Suggestions to stop global warming


Wuz hit by a brick from the past t'other day, on Australia Talks Back on Radio National, when a caller put it that the attitude prevailing in the hedonistic, egomaniacal west, and other infected parts of the planet, is due to the now little supressed, quite possibly accurate scientific conclusion, that the planet, due to a global shift in water content from polar melt-down, is about to begin, in a hurry..., to spin like a raging top.

Outta control......

The theorised "polar shift'.

The end of pretty-much everything Humanity has sought and fought for - in the Elevating sense.

An inevitability, it does seem.

2012 is one year put forward.

Seven years.

So lets party like animals till the big flip-out!!!

However......., retiring to my other self, somewhere within me, a dreamer, yes, but a naive idiot on the outside. An outside I didn't see.


Diverging for a minute.....

A complete review of my life, my self and any achievements, and failures, recurrs daily, usually to no avail further than to strengthen my inculcated feelings, beliefs, that there is something better than this sad planet.

In mind, perhaps, but if the spirit of the Soul I once was, a Man of Faith, and Hope, somewhere Founded in some Beautiful Wisdom, as much as any exists which lets humanity just fall of the edge of existence, but if the spirit of the Soul I once was.., travels on, let it be on Principle.

I reckon the Soul, or Spirit of a Human does travel on, upon attaining the opening of third eye, something I haven't quite done... shit happens.... and so I'll hang-on to that belief, and if I don't make it - shit happens - in the big picture - no great loss.

However, retiring into myself, there still seems to be a flame burning, of Hope.

Alas, with my shine, what ignomy if I were to lead others to a false end, or faith in a false future?!

The world we know is mind. It changes according to the fluxes and sways of interacting energy centres, some stronger than others, some controlling, some controlled.

Love is said to be the All-Conquerer. An extraordinary Love, to me.

I thought I believed in it once, for a time. Not sure now.

Psychic influence, like my Ananda Marga Dada, who snapped me when I wuz sixteen years old or so, and has "guided" me since, through, and to, Good and ill, is now for anyone to have fun with, but is now being used, because I've gained some under-the-table fame, to help and hamper my "Lift" unto the Spiritual, astral Heavens.

Psychic influence can fabricate sensations, feelings within, even to the point of making some roaring untruth sound true. So it can be in "Spirituality". As to whether any of the "places" I went in some Meditations in the late 1990s, I were actual, true, I question now.

So it must be with my Faith in AUM. It would be the same if it were "Jesus".

So, I keep trawling through the valley for a few more years and wear whatever slaps me round, watching People all-over descend into crude rude and evermore brutal heathenism. With motor cars! Running on everything possible.

Diverging back......

Wild though it may seem, I suspect that a Strong mind, which means one connected with the more powerful layers, levels, Realms of the upper reaches of (the Universal) Mind, or Heaven, whichever you like, is capable of correcting the global environmental imbalance, enough to chill-down once more...., in a period of mere years, the north and south poles.

This seems to be the threat-at-hand - those (poles) melting so much water it will drift toward the equator and severely upset the Balance of the planet as it has been for some thousands of years, perhaps only fifteen or twenty thousand years, perhaps twenty-five thousand.

This brings the question: "If this happens recurrently, have we or a plunderous culture been here before to create the previous polar shifts?"

Hmmmm? Pointless beyond idle speculation, thus-far.

Looking forward....

I see the near future globally filled with evermore riotous behaviour from those who realise they're being left behind, while an elite will expect to survive the pole shift with technology, if not jumping of to the moon for a while....(?)

This is likely, whether or not Armageddon eventuates.

