Cracking the Big Secrets - Part One - Return to this blog after a few years locked out by sick Google (illuminati) employees

Technology grew out of the industrial revolution's – IR's - advances in mechanics, making mass-production of goods possible.

The chief gain was the huge reduction in the needs for manual labour, replaced by mechanical devices like the cotton and woollen spinners of the late 17th century in the UK, in which mass-production industries and where the IR began.

'Capital' of the word capitalism, once meant 'labor-saving devices' more or less.

But that meaning is rarely intended when we hear capital and capitalism today.

With the industrial labor-savings of the industrial mechanization revolution of goods' production, so too were men freed from much hard yakka.

The word 'manual' is probably of the same origin as 'man'.

How many women were employed in the mills, if mills even existed prior to the industrial revolution, I don't know.

But for 'spinning' of fabrics having for ever been a task women did most of, in all cultures, women were actually more likely the 'beneficiaries of the 'capital' of labor-saving machines in the very IR beginning as it grew first in the woollen spinning mills of the United Kingdom.

But, back then, men and women employed in the making of goods for sale, were all slaves basically, so differentiating between the genders is probably a moot point. Men did the heavy work. Women the light work.

Once the IR was off and running, men gained an immense amount with heavy industry equipment making the hardest work immensely easier.

Today, we have technology evolved from the IR mechanization era, which has so evolved as to be able to make it's own machinery and it's own 'technological' as-in electronics and other parts of the machine, further and massively reducing the need at all for human manual labor.

Over the same 200 years, women have gained much, in being able to speak publicly, etc.

Of course, women's struggle for 'Equal Rights' has been percolating for millennia, agains the male-centric cultures.

Male-centric maybe primarily because 'males' did most of the hard, useful labor.

It's fair to expect that whomever does the most work has the most say in how such as 'the home' is run.

But that's open to dispute of course, as people occupied with such tasks also usually don't see a lot of plain facts about the 'how to?', etc.

But as both have grown into their current dominance, where technology controls a large percentage of the economics and political debates, and with women gaining across the board of the previous gender-divide, women now can do almost all of the work that the men have done.

Drive heavy machinery, but one example.

Now, with technology in the process of totally replacing all human hands in labor, in production and in work-in-general, the question many are worrying over, is “is technology going to make humans redundant?”

In regard to the gender divide, and the antipathies long extant between both, and I maintain much stronger in females, against males, the labor-savings from the IR then technology, must have the feminists asking if men are on the verge of being redundant altogether?

Of a certainty, tho never spoken of out in the public arenas, there has for a very long time been a secret order of women, I label 'the matriarchy', who believe that we all are falling from all grace because men have stolen the authority and leadership once 'owned' by women.

There are sound credible arguments against that, and in brief, 'it takes two to tango' is a major point against the – alleged - matriarch's assertion.

If raised to, we all can be manipulative. And for women, manipulation has long been the only way they have gained their basic needs, comforts and wants from a male-dominated house, or village and or culture.

'Manipulation' used to infer covert, unspoken, secretive methods of controlling another person. And, or but, methods not moral or ethical, and in the sense of taking unfair advantage of another, and, of another's trust.

I regard that as both a very low way to relate, and also, one of the most destructive things people can do, because it destroys trust generally, and shatters the essential cohesions all groups need to survive.

But, it does seem that for too long a time, 'ethics' in western, christian nations and cultures, and the personal intellectual integrity to autonomically, instantaneously, intuitively know to not be manipulative, has been lost.

Again, I maintain what's probably an obvious truth, that this is back of a lot of why humanity is falling off all sane and balanced ways of living.

It's also the chief reason I have nothing to do with other humans anymore, to the point of being a committed misanthropist. Experience, my Teacher there.

With the rise in women’s rights, while some way to go, the 'glass-ceiling' aspirants maintain, so has grown the confidence of females to manipulate males.

Reports of rises in 'domestic violence' mainly against women, often seem biased in favour of the ones who are physically, or sexually abused – Women, and girls.

As most such reports go to the statistics of these types of cases, as reported to police, to media or official inquiries, etc., grouped into economic or income regions, and other categories, admitting I rarely read thru such news reports, they never do a proper analysis of why this happens.

