICE, Brothers, demands equal treatment!

Congratulations to all who stood and fought those tyrannical attempts at exterminating Bikers Rights!

And surprise, you didn't need a messiah!

But it ain't over, until it's over.

Perhaps the establishment will one day realise their errors and accept all sides of the Bikers Unity, and that Bikers DO Stand for a Just, and Good Cause.

A bit of Realism back in our nation.

Wisdom! Intelligence! Honor!

The Three Wise Tribes - ReBalance!

Max Earth


Telstra wireless broadband accounting?

After a few years enjoying the virtues of wireless broadband, I noticed once more, that there were some unaccountable anomalies in my Telstra internet fees.

So, a few weeks ago I wrote to Telstra about it, specifically about their accounts and my access to 'my history' of my connection.

As they have not responded, today I flung the following off to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman, and post it here 'for the record':

My complaint lodged with the TIO on Monday 08/11/10.
TIO webpage http://www.tio.com.au/ComplaintForm/ComplaintFormS3a.asp

Describe your complaint

Telstra account history?

As Telstra is a legitimate business, and deals within the law with customers, there should be no reason for Telstra not providing, or for not making available, full accounting records of all transactions between Telstra and it's clientele, no matter how old any transaction may be.

Therefore I ask that Telstra make adjustments to the service provision of the Bigpond prepaid wireless broadband facility, so that in future, Telstra enables customers to access the full history of their account's transactions. If not the full history, then at least the records of the previous 3 months.

The present records provided are far below even 'adequate', and do not enable the user to keep track of how much it is costing them to use the prepaid wireless broadband internet service.

There can be no doubt that the system is designed to 'advantage' the telco, to the financial detriment of the customer. Any suggestions to the contrary are collusionary hyperbola.

How would you like the provider to resolve your complaint?

Improve the account records facility, making full details of deductions available to the customer whenever they wish, and online, without having to lose time with their extremely poor voice-call telephone service.

As written above, this is posted here, for the record...

As usual, I expect little to come from this complaint of mine. However, it does seem that I was in some part instrumental in sending the ruthless merchant Telstra CEO, Sol Trehillo (?spelling?) back to north America. So ya never know???

From the Travelling 4x4 Tent of
Countryzen bin Eartha

Outlaw, for
Education and


US Military increases visits to Australian bases.


In years passed, I've been anti-US military coming here.

But, since learning a few details about the tyranny of Britain and Eurape ruining Australia, and realising that the Yanks are not all so bad, the question arises, whether Australia would prefer the Americans as allies, thus as partners in plundering our resources, instead of the old kings tyrants of Britain and Eurape?

As the USA still suffers from the global financial crisis, which was mastered by corporations based in Britain and Eurape, it would appear that the Americans and the Australians are closer allies than I understood.

“My enemy's enemy is my friend” perhaps, considering that the British oligarchs are still - some 230 years after - smarting that they lost the USA in the 1770s?

No doubt, in the future, the Yanks will march over any of our feeble aspirations for “Liberty”, “Fraternity” and or Democracy.

But we are all entering a new phase in global tyranny anyway, with Australia totally subservient to the dominant scum of upclubs of Rome, the Illuminaughty, and any other psycho-tropic northern mobs seeking total control of the planet.

Learning the horrors imposed upon Australia over the last 222 years by the British East India Company, latterly the International Monetary Fund, the IMF, and learning also, how much that same Brit-Eurapean oligarchy has trashed the north American continent and reduced the American People to living in a state of almost constant war, war mainly against offshore corporate totalitarianism, just for a smoke or a place to live, etc etc etc, and seeing as we've all contributed to the impending implosion of the planet, I conclude that we're better-off going down united with the other colony, the USA, than begging to the superiorist Eurapeans and upclub Brits.

Of course, my allies in Australia, in-part, the Greens, would take issue with an increase in America's military presence, which may test our friendship. As protested by opponents of our Greens, they ARE as much a product of the royalty of Britain and Eurape.

But these are testing times, and perhaps, times of change.

The USA is deeply astray in regard to how it consumes and abuses the environment, but so are we. So there's gonna be a lot of work for our diplomats to do, if any of them are sincere about making our lives more balanced with the resources and the environment.

And, one of my calls is for Australia to become a Republic, so there is a lot of sense in increasing our relationship with the American Republic.

Staying with the old kings of Brit-Eurape is not going to enhance our chances of any sort of national independence. Nor, indeed, that idea of "sovereignty"?

On top of these points, it's worth realising that the USA is still very much under the financial control of the 'east-Atlantians', so, if Australia makes the correct decision to become a republic, we are better off with the Americans.

Together, both of us, Australia and America, can far more effectively reduce the evil grip the Brit-Eurapeans have on the planet.

Whether any such attempts will stave-off the general planetary destruction, or even minimize it, is another matter, but, whatever transpires, nowadays, I'll side with the USA in any global war.

As well, I'll bet there's a few other Oriental countries bearing 100, 200 year old grudges against the IMF of old, who might well decide to side with the USA and us, even if it is just for our Aborigines' LAND!

