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Christianity: "Oiu must conquer nature!"

True Fella: "Jus move to a betta climate, mate!"

Health Costs?

Dear Max Earth,

thank you for your email. I'll pass it on to Norman Swan.

Brigitte Seega
Health Report

ABC Web-Mail Form wrote:
> Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
> (maxadiff@yahoo.com.au) on Saturday, March 01, 2008 at 09:47:55
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> name: Max Earth
> comments: Hypothetical factorings: If a nation had no motor vehicles, but for research focus, no cars, how much less would the Community & personal COST be, for surgery, medicine, medical, hospice, aftercare & therapy? Q: includes: illness & injuries in allied workplaces: prod plants, mechanics, INFRASTRUCTURE. Also, with car pollution not present, clean air alone: what health & health cost savings would there be? Related Q: what studies exist on longterm health effects of factory/plant work? Same for mechanics, tyre fitters, panel beaters, spray painters? Road bitumen/concrete construction/maintenance workers?


"He travels fastest, who travels alone". How then, to Share? Here, in this vessel, whose mind & life have been built to deconstruct the global illusions of the day, era & epoch, assemble the Knowledge of past, Being Present, & the future potentials, nay for my own Enrichment, rather for Humanitys, what is it, that I am programmed to die for, if not for being very giving of my life? A serious affair, mission, assignment, which, in 1 school, demands Solitude, for Divining Spiritually True Political Policy is a very delicate business, & noise-some distractions, including Shared Intimacy & Love, frey ones antenna so-to-say, &, as history tells, good times lead to judgemental errors, for even the Wise. Being a totally built entity for that purpose, ego, thus - A LIFE - must be negated, so they say. Indeed, I was not expected to live this long, the Mission deemed as terminal, deadly. A hero to many, a patsy to myself, given no social personality skills, or have lost them in the valley of catholojude exile, being driven by a (black) mass of occult-captured pharisee christian idiots to go where no ordinary selfish 1st-worlder can possibly go, I am bereft. The seat of that black occult power covers all Eurape, Britain & Ireland, thus all of the 1st, western world. So any who wish to shed fear (materialism) & plunge into the Furnace of Divine Knowledge, real in horror, as their puppet-masters deem. For to dive thus, melts the millennia-old Roman masters grip. The OTHER BLOKE cult, christo-jude, doesn't work like that. Its ultimate trip is to sacrifice the Healers & Teachers & call it Martyrdom, soas to slay the Wisdom the Healers & Teachers have for their People, their Tribe. Thus, they lose Balance. It hyperbolates much carbon-gas about everything BUT the God Within, pointing anywhere in the earthly, material realm, for SOME, ANY sign, Guidance!? Gui Dance indeed! LOOK! That fellas selling happiness by the Muthaload! Lets do him a deal! Save US doing the hard digging!
Then, when he gets toooo close to the hard ECONOMIC Truth, we censor him by whacking him up on a cross. VERY powerful Symbolism & one the Roman supercult is expert in turning into a propaganda bonanza, exactly like Jesus at Gulgotha, & todays Nimbin, but on a global scale. It happens to be the most effective way to distract the hypnotized masses from the Simple, Pure ECONOMIC Facts, Truths. Hard issues the wests seduced minds, including its most staunch athiests, must slay themselves to address. The mindself to be slain is the demon planted in your mind by another distracted, christo-demonic, usually materialist, psychotic-for-power occultist. Yet another demigod courtesy of your local mammon-cult, the very-much-alive golden calf tribe ex-Dublin-Rome-Israel-Egypt-&-before prhaps. Who occupies their mind thus, frivolous or Vital, could be weighed by the captured fools of the throng, or the affections & even True Love of an One, the One of Greatest Appeal? A curse this catholic ideological farce! The cult of death is all it is. Let it therefore go to its God - DEATH TO THE CHURCH. May the clergy swing. Please forward this email to any & all jews, catholics + christians within your organisation: mainly G. Doogue, P. Collins, R. Kohn, R. Covalle, S. Crittenden, + the other 90% of Aunties Brit-Eurapean Latte club, asking them to PROVE their Sincerity to the Nation of Australia (Uluruba!), to Good Science & to Earth's Top rating public radio: the ABC, NOT to the demonic self-serving ideological crap of the cult which paid them all 30 bits of silver to maintain A MOST HENIOUS MYTH, A LIE we now call christianity. Prove yourselves by PUBLICLY RENOUNCING your allegiance to the planets most deadly cult:- catholojudaism!
Max Earth
Outlaw for Global Land & Drug Law Reform.

NB: Apologies for no formatting.
Scribed in catholoccult imposed exile, on my mobile phone.