The Reality of any number of Humans surviving, or of any more-highly-evolved Life forms surviving a serious "pole shift", no matter how much technology they manage to take into the bunkers, for the decades of isolation from the toxic "nuclear" planetary ennvironment, is very low, for the current nuclear industries and power-sources, plus the thousands of nuclear warheads lying around, will be sent flying into the atmosphere, to remain, oft' exploded, as-near-as-forever, toxifying the Earth's whole surface to far-beyond possible habitation. Such a pole shift, and ensuing atomic disaster may well trigger that most Universally feared event, of an whole planet going-up as a "mini-sun" sending nuclear energy into the vulnerable space, solar sytem and beyond.

Let it be heard, that this occurance or not of Armageddon, depends on how Humanity, from beggars and theives to global hegemons, react to the Call for a "slowdown" to the rapacious free markets, etc.

The Great Eye ("I") Watches, and Wills it according to YOUR behaviour.

Meditate on it, you of the Illuminadi-cult, or inclination

However.....: GIVEN THAT...., a Powerful Mind, hopefully Benevolent (I am Firm in my Faith that the Most Powerful Mind is One with AUM, thus Light and Good are the Strongest Powers), can reverse the melting polar trend, a serious attempt by The People, to restrain the push to go-sick by the masses would call for a global education campaign spreading the fact that BSA motorbikes are fucking Great! UMMM! Er, A global education campaign, schedule, agenda correcting the common mis-beliefs, beliefs I'm sorry to say, arising from the long-fallacious thinking of the golden calf tribes -ex Judea, of

1) Messianism,
2) materialism (Mammon),
3) hegemonic, warlordal speculation on Land (and on nations and continents/regions)
4) Armageddon-ic, Apocalyptic belief based on one Astral Vision of ONE True option:- the end of erroneous thought-structures - "civilisation is finite".

The Called for Option follows the lines, variable, of:

1) Messiannism is Ours to Be, through Living the Law the Prophets call for,
2) Happiness is not material,
3) Land Re-distribution, according to Natural Economic Laws of "Land Rent for Government Revenue" is the Foundation of Global, Personal Economic Justice-thus-Peace, and Environmental Happiness,
4) Armageddon is a Belief, manifest in Mind, always an option, always open to Correction, always open to avoidance,

The Power of Mind, to overcome all dangers to Humanity, is terminally constrained by the popular belief that Armageddon, via a "pole shift", is inevitable, as held by fatalistic, low-Spiritually-evolved people, particularly the short-sighted, as-in not Spiritually-Sighted Christians, conned into believing they have a God-given right to live as opulantly as most Christians do in the west.

ANY Armageddon happening will be solely the result of none-short-of-satanic beliefs held-to by MAINSTREAM CHRISTIANITY........ and Judaism.

Over the Millennia, because of the Jewish power (as likely occult), spread early by vicious warlike behaviour (refer "The Old Testament"), and latterly via "commerce", ("business is the modern-day version or face of war") much of the rest of the world have come to accept the notion of a Messiah coming to save us. A belief, non-existent in the Garden of Eden.

Islam is caught in the same net, I put-it, but I have Greater Faith in Islam "Getting on the Train of Global Justice" than the two other Abrahamic cults, for Islam is the poor cousin of the wealthy, "Mission-driven" Jews and Christians.

Though little can the latter two face-up to exactly WHAT their broader Israeli/Christian-crusader "Mission" is:-

"Leviticus 25" or, "It's the Economy, stupid!".

And we all know how wealth, corrupt, personal wealth (over the wealth, Weal, Common Weal of the Family-Community-Tribe-Planet!) fucks the day.

Marshal Law would have to prevail for a while. But this will always encourage resistance which ends with the likes of the Iraq debacles, the Middle East and every other warzone.

But use of energy will have to be almost halted, in relation to the extreme abuse we now 'enjoy', which resonates back throughout almost every consumer, manufactured thing we treat as acceptable western cultural icons, etc.

Thats the Human, "Economic" approach. But the polar shift can only be addressed through the power of the Spiritual Mind, if-I-may.

A choice.

No point being democratic about it, the masses will only be subverted by Murdoch and coven into going for broke and partying til we drop.