Lastly, the GFC which still hangs around the necks of Americans, as said, was cungered by the oligarchs of Britain and Eurape, who control the global banks, and who set the agenda for any bank reforms, as well as any reforms to our lifestyles, in relation to the environment, etc.

So any attempts by Australian politicians or others at making our financial structures how they should be - that-is "ECONOMICAL", which would, if Proper, have positive flow-on effects for the environment, are censored and rejected by the Brits and their partners-in-crimes-against-Humanity, the Eurapean banking elites.

Indeed, these are the arseholes who warped President Obama's attempts to restructure the American economy, auto, realty and banking industries, so that he was forced to give THEM billions (TRILLIONS?) that should have gone to the American People.

I have enough confidence in Obama's Integrity to suggest that this would have been his preferred direction, were he, and the American nation not in such a bind imposed by the mobsters from the other side of the Atlantic.

I put it, with large doses of optimism, that while the USA still has a Democrat President and Administration, the world has at least some chance of improving the specie's relationship with the planet, through their being the better ones in terms of turning the world Greener.

But.... who really knows.... when unknown unknowns plague our Souls, night-and-day?

From the Travelling 4x4 Tent of
Countryzen bin Eartha

Outlaw, for
Education and



One World Government? I DON'T think so...!


Dante Alighieri (1265-1321)

"The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in time of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality." Dante

For years I've been drawn along lines of thought, about the political solutions to world affairs. Where and when I 1st heard of 'Dante' I can't recall, but he has haunted me since. I think I bought a small booklet of Dante's thoughts on the one world government in the 1990s.

Since then, which would have been around the ten years I attended the School of Philosophy in Melbourne, thanks to the School, and to my lust for political knowledge and the rest, I've learned a lot, including the innumerable arguments against one world government, and have for years been vehemently against the centrist idea.

The School's Economics classes, shone a Light of Lights on my small store, and I remember chatting with an older, Wiser fellow student at an informal occasion, about the Henry George Economic Principle of Land Rent for Government Revenue. His words put the idea simply as “Collected by Local Councils, under a federal umbrella” or such.

This concept can be extended, admittedly, perhaps only 'for the perfect world', but which nevertheless has great merit, and should, by all Advocates be fought for, and is where current centrist structures are dissolved, down to where the Real Power, lies in Local Governments or Councils which administer their local 'turf', and are all funded by Land Rent.

With the necessary grand scheme, if-I-may, of restructuring all of our local and national affairs of government, things would in a way be turned on their heads, so that the power rests with the local councils, who, collect the Land Rent, purely for the purposes of government, and, according to issues like demographics, population and necessary development, apportion funds appropriately UP.., to the federal arena, rather than how it currently is, where the feds deem what is apportioned DOWN to the states (who shall not exist!) and local councils.

This way, where Local Councils, occupied and administered by the Locals themselves, pretty much as local councils are now, pay the federal representatives to do their thing(s), is the simplest and purest way to manage these affairs.

Nevertheless, this morning I jumped on the 'net and finally reminded myself of Dante, and to confirm his time, always thinking it was in the 12th or 13th century, went to a few websites.

(born 1265, died 1321)

Lucky for me, I was in the mood to read one or two, and found this one to my liking, mainly because it seems to agree and thus, to me, confirm my theories about the inevitable tyranny of any notions of a 'one world government'.

So, here's an extract from the “Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy” website, written apparently by one 'Catherine Lu'.


World Government
First published Mon Dec 4, 2006

‘World government’ refers to the idea of all humankind united under one common political authority. Arguably, it has not existed so far in human history, yet proposals for a unified global political authority have existed since ancient times — in the ambition of kings, popes and emperors, and the dreams of poets and philosophers.

Proponents of world government offer distinct reasons for why it is an ideal of political organization. Some are motivated negatively and see world government as the definitive solution to old and new human problems such as war and the development of weapons of mass destruction, global poverty and inequality, and environmental degradation. More positively, some have advocated world government as a proper reflection of the unity of the cosmos, under reason or God. Proponents have also differed historically in their views of the form that a world government should take. While medieval thinkers advocated world government under a single monarch or emperor who would possess supreme authority over all other lesser rulers, modern proponents generally do not advocate a wholesale dismantling of the sovereign states system but incremental innovations in global institutional design to move humanity toward world federalism or cosmopolitan democracy.

Critics of world government have offered three main kinds of objections — to do with the feasibility, desirability and necessity of establishing a common global political authority.

First, a realist argument, forwarded by international ‘realist’ theorists, holds that world government is infeasible; ideas of world government constitute exercises in utopian thinking, and are utterly impractical as a goal for human political organization. Assuming that world government would lead to desirable outcomes such as perpetual peace, realists are skeptical that world government will ever materialize as an institutional reality, given the problems of egoistic or corrupted human nature, or the logic of international anarchy that characterizes a world of states, all jealously guarding their own sovereignty or claims to supreme authority. World government is thus infeasible as a solution to global problems because of the unsurpassable difficulties of establishing “authoritative hierarchies” at the global or international level (Krasner 1999, 42). A related consequentialist argument speculates that even if world government were desirable, the process of creating a world government may produce more harm than good; the necessary evils committed on the road to establishing a world government would outweigh whatever benefits might result from its achievement (Rousseau 1756).

