Over 200 dead in Victorian Bushfires: The Price of Irresponsible Misuse of the Land.

Over 200 dead in Victorian Bushfires: The Price of Irresponsible Misuse of the Land.
by Max Earth
Sunday 28th February 2009.

I spent most of my life living in Victoria, in the Melbourne suburbs. By 18, I had a 500cc motorbike, and so spent many days, over about 30 years, riding around the Kinglake, Healesville and Warburton hills.

For a while in my 20s and 30s I ideated unsuccessfully, on owning some Land up in these regions.

Victoria is rightly named “The Garden State”, for there is a bevy of magnificent bushland, mountain ranges, lakes, forests and even deserts within Victoria's Land mass, which all delight the eyes and other senses, especially in the springtime.when Vic gets, or used to get, it's most rain, and thus colorful flowerings.

Over the last four years, I traveled back to Vic a couple of times, to try to sort out ridiculous family troubles, and spent months living in my vehicle around Wandong, Kilmore, Marysville, Yea, Whittlesea and the like, in the forests.

Having been raised to be a thinking fool, Philosophical evern, I have been bound to ponder over the lifestyles Australians live. Apart from my “mission” determined by mother's catholic convent to save the (christian) world, I have always questioned the way Australians do things, especially the way they/we misuse the Land, as if their mis-and-maltreatment didn't matter, short or long term.

Knowing many Conservationists, called Greenies now, who were concerned about how the culture was going, or going astray, I saw it was almost an accepted tradition that People with a Social Conscience fought the Good Fight, usually of course from the “Left” of politics, Gallantly and Honorably, and gave Soulful hours each week to “The Cause” be-it in a political party or other groups 'going-to' econo-political and cultural issues.

As the 1970s passed, then the '80s, I witnessed a whittling-down of the older members of local politics. It was obvious that there was an almost general feeling that in the end, the fight was lost against much bigger more powerful 'interests', and that “Fight We Must!” remained, but that everyone has a life to live, and that politics, especially defeated politics, cannot take-over one's life entirely.

Most of the Good Folk were well educated and had an income of one professional or semi-professional color or another, so for them, coming also from reasonably well-to-do parents, the “dream” was working hard for a few decades (shorter if possible), then buying a nice slice of bush forest to build, settle and retire on.

Fair enough, aye?

From the beginnings of the Human Sojourn on Earth, we can be sure there have always been “Issues” about how to treat and occupy the Land, and, how People should live together in the group, clan or Mob.

In the 19th century, Henry George of the United States defined well, the “economic” side of Human-with-Human, and Human-with-the-Land relations, noting with simple Observation, called, perhaps rightly, “Prescience”, that the 19th century “All American Way” (noting that he was not short on criticism of it's genesis in the European mindset) was doing great harm to the Land, and, that the future bodes ill for the environment and thus for all mankind, if we were to continue occupying the Land, that is plundering it, as the “western” world was doing.

In most of the world before British/Eurapean expansionism, the Indigenous People everywhere had a Complete Understanding of the Best Way to live with each other and with the Terra Firma, their Mother. It was Known that the Land is Most Precious, and that the first thing anyone must do, is learn how to Live in Harmony with Her.

As researchers into history have found, all of them had a Special Relationship with the Earth, and Knew that to be allowed to keep living wherever they found themselves, they had to “pay-the-rent” to the Great Landlady. Of course, not all of them had money as we know it, which is as “the most efficient medium of exchange”, but everyone of them Knew well, that the Great Mother only granted them tenancy if they Knew how and what to Sacrifice.

Rituals of Sacrifice have consequently almost always been a part of life for Humanity, and as we delve into what records exist of Ancient Indigenous Cultures, we find that Sacrifice was paid to the Gods of the Heavens and of the Earth, in-the-main so that the People may continue to live on the Mother's Land.

As research shows, most all of the “Nativist” (non-Eurapean) Tribes on Earth lived in Harmony, and the Great Mother was Happy to have them, for a myriad of different Peoples have lived for eons, for tens-of-1000s of years with the Mother giving them everything they needed to be Healthy, Fully-Awakened, Intelligent and Wise.

Rules were part of the culture, and were followed strictly. The Wise taught the young how to read the Land like a text book, and Knew when the People had to do some particular thing or another, to suit the changes in season, climate, or other influences upon them.

As most animals in the “wild” do, the Ancient Peoples knew that “sprouting” babies whenever the urge arose was dangerous. For in the short term, if the climactic conditions were not suitable, “another mouth to feed” could spell suffering for the group, with possibly even worse results.

Most of them, I believe, knew how to abort a fetus, but I feel sure that the Old Folk Knew Better ways to control the size of the population. That was simply through giving the children the tools of Self-Discipline, so that they were not carried away with “lust” and desire for sex, nor with irrational desires “for a baybee!?” etc.

We have all heard of “Initiation”. Today, it seems implicit in staying alive amidst a mad throng of psychotic occultist groups, that we must go through an “initiation” before we are accepted into the coven, cult, club, clan, tribe or gang. Or Liberal Party....

As I'm the last Outlaw, I haven't found the club I want to believe in fully, so remain on the margins of society, uninitiated.

The only “initiation” the average Australian male experienced uptil recently, was, at reaching the age of 21, going to the pub or nightclub with a bunch of fellow juvenile idiots and getting oneself pissed rotten, falling down a set of stairs, breaking one's nose on a rake, vomiting on the bouncer, and being in Outer Bahrania for days suffering (A-hem! “Sacrificing!?”) from "the worst" hangover ever.

Yes “a loose” description, I agree. But it's not too far off!

In other cultures, that-is Purer, Wise, Ancient, Balanced Cultures, not the conglomerate mutation we call the “western culture”, Initiation was Fundamental to becoming an Adult, not an 'adult'-erated western twit, but one who has Learnt All The Rules deep in their Heart, and has shown they are fit to become a Respectable part of the Adults of the Tribe.

A large part of the Knowledge the Initiate had to Learn and Understand, was of the Land, it's Creatures, it's plant life, soils, water supplies, food resources and other bits and pieces for clothing, shelter, and a Good Stone on Special Occasions, etc.

Integral with this type of Knowledge was of course on how to co-habit the land. This meant that one could not merely acquire the tools then set-off to build one's own castle and family. NO! The Wisdom of the Ancestors told them that this would be bad for everyone eventually, especially if everyone was to do it.

We today call it “economies of scale”, but back then, in True Fella Country, it was known as “Muglongafondisetgitmusstay”, with variations....(?)

True Fella People of before the Brit/Eurapean overconsumption psychosis, had long-long-before, Divined that Humans Lived Best with the Land when they shared resources, shared the needs of the Group, shared the labor, and the facilities of shelter etc., and shared the “Governance” of Tribal Affairs, by living together. Also, the Ancients Knew that one should not be profligate with anything, be-it words or food, or material resources. Take only what you need, make do with what is at hand, which is usually far less, hugely less, than the explosionheaded white avaricious and insatiable culturites think they need.

This way, they would always have more than one head to go through issues and trauma, and the People-power for labor, (hunting, gathering, building, preparing), and for protection against the bad dudes down-river etc.

But not only were they cognizant of these group needs, they were also fully aware of the need to look after the Land, so that it would treat them aright. Australians now all know how the Australian Aborigine knew when the Land needed to burn, for example, and knew where, when and how to set fire to it, so that it would not become overgrown, or the fire out-of-control, thus pose a deadly threat to themselves and the local plant and animal life.

It has to be said, that Mother Nature Herself also Knew these things, and in a way white people failed to Understand a longtime ago. “Superstitious” Human practices of old, were often much more credible than we are prepared to admit or see in our “scientific age”, for superstition is often just a different, indeed DEEPER way of seeing Life, and as often is a much more complete way than the shallow sciences the Judeo-Christian cults are capable of seeing with or believing today.

It is a mite unfathomable that some 100 people were killed by the bushfires in the Kinglake area?

But, as I am familiar with the terrain thereabouts, and that everyone there, while professing to living in “A Solid Community”, '...who will all readily “pull together” when times are tough...', the reality I put it, is quite otherwise, as the incineration of that number of People is testimony to.

The paragraphs I wrote above about the Older Warriors retiring from The Good Fight, and settling in a nice piece of country, is, yes, 'a loose description' of what is happening all over the planet, and has been happening for generations no doubt.

But, politics aside, for there are doubtless as many rich, unpolitical or 'rightwing' me-first people occupying the region, who blithely adopt the same western cultural aberration of living on a largish piece of land (with the fortune of wealth) with just one, two, three or five nuclear family members.

“Australia” (or the white invasion) didn't get off to a good start, from the 1790s-on. All manner of obstacles came at the new settlers. Indignant Indigenies did their Righteous Bit in fighting to stop the rude invasion. The Mother, the Land, also did Her Bit to shoo them away, with droughts, floods, etc.

Added to these expected hurdles, came also from HOME, that-is from Britain, a swathe of chaotic minds already long-beggared by the tyrannical English system of injustice and corruption.

Amongst them, and amongst the “free-settlers”, were a lot of cynical, self-interested people, who after a life of struggle and injustice elsewhere, were cemented in how they approached life, the world and other people.

To be sure, the “nuclear family” was not the norm yet in 18th century Britain, but was something most everyone aspired to, for it was/is a sign, a status symbol, showing that they are successful, wealthy and independent enough to not need the group or extended family.

Also, the nuclear family is a roaringly deadly sign that the Values of a Good, Sound, Wise and Economical Community, Society and People have been broken down to dust, and that, in such a resultant, broken society, it is not wise to live in too large a group, for “...wherever three or more are gathered, at least one is evil.” (One of my more cynical quotes.)

Need I go-into the reasons why this “...at least one is evil” way of seeing the society has merit today, and probably in the early years and decades since the first “Sorry Day”, was the general rule?

So! The 100 Victorian deaths in Kinglake were a result of this aberrant, though fully understandable way Australians have “evolved” to live.

I could leave it there, but it definitely deserves further definition, methinks.

For the passed eleven years I've lived in northern New South Wales, and spend weeks at a time in the few forests. Actually, as is the case all over Australia, the bush I dwell within, is not “forest” but the remains of the woodcutter carnage of the last two-and-bit centuries. It's almost all regrowth now, and disgustingly BADLY managed regrowth at that. But that's for later...

Getting from town to the places I hide in, means I must drive several kilometres across “Bunjulung” Country, which means driving beside hectare-on-hectare of fenced-off Land.

This region has a “reputation” of being Alternative, or Greenie country, and many here are only too ready to say they are Greenies, yet driving through the terrain, this is seen to be “a furphy”.

What land is not stripped clean of forest and Indigenous flora and fauna, originally done for the timber to export back HOME, but as well, once settling became tenable, to offer a cleared spacial defense area or 'shield' for the invaders against the Righteous Aborigine Warrior, Owners of the Land, (who did..., gollygosh! insist on attacking the farmhouses, as often as they could).

But for many decades by now, the land was cleared purely so the rapacious whitey could posit perhaps one moocow per acre, to feed the exceedingly UNSUSTAINABLE and exceedingly “anti-Green” meat (and milk!) market, and the remaining terrain has been overgrown with introduced “weeds” and pestilences such as the 'orrible 'cane toad'.