As I commented to an Australian news article on Facebook, 'domestic arguments' can linger on and percolate to intense breaking point, over years and longer.

What any original disagreement may have been which had one or both parties 'click' into a mode of 'battle', against the other partner, whereafter the same 'hex' rises quick to the surface when something totally unrelated arose and had them 'at loggerheads' against each other, is never properly included, and used to help evaluate and dissolve 'family fights', etc.

In most such cases, troubled economics in the house cause divisions of opinion, divisions of priorities and of desires, and, again, can be a touchy point thereafter and forever amen.

But, most all reports of domestic abuse are about men being physically brutal to their partners or the children.

Today, with everyone so freed by modern social and technological advances, some would say regressions, which I see and agree with on both sides, in terms of basic humane respect of others, of others possessions, but most, respect of our own higher mindedness, where we cherish and prioritize our own intellectual moral and ethical mind, and thus, it's essentials in terms of finding and knowing how to think and behave, have almost totally been lost, to selfish thoughtless egomania.

'A form of madness', indeed.

I'm certain that with the overwhelming dive into the magical world, people have become afraid to think thru ideas and possible negative effects of hasty decisions.

The great deception of witchcraft is that 'everything works out in the end', so we cannot to any wrong. Or something.

'It's meant to be', etc.

All the better and best advances thru time were not achieved by spontaneous reactions to stimuli and events.

We are humans because, probably actually like many other animals too, we have the ability to think about outcomes from any action we might be prompted to effect.

Other animals, other mammals, I say, are still in tune with their higher mind, so do not have to think things out to try figure if doing something is good or not.

But this applies too, if not most, to the Indigenous Nations from all corners of the globe, who stayed strictly to their ancient traditions, which were known as proven and sustainable, and not destructive of their people and cultures.

But, today, and, I say also, of the last many thousand years, the now-leading 'western' peoples have been so long off that 'Golden Path' of living within known and proven safe ways, cultures, that most of us fail to even recognize the difference, let alone the laws and the necessary inculturation each of us, thus the whole group, need to nurture and secure on our minds and hearts, of the true and sane, safe way, to think.

We've ben totally insane for thousands of years.

That, is back of why the need was misperceived, for the British to begin the industrial revolution, etc, and all the after effects which now threaten, indeed, guarantee our own mass-extinction.

The roots of those dangerous decisions were way way back in time. The mythical, fabled, metaphorical “fall from Eden” applies perfectly, as it happens.

But, is seems we are where we are, and so we must try discern why, and how to deal with our common worldwide decline.

And, we must give hard thinking time to observe and substantiate the plots, plans, conspiracies as have grown over our millennia of being so stupidly lost, and ensure most of them are 'scotched' before they push us all terminally off the edge.

'Politics' but one of those crazy ideas!

We have technology now, and it's not going to crawl back to it's cave.

We've got feminism, sane and extreme.

We've got conspiracies flying on brooms out of every coven's cave, all vying for the ultimate of all insane ideas, of being the dominant cult on the planet.

And 'by any and every means' usually.

'Marriage', or 'matrimony', to the cynic in me, can be seen as a conspiracy, by the matriarchs, to employ the men for women's advantage.

Men have always built the houses, driven the carriages, chopped the firewood, slain the invaders, protected the household, against violent intrusions etc, and protected the women and kids. Mostly.

All the bigger roles, tasks and jobs of work, involving heavy manual labor, have been done by the men.

Now, with the IR mechanization of manual labor, and technology's near-elimination of the need for a lot of, but never all, manual labor once the exclusive province of men, with women able to do a lot of jobs previously mens', with women becoming so (over-)confident that they are equal and better than men, it must be expected that the more fanatical feminists, the 'men-haters', the matriarchal secret societies, dream, and actually plot, of the time when there are no men in their lives, at all.

A guaranteed failed idea, and at-once of course, a deeply psychotic idea, and mind which nurtures it.

This, I am pretty sure, is behind the rise of the many pro-women movements across the globe.

I now both see myself as terminally exiled from, but also, and at least as much, refuse to return to any society now.