Second, even if world government were shown to be a feasible political project, it may be an undesirable one. One set of reasons for its undesirability emphasizes the potential power and oppressiveness of a global political authority. In one version of this objection — the tyranny argument — world government would descend into a global tyranny, hindering rather than enhancing the ideal of human autonomy (Kant 1784). Instead of delivering impartial global justice and peace, a world government may form an inescapable tyranny that would have the power to make humanity serve its own interests, and opposition against which might engender incessant and intractable civil wars (Waltz 1979). In another version of this objection — the homogeneity argument — world government may be so strong and pervasive as to create a homogenizing effect, obliterating distinct cultures and communities that are intrinsically valuable. The institution of a world government would thus destroy the rich social pluralism that animates human life (Walzer 2004). While the preceding two arguments stem from fear of the potential power of a world government, another set of concerns that make world government undesirable focuses on its potential weakness as a form of political organization. The objections on this account are that the inevitable remoteness of a global political authority would dilute the laws, making them ineffectual and meaningless. The posited weakness of world government thus leads to objections based on its potential inefficiency and soullessness (Kant 1784).

Third, contemporary liberal theorists argue mainly that world government, in the form of a global leviathan with supreme legislative, executive, adjudicative and enforcement powers, is largely unnecessary to solve problems such as war, global poverty, and environmental catastrophe. World government so conceived is neither necessary nor sufficient to achieve the aims of a liberal agenda. Even cosmopolitan liberals do not argue that moral cosmopolitanism necessarily entails political cosmopolitanism in the form of a world government. The liberal rejection of world government, however, does not amount to an endorsement of the conventional system of sovereign states or the contemporary international order, “with its extreme injustices, crippling poverty, and inequalities” (Rawls 1999, 117). Instead, most liberal theorists envision the need for authoritative international and global institutions that modify significantly the powers and prerogatives traditionally attributed to the sovereign state.

Before I read this likeable piece, I wuz struck by an Angel's arra', which channelled a short poem down through my antenna, going to Proper Government, against that delusional elitist dream of a centrist, religious, new world order, as forced upon the world by the tyrant Rupert Murdoch and his Brettonwoods, Bilderberger, Illuminati cabals of spoiled rich, white, Christian idiots.

Here it beee....

And I would chant, 'til beyond my grave,
That “one world government will not mankind save!”

And in stead of tyrant monarch,
As dreamed by spoiled of wealth and power,
In stead of torturous military,
Pursuing each Soul, hour-by-hour,

'Tis clear to those who dive
Within to their own Divine,
That monarchs, and world leaders,
Take from all, the room to Refine,

The Simple, Purest Wisdom,
Of Good Government Local at hand,
And that not a myth of leadership
But Common Land Law for the World,
Is only Proper for all to demand.


So THERE! Chew on that Dante, Bilderbergers, Illuminati, Vatican, and delusional Christians!!

And DAMN the cabalist government yes-men, and yes-woe-men of our times!!!

All Praise the Green, Agrarian, Socialist, Military, Union Alliance!!!

Thinkers Unite!!!

And Thanks to Catherine Lu for her Wise thoughts.

But..., I do fully agree with the statement by Dante which I quoted at the start of this e-ssay/post:

"The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in time of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality."

As I seemed to receive from somewhere higher than my little hovel some years ago,

"It is not anymore a question of LEADERSHIP, (nor, for that matter, a question of any religions' 'god'!), but more Properly, a matter of the Science of Simple Honest LAW, we all need, Best found in the Land itself, and in how we relate to and with It, our One True Mutha Eartha.

For, as any 'leader' or 'God' might rule with Good Laws, Good Laws are in themselves the Best and Greatest Leader, and/or 'God' for any to Obey, and to bow to.

Because, any other 'god', like any other 'leader', soon enough becomes a tyrant!"

Feeling a bit 'elevated' there. Not, my usual style, I promise!

This goes then, to the present bullshit of our so-called 'Democracy' and challenges all it's accepted ideals of government, presidents and prime ministers, etc.

The reality is that today's 'democracies' are not democratic at all, and never will be, as long as their indisputably evil cult religions of messianism, their psycho-pathological power-hungry media moguls and cabals, advertising juggernauts and puppet politicians, avoid the bottomline issue of our having HONESTLY calculated access to a piece of land upon which to build our family, lives, businesses, incomes and FOOD.

AND..., Safe, Honest Local Communities.

Anything less is tyranny!

And anything less, like today's media and political spin-and-suck-us-in, has to be shunned by everyone, and BY ANY MEANS... REMOVED!

From the Traveling 4x4 Tent of
Countryzen bin Eartha

Outlaw, for
Education and


World War 3 on the way!


Last night, hearing the results in the USA of their Mid-Term elections, which as predicted by the media, gave the Congress House of Representatives to the Republicans, helped by their sham, proxy '3rd choice' 'Tea Party', but left the Democrats with a reduced number in the Senate, I, accosted by idiot witches from all points global, went into DOOM-mode, and scribed the following on my mobile phone MMS, and posted it off to the following media:

Philip Adams, ABC Radio National,
Bush Telegraph, ABC Radio National,
The Guardian unlimited, UK,
The People's Daily, China,
my QC in London UK ('for the record'),
The Italian Communist Party, Italy,
The New York Times, NY USA,
and the
Australian Council of Trades Unions, ACTU, Melbourne Australia.