What has evolved since the massive carnage and biosphere's disruption, is that the Balance has GAWN MAYTE! “Exit, Stage Right!”


Being a Nomad, in another guise a homeless outlaw, I've travelled fouwsands-and-fouwsands of miles across the eastern and central states. So, in defense of the impotent Greenies who hide up here amongst the illegal Eurapean immigrants, the lantana... and the Marijuana, the carnage of Australia's Land is not specific to the so-called “Rainbow Region” of northern New South Wales.


We all know that, aye?

The reason I'm going further into this well-known-yet-under-appreciated fauna carnage situation, is that, as I wrote in an article a few years ago after a flood in the Richmond River Valley caused a major fish-kill down near the mouth of the river, in the end, our local, State and National Authorities have a case to answer, in regard to their failure to properly care for the Land.

In regard to the Kinglake tragedy, I would, were I an Outlaw 'Silk' (a barrister or QC), take all our so-called “authorities” to the highest court in the Universe, er Land, on charges of being small-minded, self-interested, unwise and generally fucking pathetic bastards, for failing to have the Respect enough from, in this case, Victorians, such that they, and the government(s), sought, found AND FIRMLY ADOPTED, the Best Way to Live on the Land.

For clearly, if we-in-general WERE in possession of the Knowledge of How Best to Inhabit the Land, the People who lived in the Kinglake, Healesville, Warburton, Gembrook and other destroyed areas WOULD NOT LIVE AS THEY HAVE BEEN, which in my cynical HARDPolitik way, is saying that we have a failure of government to the degree of, as our Prime Minister put it “....mass murder...”!


Is the Victorian government therefore, in the running to be up on a charge of “setting the conditions of the society, for mass murder to be unavoidable”? Or such-like....?

Clearly, all things considered, John Brumby isn't a mass-murderer. And neither, thus far, is Kevin Rudd....

But somewhere, back in time, the conditions were established for this horror to be unavoidable.

Saddened folk await the official report on the mess. What will the reports and commissions tell them, and what will they recommend?

I have a few recommendations...........

Afore I go, I am obliged to say that the authorities, in the case of where I used to dwell, the NSW departments of environment, conservation, forests, parks and reserves et al et al, are in trouble for failing in the same way, to Properly manage the Land. Had I a life expectancy of more than an hour at a time, I would take the relevant ones to court, demanding possession of the forests etc., so that I may introduce a regime of Repair to the flora and fauna. For there is nothing of the sort happening now, unless bands of unlicensed and untame-able yobos hacking through the reforests on unregistered motorbikes is New South Wales' way of getting rid of the vegetation?


Omaxa bin Eartha
for Global Land, Tax, Cult and Drug Law Reform
Reforests of Godolonia


See ya later, Mr Trujillo! Or "Well, Hell? Oh! Telstra!"

Well, Hell? Oh! Telstra!

On the 12th February, I wrote the following “see ya later” note at the end of a rave about telstra, catholics, illegal immigrants and other matters.

As for Telstra....., Mr Trejillo would be of the New and Very Wise Direction, were he to direct himself and his baggage back to the Americas, before Australia issues a lawsuit against him for defrauding Australians of our hard stolen cheese-crackers.
Unless he wishes to be Australia's "Ken Lay", ex-Enron?
See ya, Sol....

Omaxa bin Eartha.
Outlaw for a Just Planet Earth.
(“Dead Man Walking”)

So, I say again: “Well! Hell? Oh! Telstra!?”
(“Hell? Oh! Telstra!” is what I've typed into my mobile phone's welcome message.)

What am we to make of Sol Trujillo's departure then, a mere 14 days after I told him to piss-off??

Feels like my backroom boys an gals in the "halls of Power" have been "pushing a few more buttons for lil' meo, again?"

However, I guess the writing was already on the wall.

He came into the job, selected by the worst government Australia has had (YES they was! If GW Bush is regarded by the vast majority of pundits as running the worst administration America has had so far, and as Bush said Howard was a good guy, that clearly tags Howard and his brainless monkeys as the worst WE've ever had. I reckon so anyway.

The corporate megalomaniacal culture was rising to it's souffle of heights in the 1990s, and Howard's entry into government was supported by the corporate psychoes of Wall Street, London and Zurich, which then enabled some of the worst, and least legal laws to become formal.

These laws made Telstra a privately run corporation, and began the slide we've seen since from being a pretty-bloody-good public telephony and communications service, to the privatized abortion Telstra now is.

The basic facts are that such “utilities” as telephony & electronic communications services to the public are not designed nor have they evolved purely to provide private sleazebags massive salaries and take-away bonuses, nor are they designed to rip-the-public-off, as Telstra now does with ultra-cheap quality and content products, most all of them profit-oriented and not-in-the-least designed to give the public a smooth, secure and affordable telephonic and now internet service.

Also, communication has always been a very important part of a population's security and success.

Without language, ummmmmm.....

While most of us could quite realistically survive without a mobile telephone or a wizgiz telecom device, but now we're all too bamboozled by the enormity of “choice” available to our chaotic minds, so are sucked-in to wasting time and bucks on gimmicks like “call tones”, video and music rubbish, and the plethora of junk products we can just – but in reality CANNOT – afford, irresponsible corporate high-flyers in the 'telco's' will clean-up. But not without being a serious debilitation on the services they were originally posted to provide.

Such utilities as Telstra, like Roads and Traffic departments of Local Councils, like water and sewerage departments, electricity network departments, energy departments, education departments, and public transport sectors, were not designed to make a profit at the expense of the public.

Quite the opposite! These were all made manifest to provide efficiency, economy, and improvements to the til-then less-efficient, less economical services people needed to use or have access to. It was entirely accepted AND SOUND social management, that such utilities be subsidized.

Australia and the government have to quickly rearrange the corporate/social order here, back to the systems which had enormously intelligent employees running them, employees whose rightmindedness had them maintain the services properly, because the demon time-is-money factor had not been such an imperative, nor correct element in the equation of providing a service well.

It is right, that there was much to be desired in many government services before the corporate psychoes took over the world, and that the corporatization of some institutions was for the better.

An analogy might be the US motorcycle maker “Harley Davidson” under “Willy G” in the 1980s going right through the ancient engine design, and the rest of the Beast's bits, and redesigning the machine to come up-to-date with the rest of the auto-production world. Little had changed in the engine design since it was first made in the 1900s or 1910s!

But this is quite different to taking a government-run utility and selling it off as one or in bits to narrowminded profiteers.

Telstra, when it was still Telecom, was one of the first government instrumentalities to be “corporatized” as I remember. This wasn't to privatize it, but to improve it's function and efficiency, which were seen to be fairly inefficient. It's likely that privatization WAS even then, on the agenda for the telco, what with the long term desires the planet's elite always have for turning every thing and product into another golden goose for themselves. But then we were far from shaving-off local council departments to private scammers, and the Post Office was doing it's reasonable best, under government authority.

Time makes no difference to some aspects of “service” in providers like the telcoes, or in the roads and traffic depots, apart from bringing in improved facilities. Services can be improved with technology certainly, but underneath all those hardware improvements, the service is still, a service, and service's duty is to serve the public to make their lives more efficient, less costly, easier and OH! Happier.

I would be very surprised if any serious user of the modern Telstra-type services would say that the actual “service” not the bits-and-pieces or gimmicks, is upto scratch.

Every aspect of what Telstra offers a user like me, have been either cheap and nasty quality products, failing constantly, or an outright rip-off. Just as we should expect from a private rip-them-off-wherever-we-can corporation.

Most Australians would agree with my assertion that the Federal government would be doing the best thing for telecommunications and for the public by bringing Telstra back into public ownership.

But hey!? Can we clean-up the whole business of telephonics as well, by resurrecting the world-leading Telecom Research and Development departments, and dedicating them to designing and providing the users with products which are affordable, and that simply do the job, which is telephony, internetery and modern comms without all the distractions of gimmicks to suck the users' pockets dry?

Innovation is one thing, but when it gets to the point of innovating because we can, and because there's a market in it, we really have to slow our thinking apparatus down a bit, and reassess our stupidities.

In the same vein, I put the argument (to myself) that the majority of mature people would be very happy with a car which transported them from one place to another safely, economically, smoothly and quickly, was reliable, and cheap to maintain. A car which would run for forty to fifty years, and parts, rarely needed for a solid design to begin with, affordably and easily available after 50 years.

The miserable cars of mid-20th century Asia and Soviet Russia rattle to mind, yes, and we dread any resort to such base basics in transportation.

But alas! Short of an axial wobble making a terminal big-dipper of the planet, modern technological methods and hardware are pretty-much here-to-stay. We've made THE most tremendous leap forward in the last twenty years, from the somnambulic days of oil leaks and grip-free tyres (my 1950s and 1970s BSA motorbikes), to this era of interminable invention and......... profit-centred, planned obsolescence gimmickery.

As the last year of the Global Everything Meltdown (GEM) has shown us, most of the excess which is bringing the planet down, has been invented profit-oriented gimmickery (mortgages!?), and in the last breath, fairly fucking USELESS to the upliftment of the species.

So, as we re-public-ize the utilities the sick CEOs of Zurich and Hongkers (SICK? Pathologically mentally ILL, MAYTE!) stole from us these last ten to twenty years, let us... US-The-Government! The DEMOCRATIC Government, ALAS WE, THE PEOPLE! try to actually provide the public and the corporate worlds with those necessary SERVICES for the sake of providing a service, and not weighted too much toward the profit-margins and CEO walkaway bonus packs.

The same applies of course to the government's restructuring of the finance and lending sectors.

People NEED Homes, and food, and clothing. But the availability, affordability and security of a HOME are pretty much what will decide whether the person and family live to be fruitful, happy, ever-improving People, or degrading debauched and destitute.

So, what right, what legal right, what ethical right has ANYONE got, in forcing others to pay beyond their means, and beyond their capacity to not be noticeably debilitated, for a Home, while the bankers and covens profit to the extent they do from mortgages and home loans?

“NONE!” I say I say.

The GEM has shown everyone on Earth that Humanity has quick to be ready, to GET REAL about the essentials of a secure Home, secure food supplies, secure incomes etc, and so maybe we can bring the ruthless banks back to Earth, by Correcting the Rules so that Science in Economics is what determines how they rip-us-all-off, and by how much?



Telstra? Thanks for exposing the 'dark side' of global corporatizing, Mr Trujillo. Have a nice Flight!

Max Not A Lot Of Money, and next to no sense, most of the time!
Forests of Godolonia

TREASON in Australia

First, here's the brief note I just emailed to the Federal Australian Government's Minister of Immigration, Mr Chris Evans, about the article below on “TREASON in Australia”.

(Dear Mr Evans,)

Please note that I have emailed a five page expose on "Treason in Australia" to several ALP, ABC, and other foreign government email addresses, about illegal European immigration networks politicly active and dangerous in and around Nimbin NSW.

Those Australians who partake for monetary reward ("eligible" for arranged marriages) in illegal immigration, place extended stress on Australians, and are guilty of treason.

