Murdoch ups pressure on ALP

110831 Outlaw Junction News-Chop Murdoch ups pressure on ALP Edition

(PSsss! I refuse to vouch for any of the following, for it being scribed over six stubbies of beeeer rrr...!)

Bruised and likely to take a long tumble, the Murdoch media cabal, Australia's section of it, is increasing it's attacks and derision of the Australian Labor Party, with clearly increasingly biased reporting in it's right wing media, the Herald Sun of Melbourne, Sky News, The Australian, our only national daily paper, and via it's right wing Newspoll opinion polling organ.

The Herald-Sun even blocks REALPolitik criticism of it's allies in it's online 'comments' section.

This is likely due to the left wing pro-ALP Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) showing an insightful and damning FOUR CORNERS documentary on Monday night about the travails of the Murdoch media megalith over the British Murdoch tabloid “News of the World” phone hacking saga.

In recent years, the ALP has taken heavy hits for being so oriented to and guided by the Catholic religious cult, which has been exposed as carrying-on heinous crimes against it's students, children and the public in general.

The scandals of paedophiliac Catholic priests continues to disgust and distance the general population, both from the church and from anyone or organisation which associates themselves with it. And the ongoing revelations of how much the private religious schools are profiting, while at once greedily accepting enormous government funding, should not be disregarded by the ALP government and party generally as severely damaging to the public's respect and relationship with the Labor party.

The decline of the Unions across the western world is nothing but yet another right wing conspiracy to destroy legitimate and highly worthy Unionism, sponsored by the endless wealth of the global corporate moguls.

Times have changed, and the place for unions today has changed also. This does not mean there is less of a need for them, but the immense growth in personal wealth across the western, developed world has people thinking and finding that they can earn enough, and more, for not having to pay union fees, without being a member of a union.

The irony in this, is that the very cult which backed and educated so many of the union leaders over the last 100 years, the Catholic church schools, are also the very same institutes which raised the 'maverick' if-I-may, trades-persons of the last 20 years, who would once have natural gravitated to a union, but now have learned through those schools, how to begin and manage their own trade businesses, as 'sub-contractors'.

But, more heavily secreted and 'covered-up' than any crime or deceit or scandal than the world has ever seen, with threats from the Catholic church, of terminal personal exile and ex-communication from all parts of society, supported by the fucking constabulary, and from higher than even the Catholic cult's global cabal, from the quite evil and secretive Zionist British 'Theosophical Society', responsible for the creation and ongoing dramas of the illegal state of Israel, which has extremely inordinate control of global secret services, MI5 & 6 of Britain, ASIO here, Mossat in Israel, the CIA in the USA, et al, deeply 'embedded' influence within the world's financial and corporate organisations, the International Monetary Fund, the IMF firstly, the International Labor Organisation, the ILO, but as well the frightening secret club of extremely wealthy people who make-up the illusive and apparently very dangerous 'Illuminati' witch cult, voters in Australia and, as the British election recently showed, in Britain, and as the United States Democrats party dumping as likely next US presidential election will tell, the western world's punters are appalled beyond forgiveness, by the exposure of the Catholic lie about a messiah - of Jesus of Nazareth returning - to assume global authority and save the 'faithful' from the coming, and clearly inevitable apocalypse!

That the ALP has done nothing to either expose that and other grand fraudulences or distance itself from the Catholic church, is the biggest reason why the ALP are doing so badly in opinion polls.

That all so-called 'left-wing' political parties here and abroad have yet to begin to begin dealing with the fact that the church and covens have been trying to pull-off that biggest, most heinous lie, the biggest and most dangerous, indeed the most undemocratic deception, is enough for anyone to vote against them.

The ALP must come up-to-speed REALQuik on this and the other two matters, and this would be most efficiently and effectively effected by the political party distancing itself from the church totally.

The ALP may have a slight head-start in their leader, Julia Gillard being an Atheist. However, one sceptic sees her rise and coup to take the leadership from the Catholic blond-haired, blue-eyed Kevin Rudd, as the coven of super upclub witches surrounding the ALP, mainly from the aforesaid Brit-Eurapean cabals, seeing the writing on the wall for the church-kiddies, and thus stepping-in with an Atheist to make-out the party is moving forward, and as trying to go beyond the Catholic bullshit.


One could go-on on this deep and lengthy subject, and on the crucial need to dissemble the whole sewerage system of the great Catholic deceit, and worse, on their rude and criminal anti-democratic deception by using the political process, by using the ALP, and all left wing, ie., socially progressive and socialist parties, to further their desperate agenda of religious control of the minds of the masses, something quite obvious to all of us now in the rather better-informed 21st century, as being something very much out of the darkest of ages, of the centuries after the crumbling Roman empire tried to retain power and growth with the inclusion of the Hebrew cult growing out of the sacrificed Jeshua ben Joseph.

But we know all this now.

It's just a shame that the idiots who mess with the numbers in Labor's back rooms cannot come to terms with these HARD realities.

But these facts are all rather large considerations, so the number-crunchers in, especially Sydney ALP, may be forgiven for failing to get to grips with the depth and enormity of it all?

May be?