Because I've come to realize that for all of my 63 years and more, I've been - secretly to myself – heavily and perniciously manipulated by almost every female I've come in contact with.

And no small percentage of them, have been contacted and inducted into the, any one of several, secret matriarchal society, with 'man-hating' and other power-crazy intentions of making me their puppet, and their cult's 'fall-guy'.

The same cults have patriarchies too, out to turn me into something similar. a fake Jesus, a fake Lucifer, and no doubt other superheroes I'be not be able to identify yet.

I was told by an 'achieved' witch, a pastor of the Mormon church, that in the occult world, I was known as 'Merlin'.

I've met guys who call themselves Merlin too. But more from their lesser secret groups, than having it bestowed upon them from the higher if not the highest 'authorities', as my genetic parents head up, over in Britain.

My 'surrogate' father, is by-birth a 'Meredith', which is the Anglicised name of the Welsh “Maredudd', which was the surname of the 'Tudor kings' of England, King Henry the 8th, one of.

They, are all descended from two 'King Arthurs', of 6th or 7th century CE and their first king Arthur, from the 2nd century BCE.

We know of the allegedly fictional myths of 'King Arthur' of course, and of his Mentor and Wizard, 'Merlin'.

So, for whomever my associate referred to, my apparent name in the world of witchcraft being Merlin, would mean I have some strong links, and it does seem, a lot of power, in the world of witchcraft.

My genetic parents also have the most powerful genetic connections on earth.

So for any female witches to manipulate me as they've done my whole life, and to not ever tell me what has been plotted behind my back, for and or against me, by them and their cult high priests and priestesses, to so injuriously manipulate me, must have me weigh, consider, investigate, and try deduce who is doing what to me, and to whose advantage, and to what ultimate goal.

All things, and known parties, considered, one part of fairly conclusive deductions is that a matriarchy is doing everything they can to completely disempower 'men' and to take over control of humanity, thus of the whole planet's real estate.

The fate of 'men' per se, should that succeed, will not be pleasant for we males.

As for myself, with the hidden 'entities' in the world of shadows constantly around me, with the huge numbers of people, ghosts, from highly qualified to the cheapest most amateur wanking witches, all vying to 'own' my etheric body and mind, but with the horrendous conspiracies I most unfortunately have been born to be the centre of, no-one can now be even just a little but honest with me, as to these shitty details and facts 'going-off' behind the curtain, and so screwing my life to having to stay in exile and to never have the truth spoken to me, by anyone.

But, from six decades of – in review – very bad experiences, of endless lies by every female and male I've 'known', the women who have played along over 60-plus years to make me their puppet of one sort or another, basically sexually-abusing me in every relationship and sexual 'event', will and should, never again be trusted, and will never be honorable enough to tell me nearly all the facts about why they've manipulated me so.

However, I must also consider that that, is exactly how some of them, the men-haters most, want me to see out my days too.

You'll get yours, females, and males...., somewhere..., sometime..., somehow...., up the track.

I know it.

So..... I...., can wait........

No amount of your magic, will 'save you'.., bwitches!

…. of the Forests ….


There are serious mental health issues within Google

A note to christian school kids;

Yesterday (perhaps the day before) I went to the trouble of finding a fix for my 28 month vacation from using my old, but still active maxearth.blogspot.com blogger pages, by asking a question of Google's HELP, Google plus 1st, then for being redirected, googles Blogger HELP pages.

Mockery came back, a false lead to the wrong help page, then somehow, the option of my old but still alive gmail address appeared in my login box, which, by clicking it, transferred me straight into the old from the new.

But, alas! As expected, that didn't last, and now it's not so easy, and another typically geeky thing, of being unable to do that, has occurred, and the trouble is ........ at least depressing - just as the scum in the NSA like keeping me.

So, as per the title of this bitch, there are, as the vast majority of even just semi-intelligent human beings know, there are serious mental health PROBLEMS alive and running the show, in the National Security Agency NSA of the Untied States of America.

Just making it clear in case their bot's missed it.