MISSION: FOOD! 2050CE: Polar ice-caps, all alpine snow? GAWN mayte! Yangtze, Mekong, Ganges, Colorado, Danube, & the other alps-fed big river systems down to 10% flow, rooting agriculture as we-d known it for 400-to-10,000 years. Broadacre crops? Corporate farming? Supermarkets? Gawn. Local Co-op agriculture recognized as best, globally, but Mutha has been raped, & Her Balance, Her Divine Poise, has increasingly over millennia, been assaulted. She has been injured. Her Being, expressed as the Life She so gives to all onboard, has been darkly violated. By 2050CE, Her autonomic reaction has well begun, & is guessed to keep increasing for 500-to-1500 years, if-not for many thousand years. Seas have risen, making coastal cities warped, maladaptations of illogically self-imposed lifestyles. People, prhaps 20%, remain. Rodent survivors. Deafening thunder- ceaseless - & lightning, yet no rain- have buried most sea-cities in fog & learing gloom in the decades since flooding. Why? Mutant, hyper-nihilist, hopelessly tenacious corporate & feral microcults explode into existence daily, most doomed to be smashed by other, insane, anarchist, self-righteous cults or by Righteous Warrior Clans, in hours. CLAN MISH: KILL CULT!!! To Realist Rodents, the future of love is war. So, love war! But who to fight? City - so the fog-of-war. The mutant, pre-apocalypse, post-capitalist citiphile psychosis lives for enemies to conquer, rape & exterminate. When a dearth, rape & slay each other. Self destruct. Constant influx of zombies from Out. Raped into cults, prayed-upon, stomped. Qualify to serve or be eaten. Many past novels depict Future City. Nature taking its Subtle & Awesome, creeping & rage-some Revenge for mutant humans blithe desecration of Her river-mouths, deltas, flood-plains & Life-nourishing swamps. Dissenfranchized & aggressive Dissident Survivalists, thrive on the chaos & exact justice on ENEMY! in exhaltation. Always, some, bruised, damaged, decimated, nevertheless...,
Recall & Ressurrect Honour. No Honour is strong though, the unwritten human law being dishonour is the common default when under pressure. Life in 2050 is all about pressure. Not subtle pressure. Not diplomatic pressure. Your-kids-throat- cut-type pressure on you saying NO. Nuclear bomb-type pressure on being colonialist trippers. Love war. WAR IS FOOD! FOOD IS WAR! Suburbs? Post-Apoc ungovernable zones, whose Directors are in a constant futility-infused parody of negotiations with hemisphere warlords to avoid being polished off Earths face by a sweep of contained, timed, nuclear missiles. The clans of the Nature Lords regard suburbs as toxic, & thus rich-pickings for slaves, meat, rape & war. No food? Eat a neighbour. By 2100CE, the Renegade global Lords of the army - Riders of the Hostile Gods - who rotate victory with each rise & fall in power, ideate the desertification of suburbs completely. Over 10 active years, its guessed near to a billion people, zombie-slaves to hi-ups, mutants & mongrels to the Gods of Just, have rotted where they were, at the bar, in hovel, fixing a bike, slaves at mill, raping, eating. Why? Impractical. Illogical. Unsustainable. Untenable. Must go. So they go. No news is good news, bar for the lords of junk media, the sons of Lachie & wee Jimmy Murdoch. So another 20 suburbs are nuked here or there, & only the locals hit by fallout know & suffer. Billions, know & suffer the stinking reality, & wait to die as moss in a bushfire. To complain, is to murder the kids, jump the wall & go to war against everything you assumed good. The Honourable Radicals, all through States & regions of Earth, up to T.M.C., Top Military Command, on all continents, identify the enviro-damage cause, the E.D.C, & arrived results, & the immanent future for Earth. No Food. Intelligent interpretation by those Radicals arreigned that no emotion is the most merciful, so to minimise & reverse the selfmade future of Species Implosion, heavy culling was imperative.
On the coke-couch, or...., whacked-off-ya-sconn on cocaine, with safe mates, to the Culcha Warriors within TMC & the Gods Counsel, their world of counta-counta-wars was folly, pathos, toxic theatre, an upside-down tragi-comedic mind-warp. Hell. Where to live well is to constantly dare death. And death is for quaffing. Your own & any who laugh too long. Food. "To Be Without Is Ennobling", quaff the sardonic State billboards. "...without the state...", graffiti of feaces undermines. "...without THE CHURCH! ..." below that, fingerpainted from blood-weeping blisters. Good they can write?! The Warriors, Taught those accepted in their clans, of Honour & Mission. To love war. To "relish no thing" so-as to slay the slayer - Death. And to relish no thing BUT to slay the slayer - Death. Or, materialism. The chimeric shadow between God. And God. A branch of Warriors melted the shadow, & congured, among other planned revolutions, the Hippies? A powerful spread globally. Progressive & 200 years in the making, set roots in spots all over Eartha. Appeared in Ernest, 5 generations ago, &, as-if from the movie "The Day After Tommorrow", after Wall Street & the US east coast copped a bomb generated tsunami, quick became cannibals. July 4th, 2026CE. A 40 metre surge from sunny Bermuda. Happy 250th Independence Day! Love is war. Put mortars in your flowerbeds. Peace, is the biggest arsenal. So state most Hippys' great-grandkids. Practical Hippy genera now eat meat. YOURS! if you get too stoned. Death is exhaltation. Unless you secure food? Still grows. Wind seasons allowing. Clouds of god-knows, fuck crops everywhere. Anytime. Water is acid. Best to wash-down with blood. Blood: the wine of war. Food. To die for. Death comes early to most. Average kark is around 35. No-one celebrates birthdays anymore. Lords live longer, & learn regeneration, having called the Fire of Truth through Deaths illusion. Love is War. War is Mission. Mission is God. God is Power!
Want of Power is death. Kill God. Food. Food is air. Water. Fire. Earth. Earth. The dying Goddess. Slayed by Her child, Humanity. Estranged from Her God, Principle, she thrashes the lame, the tame, & fame. We Starve, She Pigs-Out? Motto of a deep-green Geno (-cide) cult.

Hello Humants,
from 2108CE.,
thru Time-Gate Minus 100 -
TO: 2008CE.
2nd Regenera,
Outlaw Eartha Warlord.
Omaxa bin Eartha
C.M.O. Global.

Tibet? Look-out! Maxie's Mentating again!?!

Tibet? Look-out! Maxie's Mentating again!?!
Wed 26th March 2008
Scribed when Tibet went agro, in March.