In my possibly inimitable doom-sayer style, I titled it:

World War 3 on the way.

Americans, like a mass of violent idiots flock back to warmongering Republicans.

Britain-France military alliance?

Callous right-wing political resurgence globally, means a global class war is on the boil.

Things happen extremely fast nowdays, & general lack of Wise, pensive consideration, plus upclub media psycho speed-brains turning masses of puppets into raging lunatics with hollow-but-catchy phrases, will pit brainless, me-first, afraid gun-hungry idiot forces against anyone unarmed or without group protection.

Civility has already GAWN mayte.

Next, social cohesion will shatter globally.

Social, charity, NGO welfare support nets will dissolve & by govts be withdrawn.

Services will stop.

Retail, food supplies & services will close, & streets of every tourist-dependent town & city will belong to gang warfare.

Walled estates, then cities, will spring-up everywhere, but 70-to-80% of them will fail through invasion or inability to sustain weapon & resource-supply, leading to massive death-toll world-wide.

Billions, perhaps in less than a decade.

Upclub will push military & police to plunder/kill all vulnerable groups mercilessly.

Mass-murder & loner-extermination will be state sanctioned, aged & ailing shark-food.

No laws. Biggest tribe-&-arsenal rules will prevail.

The weather will be flood after flood, destroying crops, herds & infrastructure.

Unrestrained hatred of mainstream white, western, Judeo-Christian class culture will be unleashed globally..., to-the-max.

Life will mean nothing, & will be cheap.

Humanity, led by psycho-militaries, will bomb, shoot, macheti & bash ourselves back to cannabulist stone-age in years.

Death to Zionist Christian & Freemason CRAPitalist culture!

Death to the upper class me-first arrogant west!

Bring it on, oligarch scum!

Death to the Illuminati!

Where's Jesus now, cocksuckers???

If Jesus had returned, would he need waves of soft 'Christian' flocks to help him re-awaken his occult powers?



Its over! SOON!

King Commo...

(and all in 2000 characters!)

Scary, aye?

Predictive, maybe?

I reckon these scenarios are not hard to see, or 'piece together', given the general state of affairs and rise in raving lunatic behaviour, on the streets, in our media, parliaments, corporations, gangs and clubs, etc.

As said in it, Wisdom is NOT the flavour of the month, year or era now, and unthought-out decisions and policies are being made across the globe, which make for an acceleration of our downward cultural and political trend.

While it is easy to see that politics is ever-more about manipulation, of the parliaments, of the media, of the business and corporate worlds, and thus, of the masses, so too are the 'religious' worlds, of fantasies and confabulations, orchestrated and ordered by the most powerful idiots on earth.

The Illuminati has been on this world domination trip for some time, via a false mythology, which centres attention on a world leader.

If they have designs on a 'one world government', it seems they have deduced, or been fooled to believe, that such an one world government, centred in Eurape no doubt, has to have a 'leader', who has to be in line with their delusions of a returned Jesus.

But, I'm inclined to the Science of the Meditative, Philosophical Inquiry, and that the Jewel to be found therein, the True, Universal Self, is everyone's domain, and cannot be claimed as the province of some puppet, ordained to have been sent by GOD, his ONLY SON no less, as his alone.

This puts the whole Christian concept in the 'false doctrine' basket, and discredits any such world leader theories, myths and propagandised hyperbola to the waste basket of history.

HALLELOOOYAH!!! Many chorus, no doubt.

So therefore is the massive organisation we call Catholicism and branch offices going under the generic label 'Christianity' to be disregarded and discarded.

However, as this false belief system has been used to excess by the advanced oligarchies of the 'west' to conquer the world, and all Reason and Wisdom with it, their top-most ponse-club, the Illuminati, which has ridden the wave of excess in material wealth and delusional beliefs, has too much to lose, if the world, or even if it's own hierarchy saw the truth of the matter, as I've deduced it to be, and tried to halt the march of this unreasoned phenomenon.

So, their hyper, self-hypnotic pride will prevent them from talking true to the world, and they will persist in this deadly game of orchestrating global events to suit their little game.

They will drive the political realm, in as many nations as they can, to it's unnatural conclusion, in the stubborn and demented hope that their evil machinations will eventually bring out the best of one particular puppet witch, who will then complete their scene-setting scenario, and assume authority over the whole planet.

Naturally, it doesn't take a whole lot of Universal Wisdom to see how much such a presence, or presentation, will be on-the-surface, all Righteous and all-powerful, with every good, dumb-as, spellbound Christian bowing to their every command, while beyond the censorship of the same cabal's media, massive carnage and even genocides-plural will be carried-out, with whole towns, and possibly cities wiped-off the map, either to gain for the tyrants, the resources, the infrastructures, the remaining 'booty', or just to exterminate any who disagree with their general delusion.