Any Guiding mind knows today the Common Human Soul has been distracted beyond any bounds of a Garden of Eden Within, and are so perverted in their ability to see the Wisest Path, Wisest Way. Most all Guiding Minds See that the Zen Master's Heavy Hand-with-Cane, is likely to be the only choice to reign-in the aberrant-mind-en-mass of the western, and other, masses.

North Korea springs to mind. That's not a put-down of North Korea.

Or I just party til I run outta petrol.........?


That wuz writ about a week ago...........

Here's the latest........

Suggestions to STOP Global Warming!


- The Highest Desire is Faith (that a polar shift is avoidable),

- Upward Beliefs are Called for - NOT Apocalyptic,

- Unity in Belief that we CAN change Personally, Politicly, Economicly, out-of Respect for the Earth's True Owner, soas to Satisfy HerHis Will, and as our Part in Setting the Right Scene, for Peace-on-Earth. Thus Calling the Highest Power to stop global warming.

- Facing the REALPOLITIK fact that; it is highly likely that the most "successful"/"powerful" religion is the most satanic.
THEREFORE: suspension of belief in the Christian Biblical "Book of Revelation" becomes the Call for Christians, which may mean their rejecting the Judeo-Christian Bible as un-instructive, beyond a few coded chapters like Leviticus 25, Leviticus 25, Leviticus 25, and Leviticus 25, etc. (But the Book is full of metaphor, and allegory, too secreted for most to decipher, perhaps especially the clergy. Other better deciphered Sources now prevail a la Google, under the search for "Henry George, 1830-1897".)

Now for the "Hands-On" Work, all Good Human Beings can do:

As I wrote earlier near the start of this e-bloggg, I am firm in my belief that we are in a New Age, of a massive Connection to the Universal Mind, or it's Potential, via the last fifty years of the Astral, Third Eye being opened amongst the larger number of the western and other Peoples. The last ten years has seen the greatest explosion in this empowerment of the many, over the "Shaman"-and-shaman-priests of old, through their open third eye.

Since about 1996-97 I found the psychic power to effect weather conditions. Now, we all can. Aren't we lucky?! Actually, I first found it standing on the platform of South Yarra railway station in about 1979, when I performed an impromptu "rain-dance", quickly encouraging my VicRail workmates to copy once it started raining - three times!

The last few years have seen much "playing" with the planet's weather patterns, as more 'big' power-trippers have deviously extracted the Knowledge from my open "Inner Sanctum". Thus we have seen extraordinary hurricanes and weather-events globally. (However we have to account for the fact that the media covers more 'events' now, than previously, so our True perception of the higher number may be distorted, if-y'-know-what-I-mean....)

I've watched this evolve via the Blessed Internet and NASA weather satellite websites, etc., over the last five years.

It is an Human phenomenon, and thus may be resolved, dispelled by Proper Human behaviour.

Common, Good Folk can withdraw support for questionable religious and corporate occult institutions, through Knowledge, of the True, Spiritual Self, and the Global Options I put. I say this because it is the high priests of western economics, very-much including the economic, banking high priests of Judaism, el Saud-type also, who are most abusive of their ability to disrupt, psychicly, things as large as weather patterns, etc. I suspect highly that Israel has been playing with the weather for years, if not decades, if not for centuries, in their immediate region.

Also, those high priests of other cults, Freemasons, Opus Dei, Tibet, Nazi Germany (the Fifth Reich) and-on and-on, are having allsorts of perverse powertrips with this psychic heat - hurricanes are easy if you've got the (ill-) will, as are rainstorms flooding poor bloody Guatamalians and Africans as the white Christian world sees fitting, for their outta-control global agenda.

Same-same with local cyclones in remote and not-so remote, Australia.....

These forces, Human level, can be contained, dispelled by the Public, the People, planetwide, by withdrawing their support for any "perceived" authority that occultist organisations seek to have over us, our life and our mind. This, by Our Standing-firm and asserting Truthful Authority wherever powertrippers flourish - corporate, mainstream society, local churches, etc.