So, while allowing for the plague we know as "catholic school graduates" let loose anywhere there's a connection they can maliciously, immaturely hack, and that the last three of four electronic equipment shops I bought from have been insulting the species by breathing, and giggling, pulling themselves and stalking me online and off - especially on weekends when they're let out of their slave-cages ("HI!" Mikey, Gideon, Mikey! Oh! And not forgetting Zoe from a PROVEN zionist suspect ISP!), all, by NO COINCIDENCE suffering from the very same mental illness the #NSA, #CIA, #ASIO, #Mossad and bad old Blighty's #GCHQ enjoy dipping their pineal glands in, Google over there in Silicunt Valley full of surprises-all-round CHURCH COLLEGE GRADUATES, along with it's partners in nutjobbery Apple and on and on, are tempting a very bad fate for themselves and for a large percentage of not just California USA, but perhaps billions globally, simply for being so up themselves with knowledge of how to geek-and-hack others who have higher priorities, because playing with the dark shit always strikes back many times stronger.

That's enough for now. The expectation is that these maxearth.blog pages will not be returned to, as multiple psychoses prevail across the "church bratuate psychosphere", all of which cannot control their dipped, dippy fucking egos.

But..........., ever patient..........., we wait..............

.... of the Forests ....

(Tolerance is asked from those within the orb of psycho-tech central, Silicone Valley, who are still not consumed by the over-riding and generally unaddressed issues of mental health in your western American world?)


'We've reached a tipping point': Students swing back to state schools

'We've reached a tipping point': Students swing back to state schools
By Henrietta Cook
Victorian families are increasingly choosing state schools over a private education, with the shift back to the government sector set to continue for at least another five years.
Rising private school fees, inflating living costs and the improved reputation of state schools are believed to have reversed the long-running exodus away from public schools.
Barely a one percent move away from church schools to Public Schools. 
But! A move, nevertheless!
(Note: I'm testing how blogger works after the few years away from it. So some posts appear at the stage to simply not work here, as well as they do on Google Plus. 
However, already I suspect "an ISP" or their complicit little white choir boys, hacking this, and corrupting how the posts should and would normally appear. Patience....., Comrades!)

ACCC; Optus to pay $1.5 million for misleading customers during NBN transition

Optus to pay $1.5 million for misleading customers during NBN transition

23 May 2018

The Federal Court has ordered Optus Internet Pty Ltd (Optus) to pay penalties of $1.5 million for making misleading representations to customers about their transition from Optus’ HFC network to the National Broadband Network (NBN).
From October 2015 to March 2017, Optus told around 14,000 of its customers that their services would be disconnected (in as little as 30 days in some cases), if they did not move to the NBN. Under the terms of its contract, Optus could not force disconnection within the timeframe it claimed.
Optus also made misleading representations to customers that they had to sign up to Optus’ NBN services, when they could have chosen any internet service provider.
Optus benefited by around $750,000 as a result of the conduct.

Indigenous Australians lose $1.7 million to scams

Indigenous Australians lose $1.7 million to scams

23 May 2018
Indigenous Australians who fell victim to scams in 2017 lost an average of nearly $6500 according to the ACCC’s latest Targeting scams report.

The ACCC’s Scamwatch website received 1810 scam reports in 2017 from Indigenous people with losses totalling nearly $1.7 million – a 14 per cent increase compared to 2016.

“Reports of scam activity to the ACCC from Indigenous people has, unfortunately, never been higher,” ACCC Deputy Chair Delia Rickard said.

The scam reported most by Indigenous people was unexpected prize and lottery scams (194 reports), while victims of dating and romance scams reported the most losses at $746,790.

Ms Rickard said Indigenous people should also be wary of online shopping scams and investment scams.

“Nearly one in every two Indigenous people who reported one of these scams to the ACCC lost money,” Ms Rickard said.

read more at the title link .....

ACCC; Business losses to scams up 23%

ACCC; Business losses to scams up 23%

24 May 2018

Scammers swindled nearly $4.7 million from Australian businesses in 2017 according to the ACCC’s latest Targeting scams report – a 23 per cent increase compared to 2016.
The ACCC’s Scamwatch service received 5432 reports from businesses about scams in 2017. Businesses that fell victim to scammers lost an average of nearly $11,000.
“Scammers don’t discriminate and businesses have what scammers want: money. They’ll use a variety of cons to swindle busy workers and it can be very devastating to a business’s bottom line,” ACCC Deputy Chair Dr Michael Schaper said.
Small businesses with fewer than 20 staff were most likely to be targeted by scammers and accounted for more than 50 per cent of reports to the ACCC. Businesses were most likely to be targeted with false billing scams (1323 reports), while ........

