Now it's Green-washed bovine fertilizer at the ABC!

Now it's Green-washed bovine fertilizer at the ABC!

April 28 2009.

At the Australian Babylon Corporation- the ABC - or "Aunty Methane", all staff have agreed to raise their salaries to those of Geraldine Doogue, Ramona Covalle & doyan of Babylmedia Phillip Adams, who are on fixed annual salaries of 30 "Pofs", the new currency for Australian corporate & drug cartel employees, from Canberra to cops to council workers.

1 "Pofs" is worth 1 metric tonne of silver, as paid to Christenden's betrayers, Peter, Paul, mother Ramary, Matthew, Mark, Philluke & Gerry.

The board at the ABC have begun writing & collating an history of the key figures in the corporation, calling the publication "The New (BIODEGRADABLE!)Rinso Testament", with scriptural verses by leading disciples of Ranald McBabylspeak & Issuah O'Dodgem , prophets of the ancient Whitehall-nee Wiemar von Edinburgh civilization, recently unearthed beneath the decaying tombs of Wetminister Shabbey, the London Temple of the Oxbridge Druids of the Diamondaerial Delusions of E. Bulwer-Lytton & Cecil Rhodes.

For any employees who don't accept the deal, they are being offered a Holden ute & 3 tarpaulins to live in for life, a government pension of AUS$280/week, & 1 free latte/week in the staff canteen.

Adams offered to throw-in a Koala stamp, but the board deforested the idea, saying that less attention given to the REAL state of Australia's devastated native fauna drew less attention to the facts of how disastrous our British-&-Eurapean invasion has been, since Jan 26th, 1808.

"A rum day, indeed!" groaned Bill Bligh, from under the bed.

A bust of Australia's most famous reptile, the Goanna, known otherwise as Kerry Packer (deceased), bearing an eerie resemblance to Star Wars' "Jabba-the-Hutt", has been installed in all ABC management offices & foyers.

It is hoped these will remind management to avoid ANY factual evidence-based material about illegal drugs & its British government-run global drug & land monopoly networks.

Under direct censorship control from the BBC (Babylon Broadcasting Centre) in London, the Vatican in Rome, head Swiss bankers of Zurich & Neo-Nazi Zionists in Tel Aviv, collectively known as the Illuminadi, the new green-washed Aunty Methane will up it's coverage of wars planned by Zionazi Whitehall, the ancient bastion of The Delusional Order of Tall Shadows, in co-operation with all 1st world NGOs, increase it's proferrings of 'eggs-pert' opinions on IMF-fabricated & managed crises, disasters & wars, in order to maintain the deep, NSW Police-fostered & sponsored stupor introduced into the population of New South Wales by Whitehall agent "Rum Corps'" John MacArthur in 1808.

In a leaked statement from Zionazi Whitehall, it's said that they expect the planet, not just Australia, will be ecologically dead in a matter of years.

The human population will be near-totally extinct in no time, with the elite of the suckers expected to last 2 generations at most, on the earth, water, fire & air we stole, over-consumed & horded from the rest of humanity.

Aunty Methane's Edinburgh 'plant', CEO (Chief Exaggeration Officer) Mark Scott, divulged under a new method of NOT-torture, "psychic water-boarding", ("while you sleep!") that the global elite, in collusion with aliens from Orion, and the ghost of the world's earliest & most successful subversive, Adam Kadman of the Golden Calf Tribe, will maintain the holy veil of delusion over the species until the expected fall, in around 2-&-a-half years from April 2009.

Aunty Methane's host of "Saturday Extra Latte with Prozac", Geraldine Doogoodie, is rumored to be on the "long-legs short list" for a bed on NASAs secret mission space shuttle called the "USS ESCAPE", due to depart Earth for an Orion-built base on the dark side of the moon in late October 2011CE.

As for the rest of us, Doogoodie scoffed, "Well they should have been born Jewish or into it's Catholic branch coven, shouldn't they!? And I ask you to remember, the whole of Judeo-Catholicism has ALWAYS been about sacrifice!

YOURS! Of course!

In order to maintain the Grand Yehovano-Roman Delusion, we sacrifice the truth on the hour, 24/7, & in every minute between!

That THEY can't see through our shroud is THEIR problem!"

As Doogoodie storked-out of the interview studio, she was heard to murmur, "they're all either SHORT or UGLY anyway!? Blast them!"

And so, on the 21st of December 2012, as USS ESCAPE, with 144 crew & passengers aboard, glided into Mar's gravitational field, planet Earth, ancient Mother to the universe's finest & most depraved, turned off the protective electro-magnetic force field & thus all lights & life for the last time.

Another delusion wiped out, the 144 on-board Escape were left with only the truth - they are all utter utter utter ignorant, selfish bastards...

Meanwhile, 4 light years away on Planet Oma, snuggled nicely in the Alpha Centaurii constellation, The Great Lord of the Victorious Peoples, the GREATEST in fact, laid back, breathed his deepest sigh of relief for over 5,000 earth years, & smiling, said to his pet woman "Thank fuck for that! Most fanatical fools the Galaxy's seen since this part of the Universe was dreamt-up! Just havta wait for the escapees to psychicly implode the last of the scum.

With just the truth to chew-on, they're hunger for bovine fert should consume the lot of 'em real quick...."

And.., as-if from the farthest reaches of the Multiverse, came 1st a basal, lo & slow vibration, which grew to a RESOUNDING "AMEN!"


Omaxa bin Eartha.
Outlaw for Global Land, Tax, Cult & Drug Law Reform.
Reforests of Godolonia,

NB: Apologies for gaffs & slack formatting. Scribed in catholojude exile on a mobile phone, in a Holden ute.


Capitalism & Justice, Christianity & Democracy & other Oxymorons

Feeling a bit self-destructive, I just flung this whopper out to 100 or so emails, here and O/S, media and political. Better sit down....

Capitalism..., defrays Group Solidarity, Group Strength, thus, in regard to Lightening our Environmental footprint, inculturates group inaction.

Hence, the opulant wasteful white, western judeo-christian world of global destruction.

This results from..., and in..., a stupid population.

If the People are stupid, Democracy is dangerous.

If the People are dangerous.., Democracy is stupid.

Alas? Thus...? What alternative?

The tyrannical past of monarchic terror?

The west has a terrible record on how it's elite have treated the masses, and rare are examples of Monarchies Keeping to the Golden Law of Just Land Occupation, in any of all historys' stories.

Educate the masses is the obvious answer.

But surely the elite of Eurape find it a bit hard to educate away their bounty from underneath the under-educated and psychicly screwed third world nations' people?

Evidence keeps mounting supporting the suggestion that Humanity, mainly the white, judeo-christian FIRST world have gone too far in abusing the delicate environment the Mother Sun, Mother Earth and our Galaxy provide our feeble bodies with to prosper, and become psychotic selfish myopes.

So what for..., ANY government..., now?

Issues which are NOT raised or gone near by any in power, indicate to the sceptic that this Human world is nowhere near the Truth, as far as being (or being on the Path to becoming) a Fully Enlightened and Balanced Specimen of this thing called “Life” is concerned.

Media capitalize on the worst global cataclism for perhaps twenty thousand years, with the best hearts minds and knockers (Sorry, Rosie!) around trying to spread the word enough to motivate the world of watchers to actually do something USEFUL to dramatically reduce global degradation.

Yet what do we see, or have mediated upon us?

The same old giggle-brained, low-minded soap operas!

The same old false luxury vehicle and consumer goods advertizing!

The same old business on “main street”, Wall Street” and “war street”.

The same old crap out of Hollywood, trying to fixate the brainless movie-goers and vid-teevee junkies into heros and war and squishcrappingalienlazerbugs, so what? Why? What fool would suggest that the jewish-controlled Hollywood is using this most far-reaching medium to pour illusions of what kiddies should be scared-of into their nubile heads, planting visual seeds in their and in adults' minds of WAR AGAINST SPACE, and everything we can possibly imagine then cunger onto film or video which we don't know about!

Why?? Who wants to go near the allegations that Hollywood and most electronic media moguls, corporation technology and concepts today are being explored and employed to effect control, remote control of the viewer's minds, thus of their consumption etc, habits and activities?

Long pondering over this doomsday phenomena, leaves one with the distinct feeling that the “end is nigh”,and that there is no point becoming engrossed in any material thing of this realm, whether it be micro-tech, or ocean current research or submersion in High Religion.

Humanity is doomed to this western addiction of waste everything we touch, so why fight to save the errant species, the cancer upon the Earth?

Instead! Seek after Thine Own Self, the Spirit of All. It, is transcendent of the mortal body, and of the mortal Earth.

This realm we call “Earth”, is known in other ways in other Earth-bound cultures. It seems the Wiser, regard the three dimensions the judeo-west think worth struggling within and against is the lower realm.


Many say it is all illusion, and cannot be made Right and again Edenic.

Why partake therefore...?

What possible PURPOSE have we?



The same old soap operas! The same old false luxury vehicle and consumer goods advertizing persist!

The same old business on “main street” Wall Street” and “war street”.

The same old crap out of Hollywood, trying to fixate the brainless movie-goers and vid-teevee junkies onto heros and war and squishcrappingalienlazerbugs, so what?

Why? What fool would suggest that the jewish-controlled Hollywood is using this most far-reaching medium to pour illusions of what kiddies should be scared-of, planting visual seeds in their and in adults' minds of WAR AGAINST SPACE, and against everything we can possibly imagine then cunger onto film or video which the gullible don't know about!



