Is Parliament in Australia Working Effectively, and to the COMMON Good?

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What if, at every election, Federal, State and Local Council, over the next three years, voters could place either of three votes;

a, “1” their preferred candidate (as usual)

b, “1” Government is NOT working, and “2” their preferred candidate,

c, “1” Government is NOT working.

The “donkey vote” or the “informal vote” is large enough, even at 10%, to mean that they HAVE TO BE COUNTED or considered.

Compulsory voting makes people go to the polling booth, and the DIV (“donkey informal vote”) indicates that that percentage who place a DIV are not happy with the electoral and or governmental system.

The DIV is their law-abiding way at election time of expressing their dissatisfaction.

Therefore, they should not be ignored and should be given credit by the system for at least attending the polling booth and casting a vote.

That they do not choose a candidate does not mean they are unworthy of being heard.

Indeed, today, with the constant recognition by an increasing number of voters, that our system is broken, perhaps the DIV voter should be given MORE opportunities to have their say?

I recall that sometimes the DIV has been as high as 30% of the vote.

This must mean that if enough voters are NOT HAPPY with the system, to that high extent, then they and their vote have to be recognised.

It also means that there is something seriously wrong with the current system, if up to 30% have no faith in any candidate?

And it means that if the DIV are ignored by the “authorities”, the “authorities” are corrupt, and look not to the Proper functioning of the electoral and governmental system.

But, perhaps “Informalists” would be less inclined to vote DIV if we had the improved system of “Proportional Representation”?


Being Set-Up?

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Since my being illegitimately conceived, I've been the victim of “set-ups”.

Realising this, is an ongoing business, and seems, at 55 y/o, as if it has no end.

But who else is being or has been set-up?

Perhaps all of us, perhaps to feed some HU-UGE monster, p''raps of the Jewish, Roman, Illuminati or Freemason kind?

Sensationalised in the news of the last few weeks, have been four extraordinary assaults on young girls, and a young boy. I think two of the girls were found dead, so too the boy, while a third girl, a 14 y/o, escaped two alleged kidnappers while walking home from school in daylight.

Following politics, and general social news-events as I do, I find, when the numbers are added, that these four events, and others, fall well within the circle of “set-ups”.

One of the young girls, a six y/o I think, was allegedly kidnapped from her bed in her suburban home, sexually abused and killed, by a 19 or 20 y/o Aborigine man.

In the latest, last week the 14 y/o girl, from a Brighton school in a swank, beachside suburb south-east of Melbourne, escaped the two alleged kidnappers, whom she apparently described, one being “a 190cm tall dark-skinned male, with short curly black hair.”

One has to question the veracity of all such allegations these days, what with a tremendous amount of fiction passing as legitimate news, and especially when they are repeated for days and weeks, on-the-hour, on agenda-ridden media such as those owned by the Murdoch dynasty, et al.

But clearly privately-owned media are not the only culprits of pushing exaggerated and fabricated stories.

The British BBC, the Australian ABC, and no doubt most other government-run media outlets and sources of information deploy so-called “news items” to suit their own end-game.

I guess one question is “how 'interlinked' are the world's media outlets today?”

In this era of globalisation, we can have no doubts that such gatherings have been the focus of secretive clubs, and giant organisations. The last one hundred years has seen this phenomenon accelerate with the progress of communications and military technology, to the point where the masses, of the free world at least, are totally under the sway of the overlord agenda-setters of the planet's clearly “Zionist” media “cabal”.

Just what is their agenda, or final goal, I'm left to guess, being sent into exile for and by both so-called “allies” and enemies alike. So I get nothing from the inside, as-it-were, and am left to deduce “purpose” and agenda and methodology from what I observe, and from what thereafter my mind, as much as it is “mine” (a gold “mine” for the devil to manipulate, of a certainty!) can add-together, or deduce, or perhaps 'divine'.

As there is a blanket of silence surrounding my own existence, for the devil has been 'on-my-case' for most of my life, making it impossible for me to associate with others, and especially impossible for my mother or others to tell me that I'm born to inherit the throne of England, and the rest, but also, and-OFF-into-myth-we-go, the throne of David, King of the Jews!!!!! (?), much of the media-watching-and-commenting I do, depends upon some degree of 'speculation'.

NOT something I prefer! Perhaps only because the word is so regularly tied to the word 'property', and I will go to my grave asserting that property speculation is the most destructive work of the devil.

This, as an aside, brings-up the definition of the word “devil”.

Recently I was perusing an old “Annandale's etymological dictionary” and found that the root Latin word for “devil” is the not unknown “diabolus”. This old word breaks-down as “dia”- asunder - which means 'to divide', and “bolos” - 'the earth'. So, if we transpose that meaning over to the above allegation that 'property speculation' is the most destructive work of the devil, it can be seen that the devil is the one who 'divides the earth', just as the current 'western' real estate models of land ownership are doing.

What can possibly be the 'end-game' of such players, but the destruction of any Intelligently governed society.

Here, in order to get to the root of 'set-ups', I feel it's necessary to deconstruct most everything we take as OK. There's an old saying “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions”.

Looking at the world in “big picture” mode, where one tries to take all things into consideration, a grand task, and possibly impossible, so we can encapsulate what we need most to know to minimise the otherwise impending destruction of the human race, or possibly some 9/10s of it, I consider all I know about our wayward path.

Going back, through the records, and through the accessible archaeological evidence, helps, and I feel I've done that.

For the modern world, the Jewish “Tora” or the “Old Testament” is full of clues about our failings, and about the things we really do need for our own species, and our habitat's salvation.

Years ago I began using the term “the golden calf tribe” as representative of the dark human force on Earth. Straight from the Bible, obviously.

I assert that perhaps the Jews have been infected and subverted by the GCT since Moses' time.

But it's hard to assert this without considering the tools any GOOD Guys would need to resort to, if they were cognisant of how manipulative the devil can be, and is.

In the 14th century or so, the fellow “Machiavelli” wrote “The Prince”, and in it defined that, in essence, the Honorable Prince, or ruler of a Principality, the early word for a province, or region under one monarchic, dynastic families control and care on the peninsula of today's Italy, must be prepared to employ the lowest and meanest methods against any enemy.

It DOES seem that this is the rude fact of the matter of government today, and of all time.

Therefore we, or I, have to take care in assessing and/or
condemning the likes of the ancient AND modern Jews, because old Moses may very well have been fully aware of what Machiavelli defined five millennia later.

So any “golden calf tribe” which the Tora writes of, could in fact have been a tribe of Wisened old dudes who saw the need, and took the overt position of shattering the apparently Godly Traditions and beliefs?

Following this to it's conclusion, applying it to today's shitfight, of, overtly, the Jews of Israel and their apparent war against, and subversion of all genuinely Just social and/or political movements and organisations, again, overtly, the Islamic Peoples of the Middle-East, it seems important to get to the bottom of this, to define correctly what and who our enemies are.

As well, it's fundamental that we/I establish the veracity or “rightmindedness” of the mobs who began the theories and practices of bringing the world under control.

I could take the inquiry back 16 or 1700 years, to the infamous “Councils of Nicea” where the Roman Emperor Constantine sought to establish what was correct in terms and in the practices of the new powers in the followers of Jesus ben Joseph in the Roman Empire. This, and the agenda of bringing the whole world under the control of Rome?

Can I correctly connect those meetings and their conclusions with the expansionism out of Britain and Eurape from about the 15th century-on? And need I?

Perhaps not?

But in terms of such grand agenda, and in terms of “plans-too-big” being the most susceptible to delusion and flaws (“power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely!”), and of Britain's “plan” to own the whole planet, there is always the devil to keep under scrutiny, or, in mind.

Therefore, in regards to where the planet is today, seemingly on the brink of major upheaval, culturally, technologically, environmentally, and possibly tectonically, all the above referred-to 'events' and manipulations have to be weighed on the same set of scales, if-I-may.

So too, the devil, or that which divides the Earth.

To this, it has to be recognised that it was the British, and no doubt with their Eurapean elite cohorts, who first began dividing the planet up into what we accept as proper today - “nations”.

THIS, is perhaps the classic case of diabolic work, where “the Earth is divided”!

As history tells us, most all of the world was ruthlessly divided, by the most wealthy and powerful mob the Earth had ever seen - the British East India Company (BEIC), which now calls itself the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Ancient, Balanced, Wise, Strong and Harmonious Tribes - Nations - of African, of South and North American, of Asian, Indian, Arabic, and Australian Aborigine (and no doubt others) were callously, and either ignorantly, or deliberately divided into new groups, and were prevented from communicating and associating across the imposed 'borders'.

Also, the sectors who were cut-off from their old Lands, and from their Ancient extended families, were forced to cohabit with their People's traditional enemies, causing ongoing chaos, war, and further division, at the tribal levels down to the smallest familial levels.

Through much of the increasingly more powerful British recent history, the monarchs had Jewish Rabbis, or wealthy merchants et al, in their inner circles of advisers, etc.

Clearly, all tribal and national leaders have always been aware of the powers of the occult, and that this was integral and fundamental to keeping the throne of power beneath their butts. Of the more recent era, of say, the last six or eight hundred years, in England and Britain, the thrones have changed hands many times, and no doubt brute strength has won the day often.

The BEIC grew enormously in wealth through plundering the colonies of the USA, Africa, India, Asia and Australia, and so were able to 'buy-off' men to fight their filthy plundering wars, and to afford R&D in weapons development, warships and the other necessary equipment.

“Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely!”

So..., with all the enormous power the biggest force on Earth had, it is more than likely that some of their plans were a little bit grandiose, a little bit beyond the possible, and were thus, more than susceptible to serious flaws. Flaws which, may not manifest until it is too late to change direction, or to correct the plans. Flaws which may, once becoming effective, as a flaw will eventually break something, cause irreparable damage to the object it was designed to control.