Please do something about these scams by the wealthy Europeans.

Please open an inquiry into the illegal networks operating in an around northern New South Wales.

For a copy of the article go to my blogsite at:

www.maxearth.blogspot.com, titled "Treason in Australia"


Max Earth

aka Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Nichols Cook-Meredith-O'Brien
aka Max No Difference
for Global Land, Tax, Cult & Drug Law Reform.

Now, the article:

"TREASON" in Australia!

A note about cases of TREASON as alleged committed by Australians and illegal immigrants against the Nation's Interests.

Begun: Friday 27th February '09. 08:12am

Treason is an old term, meaning “betrayal, treachery or breach of faith, especially by a subject against the sovereign, liege lord or chief authority of the state” (Annandale's Dictionary).

I even doubt treason is still in the law books of Australia, though I expect for some strange reason, treason is still on the lawbooks of Westminster England.

As humanity progresses and regresses in political oscilation up-through the early years of the 21st century since the fabled Jesus Christ was born, an inquiry into the veracity and rectitude of today's Australian laws is called for.

This it seems is necessary because it has become clear that the majority of Australians are guilty of treason.

How so?

Treason, as the introductory lines tell, is alleged when a person (or consortia of persons) acts against the well-being of the state. An impartial inquiry or court would find quickly that not only are most Australians guilty of treason, for their collective crimes against the State, albe-they in-the-main unwitting criminals, but that almost all our parliamentarians, government ministers, and every government official and employee, down to the police forces, are as well GUILTY of TREASON.

Unwitting because of Australia's dominant “anti-intelligent” culture. The roots of this culture are planted firmly in the houses of our religious masters, rabbis and priests of Judaism and Christianity, and can be traced back to the 4th centuryAD and the Councils of Nicea, when Emperor Constantine brought the hammer down on the side of Catholicism, which means “Universal”. I interpret Catholicism as meaning “materialism”. This act by the emperor demanded that those who argued against the “catholic” view of the World, and taught that Gnosis or Knowledge is the Path to God, “Who Art thine own Self”, should be banished, exiled from their Homelands and from the Roman Empire.

This was clearly a pernicious political decision, for catholicism takes power from the masses, from the flockers and the faithful, and centralizes it in Rome. If we direct our attention ever outwards, waiting for God to show Herimself in the Universe, in the realm of life on Earth in Human form, we are being deceived, for our Communion and Salvation of the Godly sense is only found by the Journey into our own Soul, and will never be found in the words or directorates of another, nor of any priest or bishop, whom we place on a pedestal, worship or Deify, as was done to the Man Joshua ben Joseph, or JC.

The worst effect such a dark doctrine has, is that it says that the layman is incapable of being possessed-themself, of the Intelligence to Define and Commune with God, in their own Heart. This, combined with the genocidal brutality of Rome has whittled the seconded followers of christianity down to being nought but brainless puppets, victims of whatever the clergy determined was their due. Consequently, over centuries, the average Intelligence of the mass of Christians has been reduced to the point where none of them have an operative Intellect at all, and rather, are but puppets to an higher order of powerful and utterly psychotic, unintelligent and therefore ANTI-Intelligent puppet masters. These are found within the christian and Jewish clergy. But puppet masterery has been integral with the evolution of the Human species since Eve hit-on Adam under the apple tree. Today, finding a puppet is part of the “game” of life, according to the amateur witchs who abound throughout Australian and western society now.

Intelligence, in it's Best sense, is that which Discriminates between Truth, and the other, Right, and the other, and Good and the other. The other being whatever enters the mind which is not expressing or reflecting the reality of any given situation. Intelligence is a Fundamental “part” of God. A saying from India's Hindu Philosophy, is that the Self of each of us, is “All Knowledge, All Consciousness, and All Bliss”.

To most christians, this would appear to be blasphemy, merely because their thinking is almost completely upside-down, and as the church has dominated and “silenced” their mental abilities to discern between True and false religion, between true and false actions, including the customs we keep, the “traditions” we keep, the work we do, the thirty-pieces-of-silver we take weekly for doing “unholy”” jobs, beit lying to people as a CEO, politician, copper, newsreader, or idiot on the street, or producing, selling or buying low quality, short-lifespan junk products, there is little to no chance that the average Christian has any Intellect operative at all. So, they react to “other” beliefs only as “enemy”, for they are totally under the spell of their christian cult masters, masters whose directive from Rome and Canterbury et al, is to interupt any talk of thinking outside the box of judeo-christian dogma.

This is precisely why True Meditation, the Art and Practice of bringing the mind into Absolute Silence at will, and for as long as possible, is unattainable by those “baptised” into christianity. For winning control of our own mind, so that we may silence it at will, and for as long as we want or need, is to win against the 'demons' who inhabit our mind, and make us, mostly unconsciously, do the illogical, nonsensical, immoral and collectively genocidal things christian humans do.

Things Christian Humans do, they do because they have a puppet master priest occupying their mind, and controlling their thoughts and actions. Silencing the mind, is the only way a human can be released from these mind-tyrants, for regular practice of Silent Meditation opens the Inner Door to the Light of the BIG HIM within. HE, is Who We Are. Anything or belief we “hear” or “see” within, which distracts us from Right Thought and Right Action, is not Herim, but comes from the puppet master who has captured our Soul, and thus our ability to Know what's Truth, what's Right, and what's Good.

When we find that we cannot control our thoughts or silence our own mind, we can be sure that there is “a spirit” in there, making Hell for us. Over thirty years, I've had cause to discuss “Meditation” with many people I've met, and find it conclusively regular, that to mention “Silencing the Mind” to a person who has been indoctrinated in a christian school, is to send them into ceaseless and frenzied excuses as to why they don't believe they need it, that it doesn't work, that they already meditate “...ALL THE TIME...!” etcetera. I recall people I met in Meditation courses, recounting the torment and even physical violence and uncontrollable fits they experienced and enacted after trying to meditate the way the “eastern” schools generally Taught.

Cases of insanity are not uncommon amongst novice meditators who come from the materialist, anti-Intelligent christian dogmatic cults. Again, this is their priest or member of the clergy active in their minds to stop them awakening their own Intelligence, thus determining that they are being “done-over” by their own priest, that Christianity is a criminal fraud and that they are Perfectly Right to take their Love, Soul, Heart, Mind and money elsewhere.

As we Commune more with the BIGHIM within, Herim shares Herim's Knowledge and Wisdom with our Soul. Knowledge and Wisdom NOT imparted to us by the clergy, A, because they themselves are but puppets on the end of an occult string which wends its way back forever, it may as well be said, to whichever originator (“Adam”? “Moses”? “Abraham”?) the Spells had, B, because they are not themselves trained in Attaining a fully Awake Intellect, thus in attaining to any Truth, but are 'captured' by the cult to be dumb puppets, so find and know it not, and C, the religious agenda of christianity and it's fabricator, Judaism, is one which cares nothing for the immediate wellbeing of any flocker, unless they can do something for the charlatan priest, but for a much larger agenda. That agenda is to win complete control of all the Earth's Land and Her resources, and control of all of Humanity, so that it may attain to it's ultimate goal of proving that they (and YHVH) were right, thus justification for the decimation if-not-total annihilation of the Human species, if they do not accede to the Christo-Jewish belief system. It matters zilch to the high priests that the judeo-christian beliefs must, in the end, destroy life on Earth. In fact, there are credible theories saying that this is exactly what the Jews want, for they are but puppet-agents to a mob of aliens from the Orion constellation, who want Humans as slaves and food (Yummy little boys!), and the mineral resources and whole planet for themselves.

This, attitude, of caring not a bit about the maintenance of Life on Earth, is where the vast majority of Australians are today. We can see the evidence of this as we drive anywhere – in the city – OBVIOUSLY not a lot of Intellect active there, or in the country, where we see thousands and thousands of kilometres of wire fencing Humans OFF the land they need to survive and prosper, off the Land they Rightfully OWN IN COMMON, whether the Person is Aborigine Australian or Native-born Australian, so that criminal malpractices of holding fewer than one-head-of-cattle-per-hectare can be maintained, to feed an insatiable, mindless judeo-christian cult who go insane if they can't have a seriously unhealthy, unsustainable, anti-environment meatburger AND A BEER NOW! (90-to-95% of our agricultural practices in Australia are treasonous, in that they have or are ruining the Land, rivers, and oceans around us, and will make life extremely difficult in the decades and generations to come.


Treason is the crime of the Judeo-Christian cults, for exacting the damage they have to the planet's environment, and to the Pristine Godly Cultures of the Indigenous Peoples wherever the rabbis or priest's have wandered. But, everclever, they have turned the guilt totally upside down, so that now everyone who accepts the globicidal daily practices as they have evolved out of the Judeo-Roman traditions and “customs”, have become guilty themselves of “sinning”, therefore are apparently justly jailed, tortured, executed or forced into penury, while the masters of the trade in Souls, get away with genocide, accolades and a promotion, just like the filth NSW coppers. Promotion is guaranteed if you can fuck-up a Wise or Intelligent POLITICAL person's Happiness or Peace or Rectitude, to the benefit of the corruption networks.

So, who is NOT guilty of Treason in Australia?

In the region I am forced to live, in northern New South Wales, there are next to none who do not commit treason daily.

Whether it be breaking the law in trivial ways, like by prescribing to the dominant corruption of growing marijuana and then selling it through the police networks, whether it be through the people's deliberate ignorance of the damage their lifestyles are doing to the Land through weed infestation, resultant destruction of the rest of the environment through setting-up microbiological imbalances from those foreign weeds, or from the destruction of forests for the timber, for the cleared lands (for cattle), and for whatever mindless other practices the white arses have ignorantly introduced and criminally stupidly maintained, the whole New South Wales society is very guilty of treason.

All levels of government here are also very guilty of treason. Councils and authorities across the land are in jeopardy of being hauled into court charged with deliberate neglect of the health of the Land, because there is not one council area in Australia which has not been and is not currently being dangerously degraded by mal-or-mis-practice in farming and residential ways.

State governments may well be the worst offenders in regard to treason, for they manage the police forces, and the laws which determine who is a criminal and for why. They are beholden to the higher powers of the federal government and their masters overseas, in particular the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, and the Vatican etc. But it appears that the massive profits the nation's Land and People have to offer, are most redirected to the endless lines of “cronies” arselickers, nepotists, fellow cultists, clubs and thugs controlled by the State government's IN-REALITY the whole State PARLIAMENT'S apparachiks, godfathers, war-and-landlords.

So, it pales into insignificance that I allege that the whole village of Nimbin is guilty of treason against the well-being of the People and of the Land of Australia.

Nevertheless, when I find (as I HAVE found) that my own Country, my Ancestor's Home Country for no less than 500 generations, is being terminally corrupted by British and Eurapeans, to their landed, legal and financial advantage over the majority of Native-born and Indigenous Australians, by the operation of an illegal immigration network for rich, young, dropout British and Eurapeans, I am obliged to speak-up.

Therefore I ask the Federal Australian Government to initiate an investigation into the illegal immigration network(s) that are being run by “Australians” to allow rich British and Europeans into the country by by-passing the legal route of qualification.

