There are serious mental health issues within Google

A note to christian school kids;

Yesterday (perhaps the day before) I went to the trouble of finding a fix for my 28 month vacation from using my old, but still active maxearth.blogspot.com blogger pages, by asking a question of Google's HELP, Google plus 1st, then for being redirected, googles Blogger HELP pages.

Mockery came back, a false lead to the wrong help page, then somehow, the option of my old but still alive gmail address appeared in my login box, which, by clicking it, transferred me straight into the old from the new.

But, alas! As expected, that didn't last, and now it's not so easy, and another typically geeky thing, of being unable to do that, has occurred, and the trouble is ........ at least depressing - just as the scum in the NSA like keeping me.

So, as per the title of this bitch, there are, as the vast majority of even just semi-intelligent human beings know, there are serious mental health PROBLEMS alive and running the show, in the National Security Agency NSA of the Untied States of America.

Just making it clear in case their bot's missed it.

So, while allowing for the plague we know as "catholic school graduates" let loose anywhere there's a connection they can maliciously, immaturely hack, and that the last three of four electronic equipment shops I bought from have been insulting the species by breathing, and giggling, pulling themselves and stalking me online and off - especially on weekends when they're let out of their slave-cages ("HI!" Mikey, Gideon, Mikey! Oh! And not forgetting Zoe from a PROVEN zionist suspect ISP!), all, by NO COINCIDENCE suffering from the very same mental illness the #NSA, #CIA, #ASIO, #Mossad and bad old Blighty's #GCHQ enjoy dipping their pineal glands in, Google over there in Silicunt Valley full of surprises-all-round CHURCH COLLEGE GRADUATES, along with it's partners in nutjobbery Apple and on and on, are tempting a very bad fate for themselves and for a large percentage of not just California USA, but perhaps billions globally, simply for being so up themselves with knowledge of how to geek-and-hack others who have higher priorities, because playing with the dark shit always strikes back many times stronger.

That's enough for now. The expectation is that these maxearth.blog pages will not be returned to, as multiple psychoses prevail across the "church bratuate psychosphere", all of which cannot control their dipped, dippy fucking egos.

But..........., ever patient..........., we wait..............

.... of the Forests ....

(Tolerance is asked from those within the orb of psycho-tech central, Silicone Valley, who are still not consumed by the over-riding and generally unaddressed issues of mental health in your western American world?)