With a Very High Regard for The Dalai Lama, & for Tibetans, my gruesome fate is to Comment from a Very Cold Place, indeed from the Himalayas of Global REALPOLITIK Impartiality.
Diving-in, the word "parochialism" pops-up.
Otha factors sway a (any) People & a Tribe. No doubt, most factors, in Tibet, I know bugger-all about.
But all Human behaviour has roots in some few causes, be-it China's dictatorial Militarism, or a Buddhist surfer's laconics on a beach at Malibu or Byron.
The word "Security" just flew-in. Contrary to the 1st world, comfortable & relaxed catholojude blind, it's a hardcoldREAL unsafe world out there/here, & every single Human's Priority is to Secure the Basics for the biggest possible number of their Clan, Tribe, Nation. Basics of Food & a Roof, Laughter & Love.
For the "Security in numbers" or "... of the Group" adage is uni-or-Multi-versally applicable.
For the Beach-Bum, riding the waves with 1 or many others, can be enough security for the Preservation of the Culture/Life, thus their happy ways. But, underpinning ALL slack, white, cruizy lifestyles, is a larger complex, viciously educed social, perhaps apolitical system of security (again, found in ALL Species), rooted deep in the Divine Want, to Survive, Prosper & Increase in Divinity, but kept, by war.
The surfer Attains to their Divinity when it is safe to ride, which usually goes in-hand with-&-when someone else is doing-the-dishes, & ensuring the mongrel hoards ain't gonna invade the kitchen or the nation.
We talk of Tibet's travails, but few talk of China's 400 year Long Hard March against invading catholo-Celts; of China's Struggle against gun-&-opium-totingBriEuro plunderers, most all deeply psychotic in belief & mission, with an utterly narrow, ignorant antipathy to any non-christian Culture.
Cultures which our western megalomaniacs, through their own cult's version of Science, are slow-coming to unnerstand... DO NOT KILL THE PLANET!!!
We do not hear about the ongoing wars all nations of Asia, from Turkey, east to Japan, have & are, underneath the overt materialism, fighting against the western, Brit-Eurapean Soul-stealing Cult of its own professed enemy - Mammon?
The God of Plunder.
That this has, over a period of centuries, destroyed the Best, that is, the Spiritual aspects of most Asian Cultures also. That, while many of them were, to western eyes, heathen, they were NOT killing their MUTHA.
And, in regard to Tibet, we do NOT see that the battle for the hearts & minds of "individuals", that is any moron egotrippa spellbound by the lucious toys of the ever-inventive (ie., cunning, paraniod, evasive, insatiable, warmongerer) western mind, goes-on in even the most remote places, ....such-as Tibet.
Look at the westerners who support Tibet in its want for independence from China?
In REALPOLITIK Terms, (& be clear, I have nothing at all against any of Tibet's ways), those who cry for Tibet do so
A), because they are besotted with the Unique & "...oh-so-quaint..." aspects of Tibetan Buddhism & Culture, largely its colour, costume & Symbolism, as much with it being
B), "...on the Top of the WORLD, darlinnnk!" and
C), because it is/was an apparently uncorrupted, near-at-least, Pure Theocracy. Not since whitey climbed-in.
The sort of ally the BIG-but-crumbling western theocracy of Eurapean "catholojudaism" (Roma) desperately wants, especially
D), because the percieved "enemy": China, is OH NO?! - Socialist, AND Atheist.
We're NOT told of the threat Britain & Eurape face when, not if, the non-Brit-Euraper Humans of the Mutha Eartha adopt the most practical, logical, reasonable, economic & pro-enviro Culture of Glocalised Agrarian Socialism. Of a Tenor suspiciously similar to Chinese Socialism?
That, should the R.o.U., change to Live once more, Honourably, Sustainably, Zero-carbon-footprint & highly Cultured Glocalised Socialist Lives, we'll all no-longer be interested in the hi-tech beads-&-trinkets Brit-eura-whitey offers us to save their dainty pale hands from gettin' dirt under their nails, growing their own tucker!
We're NOT told of the future offering Humanity few, if any viable choices but a general & dramatic shift in all pockets of culture away from the escapist mememe cult of judeo-christian materialism or delusional selfishness, & TO the Foundation of all Human Success, Sustainability, Endurance, & Improvement - "Democratic Socialism". That this is the LAST thing the global-read-Brit-Eurapean..., read-absolutely-corrupt powers-that-be want?!
"Who'll waste their Homeland & 15,000 litres of water for our 1kg of imported beefsteak?"
"NINE! Ve must uze Tibet to stave-off the inevitable Socialist Ressurgence! (& to preserve Romano-Eurapean white superiority trips & OUR planet-type delusions!)"
Tibet needs to think hard about what it's incoming tourorrists from the western lost tribes are bringing to Tibet.
Coke, maccaz, french perfume, halliburton shopping malls & socially, Spiritually destructive nuclear suburbs, may be more seductive to the personal superSoul, but, in Tibets isolation, its reliant more on incoming "hearsay". Very few lower-class westerners, white ones, get to Tibet. So Tibetans who don't travel, hear little from the grassroots westerners, thus, being constantly persuaded by the western "upclub" tourorrists, have no chance but to believe & accept the judeo-christo- western version of wealth: "China wants your land & to end cult-Buddhism!
(So do we!)
We'll offer you promises of defending your Fine Traditions (& costumes, & mineral resources), endebt you to trash-tourorrism, then OUR mining, & basically hoodwink you out of your grandkids inheritance, if you support our evil war against Peaceful Global Socialist Democracy?"
Socialist Democracy, as a more evidence-based, practical, sustainable, system of governance, allowed to be, is the Superior Earthly, REALPOLITIK Ideal.
This, because it gives economic space, for each, to relax..., & find some thing, or the "No Thing" of Spiritual, thus physical & psychic Satiation.
Thus Satiated, nourished by the Intellectual pursuit of Knowledge, of the Inner, Higher Self, & as well of The Laws of the Land, the Planet, & the Gods, far Wiser than "faith" in another, we Progress above the need for Christ-type (group-hypnotist) priests &/or politicians, to lead & advise us on issues which would not arise in a Satiated, Secure, Intelligent-thus-Wise Community Environment. Leaders-thus-centralised, inherantly flawed religion & government, & the inevitable "cult-ification" dissapates, with Honourable Opportunity & Education the perennial base issues of government to address, as their People rise above the fascination of grandiose catholic-type beads-&-trinkets mythological magic.
It appears True, that the only reason any one or cult would ideate or believe in a Jesus Messiah, is because they, the faithful, are themselves lost. This being so, then it follows that they are "lost" of Intellect, so, for as long as they have been wandering, dreaming desperately of a messiah, their ("OUR" western) intellectual structure has been wrong, or at least severely debilitated. Lost or looking the wrong way.
This may be confirmed by reference to the data exposing the western, judeo-catholo-christian culture-read-cult as causing climate change & the possible ruination of 3, 4, 5 /7ths of Humanity & AND!, myriad Beauties of the Heavenly, Edenic, Natural world!
I bet, were the revolters to convince China to aquiesce, Tibet would be western Eurape's "Buddhist Disneyland" in 5 years. If it's not already.
Fairy-floss & tinsel, boxed-in from the US, arranged by Eurape, made in China. Chocy from the slaves of Ghana.
How can any whitey condemn Chinas approach to Tibet, when their own Brit-Eura tribes have been "..expanding their interests.." on everyone else's blood-sweat-&-tears for over 2000 years?
I differ with the comments from China accusing the Dalai Lama of plotting to upset the lead-up to the Beijing Olympics.
I have no doubt any plotting has been agitated at least, by the western tourorrist lobby group, psychotically anti-China, for its being Socialist, Atheist, & NOT christian.

Max Earth.
Outlaw for Global Land & Drug Law Reform.

McGoren's getting out

Friday April 4th, 2008

McGoren's geting out 4 c-ing ALL "Depts of Agriculture" & "Law" et al etal, & (were it 2 go REALMonty) clergy 2, being dragd b4 the Rising Reformst "Earth Court" 4 enforcing uterly dedly, abusive practices of the Mutha's Environmnt 4 200 Brit-Eurapean, I.M.F. "God of Plunder" years!
Henc, the end of the World as we kno It, & it.
Comes th Call: "REALPOLITIK Governmnts & Reformst Orgs of Earth establsh "Earth Court 2 REALDEAL with Crimes against the Mutha Planet", as perpetrated by the Brit-Eurapean over 1700-to-2200 years!
Stedy max!
O.K. 220 yrs here!
Would make TRU mockery of Euro I'nat Court.


Max Earth.
Outlaw for Global Land & Drug Law Reform.

Media's eyes narrow on Mugabe.