I have no doubt that Australia's “Department of Customs and Immigration” do know about this active scam, and that they, and the local police, clergy and highly regarded Locals profit from it.

It is unlikely that the Australian Federal Police and the Australian Secret Intelligence Organization (ASIO) do not know about these. We fool ourselves if we believe they do not know, for as they are of the same breed of christian puppets, pro-Brit-Eurape and materialistic-as-Hell, they will be taking their slice as well, to-be-sure.

There is a large number of German immigrants in Nimbin, and I know that a number of them have paid Australian citizens to wed them, thus winning them cheap and quick Australian citizenship, or permanent residence.

In general, Australians accept corruption, prefering a slice of the profits to Honor and a Just Society. This is indicative of how rotten the nation has been for 201 years.

Of course, this would be far less were it not for the landowning agenda interests the Europeans have. Australia is “god's own” now, compared to the generally environmentally rooted northern hemisphere, what with our low population as well. Lots of them have migrated here and have illegal immigration networks running openly, bringing groups of young Germans, all kitted-out with dreadlocks and “feral” clothing and appendages, signs of daddy's wealth, and a smear to have us think they are pacifist. Racist, nasty, uncaring very wealthy and totally self-absorbed pacifists, who quickly assume their superiority complexes against left-wing, Indigenous, poor and thus powerless Australians, once they steal a piece of Land, build and have a “doof” in the paddock, inviting all the locals to make their bestest, bestest friends.

Locals who are themselves corrupt-rotten, gutless and unintelligent to the point of wantingly commiting treason against their own People and Nation.

The illegal immigration networks in Nimbin MUST have the police acceptance and collusion, because when there are police raids looking for marijuana, one never hears of any of these illegal invaders being arrested, and one never-never hears of any of these aliens going to jail.

In fact, on several occasions, I have observed that the coppers run away when certain hubristic Europeans march-in.

One might almost be brought to believe that the young nasty rich kids of Eurape cunger or bring extra-terrestrial aliens with them when they are here to force their way on us, for on a number of occasions, I have noticed a frightened village goes very strange when I percieve that a group of young Europeans are tampering with the occult, cosmic flow.

All this is a bit much to bear, when I am forced into exile and homelessness in my own country, because I challenge with the Proper Law, the endless corruption of Australia, as introduced and upheld by all the police and alien invader British and Europeans.

The Catholic church is deep in this type of racket, as they are in production and profiting from the illegal drugs trade, locally and globally. All part of their 1700 year-long plan of winning ownership of all the lands of the planet.

As I came to believe some years ago, at least 50% of young tourists to Australia from Britain and Europe come to check-out the real estate with a view to emigrating here and buying the relatively very cheap and very healthy land.

As they are of the “we rule the planet” cults of the “north”, they disregard local Australian laws wherever they can, for their connections across society are usually able to protect them from discovery, exposure and incarceration. So illegal immigration networks run by deeply corrupt Australians and Eurapeans, aplenty around the Nimbin region, are but a minor step readily embraced for the young nazis to slime their way onto MY LAND, and push me and my fellow Australians off.

If Australia's federal government is serious about cleaning Australia up in environment, law, culture and in social well being generally, it is their Duty to breakdown these pernicious foreign illegal immigration networks, because it is the likes of these exact schemes, which bring with them political power to stymie any GENUINE and Proper Legal, Land, Taxation and Cultural Reforms, Reforms which are imperative if Australia is to be a Healthy Culture, People and Nation in the decades and centuries to come.

Typically, when a scam is uncovered in Nimbin, the coppers negotiate with the criminal, turning them either into a snitch or police informer, or invite them into whichever network the coppers can appeal to their bottomless pockets with.

Martin Jansen is just one illegal German immigrant. His landlord “Greg” on the “Blue Springs” community, an Australian from Brisbane, has commited two counts of treason by taking money for a false marriage to “Sihem”, a German woman of Algerian extraction, who took-off asap from the “marriage”, and her son “Marius” or “Max”, then a teenager, has gone-off on his own in Brisbane.

These are just two examples. The Nimbin Cafe, called also the OASIS, has been the “hangout” for these illegal Europeans for decades, and on any day one can hear German accents aplenty in there, all full of hubris, mockery and criminal lives and intent.

But the now closed “HEMP Bar” was a virtual “check-in terminal' for rich young Europeans, intent on circumventing the immigration laws to take-up an easy life in an ideal climate growing marijuana for the huge local, national and overseas consumer markets.

In my considered opinion, the village of Nimbin and all the surrounding “multiple occupancy” communities should be gone through by federal police, ASIO and Immigration Department agents (NSW Police are totally corrupted and thus are totally untrustworthy), to weed-out these utterly uncaring illegal immigrants from Britain and Europe who do nothing for Australia or for Australians but increase the insane oppression the catholics and Eurapean colonialists want to impose upon the whole of Humanity.

This, is one large reason why Australia's political progress goes nowhere, why marijuana laws are as “down-on-the-poor” as they are and are prevented from being made right, why land prices are as over inflated as they are, why Australians feel helpless about blowing the whistles on the numerous corruption rackets which operate within and across our border.

So maybe it's necessary to march-out the old TREASON charge, if Australians, that-is those of us who would in our Hearts be Good Australians, do really want to live a Life which makes our own lives and consciences Better, and that of our grandchildren any real degree better.

I send this now as I live in danger of being bashed or abused (daily) by the locals here, by tourists, by illegal Eurapean immigrants, by the police and by snitches and undercovers.


For a Better Australia

Max Earth

aka Max N Cook

aka Omaxa bin Eartha.


for Global Land, Tax, Cult and Drug Law Reform.


Here's Hopin' Hilda Solis Brings Solace

Here's Hopin' Hilda Solis Brings Solace
Comment on NYT article;
by Max Earth

Wed 25th Feb '09.

Hilda Solis, new Labor Secretary for Barack Obama will likely have a poster with the slogan “It takes a woman to do a man's job!” or such from the “Libbers” of the 1960s, '70s and on, up on a wall in no time, aye?

Tough number Hilda?

Very tough... and I wish you and the Team all the Best, aye!

Having set my life to divining the best social conditions for Humanity on Earth, I see labor and employment in a very different Light to most.

At this time in the Earthly Sojourn for we Humans, there's a lot going on, most of which we haven't fully come to terms with, broadly speaking.

Even the best sociologists fall silent when we are asked to “picture” how we SHOULD live.

Liberal freedoms have loosened our once autonomic disciplines against dishonor and against believing there is still extant the notion of “Justice”...., as the delusional world of our lawyers ignore it.

As the vast majority of people in the USA, as much as the people in Australia, are corrupt – not in Heart, merely in order to survive in an inherently atrophying, degrading, corrupting culture and system – they are also set very much into certain patterns of life, specific to the western world and to the USA, though corruption has the same effect anywhere we go.

Corruptions which have grown and entrenched themselves into the general psyche over centuries.

Much of the average American's time, attention, money and culture goes into the job of work.

Work - a naturally-evolving system of keeping the average Joe fed, clothed, housed and drunken stupid while they work beyond what's reasonable to earn enough to pay back to the thieving elites their multiple and complex taxes.

Work - a way of keeping the masses occupied that-is 'distracted' instead of discovering their own Inner Nature, and instead of discovering that the whole game of employer/employee is a cruel fraud upon the species generally, manipulated over eons for the advantage of the heartless most powerful of the world.

Work, a method of forcing the applying employee to surrender all morals and ethics to the company or industry creed, to ignore feelings of deep guilt for having to find work in polluting, beads-and-trinkets industries, whose senior management have absolutely NO Ethics, when it comes to employee conditions, false marketing of their products, planned obsolescence, waste in packaging, low wages, etc.

Work, a means of feeding and clothing the richest 10 percent, on the backs of those who labor.

Hilda Solis, if she is to fall into step with the President, and fit into the momentum for “CHANGE” we are hearing from Washingmachinetown, is obliged to try to step back a light-year or two so she can see the bigger picture of what we all have come from in socio-political senses, the chaos we have now, and the extreme measures, measures of the Most Moderate Middle Road in Fact, she and her departments will have to popularize nationwide and worldwide, if she and the Mixed Race House are optimistic beyond the public addresses that they and America CAN DO what's needed.

What's REALLY needed. And that..., may NOT be what the People want to hear?

Realizing too late that fancy machinery and a trash culture is not worth dying for, Americans will save themselves and the planet for their progeny, by taking a goood grip on the reins of the galloping horse of their desires, and turn their employee talents toward the opposite trend of downsizing and agrarianism, with a luvly deeep Green tinge.

Hilda Solis! Imagine for a moment how stable inflation would be, how affordable and stable house prices would be, how stable employment would be, how honorable the BANKS would be, if the masses didn't have to pay three times the value of the Land they under-occupy (60% of life is at WORK!), but merely had to pay their Taxes, in the form of the Land Rent, at the True Land Value, not the speculated-upon price?

Imagine if the average Joe didn't have to cheat anyone to feel secure in their homes, and didn't have to slave at three jobs for the apartment rent.

Imagine if environmentally and ethically BAD industries and companies could not get employees, because the employees had morals and/or found work in Green and Ethical places.

Imagine if the masses were not consumed by the uneconomy of the single family household struggle to do right by the wife and kids, for 20 to 25 years.

Labor is pretty-much all forced labor today, and when the returns and rewards for the exertion are not there, and are not perceived as being there in the foreseeable future, the dramatic increases in unrest amongst the penniless mob that we will see in the next months, many among them who were recently happy home owners in middle class middle management jobs and professions, will literally explode into complete social breakdown.

So..., Hilda Solis' job will the toughest in the nation.

Labor, in a place like America, is entirely entwined with the industries it, labor, supports. Industries with broadly general mindsets as to what a job is for, what the object of the work at the workplace is, what level of consideration each must give to what they are doing.

Most all of it is tied-up with the endless propaganda surrounding the “American Dream” ideology.

Daringly, one wonders what is in the minds of the Average American when it comes to the rather ridiculous idea of a national “Dream”.

Surely it's not scraping and doing-daily-shonky-deals to afford a piece of dirt amidst suburbs of crime, drug abuse, and general social insanity?

Most people like the idea of a back veranda, and the family calming down with the sunset and a cool drink. Most people dream of their own little ranch with a long view and a Happy Family, away from the throng. If most people could afford a little ranch outback growing their own food etc., without having to pay their life's savings to a rip-off land merchant, most people wouldn't care a hoot whether their name was on the title or not, just so long as the Local Land Authority managed it, and private banks had nothing to do with it.

“CHANGE” has to come to everything Humans do, from now on, and the time spent which is most influential in how we live, culturally, is in the workplace.

But few if any workplaces in the likes of Australia or America today are at all Ethical, to the point of doing the “All Things Considered” Math we must, to assess what our Best Path is from here forward.

Inspiration AND OPPORTUNITY has to come from the “jokers-up-top”, by loosening the ropes around people's necks, at both ends of the economic spectrum. (Umm? Metaphor?).

Labor, has to be steered in a new direction. Away from consumerism, to self-sufficiency.