The global everything meltdown (GEM) is being selectively publicised by Brettonwoods, Murdoch and Coven, Inc, trying to alert the masses into, one, trusting the media and their partners-in-carnage; global governments, oppositions, parliaments-in-general, military, lesser authorites, NGOs and policing forces, not forgetting the Rome-Tel Aviv-Cairo-managed global religious school-and-corporate management pyramid, and, two, to keep the minds of the masses OFF some other issues which spell imminent disaster to..., I estimate..., seven-eights, at least, of the Human race.

Last night I watched via a slow internet stream, a Google doco on the Earth's magnetic field, and that it protects the planet thus us, from the deadly solar rays.

Apparently, the theorists say that the same magnetic field existed around Mars upto some billions of years ago, while the planet's core was still molten iron, slurrying around under the crust, causing electro-magnetic tension and currents, thus a magnetic field developed, by happenstance (?) deflecting the deadly solar rays, giving the planet conditions to sustain life. Perhaps intelligent life?

The same show told us that the Earth's magnetic field works in the same way, yet is dropping in strength more sharply than it has for many 1000s of years. Should we be alarmed? What might be causing this degradation of the vital protective magnetic field?

I have a theory, but as I'm so down on the western “techno-centric” approach to life on a Natural Earth generally, thus may be biased, I leave it in the theory basket, with about every other religious, political and economic theory the west has thrust upon the masses for 1700 years at least.

Doesn't mean I can't espouse it....?

The proliferation of electronic equipment over the Earth's surface over the last one hundred years has to be having an effect upon the planet's natural electro-magnetic fields, methinks.

Responsible government would be alert to the dangers posed from this media for a comfortable lifestyle? As this is a “subtle” energy, in that while it requires hardware to be effected, it is generally free to transmit itself into the atmosphere, and into anything which is receptive of such electromagnetic energy and forces, and as human concentration and manipulation of electro-magnetic power collectively, has swept across so much of the earth's surface, with MASSIVE concentrations in cities and industrial operations, it cannot be ignored that the naturally harmonized and evolved magnetic currents and consequent fields of the planet will be disrupted, and possibly enough to shut-down the macro, planetary protective magnetic sheild!

WOOOOSH! Swept off our quarter-acre by a solar wave perhaps five seconds after the magnetic field says “Good night!”!


Naturally, the questioning mind asks, “Whah!?”

Answers flood-in, like a sychophants' “ideas session” in a large advertizing company.

Is it possible to issue a global edict calling upon Humanity to establish where the strong energy fields and lines are, and thence re-arrange the masses so that our electromag-toys work in balance with them?

Dream-on! Maxeeee....

Well, just trying to help....

But..., as I've been aware of for at least twenty years, “the planet is rooted”.

After a further twenty years investigating the odds, learning more than I wanted to, I concur.

The planet is fucked.

Putting a timeline on the future may be pointless. We may have two years, we may have two hundred. But there can be no doubt that the balance has GAWN, MAYTE.

In REALPolitik terms, my inner cynic says “YAHOO! Wipe the selfish, useless pricks out, Lord!”

A more wasteful, inconsiderate, anti-intelligent branch of the species there's never been!

But, I suggest, that in classic Jewish, Brit-Eurapean style..., that is just what the captains of capitalism and weapons of mass-culling, the Brit-Eurapean elite, and Semitic Sychophants Inc want.


So they can, with typical brutality, force so-called “proof”” upon the less-insane rest of us, that their ideology, totally fabricated in an elite occult trance-induced, agenda-ridden delusion, is THE ONE, and thus their god is the only true god, etc., etc....

Therefore, as penance upon the rest of us, for not believing their brand of bullshit, the rest of us must either be culled or enslave ourselves to their Babylonian superiorist ways.

This, trance-induced delusion, expanded-upon in the studios of Hollywood etc., capitalism, weapons-of-mass-culling, etc., happens also to be the means through which the global elite of psychoes, Illuminadi, Club of Rome, Zionism hope to totally entrance-thus-enslave those who do not agree with their techno-religious paganism. Some say, a cult coming long-long-ago from a distant star system, intent upon winning the planet and her mineral and other rsources, as well as a slave population, for themselves.


Well, as I'm well over wanting to partake of the Human world here on Earth, and as I am over these anthropocentric delusions that we are the mightiest pieces of shit in the multiverse, and that Humanity, or that bleached-brained branch of us, the white-arse, have proven they are utterly STUPID scum, in consideration of the potential of other Intelligent life forms here and in the spacial cosmos existing and of being of Wiser, Lighter, more Intelligent minds than us, than the “whitewash arseholes of Whitehall”, and considering that western religions are TOTALLY IGNORING their cult fuck-ups, cult (human fuck-ups) which happen to have congered the “end-times” the very same book of shit predicts!

No wonder it..., they, can predict the apocalypse! THEY ENGINEERED IT! 1000's of years ago...

Rome....? Babylon....? Cairo?


Capitalism....., Capitalism..., defrays Group Solidarity, Group Strength, thus, in regard to Lightening our Environmental Footprint, inculturates group inaction.

Inculturates numbmindedness...., as the white zombies watch the planet spin-out beneath them.

Good on yer AUSSIE!

Good on yer Fritz!

Good on yer Rupert, Lachie, Jamie...!

Good on yer catholic, jew, mormon?

Good on yer Illuminadi!

Good on yer GOVERNMENT.............?

Weighing these types of issues and their FACTS up, has one SERIOUSLY ask whether Democracy, as we are today, can possibly be Better than say, Talibanni Rule?

Shi'ite? Suni? Buddhist-Maoist-Aborigine Rule?

Autocratic Rule by the likes of Fidel Castro, assuming I can keep my “beliefs” that Castro's Cuba has Meritocratic Bases to it's existence, looms large, in a post-apocalypse near future, as being of the Greatest Merit, in terms of living with sizeable populations SUSTAINABLY?


Tooo set-in-mah-ways I am, but it is well within reason to suggest humanity has to familiarize itself with the ways of the pre-technological cultures, where we can make fire from friction-sticks instead of a sexy, CONVENIENT “throwaway” cigarette lighter?

Where we find another way to wipe our dumpster.

Where we can make do, and prosper, from what we have at hand.

Food “Bush Tucker!”


Is it coincidence that we now have the Astral Internet open to us......

Remember, it is all illusion. Manipulable illusion.

So be careful of what and with what we manipulate!

Remember, this is the lower realm, therefore Higher Knowledge is rare.

The mind Attaining to the Higher Knowledge, does so because of their Spiritual Purity.

It is they, who control you, and your world.

It is they, who determine whether you live or cut yourself.

As the most influential middle powers, Earth's elites, have so fucked the planet, through the misuse of the occult, the Higher Powers, beyond the bodily, material and Earthly realms, debate the elite's worthiness.

Arguments come from the Angels here, that the elite has failed. The Higher Powers listen, and weigh the facts impartially.

They, like the Angels here, cannot be “bought-off” by delusion, magic, suasion and self interest.

What would it do for them?


The “trap” of this lower realm is being convinced that material power, expressed in materialism, is THE Power to seek after.

We shall, in the coming years, realize the error in this lower realm thinking.

Because of this most henous error by those who claim the throne of Global Power, the Higher Lords of Life are near to deciding whether to “delete” this planet and it's carcenogenic viral species: “Homo Sapiens”

HA! MAN The WISE?!?!?!!?

Were I on the Committee, I would be passed the need to be convinced that humanity today is worth saving.....

If the People are stupid, Democracy is dangerous.

If the People are dangerous.., Democracy is stupid.

Alas? Thus...? What alternative?

Without a SERIOUS withdrawal of pro-Brit-Eurapean-ISRAELI monetary policies world-round, where changes are institutionalized in every national Treasury and Constitution toward EQUITABLE ACCESS and DISTRIBUTION of the Planet's resources, and thus, as soon as is Intelligently possible, toward EQUITABLE ACCESS and DISTRIBUTION of the LAND, the High Lords of this Universe will delete this planet and thus all life upon it.

The sacrifice of the lives of the Earth's innocents, appears ast this stage to remain the Better, MORE HUMANE Universal option, than allowing the completely psychotic “space-race” junkies of government and military, to get their technology AND WEAPONRY into outer space.

Without a near COMPLETE about-face by the global technocrats in terms of where they apply the funds, agenda and hopes, such that NASA and co., go hard at breaking the spells which keep them gazing into space for “Life”, and thence the lust to go out there and either fuck it or destroy it, the planet and all it's life, will be terminated.

Bold predictions Maxeee!

Dangerous Times, suckole.....

As for capitalism and Democracy..........

The sentence is oxymoronic, like “military intelligence”.....


Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth.


Larry King goes to the Border - my comment

My comments on LARRY KING's website at

His question is:

If you were Border Czar, what’s the first thing you would do?


Needing more power than a mere border czar, I'd lobby for rectification of property laws in the US and Mexico, so people don't have to war for a safe bed and breakfast (home and vegie garden), legalize all natural "drugs": opium, marijuana, cocaine, et al, bring black marketized locals, under legalized (ex-)cartel guidance into legitimate "drug" business and production (hashish, hemp fibre a la Henry Ford's car), arrest global banks and kill offshore banking.
Then, in concordance with Israel and her neighbors, bring down the borders, nationalize land and drop most other taxes, but for the dirt you use!


HOW'VAAR! Going by the US Administration's latest comment saying that legalization of marijuana is not on the table in discussions (about the tragedy in Mexico's drug gang war), between the US and Mexican Presidents and co., I am inclined to fall back on the "all is lost" sensation, referring to the crime of BAD DRUG LAWS, and the Fight by the Just and Righteous to make the culture, if not the planet, Right.