Media's eyes narrow on Mugabe.
Sun 6th April '08.
Nimbin. Uluruba.
We of the rich world, the top 20%, talk of unjust regimes, of oppressive dictators, of tyrannical governments, OVER THERE!
We swan it here in Australia ("Uluruba"), as if our State, religion, culture, economy etc., is in tranquil balance & free of Human Rights violations, & that everything is so spiffingly good, we have some god-given mission & right to pass judgement on others, based on the perceptions put in our minds over several decades by some of the most manipulative, agenda-ridden, two-faced, government, church, corporate & media tyrants possible.
Lately, I've paid to tune-in to Foxtel thus the BBC pay tv station.
Less-than-impressed. Opinions on Zimbabwe have been appalling in their shallow "anti-Mugabe", "whites-have-always-been-right" assumptions & editorials.
It is a strange, & dangerous trait that is given the Commoner by centralised authority, of launching forth with a wall of untruthes merely to maintain the status quo of lies of the hitherto most murderous, brutal, genocidal & corrupting regimes in history, negating ignoring & denying their own failings, crimes & current responsibilities?
Strange & dangerous traits most expertly practiced by the 2,000 year old dark orders of Britain & Eurapean establishment.
It is utterly criminal that BBC, Fox news, CNN, etc, be allowed put such "history-free", such "absent-of-evidence" lines of reportage to air, condemning any ONE Person, beit Milosovic, Hussein, Mugabe or the like, as THE CRIMINALS, as the single plotter against their own People, as behind one People or another's demise.
This, is as untrue & as dangerously insane as trying to tell the world, sell the world, that there's only ONE Person can save the whole of the mutant race!
That the christian, that-is - "the Brit-Eurapean" world is too blinded (by its own cult) to see that Jesus was a product, a fabrication of the magician Rabbi's of the Temple, & thus NOT "sent by God", & therefore makes a fraud of all church leaders, the future for the "seduced, mainly 1st world" is bleak indeed.
For it is the same line, whether making a tyrant or messiah, of focussing on what the conspirers want, NOTHING to do with the Truth.
Contrary to the delusions of the Brit-Eurapean puppet-masters, Society & Good, Enduring Culture DO NOT remain long, when based on untruthes, as are spread across the Lands of the Mutha Eartha by such-as the anti-Mugabe media brutes of the pearly-white, christian spin doctors & their MI-6 type, Murdoch media type scum.
The BBC, is a corrupt & thus a pernicious subempire of the very cult that is, as we speak, actively institutionalizing the M.A.D., or "Mutually Assured Destruction" policy for Humankind.
"Oh! It sounds so 'Eurapean' Dahrlinx!"
Death to the northern swine!

Max Earth.
Outlaw for Global Land & Drug Law Reform.

Mitsubishi + a Green auto industry?

Federal ALP Minister for Infrastructure, & the "Federal 20-20 Conference".
Mon 7th April, '08.

Mitsubishi + a Green auto industry?
Including these in The Apology?
"Green-auto" is an oxymoron, 1stly.
Auto's cost heaps in combo with alcohol, in medical & personal terms.
Autos are a severe bain in exstressing the Mutha our Planet Earth also.
Healing the Aborigine post-carnage-trauma, is nought if its not Wholistic.
Thus, Integral in Post Apology Action is the Call for an Unconditional Dedication to Remediate, to Heal the wounded Aborigine People &, concurrently, the wounded Land.
Thus, to make Opportunity from the adverse, ask the staff & management of S.A.s Mitsubishi auto plant, if they would like to be the nation's 1st industry to Turn an, in reality 'stale' auto industry's plant, into the hub of a rail network in production of the "bogeys-and-billets" for a nationwide web, an interlinking series of regional, Light-Rail Networks?
This needs of course, a parallel Federal Rail Expansion Enterprize (F.R.E.E.!) All-Government Commitment, Principly toward Honouring The Apology, by designing our productivitous nature into Dancing Elegantly with the Aborigines Light-Footprint Love of the Land, Their Ageless Ceremony.
Why not, tram-car links between remote Communities & regional towns, etc?
I know a large lot of Australian Aborigine Mothers, Grand-Mothers & Aunties would more happily slide over their Country "...with half th' bloody Mob Mayte", between Communities & town(s) in the smooth, SAFE, Cool & Communal Comfort of a Modern, very Green Melbourne-type Tram, than humbly suffering the discomfort, dishonour & danger of the longish car rides.
This, not to say YOU gotta go by tram!
Cars are a male subculture, & serve a lot to divide-up the Family, (though in many ways bring us together).
The Ideal Aborigine-designed family car would be a twenty-seater!
And if we gave them all the facts, they'd have it on rails in no time!
"Way-to-GO - BRO!"
Perhaps the above words are a tad frivolous, ne'erth'less, regional networks of light rail track has got to be up the ladder of government agenda (BIG infrastructure projects!) priorities in 2008 &-on?
To this, on this, I appeal, to both the People & to the Democratic Government of Australia.
As the northern rivers or the "Rainbow Region" of north-eastern New South Wales is vindicated by western science's reports on "How to survive the hypermaterialist western, 1st world's rape & murder of the Planet!", & thus Merits Recognition in tangible ways, for the Cultural Warrior REGION's now world-reknown Pro-Planet, Light-Footprint Sub-Culture, Environmental Stance, then it must be a given, that the Bunjalung Traditional Custodians of this Precious Country, & the Newmobs who live on the Barricades of the above vindicated, "Nimbin" Alternative Culture, tender local, State & Federal government for the Nation's first local region light-rail tramway?
A web, is the Ideal aim, along & off popular routes.
Nimbin, being the Known Centre of the Aussie Counta-Culcha, might do itself Right to lobby its local Councils on a light-rail track.
Were the councils of Tweed, (Murwillumbah), Byron, Lismore & even Kyogle to recognise the Merit of such Infrastructure advances, the 1st stage being a track, to Nimbin, but from which larger population centre - Lismore, Byron Bay or Murwillumbah/Tweed, the Councils may well be "knocking-on-the-Museum-door" to win the 1st lightrail track route & VERY lucrative contract?
Surely a rail wending up from Byron to Nimbin would do right in a few ways:
Most appropriate way to freight-in Byron-based trippers, reduce the pollution of tourorrist buses & cars, give Nimbin/Byron Locals an efficient, pro-enviro, Ideologically Sound, stress-free & sensorially Heavenly way to get together.
In the larger web plan, all mentioned cities & towns would one day be linked by, into the N.R.L.R Web, but the rail must serve the Locals, from the beginning, so they may be further enabled to Live the Light Footprint Path.
This would likely have Lismore the winner, but Murwillumbah/Tweed may have a chance, both as the 1st track, but as a logical forward step in having the "backbone" track running between Tweed, Murwillumbah, Uki, Nimbin, et al to Lismore.
Or indeed, on from Lismore to Byron? Etcetera-etcetera-clakety-clak!
But getting back to the S.A., auto-plant; The call goes to ALL governments to envisage their own regional networks, & how they might link into neighbour-councils' & interstate tracks. The now-closed Mitsubishi plant is, in terms of future population distribution needs & possible practicalities, located well to minimize trucking of the hardware off to wherever in Australia, as the web of webs grow.
To minimize energy expense, it makes sense to begin laying track from the central (Mitsubishi plant) site, out to the relavent regions.
However, economics & demographics suggest otherwise.
While the most deserving Aborigine maybe of South & Central Australia, as well as being nearest the centre of production, logistics would call that the first track be laid where it can be most used, thus bring the or a best possible financial return.
But being a perpetual, longterm government project, those concerns may not demand initial priority.
This is why the high-traffic, high tourism region of the N.S.W. Northern Rivers has been considered.
These ideas can be applied everywhere. Today we know we must plan environmentally, thus it becomes the Role of Government & the People to Advocate & Embrace such Social & Cultural Efficiencies.