As Hilda Solis would well know, labor and self-sufficiency are made most efficient in the gulag.


AND..., a cigar...

Ummmm....., With today's internet and learning technologies available, the unemployed workforce of the USA could be transformed asap into a perennial sustainable Nation of honest and relaxed Patriots, Happy and Qualified to Guide the Planet through the coming multifactorial storm.

Hardliner mainstreamers who fear moving away from a deadly consume-for-consumptions-sake society, to an Honest and psychologicly Healthy one, really have to have a lookie at their beliefs and long term aspirations.

So too, will the educators.

And the lawyers....

AND the medico's............

AND..., let me say....., SO TOO WILL HOLLYWOOD!

And where's that film telling THE TRUE STORY OF JERRY FLETCHER! Mel Gibson??? while I'm on Hollywood?

I dare ya!


Can we believe Tony Abbott's judgement?

Can we believe Tony Abbott's judgement?

What on Earth could have him so overtly say that pensioners and other benefit recipients are not worthy of an increase to their pitiful Centrelink payments?

There must be an agenda in his words?

A few years ago he said in an interview that he "doesn't like economics, he prefers politics." (paraphrased)

Ummm..., Hello? Is this because he cannot deal with the FACTS which politics hides about economics, and that politics is in fact all about hiding the FACTS underlying the lie we call "economics"?

Especially from his rightwing side of the House. The side representative of the dated monopolist landocracies of the planet?

I spruked Mal Turnbull to be leader of the Opposition a month before he so became. Merely his tenacity has him leagues ahead of the rest of the individualist, monopolist mememe-first right-wing rabble.

But his quietly-held preference for an American-style of Land Reform marks him again leagues ahead of the prissy-unbelievably-spoiled private-school polies he co-habits the Opposition benches with.

With the dim-likes of Howard's entrails still free to break-wind in OUR Houses of Parliament, clearly a sign that True and Just Intelligence and Wisdom are antithetical to Liberal/National beliefs and ideologies, I pity the Bull Mal, in his struggle to recapture the minds and hearts of Australia.

Like the 2008 McCain/Palin Presidential campaign, like the 2007 Howard/Costello campaign, Abbott's remarks remind me of 'conspiracy theory'-type ruminations, that he and his anachronistic right-wing ideologues have been slipped a "foot-in-mouth" suicide potion......


An ambassadorship, then PLOP! OFF the radar they drop.

More REALPolitiks: www.maxearth.blogspot.com

or Google: "Omaxa bin Eartha"

Time Passed For Hourly Stock Market Reports.

Time Passed For Hourly Stock Market Reports.
by Max Earth
Tuesday 24th Feb '09.

As world's Best Media throws out another documentary of deconstructing such things as the histories and fallacies behind our over-reported “stock markets” and ancillary industries, (Radio National's “Background Briefing” I think, ABC 9.00am, last Sunday), in-time with the breakdown of Wall Street and their co-conspirators against the majority of Life on Earth, it becomes clear enough that these markets are but the tip-of-the-iceberg, and the real woe is being sustained by the masses underbelow.

Therefore, as we are being forced, by the economic and ecological environments to Get Real, it must be time we began to give hourly reports on more relevant-to-the-Masses Indexes or Indices.

News bulletins not of “stock market indices”, but of Indices which read the condition of the Majority (Ahah! The Happiness Index!?)

Of course, Devotee of REALPolitik here, demands news bulletins have updates on the “Poverty” Index.

Stock Markets are elitist hyperbola, for the elite and the fascinated ambitious, caught by “the matrix” to be a blind cog in their rapacious juggernaut.

In general, there is not a lot of caring for the (any) Nation, as a Group of People trying to make the World a Better Place, Democratically, for Everyone.

The “lure” is 'individualism'.

Mememe against the Group, other and environment.

Adapting the ecology to suit MY insane, insatiable personal desires.

6-point-5 BILLION people doing that CANNOT WORK!

Broad-acre GLOBICIDE.

Low-technology nations and cultures aspiring to a 'mortein-and-white-wash-the-sum-total-cost' society, like 95% of the white western, Judeo-Christian society, have been conned by the west to dance brainlessly down the path of technocentric self-destruction.

“White society” runs on the fascination with “not getting your pinkies dirty doing something as menial and as Honorable as digging the compost heap, emptying your own compost toilet, being horticultural in a Group's seedling nursery, producing your and your family/Groups' Organic, Fresh, Bountiful varieties of Food, Fibre, Shelter Security and Sustainable Family Fun.”

Don't need tractors, trucks and truncated overheads. All of which, arose so we could pay the ever-up-spiralling mortgage.

In a world not misguided by the “stock market” phenomenon, Happiness is a Meta-Commodity we do not have to fight for.

Clearly, the whitewash society is hexed with avoiding the Honorable “Low-Tech” Path of “down-to-Earth” EarthRight (©!) Ways.

This 'avoidance' is through media-type distraction with superfluous or “LAZIMAN'S” 'beads-and-trinkets', or 90% of over-advertized commodities from oil to Oprah dolls, which the world's elitist stock markets DEPEND upon entirely, to cream the massive possible profits from the blind consumers. Slaves.

The Honorable and True Human, doesn't need the trinkets, Stands Secure in his own skin, unfooled by the toys available to make life “easier”! Is physically perfectly Healthy, for transport at most owns a motorcycle, and so Healthy in mind, is untouched by things which bring him down to dependence for “Happiness” upon impermanent lifeless objects. Fearless they Stand too, against corruption and cowardice.

Thus it may be deduced that stock markets and their propaganda beomith depend on chaotic environmental (manmade social and ecological) destruction to profit, and regard the Most Honorable “Socialist Agrarian Comm-Unionist” as the enemy. So too, as it happens, it may be deduced, is the Truly Healthy Human Being, an enemy of the stock market type cult.

Therefore...., a Review of media news programming is Demanded, in Regard, All Things Considered, to the Relevance, Morality, Veracity and Legality of “Stock markets”, thus a Review with restructuring news reportage content at the forefront of it's charter, in terms of Scientific Democracy, not mentally-ill, megalomaniacal elitist fascinations. Thus, replacing “stock market” reports on hourly news bulletins with more Realistic, or, REALPolitik “Indexes”.

Stock market reports are, like the last year has shown of 'laissez faire' capitalism, of a dying era of our Evolution.

Democracy is THE Leap Forward, if any systems of government are to do Humanity any REALGood from here forward through the future. Specifically, “Decentralized Agrarianism”.

Therefore, or so it is, that Democracy will come to determine what are useful reports, facts, aspirations, advisories, essentially and hopefully firstly in the Public Media, particularly government run and financed media, but eventually, while time is short, across the “wants” of the Community, in what they want and need to hear on radio and other media news reports, public and private.

As the IMF and their co-sponsors of globicide, the Brit-Eurapean nations feel the effects of the GEM (Global Everything Meltdown), their most tangible tyrants, the bankers, are being pressured to relinquish supreme hold on assuming they are right in how the global economy works.

Some, are even feeling Deep Remorse for the carnage their awry materialist culture has caused.

This is from the chipping-away at their armor done by good investigatives, good media and the wall street pothole of unsustainable “market-faced” pillage and plunder. “Market-faced” meaning that what we see represented in the stock exchanges is the face only, which we call the stock market or the market generally, of ruthless profiteering by an elite who are still “above the law”, as much because they have, for eons, yes..., owned the military to do the real dirty work of genocide and destruction of any group who stands in the way.

The “trickle-down effect” we hear little of nowdays as a credible economic theory, still runs the ambitions of the idiots lured by the “fast life” of cosmopolitan insanity. This is basicly, the “thirty-pieces-of-silver society” densest in the halls and skyscrapers of power – the planet's cities.

The planet's synagogues, temples and churches of the fallen.

While these scenarios prevail, the bigboys of global hubris concede errors have occurred, and from the highest echelons are making efforts to remediate against the damage their culture has done.

So it is, that the moguls of media must settle their dreams down and get Realistic about these delusionary influences on our air-&-vid-space such as the out-of-date, fraudulent and deliberately distractive “stock market reports”.

Doubtless, they have to be replaced by something, and something more relevant, but especially something more CREDIBLE than SXRs.

Again, I posit the “Poverty Index” or something less depressing. Local, State, National, Global.

“Healthy Diet Index” assessing the percentage of health-v-junk food the group consumes. Reporting on the amount of organic food produced, for local and for global consumption?

“Land Remediation Index” reporting on numbers of farmers transferring from chemical-based methods to Natural, Scientific “ATC” methods?

“Waste Food Index”, indicating the energy wasted EACH DAY in feeding animals to feed Humans, and the end-total of energy, in food-form NOT consumed, ie., WASTED, and in the production/transport/storage/packaging and disposal of, forms.

Yes, I'm soooo negative, aren;t I? Sorry about that! It comes with the RealAssessments of Life-on-Earth I'm haranged to punch-out.

Maybe these have opposite Indices which read the POSITIVE sides of those four I suggest?

Why, the BBC, ABC, FOX.., can turn any negative report into a positive read! Just ask their masters... the IMF?

Dunno? But it's clear that the “traditional” ie., “British East India Company er....sorry....I....mean....the International Monetary Fund” modus operandi of running and reporting on the planet IS UP FOR RE-ASSESSMENT.

So too, therefore, should it's MEDIA, and their formats be UP FOR RE-ASSESSMENT!

It's curiously ironic that the media relishes reporting the global everything meltdown (gem) purporting to get to the causes and criminals behind it, yet runs and hides (throws to an advert-break) when the viewers call for REALMedia Reportage, supported with evidence that their news formats are promotorius of the mobs who have designed and brought-on the GEM in the first place?


What, say, have the board of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the ABC, or of the British Broadcasting Corporation, the BBC, or the Ted Turners of CNN, the Rupert (and wee-Jimmy!) Murdochs of FOX, et al, et al, to say on the relevance and veracity of hourly “stock market” reports?

One suspects that one will never know?

"And as the stock market sinks slowly into the western skies......"?

Omaxa bin Eartha.
The Tree Hugger Outlaw.


How To Reduce The Apocalypse To Sustainable Levels!

How To Reduce The Apocalypse To Sustainable Levels!
by Omaxa bin Eartha
The Republic of Uluruba!

22nd February '09.

The next blogpost here was written in September last year, on the inevitable Elevation from slavery monarchy-style to slavery Republic-style, as we expect in the next eighty-to-one-hundred years in Australia.

I was scanning the global media 'tother day and found an article about a shipping company being charged with pollution of the oceans by the US Department of Justice, which reminded me about the few lines I'd earlier scribed in the article below.

As the article below was written when I reallyreallyREALLY wanted to arrest the New South Wales parliament, and as some points are still pertinent to reducing the Apocalypse to a Sustainable level, here it is.

It also says to any Australian Republicans "GET OFF YA' FATCELLS! AUSSIE!?"

The Australian Republic
by Max Earth.
18th September 2008.

The Australian Republic is ON The Agenda!

Glocally! (?)

With Mal Turnbull, a Republican, &, I "insume", meaning "presumptuously telling" Barnaby Joyce that he is also, & with PM Kevin Rudd a Republican also, this now goes well beyond any attempts at "saving" the ALP.