So, the ALP has a hard road ahead, what with falling popularity nationwide, and with their failure to distinguish the political party as intellectually and economically different to the Catholic cult.

Most members of the ALP parliamentary team, with connections to the Catholics, are eerily silent lately, fearing, one suspects, a backlash to anything they say, albeit that the federal opposition Liberal/National party leader, Tony Abbott, is himself a committed Catholic. As well as being from the very British 'Rhodes' Scholar' club which began the whole secret society evil and cult bullshit in the 19th century - Cecil Rhodes.

But so are the extreme right wing subset of the cult, the 'Christian Brothers' 'committed Catholics'.

And you'd be hard-pressed to find a more right wing subset of any religious cult, than the Christian Brothers.

So, what is an Atheist, therefore, I put-it, a REALIST prime minister, and her Cabinet, to do?

We all know the idiot Abbott would be hypnotised into a major hump if she and the Labor Mobsters went the Brave road and marched the military or coppers on all Catholic schools and monasteries, convents and rectories, arresting all their clerics and closing all the schools or such, regardless of whether such a powerful move would be the most Honorable thing any state could possibly do.

But clearly, something has to be done, and done by the government!

Today ex-prime miniature Johnette Howard chimed in, in support of the flailing Liberal leader Abbott, by saying that Gillard has no charisma.

I tried commenting to the Murdoch right wing tabloid the Melbourne Herald-Sun, that '….he would say that' etc, but they sucked it into their blackhole before I could hit the submit button, and, to say that “that Gillard does not try the charisma card, means to the Wiser of us that she sees the fraudulence in the witchcraft of charisma, of Howard-type charisma, and prefers her superior Intellect over magic”.

This, I stand by, and whatever the idiots of right wing Astrayliar say, against the ALP, beyond all the quite disgusting bullshit of the global messiah, the ALP remains the superior political party, and would, as Rudd tried, make the whole economic business totally grow beyond the ever-declining political crap of our times, such that they and the Greens are the best two parties, more-than-ably assisted by the present Independents, are our world's best chance of lifting us all out of the terminal bog, quagmire of what Howard-and Abbot-type right wing politics is dropping the world in, such that...., we would through the current government, quick as lightening, be able to live without any of the need to lose time, thought, money, sanity and soldiers in politics ever again.

But Abbott is paid to over-use his right to free speech.

If it was 'free' as-in 'unpaid-for', we would not hear 'boo' from him ever again, methinks...?

Finally, before the batteries drop-dead, Gillard should, as-they-say, 'MAN-UP!' and, while she lacks nothing in the house, when talking-down her insipid dumb-speak opponents, and can clearly out-gun any on the opposite benches in Intelligent and quick-gun rhetoric and debate, she, and her government, suffer the 'what-if' dilemma. of fearing going that step-too-far, and for whatever reason, forcing an election, while the polls and the media are so biased and outright bigoted against her, for being both a female, and an Atheist, and the ALP, for all the above explanations.

She, has first, methinks, to sack her media doctors, whether from the cocksuckers Saachi-and-Saachi, and/or, from the Sinny ALP 'rum-club', both of whom are well-anachronistic in this fast-changing day and new era.

It would be foolish to the point of tragedy, to discount the reason for the English riots of the last fortnight, being in fact the sluggishness of politics Westminster-style, and it's inability to 'read-the-tea-leaves' on how up-to-speed the new generations are about the known and hidden aspects of today's politics, and foolish for her, Gillard and the ALP, and all Earth's left-wing, Progressive parties generally, to not grab the baton with two strong hands, which I know she has, in her Solid mentality, and drive us all forward out of this taupe, of this stalemate.

Everyone knows that CRAPitalism is almost over the cliff, and everyone knows that the Catholic, Theosophical Society, Illuminati delusion of a messiah is utter, utter, utter evil BULLSHIT, and now, is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, and, I'd wager, that by far the majority, those of who have any Hope left in us, even vague and crumbling, know that we CAN save ourselves, if our governments are allowed to govern, and that this is never a Reality unless they can shatter the mould into a zillion pieces, once and for all, and start again with the Science of Economics and Universal Wisdom.

Practical, no-nonsense, simple, pure and DEMOCRATIC!

Call-in the troops Julia!

They know as well as you, you, and they, have more than enough Talent and Courage to break the stagnation.

Even if Abbott jumps on his stump and froths at the mouth, even if you have to call 'Marshall Law', and face a battle with unreason of the wealthy idiots, here and O/S, a fight now is better than waiting for the apocalypse without any Courage.

Revolutions often start in outposts. Pointless waiting for the BIG ONE to start in Washington, or Brussels, or London.

Surely, you would not be surprised how many other nations, including their Peoples, would be on the streets in Support of Julia Gillard (though we want to get beyond the 'hero' shit, aye!), and of the Great Australian People who are dying to shutdown the bullshit mill of today's fucked-up political machinery?

You've got it, Madame Prime Minister!

Ruddie'll be there beside you! And so will a mass of others.

Sceptics, from right and left will rush to the barricades in support of you, and will change their tunes quick-as, should you be our Leader.

The bullshit media will crumble, and they'll be running as quick as they can to hide.

But..., we know they can run....