Hence, RESISTANCE! By a better-informed, more Honorable many, in all corners of the globe will rise, and, make for the scenario I paint in the doom-laden e-ssay I emailed last night.

I do not have any faith in any number of so-called 'law-abiding citizens' anywhere today, who might march on their parliaments and bring down the puppet governments and politicians' class.

Besides, when that happens, it is only ever in one nation at a time, and as yet has not been across an whole region, and obviously has yet to occur globally.

But globally is the only scale on which the Popular Uprising can be successful today, and as it happens, with the technocratic powers, always controlled by the tyrants, having made communications for the masses so 'in-our-pocket' as-it-were, and so widely available, the Popular Uprising has never been so within reach.

It all comes down to how ORGANISED the Workers of the World can be, worldwide, to manage a GLOBAL PROTEST, to begin with, so that the 'Scenario of DOOM' I paint above, is prevented.

Because, even though it may end in disaster for all of us, the upclubsters and Illuminati included, the depth and power of their own hypnotic magic, prevent them from changing course.

So happy tree-bark-eating, idiots!

As per my little doom-saying, it is over, but it may take a couple of decades before the big plunge really takes-off, and the nasty mass extermination scenes become reality.

But, really, are we not there now???

Of a certainty, we are on the same slope.....

A, or THE GLOBAL PROTEST, is always in danger of being captured by the 'Murdochian' (Bilderberger?) cabals and made into another profitable venture for the CRAPitalists, and it's also likely that too many of the masses are likely to rush to the streets and shout their objections to the tyranny, only to return to their little nuclear family castles at the end of the protest, thinking they've done their bit, and everything's chirpy now.


THE Protest is only the beginning, and has to be followed-up with demands for fundamental CORRECTIONS to the root laws of the land, and cannot be abandoned, or left to any 'steering committee' until what remains of government, has instituted the Proper Laws in the each nations' Constitution.

And the bottomline corrections have to be of re-distributing the land, the ARABLE land, by allowing masses to move to the agricultural regions and devolve the broadacre farms to food diversity farms, for dramatically more localised markets.

Away with the factory and the slavery mills.

Time everyone got some good wholesome DIRT under their fingernails.

Natural ORGANIC dirt, not fert and super-phosphated rubbish.

Or..., it's tree-bark for breaky, if you're lucky!

From the Travelling 4x4 Tent of
Countryzen bin Eartha

Outlaw, for
Education and



The Tea Party? Is it Real?


The Tea Party?

Is it Real?

Over the last few years much has been revealed to me, and perhaps to others about the underlying garbage behind 'politics', here and around the world.

For most of my adult life, while under seriously dulling Catholic occult hexes, there has nevertheless, been some basic acceptance in the back of my mind, that 'politics' is a crock of shit.

But I've still been 'driven' to take an interest, and, over the last decade and a half, have become a commentator.

Nowadays, it's painfully obvious that something-else IS going on behind the media-front most of us view in one form or another, and, as the years/months/days/hours and minutes fly passed, we see that the most critical affairs effecting 'politics' and seemingly the lives of the majority, are being steered, twisted, manoeuvred well behind the meeting rooms of the US White House, Britain's Westminster, and/or any of the centres of representative government in the more powerful nations.

So too, in Astrayliar.

Australia's August 2010 federal election a prime example.

Perhaps the rise of President Barack Obama in Washington triggered the much needed call, or yearn, for CHANGE there and globally, but my 'thinks' say that his popular win in 2008 was effected more by the collection and release of scientific evidence about the things that matter most - climate change, huge flaws in America's economic structure, and, maybe a ways down the list, the exposure of endemic sexual abuse in the Catholic church.

All 3 of these went fairly hard at challenging the western world's 'blind faith', in 1, how our clearly opulent modern lifestyles DO seriously impact on the larger, less seen, global environment, in 2, economic policies prescribed by people who too late, are found to NOT have the qualifications to decide which policies are implemented, which effect the lives and security and well-being of more than their own family unit, and in 3, the dangers of leaving issues of 'faith' in the hands of a class of priests who are both psychologically unbalanced and who retain their elevated, too-influential stature by being propagandists for a deeply and long-time corrupt cult which preaches both false beliefs, and, with that, diverts everyone away from the always-critical issues for every social group.

With all the profit-centred capitalists in media doing their demonic best to keep the masses stupid, aided-and-abetted by their cohorts from the global, mainly western elites, the 'critical issues' have been kept under the rug, for at least 100-plus years.

In the 19th century, there was enormous growth in the general knowledge of what's important in life, with the rise of print media racing around the world, and informing and inspiring the Working Classes to know their rights and thus to bring them together to democratically demand better deals from the tyrant landlords.

But it didn't take long for the landlords to react to stop the People from reclaiming what really, REALPolitikly, has always been theirs, and everyone's - the Land.

The 20th century therefore became the century of the world at war, instigated by the ruling classes, the monarchies of the west being the most dominant, through their desperate inventiveness called 'weapons technology'.

But, in seeing that Democracy had arrived, that it was/is a phenomenal force against their presumed tyrannical rule, and that it was not about to go away again, the global elites realised their only hope of keeping their ill-gotten estates and dominance of industries of production etc, was to assume the pro-democracy facade, to get inside the machinery of social democracy, and subvert it to their own selfish, undemocratic interests.