In this case, the case of Jewish, or British or IMF plans to conquer and control and own the whole world, the object is the whole planet!

So, back to our little suburban nightmares, where children are allegedly grabbed from their beds, raped and murdered, “by dark-skinned men, and Aborigine”, and to other very parochial news events, which attempt to tell the dangerously cheap, and unintelligent public that Australia is falling into utter anarchy, it is vital that every one of us, who votes this 2010 election year, at state and federal elections, take a very critical look at what we are told to believe, by the extremely agenda-setting global media, a la the Murdoch News Media, Foxtel, the government ABC, and especially the British BBC, et al.

Last Friday night, Foxtel's “Sky news” made much of FIVE stabbings across Melbourne, wanting to send the masses into panic mode, no doubt.

One alleged “event”, was where a family threw a party in East Bentliegh, and had a security guard on hand in case.

Sure enough, even with that seemingly safe bet, four youths 'gatecrashed' the event, and....., the security guard, who turned out to be a friend of the family, possibly with no training or qualifications, was slashed.

Sky news was on the case, and that night was there to interview some of the young male party-goers. One, (no name) told the camera that “apparently a meat-cleaver” was used to slash the guard. As soon as he said that, another chap standing behind him said “or a bottle”. In the same breath, the first youth agreed.

The Sky news footage showed police attending the address, but it was not for some 20 or so hours before Sky news showed a policeman, holding a meat-cleaver. That shot lasted for about two seconds, so I am not convinced that the man was a policeman, for it was impossible to tell from the shot exactly what his shoulder badge represented, nor whether the shot was at the actual party address, or in any way connected to the party and to the alleged gatecrashers.

It goes on and on and on!

All these recent reports of a widespread rise in “knife-crime” are clearly trying to suggest to the dumb-as sponge-like public, that there is some underground conspiracy, as if run by some powerful and extremely vicious organisation, which is determined to destroy everything our white, Christian excessively corrupt, over-consuming, materialistic and, as reported recently “most sinful” Australian society and culture stands for?

Add to that, the allegation of a “dark-skinned man with black curly hair” and one alleged arrest of an Aborigine man, in two kidnapping events.

Then, add to these, the Honorable Peter Garrett's demotion by the Labor Prime Minister this week, over mismanagement of the government's home insulation scheme.

Firstly, the veracity of charges by the draconian Liberal party leader Tony Abbott that Garrett should take full responsibility for the four deaths of people either installing aluminium foil or being in some way connected with the houses are shallow and would not hold water, were the whole “affair” placed under a trustworthy inquiry.

Garrett cannot be held responsible for the installation procedures which killed the 4 men. But no breakdown of the facts was attempted by the government, and Garrett was left to be dunked deeper and deeper into a vat of sensationalist claims by the Opposition, until, popular media, the same global “flawed agenda” media of Murdoch and their “co-zionists” within the ABC who have sensationalised the so-called “upsurge in knife-crime” across Melbourne, effected Labor's undisclosed internal polls to decide that Garrett had to be demoted.

Garrett's hatcheting was without doubt part of a larger plan.

We could go back and inquire about all events leading-up to Garrett's demotion, and I guarantee we'd find gaps in the evidence.

Today, there's no doubt that some such events are total fabrications, such that they never actually occurred.

Or, and this is not paranoia, as my detractors would love to assert, events were themselves 'set-ups' from the beginning.

I have serious doubts as to the veracity of the two six year old girls kidnapping and one girls death.

I also have no doubts that there are some in the Liberal party of Australia, AND in Labor, who would condone murder of children so-as to have the public terrified, and police calling for increases in security.

I write this because events of the last decades elsewhere on the planet were clearly set-ups.

“9/11”, 2001, was one.

Reports which came out on the day, and in the days immediately following the two planes flying into the World Trade Center in New York, reported enormously differing occurrences to those which have since been adopted by the aforesaid “mainstream” western media as true.

As examples:

Actual video footage of the hole left in the Pentagon taken either on the day, or on the day after. By the size of the hole, and that there was no damage from nor detritus of a passenger jet's wings anywhere showed clearly, it was not a passenger jet!

Reportage of a witness saying he heard what sounded like a rocket or missile flying over him, toward the Pentagon.

Video footage of the planes taken as they flew overhead and hit the WTC showed they were NOT passenger jets.

Charges against Iraq's President Saddam Hussein saying he had “weapons of mass destruction” were found to be untrue, unfortunately for Hussein, not until well after millions and millions had been spent finding him and hanging him, and not until after Iraq was invaded and bombed to a pulp.

Claims that Iraq was an el Qieda centre were found to be false, but not until thousands of lives, on both “sides” were lost.

More recently, I received an e-newsletter from alJazeera news service, containing an article by “Jeff Gates” who is author of “Guilt By Association, Democracy at Risk and The Ownership Solution”. (See www.criminalstate.com. He was counsel to the US Senate Committee on Finance 1980-87). In the article he details facts NOT told to us by any of our mainstream media, be they of the murky Murdoch mobsters or of THEIR ABC, about the “Christmas Day crotch bomber” who supposedly tried unsuccessfully to bring down a passenger jet on-route to the USA on Christmas Day, 2009.

Israel is mentioned, in it, with decidedly devious intonations and exposures about their behind the scenes activities leading-up to that alleged attempt by the Nigerian fellow. Also, I think I recall it saying that the expected follow-up increases in airport security profited Israeli security technology corporations, with links to the alleged bomber's banker father!?

Here is the article's name and link:
Christmas day crotch bomber tied to Israel, FBI
Link: http://www.aljazeera.com/news/articles/42/Christmas-day-crotch-bomber-tied-to-Israel-FBI.html

With none of our media, state and national security services in police and in ASIO saying anything about the deeper corruptions in the above exampled affairs, in regard to the most recent news items covering the assassination of the Hamas Executive in Dubai, and the mal-use of three Australians' passports in that assassination plot by Israel's secret service 'Mossad', although our PM tells the media and public one thing about taking Israel to task over passport theft etc, there can be no doubt that he and the Australian Labor Party, are very-much in bed with their counterparts in our houses of parliament, state and federal to subvert any reformist political moves.

Indeed, fearless, with shotguns being fired near me in the forest, a forest which has no native animals, nor wildlife left since the bushfires of February 2009, so nothing but trees to shoot at, I assert that all the news sensationalist items about increases in knife-crime, Aborigines involved in child murder and the deliberate humiliation of pro-environment Champion Peter Garrett, by both sides of the House, are fabrications devised by the Liberal-Nationals-Labor cabal who are playing along to the tune of the alien, foreign, zionist IMF plunderers.


Clearly they are petrified that their little “down-under” playground and resources bonanza called Australia is being dragged out of the slumber the IMF put us in these last 200 years, by the fellow who has recognised and United into one quite powerful AND RIGHTEOUS REALPolitik Force, the Three Wise Tribes of Aborigine, Greens and Bikers!

In all humility, and reluctantly, I say that fellow is me.

Me, the puppet raised from conception to be the elite-of-Britains' puppet king, with suggestions of direct blood-links to the Jewish Prophet Jesus ben Joseph, therefore to the fortunes of the Throne of the Hebrew King David!?

Me, who has come late to establishing any of these family links to extreme wealth and power.

Me, who has like a good little Jewish puppet, been guided to
inquire into the world's Spiritual and Economic Realities, to find the FACTS behind them, to be caught in a hex of dark and devious proportions, until I cannot climb out, and while the world around me cannot be honest with me, remain in part-forced, part-chosen exile, rejecting “all-the-wealth-of-the-world” caring nothing about whether the psychos 400 metres or so behind me are my assassins, reject the suggestions that I can be the nation's ruler, nor indeed the planet's ruler.

The insane zionist, Liberal-Labor-IMF puppet-King!

As I blogged last week around Peter Garrett's morass “Fuck 'em!”

Peter Garrett, it seems to me, after a few years since his being grabbed by the ALP, has POSSIBLY (it ain't over yet, Mate!) been humiliated to the extent that his political career has suffered a serious injury, but has without doubt been set-up by the IMF Lib-Nat-Labor political cabal to destroy the popularity which the Greens were enjoying of recent months.

In fact, it cannot be ignored that possibly Garrett was lured into the ALP with that in mind from the start?

It is also probable, that all my writings and blog-posts of the last several years, are nothing more than what I have been set-up to write, by my mother's convent witches, their IMF genocidal maniacs, and their dark horses within the Liberal-National-Labor Partys' cabal.

Not to mention MI6, ASIO, CIA, et al et al etc.

The end of this is basically that if Australia is sucked in by and to the vortex of the latest IMF media and political bullshit, a la any gangs behind the so-called “knife-crimes”, the alleged child-murders and the attempted political injury of The Honorable Peter Garrett MP, then we as a nation are lost, and not to any outlaw gangs of Hell, or crazed Aborigine, or insane “COMMUNIST” Greens, but to the “diabolus”, the devils who are the dividers of the Earth - the ruthless genocidal International Monetary Fund, ex-Brit-Eurape.

This brings me to allege that at least some of the “knife-crimes” were planned set-ups, as were the abduction and deaths of the young children.

I've already written that Garrett's injury was definitely a set-up, but cannot discount the possibility that the 4 deaths were also.

Being that Labor was a willing partner in Peter's bruises, we cannot be at all sure that those in his department, as close as his secretariat, were part of a conspiracy against him.

This last week saw the disclosure in the Victorian Labor Party of an advisory email from one of the Planning Minister Justin Madden's close aides to fabricate actions to fool the public about a planned redevelopment of the Windsor Hotel.

A sheer and utter fraud upon the People, there can be no doubt, which MUST bring the question of whether the Labor Party has ANY credibility today, and certainly must have us, the People, question just how much Ministers, like Peter Garrett, can trust their staff?