Ones feels like either the devil has the powers-that-be by the short-and-curlies, almost however, as if the dark vader is pushing Humanity to get it's self together, and ORGANIZE. For that is the only way a Mass can make Right the chaos, now and in the short and long term futures.

Or, they all are pressuring the Mass to Do It, themselves. For I reckon that even way-up there in Canary-Kong etc (Canary Wharf, Hong Kong, etc), the Wiser of the zoooper-elite know that the Best Changes HAVE TO come from Within the Local Groups, and that this is only Attained through a Moral-based, Philosophy-cored Nurturing of the mind of the Nubile, the child, the Youth, the Adult.

Granted, as per my old mantra that there is Honor in being a criminal against a criminal authority, so branches of all large organizations in power rely on bad drug laws and bad other "fundamental" laws as well, to fund the ever-increasingly expensive Fight against the other mobsters of the zuooperelite.

One finds it hard to view those who are wantonly deriving profit of any sort from enviro-thus-Habitat-destroying industries as Legitimate Human Beings?

OH?! What damage there must be in their Hearts, to make them that way?

What, has been severed? The Soul? God?

How long we wait for the curse (of guilt?) to be lifted from the whiteman's shoulders, so they/we/he AND she may lay down our fears, Communicate and unload the weaponry?

Do they know what they do, Jesus...?

What, oh lost christians, would Jesus do about our unfriendly aliens...?

Ask the Jews to stop congering them....? And give the Jews and others, Aliens if so, a Secure Collective Contract of Tenancy.

Mad it all is if we wreck the environment etc in the process of war, so it becomes hard to side with one or the other, no matter which Principles they Correctly Stand-by.

Legalizing marijuana would be the Correct, Evidence-based First Step in descaling the ridiculous war, funding military cartels against mere "ideology" itself, often Pure and Harmonious Ideologies and Cultures, AND today, cultures who are ready to incorporate the Christian "Love Thy Enemies" Commandments into their oppressed, HARDRoad Peoples.

West-against-west, is as much what is funded by the BAD DRUG LAWS.

Ideology, NOT Intelligent Deduction.

Deduction, or the ability to Correctly Deduce the immediate and perennial outcomes.

We do NOT need anti-Intellectual, lazy-making ideology-based religion. We need unbiased, science-and-evidence-based laws in every field of the Legal Arts.

The reduction in social and personal stress, and the opening of employment and ethical opportunity through Good Laws, would revitalize the Mass and Inspire them away from drugs-of-futility-as-medication-in-culturally-failed-states, and I put-it, the Mass would walk away from "materialism" as we know it - consumerism, such that we'd also reduce, perhaps minimize pollution and environmentally destructive ways in years, not decades.

Obviously President Barack Obama doesn't hold the tiller in America. With the spirit of being enterprizing as cultural in the US as it is, all brands of interested parties are in on the take, so were one forthright President to pull the rug from under the drugs cartels AND global banks, where it is administrated, worse than a global depression of staggering proportions, the planet would be thrown into a seriously sinister war. sort of like northern Mexico as we get "newsed-on", Miami or Palestine. Orchestrated from the halls of power, of course.

As for any Non-Violent Reforms pr Revolution in Australia?

Forget it.

The hard right in Australia want a war, just so they can stomp the lefties. There are signs that the NSW powers-up-my-coiter are putting pressure on such as the "Bikers", and Outlaws forcing the Brothers to start lashing-out in response, justifying further the 'establishment' conservative forces' calls for banning gangs and motorcycle clubs. Sort of like GW Bush starting a war in the Middle East so the Islamic Warriors would fight back, and get STOMPED.

Having followed these "Outlaw" type issues for decades, and with a touch of guff on overseas "terrorist" issues, mainly here, the IRA transition into becoming a Legitimate political Organization, I wonder if the Class-and-Veterans based Families of Bikers, either just in Australia or Globally, are being left little choice but to conglomerate their Acumen into forming an above-board Legitimate Political Organization?

They know what I would Advocate they Stand for. But other issues would diminish their Honor, and diffuse their potency for Good Reforms to drug laws, land laws, tax laws, housing laws, etc., etc.

Of course, I am barred from seeing the "alien" problem-er-situation many on both sides of the cultural battle-lines have to contend with, therefore feel I have no credence in all other, perhaps lesser issues.

Ce la mort....!

So much for Qualifying for King of the Planet?!


Everyone is mentally ill, Phil.

Everyone is mentally ill, Phil!
A Poemsong by Omaxa bin Eartha
14th April '09

Last July I released a few e-ssays and poems on the health of the state of western society in general, using the State of New South Wales, Australia as the prime case. The tenor being that the whole population of the State of NSW was in fact suffering, to varying degrees, from one kind of mental illness or another. Mostly, I asserted, from one kind or another SERIOUS mental illness.

Those e-ssays went out when the pontiff was arriving here, in July '08, and with that incursion in mind, the Catholic church, the Vatican and the world's Christians were seriously liabled in the few poems and e-ssays I scribed.

I haven't told any yet, but that onslaught from myself was merely an equal reaction to the shit I was receiving from the mass of occultist Christians who were using black witchcraft to pressure me into becoming their delusional returnee.

An "Anti-Christ" evern....!

A conundrum to any who is not fascinated by and enamored of occult power.

As punishment for being a Thinking, Reasonable, Scientific Inquirer into,

one, the society I live exiled from, and

two, the criminal mysteries behind my own life, ancestry, and manipulation, finding that I was totally set-up, and totally hated by the opposition to catholicism.

Therefore, with all knowledge of this bizarre war going-on behind my back being hidden lifelong from me, I have continually been in danger of being assassinated, or, of being forced beyond credibility to be a foolish false messiah to a dark and deeply ignorant cult - catholicism and christianity in general - I was falsely and illegally set-up by a few arseholes from NSW, who didn't like the REALPolitik I scribed about their own cult psychological maladies, and I was charged with firing a rifle at five seriously corrupt and thus mentally ill NSWelshers!

It still blows me out that one Anne Van Der Wyk (relative of one Peter "Pedals" Van Der Wyk of Rainbow Power Company, I suspect) was prepared to purger herself in court to dissempower me of my apparent occult powers. Rainman Powers. Gifted to me, I maintain, by the Higher powers. Higher even than the catholic church.

After months of harassment-filled days in forests away from Humans, and denigration and implications that I'm a mentally ill criminal from the NSW coppers I was forced to report to, the case was dropped IN COURT on the day, and never even came before the magistrate. The "magistrate" in the Lismore Court on that day, happening to be a female court assistant, not more than 35 years old, wearing a woman's T-shirt, and OBVIOUSLY was not a member of the Magistry?

As I expected, the police prosecution had vanished, leaving a group of local lawyers to discuss what to do. Lawyers around the northern rivers region of the most corrupt state of NSW are NOT what we might call Honorable, nor are they filled with "Integrity".

This is again, cultural, and the hammer of corruption certainly extends deep with the governmental authority called NSW Legal Aid.

I put it that they saw the pertinence if-I-may, of the list of questions I had emailed to the NSW Legal Aid barrister, one Amy Woofer or such, and would have known straight-off that I could destroy their charges, AND demand some serious compensation for the injustices I had suffered from NSW citizens and police over the last few years. I had been punished enough.

But ALAS!/ I must be punished til I die, according to a clan of scum, being catholic and/or just plain fucking SICK scum like John Davidson, Adrienne Helen Cook-nee-Willis, Malcolm Callander, Simon Floyd, David Finch, Andrew Prange shallIgo-on? Van Der Wyk?

Thanks to all this shit, I became further disliking of the "family", society, nation and even species I was born into, until nowdays, the thing I want most in life, is transcendence up to beyond this insane and spellbound world of desperate, rapacious landgrabbing scum, perhaps (I HOPE) to a multi-star system elsewhere in the Galaxy, perhaps the one I had a flash of in a Bliss-filled Meditation 13 or 14 years ago.


THE CHRIST IS FALSE, thus there is a Rightminded case for an Anti-Christ.

How'vaar? Those against the concept of a Christ, fall into the same shallow trap if they look to another bloke, as the, to be the, Anti-Christ. Because..., my channeling mind, determines that the Anti-Christ is beyond being a physical person, therefore it cannot be represented by a Human Being, or by a Spirit in Human form.

It's role is to awaken everyone to the Divinity within us and within all, where we are all-the-way-There, until we actually Know, as the fabled Jeshua ben Joseph reputedly said to a reverent woman "I am the same as you".

The Anti-Christ's Role is to dispel the hexes we bear which support the concept of one, a cult leader to whom we abrogate our own ability to Attain to Full-Blown-Reason, and thus God Heaven, and two, the resulting manipulation and misleading which ALWAYS grows like cancer in nearly every organization the "west", Judeo-Christianity, has created.

The Anti-Christ is Knowledge, a far more lasting, transcendent phenomena than our mere selves, or than a mere Human who has been guided to find all this stuff themself.

Knowledge which demands Discipline of Soul, and of it's desirous mind, and no dis-mis-or-mal-information. Impossible to find surely, in the occult-soaked Brit-Eurapean megalomaniacal "western" realms?

But it is not just "Knowledge" of "Sacred Books, Texts," but the Wisdom they contain. Not the "word" but the meaning of the words-collective.

And not draconian manipulation. Instead Wise Guidance. Again, almost non-existent in the Common western culture and society.

Healthy and Respectably Naughty Sexuality is Very Good for the Culture, also, but demands, like all parts of the nubile mind, Good Guidance from birth, through to Initiation into Adulthood, and through most of our distracted lives.

ABSENT! Again, in our massively degraded western "culture".

So.... Read the poemsong below. And...., don't take it personally. Rather, laugh at the fact(s). And sing at the fact that the global cultural flaws have been exposed, and at-once so have the medications necessary to heal the Planet, and even Wall Street!