As the power in Australian politics has quaked under everyone's armchair this last coupla-months, together with the 1st world's apparent mortgage & investment banking crisis wobbling real estate offices nation-nay-worldwide, Lathamesque "Opportunity" abounds for Australia to shatter the shackles to old Britain & Eurape's whorey landlords.

Besides, as the north has increased it's push to secure our land for its escapee rich-kids over recent years, going by their insane hubris in presuming this planet belongs TO THEM, now is the last-&-BEST Chance to Save The People and the Lands of Australia.

Regardless of my learnt personal antipathy to the arrogant hoards of Brit-Eurapeans migrating here & buying my Country from under my, & my Indigenous & Native Cousins' feet, the Evolution to an Australian Republic is the Best way to Secure the future of Australians for Australians.

We've never had three more Australian Australians at the helm of our political leadership than the 3 above-named, me thinks. However, as the globe's political structures all seem to now be in-the-balance, such a move must be taken as catalytic for all Peoples of Earth to do what surely is Imperative, if we-Collective are to Save our Mutha Earth from total destruction. Besides, for it, that is Humane Evolutionary Progress to work here, we must act to concordantly Encourage the Rest-of-Them, world-round, toward their own Sovereignty.

No matter who & where People are born, the effort is to most Ethically make "Our Soils Our Own".

Migration, at this point, becomes another issue.

Today, Thursday 18th September, the day the bigboys of global banking are in their predicted downward spiral, it’s at last clear that big change is upon us.

To me, this banking, mortgage lender & stock market crash is yet another “adjustment”, as much managed if not wholly orchestrated by the elites of the money world, based mainly in Europe .

Hoorah! Whichever, whomever.

All Things Considered (A.T.C), big change is upon us, so we, in Australia , need first, without chains, to have Our Soils Our Own. But the same applies globally, to All Human Beings, going of course, to the Divine Legal Science of Evidentially Addressing the matter of foreign banks & religions owning, speculating & profiting from Indigenous & Native-born Country, stolen Homelands.


Australians versus Australian & foreign MONOPOLISTS?

Intra-nationally, in NSW, all sides of the political divide are pro-monopoly. This is & since 1788 has always been Euro-Britain speaking the terms upon which Australians inhabit Australia .

The Knowledge of All Things Considered Economics – Glocally – is spreading here & O/S, “the Imperative of Australians owning Australia. Scots owning Scotland. Bolivians owning Bolivia”.

Britain’s government admits it’s economy is poor-forming.

Europe has been hit also, but has had social problems aplenty for a longtime.

The U.S.A.’s government support of Fannie & Freddie, & buy-up of 80% of American International Group insurers, while I remain skeptical of the plans, are opportunities to give the U.S., People reason to look harder at Land Reform.

Australia’s part is catalytic O/S, where The Honour reborn in global legal circles, Chambers, & all Key organizations, especially Military, where-by declaring our Nation a Republic we Declare “Our Soils Our Own”, becomes the Call.

Nat’s are the Rurals. The Unions, the ALP, from the Angry metro-urban Lower Classes.

Nat’s supporters often descend from Squatters, I hear, so issues of Land Ownership & Re-Distribution may require Education.

Big industry & city-phile politically active Left-wingers – the suburbs are THEIR Country, by being, as oft’ born there – have for eons been forced to do their Maths, & with the Re-Birthing of Henry George amongst them, Mind, Heart & Soul, they Know the Benefits of Agrarianism. A.T.C., thus must parlay with the National Rurals who are willing to Co-Advocate Nationwide Political-that-is-Economic-that-is LAND Reform, a la Henry George.

This works on the Evidence of Good Science ATC, including of the Good Science of the Soul.

The Health of the Land, comes first. Happily, this is Good-Better-Best for our own Health, All Things Considered, as well.

So the Rural-Regional Land must be DEEPLY Rehabilitated, & peaceably Localized away from being Brit-Eurobank food (cattle, wheat, sheep) mills.

This goes to Vital Questions of furtherance or not, of our large meat & crop export trades to supply the 2 majors who cannot feed themselves – U.S.A. , & Brit-Europe.

SHIPPING – the vital link, is seriously unsustainable, filthy to the oceans & ocean-life, massive waters & air polluters, crooked-as-hell, cartellian, & too often none of them give a damn about the Earth or Her Environment. Or the currents and marine life they effect.

Global 100% Sustainability would near-as have none or 5%-at-most, of the useless seafreight of today, so how, does Humanity find the Balance?

Consumption MUST go down.

Consumption is driven by wrongheadedness, from banks to ad agencies to consumer, thanks to Christian mal-misindoctrination about Happiness. This has it’s roots in the wandering – that is the LOST tribes of Judaism. A Judaic problem.

From the west coast of the U.S.A. , comes The Law for Earth.

From the East, from the Indigenous Australian & Asian..., comes The Law of Mind.

Re-Uniting these Two, Lifts all eyes above politics, above parliaments & by the re-writing of Fundamental Law, takes us all to an Higher Form of Governance, Glocally.

For us in Australia, immigration can appease foreign concerns. But in ratio with, say, 3rd world People's need to emigrate, & 1st world insatiable demand, all on our Land’s ability to habitate population increases of perhaps ? fifty, eighty million, is viable.

Knowing Australia ’s volatility to such suggested assessments, we visualize the commonly replayed tyranny following any revolution – 1000’s disappeared – torture, political prisoner gulags!?

Just about everything today is in the balance.

“History” particularly.

Rare indeed are the stories about those ‘behind’ the writers of history, & behind all the players, & their methods of influence.

Most westerners know what “…the sky is full of…” (“…The sky is full of good & bad, that mortals never know…” The Battle of Evermore, by Led Zeppelin), AND about the massive spread of cult hypnotism over the last several 1000 years controlling whole nations-&-continents-full of Human minds.

"Psychiatry" as a tool of analysis is redundant now, as are it’s makers, the Judeo-Christian cults.

Realistically, the world needs Witch-Doctors, to help the Masses still hexed by powerful, dated (as-in-physically) dead beliefs and spirits in the “consumer-psychosis”.

The Doctor breaks the spell of aversion to Big Picture Politics & settles the beast with the Medicine of Knowledge.

Many more old Folk here, knew of the Henry George Law, Land & Tax Reform Philosophy 60, 80, 100 years ago, urban & Country, but the Rum Corps monopolists beat them silent, &....., still do….

Rural kitchens & firesides are, I feel, alive with the very same discussions, & more than ever are awake to, & with the science are able to broach, hitherto dangerous political and religious wrongs, & to the Answer – Land Reform, bringing Deep & Long-Needed Political Reform.

A “Land Bank of Australia", is basically what the nation needs, to secure the bottomline of ALL economic activity.

A Land Bank which is the Common Revenue raiser for all to pay the Rent to, of the Land they occupy, which becomes the sole source of taxation or revenue for the whole of Land-based government activity.

After attending hundreds of rallies, meetings, protests, conferences and demonstrations on updating the socio-economic culture of the local planet over the last 30 years, still...., one is always left wondering if the “dream” one has just heard some damn-fine orator thesbienically eloquently sell a new political ideology, creed or delusion, one is always left wondering “How will they finance it?”

As I writ 'bout 20 years ago, “....until we have expunged all the unaccountable influences from our own psyche, from our own Soul, we will be useless to any Genuine Political Progress we might choose to join and partake of.

Over the years I've listened to a lot of religious & political speakers, and recognize a certain deafness overcomes them, in order to keep on message etc., to not be distracted by hecklers and others.

In my nearest village, the big Nimbin, NSWs 2nd biggest tourorrist town, magic, the occult, sorcery, basicly runs the place. So you see people all over chatting to each other, to no other, to any other, with a fixedness in their body-language and vocal delivery. Others can over-lay a joke or slight, and the speaker will not flinch, like they never heard the joke or slight, instead continuing-on...., as if in a trance....?

Most of us today are no longer fooled by the misuse of the occult by the major churches, and most I suspect are also well attuned to the origins of much of our uneconomic thus anti-social and anti-environmental culture, psychologies and psychoses.

However, the further we pick-apart the history and mystery of our own culture, of our own mind, our religions and therefore our socio-economic paradigm, the more we see that little or none of it all, all the world around us, is unorchestrated, accidental, coincidental.

Certainly, nothing is what it seems!

So it is in global finance. Any “...we're here to help YOU!” slogans in advertising are to be taken as proof that they are best NOT dealt with.

The boffins of global greed and geelusion have a fairly firm grip on the phallus of global power, and abund with hubris & thirty-pieces-of-silver enough to uphold the belief that they shall forever after be. Whether here or in the hereafter.....

As God's are created to suit the powerful, so the masses are fit and ready to create their own Gods, or God.

The Battle for the Souls of the masses, to populate an army of enslaved drones, to support a dark, deluded and desperate cult to fulfill superstitious AND deliberately fabricated sorcerer's myths, has reached a point of explosion. Especially as those who have been freed from the hexes of the western cult churches, have been given their Intellects, in most cases, for the first time. A minority of them however will be able to break the chains the baptismal has wrapped around their Soul, such that they will not be hexed into silence when the bottomline REALPolitik Issues of Land Distribution, Taxation and Being Religious are raised & concerned.

But they will be able to see and challenge the 'power' of the church and it's products – most employees in government, corporations, civil service, lower-middle-and-upper management, and also equipped with the Knowledge on how to reduce the Apocalypse to Sustainable levels.

Maybe that's the Title of my next treatise, or book:

“How To Reduce The Apocalypse To Sustainable Levels!”

by bin Eartha?

Orr? I'll use it NOW!


Council Mayors to Meet President

Council Mayors to Meet President
Comments on an article from the Dayton Business Journal 19th Feb '09.
by Omaxa bin Eartha
Friday 20th Feb '09. 1.20pm (Aust. time)

Here in downunder Australia, the whole nation suffers a dated "three-tier" government structure: Federal, State and Local.

Long has been the argument for dissolution of the middle level of "States", but practicality and corruption have had them survive.

Such a meeting, of President and Councilors (What! JUST ONE!?) is important for the "CHANGE!" President Obama and the Democrats won on.

For these two levels of government are pretty-much all that is needed on one mass of habitable Land.

States, in the USA and in Australia, are, I venture, middlemen fiefdoms, and serve best to interfere with the other more Important levels.

Therefore Devolving Power to the Localities the size of Councils under a United Federal Directorship, would Advance America out of any pending "global everything meltdown" (gem) for a whole lot longer than that alien 'free market' could have sustained.

Realizing that the Mayors attending the meeting are a smaller representation for all US Mayors, nevertheless, the meeting between the Boss and the Mayoralty should be popularized, for then meetings between the Mayors and their Citizens brings the whole stratum of government effectively closer and into the hands of the People.

"Middle-level" of government seems to me to invite middlemen of profiteering at the expense of the Public. Certainly the case in New South Wales for 201 years!