As the Workers of the World Wisely and Stoically persisted with their Cause, the elites had no choice but to acquiesce, so slowly, monarchies had their authority and sovereign powers reduced, replaced by parliaments.

By 1900, the world saw fantastic changes, with promises of improvements to everyone's lives as never dreamed-of before.

However, behind the scenes, the selfish elites were evermore frightened shitless by these Progressive changes, and, went more enthusiastically than ever to corrupt the course we seemed destined to follow.

Thus, as said, we went through some 100 years of chaos and war, all fabricated to steer the profits from Workers' Productivity up to their fancy pockets, aka Swiss bank accounts.

But, with technology filtering down to the general populace, and in places like Eurape and the USA, more people were able to get inside the architecture of modern technology, they were allowed by the freedom of the modern marketplace, to combine their understanding and inventiveness to make what we have today in the internet and home computers etc.

So, where not so long ago, elites were banding together to control media and what the masses heard and learned about the machinations of the crucial affairs of world politics, today there is an whole new, possibly unstoppable environment of “Peoples' Media” spreading globally bringing the masses up-to-speed.

And so, again, the bruised egoists of the ruling elite resort to all-and-any means to retain their unwarranted control, using their weapons of war and the media to force their way.

9/11 and the ensuing chaos through the Middle-East the prime examples.

NOT the finest way to hail-in the new century and millennium!

The USA leapt ahead of the rest of the world in development and progress during the 20th century, giving hope to a lot of people.

Sadly, the knowledge has come too late for Americans, and for the rest of us, that the potential for the USA has been corrupted once more, by 'politics' and the secret fanaticisms of the ruling elites.

Getting the USA back on track to being a Balanced culture is now, as far as I'm able to discern, impossible.

The devil is loose, and ain't gonna go back down the hole for NO-ONE!

Being a creature of and dependent upon fascination, the devil cannot slow itself and pause to weigh it's actions.

Ever-on it drives itself, coming-up with 'new ideas' by-the-hour.

Advertising corporations perhaps the most driven example. And where the potential for selfish profits increase, so increase the motivations and negations of things like Honor, Integrity, Morality and Ethics.

Seduction is one weapon used, and the best way to win the favor of people, is to appeal to their desires for a more comfortable life, for their bodies.

This, and tickling the senses has always worked, so today, the world's most 'advanced' nation, the USA, is awash in every imaginable delight to give pleasure to the body and to it's senses.

Unfortunately these aspects of life, don't sit well with the less immediate, underlying and more critical issues effecting us, but are used endlessly by fanatics and megalomaniacal elites to have us ignore the more important side of life.


Politics is about the polity. The people. Or used to be. Now, it is merely another weapon captured by the elites to keep us misinformed - ignorant - about what's crucial for the whole of the Human race.

And use politics they do, combining it with media, entertainment, advertising and temptation to have us choose personal pleasure and (pseudo-)security over the well-being of the Group.

Since the rise of understanding about the bottomline issues, upto about the start of the 20th century, we've been snowed back down to the least moral, least intelligent levels, and now, with fear also used against Progress, places like Eurape, Britain, Australia and the USA are returning to 'dark ages' of self-interest, where 'anything goes' and 'there are no rules' in acquiring what we need and want.

So having been deserted, abandoned by the Group, and by the leaders of our groups, to fend for ourselves, each of us is left vulnerable to anyone or number who has the ability to sway us their way.

The 'free market' has long been owned by the oligarchs, the wealthy who manipulate politics to their advantage, and part of that ongoing campaign has been to keep the people as shallow as possible, so that they have no interest in activating their own Intellect, and applying it's powers of discernment to issues beyond their own senses and desires.

This is really what is behind the rampant materialism of our times. The ever-so-'friendly' capitalists, any 'Jo' who sees an opportunity to hoodwink someone else, have refined their language to be as convincing as possible, to as large a number of people as possible, with the most simplistic words, phrases, sentences and orations.

Of course, none of the capitalists would dare fully expose themselves by admitting that their own confidence, and their abilities to sway someone else, are bolstered with the psychic powers. OH-HOHO-NO!

Not only when they talk to us, but also in the products they seduce us into possessing.

To a True Fella Shaman, the more possessions a person has, the more the person is possessed by them!

So, in the most materialistic nations, people have been wrongly seduced to believe that Happiness will be found in having a lot of junk. And so, when events beyond our own ego-bubble start to fall apart, and we are threatened with the loss of these 'possessions' because we have lost any ability to discern what is important - NOT possessions, but Sound, Scientifically-proven Economics - our lowest level of mentations make us react, and often violently.

Just how the globe's elites want us to.

When we are consumed by desperation and fear, we are most vulnerable to believing in violent defences, and so any smooth-talking Jo can wander-in and convince us to take-up arms against which-ever foe they decide we should be afraid of.

Wisdom, they will say, does not put food on the table. Etc.