These kind, it seems to me, feed a greater force to effect large scale movements.

Finally, an idea arose in mind the other day, suggesting Combining this newfound psychic power, through the opened Third Eye of Christians, Jews, Islamics, Buddhists, and Good Hearted Peoples of Every Faith, Religion and Philosophy, toward Collectively, Imagining a "Band of Love", First, turning into a Band of Light, acting as a band of psychic heat, around the "girth" of the planet, "resting" as-it-were, along the immediate latitudes north of and right around the Equator, with high pressure zones rotating "CLOCKWISE", with a diameter extending from the Equator north as far as Britain, northern most Canada, Siberia, etc., but not up as far as the Artic Circle.

I manifest these type of events less-so nowdays, and have found that high-pressure weather zones move from west to east generally, globally. So we would expect to see, on websites such as NASA,ghcc, this happening, as is available now by Googling "nasa,ghcc" and hitting the first link.

But the need is to "push" banks of cloud, whence-ever they come, but mostly Equatorial, north across the planet's northern latitudes to mount-up around the now melting North Pole.

The desired effect being to chill-down the Pole to re-freeze the warming Artic waters to ice again.

As it is Winter in the northern hemisphere now, immediate GLOBAL Meditation on the Imagined Psychic Heat Belt around our Darling Mother's Girth is the Call.

But as Christians are often over-enthusiastic - fanatical, about new things to believe-in, I warn that we must all TAKE IT EASY! For over excitement in these "attempts" to make the world live with us a bit longer, are no-less susceptible to blind action and fatal mistakes.

Often the best action is "mild" input, where we simply, Peacefully, with An Higher Spiritual Will or Cause Calling us, imagine a "Band of Spiritual Heat" if-I-may, in the form of high pressure zones in clockwise rotating circles, but, counter to the direction of the already existent high pressure zones in the midriff area or belt, moving with Will from east to west around the "belt" north of the Equator.

Gently to start with.

This Unity of the Human Astral Will, for the good and saving of All on Earth, is a suggestion.

I believe.... I believe it is Possible.

Who wouldn't want to......?

Perhaps those six-inch diameter and bigger models of the planet would be Good for the Altar. Rotating, with flashing lights where the.......

As regard the South Pole, I haven't heard lately any talk of it's defrosted status, but may assume the same threat exists. Today I serfed the Bureau of Meteorology website www.bom.gov.au to observe the weather activity over the South Pole, via the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean weather charts.

There is a constant high pressure struggling to exist surrounded by hords of lows. Seems sus, but maybe typical Summer activity over the South Pole.

This, I think is a more recent occurance, as are the high pressure zones in the north and southern Atlantic, "farming" continental waters off south America and western, southern Africa. This is where Perth's, Adelaide's and the southern regions of Australia's rainfall has been coming from of the last six months or less.

The rain falling on the northern Australian regions is being farmed off the equatorial cloudmassings over south east Asia, by using same-same methods of manifesting, through psychic heat, of a dark order I feel sure, high pressure zones over for one, the Indian Ocean, but also in 'zones' they have figured as profitable. There is guaranteed no consideration of the effects to such as Africa and South America, plus the many other populated areas, these dirty acts will bring.

But it's clear these same dark that-is-SELFISH corporate and religious actors believe the end-is-nigh, courtesy of the pole shift in about 2012 - about two thousand days from now, so let's just plunder before the lights go out for everyone.

A bit of Stillness of Mind, makes for Wonderful Possibilities.

Think AUM, when you're Here, Regularly, if you Please........

As an old adage of max no difference goes:

May The Perfect Existence Be Your Inspiration

Please Consider, Ariel Sharon, George W. Bush, Tony Blair, John Howard.

But Better We All Consider, and be Really Spiritual e'ry now-an-then.