Until recently, I was a “Labor man”. Divulging the plot to make me the puppet “fall-guy”, a plot of gross deceit, involving Labor, AND the Liberals/Nationals, from as high-up as Rome and London (Oxford, ie., the Theosophical Society), I want nothing to do with any of them.

I have followed a scientific inquiry into Australia's politics, and into the planet's politics, economics and environment, and how Human Beings really have to live.

This has led me to see that contrary to all the persuasions, we are beset with failure and total destruction GLOBALLY, if we remain with these utterly false notions of Westminster politics, “capitalism” etc.

Markets should be free, but are nowhere near that, as we are, and as we have been for centuries.

I cannot be convinced that “monarchies” and blood-lines of rulers or leaders or presidents or kings and queens have any relevancy today, and that for Humanity to survive and improve our qualities of life from here forward into the future, we must return to Basic, Clean, Simple, Equitable, Worldwide Ground Rules and Values of Common Land Ownership, Agrarianism, and Democratic Government of the Ancient, but yes, “modernised” models of, as one example, our Australian Aborigine.

Family, Sharing, Trust, Honesty, Wisdom.

Values all our so-called leaders and their unbelievably devious and brutish political parties say they ascribe to, and say they want us all to find, yet they themselves are cowardly liars of the worst possible and known kind.

So..., as I have been defiant against all the demands and attempts to make me the world leader, the Catholic-Jewish-Freemason cabal of deluded flawed theorists have 'dethroned' me, as-it-were.

Fine! A significant weight off my diminutive shoulders, which I never saw rectitude in, nor had any desire for.

The 2010 Australian elections, state and federal, should be important.

But, having little self-confidence, as my life is so manipulated by deluded good intentioned and evil alike, and having NO faith in Australians getting their REALPolitik Act together, and voting away from OUR SHORES AND SOILS, the foreign IMF and undoubtedly EVIL, diabolical cabal as represented by our ALP and Lib/Nat parties, I see Australia and possibly the world will go nowhere but down-down-down to a terminally malignant condition.

Hopefully, if that is to be the case, for OUR “sins”, the planet will react and wipe-us-off Her face, forever.

A Green, Democratic, Agrarian, Indigenous Common Government, based on Land Rent for Government Revenue (“PAY THE RENT!” Aye, Peter?) or we are all lost to the devil.

“Northern politrix” be damned!

A summation of this longish monologue, is that the plans of the wealthiest power-mongers on Earth, of building a false World King, and thus of centralising economic and religious power under one throne's roof, seem to me to be the most dangerously flawed plans of all. Indeed, “diabolical”!

There's no doubt that today's mainstream political parties - Labor and Liberal/National, are themselves puppets of Rome and London, who have NO honorable intention of letting Australia become an Independent Republic.

It is testament of how pathetic Australians are that either of these consortiums should be re-elected.

If you are not in the top 20% of income earners, then these parties are your political enemies, and life will only become more of a bitter and twisted struggle, especially for your children.

Not because “outlaw gangs” will rule, but because the pro-zionist IMF-church of clubsters will subvert any and all sense of Justice in the Community and by that, will only centralise power evermore into their own filthy evil and deluded hands.

Surely we can all see, that if politics, with either party in government, stays as it is, house prices and other things will only go up in price, police forces will be given more brutal weapons and authority over us, and quite demonic policies, such as one which was in the news last week, but was withdrawn by the Liberals, no doubt because they were slow in realising that it, “work for the dole” was not going to be accepted by the lower-classes, will be made law, against which the many of us who are either already on the dole, or are always close to it, will have no voice or power to reject.

Also, the Right-minded taxation policy which was spoken of and recommended by the Treasury Head, Ken Henry in December last year, of a National Land Tax, has not been mentioned at all this year.

Clearly, the callous wealthy “Christian” church-schooled clubs, whence all our politicians come, who are guaranteed wealth, employment AND incomes enough to always afford to buy, own and speculate on housing and land, do not want a Just Nation, and so will do their damnedest to keep Land Tax out of the political arena and debate.

Just another sign that Deep and Green Governmental, Economic and Environmental Changes MUST come as soon as possible.

Far, far better that Australians VOTE for such Positive Changes, than we become but another civil war nation, where the only result can be many many bloody conflicts and irreparable social division.

I just Hope that the Greens can muster the Candidacy enough, and as a Wisened Organisation, Step-Up-to-the-Plate?

With the nations of Eurape all looking as if, in the near future, they are going to have to declare public bankruptcy, their assumed power and superiority over the rest of the world of the last few centuries, may well be drawing to an end.

Therefore, so too will the power of the Brit-Euro-centred IMF, and it's grip on Australia.

Is it too big an ask of the Unions of Europe, who are on the streets of late, protesting against the BAD government by their continent's elites, to call ONCE MORE, for Equitable Land Distribution, a la “Land Rent for Government Revenue”?

Viva La Workers!



“The Green Man”.


Peter Garrett Not Going Away, Brothers and Sisters!

Garrett fiasco not going away
(Title of article on ABC online)
Link: http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/02/24/2829055.htm?site=thedrum

A few comments about the Peter Garrett media-feast from
Omaxa bin News-Chop


“Ve must haff more SCALPS!” Cried Johnette Howard from the Liberal Party HQ bar.

“And who better zan zee kinders' favorite Minister of Vock n' Voll, Peter Garrett?”

Damn it! I guess many of us, on the left, were surprised and a bit shocked when Labor coerced Peter into the Party before the 2007 election?

I think I was, while happy about it, a little concerned that he was being chosen because of his “celebrity” status, albeit that his time with ACF, and his quals as a lawyer put him in good stead?

Clearly, he has struggled to stay within the trenchant “Labor line”, and, if he were able to speak his Honorable mind, would be a stronger Minister.

It does seem that such clamps on his Soul do not suit him, or his basic REALPolitik beliefs, Ideologies and Philosophy.

The unrealistic political-media-and-blog-type pressures of Australian politrix today are actually what has brought so much pressure on him, and thus on Labor.

Since their victory in '07, Labor have been going-at-it like the 'bull-at-a-gate' to keep the popularity momentum up.

This is now more false and evil-spin-driven pressure than any actual need for the urgency.

Trying to impress always leads to disaster. Something we might have expected less of from the ALP, considering they are not newbies. Possibly too much was given to the big house new-boy Rudd.

Added to that, has been the more recent stubborn determination by the Opposition to howl-down any Labor initiatives, merely, along the lines of America's bruised Republicans, to make government impossible for the “New Day” left.

To my mind, this is not only an utterly unethical way to behave, when the national interest is on the table, but REALPolitikly, it is immature in the extreme, quite disgustingly unintelligent, and in some way..., illegal!

Or it should be.....!

Pete Garrett has been at least as conscientious as any Minister, and has sought the best outcomes possible. To think he would be in the least bit interested in “cutting-a-deal” as so many of our big boy polies have done over the 109 years of a federal parliament, is folly.

He cannot be blamed for any of the unfortunate deaths, nor the unfortunate expenses now incurred, if only because he is such a new Minister, and lacks the experience of the bull-pit, so necessary in any of Australia's “Kangaroo” parliaments, to borrow a term from our filthy, lowly and seriously bent courts.

It SHOULD be clear, especially to the “Barrie Cassidy's” of our media, that today's politrix, in Canberra or Sydney, Adelaide or Perth, and down to Local Council levels, as brilliantly portrayed in the ABC spoof series “Grassroots”, is farcical-in-the-extreme, to the point of being totally unrealistic.

Indeed, the REALPolitik Truth be known - today's Australian political frontier is absolutely fraudulent - false - a total deception and a crock of shit - er - sorry - a rort and theft of and on the People's mind, heart, time and money!

As it - IN REALPolitik terms - has been since “the Rum Rebellion” of 1808!

As, it seems that our so-called political media reporters are shit-scared about going anywhere NEAR to this basic FACT, we are, or I am, brought to ask the in-mainstream unaskable question - “WHOSE PAYING YOU! Mr Cassidy?”

And all the rest of the “take the 30 pieces and say anything but the hard facts” journalists and reporters of our elite peanut gallery a la atop the House of Representatives Speaker's Chair?

Peter Garrett is an Honorable Person, and DOES NOT DESERVE this unrealistic vilification!

If our political reporters cannot make it clear to the reader/listener/watchership that this is but the more ruthless end of modern day politrix, and is thus more than likely undeserved and to a large degree untrue, then THEY should be sacked, and perhaps even STRUNG-UP, for letting Garrett be hauled over the coals, because no-one has the strength nor integrity to stop the back-room “Howard-ian” forces-that-be from getting everyone so unrealistically expectant of the impossible to be done in dangerously short time-frames!?

A rude introduction to the big house, Peter!

If there were not as much, as is played out to be, at stake, I'd recommend you simply, and with a clear Conscience, wipe the dust from your feet, Brother, and say “fuck 'em!”.

However, neither you, nor in fact I want Labor to lose this year, as they seem likely to do in the states.

And this would give the idiots on the other side of the drinks cabinet too much false momentum and fuel for the in-reality extreme right-wing Australian-er-IMF media to throw molatoffs at the so-called, not so long ago most favorite government, from which the sheep of our voters would bleet agreement and follow - to the nation's economic slaughterhouse.

Let me be clear - I want the Greens in government - but it is a long bow right now.

The best any of us can hope and vote for is a left-wing coalition between Labor and Greens, with Greens holding enough seats to SERIOUSLY Influence our national change of direction firstly in Economic Policy, which steer us down Green Street, in all other areas.

If everyone KNOWS sheer skulduggery and chicanery has, if it does, claimed a scalp, then everyone ALSO KNOWS that the one whose scalp was 'claimed', should not feel nor suffer any sense of 'defeat'.