As with all 'drag-ons', ie., repetitive media and political circuits, the call is for a 'circuit-breaker'.

America is screaming sick for the big one. So is the UK, Eurape, and the Arab world, etc etc and Et Al.

So, you know, are more than one party of Australians.

If it happened anywhere else, there'd be a blood bath.

If it happened here, we'd all be on the fucking streets - DANCING! In support of you and whoever led the charge, down Commonwealth Avenue - left at the lights!

Even the fucking British High Commission would be out there waiting for you with a crate of shampers!

ARREST US! ARREST US!” They'd be shouting!

Go-on! Do the Rolling Stones!

And give us all, here and right around 'Planet Bullshit', a reason, a REALReason..., to DANCE!

All Praise the Immortals!

All Praise the Warriors who have fallen

Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of


Omaxa bin Eartha

aka Max Earth



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Craig Thomson & Hookers.

110830 Outlaw Junction News-Chop Prostitute's Edition

E-ssay on Craig Thomson & Hookers.

Today, man & woman need strong libidos, and sex is the most healthy way to achieve that.

No-one can condemn Thomson or others for using legitimate means - Hookers - to up his testosterone and serotonin levels. Levels essential for best performance in such as the house of horrors we call our federal (or state) parliament.

Also, sex improves our our self-esteem. Masturbation can help dramatically in biological aspects, but other, as important, factors, cannot be satisfied by the one person affair.

Feel, touch, intimacy (OK, not often found in having sex with a Prostitute, but there are elements of paid-for sex which also help in the less-physical side), inter-relationship with another human being on the 'naked' level, reaches further than our groins, and does good things for the psyche, the psychology and the Soul, not just for the ego.

Indeed, better that Thomson used a hooker than another man's wife, a secret lover, or worse!

Were all secrets of our public figures out there, next to none of them would escape condemnation for one misdemeanor or another.

Indeed, Australia alone, has a past overflowing with sexual and other far more deviant transgressions by our most senior representatives, state and federal, clergy and civil, military and elite.

So, time to drop the 'Thomson affair' and put the stirrer for his own deviant gain - Tony Abbott - in the dock for his continual transgressions of ceaseless, fanatical, passed bordering on megalomanic, disruptions to the functioning of our national government.

Of a certainty, were all of Abbott's unethical 'affairs' of the defamation-campaign kind, known to the voting public, it's as likely he'd be hunted-down like Saddam Hussein was.

Also, we can be sure that, when such a stir is made of relatively incidental events, the stirrers are in fact acting mainly to keep the spotlight off THEM.

Abbott may not be a sexual out-player, but his transgressions in his trade of politics, at the public's expense - forcing PM Kevin Rudd and Good Governmental Policies from office, one major crime of Abbott and coven - which cost us all dearly, for all the expenses of re-structuring the government, etc..., expose Abbott as a far more deviant and troublesome member of parliament than the victimised Craig Thomson.

Craig Thomson, though I know nothing of him, is as likely being targeted by the seriously deficient Abbott and his Opposition, because he has a surfeit of Talent as a politician.

This is how the right wing operates as often. They watch like vultures all opponents, and when one shows stand-out Qualities, they swoop.

Not before, of course, setting a secret campaign in motion, which aims to gather every little bit of smut on the target, inventing smut where they can get away with it, then set-the-target-up so they can knock them down that much further.

Aided-and-abetted of course, by the heinous likes of such as the Murdoch 'News International' media cabals.

That's politics, western, Zionist, 'secret society' style. Ask any MI5, MI6, CIA, Mossat, ASIO ex-spy.

Australian society is replete with married women and men having extra-marital affairs behind their partners back, which usually end in bitter, costly and psychologically damaging separations, divorces, etc. Not to mention the expenses their parties or political/commercial/cult allies pay.

Prostitutes provide a far more Noble - OK less superlative - Honorable service for the society than the stick-in-the-mud Christian cult is capable of recognising.

We all know well what the 'celibate' demands of Christianity have brought upon us.

Again, it was far better that Craig Thomson went the 'prostitute route' than seeking sexual, aka biological, thus psychic 'improvement' via other avenues.

Besides, it's as likely something of that nature is exactly what any Wise Doctor would have ordered.

Buddha knows it is exactly what I need! But at $140 per half-hour session, my pension prevents me from affording it. Especially on a regular scale, and more than once.

And, while Christian society condemns sex, there is just as much fascination with and hidden sexual misbehaviour in any Christian cult and society, as in any other.

Ask any honest Catholic woman. OK, case lost, for inability to find an honest one.

So prissy little Tiny Abbott is clearly way behind reality if he hopes to play the sex card from behind his deeply erring 'Rhodes scholar' tag.

We all know what global disasters the Rhodes schools of thinking are bringing upon the planet!

That Abbott remains leader of the old school regressive 'we wanna live in the 1950s!' Liberal/Nationals parties, surely indicates how 'dark-ages' they all are?

That some sizeable percentage of Australians say, in seriously questionable opinion polls, that they prefer Abbott as PM, shows just how behind the game we are as a nation, and it also shows us how dangerous Democracy is.

As I've said for years,

If the people are stupid,

Democracy is dangerous!


If the people are dangerous,

Democracy is stupid!”