There will be effects to the belt region I guess, in a sustained reduction of rainfall. But if Humanity wants to be like..., y'know, a fuckin' Good Bloke to each other, any changes now may very well be Worth suffering, for the Good of All.

Jus' think of y' fuckin' Grandkids, arsehole!


Max No Difference


South America's Left! - An Appeal to you All!

Starting to blog and email Aborigine Contacts across the globe, with the likes of what follows. I hope you appreciate it, and whatever else I eblog out to you and others. Please forward on to any Comrades you know would sympathise.....
South America is being reported as a continent returning somewhat to "It's Roots" with the rise of Socialism seen in Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil of the last couple of years.

So, everhopeful that we, as a planet, are not lost to United States-style egomania and excessive-consumption, I wuz inspired to pen the following this morning:

Perhaps you of the South American Socialist Left are enjoying renewed popularity, a Right-Minded Popularity I suggest, for a large Indigenous population who are still Conscious of their Extended Family-type Communities; Villages, Tribes, etc., and of the Natural Balance that those near-lost societal designs actually and intrinsicly were.

Surely I would expect all the Indigenous Tribes, Et Al, across each South American Nation, are cognisant of the common and deadly threat-to-life that U.S.-style consumer-capitalism IS, and are thus Ready to come together, NOT from the perspective of the poisonously diluted 'western' political 'left', which remains too far embedded in unsustainable materialism, but from the now scientifically-substantiated imperative to return to a more Organic-thus-Sustainable, "Get-dirt-under-yer-nails" Agrarian Socialism.

Economies-of-scale, not for the minority corporate business model, but for the Whole People, via the Village, Region, State, Nation or Continent of Collectives!

With the Natural Connection and Sharing between Humans and the Land Established and once more Secure (anywhere), the individual Soul cries not for satisfaction in the crudest realm of over-consumptive materialism, as we see the U.S.A. dragging the whole world down into.

Considering the tragedy unfolding environmentally, globally, of utter disaster for everyone, caused by the fallen tribes of Israel and Rome, and taken to the best-and-worst-of-extremes-in-one, by the U.S.A. (ex-Judaism and Europe) - 6% of the global population, FIFTY, 50% of global consumption (up from the "26% of global consumption" I heard uptil early this year), an extreme, to counterbalance this seriously eccentric Human condition, of an Indigenous Cultural Political Rise is necessary.

Mayhap South America can play an Effective and even Leading Part in winding-in the excessive North America?

Whatever the future brings, short-and-long-term, the True Human Being, no matter from which Country they come, and those yet nearest that past State - the Aborigines of every piece of Country ON THE PLANET - are being Called by the South American Political rise to Unite with them in Spirit, and perhaps to the extent of Igniting their own Indigenous or Aboriginal Parties under One Global Charter, the First Principle being:




"Family First", Christians, and Unions

"Family First", Christians, and Unions
by Max No Difference
Byron Bay
Tues 13th December '05

Family First's federal Senator Steven Fielding has voted with the Liberal/National Party government to pass the "Voluntary Student Unionism" bill, according, he says, to Family First beliefs.

Whether or not Fielding reflects F-F's ideology, can we be sure his church is fully and accurately informed about the issues in and behind such issues as student unionism?

On any Issue?

After 40 years of keen observation of Australian and other so-called "Christian" cultures, it is painfully (for Mother Earth also!) obvious that Christianity breeds an horrendous level of ignorance on several important subjects, but especially on Community, national and global politics.

The United States of America, France (through it's recent 23 days of nationwide race-based riots), Britain, and most recently right here in Australia (courtesy of the week of race-based riots in the Sydney suburb of Cronulla and surrounds), not to mention the daily social unrest as pervades the rest of the Christian world (a la [Catholic] South America's record over the last fifty-to-five hundred years) - all are roaring examples of how astray, dysfunctional and quite realistically - INSANE - the western, capitalist Christian culture actually IS.