While Australians, our political houses and our media remain as politically LAME -read-CORRUPT - as they are, and have been for 202 years, the bullshit will be allowed to fly, and anyone who enters the big house, and is slain by the throwers of the muck and twaddle, can rest assured they have not been defeated, nor even humiliated.

Mr Garrett is a Big Man, in every sense of the word - Philosophically, Intellectually, Politically, Lyrically and Musically, and of course, physically.

It will take much much more than the mice-with-mouths, and all their huff-and-puff, on the other side of the drinks-box, to make any less of a Man than Garrett is.

In the final analysis, REALPolitikly Speaking, I'd say Peter Garrett is too Good, by far, in every way, for either of today's main political parties.

Personally, while the shit is mixed with glue in the Liberal backrooms, so is made to stick, I think our current Minister for the Environment, The Right Honorable Peter Garrett, would be Better suited Standing for the Greens, come this 2010 farce we call the federal election.

THEN, with him in the House of Reps, and The Right Honorable Bob Brown in the Senate, both standing Tall for the Greens, 1, Peter Garrett would have found his Proper Place, and in a way, would have “Come Home”, and 2, the Forces of Justice might well find their Strength, and Fearless, the Voice of the desperately needed REALPolitik Environment and Economy in Australia would not be so easily howled-down.

Fuck 'em Peter!

Think, My Brother!

I'll sit back here in my reforests, and watch the “huffing-puffers”, the front-room boys' dirty-tricks and schemes of Howard's conspirators backfire - BOOM!

And there was nobody left to turn out the lights at Liberal HQ?

Fuck 'em!

You've walked The Long Road in the Oils, with their basic Cause, in the ACF, and on the Green March generally, Glocally.

You're still young, full of vigour and Righteous Enthusiasm.

It ain't over yet, Mr G!

Fear Nothing!

Abbott and co are all puff and bluff.

The Catholic Deal

I've become pretty cynical over the last decade.

So it should be no surprise that I scribe short notes into my diary, which do not auger well with some elements of today's clearly “fallen” white, western society. Particularly Australian society.

Some, I should not post to this blog, but some, I cannot resist posting, either out of extreme frustration at the deliberate ignoring from the sectors of society who have placed me in what I have spent years contemplating, and conclude is an utterly untenable situation, or, I post because of my determination to stick with what I can at my best, perceive, or define, or indeed “divine” as the Truth, in others words fearless Resistance to cult falsities.

Falsities which, when added-up, are quite heinous mass deceptions.

The other day, the following came to mind.

“In Catholicism, all associations between people, are 'deals', which they call 'friendships'.”

Nasty, aye?

Being exiled, in-the-extreme, ie., for all of my 55 years, and being constructed by the occult catholic church, to satisfy their delusions about Jesus coming back, I accept that I really do not know what personal relationships are really like. Thus, I do not know what genuine “friendship” is.

But I have definitely spent many many hours, days, and years contemplating the depths of human-to-human relationships.

At some point in one's life, one has to draw a conclusion about and from all one's contemplations.

Care has to be taken, because moods can vary from moment to moment, so emotions can alter what one's mind congers at any given time. Thus without care, a conclusion can be detrimentally effected, or, infected by a sour or even by an overly joyous mood.

Then there are the myriad of 'external influences' one is constantly under the sway of, whether they are from another person near, or nearby, whose want, is to manipulate one's thoughts, a speciality of most all 'cults', whether the biggest, like the Catholics, or some local gathering of new evil eyes, or, whether an external influence comes from the subtle realm of the hidden world, the fourth dimension of Spirits, smaller, larger than ours, higher, or lower than the world we exist in.

Larry King, on CNN last night, had His Holiness the Dalai Lama on for a 30-plus minute interview..

It was great, and Respects go to Larry for the interview, and of course, to Our Father the Dalai Lama for his time.

Larry asked His Holiness what were the three most important things the Dalai Lama put to President Barack Obama in their recent meeting.

His Holiness said first, the most important thing for everyone to seek, is “Inner Peace”.

O Yaye!

The vast majority of western minds, that-is, those of “Christian” indoctrination, and that can be anyone raised in the “Christian west”, fail totally to see the fundamental importance of this “Inner Peace” thing. Mainly because we have all been “hexed” by the cult of Rome to not want to actually “go there”, so when we hear such comments about it, we are immediately distracted by some mysterious mental actions.

These are the “hexes” from the cult priests, designed to keep us unsatisfied and ever wanting and looking for satisfaction in the material world. This is why we cannot stop ourselves from craving for more money, bigger houses, more kids, better jobs, greater social prestige, etc.

But the “material world” also includes the mental realm, for thoughts are also material things, when it comes down to it.

So while we fail to appreciate the importance of “Silence of Mind” and the Path of Meditation we are advised, by Buddhists and other Philosophical Traditions, predominantly of “the East”, to employ to attain Silence of Mind, we will not appreciate the power it gives us, enough to conquer the ever-active-ever-craving mind.

Thus, we will never find that “Inner Peace” the Great Father spoke of to Larry and to President Obama.

As his Holiness said, this is vital (paraphrased) to Humanity becoming a more peaceful, and balanced species.

So, inspired by some hidden force to scribe this little piece, there you have my chunk of advice, to all the Tribes, whether of the Three Wise Tribes or of the Gangs of the Streets, wherever you claim your Turf to be.

To those of the Outcast, of the Streets, who have joined together to form a Gang, for defense, anyone who shit-cans “Silence of Mind Meditation” needs it most, you might say, and, a bit of Advice, from The Great Father His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and me, Ganguru, Don't, whatever you do.... be afraid of it!

As a Mentor of mine told me years ago, he was sure he heard a line one day in class at the School of Philosophy, but when he graduated to being a Tutor, he looked through the texts, but could not find it...?

Nevertheless..., what he heard, has Merit, and is worth remembering, My Gangsters.

“The Natural Condition of the Mind...., is Silence.”

Seek It, Grab It, Keep It, and Restore It at Every Opportunity!

A word we were, in Philosophy, encouraged to bring forth, before we began any activity, be it in work or leisure, was "Pause".

Just for a couple of seconds, to ensure the mind is focused, and is cleared of whatever we were just thinking or doing.

Obviously bringing the mind to a "present moment" state, infers being quiet inside, for a second or two, or three, or for however long you feel OK with. It's an excellent thing to do before you jump out of the car with a tyre lever to bash the idiot driver who was lost in their overly active mind!

Ya' never know!? You might be in shape to get out, walk over, AND KISS THE IDIOT! then scream "MEDITATE DICKHEAD!"

They might learn something from it all?

A Gang with this Knowledge, Conquers!

As for the Catholic “friendships” thing....., if it's near right, it's probably because this world is one where it is dangerous to trust others, even long-time “friends”.

Other Cultures, older, Wiser than Rome's, appreciate such realities in a deceptive world. Friendship, may be a deceit, at least it is something which takes quite some time before two or more people can be absolutely sure of.

It would seem, to this 'dissociative', that “agreements” are the first level to becoming friends. We agree to associate at this initiatory level, where trust is limited.

For myself, I have thrown “trust” away, while the deceptions are retained from those I meet and have cause to interact with - family included.

Coppers, especially.

Women.......? Oh boy?

But...., it may all just be an overly lonely, and therefore longingly active mind.

We won't mention the “dark spirits”, or the jealous bitches I've unwittingly offended in the past.

And we definitely cannot speak of the fanatical and intensely insane Catholic and Theosophical Society conspirators who are determined to make me suffer for exposing their grand delusion of building a false messiah!

I Defy, until I die..., MOTHER!

All Praise The Silence!

There ends my little personal moment for a moment!

If I find something chunky-politik to comment on, stay tuned for more Omaxa bin News-Chop.om!


Increased terrorist risk from within

Link: http://www.smh.com.au/national/increased-terrorist-risk-from-within-20100222-orr4.html?autostart=1

Hmmm! Now it's getting interesting, Mr Rudd!

This announcement must be supported by security agency observations, and is one I reckon is accurate.

But how much PM Rudd is playing the old card over-used by the last John Howard government scare-tactics departments, is up for debate.

Also, such announcements, particularly in election years, are always less than definitive as to just what, in this case, a “terrorist” is, and why so-called “terrorists” do what they are alleged to do.

“Terrorists”, “Freedom Fighters” in REALPolitik language, anywhere, and in any era, whether correctly classified as “terrorists” or not, usually put the frighteners up the government and the public, not because they are driven to resort to violent measures because it's fun, for trivial reasons, or because they are simply out-of-control psychos, but because they are serious people, driven to get their point or complaint across in less passive ways because of CORRUPTION in their government.

Corruption which is ruining any chance a large enough section of the nation have to live honorably, that-is honestly.

Corruption which, because of it's immense influence, usually influence which comes with threats to life and limb of the politicians' families or such, forces the politicians, of both sides of this evermore fraudulent parliamentary system we suffer, to ignore or become deaf to the pleas of the now-violent group/groups.

Corruption, in Australia's case, which came with the First Fleet, and which has been instituted into our ways of life, and our ways of denying the FACTS about how we should exist on this Sacred Land.

Corruption which has always been defended and maintained by the nations' police forces! Police forces which employ the most violent measures to subdue the populace, the populace who has found they must ACT for a more Just system of governance!

It is no coincidence, that worldwide, the term “Kangaroo Court” infers that a court is corrupt to a ridiculous extent, and that it uses “Kangaroo”, an animal peculiar to this Australian island/continent.

But alas! Let us not therefore take it to mean that Australia is THE example of corruption, because, as said, the rotteny came with the early British (and Eurapean) invaders, albeit that the colony's first Governor Arthur Phillip, and the later William Bligh sort Honorably and Rightly to institute Good Laws.

Indeed, how much was it coincidence that the English Monarch of the late 18th century, King George III, was deemed “mentally ill” or at least unstable?

“George was afflicted with porphyria, a maddening disease which disrupted his reign as early as 1765. Several attacks strained his grip on reality and debilitated him in the last years of his reign.”