When I "publish" (HA!) such dissenting stuff, I have come to expect one kind of harassment and domestic terrorism or another. All of it just adding to my argument that the world is fucked, and that we are NOT handling it as we should be.

It's sad for me that I reckon, with significant intelligent and stupid support, that my life's work has been to define, Define or even Divine the FACTS about how astray we Humans are in this current epoch, and that I reckon I have proven my theories enough, and that the facts as I put them, are Correct.

Astrayweare (Ausralia) loves slapping down the tall poppies. Mostly I expect, because in their subterranean punter's minds, they still actually KNOW that any messiah, or even 99.999% of political leaders, are frauds, so y' can be sure 99.999% of the time that the slapping-down was deserved.

Howvaar! The generally corrupt and beggared state of the culture, thence the society and the individual, is what stops people one or many, from getting-There, the Point where they can look and at-once KNOW the Sincerity and REALSpirit Attainment of another, so they cannot know when they have a GENUINE Wiseman amongst them, and will like sheep, follow the same responses and "stone the Prophet".

EVEN WORSE! They make the Prophet pay one third of his income to have them stone him!


Everyone is mentally ill, Phil!
Everyone is mentally ill!

Everyone is mentally ill, Phil!
Jus..., lie back an' take another pill!

Everyone is mentally ill, Bill!
Drugs corps have turned us into dills!

Yeah, we've all been DEMENTED!"
That-is: Everyone is mentally ill.

It's time we stopped to take stock, Jock!
It's time we ALL stopped to take stock!

We've all been beaten down a lot,
Now we've all lost the plot,

They took our Intellects when we were baptized – still in the cot, Jock!
Yeah, now we've all gone and lost the plot. Spot.

Everyone lives in a failed state, mate.
In every nation on Earth!

Everyone lives in a failed state, mate.
Makes you wonder what a bloke's vote's worth?

We all live in a failed state, mate!
While we selfishly don't go Deep Green!

We all live in a failed state, mate!
"Corruption!?" Y' know what I mean..., Jean?

The "north" lives in a Pagan delusion, (thinks it's cruizing!)
On a wave dependin' on bruizin'...., the majority.

They wail "Waitin' for Jesuss to save us",
while Babylon-blue-shirts slay-us,
Blind! They build an ivory tragedy.

Is the devil tryin' to play-us, Gus?
Has he got us all by the balls?

G20 governments,
Promise aid to bolster THEIR defense, Clemence!

While investment in 3rd world Health, Law & Education falls.

We hear of wars over religious Temples,
and over barren bits of Ground, Bertrand.

But with myopic social designs, it's impossible to define,
The things we REALLY need to make the Economy Sound.

Popes and preachers on their pulpits,
Spruke the "Word" of "God".

An' fandangow with the culprits,
the richest Eurapean snobs.

Tax havens exposed as a curse, Perc,
Upon People of every Land.

Our leader's spruke, is spin-doctor puke,
- Next election we speak our rebuke - Duke!
If the off-shore vaults ain't taxed, like the Common Man! Dan!

What I'm really saying is
"I don' give a fuck!"

'Bout your religious beliefs
and your secretive cults.

But it seems to me, jus' gone 53,
From what I see, Humanity...,

Has arrived at a time, where we can ALL Divine...,
The transitory fat from the Spiritual Spine........

That if y' wanna survive,
We all gotto live Straight and True,

Back to school, "DO YER MATH!"
An' try to Learn -
"Earth's Enlightened Economic Rule!!!!"


Babylon keeps fightin', thinking THEY'RE “the Enlightened”,
Illuminadi up-yer-spout! Keepin' you from Speaking-Out!

An' old occult theocratic model, lost puppet-sheep left to coddle,
A whole bunch of hexes, interplanetary vexes.

Mad men with bombs, lured-on by blue-eyed blondes
"A laminated kitchen?" For hot sex an' no bitchin'...

(And a B - M - DUBBLE-U!)

So the war machine keeps churning,
Profits from our little yearnings.

Fund the bombs and the bunkers,
Protecting Babylon's bankers.

Old school wankers, wearing dark age cloaks,
Orchestrating refugees, then blowin'-up their boats.

So..., What I'm really saying is
"I don' give a fuck!"

'Bout your religious beliefs
and your secretive cults.

But it seems to me, jus' gone 53,
From what I see, Humanity...,

Must quik learn to Respect WHO gives us gravity
An' e'rything we need to be.........., Happy....,

Locally........., and.... Globally,

Learn to Live, Environmentally....., Sustainably.

I listen to the news, and it turns me Red!
Long handed ways of NOT saying “we're all dead”.

Comments and opinions, like anus's full of onions,
Brokers, speculators, advisors, spin-doctors,

Someone really should remove their head.

Egg-sperts on money, down the club think it's funny,
watching mugs throw their life and homes down the drain.

CEOs walk away with the national budget every day,
Stuffed in their pockets, with shares in nuclearized mass-pain.

The chair of the IMF, really intellectually bereft,
scams 125 nations, of the promising situations
Awaiting them around the next debt corner.

“Just borrow this few squillion, and invest it in OUR dams,
we'll charge you a coupla zillion, through one of our (dark) little usury

It will fail, but don't say we didn't warn yer!

But at the end of the day, there's not much we can say,
But that the impending calamity, that is "the end of Humanity",
Is actually just as old Rome planned!

So..., What I'm really saying is
"I don' give a fuck!"

'Bout your religious beliefs
and your secretive cults.

Don't try to make The Man Jesus, or the Anti-Cristos,

Jus' leave Men be, introduce some Propriety,

An' let each of us be our own tax-free Boss.

In the end, you'll be thankful...... for the lower long term cost.

So..., What I'm really saying is
"I don' give a fuck!"

'Bout your religious beliefs
and your secretive cults.

Hidden meaning in the Myths,
Fabricated histories, a touch of magic in the gift,

Mean someone's untrue, 'bout what they're trying to do,
So it's as likely a load of - bullshit.

Built a false prophesy, on a propaganda machine,
Costs billions of lives, to make the murd'rous past appear pristine.

Power is the motive once you're plyin' that road,
Delusion is the propellant, once you lick the back of the toad.

So “get thee away from I, Satan and Lucifer”
Go-on, time t' pack-up y' tricks-an-y'-“goods”!

An' Ply th' High Road of “Grow Your Own!”,
If you wanna get thee out of the woods.


Land Rent Revolutionary, Spirit-inside-an-Evolutionary-Economist.
It's just 54 years of me that I've missed.......


Letter to the NSW Premier, from an Outlaw

"Nathan Rees"
"ABC News Mail" , "ACTU Mailbox" , "ALP Nat Secretariat" , "ALP ACT" , "ALP NT" , "ALP QLD" , "Andy Nimbin Kavasilas" , "BBC News haveyoursay" , "Blitz Magazine U.N.S.W." , "Green Left Canberra" , "Hell's Angels" , "HEMP Embassy" , "National Interest" , "Phillip Adams" ... more

Letter to the NSW Premier, Mr Nathan Rees, from an Outlaw.

Bikie Gang War Erupts in Prison?
Sunday 12th April '09.

There's nothing I can say about the Bikers in prisons and why they are fighting.

But reading the article titled as above, on my mobile bigpond news, I was struck by the last paragraphs' saying that the prison unions are in a feud with the Nathan Rees Labor NSW government over Labor wanting to privatize the prisons!

Ah? Hello? As they say? After the July/August 2008 coup that unseated the Rum Club's Morris Iemma from the NSW government's CEO chair, a Rebellion caused apparently by the Stronger Unions and affiliates in Labor, rejecting Iemma's crooked plan to privatize the energy or electricity provider sector in NSW, the issue and coup led by and which flung Nathan Rees into the Premier's chair, what is convincing Rees that privatizing prisons is Good Policy?

Surely, it cannot be Rees behind the want to privatize prisons. He is not a lawyer nor an Harvard Professor, thus is probably capable of defining, Divining even, the longterm flaws in too much private interest in the essential public utilities, such as electricity, P-T, drains, prisons, etc.

I was thinking that Rees was just another “change-of-guard” in NSW politrixs when he came to the seat, and that the old guard of the NSW Labor Right “Rum Club” still held the reins. This bit of information about Rees and co wanting to privatize prisons, re-affirms that possibility.

It's a real bad hex these blokes are under, I reckon, brewed in 200-plus years of bad economic management in Australia's first state, New South Wales, thus as much instituted across the continent. While “Macarthurs Curse” remains in control, especially in our police forces, life can but only get more difficult for Australians.

This hex comes from the “north” out of Britain and Eurape, and is expressed in economic policies. The “privatize-privatize-privatize-” mantra of the last thirty, to 500 years (coincidentally in time with the so-called “Enlightenment” period of western thought), is shown to be dangerous, and with the latest collapses of hollow banks and mortgage-type corruption, Economic Scientists have been having a field day researching the evidence in stats and fluctuations etc., and rejoice in finding that such and such is to blame, and that the privatize-privatize-privatize system is not only wrong, but criminal.

From here forward, with Intelligence-Big-I in High Office in the USA, Russia, China and other nations, the evidence is being freed-up, and at last listened to by the decision-making authorities up there, and lower-down through to the Local Groups, so Scientists, Experts and Commentators are able to make public the Sound Intelligent Points against such as privatized prisons, and toilets etc., without the age-old fear of being bashed by “Packer's thugs”, or “dissappeared” by Kennet's henchmen, or the like.

