Fed govt opens foreign-owned agricultural land register.

Just flung this'n off to the ABC Investigations section

This hit the news the other day. 

I persist, after 17 years homeless, on this bottomline issue, and suggest you should put it up your list of priorities, in terms of exposing the worst crime, of speculating on our only planet.

Gillard done good with the agri-land register, but fails badly if that's only as far as the concept goes.

That no-one makes mention of this roaring gap in process, of stopping with just the agricultural land, indicts you/us all as ........ mmmmmm?

Fed govt opens foreign-owned agricultural land register.

Why only agricultural land?

Large O/S industrial corporations own huge urban & other prime value sites, & multinational corps specializing mainly in -

- land ownership,
- "buy-sell" speculative land trading,
- developing & renting,

which make huge profits, allowing them to buy - that-is "bribe", or blackmail all political parties to keep the whorey, fundamentally corrupt land - AND TAX - laws & private regimes' status quo, thus their "1%" super-class, on top.

If govt creates an agricultural land ownership register, it surely is duty-bound to do all the land - industrial, residential, commercial, recreational, etc etc etc?

To my-Outlaw-self, it beggars belief that no-one jumped on this blatant gap in logic and govt responsibility.

"Class", exists & becomes more & more divided due to these incorrect economic & legal "beliefs", & resultant BAD land value, ownership & TAX laws.

"Racism" also has it's genesis in these same shallow, greed-based superiorist beliefs, thus evil laws.

It's the land speculation corporations & compliant - blackmailed - govts that deliberately conflate land markets' value, so are causes of inflated house/land prices, high bank interest rates, inflation, social & psychological dislocation, marginalisation, inefficient work/home needs-provision, frustration, desperation, want, crime & an increasingly fatalistic, callous attitude from top-to-bottom.

Added to these are the plethora of ecological disasters near-as "planned into" the vast majority of speculative ventures of "developing" land.

So, Dudes, in ABC Investigations -

Don't indict Aunty, she's already weighed-down by one or two massive rorts, and cover-ups, aye, Ticky?  Geraldine? Phil? Terrance?  Romona? Mista Kerry O'Brien?  Etal etal etal etal......!