Voters (AND CHILDREN!) therefore, need to be very wary about giving any rather more 'motivated' (irrelevant as to whether it's for what they perceive as a "Good Cause"), and fanatical church group like Family First, ANY political power!

Alas?! Tooo late!

Politically yes. Fielding is there.

The remaining Hope, Faith, is that the church, the broad church, does want God's Truth according to God, and is thus ceaselessly impelled to dispel the deepest deceits rooted in (and rooting) Judeo-Christian western, capitalist, cult behaviour.

The "golden calf tribe".


Analysing EVERYTHING connected to that demon otherwise known as "Mammon", involves deconstructing most all of western, 'Judeo-Christian' - social behaviour, "norms', attitudes and beliefs, all of which uphold such darkness, such evil.

Unionism, a Right-Minded Unionism - is the last Bastion against the most real threat to Christianity, of 'capitalist consumerism'.

For the so-called Christian group behind and directing Senator Steven Fielding's "conscience" on such vital issues, to NOT recognise the Christianity in the Ideology of (Right-Minded) Unionism per se, is a serious flaw in Family First's and in Christianity's, ability to "See" minus the "...scales over their eyes..." ("Was that the Third Eye, do you think?") the true state of politics today. Perhaps as it ever was........

The TRUE State of politics today, counter to ideological dreamings of the common deluded fanticisers of the western first world, is that the whole game of local, regional, national and international trade and business (the real seat of 'politics') is fraught with corruption, absolutely ROTTEN with corruption (a la the Australian Wheat Board's paying A$290 million kick-back to the Iraqi Hussein regime). Hence, whence comes the need for diplomatic (ie., meaningless cowardly) politicians like the "Twist-Doctor" par excellence, John "the-dog" Howard, and his ever-luvly Alex "down-with-his-stockings" Downer to provide the cover, while the active culprits - corporations and the 'elite' in general, skim-off the ill-gotten profits (really read as "thievings") and slip under the radar to the next weapons deal, or to the next CIA-MI-6-Brettonwoods scheme to manufacture the next warzone to suit their sales figures and the general ongoing (but VERY profitable!) de-civilisation of the planet.

These are the politicians Christians like Fielding's Family First, vote for!?

"Is there ANY Hope???"

Of course, hypnotised as most Christians are, they gain nothing of True Spiritual Value from opening their Third Eye. Even after five or ten years of that occult eye being open in the common Christian person of the first world, the world continues to descend into chaos and utter failure, fuelled by deeply erroneous beliefs out of Christian churches, across christian cultures and down the galactic drain for EVERYONE.

No "Miracle" Resurrection?

No super Christian heroes leaping from the spire or pulpit to STOP! the entrophy?

Yippee. Good on yer Christian!

Good on yer Senator Fielding.........




Cities are deadly heat banks, and gotto GO!

Just flung this one off to ABC Radio National's "Australia Talks Back" program.

Heat banks are what cities are in this regard.

Unsustainable. Untenable, Environmentally, Economicly, Socially and Culturally.

Supply of all consumables to cities depends on innefficient transportage, created by irregular, hmmm?, random population distribution, oriented around personal advantage, made manifest pruely through financial advantage to the few, with no Social Ethos applied to Regulate the economy, conflicting with Social, Cultural and thus overall Human Advantage.

Environmentally, cities are a terminal concept, in that they have passed their "use-by" date.

The Good Institutions the city concept have assisted into existence, combined with Democratic, decentralised populations and modern technology for to assist Social, Economic Accountability, are with us, enough to "move forward" with the dissolution of the untenable heat banks, cities are, to more Naturally distributed Peoples (Globally) according to Agrarian Socialism. Or Social Agrarianism.

The scientific evidence is "out-there"! Our western lifestyles, so oriented blindly around the consumer-city model, cars and all, is DEADLY to Life-on-Earth.

Tree-changers are in High Demand Globally, Truth be Known!


Max No Difference