(The above excerpt taken from: http://www.britannia.com/history/monarchs/mon55.html
This was the one and only piece I clicked-on on the 'net to confirm I had the right King George. I wasn't sure if the King George of the late 1700s was the “third” or the “fifth”. The article at that link says more about George's affliction, and generally suggests he had lost the plot, before the dispute with the Rebellious United States of America in the mid-1770s, and..., died insane in 1820.
“George III died blind, deaf and mad at Windsor Castle on January 29, 1820.”
I can't argue, but can offer my doubts.

Are we to trust the general, most popular thread, that George III was insane, considering, as I say, it was in his reign that Australia was found by Captain James Cook, and “settled” from 1788-on? Seeing that Britain and it's northern elites are so adamant about keeping Australia in their grip, I say it's to be expected that ALL historical records akin to George, and to the Original Laws, the most Ethical and Egalitarian Laws, which His Crown dispatched down here, are either “disappeared” or suppressed, or corrupted, like procedures in a “Kangaroo Court” of New South Wales!?)

For as I recall from my own investigations as to where Australia went wrong politically-speaking, King George Issued the Best Laws possible for a Great Nation to be born here. Laws which demanded of the invaders, colonisers, settlers Respect for the Indigenous Peoples, for their Laws, and for their Land Rights.

Also, the Laws and Edicts which came out with the First Fleet Issued by the English Crown were clear about how to gather government revenue, and about how the Land should be treated, distributed and occupied.

“Land Rent for Government Revenue”, being the basis of taxation, and the Basis of the most Wise distribution and usage of the Land.

Yet what have we seen take hold, since Australia Day, January 26th 1808, and which remains the dominant way in the nation's governing policies?

CORRUPTION! And how have the “authorities” enforced and maintained the corrupt laws, but with NOTHING LESS THAN STATE-SPONSORED TERRORISM!

So it is little wonder our scared Prime Minister Rudd, with undoubted support and encouragement from his House of Representatives Opposite, Tony Abbott, announces that Australia is under threat from “domestic terrorism”.

It may also be of little wonder, that our Labor, that-is our “foreign-controlled” IMF-CATHOLIC Labor Party, has looked at their own internal polling and found that they may indeed face a trouncing this election?

Because the general public, that-is the lower Classes, have been bought up-to-speed as to who the ones are who are keeping the majority in “mortgage-stress”, in a society where house prices and housing rents are the highest ON EARTH, and where the “winners” in Australia are those who belong to the foreign Christian cults. The cults who run the economy, and who can afford better quality products, who run the importing industries and who are above the margin of worry about the exorbitant prices of imported products?

Many things to consider, as to why there has grown a domestic threat....., FROM FREEDOM FIGHTERS?

Clearly, there are always going to be “power-shifts”, wherever we look.

In the end, the only Secure way to establish and maintain a Peaceable Society, is for the Majority to know that the Laws are Honest, Wise, Truly Classless and of minimum burden on the People's heads, and on their pockets, and Souls.

While we have this disgustingly unbalanced economic structure in Australia, where the winners are the intellectually most corrupt sycophants of the most brutal global authority - the Roman, Catholic, Anglican IMF, who in reality care nothing for their neighbours, or for the poorer folk down the hill, there will always be Freedom Fighters.

Race, color, class, religious preference will not matter, for in all of these there are and will always be those who do not agree with corruption, especially of the kind we are forced to suffer under today.

And especially if these more Honourable People know that it cannot help but get worse in the future.

So, start your scare-campaign Prime Minister, and call for your Opposite's guard of the realm support.

Whether the Greens are our only REALPolitik Alternative this year or not, general disgust will only grow against the current and increasing debacle we call Canberra and our states' parliaments.

While YOU, and your Labor speech-writers and policies wonks, no doubt of the clergy and of the “civil-services”, and those others we Australians' Trustingly elected to the parliaments, in all seats, from all corners of the “political debate”, remain silent about the FUNDAMENTAL POLICY ISSUES, most notably Taxation and thus Honest Land Reforms, only possible with a Unanimous AND PEACEFUL Ascent to The Australian Republic, you will have to make more “noise” about threats to YOUR “politicians' class” security, and so-called threats from “domestic terrorists”.

History is repeating itself.

Australia is but at the end of an eternal line of societies pushed “beyond the pale”, until something breaks and there is a Popular Revolution.

Until now, of the last one or two thousand years, most all “revolutions” have been either turned into suiting the pockets and privileges of the elites, or stage-managed by them, or such.

I believe this, or Australia's disgruntlement with our day's political farce, is no different.

Cosmic forces drive events in this direction, and sadly, while, if a Deep and Positive change may happen in the coming years/decades, and for that, millions will celebrate, behind the scenes the likes of MI6, et al, and the megalomaniacs of Rome or Lambeth or any backroom clerics' department, will be rubbing their hands together, drooling over the spoils which await them.

Spoils which, without FUNDAMENTAL TAX AND LAND REFORM, will down the track appear in subversion and failed systems of culture, of society and of government, to the point where the hands-rubbing clubsters will be ready to jump forward and convince the disillusioned, and broken masses to once more support THEM.

Nowadays, I cannot be convinced that Life on Earth, under the forces dominant over the last thousands of years, is going anywhere but downhill.

To me, delusions propagated by “Myth-Makers International” ex-Rome, pretty-much, about a world leader, of Christ-like characteristics, lean toward telling a story of a failed species, one which has been so beaten down as to have no Inner Fire left, nor Wisdom, enough to ensure that Good, Perennial Laws, Lores, are instilled into the minds and hearts of the many, and which give the many enough faith in themselves and the GOOD LORES they defend, to ensure they are never again subverted by perverted, that is mentally ill individuals with a touch of power.

Most everything our politicians are doing today, you included Messrs Rudd, Abbott, Joyce and coy, are making us head in a downward direction of half-hearted attempts at first, reform, then Revolution, then tyrannical reversions to anachronistic “old kings” models and utter degradation of all individuals' Sovereignty of Soul.

If that's what a “Terrorist” Fights against, then call me a Terrorist, MISTA Rudd.

You KNOW I'm correct, as do your Ministers, and even your Opposition.

Land Rent for Government Revenue, and avert a major crisis, once, and for ALL of us!

More British passports found in hunt for Hamas assassins. My Comments

I was unable to register to place my comments on the Times page about the "More British passports found in hunt for Hamas assassins" article.

Link: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/middle_east/article7036571.ece

So I dug-out their "letters" email address and sent the Timeonline this.....

Being, myself, a target, for several decades, of MI6, this is not surprising, especially as I wanted to make comment about the astuteness of other "your comments" contributors.

So, if I may, I'll say it here....

It is a credit to Timesonline that you publish the comments which were so forthright AND ACCURATE in assessments of Britain's MI6, in regard to this "Times" article.

I wanted to comment similarly, saying that...

"As Israel is essentially a construction of Zionists of Oxford and MI6 (or MI6's founding secret society, post Cecil Rhodes and E. Bulwer-Lytton et al), and as MI6 boasts it has control of most of the world's secret services, Mossad included, and as the Mujahadeen and the Taliban were created by MI6 and the CIA of the USA, we can be fairly certain that the false British passports were cungered by someone in-or-around...... MI6.

Whether Hamas, and Iran are also included in Oxford's 19th century "world plan", in being apparent enemies, is beyond my powers of deduction, but as Britain has been active-in-the-extreme, for centuries, in restructuring the globe to suit their eventual ends, it is as likely.

The question is, "can MI6 get off the grass, and begin speaking out about the REALPolitik state of the planet, and that the 19th century 'old kings' plan has been exposed as false, deluded and dangerous?"

For, it seems that while the immense secrecy remains, no genuine Progress will be made toward bringing the planet together, beyond these outdated delusions of white, Aryan Brit-Eurapean superiority.

President Obama said "The big game is over" as today, there are no secrets, because most of us are aware of the delusive misapplications of the occult, and that in the end, all will be uncovered.

MI6 are only deceiving themselves now, and in so doing, are damaging the rest of the world.

It is, it seems, now a question of "northern pride".

Get over it Whitehall, Rome, Hongkers, et al!

Forget all delusions of "one world government".

One world LAW, particularly of how we relate to and treat THE LAND, is your Mission.

Land Rent for Government Revenue.

Even "landed" elites like the Baillieus, Keswicks, Rothschilds, Windsors and Hapsburgs et al understand this today.

That the false wars persist, in events such as this assassination of the Hamas Executive, in the stubborn hubris of Israel, AND in the farce in Afghanistan, shows the world that the super-spies and the Brit-Euro military elites, and perhaps their allies in the Swiss banks, have lost the plot, and are THE threat to global stability.

Time they "got ON the Grass" and cooled down a bit!



And usually, innocent civilians!


Max Earth
aka Max N Cook

Outlaw, for
Global Land, Tax, Cult, Drug, & Work Law Reform.


HEY! Computerworld.com.au?

Following reading an article at

I tried send a comment, as follows in italics, to Computerworld.com.au. But HOHO, the post comment jammed!?

So I'm whacking my comment to Computerworld on this blog and screaming out to Computerworld from the forest to read it!

I use Telstra prepaid wireless broadband mobile rarara, and of late, it's been working well, while expensive, and very questionable as to the legitimacy of charging their prices for just one month's connection, when (the latest) same pre-paid voucher or BPay online purchase, when applied to my cell phone, expires in 2021. YES! 2021AD!!!

No, I am not likely to download 3GB of stuff to my phone, but downloads have nothing to do with expiry times, and besides, 3GB is consumed by updates most months, before the expiry date!

Your article is not very clear, for it appears it doesn't concur with the chart beneath it!

"The $60 recharge option will offer 3GB of data, ..." which is about what I thought I was receiving, each $60 pre-payment?