Coming apocalyptic events, brought on by our own Judeo-Christian culture of 'freedom' and loose morals and ethics in our so-called 'Democracies', not, I put it, by 'Lucifer' as some would postulate, will testify just how much the western versions of Democracy have gone off-the-rails.

One thing can be guaranteed, no Tony Abbott type character could ever put us back on the straight and true, while they thrive on invention, lies, lies, lies and more damn Murdoch-type lies, and targeted character assassinations of ideologically and intellectually superior persons.

Indeed, there's far more merit in proposing that our politicians be given an annual budget specifically for their sexual needs, than continuing to make out that sex, paid-for sex, is a sin, when it is clear that, one, Christian thought on the matter is dangerously flawed, and two, WE NEED IT!

Of course, this breaks into the recent deviation of our political business with the 'same-sex marriage' bullshit, and with the whole concept of the ownership of another through the anachronistic marriage certificate thingee?

Were society REALISTIC about such relationship affairs, we'd be done with the husband-and-wife garbage totally.

Aside from that as likely reducing our hunger for and hidden fascinations with deviant sex, many other crooked perceptions and beliefs about how two genders may co-exist would be dispelled also, I suggest.

However, as our leaders are so 'old school' and wedded to seriously dated, draconian ways of not thinking, supported by a dangerously demented, unintelligent and backward society, and culture, none of them or us are near capable of lifting us all out of the shithole of ignorant thinking and beliefs.

Therefore, we'll all just have to keep-on doing the idiotic shithole things we so love doing, like bowing and touching our toes to the International Monetary Fund, the Illuminati, the Vatican, and Brit-Eurape's Zionist central banking systems, and wait for Armageddon to straighten the crooked world out.

Wont be many worrying about marriage certificates and legitimate hookers then, aye?

All Praise the Immortals!

All Praise the Warriors who have fallen

Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of


Omaxa bin Eartha

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Hell's Church of Wisdom, Intellect, Ethics, Dignity & Honesty Edition

110827 Outlaw Junction News-Chop

Hell's Church of Wisdom, Intellect, Ethics, Dignity & Honesty Edition

People are hitting the mute button more than ever, when politicians come on the tele.

All news channels and programs are becoming narrower and indistinguishable from each other, following nearly the same formulas in censoring of deeper, background, underlying issues, article and story construction, all, more people are seeing it, reporting trivial and oft' fabricated events and unnecessarily sensational issues.

Religions of the western world are declining in followers by the day, and, as the most dominant, 'Christianity', is being exposed as a fraud by the dramatic upsurge in witchcraft, where even the oldest and biggest lies are being seen for what they are, people are jumping onto anything, mainly based on witchcraft, for security, for some inner joy, some 'community' or trust-able circle of friends, in an increasingly evil 'Christian' society and world.

For Christianity, but an office of Judaism, has gone beyond the church and pulpit and faith, and become the megalith controlling corporate direction.

The cult, it's churches and flocks, is now incidental compared to the power they wield globally in finance, politics (but a branch of global corporate agenda-setting) and in twisting wealthy students' minds to their way of creaming profit from the no-longer Sacred Mother Earth.

Most all of the old myths about Jesus have fallen over, and so, the linked tales and fables about his apparent, or not so apparent 'father' - 'god' - are being shunned by more and more.

Few, if any, from within the 'private-schooling system' believe in a conscious, intelligently participating 'god', as we are forced to believe in by western religious cults. And none of them hold to the falsities of Jesus being the only 'son of god', or of his coming to Earth to save any of the Christian followers.

But it's been long known that humans, in their fallen state, require something of a religious nature to either cling to, or merely to place their trust in when it comes to the lesser understood and ever variant realms of the occult, and how it interplays with the 3 dimensional world of their bodies, and the materiality of life on Earth, etc.

So most now, since the explosion of renewed fascination with the world of magic, since the lower classes were informed and awakened to how the upper classes, and their priestly classes have been manipulating and distorting everything to their advantage, depending punishingly upon the lower classes suffering and deprivation primarily, of the 'alchemical' Knowledge of the subtle world of the occult, and in the vast majority of cases, unhealthy fascinations, which invariably lead to a paucity of Intelligent thinking and behaviour, eventuating for most, in insanity, people are trying to grasp hold of anything that is solid, that is dependable, that is not going to be entirely different the next time they look or turn to it.

Most everyone knows now that to survive against an increasingly twisted upper and cult class and world around them, magic is essential.

But few of them from lower or upper classes, have any deeper understanding of the delicacy and thus the dangers of messing with magic, or that to be a player, one must ensure, repeatedly, that their own mental construct, their own psychological fabric is clean of invasive and foreign influences and diseases.

Diseases, of the biological microscopic kind, but in amongst them, and from higher levels than their base, brutal, survival-of-the-fittest, never-ending war against contenders for the food they need, psychological diseases, these incoming from planes higher again than even all levels of influence down here on earth, and on-top of all these seemingly independent sources and spores, too often they combine whatever in them can profit from a combination, to create an endless and ever expanding chaotic war for control, merely so-as to survive, and, prosper.