Coming from the Hypothetical Impartial Zone in Issues of Policy, I maintain strongly that “prisons” as we know them, should not exist. Many agree with that, knowing so much more as we do about the corrupt laws which sign Youth to tarnished lives, for in-offensive habits, past-times, and rituals, and wars against a perverted culture.

President Obama's shutdown of Guantanamo prison struck many as a sign that we ARE in Times of “YES WE CAN” Change, and maybe a few hoped like me that this might be the catalyst for a more Sensible, Wise and Understanding Remediation Process, where the USA can lead the world in improving it's People thus it's Culture and Respect through Sound Law Reforms, including the atomizing of that outdated and badbadREALLYBAD culture of LOCK-'EM-UP! prison—type responses.

But HEY! Wakey-wakey! We are not there yet, for too much is invested in the saplings which grow out of the tree-trunk of a fundamentally corrupt culture. While it appears the 'hawks' of the last US Administration have backed-down, clearly their legacy is entrenched in all levels of the societies, prisons serve.

While I suggest that prison guard unionists may be fighting to maintain the culture which exists throughout NSW prisons, and that they know well enough that privatizing is right-wing hogwash, I expect there is strong resistance to my suggestions that they should not have those jobs. That “prisons” should not exist.

Get 'em down the pub, and in pensive mood, and they'd agree, I feel, but as usual, the issue which needs elucidation and education is too large for their much more 'parochial' portfolios, so it cannot (they “think”!?) be incorporated into the way they live or see the world, or how they can act in the workplace, the union office, protest or negotiation.

“Privatizing prisons” is OLD THEORY! Nathan Rees.

I say it's time you, wanting to be Reputable I expect, reached Higher for some Deeper Wisdom in Social Management Techniques, and surrender old theory for the accrued Scientific FACTS about this, that disgusting “Judeo-Christian” punitive approach to your fellow Country-Persons.

Fellow Country-Persons FORCED to “err” by those mighty forces of legal (and religious) corruption, first seeded here in the 1808 Rum Rebellion by monopolist devils, which and who now hide behind battalions of lawyers to escape Justice for their global speculative banking crimes.

As most all government departments and agencies in New South Wales are still buried under the anti-Intellectual leagl and political trash post-1808, Your Mission, Mr Rees, is to bring NSW out of the trance cast in the nineteenth century 1808 military coup, into not just the twentieth century in government Policy and Propriety, but ah? Hello? Into the 21st century.

Fabricating headlines about the Hard-Roader Bikers being evil scum, does NOT ONE THING for a more Just Society, the same as privatizing a phenomenon which should not exist at all.

Prisons, like privatizing them, belongs with the crumbling economic theories nowdays exposed as not only wrong but catastrophic. Theories which brought on the economic, social, cultural and environmental crises, crises bringing into doubt Humanity's SURVIVAL! Theories which now belong in the dustbin of socio-political and economic history.

Your Allies and Global Leaders, Barack Obama and the US Administration, and I suggest, to a lumbering Russia, China and faultering Britain, there is concurring belief that Humanity has a conclusive case for more socialist policies, right through the administrative process, to who sweeps the toilets, etc.

Enablement of this cannot begin without Genuine and Deep Reform to the standing laws in other Fundamental areas of government, remembering that “government” means “Wise Regulation of the Governed”.

So, while your media secretaries, political advisors, polsters and spin doctors warn against going to the REALPolitik Issues Humanity, Local and Global have to confront, like;
consumerism as a medication against one's own personal psychoses, and an enemy of a Secure, Wise and Happy Community, Village, Town, Region, City, State, Nation or Planet, like;
Evidence-based drug laws, like:
Economic Science-based Financial Policies, like;
the All-Encompassing Reforms needed NOW to schooling, indoctrination and Education, and to almost every other area of life in a seriously dysfunctional NSW. Yes, Sir, (indicating I trust you have the Accumen to understand my assertions) a dangerously mentally ill NSW, thus, of course, a similarly ill Nation of Australia.

the whole nation is threatened with the demise of all our best assets, acumen and Quality of Life.

But HEY! It's not our fault, Dude.

Following the same 18th century English prisons and general brutal societal/commerce models at this juncture will, I feel, put you out of government next election. For the last period of NSW Labor in government has many New South Welsh believing yours is the Australian equivalent of the now disgraced, deposed and exposed as WRONG government and administration of one Mr George W Bush of the US of A. A least a “States” version of the disasterously ignorant Howard Liberal government.

I'm sure to many, futility overwhelms hope that any-substantial-thing in NSW government, parliament, law, and Justice will change for the “YES WE CAN” Better Future.

Nevertheless, I plug-on....... as I plugged on-and-on to put the “lost sheep” Christo-Republicans out and the Best Thing since motorbikes Barack Obama into the White House. And the ALP into Canberra, and Victoria, and Queensland and and and......!

Many ruminate of the dream of “no state governments” here in Australia, but laugh at the prospects. Properly ORGANIZED States could however, with an increase in their number, and re-arrangement of boundaries to more Ecological and Aborigine Logic, function to everyone's Benefit, I'm sure.

But if you and your Cabinet cannot raise your heads above the parochial paraput of draconian and anachronistic beliefs on government, a la John Macarthur's Rum Corp, and say together “YES WE CAN!” also, you and the whole state of NSW are actively subverting the larger nation's Progress, and halting the laying-down of what we ALL will need in the dubious future.

Perhaps you Best begin by going through the legal fraternities with an axe! Metaphorically, of course!

For the level of Justice in NSW is at a most pitiful low, which brings us nicely back to the poor wretches who are illegally forced to bear the brunt of an wholly unjust, that-is CRIMINAL NSW legal system, set of laws, judiciary and models - the prisoners – and the Bikers stirring the possum from the INSIDE!

I tell you, Nathan Rees, out of Respect for you as Premier of a deeply corrupt state, that were you to take the bull of corruption by the horns here, and shake the shit out of it until it knelt-down to serious Land Law Reforms, serious Tax Law Reforms, and serious Drug Law Reforms, your political “other-half” on the other side of the Houses will be either totally unrecognisable or non-existent in the hearts of the voters in five-to-ten years, and those nasty, evil, smelly, crude and brutal Outlaw BIKERS, would be unrecognisable from the Best Citizens a Country, a True Country, could Hope to have.

A Mighty Task for a bloke whose dug holes for a living, sure!

Failure to so act, also, Nathan, will seriously hinder and undermine most all of the accumen, talent and Hopes existing in your Parent body, the Australian Federal ALP Government.

If your parochial NSW mob cannot appreciate that the Rudd government is the most Meritocratic government we have had here, and that therefore they should be given EVERY determination to Help the Common Cause, being, for a Wisely, Justly and Profitably Governed Nation, Region, Planet, then I would work to put you out of government.

I would I would..., were it not that the alternative will not go Green to my depth, and is intellectually bankrupt in the christian extreme, to the point of folly, and are part of the mob now being exposed as the worst economists on Earth.

Shake off the shackles of dead theocratic politics Mr Rees, and Ride The Wave of 21C Global “YES WE CAN” New Day REALPolitik.

Prison shutdowns preceeded by National Land Reforms, so the poor beggars (ex-cons) can have Land to stay on, one patch, long enough to know how to grow their own tucker, settle their battered hearts-and-Souls, and make for a Better Community around them.

I guarantee the Bikers would stop warring with anyone then!

But, the REALPolitik of a nationwide closure of prisons.....,

“Fat chance......!”

Then, you beg a Revolution into Life.


Omaxa bin Eartha
Outlaw, for
Global Land, Tax, Cult and Drug Law Reform.
Reforests of Godolonia


Federal parliament websites out of date?

Just flung this email off to the federal government's website manager, about the out-dated weblinks to government, parliament business in the Houses of Reps and Senate.

Just stirring the possum, I guess.


I just visited your web link;


having found it, but find that the page is dated

"No. 87
Thursday, 19 March 2009"?

The site states in the first paragraphs:

This site is updated every five minutes when the House is sitting. Regular refreshing of your screen will provide the latest proceedings through the day.

Being myself a net-ludite, has it's handicaps, but may I have an explanation as to why the site is not currently current with the day's proceedings?

Indeed, having checked a few other links in the same page, I find all are dated in March 2009 at the latest?

In consideration of Senator John Faulkner's Freedom of Information Reforms, there appears to be a difference between stated policy and online currency?


Max Earth

aka Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Nichols Cook-Meredith-O'Brien
aka Max Nichols Cook
aka Max No Difference

One cannot expect any substantial thing from it, but I did....


New Federal Broadband Network.

New Federal Broadband Network.

Comments 4-30pm Tuesday 7th April '09:

So far,so Good, is the first response to the Federal ALP's Broadband announcement.

Since these latest generations of internet etc facitlities have reached us, I've wondered whether the government is wise to “weld” itself to “hardwiring” infrastructure networks.

As society moves with the tide, in electronic and social and employment terms, while aware of my own peculiar situation of ten-plus years of living “on-the-road” as a homeless Nomad, so disenfranchised from a “permanent residence” like a house on a block of land, with a shed and garage, and electricity and telephone to the plug-'ole et al, and with a likely “transience” becoming a more common lifestyle for more and more Australians, I suspect that the more popular means through which Australians will “connect” will become via “wireless” or other means which do not need the hardwires etc of a static cable (posts-and-wires) network.

Please weigh-up the short and long term costs of hardware such as a cable network would need, as compared to broadband wireless towers as nodes of internet and telephonic connection.