"Customers must use the new 3GB allowance within 90 days and..."

But the chart says:
$60 - 3GB - 30 DAYS
$130 - 3GB - 90 DAYS.

Is the chart saying that I have to pay $70 more than the
"$60 - 3GB - 30 DAYS" option, for 3GB to last 90 days?

Still a premium scam, methinks!

Clarification of the new offers would be appreciated, from Computerworld.com.au, as trying to get any info on such matters from Telstra is a waste of time, GBs and money.

There's no question that there's something wrong with the article and the chart, or that Telstra is doing the usual and making the news non-decipherable.

But it IS an election year, when EVERYTHING is made indecipherable!


Sea Shepherd Protestor could face piracy charges

As there seems to be some action, by Australian Protesters, by the Australian Government, and by the Japanese Government around the issue of whaling, in the Southern Ocean(s) these last two or three days, I guess I can post the email nobody knew I sent to the Japanese Embassy last week, when news of Peter Bethune being held and awaiting charges in Japan for "piracy" broke.

Here 'twas......

Sent on Tuesday, 16 February, 2010 12:31 PM

Hello Mr Ambassador,

I'm a news watcher and commentator, and see today that a quite farcical situation has arisen, with the detention of a "Mr Peter Bethune" aboard the Japanese whaling vessel "Shonan Maru 2".

We in Australia are rarely given the full story, in situations such as the determination of the Japanese to keep catching whales, so, it seems clear that for Japanese whaling to maintain it's fervent industry, there must be some untold story behind it.

I've heard that "whale oil" is an excellent lubricant, surpassing the qualities found in fossil oils, a la "crude oil", and that the military appreciates this.

Perhaps so, and perhaps this is why Japan persists in fishing for whales, apparently almost to their extinction?

I have great respect for the Japanese People.

Without doubt, though rarely overtly recognized by "white-skins" of the west, the Japanese are an Highly Intelligent, Wise, Cultured and Talented People.

It is a great tragedy, that your Refined Culture has been undermined and suppressed by the western "modern" ways. Modern ways which possibly bring your nation to pursue the great Mammals of the oceans, as said, possibly to their extinction.

It is therefore here that I appeal to your inherent Reason, in regard to the ridiculous situation which now prevails with Mr Bethune detained aboard your country's whaling vessel, and his facing possible charges of "piracy".

According to news reports, Mr Bethune and his colleagues are enthusiastic about this scenario, and his long term detention, and transporting back to Japan to face charges.

Better him than myself, to be sure. I value my forested freedoms.

With all the discord which has existed in our "Southern Oceans" between the whalers and the "Greenies", we have seen serious determinations by both sides, as if there is an actual "war" in play.

If anything, it is a war of attitudes. Attitudes toward, for, or against the natural world.

There can be no doubt that the Planet Earth is under severe strain, from our excessive plundering of her natural resources, and that, if we continue on this fanatical path, she, the Earth, will begin to collapse underneath us, and the environment will no longer be able to sustain our ways of life.

This is a fact. It is also a fact that all her creatures, from the microscopic amoeba, to the largest, our whales, all play important roles in maintaining the Balance in the planet's biosphere, so we, this "proud" species, humans, must take every care to not tip the scales, as-it-were. For as we see, if we do, there will be horrendous repercussions across the globe, and all will suffer.

As I observe, our excesses of today, to my mind and research have their roots in the erroneous ways of the white-skins, of which I am a part, to my shame.

Therefore other "races" as much as separate "races" exist, such as Japanese, Chinese, Indian or Aborigine, cannot be blamed for taking a hubristic attitude in response.

But, please, Mr Ambassador, consider against whom your whaling industry is, and should be fighting?

It is Sound Logic, and Scientifically indisputable, that to destroy one's habitat, in whatever ways, over however long a period of time, is lunacy.

Hardly what one would expect from a People as Wise, and of a Fine Culture as long lasting, as the Japanese?

So also, is it unfathomable that we have the reaction we read about today, from the Japanese, either aboard the "Shonan Maru 2", or in the Halls of Power back in Tokyo, to have come from a People as Intelligent, that is, as Considerate, as the People of Japan?

Surely, "Pride" does not outweigh "Intelligence" among you? So too, Humility is known by your People, when facing the truth of a given situation.

Mediated propaganda cannot distort what the world has seen on the videos taken of the whaling vessel charging and sinking the "Ady Gil".

It is beneath your Good selves to accuse those who fight to preserve our one common habitat, the planet and her creatures, of being at fault in the sinking of the Ady Gil, and of piracy against Mr Bethune.

Surely, at the end of the day, everyone would be far happier, and better off, if those responsible, were as Honorable as those Japanese Warriors were of the last 100 years, who fought and died defending Japan against western invasion of your own Sacred Soils, but here, admitted their mistakes and settled the costs to the Ady Gil owners forthwith.

Of a certainty, everyone will be thankful for the lower long term cost.

Obviously, this plea goes also to the question and long term sense and viability of whaling as it currently exists.

Let us all Progress together?


Ganguru of the Three Wise Tribes.
Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Nichols Cook-Meredith-O'Brien
aka Max Nichols Cook

Outlaw, for
Global Land, Tax, Cult, Drug, & Work Law Reform.

Reforests of Godolonia,



That's it Folks!

I had to laugh with meself after I sent it.
This email was the first time I used the tag, "Ganguru" of the Three Wise Tribes Re-Balance, after it, "Ganguru" popped into mind as an appropriate title for my illusive position of being some strange kind of "guide" for the world's disenfranchised Gangs, or Tribes.
Well, the "Three Wise Tribes" is what has come through my mental channels of the last few months, which I've put into a serious political format for not only Australia's Revolutionary Future, but for the planets.
It wasn't until after sending the email, that I remembered to Google the word "Ganguru", to see if it had a meaning in another language. OOOOPSSS! Apparently it is near to the same word used for a newish fashion or trend IN JAPAN, and means something like "Black-faced girl who sings crazy songs". The more common word spelled "ganguro".
Like I said......"OOOOPSSS!"
If the Japanese Ambassador got to reading the email, I wonder if he laughed out of awareness of the gaff, or out of derision?
Hohum...., I think I'll keep using it.....?

Australian Government Pledges Billions To Help “Mentally Ill” Homeless.


“Ah?” as the leader of the Opposition would say.

But I say....

In this day-and-age of out-of-control, mass environmental destruction, caused without a doubt by our MAINSTREAM western, Judeo-Christian culture(s), which are the most materialistic the Earth has ever seen, surely it is passed time we asked “Just exactly WHO ARE the 'mentally ill'?”

Usually, the most destructive, that-is mentally-dysfunctional peoples are those housed in the excessive 'nuclear family' type homes, the ones' which use the most energy and resources, per-capita to construct and to maintain, and of the last say 40 or so years, have very short lifespans, as opposed to the same design models (of the nuclear family type) from earlier in the 20th century, and further back to 19th century construction methods and materials. (But earlier structures non-factored the amount of resources used.)

'Nuclear family' type homes, occupied by those most ready to lie through their nostrils to get enough to pay the death-pledge (mortgage), and then the banks' credit for a fancy vehicle, home video theatre, dishwasher, toy-on-toy-on-superfluous toy.

Also, the areas taken from agricultural land, usually the most fertile land, so the best for growing food, around cities, are turned into energy-and-sanity-sucking suburbs, which of themselves create massive drains on the environment and resources generally.

These phenomena, albeit “cultural” ones, therefore “fault”, or flaws in thinking, planning, design and long-term considerings, may not be attributed to the individuals living therein, are something which can clearly be labelled as the most REAL AND PRESENT DANGERS TO LIFE ON EARTH, merely in them being a case of “mass, cultural, dysfunctional thinking”.

Defining this further, we may rightly deduce that for such a catastrophic phenomenon to have eventuated, now across the planet, we have a case of “global mental illness”.

A “global mental illness” which is clearly found to have it's cause in the dominant culture of white, Judeo-Christian, western, 'modern' customs.

Customs which have, for centuries, if not for millennia, succeeded in destroying the most Sound and Efficient, that-is the most ECONOMIC cultural lifestyles of OH NO! “Communal Living”.

For those who lack the mathematical ability to add 2-plus-2, this most ECONOMIC cultural lifestyle of “Communal Living”, is directly translatable as also being the most Environmentally-Friendly culture, for it ensures, or once did ensure, that the species does not wantonly destroy the habitat, and thus secured the future for the generations to come - PERPETUALLY.

Following this train of thought, it becomes clear that a culture which, or even an individual who, lives in such ways that destroy their habitat, are seriously mentally ill!

Therefore...., who are Kevin Rudd's pledged billions of taxpayers' dollars going to help?

Of course, as most of us are in our hearts, cynical of any government or opposition promises, pledges, policies and other general rhetoric, especially pre-election rhetoric, most of us will quickly come to the conclusion that any money pledged, will go straight into the pockets of government cronies, a la those “specialists” in such fields as “Psychology and Psychiatry” and the plethora of “consultants and experts” in the various university departments, who assert they know something about mental illnesses, and their causes, cures and preventions. And they've got a DOCTORATE to prove it!

It is NO coincidence that these money-grabbing egg-sperts have ALL been indoctrinated by the deeply erroneous “private-schools”, most always of upper-class, Christian cults.

Christian cults who have, for around 1600 years, since the Councils of Nicea in the 4th century AD., set the agenda in terms of how we live.

That is, how a national, or city, or community or global cultural lifestyle evolves (OOPS! Don't mention 'evolution'!).

As these egg-sperts are all so comfortably posited in their squishy, usually BIG upper-class suburban houses, or on acreages of THE MOST beautiful rural land, it is clear that they are adhering to the most dysfunctional, that-is most environmentally DEADLY way of living the Planet has ever seen.

Therefore, it IS NOT a giant leap, to correctly analyse that they are the most mentally ill.