Diseases, perhaps once pure genetic constructs, but over billions of years and lifetimes, mutated, yet with still some element of the earliest seeds from the first germination of what might be recognised as 'life' on the planet, or from the first seeds of life in the universe, and have survived and prospered through endless regenerations of species to this latest epoch of the modern Human being, and amazingly, which have also been behind the western Judeo-Christian expansionism of the last 2,000 years at least, if we do not include the simply founded aggressive-compulsive disorders, formed from repeatedly receiving their rude mis-and-mal-treatment as they wandered landless across the African and Eurasian continents, which have driven and motivated the Hebrew Peoples for their 6,000 years or so of record-keeping.

However, most of the rejections the Hebrews have had meted-out to them, have been for their being left few options but to mis-and-mal-use their witchcraft. A witchcraft that has become deeply distorted and so, seriously misused.

Now, thousands of years since their first formation, they cannot stop misusing it, and today, the whole planet is beggared by their fascinations and egomania, megalomania.

Few are game to speak openly about this psychological disorder of Judaism, and in it's subset, Christianity, because they now have so much military and psychological power over us, that to speak against, or honestly, about their deep psychosis, only attracts the most demonic reactions, even though most of us know full-well that this is what drives us all to destroying the once pristine planet Earth.

The hidden fact is, that we are all of us, now infected psychologically, at the most subtle levels, with those ancient maladies that so penetrate not just how we think, eat, act, etc., but even the Soul, such that, even death will not allow us to be released from that corruption, and as the subtle being of the Soul travels away from the body, it is attracted into another with similar traits, and must endure further chaos through more and more lives, remembering trace-elements of passed lives, or not.

Scriptures from the Wisdom Cultures of the 'Orient' advised that we must awaken our third eye, and with it our powers over death, if we are to fully transcend the repetitive patterns of life-and-death, life-and-death, life-and-death.

But they also advise us that we must be quite, quite sure we have purified our Soul before doing-so, otherwise an horrendous corruption will ensue, and will consume everything. Just as we witness today, on the personal and the planetary scale.

But the corruption has penetrated so deep, that even with these super, superior powers awake in us, we remain vulnerable to entrapment once we leave this life.

The Hindu cycle of 'Karma', of 'cause and effect', remains in the most subtle worlds as it does in the most gross. So fooling ourselves that we can escape the recycling and effects of bad actions, by being excessively positive, optimistic and turning our vision from the possibility of paying for it later, only adds-weight to the reaction further-on down the track.

As these maladies and fractures to the exceedingly delicate Cosmic Balance, these pathological breaking of the Fundamental, Universal Laws, the Spiritual Laws, the Environmental Laws, even just down here on this minuscule planet Earth, on the fringe of the giant Milky Way galaxy, but a microscopic blip of light in the endless universe, but one in an endless multiversal construction, are being responded to with and by our own tiny, tiny egotrips, of pride and revenge and so-called 'honor', where we, so deeply distorted mentalities, have lost all self-control, lost all the most crucial, most vital knowledge of our own minds, and of it's intimate connection to the Grander Infinitude, and yet, with the blinding, poorly-informed and disgustingly ignorant western versions of 'Initiation' into our connection to the all powerful Super Soul of all things, frantic, desperate, futile, fatalistically, we carry-on doing none-but-harm. And, on an hyperbolically-accelerating scale.

And the policing forces just keep taking the banknotes from the church to ignore it all.

Various subsets of western culture have long seen through the veils the religions have made an art of draping over the people's minds, and see that the Earth is not all quite as lovely as the religious and, in-fact cowardly soft-heads and deceivers from within the extremely agenda-ridden and self-serving, horrendously evil churches have had us believe.

These subsets have seen with truly open eyes that this realm, of Earth, is in fact the lowest of several.

So low, in fact, that it is regarded by some suppressed cults, as Hell itself.

(The Hebrews have always known this, but for an aeon have used it to their advantage. They, in Hebrew, call it 'Malkuth'. Whether for the Ancient Hebrew being corrupted by what I call 'the golden calf tribe', or for their assuming the 'Machiavellian' tactic of having to dance in the lowest way, for the Highest ways to survive to chaos, along the path Moses was told of, about the Hebrews being 'the chosen tribe', matters little now, as we near the edge of reality and the apparently unavoidable great apocalypse.

The sum-total of unscripted, chaotic responses and misdeeds turning any Wise Order, such as prevailed across the Australian continent from the earliest era to when the first descendants of the long-insane Eurapean tribes set foot and began the invasion here from 1788 onward, into nothing but degradation and expanding chaos, would seem to show that the plans of the chosen tribe have failed, and that we are doomed as a species and as a planet, perhaps as an whole Cosmos?


That this is, or may be so, brings the question of whether there is any achievement in or point to believing false doctrines, or to being 'nice' to others, when we all come soon enough to know that by far the majority of 'others' are themselves, not very nice at all, either to our face or, behind our back.

It's well known that most wealthier people of the industrialised, 'modern' nations and classes, have no compunction in doing extremely unethical things to get what they want, such as take employment and an income with utterly immoral corporations, or with small businesses, and by far the most of them have been given the huge advantage of being indoctrinated in any of the western 'church-schools'.