Max Earth.
Outlaw for Global Land & Drug Law Reform.

How Serius r we?

How Serius r we?
Makn Opp-outa-adversty, doin th Math, wayin th evidnc, peerin' n2 th futur, + bak 2 1st/4th, cood th cops b sayin "Yor Politicl View is 2 naro?"
"2day, Reform cannot just b bout Pot! Not even jus DRUGZ."
"Th root of OUR Policng probs, r SAME as root of Nimbin's haslz. - GLOBAL corruption.
Drug law, tax law, religus law + LAND Law."
Many r cynical bout Nimbin.
Few Kno how Tru how many r.
Sirius concerns on extant "conexions" w anglo-estab, thus global heroin lords?
U get Cred 4 yor Righteous EarthRight Light Footprint Ways, but lose it in avoiding THE Issues 1973 was preparing Nimbin + then Australia 4.
In fact, it's a pity bout th drugz!
Nimbin, Aqarius, Et Al, thru Height-Ashbury, The Angels &on, wuz bilt 4 a Reason, biga than Pot, tho Pot helps th Reason + Caus muchly!
Opprtoonty nox, 4 th most Powrful Way 2 Effect Sound Politikl Corrections.
Nimbin's Known, has Serious Cred + weight.
It can't leav it 2 long, prhaps b4 th U.S. Nov '08 Prez electns, if Nimbin wants 2 retain + populariz its Rectitude, xpand yor folio, sho yor Wisdom, Strength + Reason detr - "Love" by + thru a SERIOUS Assault on ALL corrupt laws.
If anyone on Earth can MAKE-A-DIFFRENC, n terms of our Cultural Laws, + Teachin others wots Good 4 Mutha, thus evry1, it's The Bastion of The People of Nimbin!
Assuming it, ...It..., still Exists?
It's a big Fight, often demanding reappraisal of our allegiances, small + larg.
In 2008, 1-issue politix is as likly a scam.
1-issu within a biga 1-issu - drugs-v-mammon - can only b Educative.
Politicly..., its only divisive.
Nimbin's history is linkd 2 th Progresive Elites hu also run most of th global corupshn:- Keswicks, Kennedys, Kaldespone-er..., hu hav been "put on notice" 2 yrs ago, that "it's comin a Time" 2 "Assert the Fullness of the Law Incorruptable".
Because of Nimbin's Special Status, it has the Right, The Reputation, the Duty, +, I believe, the Fullness of the Law supporting any Genuine Addressing of ANY Laws it's Wise Counsel deems bad 4 Life-on-Eartha.
Only then, will we win th war on drugz.
How long is our warming Mutha gonna wait....?

Max Earth.
Outlaw for Global Land & Drug Law Reform.

This Crazy Dude.

"This Crazy Dude!"
Rap Lyrics.
by Max Earth.
© March 2008.

Erybody's talkin' 'bout this Crazy Dude,
Lives in th' Forests.
Say he got a bad attitude?
Fightin' for th' Forests & th' Fishes & th' Deserts.
He fightin' EV'RYONE 'cause he thinks they're fuckin' peasants.

This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.

Jews, Micks & Pagans on his case - 'Cause he's "a Powerful Man...",
Wanna put 'im on a pedestal (a cross!).

Try to centralize God, with an iron rod,
Soon enough Satan captains the Helm!"

Says this CRAZY Dude.
This crazy Dude.

He scream: "STOP! OBSERVE? where devils - comin' from....
You'll see he grows with your selfish attachment to th' ground!"

He say: "Satan same colour as your Earth Chakra!
If y' pin-y'-faith to real estate -
Yo make a landmine-of-YO- MUTHA...."

"O' course, right time-&-location,
you'll make a-squillion-or-two!
But th' Gate is wide - your kind of soul Falls through...."

Says this crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.

He fightin' alien invaders from UK & Eurape!
Ones rapin' th' Mutha,
From Alaska-to-th'-Cape.

The ones bullying the Polity from Boston-to-Beijing.
Think the world's THEIR Oyster.
He say "They betta think again!"

This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.

Some say "...he's from Heaven!"?
Some say "...from th' STARS...!"
Some say "He a Warrior,
'Cause he identify with Mars!"

This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.

Used to fly through th' night,
Lightin' fires in th' city.
Astral Arrows at "establishment"

Body-free flew,
'cross Galaxy to
Alpha Centauri,
Somethin' 'e dismissed,
But they say 'e was "Kissed-by-Bliss!" -
before th' Mission... closed his Eye.

This crazy, crazy Dude.
This Crazy Dude.
This Crazy Dude.
This Crazy Dude.

Hundred 44 Moons down th' track,
He buried deep in th' valley & can't claw his way back.
But his voice stays Strong & Righteous in Hellish Resound,
LOUD in EV'RYONE'S head,
HARD TRUTHS, Can't turn HIS volume down!

This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.

When 'e's angry...! EV'RY-one hears what 'e's said!
Deep from th' Forest sCREAMS,

This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.

20 years ago & more,
He wuz forced to study law,
'Cause then 'e got around on a - motorbike.
Pigs & peasants in their cages,
a carnage of no-brainerzz,
Drove as if Bikers!, had no Rights?!
Taught 'im somethin'...,
was lackin'...,
a little-bit-o'-Light?

So 'e asked..., some qvestionssz...?!
This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.

He went to night schoo',
Studied hist'ry & litrature too,
And got a B+ in "law"!
In th' day rode round th' streets,
makin' over 1000 bucks-a-week,
Then got STONed..., after work, and Philosophized 'bout ending -
th' never-ending war.

Scientifically sieving, here-&-there,
how Best to help th' Poor.

This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.

But all fun has to end,
'Specially when yer tricked to trust yer friends,
And find too late they're in fact a whole lot worse!
Like a mankillin' motha,
under catholic convent cover,
Y' "friends", y' boss & family turn out
to be utter SCUM of th' MULTIVERSE!?!

So says this crazy Dude,
this crazy Dude.
This Crazy Dude.

Finds out at 52,
He's the lamb they'se puttin' through -
the christian mincer!
The Vatican banker
said "Pope we need a wanker!
We gotto build a patsy World Convincer!"

This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.

This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.

Well he ain't dead yet,
And thinks 'e orta see a vet,
'Cause 'e's turned into a feral animal.
Defying dogma psychosis,
Mummified philosophical ig-Gnosis,
false Prophesy -
From th' 4th century,
Trickin' People with an Osiri-Jewish witch's-cabal.