SO! Kevin Rudd, and no doubt with Tony HEY Abbott concurring, has indeed been honest in his pledging billions of taxpayers' dollars to help the mentally ill!

But...., this leaves open, the question as to whether the dollars will do ANYTHING to help the Homeless?

It also begs the question....: “Are those who CHOOSE homelessness, 'mentally ill'?”

And, of those who the “system” deems, in it's infinite 'cultural mental illness' of unwisdom, to classify as 'mentally ill', how many of them, as opposed to the well-paid, well-housed hypnotised private-school graduates, are indeed themselves the 'mentally ill'?

Alas! The final analysis correctly concludes that ANY who support and fund and pay homage and taxpayer dollars to the sickos of the 'mental health industries', ie, the egg-sperts in psychology and psychiatry, and in general medicine for that matter, are, our most mentally ill people!

AND...., yes..., here it comes..... the word “ill” is but a contraction of the word “EVIL”!

So, here we are, in sunny Astrayliar, trudging-out once every election cycle, to the polling booths, to elect the most mentally ill candidates we are insulted with media promotions and propaganda to believe - to BELIEVE (like good little hypnotised, lost-sheep Christians), will ensure our ways of living, our environment and our futures are secure?

Good Christians we are, believing anything. Even if it is proven to be THE MOST EVIL!

Ironic that “science” doesn't get a look-in, when it comes to 'politics' and ESPECIALLY when it comes to ECONOMICS!?

Far from 'ironic', that Aborigine Ways don't get a look-in, Say What, Bleck Fellaz!?

Say what, Liberal (with the rhetoric) Opposition leader Tony “I get bored with economics” Abbott?

Say what, PM Rudd, of the Labor Party which dumped, somewhere in the 1950s (by all accounts retained in my memory), the MOST EQUITABLE, MOST HONEST, MOST EFFICIENT-THAT-IS-ECONOMIC form of government revenue, LAND TAX, from it's charter and policies?

Now, this educes the question “In their ALL knowing these rude facts, are they actually evil, or are they merely powerless puppets of a larger evil, a la the IMF?”

And..., “does their taking the 30 pieces of silver, from the devil, to betray both their people, and the Great Virgin Mutha Eartha, classify them as evil, that-is 'mentally ill', or are they mere followers of ignorance and cowardice?

(They ARE Christians, Omee!)

The evidence, and honest and possibly scientific deduction, would conclude that they are.

Perhaps the Homeless Folk of Australia, should be governing the nation?


But who would the coppers bash and incarcerate?

Clearly, the coppers, and any who accuse a Homeless person of being, or suffering from, a 'mental illness', should be sent straight to Guantanamo Bay, or a Siberian Gulag, or, in Australia, the Woomera detention centre, for their own LONG-TERM, “psyche assessment”!

At a minimum, they should be charged with “criminal defamation”!

Say what NSW police Sergeant Ellis, and Commander 'Always' Lyons?

That's almost it, from Omaxa bin News-Chop at

As for our politicians....................................................................?

Come the nearing 2010 federal and state elections Australia..., WHAT......, are YOU going to vote for???

Seriously sick propagandists, or the most Sound, Scientific Economic POLICY?

Land Rent for Government Revenue!

Oh! And don't forget the GREEN REPUBLIC!

Maersk Shipping Saves On Slow.

Maersk Shipping Saves On Slow.

But How Sllllooowww - Can You Go?

Slow freight shipping is Goooood! - Especially if it's under saaaaaiil!

30% fuel use and pollution reduction, as a report claimed last week, is also good news, but considering the number of vessels plying the oceans, goes next-to-nowhere significant towards world-or-ocean-saving reductions.

If shipping can adopt ssssslllllloooowwww and maintain profitability, surely NO fuel costs under sail is more profitable?

After-all - FAST!!! - is only a trend of psychotic consumers - in general, blindly addicted to the Judaic invention of mortgage-based time-constraints and demands - promoted and fostered by psychotic bankers, advertisers and consumers!

Is any Balanced corporate executive or Sea Captain going to listen to THEM?

Nevertheless....., Well done, Maersk Shipping!

But REALPolitikly, you and your whole industry, can AND MUST do Better.

The same can be said for and of the world's general freighting industries, our hard-working truckers, no less.

That's almost it, from Omaxa bin News-Chop at

AND....!?!?! What about the “Navies” of the Holy Orb???

Perhaps..., if “well-grounded 'LAWS-OF-THE-LAND'” were Global, Pirates of the Sea, would no longer have to be!

And so too, our war-addicted mil-it-ary!!!


Following an article on “Planned Obsolescence” I scribed and posted last week, I've finally got around to retyping this e-ssay I scribed over 2 years ago onto my mobile phone, before I had the laptop. Then I messed-up and didn't scribe it in “mms” mode, so couldn't send it.
(Don't ask!)


“Heavy contributor to environmental chaos”, say experts.

90% of all manufactured products have planned obsolescence in their design, creating massive waste and pollution.

An “All Product Scrutiny Commission” demanded by huge majority of global population.

“Ve sick auf ze zero-qvality crap in all ze stores!” harps Helmut of Hamburg.

“I don't li-ike it,” pipes Pauline of Peanutland.

“Whah th' feerk cayn't I git me sturff 'at'll last 20, 30, 40 goddamned YEARS?! asked Arnie of America.

People don't lend and borrow tools as much now, in-case they break.

“So we buy our own tools and handyman equipment, but can only afford crap-quality junk, that fail months out of warranty”, said Zanu of Zimbabwe.

Sheds globally, are in crisis, clogging and oozing with busted garbage, none of it more than 5 years old.

Kev of Canberra cursed “CRIKEY! It's consumption carnage out there!?”

Vlad of Vostok agreed: “Sank Gott it's not in Vodka, ziss P.O.!”






A 2010 Footnote: As China, the biggest producer of “PO-ed products” this last 20 or so years (no blame, it brought them into the global marketplace), is 1, doing it's best to GO GREEN, and 2, has acquired economic independence, alas, to the point that they virtually OWN the USA's economy, it surely is time they scaled-back planned obsolescence.

A “big-ask” no doubt, but “All Things Considered”......

But one nation cannot be asked to lift it's game, without putting the same call across the globe...........

One must ask if the IMF have “ears with which to hear”?

That's almost it, from Omaxa bin News-Chop at

Cancel all foreign debt.

Globalise Land Rent.

Dissolve “national borders”.

Unlock the Land.....

Restructure agriculture, to scientifically-managed production, leaning heavily toward ORGANIC vegetarian food products.


“All Things Considered”......


Federal ALP One Term Government IMF Plan for John Howard Resurrection?

Federal ALP One Term Government IMF Plan for John Howard Resurrection?
by Omaxa bin Eartha

A wild, speculative guess, yes, but we must ask how an intellectual (sorry Tony) “dolt” like Tony Abbott and his flailing Liberals can be winning popularity against a clearly more Intelligent Australian Labor Party federal Cabinet?

The 2010 election campaign seems not to have begun in earnest yet, even with the laboured (?) attack on the relatively innocent Peter Garrett, by the speech-impeded Mr Abbott.

Accusations and extraordinary demands for Garrett's dumping aside, neither main party are going near election issues.

If life were not so farcical, it would be funny that we've heard NOTHING about Treasury Head, Ken Henry's Tax Review, and his astute conclusion that the BEST option for our immoral taxation system is a National Land Tax?

Going by the 2 media I listen-to/watch, Sky news on Foxtel(-yanothin'!) and ABC Radio, all our political concerns and issues are non-existent, while Tiger Woods, the sex-hungry billionaire golfer, wins first out-of-the-news-gate place on-the-hour, because he releases an extraordinarily stage-managed public apology for putting his groin-balls before his golfballs?

If he wins second place, it's only because some 17 year old has drowned while swimming in a flooded drain!

As the cynic screamed “WHAAAH!?!?!$%^&*”

Unclearly, no matter what our blimbo, yet more-than-average intelligence PM Rudd and Ministers say, the polls lean more toward the opposition?

States-wise, the ALP seems to be falling off the radar of popularity, and, with the ongoing contradictions of a Catholic-Democracy – our most heinous oxymoron, exposure-on-exposure chips away at their only ten years ago assumed ascent.

After the rush back to the so-called “left” of politrix, in the USA and here in 2007, which felt very much like a sanctioned IMF and Club of Roman Illuminati shift into the 21st century, away AT LAST (we cheered!) from their 17th century “old kings” modelling, some weird thing called the “Tea Party” right-wing is winning media attention and, President Obama, the Best thing since the “fire of London” and the “bubonic plague”, is beset with every hurdle and hill to climb, seemingly insurmountable?

As said, the “bored-with-economics” Abbott, even with a fumbling and clearly ill-equipped “Shadow Finance spokesman” Joyce, climbs the ladder from the cellar of political shame and exile, after the tyrannical Howard, and let's not forget “blow-up-the-ref-boats and what-are-Aborigines” Ruddock, and “things-that-batter” Downer and “overpopulate-the-planet” Cost-a-lotto, et al et al?

If the Australian voters really ARE voting each election, according to their investigated interpretations of our political condition, and, with the so-called “left” of politrix murmuring about political reforms which would give the majority of us, for the first time, an equal bat at scoring a chunk of land for our nest and for the kids, yet are telling the polsters that the far-shist right, ex-Howard's coven of demons, are on the rise, then, as a British global survey concluded just last month, we ARE the most sinful nation on Earth.

That-is, if “sin” can be another way of saying how fucking STUPID we are?

Which may be another way of saying how “mentally ill” we are.

“Ill” being the root of all our stupidities perhaps, when we contemplate that “ill”, according to Annandale's Dictionary, is a 'contraction of' “evil”!?