Church schools which on one hand preach the words of spiritual people of old, and on the other hand teach students to totally disregard their own conscience, and the element so vital to a Balanced Cosmos, world, society and individual, of being Ethical in one's work and recreational life.

Many, not from these first-world upper classes, who see through the veils of modern western religion, reason correctly that being 'pleasant' on-the-surface, serves only to carry-on the deceit, and thus makes the world a more degraded and worse place than it already is.

But it's also well understood that to show one's true feelings or attitude to others will more than likely give them cause to be evil to oneself, and usually behind one's back.

Most suffering for individuals is actually caused by someone else whom they have either naively trusted or indelicately off-ended sometime in the past.

More, than most have known, have either been witches, or have been puppets of quite insane and uncontrollably evil witches, either of whom are typically proud fools who take every opportunity to 'seek revenge', and as many, actually go out of their way to set-up another unsuspecting player to off-end them, so the witch can say they have a good reason to exact revenge.

'I must defend my honour!' they say, all-the-while totally ignoring the fact that they have really never been 'honorable' in their lives, and are so far from being honorable people that they do not even know what it is like to be that way.

Typical egoism.

Egoists, the same type who mock, slander, criticise genuinely 'Spiritual' People, purely because the egomaniac cannot understand 'Spirituality', for never having taken that 'road less travelled' into their own mind, and, with genuinely Wise Guidance, in behind the spells which run all their thinking processes and prevent them seeing the Inner Most Light of their, and of all souls, and beings, and things, and does not, can not see beyond the (demonic) hypnotic spells which have totally claimed their mental processes and chain them to being egocentric, ie., materialistic, and thus cynical of other more sincere, more Intelligent people in the first place.

Egoists, who go through their entire life adopting every manner, style, demeanour they are told or see is necessary to be seen by others as a mature adult, as necessary for them to get-by in this fallen world, to acquire enough money to be accepted by others, capable then, to speak about things and issues, and to place a vote for whomever they believe should be their politician, leader, or such, yet all their lives they are but idiot children, learning nothing, knowing nothing, but programmed puppets of an ancient mind, who came upon it's own charismatic powers and hence forward, through ensuing generations, stole other people's ability to perceive for themselves, themselves and things as they really are, to think, to be scientific in what they observe, add-up, deduce and conclude.

Idiot children who are merely vessels for that older spirit to act through, who, should that spirit be expunged, exorcised, would fall on the ground, incapable of even using their legs on their own, let alone speaking in any language, defending themselves, fending and gathering the essentials for themselves, and-or living a High and Noble, Honorable Life.

Indeed, harsh and something we all dread knowing, most of us would even gasp for breath without that controlling older, ancient spirit motoring us along.

The fools call that spirit, 'god', which has been reduced to being a deceptive allusion, yet few are prepared to concede that that even deeper spirit, that of the creative energy, the first Light of the Soul, is long buried underneath an ageless mass of gathered information from an endless chain of embodiments, which has either turned into or been turned by another witch-spirit, into being a parasite and uses everything within the present being for their own advantage. The present being, the person we see and hear, has, by the deceptions and delusions of the western schooling, in educational institutes and on the commercial streets of life, become separated so far as to be like light years away, from the Original Spirit.

So, in their 'fallen' state, ramble-on really, nonsensically, claiming knowledge and importance to what they think, believe, say, and try to achieve.

In that idiot condition, we, they, are gullible to believing anything the hidden spirit in them wants them to, and are led left and right minute-by-minute, yet are only actually going around in ever-decreasing circles, achieving nothing good or lasting at all.

But what chance has the Right minded Soul, when the all-pervasive influence of the monster western religious and commercial juggernaut is ceaseless and so powerful?

It plays with us like the tiniest toys, seducing us to believe anything which we think makes us happy or safer or bigger than we are, insecure, diminutive insignificances that we really are.

Yet all-the-while we are just feeding the juggernaut our earnings.

This is why super heroes are so popular.

Individuals, which are total fabrications, yet backed by a massive propaganda machine which has it's corrupting seeds germinated at least 16 centuries ago, in Rome, and Jerusalem, and of the last 100 years, Hollywood.

Christianity, and Zionism, but 'branch offices' of the dying Hebrew cults of ancient Israel, are the driving force behind these deceptions, which use nothing short of a most deviously warped cult hypnotism to trick the mind into believing that all will be well if we all, that-is some seven billion of us, place all our faith, sacrificing all our own will, Intellect and Wisdom, Strength and Courage, in-essence our own discerning faculties, whose centre is in the deep Original Spirit of all, 'by putting all our eggs in one basket', the basket of the most super super-hero of all propaganda, of all myth and of all time, they call 'Jesus'.

Therefore, what of these chimera we call politics, leaders, society, culture, planning for the future, saving and investing, etcetera etcetera?

What is Wisdom, where is Reason, if all this is but a dark and utterly foolish delusion, a bad dream of some long passed demon, or cult of demons, if not one or more Witches, Magi, possessed of Noble Thinking and Intent?

What is this sublime and beautiful natural world on this tiny planet?

And what rectitude is ours when we consume and abuse every delicate thing, fast-tracking ourselves and all who come after us to an assured environmental and supplies disaster, of global proportions never before experienced?