And even then, if they see that there is a craving, or a recognition that Wisdom is perhaps Valuable, and so becomes sought after, the elites will jump on the word, ignoring the meaning and depth underneath it, and include it in their publicity, merely to fool the masses to believe that the masters of manipulation are Wise.

Glenn Beck, of Fox TV, did this with a word which has returned to the hearts of people in the USA lately, and has become seen as worth attaining to.

“Honor”! He marketed, purely to try to recapture the political market for his boss (elitist Rupert Murdoch, and his cabal of oligarchs set on putting in place their 'New World Order') back from the 'Left-wingers' who already understood what Honor is, and, armed with the True Honor which underpinned their lives, campaigned far-and-wide leading-up to the 2007/2008 US Presidential election, to have Barack Obama win office.

Beck and his coven of demented psychos knew Honor was behind the Outlaws and military Veterans in the USA, and so, without any moral conviction, used the word to rally frightened and desperate Americans, Americans captured by the sensational glitter of Fox TV, at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC a month or 2 ago.

Classic tyranny at work.

Now, on the eve of the USA 'Mid-Term elections', the concept of reducing language to it's most effective use, with the least depth, Intelligence or Wisdom, with the simplest slogans, has been applied on a corporate, political-party level, and the USA is being sent into political turmoil by this untested, highly divisive, zero-credibility phenomenon.

That-is, next-to-nothing is actually known about who is behind it's formation and publicity, nor about any substance underpinning the Tea Party's policies, etc.

Nothing they have put forward this far, exactly as the Republicans have done for decades, can be proven to have Scientific, Economic and/or Cultural Merit.

It's all hyperbola. Catch-phrases designed specifically to 'trick'..., like magic..., people into agreeing with them.

This, the Tea Party, it has to be aired, is as likely, a manoeuvre by the back-room spin-masters of the Republican party, to take the heat off the failing Republicans, who have been exposed as being antagonistic to people from other nations and cultures, and who may yet be brought to bear the brunt of blame for the chaos in the Middle-East, by starting the Iraq war, for the Global Financial Crisis, by allowing really bad economic policies which gave the banks and finance corporations room to set-up dangerous loans and financing contracts, etc., and who promoted a consume-consume-consume, consumption-dependent way of life that is now known to be totally unsustainable, and is driving environmental devastation enough to destroy most every positive advance we've made so far.

The only option the encrazed egomaniacs of the world's political elites had was to start another distraction. But one which was not so far removed from the core of the problems that people would disregard it.

It had to offer MORE, NEW hope, and be an alternative to what was available now.

Every trick has been used - simplistic language; attack language; loud talk, maximum volume and protest, sexy imaging; dream-making concepts; superlative words stolen from the Intelligentsia but hollowed of meaning, understanding and Integrity, etc.

And it's won support with the notion of 'taking back America', as if the Democrats stole it from Americans, in just the last 2 or 3 years.

While it's very understandable that many dislike the Democrats, knowing they are part of the much larger machinery of global politics, and, that Obama's initial efforts to give health care to the lowest one-third of Americans in fact gave billion and billions of dollars to the pharmaceutical and other medical corporations, and leaves the bulk of Americans with the cost, I suggest that it was the best they could institute in the process of rebalancing the severely imbalanced American economy, and that it was the Democrats recognising that the adventure which is US capitalism has more flaws than advantages, that it had been blindly accelerated by the Bush Administration to it's inevitable implosion, and that, while the major banks and corporations ruthlessly run the world, they cannot be pushed out of the way, so that Americans and others can have, or reclaim control of their lives.

Considering the size of the hurdles Americans face, if they really try to reclaim control of their lives, it is nothing short of propagandist evil to suggest that the Corrections can occur in just one election-cycle.

Added to that, the turmoil brought on, peaking with the 2007/8/9/10-forward financial crisis, may have been the catalyst for the government's attempts to reform the economy, but was itself so huge an obstacle for the new administration to begin to face, that positive outcomes could not possibly be expected within a decade, let alone within the 3 years since Obama's election.

Not without a much more dramatic series of reforms, MAJOR, REALPolitik Reforms, that everyone knows cannot possibly be introduced easily in the USA.

In other words, the undisputed economic problems America and the whole world has, are old and deep, and are behind the present GFC, as well as being behind most all of the world's economic troubles.

Reforms in the USA will resolve nothing unless they are approached globally.

The Democrat's attempts are Progressive, and are trying to get to the underlying flaws, which, as said, are old and global.

On the other hand, the Republican and Tea Party policies of 'reform' and planning, are merely more of the same, using might and trickery to force through, or to drive over problems, (on all fronts - appealing, at home, to Americans with the most simplistic terminology) as the GW Bush, Dick Cheney Administration did with the brutal and utterly tyrannical catalyst of 9/11, and the crap intelligence which laid the blame on Saddam Hussien and thus 'justified' the invasion of Iraq.

To allow the Republicans to win control of Congress and the Senate in the USA, will only return America to the most brutal, racist, xenophobic and warlike position it held leading up to 9/11, and the invasion of Iraq, which justified so many taking-up arms against the USA, will return the USA to a nation which makes absolutely illogical laws against the citizens, sending them to jail for false crimes, and will send the world down the shithole faster and irreversibly.