Dedicated to a manageable demographic, like in Councils, with the called-for "SHIFT" in how humans treat the Earth, like going deep Green, overwhelming challenges to a Mayors or Councilor's Ethics cannot exist. Especially when the Populace has Knowledge enough that they CAN REALLYPolitik Trust THE government, from go-to-wonderful, and thus are ready to Fight to Support the Proper Laws of Government.

Councils collect the Land or Economic Rent, and apportion funds UP the Federal tree to the Boss and Authorities.

The National Administration reduces it's presence in Local, Personal and private politics, enabled to open it's Ideals to Global REALPolitiks and marrying the many into One Happy planet of Siblings.

"Democratic Evolution".


Omaxa bin Eartha
Outlaw, for Global Land, Tax, Cult & Drug Law Reform


Is Caltex/Woolworths Petrol Skimming tip of iceberg?

Is Caltex/Woolworths Petrol Skimming tip of iceberg?
by Omaxa
19th Feb '09.

If allegations that Caltex/Woolworths are "selling less than a litre of unleaded petrol for the displayed price for one litre" are correct, is this the "tip of the iceberg" in regard to bigoil-types ripping off the Public?

Also, is this a sign that the big grocery and now petrol consortium is not doing so well, that they have to "skim" a few cents, perhaps upto $0.15 PER LITRE to keep the books in the red? Or is it the franchisee?

As I'm the mug spitting this venom out against the bigoil type mobs, no-one will listen to me, especially as I told the Pope and his obedient NSW coppers that I didn't-want-nay-WASN'T FIT for the big job of being patsy-commander-messiah, I can rant til I spit horses, however, nevertheless...,

if the bigoil mobs manage to survive to be anything like they are today, passed the coming Global Everything Meltdown, or the G.E.M., it will be because the government watchdogs like the ACCC, Consumer and Competition Commission, have "gone over the wall..." and thrown their hats in with the terrifiers of corporate conspiracies - bigoil...!

Letting them, who HAVE NO AUTHORITY, here or in the USA, blackmail the whole culture into consuming the oil-energy or the like - coal, uranium, gas, is now a practice of the past.

"ENOUGH!" (Quote Pres., Obama)

We do not need to read science reports to know that oil and much of our energy "patterns" are disastrous for the environment. We can simply look around us.

If most of Humanity has survived for thousands and thousands of years without petrol...., why can we not now?

Nationalization of some parts of the energy industries-plural is a must, in order to stabilize and determine appropriate pricing and supply, but with every possible Alternative fuel/energy production system, facility and supply made available to the Public, government sponsoring local industry, et al....

It seems Natural to my thinking-gel, that white fellas waste all their time doing what they shouldn't have to do, and shouldn't do, to get what they shouldn't "get!" and shouldn't want, only to find that they didn't want it after all. And, as they draw their last..., they see they definitely didn't NEED it either!

If I'm stuck here on Earth in my next life, I wanna be a black fella.

Even drunk on Frooti everyday in the river bed, would be more Honorable than being a rich white fella in the system.....

I call for a REALPolitik Inquiry into the Australian petrol industry!

I also call for the federal Labor government to take over control and management of Australia's biggest petroleum refineries, and all sources (rigs etc)of supply within our borders.

Don't ask me what to do with 'em then though!

Woolworth's petrol-skimming?

Woolworth's petrol-skimming?
A petrol scam at Woollies?
by Omaxa bin Eartha
Mt Nardi,
NSW 2480.
Thursday, February 19, 2009

Was in Lismore the other day, and refilled my diesel and petrol tanks at the Caltex/Woollies petrol station behind, or to the east of Lismore's Shopping Square, in the same complex.

I have an old red plastic 20 litre petrol container, and poured the unleaded in, for the petrol 'genie' I use in the bush.

I wasn't eager to put the full 20 litres in, for possible leaks in the caps, when on rough bush roads.

There was about half-a-litre left in the container as well.

But as I watched the fuel rise through the red, translucent plastic, then flicked to the bowser, something wuz suspect?

I ended putting 25 litres (on the bowser read-out) into the 20 litre fuel container?

What variables are there?

First, as the cashier proffered on my questioning this anomaly, “You're a man who been around enough to know that there's always a gap at the top of the container, in which you can squeeze a bit more in?”


We disagreed to disagree, and in typical New South Welsh arrogance, she fobbed me off, turning her oh-so-f---ing-uperself to the next customer.

(I kept the receipt!)


“But I'm only the cashier...!”

Yep! I have been around enough to know these sort of things, about “....the gap at the top...”, etc, but I also have been around enough to know that the vast majority of people in this region and in New South Wales generally, are rotten to the core, and to me, will lie-lie-lie their askyamutha's off to protect the blokes who pay the piper.... Woolworths and Caltex, via their smaller business partners in the franchise game.

But I've also been around enough to trust my eyes and other senses in this kind of situation.

1, the major petroleum and groceries corporations take-the-commoner down for whatever they can get away with. This has always been so (recommended reading: "The Threepenny Novel" by Bercholt Brecht), therefore we have no case to trust that the big manipulator of councils, governments, unions and the rest of us – multinational supermarkets and petroil corporations - are NOT going to skim a few more pennies wherever they can.

After the refuelling, I went to the local newspaper, but they were closed, so I went to the Lismore police station, merely to lodge my complaint of possible “skimming”.

Understandably, the copper at the front desk laughed it off, looking at me as if I wuz “...on medication....” or such.

A sergeant came out to stick his bit in, saying that the containers “swell” meaning sideways on the largest two sides.

Fair point, I agreed, but it still seems suspect for another ONE QUARTER of the container's capacity to fit, with still some space to spare?

Since that day, perhaps a week ago, I haven't used the containered fuel, and I swear there isn't 25 litres in that can.

I fished around to find the relevant government instrumentality, and sent off an email.

But the cat's out of the bag. The servo-owners, no doubt to my mind, would have adjusted the metering device at the station back to their proper measuring.

But I bet that I'm right!

This, of course, if confirmed, sends a whopping message to the public about these megacorp rip-offs.

Imagine a “Class Action” were enough people able to prove that they were being diddled, even just 0.05 of a litre with each litre paid for?

And if it was found to be the case across ALL petroleum retailers, were Australians at-all TOGETHER, the whole rort of petrol and grocery monopolies would be blown back to Mother England! And GOOD RIDDANCE!!!

But NAH! Not in ozzeee mayte. Even the authorities are in the pay of foreign interests, just like the Liberal/National parties and their left-wing mates in government.

Were something as naughty as petrol 'skimming' proven to be factored in by a corporation as big as Caltex/Woolworths, and right across it's network of petrol stations, why, a Responsible Government would surely be obliged to take ownership of the grocery and petroleum corporations, wouldn't they?

Certainly the Human species has enough evidence showing that these big fellas of the glug-gold, have done non-but-damage to the environment, and foreign cultures, nations and their Peoples, as if utterly careless of the short and long-term ramifications.

Are we to be persuaded by the ACCC again, that these mega-gorgers are not ruthless and so big that they can ride-over the laws and legal challenges from any valid inquiry and, with a Just Justice system (Ha?) call for compensation to every petrol-user of the last 100 years?

Well....., most fatcellitis Aussies are easily persuaded, and unless 60 minutes or an item-less 7.30 Report gets on the case, we'll not hear anyone doing the right thing and watching these megarogues, waiting for them to slip-up. Because all arrogant ace-holes, especially the superrich and sycophantic ones..., slip-up!

I know there are PLENTY of Aussies who are conscious and angry about these types of scams, and I'm sure that there are plenty of them who just might do a fuel measure test here and there, to expose the biggest rip-off merchants on Earth, the megacorp petrol and grocery industries.

Somehow, I just DON'T trust the ACCC or any of the government watchdogs to find AND expose this major crime.....


Omaxa bin Eartha.

aka Max Nichols Meredith
aka Max Nichols Cook
aka Max No Difference


Where's the "C"-word???

Where's the "C"-word???
by Omaxa bin Eartha
Sunday 15th February 2009.

It's interesting that with all the media coverage and nearly all-pervading news and commentary about the current global financial crisis (GFC), I, in my labour-of-love work of watching global political (or the “shopfront” of global economic and cultural) events and commenting (on my blog “www.maxearth.blogspot.com”) about it all, I have not once heard.... not the “R”-word or the “D”-word, but the “C”-word - “CORRUPTION”?

But maybe it – corruption - is such an accepted part of it all, to the media and to my accustomed ears, that the “C”-word just glides right through unnoticed?

But before I dig into that unspeakable “C”-thought, briefly, I wanna break apart the “stereotypes” we are used to in “politics” today.

By “shopfront”, as I used in the first paragraph, I mean that most all of the “show of politics” as has grown these last 500 years out of England, maybe beginning with the Galant Oliver Cromwell's attempt to bring some Fairness and Equity into the otherwise abominable social conditions and Human contracts of the day there, where he and his Warriors sought to reduce the stranglehold the “Lairds” and Lords and Barons had over the Land, “the show of politics” has in-the-main been but the “tip-of-the-iceberg”, or, searching for a more fitting analogy, the mere surface or superficial display, the overt diplomatic fight for a more Just Land. As was the case in Cromwell's attempts to arrest the inequity, the lords on the right of the house, were reluctant players, reluctant to give anything at all to the “peasants”, let-alone any of their oh-so-precious asset – the LAND – to the Masses, the “heathens” and “lowlifes” of their country.

But, as we see in England, as often, time passed the “Titles” over to “alien” or foreign noblemen, who'd married-in to the English aristocracy, or who had won sizeable chunks of Land for some favor or other they'd done for the King or Queen of the day. Indeed, this is near-enough the case today in England, for the current Queen is of German descent, and of course, the not-quite-King, Prince Phillip, is Greek!

(This of course, must beg the question: “Why on Earth are the British so “precious” about their foreign monarchy???)

I recall hearing of one such favor, where the bloke who “held the horse” (for I think it wuz) a Queen of England, was granted some sizey chunk of Land? Must have been the way he held his......

To my mind, politics, or “parliaments” as we have come to know them, are but fora for the dispossessed, ie., the majority, to put cases and calls to the pomposs landowning elites, to relingquish their grip on the “source of production” – the Land – and thus, the means of producing a Balanced and Secure life, for oneself and for one's family and Clan.

These fora we watch with mixed interest today, have mostly grown from the People's dissatisfaction with their lot-plural, or Collective, who, because of brutal policing, or starvation etc., have been forced to revolt against the dominant (and it must be said 'ignorant') hegemony. Civil wars are usually of the same cause, and victories brought hard-won concessions from the hierarchy in the form of beginning “dialogue” with the Masses' representatives like Oliver Cromwell and his successors. The places where these forced and hyperbolic “dialogues” took place are our parliament houses.

Rarely have the bighouse mob – the elite – given-ground willingly, for it is the last thing they wanted to do – that-is, to give-the-sucker-an-even-break.

In regard to the initiative for this E-ssay, CORRUPTION – one is brought to ask whether it is/was corruption of any “first rules” or “Original Laws” which had such uneven, inequitable and unjust Laws and statutes prevail for a bunch of tribal leaders, or their descendents, the Lairds et al, to assume control of the lands, and of the armies to police them. Thus, of the People.