What, therefore, where, therefore..., 'god'?


That that word ('god') exists, may mean that the entity it seeks to name also exists.

But, as reasonable it is to murmur, 'Maybe not'.

Surely we are fools to assume such a being exists, especially if we leave all our wrongs and worries in 'his hands'?

That there is a creation, does not have necessarily to mean that there is an active, intelligent, sentient creator.

Things happen. Ha! 'Shit happens!' Usually because some arsehole makes it happen!

But who made the arsehole?

Darwin saw deeper than most any western religious, it seems. And how many western 'saints' ended being branded 'heretics', for realising the errors and evils of the churches they belonged to, and for speaking or writing about them??

And where has 'god' been made doctrine where 'he' has not been subverted and abused for some smaller, parochial, cult egoist's, always evil, agenda?

There is always a point where 'Machiavellianism' consumes itself, and becomes part of the problem, losing and avoiding totally, the Path to a cure. The larger the cult, the larger the lie, the greater the chance of their clever tactics turning sour, and back on them, making them as much a part of the evil they start fighting against. A war no-one wins.

Of a certainty, there lives a Light, in all things, in us all, which all Wisdom says is the same, and was there even before that mythological 'big bang', and for it's mystery we may assume it will be there forever after the last sun dies.

An Essence.

'The seed'?

Perhaps indeed, the only Reality, which therefore makes a huge mockery of all 'this'!

Why, therefore, try?

Why, therefore, do? Act? Seek?

Some deep inner mysterious urge, driving the idiot child on, ever-on. To what? What for?

Wherefore art thou, God?

Clearly, you have either deserted us down here on Hell, or...., you never actually existed, beyond being that Perennial Light, Perennial Force, Perennial Energy, ever was, ever is, ever will be?

Indeed, Da Vinci was mocking the Vatican's pope, and all, therefore, the Hebrew and Catholic hyperbola about god, when he painted 'the bearded father' reaching from his cloud and touching the tip of Adam's finger!

So, what are we, and what are we to do, but continue to lie to everyone, including to ourselves, to our children, idiots or otherwise?

Perpetuate the mockery of whatever was, is, and ever after shall be?

And then, what of Dignity, Integrity, Honor, the close relative of Honesty?

And Respect?

What reality existed prior to the northern, Judeo-Christian colonisation of the planet.

All outside that Hebrew myopia existed timeless for aeon-upon-aeon, and most all, outside the Eurasian region, where long long ago the rot had set in, sustained their Purity and Connection to the Greater Force, purely because they understood the fundamental need for Dignity, Integrity, Honesty and Respect?

And.., Humility.

Did they hold fast to bullshit? To lies? To false economic and religious dogma and egomania?


Stories, sure! Enough to keep the mind at ease. Metaphors of the unknown beginning. Not intensive exaggerations and massive propaganda!

Not ever-larger lies, lies and more damn lies!

Clearly, the biggest lies always have secreted, selfish agenda behind them, and require ever-larger propaganda machinery and machinations to stay ahead of the truth.

So it is with 'Jesus', with 'god'. And so big that it's easier for the idiots, made idiots by the liars, to accept the lies and 'believe'!


People are hitting the mute button more than ever, when politicians come on the tele.

All news channels and programs are becoming narrower and indistinguishable from each other, following nearly the same formulas in censoring of deeper, background, underlying issues, article and story construction. All, more people are seeing it, reporting trivial and oft' fabricated events and sensational issues.

Religions of the western world are declining by the day, and, as the most dominant, 'Christianity', is being exposed as a fraud by the dramatic upsurge in witchcraft, where even the oldest lies are being seen for what they are, people are jumping onto anything, mainly based on witchcraft, for security, for some inner joy, some 'community' or trust-able circle of friends, in an increasingly evil 'Christian' society.

Soon enough, the world we know will collapse, unsustainable on the excessive path we are mindlessly, unintelligently yet arrogantly locked into following.

What then, the religions we have run to, looking, frightened, cowardly, for their strength in numbers and corporate power and wealth guarantees?

Better to desert them before they implode and are trounced by events. Real events. Hard and brutal, perceptibly evil events.

What will come of the exposed idiot children in us, without the guarantees of too much wealth?

How many of us will be able to even walk, let alone climb over the hurdles and barriers the gangs and tribes set-up, let alone Ascend to the Divine beyond this delusional world of four dimensions?

'Oh, we'll just lie some more, and fool the guards we encounter to letting us in!'

Good on yer, Catholic!

Somewhere, some will arrive at the conclusion that this is Hell, and that there is no god, and that Wisdom, and Honesty and Respect and Humility are paramount to survival, short and long term.

If Wisdom has been found in them, and if they recognise the cold, dispassionate brutal need to be Strong holding these Values Highest, they will also recognise, put back together, the Original Requirement, of Obeying THE Law, and that that Law is founded upon Proper Relationships with the planet, with the Land. With, the Environment.

It will be understood that the Environment is everything, close and distant, living and inert, and that all of it requires our Complete Respect.

And it will be understood there is NO Respect if there is no Honesty.

The 'old ways' of old Rome, of old Oxford, of old Jerusalem, of old mythology must die, before any can reach that newer place, condition, being, Reality.