Pressin'-down on...,
This Crazy Dude. This Crazy Dude. This Crazy Dude. This Crazy Dude.

Jesuss says.....

Jesuss says "the pope's a piece of shit".
His Brothers agree, and wanna assassinate the prick!

Jesuss wants t' welcome il poopa, when 'e come to town,
As a sign of his respect, as th' popemobile passes thru,
Jesus wants to burn all his churches down.

The dopey popey all dressed-up, to talk dead words only scholars unnerstand.
But tha's alrite,
Catholics ain't real bright, think they "SEEN THA LIGHT!"
When all they 'SEEN' is a well-dressed master-of-mirrors conman.

But "Jesuss" not at all fooled, He THE "Wise One" afterall!
He know the church is run by Satan, and that it has been since the Fall!

And Jesuss KNOWS, what none can tell,
No priest, archbishop nor no witch who call hisself "The Pope".
That THEY GOT NO AUTHORITY, and that to be set free, TALKING TRUE is the catholic's only Hope.

But Jesuss fell all over laughing, after saying that with merth.
'Cause He SEES the End of that Roman blend, of lies and hocus-pocus, Jesuss sees the fees they charge, have cost the Rest-of-Us our Earth!

And now Jesuss' hidin', lyin'-back, laughing-though-in-Heart still raging mad.
He yell "FUCK-YOU!"
IF YOU WONT TALK TRUE, take y' Sodom + Gomorah, I'll wipe-out all you Euroscum ever had!"

And Jesuss didn' return on the 3rd day in Gesthemeny or Rome,
They fisheed 'Im out of a murderer's womb, then cursed him 50 years with their mindnumbing witch's bones!

Jus' like in th' black book, Jesuss wuz a loiterin' boy 'round the Temple,
The 'Rabbi's' plying the nubile's mind with Kabbala magic, "Let's say he's from Yehovah, for our flockers... we must be simple!"

Now the "Godfather" 'e cuma too-a Uluruba, to talk Latin Euroshit to True Fellaz of the "Great Southern Land"?
And if we here had our way, we'd say that pope "Piss-off back to Pizzatown! It's YOU who don't understand!!!!"

We watched you from here, for more than 4,000 years,
We KNOW the Europak got no Honour!
You always slayin' & fightin', keepin' ev'ryone frightened,
Why!? So you can "live?" in a tomb, a sterile nuclear family HORROR?!?

You fly down here,
EVER 'walked' anywhere?
To slip-one up th' dumb-as-dog-shit nubile catholics at Randwick!
Gonna tell 'em "Jesuss guna save 'em"? Then in ya' goldplated biddet dunk & wave 'em, an' suck their Souls so they can't ever wake-up & say "JAMM IT!"

Yeah Jesuss gonna save 'em!
Yeah Jesuss gonna save 'em!
That's save 'em in ICE!
Cause the Euro-catholic god of plunder, 'as made a terminal blunder, and generally killed the PLANET!
Not, you insatiable toads, very nice!

Piss-off Benedictus!
Go back & "save" YOUR Euromorons.
Your cult has done more than any to destroy the Mutha!
Get out of my Country, you charleton!

If there's one thing the Mutha Eartha does NOT need, it is your untrue, 2-faced cult.

Aumaxa bin Eartha,
Outlaw Revolutionary Global Lawlord.

British Royal family seriously mentally ill!

British Royal family seriously mentally ill!
17th May, 2008.

(Apologies for the gaping quality in this essay)

With relatives speculatively ensconced across the territories of the dying British "Commonwealth", (regal oxymoron No. 1!), & with so much (other People's) wealth & Land theirs to do with whatever greedy, unscrupled dream the top 5 or ten members of "the Royal family" ideate or dream, so above the throng of the lowly Rest-of-Us they is, the irrefutable evidence shows, ALL THINGS CONSIDERED, the royal family of Great Britain suffer the most serious mental illness known to Humanity;~ "Too much of too much".
Describing the extent of the mental illness of one of the planet's most wealthy, most corrupt families is made difficult for there being an autonomic mechanical spin media apparatis made specifically to counter & dissempower any exposure of the truths about-&-in-the-heads of the illegitimate royal scamily of "Windsor", U.K.
Pathologically, in such a supposed "role" (for 100 years at least, a scam!), which demands lies, lies, & more damn lies, usually employed as the very TRUTH in complicit Fleet Street, Canary Wharf etc., mainstream Murdochian media, "Y' get that!"
Mental illness is more than HUGE, in upclub Britain & Eurape, the harder to see, for the very culture itself, is so terribly corrupt, so unbalanced, so "lost", so in need of Guidance & Leadership, so "Christian", & for that, fully sychophantic, that ANYONE within it's thrall, especially the, THE top family, has really no choice but to be VE-ERY serious "candidates"-at-least, for that increasingly feigned "I'm bipolar!", "I've got Tur-fuckin-ret's Syndrome!" "No-one is going to decide how weweMEME ar/iz goingk to liff!" shreeked Lizzie, HRH.
No matter that it's killing the Mutha Earth, aye?
"HRH's a fuckin' genius?"
We've all had our doubts as to "Prince" Charles' health of mind, as he's stuck with being 'next in line'.
Seems he's won his stability back, from here in Nimrock, but I'd haz-a-guess & say he's not happy with the two-or-more faces, the multiple contradictions of the Job of King, in the 21ssst century.
Like, being embedded in making & profiting from most "illegal" merchandise, as well as being embedded in making & profiting from profit-oriented, biased, NON-Scientific, NON-Evidential & thoroughly British, NON-Principled laws. And weapons thus war etc!
With pressure being poured, as from a battalion of gaint cement-mixers, constantly down upon his/their heads to "enable" or "agree-to" or "comply", from fiends like the thoroughly rotten elites of Military Oxymorons Inc.,
who RUN most non-so-called "Islamic" Terrorist organs & larger-scale contraband operations on Mutha, & create & effect whole warzones & regions, to their own purpose & end, a retiring Prince Charlie, & I reckon any with half-a-brain, would be caught betwixt-&-betwain about being a figurehead to the entrapped entranced masses so that an whole upemselves, uptown upclub of shear-fucking-arseholes can, in an utterly-deluded & untrue lifestyle & state-of-mind, fopp around THEIR little Earth, not giving a flying fart about the Planet, or the "pretty-little sea-horses" dropping to extinction like brains-in-the-Australian Liberal Party?
There's also mounting evidence against single figureheads in politics & in arena bearing so much "cultural" influence.
But in this, adding to the case, today's monarchs do more as "others" say. Were ANY of the pricks on the "Board of Influence" of the REALPOLITIK BIG Issues, genuinely concerned about slowing the impending global implosionzzzzz....., even the most mammonic customs & social habits would be Corrected out of the Global Village in mere months.
But...? O-oh-noh-laddie!
we're MAMMONISTS son! We doon't-ava-brain foor dat!
Every bright, Noble, constructive, Honourable idea, HAS to be turned into a profitable one, & as it gooes, profitable to OOSS!
You cannot begin to appreciate what this entails! This is why we have control of the media, & the vast teams of spin-doctors necessary therein!
Then there's the gargantuan MAT of Intelligence networks & operations needed
to 2nd-guess the inevitable competition, ETCETERA, ETCETERA!
Would you like me to go ON???
Nooor! Me boy, foor th' apparatus this size to function, it becomes imperative we have DYSfunctional figureheads!
Hitler. Stalin. Roosevelt. Churchill. Nixon. LBJ. Reagan. Milosovic. Saddam. GW. ALL our men.
Every one of them, AND in the beomith underneath them?
Every one of them too. Tagged & trained-up for sometimes 2, 3 generations ahead!
Ones we build to die heroes, martyrs, villians, fools or failures.
Most, right up & down the social scale, are built as sleepers, to come online or alive years after moulding, & mostly where they can most destructively undermine someone else's work.
The bloody royals no-less!
About the ONLY difference 'atween ye & they, is that they are told from a young age what they are being indoctrinated & moulded to be.
To the rest of us, its designed to be a surprise all-the-way, but to them..., it's predictably dull & smilesville, all-the-way-down.
Blended with drops of invulnerability, the stupor of a pre-arranged life incites sporadic displays of daring-do or errant play from them & us.
Their advantage is being a part of Global Muthafuckas Incorporated, GMI, their errant behaviour is protected, supported AND encouraged by GMI, & by a lustuous, effectively out-of-control class-hungery mass of sychophantic arselickers.
As politidead J Howard wuz crucified, for being so far off Good Governance, that to the sincere Scientific Observer, he was actually making & effecting insane policy, thus rightly can be classed as him-them-selves insane, the veil will fall & Humanity will see the utter fraudulence of most all monarchy, ESPECIALLY in this age of awareness of the envirocarnage such bling-infested lives leave behind.
Nigh-on imposseebl it is for our royals to get the REAL! IN-YA-FACE or even polite untainted, Impartial opinions, advice, influence.
Attaining to That Pure Spiritual Throne will always be a more natural thing/nonthing preserve of the penniless. For all possessions also possess us.
Just like "beliefs" in monarchy, popes, presidents, +/or Horus, Hesus or Jee-suss to Protect or "save" us.
It's blatantly clear today, that the monpopepres consortia uptop-uptown-upclub-upemselves "CHOSEN ones" do NOT GIVE A DEMIGOGIC DAMN about the R.o.U., expecting our consumpollution or the axial wobble will wipe five-sixths, 7/8ths, 9/10ths, 99/100ths of humanity anyway anyday soon, THEY, the Knobs, will survive with technowealth.... + totalitarian replunder + recontrol of the recently (looking-back from post-apoc point) vacated ball-of-real-estate.
So why grieve for the inevitable?
A rude view I'm fast coming to agree with, going by the abject, absent-of-Intellect job their colonialist policies have left an Ethically bereft Australia.
The sooner the beast-homo-insipid is GAWN from Earth, the better.
The sooner the beast "homo-brit-eurapus" is GAWN from Earth, the better.