Hello blogspotters! JD, latterly JRD, IS BACK! Here, at least! for now..... maybe?

180524 Google Plus HELP (blogspot test post)

Hello blogspotters!  

This is him again, that rapscallion right royal outlaw back here at my "." pages, known as "JUST DEFIANCE" that-is now, JUST ROGUE DEFIANCE pages, not posted to since January 2016, when I finally, after 40 plus years of searching, found out who my genetic father is. Old news now.

Below is my little plea to Google Plus HELP, about how to do what I seem to have finally just done!

Transfer this blog from an old gmail address to my current one.

Problem with being demonized by jealous and imbecilic "pretendly-frenemies" of the catholic and illuminati "families" for some 60-plus years, I don't have any "mates" to give me a clue about how to drive the fab' internet shite, like google's mind-bending help pages, etc.

So, as a sort of restart on these my old and favorite blogger pages (maybe? I can't believe it's fixed yet!), here's the little yarn I just gave to Google Plus HELP's "Chuck", purely to put it out there that I am not jesus or lucifer and have been rather up-against-it in learning any techie skills, etc.

BUT! It could be that we've "crossed a bridge" as-it-were, and that after more than two years, something inside Google's matrix has changed, and the link-blocks have been fixed!

I don't recall - if there ever were "statistics" pages here - how see how many "hits" I was and now, from here on, am getting to these blog pages.

But, a little re-inspired by this breakthrough, I'll dig and find out!


.... of the Forests ....

Hi Chuck, Sorry for not being up to speed in geekery, etc.
Were everyone on earth up to speed on the issues I set global agendas for, we may never have needed the fab' internet and players like Google, etc?
I didn't even get passed step 1, in your 4-step fix. 8(
The old blog page is still online, ie., is still active, and I used the old sign-in link to (successfully) get in to my pages, as in the 1st attached pic; (attached to also show you how long I did use it - see "Archive" on the right.)
I hit the "Dashboard" link, top right of screen, to get this, the 2nd attached pic;

So, being so fatigued by technology generally (give me a 1950's motorbike anyday!), I return to wax your ears with this.

In your "Step 1; "....and make the new account a blog member."

ha, ha, but..., "duh?"

Syndicated gangstalking from the two biggie cults aside, I simply am not up to discern instructions which go nowhere.

Ask me about global diplomacy, politics, REALPolitiks and my genetic regal and bankster dynasties' agendas for the future, not a problem, for me. until little brother Prince Edward gets out of his cot and puts on his apron....

Sorry, humor overtakes futility.

Clearly, at least to me, the outsider, the internet has a way to go to be as easy as we (Luddites) would like.

I really don't know what to ask, or which step to take on this little issue.

All I need is;
to be able to flick straight from my current "ju...fy@gmail.com" G+ pages, ie., from my newer gmail/G+ account,

onto that old blogspot blog at www.maxearth.blogspot.com (more mysteries with differences in that address! Sometimes it's blogspot.com.au, sometimes it hasn't got the ".au" at the end? probably my zionist "demons" intimidating me - AGAIN.), which was within my old - now unused - gmail address, which may have been oma.....eartha@gmail.com ?

without having to sign out of the newer account,

sign in to the maxearth.blogspot (omaxabineartha) account,

post whatever,

sign out of it,

sign back in to the ju...fy@gmail/G+ account,

post the link to the blog I've just written to the maxearth.blogspot pages, then


So? Can I more simply just add a new gmail address (ju...fy@gmail.com) to the old blogspot/gmail account details, then transfer the blog sign-in to that more recent justdfy@gmail?

It should be that easy, shouldn't it? (meantime, rushes onto maxearth.blogspot account to see!)

Apologies for not having a 1950s BSA!

Cheers, and.., pending..., thanks for your patience!