I am aware there is concern about the EMR, electro-magnetic-radiation emitted by these airborn signals and energy waves. I am also told that we already have a myriad of these manmade electrical energy phenomena around us in the atmosphere, with some who have studied it expressing serious concern about it's effects upon the mental and physical health of people. The scare about mobile phones and cancer of the last few years is the same, I think, but of only one device. It seems there are a plenitude of them already, something which must be appraised before signing off on any project. Indeed, I suspect there is some merit in the concerns expressed, and suggest that this should be investigated by the federal government as soon as possible, covering the broader aspects of ELECTRO-MAGNETIC-RADIATION, it's presence, and dangers.

To stretch the Green tag a little, I am brought to suggest an eye be turned by someone toward establishing the effects that the apparent mass of EMR have on the animal realm, as in native, domestic and agricultural animals. I'm led to suspect that our o/d of EMR effects “things” on the “subtle” realm also, which may or may not be good for anyone...

Nevertheless...., As Ludite as I am, it does seem a staltifying step, even retrograde, to fix attention on post-and-wires and related hardware and maintenance for a communications system which is seemingly ever-evolving, and up to a less 'mechanical' structure. It may be that posts-and-wires would be harder to repair and maintain in adverse situations of climate, or, as far from us as it is, in times of war. Or in a period of economic depression.

In deciding which means and route the government takes, I think it's worth taking a moment to assess whether Australians will either become more mobile voluntarily, thus wanting and needing less of the “posts-and-wires” scenario, as wireless becomes more popular, affordable and accessible, or are forced into living a less settled existence, yet again, with the affordability and, AND, the more portable hardware.

Just flicking through the different scenarios in mind, it feels that the

We must remember that most of this technology has grown on the back of an industry which is commercially focused, therefore it may be that most of the options currently available to such as the Federal's broadband network are more profit-oriented than toward providing the BEST possible service to the punters.

As the mooted infrastructure is being built for a Purpose rather than for monetary profit, Mr Conroy and the PM would be lacking were they to not have discussions with “mature technicians”, who can weigh the FACTS, not the bottomline, not even the costs, and act as guides for the MPs in what is the Best way to have Australians affordably and geothoroughly communicate electronicly.

“Satellite” has much appeal, but to me it's one, likely to be too insecure, in that privacy, reach and control may be out of everyone's hands, and in the hands of a few 'information junkie' type corporations etc. Two, satellites may be too vulnerable to space-dust and junk, space weather, and martians (!). Three, satellites cannot be easily accessed for repair and maintenance. And, long term, in a war situation, satellites may be early targets by any sophisticated invaders.

As the Federal ALP is keeping-up the verve, in time with the President of the USA, and has strong support for a restructuring of many of our ailing structures and systems, the popular roll for government spending on the good bits needed in all areas of “infrastructure”, thus a more Balanced Socialism, if-I-dare-say (and as it seems we and other western nations agree), rather demands, “by Popular Vote”, that the corporate model of short-term “profit-motive” determining the Commonly used and enjoyed architecture (in soft and hard ware) of our “Patch” of Turf, be abandoned forever, so that governmental Intelligence is employed to make the future as Secure, Smooth and enduring as possible, for all of us.

I am not at all fully informed on these options, but thirty years of watching and thinking about these things, and about the greater good for society, leaves me with serious doubts as to the merit of more post-and-wires type systems of communication.


Omaxa bin Eartha.
Outlaw, for Global Land, Tax, Cult and Drug Law Reform
Reforests of Godolonia


Telstra - A failure and a theft!

Telstra - A failure and a theft!
by Max Earth
Monday 6th April 2009.

With tenders called for by the federal government, on the "roll-out" of Australia's promised broadband internet communications network, and with Telstra (Australia's shining public-gone-private failure of the last decade, thanks to the last bad-planners we idiots called the Liberal-National federal government), being excluded from tendering, excluded from bidding for the construction contract for the infrastructure etc., surely we must call for an inquiry which asks about WHAT Australians have a right to expect from, what still basicly applies - "our national telephonic communications carrier"?

What can be stopping the current Labor government in Canberra from "resuming" Telstra back into government ownership?

Surely the present share price says "RE-NATIONALIZE"?

Surely the litigation pending against the American and Eurapean high-flying bankers, corporate CEOs and other fraudulent "winners" of this current global economic crisis, with the EVIDENCE that such economic and commercial and business systems are ALWAYS doomed to failure, with the evidence stealing our homes and farms from around us telling us that the generic attitude which came to dominate Australian and global government and corporate finance these last ten-to-eighty years IS THEFT! & "DOESN'T WORK!", can the government and their global advisers not deduce beyond "confidence" and "hope" , that most of the bigtime corporate manouvres, takeovers, write-downs, restructuring, collapses, bankruptcies and rebrandings of the last ten-to-eighty years are in no small terms - CORRUPTED attempts to unbalance and seriously pervert the market.

the global marketplace we have come to pin-our-faith-to these last sixty to eighty years, is nothing but a wicked method by which the corrupt can most profitably protect and increase the corrupt.

Little wonder the NSW police leave it (the corporate marketplace) to do it's evil thing!

As most REALThinkers will concur, it behoves government everywhere to drag-in the anchor-chain a little, on these rancid supertanker freemarketeers, and in the fashion of President Obama's thus-far mere promises of bringing Justice to the banking and economic systems, simply DO YOUR MATH!

Even a forty year old taxi-driver can deduce without too many economics lessons, that divying-up the fundamentals of our telecommunications network and infrastructure to a swarm of effectively ineffective "middlemen" (Optus, Vodaphone, etc) profit-taking corporations is BAD economics, SHORT-TERM thinking, a THEFT upon the People, and is in the near-end - doomed to failure?

A few thousand unscrupled industry managers and hi-tech hi-flyers walk away with early retirement bonuses, fistfuls of dollars, debenchers, derivatives and dudd portfolios to their next corp-of-call, to try to begin the thieving process all-over-again!

With government guarantees!!!

Telstra today is an abomination, selling trivia to make-up for it's pathetic performance in the serious provision of networks, hardware infrastructure and simple Service to the customers.

Because a majority of telstra customers are giggle-brained teenage idiots who "hang-out" for the LATEST RINGTONEES!!!! and other useless, poor quality, short-lifespan electronic junk does not mean that the service should be tailored-down to suit only their levels of expectations and understanding of WHAT SERVICE ACTUALLY IS.

Because Telstra has the monopoly on "coverage" across Australia, does not mean they can disregard the requirements of the granny in the outback, or of the political activist in Cuba, or Uluruba.

The hubris and deceitful attitudes as come with the wave of black economics and magic these last twenty years from superEurapean banks and accountancy consultants (Arthur Andersen, KPMG Peat Marwick, HSBC, UBS, Macquarie), etc, etc., is being tried as we write in Eurape and the US, and if the Globe-ful of Judicial courts do NOT come down on the side of Justice-BIG-J, that-is with serious prison sentences for the "Maddoff" type of rortster, and with some serious-that-is-DEE-EEP Reforms to the "freemarket" and speculation economics system, as well as to the security systems of ALL nations, monopolies such as Telstra will only perform worse than they now do, cost the public and user more, abuse their rights of monitoring even more than they do now, and value for money will be a myth as false and evil a returned messiah!

The future will echo with accusations that the major-players in national economies and interests (multinational corporations, banks, automakers, etc) were quite deliberate in their hubris and bullshit, deliberately working and thievng to destroy the "public" side of Human social life. AND THE ECHOES MAY BE RIGHT!?!?!?

Telstra promotions and "phone plans" etc are utter rorts on the users, with many advertized products turning to dust once the money has been handed over. Either plans atomize or the quality of what is paid for is so low, so cheap and 3rd rate, one is almost insulted each time we open our phone or scan the Bigpond and Foxtel mobile websites and services.

The complaints service for Telstra is non-existent, passed waiting for many many minutes on an autovoice line, being transferred again and again, ending on dead-end lines with no resolution to any problems, and no return of stolen credit.

Theft of subscriptions is regular, and account history services tell the customer nothing, while unaccounted-for deductions occur beyond explanation, with no avenue for recourse, complaint or remuneration available.

There can be no doubt, however, that the high-class of telephony technicians the likes of Telstra has trained over the last 10 to twenty years, are quite enamoured of their semi-independent employment status, and the control they have in their hands under the privatized telco.

Privatization it must be remembered, is THE classic way of ensuring all profit is skimmed to those who parlay the same (wink-wink, nod-nod!) selfish, myopic way.

Telstra technicians enjoy some great benefits, and those of them who are under contract have a very "cush" life, with little or no obligation to high quality work. Claiming work expenses and other tax-deductions is also a guaranteed way of exacting a few more bucks and bonuses from the beomith corporation.

To the "post-Union era" employee (who entered the workforce after say, Bob Hawke's Prime Ministership), of self-confidence, a catholic education thus guarantee of "brotherly" brotherhood-type (in truth, "mafia-type") support, mememe--first, right-wing politics and a company vehicle, it matters zilch if the beomith is owned by a private group of corporate thieves, or by their own government. (of public thie....?)

It completely escapes them, as far as I've found in 20 years of cab-driving, that it was the safety of "The Collective" or "Union" which brought them the opportunities they now abuse against the Good Will of the Society they live in.

Instead of, until "privatization", a level-headed, sincere, mature, innovative, HONEST, adaptable and usually highly Intelligent, pragmatic workforce at the old Australian Telecom, Australians now have to deal with zero-rate services, zero-rate customer support and products decided upon by juvenile, inexperienced, overconsumptive, profitprofitprofit-first giggle-brained psychoes, who will say anything to win the debate, the boss's favor, or your hard-earned cheese-crackers.

NO! Privatization of telecommunications, in these days where we see exponential expansion into IT comms etc., by every sector and class of the nation and globe, has outlived it's purpose, such that the furtherance of privatization of our telco and of ANY utilities, becomes a crime against the People and against the State.