Sorry...., ya dogs!
Jus' a digger, spading up the REALPOLITYGRITTY, for the Edification of the monpopepres progeny, as they're tuned-in.....
Each time they DON'T listen..., ANOTHA bomb explodes, another tornado torns, another cyclone goes sick, another opportunity at getting it somewhere NEAR Right, slips away....
The Royales have taught us, its a cold world, + that "BACKLASH"-type Justice, with FACTS for Evidence, may be Best Served on ice.
Before the very-close ice-age steals 99.9% of the planet's human tenants + many big-+-small critters, Humanities last stand before the end of 25,000 years of human stumblings, might be to go hell-for-leather in bringing down the sicko-psycho's currently running the Mutha inta tha gutta!
"Coming soon to a lamp-post near YOU! THE SUPERIOR SWINGERS!!!"
"Always like 'Live, PUBLIC Entertainment'! Saves on street decorations too." said T.O.C. C.M.O.
"AND, for once THE PEOPLE win, from de regal 'pomp'!"
Just a cryin' shame it's ALL about to END....

Aumaxa bin Eartha.
Outlaw for Global Land & Drug Law Reform.

Nuns of Genocide.

Nuns of Genocide.
Fri 13th June, '08

Mother hides below in 1/2 brother's flat,
1/2 sister lies + lies thru her hat.

Death rises from my haunted Great-Grand-father grave-dweller,
To march-asunder the murderess,
Been lyin' 'bout "The Australian True Fellas".

True Fella Aborigine of MY family, back but 4 generations,
Genocide by catholicism,
"For the white flock AND Jesus, we condone extermination!"

100 years later + the nuns like dogs keep barking mad, Denials about the evil of their desperately DEMENTED "plan"!

And St Joey's e'rywhere, entrancing e'ryone to read the BLACK bible,
Mass indoctrination burying the Truth, 'bout which witches-read-"NUNS of GENOCIDE", are in-the-end liable!?

While they lie + deny, the mountains of FACTS,
Their moronic flockers are zombies-on-tracks, To killing the Virgin Mutha Earth with their old Roman toys,
Like queers in a camp-bed, like ignorant excited private schoolboys.

Our proud coven of ignorant whores,
Thought with 'christian' magic they'd force,
Their dogma of "Jesus" into the Hearts of The Spiritually Pure.

A century down the track,
The Aborigine Warrior's Fightin' back,
And KNOW death of that northern cult, is a must, to exact ANY Cure.

But we's caught 'atween Hope + Hell?
For as best we can tell,
The Roman cult of plunder has trashed the whole planet!

The Jews + Christians,
GAWN on their crusading missions,
Long members of the "golden calf tribe",
1000s of years their rabbis + priests have planned it.

And now the evil cult's head witch,
Is comin' "Down-Under",
With an enterage of poofter priests to keep the flockers on-course to plunder,

OUR Great Southern Country, AUSTRALIANS'!
NOT Dublin's or Eurape's!
Wipin'-out their evil,
Is Eartha's only escape!

Eurape has totalled the future!
So now I Call The Abo Ice King to Act True and exterminate insane Rome's Euraping culture!

But? How at this point can Mutha Eartha be Cleansed,
Of this pernicious mindless cult of the "Black Hole Gang"?

For it's zombies of mammon have infected all corners-and-pockets,
In their really DUMB superiorist hubris,
Too spellbound by Rome, to admit their Beliefs will in-the-end fuck-it!

So here's a Welcome Poem,
To a visiting cult leader,
Heed it well, agent from Hell,
For down here is ONE True Fella,
Ready to slay, your evil and puppet sacrificial "bleeder"!

Go on, blow my house down, you pathetic mick-witches,
Keep hiding murder,
By YOUR idiot-slave convent daughter,
Get to your grave HA! "Benedictus"?
And bury your moron cult back inside the Eurapean's border.