If our traitorous news media, including the, THEIR ABC, the one's who lick the tossles of Rome, as small as they are, Intellectually and in other areas, are incapable of giving the listening/watching public a better class of reportaaaarrrrge, then perhaps THEY should be hung by the necks until dead, instead of the evil mainstream catholic church clergy, and instead of the polls-and-publicity-addicted politicians of Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide, Crawford Texas, etc?

The scene which is seen to be setting itself here, at least in Sydney's north shore, and the high-end bars and press-clubs of Canberra, is where the Libs, probably failing at the 2010 federal election, will take the steam out of the Catholic “we-fabricated-Jesuss” Labor shindig, with the return of the messiah, in the hallowed form of his Baptist lowness, the wicked witch-priest, Johnette Howard.

With the extent of “behind-the-scenes” filth which has fertilised Australia's political dirt for over 202 years, we should not be surprised if they manage to convince us that they have as well..., resurrected Kerry the Goanna Packer, replete with revitalised heroin-importing shipping-and-fishing industries!

Or is it “ecstasy” in this magic age, James?

And am I talking to James PACKER, or James MURDOCH???

Of course, it goes without saying that I should be talking to the newly posited British High Commissioner, Ms Amy whatsit, on the matters of illegal drugs importation, say-what, Ma'ame?

With over 25% of Britain's export income pouring in from IMF whisky, illegal, deadly and most enlightening herbs called Marijuana, Cannabis, Ganga, Weed, and/or Pot, will never be made the profitable and taxable product they/it should be!

And, for the same evil reasons, hemp will never be grown and processed to eliminate filthy fossil-oils and by products, known as plastics.

Then..., we dare to go-to the issue of hyper-expensive products like our telecommunications accessories – cell phones, computers, televisions and the rest.

Yet our tough-talking government authorities who monitor corporate corruption tell us they cannot find cartel behaviour in – petrol retailing – telcos – supermarkets – or water boards?

Anyone for water-boarding, Dick?

Oh! Telstra's CEO has volunteered! FROM SWITZERLANDEN?

Give me a break Australia!

That's almost it, from Omaxa bin News-Chop at

Happy Election Year, Astrayliar!

Talking of liars:

Did Sister Mary MacKillop know anything about the genocide of Gunai Aborigine in the Victorian Alps in the 1890s, actively condoned by the Catholic Scots, to help fabricate a false CATHOLIC messiah from “fresh blood”?

What has her modern-day Twitter-Sister to say about THAT!?!?!?

One went to sleep this week, deluding meself that the IMF was selling 200 tons of gold to repay the Gunai for the ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FOUR TONS OF GOLD they stole from Walhalla in the 1890s. Little wonder St Joeys Convent of Colliingwood acquired some choice cuts of Victoria's real estate!


Not to mention the descendants of the slaughtering Scots who now are firmly ensconced on ABORIGINE LAND, and who are doing everything to subvert Political-THAT-IS-ECONOMIC PROGRESS in Australia.

One could almost be fooled to think that the IMF was growing a conscience in that sell-off, but let's sit back and watch the gold price and the lesser currencies plummet in the near...,

And be sure the IMF's futures-traders have pre-posited their shares in the stronger fall-back currencies in anticipation of the repercussions from their little metals manoeuvre.....

I expect this will NOT be a good year for Australia, politically-speaking?

But maybe US President Barack Obama's visit will stir our Republican urges?

I bet he's not coming to offer me political sanctuary (the new word for “asylum”!) back in the US of A?



Any spare seats on Airforce One?

(Gotto ask!)


For a few years I've received "press releases' from the Citizen's Electoral Council fella, Craig Isherwood in Melbourne.

I can't figure out how close we are ideologically and politically, and suspect we are on very different sides. Nevertheless, I respect his straight approach to today's (Australian) politics, and he has a lot of blunt factual things to say, and says them, without fear or favor, as best as I can read it.

His latest release, I just got and read, titled "City of London demands more war and terror to save nature", which you can probably read at his/their website: http://www.cecaust.com.au/

A shocker, for this Greenie, but at once "not surprising"

Here's what I wrote back to him in response:

(PS: Craig is a "follower" of Lyndon Le Rouche, a "controversial" US politician, probably because the US mainstream is frightened of his straight-talk style. Le Rouche regards the Theosophical Society as "evil" (quoted), which I recently found good reason to agree with, for what they've been doing to my MY Soul)

Hi Craig,

Another Good one!


Now, this, the content of this your latest press release, doesn't surprise me either, given that today the main players, ie., the elites' most influential proponents of "Green-ness", or of the scare-tactics about global warming, etc., are to some degree psychotic, and have been since Cecil Rhodes and E. Bulwer-Lytton et al won fortune, fame, power and influence to create the secret societies they did, the "Theosophical Society" one of them.

You'd know better than I, about the Rothschilds, and the City of London mobs, and these perhaps "time-honoured" beliefs about natural attrition etc., via war and...., genocide.

And as you've written on before, the question of the unspoken agenda and methods of those we group under the title "Greens", from the elites of Britain down, are, if they are as dark as you suspect, definitely in need of scrutiny and exposure.

How much those I grew-up amongst of the upper classes, have always been under social and economic pressures to keep any such darker side of their overt "green" beliefs and enviro-friendly ways of living hidden from a naive and gullible me, I can't say.

But having uncovered a huge and twisted affair happening behind my back, all my 55 year long life, an affair of heinous conspiracies and deceiving of the mass of humanity, in the fabrication of a false messiah, one who was raised to become a "Greenie", I am brought, assisted by your emailed press releases of the last few years, to question exactly where they, and thus all our so-called "Greens" are in fact coming from.

This therefore, must have me question all my own beliefs about living the lightest possible environmental FOOTPRINT, so as to keep at least my own "emissions" to a balanced minimum.

Is this a delusionary way to be?

Is this in fact NOT how Humans are to live, in Harmony with the environment, at least as much as they possibly can? Are we (I) under a severe illusion about life on Earth, and about whether we DO need a sustainable natural biosphere, with all it's biodiversity, to keep the human and all other cuddly critters, keeping on, into perpetuity?

I live, if that's the actual case, in the forests, and feel most at peace with myself, in extraordinary circumstances (a la, the aforementioned conspiracies floating all around my Soul), in, with Nature.

I go to town, or rarely, to cities, and despair at the fetid air, attitudes, blandness and future of and for those who work there, and yes, an outsider almost of the kind "Noble Savage" of was it "Huxley's 1984" novel, see, or in my bones feel, that the modern life is but a vortex which slowly sucks everyone down into it's Soulless self.

This outsider knows he has missed-out on most of the benefits of today's world, and hurts for being forced away from knowing how to simply enjoy AND SHARE the wonders of mans' making - a sexy motorcycle, a comfy apartment or even a mansion (I'm THE black sheep of a very wealthy Scottish Clan - very wealthy!), toys and devices that make me drool over, when I read about them on Google, and, of knowing how to be a part of any social scene, with friends and family, honest friends and family, a partner and kids perhaps - so I'm over any illusions that I'm leading the charge against the techno-rot of the day, albeit that I have an enormous following, globally - ALAS! I'm the Global Ganguru!

But always I find Credence in my own "divined" answers to my own questions as to whether Humans can, and are meant to live beyond their natural boundaries.

Perhaps the last movie I saw at a cinema was "The Matrix", and still adhere to some of the fundamental possibilities that it put across - we are living in a hex of the church's making, and that the rude reality is NOT of this three-dimensional world/delusion, nor is it of this supposed era, year, century!

Trapped, I know nothing beyond what my 3-D senses perceive, which is the only level we apparently hear news of on the media networks, yet fully believe there is another series of worlds beyond my reach, beyond my senses.

So, as there seems to be a determination, by the powers-that-be, who are of this world, but who know a great deal of the other worlds, to keep this charade going, which is retold on the nightly news, and at political elections, and in product makers moving some (small) way toward "Green" products, etc., and as an 8-to-10 year old child, before we'd heard of "Conservationists" et al, let alone green house gases, or global warming, or climate change etc., I went with Dad on tours of environmentally damaged farms etc., with the courses he was taking as part of his real estate industry learning-curve, to see unbelievable examples of erosion and other degradations, caused by bloody terrible farming practices ie., clear-felling of the hills, ranges and valleys - for sheep and cattle - it was clear that there was something fundamentally WRONG with the way we bled the land of it's natural resources - generation after generation?

It does not take a "Jesus" (one of which THERE IS NOT, AND NEVER WILL BE!) to figure out the longer term repercussions of such errant behavior!

Neither is it only a god who sees that these practices, and there counterparts in city lifestyles and further abuse of the natural resources, ie., ignorance of the importance of "Nature", and a complete dependence and belief or faith in technology, spell a finite life-cycle for the supposedly "superior" species, Homo Sapiens!

HA! "Man-the-Wise!" HA!

A curse on the City of London mobsters, I agree. But let's keep some modicum of Balance here, for no-one can convince me that we do not need a Balanced Human/Nature environment to survive into perpetuity.

On that firm belief, assuming there is some truth to this world I see, hear, taste, touch and smell, there is a REAL and PRESENT Place, for Green Politics, and more to the point, for Green Economics.

So, YES! Let us weed-out the hucksters, the elite charlatans who would use the "Nature" argument to gather-up more of OUR LAND into their own purses!

But let's also ensure the Beneficial Plants, which give to our sustenance, to our PERENNIAL Sustenance, are allowed to Grow and increase, without fanatical "ideological pesticides and herbicides" killing them, and the Planet they would Protect!

In short "Land Rent for Government Revenue"!

And an Australian Republic NOW!



'Ganguru' of the Three Wise Tribes Re-Balance.
Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Nichols Cook-Meredith-O'Brien
aka Max Nichols Cook

Outlaw, for
Global Land, Tax, Cult, Drug, & Work Law Reform.

Reforests of Godolonia,



"...IF YOU DARE...!?"