As for telephonic security! FORGET IT!

It has been known widely for decades that Telstra (nee-Telecom) is the electronic arm (or hearing-aid) of Australia's Secret Services. As these private school macho morons have been the henchmen of the British (and Roman) Colonial Office(s) for 221 years or so, it should be obvious that - in Australia - the British Overseas Secret Intelligence Organization - MI-6 - is listening to YOU! and YOU! and YOU! ON YOUR TELEPHONE LINE, whenever they get an itch that you are a HUMAN BEING, or don't like rugby, or threaten to become vegetarian, or...., are politically engaged in the argument for an INDEPENDENT AUSTRALIAN REPUBLIC!

"Permission"? from a J.P.!??? A court order to tap someone's phone?
Don't be silly, Billy! More "say anything" from the masters of destruction! These requirements are ignored daily by our sssooperssspies, so too by our police forces, no matter what they say in court and in refutation.

The federal government should be REALISTICPolitik in these affairs and face the facts: privatization is a rort and scam upon the public, upon the voter, and upon the secure future.

Censorship and monitoring is a waste, pernicious and delusional of the advocates, be they security services, private or public business or group of "concerned citizens".

Typical of the brainwashed clones (of soooperspies and coppers), they are giggle-brained idiots in truth, and when they are under-employed, they fill their timesheets with subversive activities of the highly immature kind.

Slightly more sophisticated, they nevertheless relish sneaking out to metaphoricly "bash" homeless persons, if they are heard to challenge the current dominant corruptocracy - usually Catholic or Freemason - and especially if they happen to be CORRECT in their allegations.

Excessive billing is one of their favorite methods of "screwing a leftie".

Numerous other methods have been devised by idle hands, in the idle hours of their shifts.

If Australians are to be lured into buying stock in such as our national telco, it is the responsibility of the government to secure those investments beyond all danger.

This can only be through resuming Telstra back into public ownership.

Uptil this millennial epoch, private corporations have held the reins of power, and for the most part, still do.

However, it's clear that in the planet's most-upper-echelons, a "Will for the Greater Good to be done" has been sparked into life, yet against huge "inhouse" odds.

Most Humans don't want to see the end of the world through Human excess and corruption, and even some, way up there in the towers of Babylong Kong et al have been "turned" so-to-speak, and would help the solutions now rather than insanely impede Genuine Human Progress (Usually NOT of the concrete tower type) , as they have done for a psychotic half-century or so.

The largest monopolies, in no matter which field or industry, by their dominance of the market, naturally accrue to public ownership by the People.

So again it should be with our telecommunications monopoly - Telstra.

Finally, as this has turned into a letter to Senator Steven Conroy Australia's Federal Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, I put it that, as in a recent blog-posting of mine, in times of crisis and war, "communications" is ESSENTIAL.

Today, in 2009 with the several calamities forecast as coming humanity's way over the next decades, good, affordable, efficient and SECURE communications, now at least telephonic-and-internet-communications, will determine whether Australians and the whole planet make it through whatever YHVH and Lucifer decide to throw at us.

In the past, where the centralization of power has been the norm, "good communications" only mattered to the elites, to those with an active hand in events of national defense, business, corruption, war etc.

Today, with "The Knowledge" spread further than any "word" of the last 5,000 years, Knowledge about what each and every Human Being CAN DO personally and for the Community to both save themselves, their kiddies and the larger, global environment, and with threats that large amounts of what we already know will soon be useless, communications becomes vital not only for the war-office, but for every Man Woman and Child to survive.

All of the Human Race must learn quickly, an whole new deal of information and such about how we can survive the economic depression, the environmental changes, the inevitable social breakdowns and loss of law and order. Schools can not hope to transmit the knowledge effectively to whole families, whole communities etc.

Therefore it will be essential that as much of the communications infrastructure, networks, hardware and software be accessible AND affordable to EVERYONE. If the government were to own the body of necessary structures, costs can be kept to a minimum, for removal of the "profit" factor, to the degree that, with other government policy corrections, internet broadband and telephonic services could and should be free to all.

As it is, the only reason we must pay for the relevent services and wires-and-posts for our electronic comms, is because the selfish, "private" multinational profiteers have been running the show for so long they think it's theirs and theirs alone to profit from and manipulate evermore bucks from the public users' pocket.

There is no science in today's free market, aside from the science of machiavellianism. Lying to the public costs big corp a lot. There's the cost of promoting and advertizing monster lies, then there's the cost of retaining a pathological liar at the helm as Chief Exaggeration Officer.

Then there's the costs of keeping a battallion of lawyers to defend any lies which some heathen scum challenges in court.

Then there's the cost of retaining and keeping entranced an whole army of moronic middle-management zombies, all who expect moremoreMORE for-and-from every lie told.

Then there's the cost of telling bigger lies than the competition, and so it goes, until one day everyone is standing on an huge pile of utter bullshit, when it collapses into toxic dust and slush.

THEN, the government has to pay the private corp executives for destroying potentially profitable people, businesses, industries and nations in "BAIL-OUTS" and rescue packages. Then there's the allied industries" debarkles when they have no more work, so must be susso-ed onto the dole from the public's purse.

NO! Private ownership and managemant of the fundamental telecommunications and broadband internet products and services anywhere on Earth is a rort and must be ended as soon as possible.

Indeed, as I said above, in times of emergency, crisis and war, sound, secure communications is fundamental to victory. Today this is necessary for everyone. Only by again making our telco a publicly-owned corporation can this be achieved, and it should AND CAN BE achieved to the degree that the bottomline facilties, services and core-products are FREE to every Australian.

And the hardware should be provided by Intelligent providers with ZERO planned obsolescence built-in, and from Local Council supported retail outlets.

Ziggy Szwitzkowsky and Sol Trejillo were choices of the OLD era of theoretical management of telecomms systems and global crises. As Trejillo flies out (at the end of yet another failure of a Telstra financial year?), back to corporate chaos in the USA or Mehico, quietly we breathe relief for this being a sign that the old, ruthless, hubristic crap capitalism of the last Brit-Eurapean corporate-colonialist era has been expurgated from our gullible Australian mindset(s).

Like returning the businesses of drainage, sewerage, light-and-power, roads, rail and bicycle pathes, energy and education back into the most Wise control of a more Intelligent DEMOCRATIC government than any since the Fall of the Continental Indigenous Government of Uluruba in 1788, the science, the ECONOMIC SCIENCE, and a long look out your cabinet window, repeatedly affirms that our telecomms corporation belong to US!

To all Australians.

Senator Steven Conroy!

Resume Australia's Telstra back into public ownership, Sir, if you have the Will for the Good Government of our nation, Her people, and of our Collective Future.


Omaxa bin Eartha
The Highwayman Outlaw, for
Global Land, Tax, Cult and Drug Law Reform.


The Mind..., The Mind...,

The Mind..., The Mind...,
A Creature Sublime.
A Welltank of Concepts and Ideals Refined!

Dreamer of Sparks, Growing NOW! To Life.
Frenzied attempts at Success,
Admixed in endless strife.

From Each, a Multiverse expands out to Being.
And to it Souls go, foolishly fleeing......

The Mind, The Mind,
The Creature Sublime.....

Where ALL Manifestiverses are Born and Defined......

Internet censorship, child porn and illegal political porn!

Hohoho! Just tried to blog this on the BBC/news blogpages, but was blocked!?
I Ronical?

Internet censorship has been active since the 'net's beginnings.

Sensationalist media and public members jump on high horses about child porn, filthy and perverted I agree, but what do we hear about those who champion serious political Issues, and the stymee-ing or illegal censoring they constantly have to fight?

The same applies to phone-tapping by government telecom and private corps, in that it has been active against Genuine political change since Alex Bell's invention.

REALPolitik Advocates are the ones voters must seek secure internet and telephonic communications for, so that REALPoliticians can bring-out the Knowledge necessary to Stabilize the Local and Global Societies, in-one reducing dysfunctional communities propensity to breed pervs, rapists and deviates.

In this Global Everything Meltdown or GEM, as in any crisis or war situation, communication is crucial. Now, not just for the high-rollers, but for EVERYONE to access the info and Knowledge needed to be Perpetually Sustained, I Advocate that today's global governmental consensus would accelerate Humanity's actual PERFORMANCE toward Survival by making the internet system of comms., freely available to any with the hardware.

And the rude commercial profit reduced somewhat on the planned obsolescence hardware.

But this has to be partnered by more fundamental governmental reforms as well, perhaps being begun at the G20 meeting this week?

If the People are released from fear of going-to REALPolitik Issues and the Logical Reforms following, I reckon many otherwise wanton crims, pervs, and the Common Lazy, would be inspired to get dirt under their nails, knowing the right-wing secret agent-type thugs were happy to help, as they are Learning to be.

A Call, perhaps..., to MI6, ASIO, et al.

I think the "game" is up. If this week's G20 doesn't act as catalyst for some REALCHANGE, it's failure is quite likely to spark some serious protesting, worldwide, in many forms....

Funds to the needy industries and nations (thru' the IMF???) must go to settling unemployed in Green SUSTAINABLE lifestyles, including jobs.

I.e., Green industry in all sectors.


This, is what the Internet is being perfected for, methinks.

Censorship by anyone one or party should be resisted.

Get the Politics and Laws Right, and Rebalance our Souls, Mr Kevin Rudd, Mr Barack Obama, Mr Gordon Brown, Et Al.

Omaxa bin Eartha

Hamas DOES have a Point, you know?

Hamas DOES have a Point, you know?
By Omaxa bin Eartha
2-00am, Thurs 2nd April '09

It seems to be destined to go-on forever, this Israeli, Palestinian shammozzle?