'Only the truth, will set you free!'

From these Reasoned Attainments, along with the knowledge that few can 'do it' alone, somewhere, new Realistic Churches will be founded, will evolve into being.

Maybe, one or more of them will adopt the name

Hell's Church of Wisdom, Intellect, Ethics, Dignity & Honesty”?

If..., any such entities evolve, they'll more than likely be Nomadic in nature and body, so you'll not easily find their headquarters, or their chapels, or their churches. This, if before the biggest cultural collapse ever, will be because of the fundamentally evil 'centrist' power structure of the present dominant paradigm of western religions, who profit from and enslave everyone into their lives of deceit, greed and unreason by lying day-in-day-out, from the lowest slave to the highest class and elite priestly echelons.

But, with the Right-minded, well-grounded members of such as Hell's Church, there'll not be a pontiff, a pope, a grand poobah, a leading bishop or priest, because Hell's Churches will be all about Restoring the Unity in us all, the Unity of the Knowledge of the Sovereignty of our own Inner, the Original, Light, which is the same in all beings.

If such a church comes to exist, there'll be no 'sermonising', no preaching, no evangelising, no praying, no miracles, no idols, no heroes, no saints, no messiahs, just a Real Presence, committed to Practical Meditation, Science of the mind, of the Universal Mind, of the Occult, of the Earthly Realm, which translates into the Science of Economics, and that the Natural Condition of the Mind, is Silence.

Rather the exact opposite of everything we've been led to believe about 'religion', about god and about church.

Therefore, it can be deduced that everything underlying the current religions of demigod-ery, are of unreason, deceit and devilry. Which, if we simply observe today's chaos, down here on Hell, is exactly what they are leading us all into.

All the calls by centrist religious cults, aka Christianity, or Zionism, spend, and make billions making popular the idea of a superman, an individual who is supposed to be a superior human being.

He, is supposed to also be exceedingly intelligent, isn't he?

After all, any superior human would also be very smart, able to deduce the facts about who the good guys are.

So, why do all the (Zionist) super hero movies have that kind of superdude protecting the masses of egomaniacal, over-consuming, environmentally evil mainstream white humans from all the 'evils' of other non-white, non Judeo-Christian people and cultures, and from aliens from other planets, galaxies, universes?

Sorry il poopa, but all your propaganda about Jesus simply does not add-up!

Were there an actual Spiritual King returned from the past, surely he would look at all the western idiots champing-at-the-bit for Jesus to save their sick excessive lifestyles, laugh, and side with either the Outlaws of Earth, or with aliens who also see the white mainstream majority as evil abusers of everything sacred?

And the biggest abusers of the environment and of their ability to speak, ie., they talk shit non-stop, are Jews and Christians!

So should we who reject these attempts to have us all spruke for a saviour, just turn our back on the out of control culture, forget it totally, so schooled and promoted and financed by the church and synagogue, which is destroying the planet?

Or should we, who might join such a Hell's Church, speak honestly about the evils of today's churches?

In doing so, they will react as they do, violently, or cunningly, to be sure.

Right now, one who Stood and Fought Fearlessly and Righteously against that very same tyranny of the western schools, one Colonel Muammar Qaddafi, is on the receiving end of that white, Judeo-Christian aggressive-compulsive mental disorder, and it's reaction to his battle for his peoples' independence from it.

There's bound to be some moment when not speaking about them is impossible, and only perpetuates their lies, so hard straight talk is necessary.

Indeed, this would surely be a Key Principal of any Hell's Church. Not ignoring the lies, the wrongs, the devilry, and as much a part of Hell's Church is Fearlessness, Courage in facing-it-down.

LONG LIVE THE PROTEST! ….therefore...,

Most advice to not speak ill of others is only given so-as to not attract their evil response. Fair enough, and for the soft, reasonable.

But it does perpetuate the evil being done, if nothing is said about it.

And when responsibility is not attributed to whomever, allows them to increase in their pride, in their cleverness, in their ability to 'get away with it', so in their corrupted mind, an excuse to keep lying, to keep damaging the Cosmos.

Why, returning to some cause for this e-ssay, is the world in such a steep and deadly slide?

Lies, lies, lies, and MORE damn fucking lies!

Do your Maths!

'Hell's Church' sounds pretty damn Honest, for once!

And it is far more likely to be able to stay Honest, because it would not fawn phantom saints, leaders, saviours, messiahs, but just gets down to business and fearlessly acts against idiotic corporate or personal, political or religious behaviours.

For themselves, members of Hell's Church would establish self-sufficient Socialist Agrarian Green Communities, well away from the 'burbs and mainstream tom-foolery.

But it, any such Hell's Church, surely with similarities to Chinese Taoist, and Eastern Buddhist Collectives Etcetera, and accompanying self-sufficient Socialist Agrarian Green Communities, are likely to not exist until after the apocalypse, methinks, even though there's bound to be one or two established groups already doin' it, aye!

The main reason I don't see them evolving up yet, is because of the bad land laws so ruining any chance for people to be Honest.

And couldn't I go-on....!

All Praise the Immortals!

All Praise the Warriors who have fallen

Fighting for a Just World!

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