However, of late I've heard better explanations about such things as the health care plans of President Obama, and realise they have much to be desired.

Not that they were wrong in principle, but that the hurdles were far greater than the any immediate relief could resolve.

Americans do have to re-evaluate their culture, and that primarily has to be one which consumes less. MUCH less.

So does Australia, and many other nations and cultures.

Our big enemy is fear of changes which correct our lifestyles.

But further, we have to dig behind to find the cause for our fascination with consumerism and materialism.

If America is a Christian nation, then it has to re-read such words as “..forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do...”

Most of us know about hypnotism now, and that we are constantly being accosted by those who think they can trick us.

But facing the facts that we have been victims of witchcraft's trickery for centuries, witchcraft dressed in 'priestly-white', such that our Souls are in-deep in pools of all manner of unverifiable and incorrect beliefs and twisted thinking processes, is the hardest thing we all have to do.

Accepting this, is the first step, at-once realising that we do not have to defend ourselves as guilty for errors.

But alone, from a base of shallow beliefs, or with others who are also drowning in incorrect thinking processes and ideals, only makes things worse.

Thank someone, for alcohol, aye?

Almost all of today's western approaches to psychology and psychiatry have grown from flawed ideologies and beliefs, and now are all oriented around the capitalist 'profit-motive'. So there is always a limit to how true any diagnosis and/or 'therapy' will be.

Because a full and unafraid diagnosis of our personal and cultural maladies will bring us to realise that we have to fight hard against the seductions of bad beliefs and cultures, and that we achieve nothing worthwhile if we settle for anything which is not the 'full monty' of reforms in our every-MINUTE lives.

This, unfortunately, ends with the realisation that the only choice is to take it to the streets, and PROTEST for the Changes, such as those Obama came to office with.

Though this may sound like me chanting my, MY favourites, it is not.

Democracy and free speech are Worthy Ideals, but are also the most prone to subversion, to being captured by media and powerful crazies for their own narrow and parochial greed and elitist agendas.

Because we have been seduced to travel so far down the cultural road of DESTROY-DESTROY-DESTROY just to make a buck, we have to take an exaggerated step in the opposite direction to remedy the damage done. Damage done both to our own mind, and to the world.

'Sacrifice' doesn't really come into it, once we realise that throwing off the old and destructive beliefs and habits is nothing to do with sacrifice, but is, in-a-way, making us Better, and, in that, wealthier.

Why would we want garbage filling our mind and life?

And more wealthy than the word-abusers like Glenn Beck and the mobsters at Fox understand.

Morally wealthier. Richer in the less tangible things which make for a Stronger, Happier, and Richer lifestyle, Family, Homeland, Community et al Et Al.

Integrity. Intellect. Wisdom. Courage. Joy.

I guess I could go-on, and-on, and-on.

It's a Hard Road ahead for all of us down there on 'main street', America.

Time voters everywhere stopped letting ourselves be tricked by clever and loud and confident words. Words and glitter surrounded with hoopla and ever-brighter lights, etc.

It is a time, an era of CHANGE, and many more of us know this than are able to say.

Europe's Workers are on the streets now, trying to bring it on, and they have billions of Sympathisers globally. Imagine how effective it would be if the People of the USA marched for the same Principles as the People of Europe?

It DOES NOT take a messiah to force the Correct changes through.

Whether you prefer Republican or Democrat, Tea Party or Communist, inside we all know change is as Natural as sunrise, and we all have the capacity to bring on the changes in our own lives to make at least our own world better.

Putting it together with, not shallow minds, but with those who also know enough about themselves to know there ARE some fundamental things we all need to be Happy, Secure and able to do the Right Thing, is what life in the 'free world' is all about.

Returning to the fear-driven policies of war, forced upon us by the elite's political masters of spin, is cowardice and does us no good.

Perhaps the most Courageous thing is to be able to Humble ourselves when we see our beliefs and ideologies are incorrect, and to open our minds to at least search for what is correct.

That's why I Advocate the most crucial Reforms, of Land, Tax, Cult, and other Reforms, as per my signature below.

As the Massive Rally to Restore Sanity... and/or fear showed, in the National Mall in Washington last Saturday, there is the choice between 'Sanity', of evidence-based Laws, in Economics, and in less tangible areas of life like 'Culture', and..., 'fear', where we retreat, out of a lack of Knowledge about Good Law, Good Economics, and Good Culture, into escapist violence and abuse of everything around us, refusing to see the consequences.

So.., while I would Advocate voting Green, as I've Advocated way-down-here-down-under, and am very tired of the 2-party hegemony of this era's politrix, from my isolated mountain, it is very clear, that America has to do everything in it's power to avoid any more aggression from such as Jihadi Islam, or from Dissenting Outlaws anywhere, so you have to give the Democrats another chance and vote for them in the mid-term elections on 2nd November 2010.

For the Greater Good, America. For the Greater Good.

As for the 'Tea Party', I'm convinced they are a fabrication of the same-old right-wing Republicans, set-up to make the Republicans appear moderate.

From the Travelling 4x4 Tent of
Countryzen bin Eartha

Outlaw, for
Education and