It's important to notice, that since time-immemorial, and even in this the “21st century” (surely an anachronistic marker of time nowadays?!) most of the military forces on Earth have been, and are in Truth but “private armies”. Like the global bigdog “British East India Company” of the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, who wrought havoc throughout central Asia, south-east Asia, China, Australia and anywhere-else they plundered, their enormous private company's armies, have done-so under the orders of those elite punses way-up-there in the castles and palaces of private business enterprizes, ruling warlords, usually descendents of the Chieftains of several centuries ago. Always, they have had power over the armies and other military because they had an iron-grip over who could settle and live on “THEIR” Land.

What's not talked about however, is the extent to which these Lords of the upper classes employed their black, occult powers over the armies, and over the Peoples to maintain subjugation and obedience.

And always, there have been a bunch of immoral maggots (today's coppers), who were willing, for “thirty-pieces-of-silver”, to do the brutal dirty work of clearing the Peoples off their Traditional Ancestral Lands.

Today, in places like Afghanistan, Britain, Eurapean nations, the USA, Australia and others, have military involvement purely because an horrendously corrupt (ie., rules-for-the-rich) worldwide set of drug laws prevail, making a brilliant medicine, and an also Wonderful and pleasurable relaxant – opium (the source of enormous income for the global western, that-is PRIVATE Eurapean elite), illegal for the masses to acquire and use. The Brit-Eurapean PRIVATE elite, including at-the-forefront, the catholic church, were the first to capitalize on that medicine, but as their influence spread, today each nation has it's own class of “princelings”, as the superrich Chinese of today are known, who live-on the blood-sweat-and tears of, and ride over the backs of the majority, because of those corrupt drug and other laws.

Today, in February 2009, as government committees in Britain, the US., and other nations interview banking and corporate CEOs et al to assess the causes of, the guilt for, likely repercussions from, and possible solutions to, all this financial chaos, and as the big electronic media of ABC, FOX, BBC and CNN are almost fanatical about covering it all (bad news is good news for media), it does seem that there is a deafening silence about the “C” word?

Well, one possible explanation is that the whole rotten barrel of global, international and national finance is rotten to the core (or should that be “rotten FROM the core...”?) with corruption!

Who would disagree? You can be sure that publicly, passed politicians such as John Howard, Peter Costello, George Bush, Dick Cheney, Helmut Kohl, Maggie Thatcher and their ilk would “not see it that way”. The irrascible rogue, the Australian ex-politician, ex-Prime Minister Paul Keating I'm sure would be a lot more “upfront” on that word, and so, I'm sure, would most all the ex-Members of the 1972-75 Whitlam Labor government.

Australians of age enough to vote in the 1970s would more than likely remember the (Honorable!) attempts by the federal Whitlam ALP government to raise funds from sources other than the bigdog of global corruption – the International Monetary Fund, the IMF – as was exposed in the mediated 'infamous' “Kemlani affair”.

That “affair”, as I recall (then a na├»ve 20 year-old, who'd gone to England on a one-way ticket to escape an insane Australian culture and an even more insane catholic convent-raised mother, and who then, had NO interest in politics) was what brought down Whitlam's noble attempts to make Australia a less beggaredly nation. But I'm open to correction there.

As it goes in politics, if you admit to such realities while you are in government, you shoot yourself and your hopes of a smooth term in office in the foot, patella and crutch, bring stock markets tumbling down and are ushered from power with a swift kick up the backdoor.

Possibly much the same way as we saw when “The Great Gough” (Whitlam) was illegally sacked by the now deceased and certainly infamous Australian Governor-General “Sir” John Kerr. I don't remember if Kerr had received his “British” knighthood before or after the 11th November 1975, the day of the sacking (“Kerr's curr!), but, again, as-it-goes, what with the British Monarchy sitting high on the tree of global corruption, for about one hundred and fifty years prior to 1975, it's probable Kerr was given the knighthood (or “the gong” as we call them here), AFTER he had done the monarch's dirty-work of sacking Whitlam and his Mob for daring to buck the IMF, pro-Brit-Eurapean established system of utter corruption?

So, the evidence is very-much “out-there” that the planet's financial webs ARE rotten with corruption. An excellent reference for such assertions was given to me in about 2004, some 20 years after it's publication (always the last to know!), in the book compiled by the USA's “Executive Intelligence Review” who are somehow connected with the “outsider” US politician “Lyndon La Rouche”, who is somewhere connected to a mob called “Citizen's Electoral Council”.

The book, “Dope Inc. Boston Bankers and Soviet Commissars”, (published by “New Benjamin Franklin House” of New York, in 1986) details what may appear frightening facts about the planet's history of financial corruption, going back centuries to the likes of the Scot “Robert the Bruce” and his “Freemason's” war against the catholic church, and against the English monarchy. It covers in enough detail, much of the events which shaped today's financial moguls' power bases, how they were orchestrated, what skullduggery they got up to, even the involvement of “extraterrestrials” and a worldwide network of “Terrorist organisations” through to the Zionists who cungered the idea of today's Israel.

The theme of the book, if I may, was that corruption is rampant and has been near-as forever in the world of big money.

Personally, I have my own thoughts on corruption, which put the case that it is the LAWS which are corrupted, and not always with deliberate criminal intentions, and that it is not so much the “nature” of the species Homo Sapiens which is corrupt inherantly (as the Christians would put), but that the species is forced to ascribe to corruption, just to survive. This of course, begs the question, “Laws are written by men, and so someone must have had corrupt intentions to write corrupt laws in the first place. Who was it?”

Ummm.... Goood Question......

My point was more in the now, rather than spending time digging too far back in history to find the FIRST culprit, even though in another mood, or arging other cases, I insist that we DO go back in time to root out the origins of man's dysfunctional behaviour today.

So! If the modern world is rotten with corruption, why can the media and government's not admit it and say so?

Have you ever spoken out of place, on similar issues and received a kick in the teeth for doing so?

I have. An uncountable number of times. Mostly by the New South Wales and Victorian police. Sadly though for an Outlaw like meself, it rarely shuts-me-up, and I invariably hit back, with words, be it striking through the media, the courts, or through the assailant's egotrip. Most of the time, I hit home, but always at some expense to my wallet, my body, my mind and/or my ego, but mostly to my will to live. Most of the time, my verbal explosions chip a little more away from the delusions most white people swim in.

So, like the Telstra shop assistant who lied to me yesterday about a little bit of business he and I were trying to sort out with my mobile phone account, he was given no option but to lie to me, to prevent me taking the unresolved rip-off by Telstra any higher. But that's an whole 'nother issue.

He was told to lie. If he didn't he would have thwarted every chance he had of progressing up the employment ladder.

So it is in bigmoney global finance.

Lies, lies, and more damn CORRUPTION.

As corruption therefore, is the order of the downfalling day, and pervades most all of our goings-on, is it not now, that we might be able to talk about it, from the local levels, often where it becomes most threatening, through to the big media levels of the ABC, BBC, CNN, etc?

OH! Then there's “religious corruption”?

Not as much another issue as we might think, once we see where most of the most corrupt CEO's et al, had their indocrintation-er-education. (See one of my most recent weblogs: ”Obama's CEOs” Google “Omaxa bin Eartha”)

But then...., there are examples such as the Australian State of “New South Wales”, and it's endemic corruption......?

Getting to the bones of corruption in NSW, we find that all of it comes from overseas. Principly from OH! Britain and Eurape! (Same place all our fourth-dimensional “aliens” are cungered!)

In the Orders which came out to Australia with the First Fleet in 1788, there were strict and clear laws to be followed as to the distribution of Land to the new arrivals, AND to the Indigenous Aborigine, but due to an already long-corrupt swag of rogues employed in the incoming British military, one Sergeant John Macarthur in the lead, those laws were buried in the 1808 “Rum Rebellion”.

There, Macarthur, already running several illegal schemes in the new colony (rum, just one of them), employed all his lowly powers to subvert a Just government into one run by ruthless, totally uncivilized heathens, shall-we-say, who were drunk with rum and corruptly acquired benefits (30 pieces of silver!) for doin'-down the better, Just members of the settler's society.

And of course, the Just members of the Indigenous Aborigine. That-is ALL OF THEM!.

These “doers-down”..., as it happens, were in the pay of the dirty Lords of Britain, principly those running the “British East India Company”, which had actually “bought” the English parliament in about 1783, and as the book “Dope Inc.,” tells us, the private company, already making squillions from it's plunder and desecration of central Asian People's and their Lands through the forced broad-acre manufacture and shipping of opium back to the western world, bought the parliament “lock, stock and barrel”, to get it and England out of debt following their failed war against the United States of America, known as “the American war of independence”.

The Britsh East India Company were intent on owning the Antipodes (Australia) as well, and to this day, pretty-much DO through the agencies of both sides of our political machinery, but mainly, from Sydney's New South Wales Australian Labor Party brutal and seriously mentally ill “rightwing” faction known as “The Firm”. But today, they, or their global godfathers, are known to the world as the “International Monetary Fund”.

From the 1700s, if not before, the British East India Company were so powerful their top brass believed they could and would eventually own the whole planet, in one almighty Land “monopoly”.

So it is today, in Australia, but never more forcefully maintained than by the 200 year old corruption club we know as the New South Wales Police Force. The Firm's specialists in divying-out paperbags full of “thirty pieces of silver” to any caught in their corrupt networks.

So.... On the global economic crisis, I reckon it's long passed the time the media, the BIG MEDIA of BBC, CNN, et al et al, began employing the word CORRUPTION when trying to deconstruct the calamity extant and incoming in the global uneconomic depression!

I push this argument because after all the analysis, deconstructing, allegations, charges and incarcerations, corruption of the Root Laws of the Planet will be seen to be the cause of Humanity's, AND the Mother Eartha's downfallings.

Unless the apparent new breed of global leaders take-on the bottomline issue of longtime corrupt laws, particularly, LAND Laws, Humanity and the Planet's biosphere will keep plummeting to our collective DOOOOOM!

But perhaps fundamentally more important, the intermediary between the Leaderships and the Peoples, “the media”, are also urged to “go there!”, if any of them, and their uptop, upclub, upemselves journo's and reporters REALLYPolitik DO care about a future for their usually aberrant spoiled off-sproings.

Aberrant and spoiled because of...... oh, CORRUPT LAWS! (and corrupt church-school AND UNIVERSITY teachings etcetera, etcetera!)

US President Obama may be “going there” with the notice that he intends reappraising the drug laws everyone suffers under, and California may be on the way or on the wagon with their move to reduce their prisons' populations by some 70,000.

YO! America!

Mr Presidenza Obama? Please 'ave-a-chat-wiff our Pre-Presidenza Rudd and his Foral Mob will ya', 'bout the crime-against-Humanity called the “War on Drugs”. We 'omeless pensioners can't afford the price of a smoke these daze, and we all know how fraudulent and useless Ely-Lily and cohort's pharmaceuticals are, for dealing with the pain caused by bad Land Laws?

Maybe you could chat about THAT, the bad LAND Laws,while you're at it!?


Omaxa bin Eartha
Outlaw, for Global Land, Tax, Cult and Drug Law Reform.
Forests of Godolonia