Globally, the last thirty years has seen an explosion of bad political decisions, much dictated by the “ELDERS” of Judaism, be-they based in Miami, London, Tel Aviv, New York, Hollywood, etc.

Most of the higher-ups of the world know about the “stage-show” that Israel was, in the years prior to the British invasion of Palestine. Sympathies were turned to enormous advantage for Jews, who, tragically, had suffered too long, the landlessness.

The best of the world media's talking heads don't dare go to the questions of facts-versus-fabrication in terms of how the leadership, of most nations, want the people to remember history.

Israel, case-in-point. So too, the last eight-to-sixty years of the US Administration. Sure, both had their good points..... and good moments.

The superiorist confidence which grew with the fanaticisms in the US Republican politic, said they could rewrite history to suit their future agenda. That way, serious errors and flaws in their policies were turned away from, “MOVING FORWARD!!!” style, simply because to admit error, failure bad choice, bad intelligence, etc, would burst the bubble of magic spells which had them and the punters tell themselves, “We are RIGHT!” “We can do ANYTHING!” The Law is ours to turn to our advantage. It's a free market, etc etc. Saddam is evil..... etc?

Israel has been riding on the global lamb's back for eons, at least for decades. But not without a struggle. Ce la vie.... It feels like a strange macabre irony that what I suspect is the global landless of old, the Jews, working their Wise and wiry way into having an enormously inordinate “interest” in the banking, taxation, real estate, civil service, government and property speculation industries, such that now, or until the recent GEM, the Jews had a larger controlling interest in the planet's real estate!

Real estate – LAND – and how humans relate to It, being the, THE crux of our present econocrisiseses. Land and resource MONOPOLISM.

As put in my last blog, it feels like the support for the state of Israel may wane due to the possible deconstruction of the Brit-Euro banking/tax-haven scams. There's no doubt that the diffusion of Brit-Euro banks, a la Credit Swisse, UBS, et al, are chockablock with Jewish customers, be-they from the massively lucrative global jewelry industry and it's allies, the mining industries, drug cartels (for we know that BIG-BIG-VERY-BIG drug cartels have money coming in for those who are so high up on the elite scales that no-one can touch them), pharmaceuticals, oil, etc. Then there's weaponzzz....

Sad as it is to say, the waning of Israel's influence in Hollywood, er, oh, I mean Washingmachinetown, Miami, and the banks of the Cayman islands, the Bahamas, Lichtenstein, Zurich, London et al, is likely to occur, not so-much for Israel's transgressions of the Law, in as much in their rather tiresome attempts to rewrite their illegal colony's 60-plus year history, but by their own greed in farming the planet's real estate and other industries into their own theo-monopolistic or monotheistic “stable” of racehorse and longterm moneymaking schemes. The Chosen Tribe complex.

However, again, the wise, wiry and wily Jew, as a cult, cultural force on Earth, have been quite awake, funnily enough, for towsands-and-towsands of years..., of the rude injustices of the system of life in a not-so-Economic population and thus Balanced Earth, and, while ensuring by all “OH VEY!”-means they got themselves right-in-there, in the lever-rooms of the world's powerplay, and often steered the policies of Kings and Queens for centuries, and cannot avoid taking their fair share of responsibility-nay-culpability for the current global economic and environmental meltdowns, there's no doubt also, that the scheming bullnoses have been planting themselves in as many BIGBIG corporations, civil services, banks and whatever else weighs-much in big bucks organizations to “BRING IT DOWN!!!”

Bring down..., the “Babylon” of Mammonic cult -tures and it's error-laden, indeed perilously threatening cult of monopolistic, one person-type systems of leadership, the root of “individualism” and consequent social and cultural breakdowns.

I divine that monopolocracies, one person-type systems of leadership, will always have the mono, the monarch, lean to their own advantage in the long run. This will be due always (I say I say!!) to sycophancy, lust for power by others through successful appeals to the boss, and the trappings gained while in the Lord's favor. Most Lords I suspect learn that to stay Lord, albeit too soon enough figureheadish, they must accede to the demands of the naughty knights, who would blackmail the king, undermine him/her, betray the throne, sleep with the missus... etc, were the king to be a Real King and resist corruption, injustice, ignorance, self-interest and actually help the poor, etc.

But that's an aside in relation to this article's aim.

Babylon, as the elite monster of wealth has always been known, is the threat to the species, and our fellow earthlings. The Jews realize this, regrettably for many in Miami and Hollywood, I'm sure, and many would bring it down, were it possible.

ALAS! Look what we have? A global socio-economic and environmental write-down with more to come in the nearing dEEPression.

Babylon is falling. Babylon which the Jews have done so much to build “HIGHER HIGHER! To the Heavens YHVH!!!

And what have they used, or made to destroy Babylon? But Babylon!

We cannot be so sure that “confidence” is such an important influence on how the markets and shopping centres stay in positive territory, or not.

Clearly, the current meltdowns-plural, are being “arranged” by Messrs Jew and Kabal Inc, with of course, serious admixtures from the “fondi” or the elites of seriously BIG MONEY Eurape and Britain.

This has to be seen as good. No doubt the Wise Eye in all our Cultures has seen clearly the flaws and threats inherent in the post-industrial-revolution “western” culture.

So too, they MUST have seen, perhaps from before the 1947-48 invasion of Palestine, what a mistake such a Zionist war would be. But what hope of stopping a fanatic Prophet culture?

It, and the others growing near-as independently around the world, once set-off, once having the matriarch bite that apple, must be let to exhaust themselves. Like the criminal “war on drugs” of the last decade-and-century, soon enough the call for a review, or for some more simple Justice, will be loud enough, the evidence clear enough, that the powers-that-pull-the-levers will listen, and move to Properly Correct the errors in Law, or wherever the faults are found.

As Barack Obama struggles with the deadly legacies of the last one, two, three hundred years of originally Brit-Euro over-confidence in government and private privilege, and as the whole world at last turns to face itself in terms of “WHAT THA FUCK ARE WE DOING HERE? NOW! ON EARTH! OUR ONLY PLANET!?!??!?!?!?!?!? - with growing support allover for a serious review of world economics, the whittling-away of the “spin”, leaves us with bones of the involved agenda, and we are able, with less confused heads, to picture again, perhaps for the first time, that Israel as a state, is illegal.

Because of that, it is Proper that it, the state of Israel, should not exist.

However, while many of us would curse the Jew, no matter his/her language, color, or koshanesses, it is not the Jewish People who should not exist.

Hamas, I feel deeply, agree with this. They are intelligent People. They are Practical People. They are People of Abraham's Tribe. Brothers with the Jews.

So “WHY?” must the Jew oppress the Islamic Palestinians, if they are from the same Origins, Lands, Creeds, Cults and Cultures???

Media regurgitate “Plans” for Palestine/Israel put by each passing diplomat.

“Two State Solutions”. Walls. Settlements. Skuds. Katooshkas. Tanks. MORE! Shitfighting......


Nyetenyahoo! Livny! Fatah! Hamas! Perhaps it's NOT the PEOPLE, but the mechanism?


If I were Palestinian, I feel sure I also would call for the destruction of the state of Israel.


The STATE. That is...., that which forms out of unsustainable terms and conditions, and is sustained by in-the-end, delusional, illegal and improper laws. Laws which seem to have grown out of an hubristic delusion which said that as we are the wealthiest and most advanced warring cult on Earth, (a la Cecil Rhodes and the Zionist Oxford sette, conspiring with the white, British Freemason ruling elites) however WE see the Law, MUST BE RIGHT!

And what has this “state” thing been based upon forever? Territory. “MY TERRITORY!” “MY VINE YARD!” MY VIEW OF THE MEDITTERANEAN!”

These paranoias about territory grow from a lack of it. Or from a lack of fair and equitable rights to access a piece of land to grow the kids and the vegies, and the olives, and the grappa, and the Herb Superb........

Separating ourselves into differing, then opposing groups, with each claiming the moral or legal high ground, and the legal bills to keep their thugs out of jail, has been the emotional past of Humanity's Sojourn. It always evolves, or descends into the streetfight for “Turf”, the Patch. A Homeland.


As the GEM of global finance is showing the world, the system, of banking, taxing and regulation as we've had dropped on us since the IMF bought the English parliament in 1783, or thereabouts, (but perhaps has been planned by Rome for 1700 years?) can only survive if the producers have an endless supply of resources. Running out of resources means a search for more, or for alternatives.

So too with the staid, anachronistic and very unbalanced concepts of Nations, states, borders, walls, farm and garden fences.

As if we've run out of ways to make the world exclusive to those who are up the king enough, we have to rearrange the priorities, and go hard at exposing the most dangerous strictures that “states”, nations, or “economic exclusion zones”, have on the PEOPLE.

No matter whether they are Jewish, Islamic, African, or from New South Wales!


But LEAVE THE PEOPLE, to get on with Living with each other, Jew, Yid, Islamist, Arab, Leb, Syrian, Iranian, Afghan, as Sister and Brother.

As you know, this goes back to my assertions about a year or more ago, that the whole of the Middle East must bight the bullet, and with the Wisdom of all their Elders, bring the region together as a People of United Interests, by bringing down all your borders, resuming ALL the Land into a Common Authority (decentralized and Localized), according to the Prophets, Wise People and Levites of the early Testaments.

Remember where You all come from.

And remember where the three Creed's Peoples lived in Harmony until the beginnings of the twentieth century.

Jeru Shalom!

Omaxa bin Eartha.
Outlaw, for Global Land, Tax, Cult and Drug Law Reform.
Forests of Godolonia,