For I Promise you that it's tooo late for Humans at this stage,
For The Great Southern Ice Lord has weighed YOUR souls, seen the FACTS and Deemed it Just!
To bring on your white-as-snow heads, a Purifying Ice Age.

Death to Rome!!!
Death to the Eurapean plane(t)cidalists!!!

Max Earth.
Outlaw for Global Land & Drug Law Reform.

GOODBYE, "Bling" Party

GOODBYE, "Bling" Party
Friday 13th June 2008

Liberal spokesman Greg Hunt: the typical mammo-techophantLiberal on fuel prices!
Relying on materialism to cure materialism by saying we should cure overconsumption by making more efficient motor vehicles, rather than Working to Lift the People's Spirit, to lessen desire + material overconsumption.
(What about PM Ruddie's Toyota hybrid deal then, mmMaxiee?)
Another christian-school-aborted Intellect.
The upemselves anglophile Australian far-rightwing Liberals are, in their ideological "individual first" delusion, spellbound, pledged to not open the Pandora's Box of practical, Economic-of-Scale Resolutions for an otherwise tormentuous future, purely because THEY + THEIR Brit-Eurapean finance, military, cultural, industry AND 'religious' spin puppet-masters depend like a life-blood on everyone being dumbasdogshit over-consumers of THEIR beads-+-trinket pumpmarketed TRASH.
Particularly..., illegal heroin!
Who ANYWHERE, would suffer from the extinction of the Liberal Party of Australia?
Number one, is the plunderous old corporate colonists, the morphed "British East India Company", now the multi-fronted IMF, WTO, world banking syndicates of Breurapean stuporiche, if only for having to find another antipodian nationwide instrument to distribute their supplies of heroin to our lucky-street-kids-+-junkies.
Aussie cartoonists + comedians would be sad.
The Bex-brained blue-eyed blondes from blingsville would winge + pop another prozac-with-wine, + p'rhaps move back to Twickenhamengland, + a few 19th century tories + Nationals would go melancholic, but a stiff drink + back to the table-top-dancers signal a non-plus either way?
The drubbing of the short charlatan last November has nearly expunged parliament of the last of the Menzies' chimera or shadow, totally anachronistic at this stage.
And, as history will atest I'm sure, not only out-of-time, but rather excessively out of touch with Humanity, Reason, Wisdom + Sanity.
The Big Arbitor, Mutha Eartha, agrees, going by the way She looks-like slamdunking us all in the near fyooch, in some-part because our oxymoronic Liberal Drinkeepoohs' puppet-masters, kings of pillage, the Brit-Eurapemuptopuptownupclub oolites have done or incited most of the environmental DESTRUCTION for the last 500-to-2000 years!
As an education washes over the templates of their brains, whence they'll here-+-there come to see the TERROR of their delusional ideology, thus policies of the last..... centuries, some will implode into dementia, some to harder drugs, some will see the solarpanels + drop-out, + some the lucky-dogs, will become lampost swingers or take to hanging-around in forests.
"Voluntarily", of course!

As a sign of Respect, for Ritual + Symbolism, perhaps there's a future for some "we-must-be-more-competitive"-type entrepreneur to import a box full of HEMP ROPE, from Cuba!

I can divine a wee Downer + jnr Howard, plotting my demise....


Don't mind dying, if it means the end of those demented pricks in the Country of my birth.

Max Earth.
Outlaw for Global Land & Drug Law Reform.

Planetary Axial Shift

If you look at the planet, from about 40, 50 thousand miles up, you get another view at the potentials awaiting us, environmentally.
In the worst-case, the delicate balance that I suspect exists + contributes to the maintenance of Earth on it's current rotational axis, via the spread of ocean water, must be altering enough to be near an unstably IMbalanced state.
To look at how much ice has melted from over the North Pole, really makes you wonder how it could NOT portend a massive axial, rotational + solar orbital shift?
The melting ANT-Arctica ice too?
A "pole shift" is when the MAGNETIC poles move.
Magnets or no, Mutha, I mean Mutha Earth, I venture, is about to get REAL-REAL ANGRY with not just Humans, but with all life above about 80 feet underground, by way of a violent change of the Orb's axial balance, changing the rotation + destroying most manmade infrastructure, killing the vast majority of animals including us, + the ecological systems of heat + cold.
It's happened before, so 'sgotta happen again.
What darkens the atmosphere from the destruction-thence-pollution from man's filthy habits + invention - industry; (al-)chemistry; warfare; cities; agriculture; free-market capitalism - looms as-yet unknown, but be sure 'twill no doubt fuck most seasons-thus-season-dependent food crops, ETCETERA!
Picking ONE MORE fatal flaw in the cause, "western culture!", I see the danger in the "nuclear house" social organisation.
On the premise that any of the above occurs, your comfy-little-flat-cottage-3 bedroom home-10 bedroom mansion, + garages...., will become 1000's of square miles of deadly missiles + shrapnel, fuels + toxins to life, taking-out residents of all cities + sluburbs, wasting, along with every natural flinging thing, 99.8% of Humanity.
Whoever survives will be lucky!
The scum of the Multiverse - insatiable Humants - GAWWNN! MAYTE! :-))
It's probably going to get REE-E-A-AL c-c-cold though, ....m-m-mayte?
40, 80 degrees C., below zero?
"Worst-case scenario", I remind you, but the potential, I posit, of the worst occuring, is high, indeed HUGE.
What can I do?
I'm fucked.
But to those with families + social groups, I'd say "GROUP-UP!"
Do the Science anyway. Think "Axial Wobble".
Find out yourself. Don't take my bollocks for balls!
BEST-case scenario in case of the worst, would be (?), to sink a bunch of "heavily- re-enforced" shipping containers underground, strategically done as far as the group may be able to divine or determine any shift's direction, thrust, duration, deposits, etc, etc?
Food, water, agritools etc, hoarding + storage from now forward is a must, with all necessities like fluffy toilet-seat-covers, cooking + heating fuels, eye-liner pencils, REAL-warm arctic-proof clothing, bedding + yeah, padding..
Books, on mind-control, Meditation + Eastern Wisdom, will be also as Essential as preparing EVERYONE, forward from yester+birthday-on, to Adopt + keep fairly "rigid" personal + Collective Self-Disciplines in the Yogic + Military Arts of Personal Balance, Strength, Health + Control.

Collect Bibles for burning.

Bu-ut?! Personally, I'll be happy + sad. 1, that the scum have gottheirdeserts + are finally fuckin'-GAWN MAYTE!
2, that a world so Beautiful into which I wuz born + loved, has been totalled by my own kind - spumanity.
Now, the question for ME, is whether I should interfere with the whole Cosmic unreality, fire-up mah Mojo + stop the polar-ice melt, stop the end of the current 25,000 year epoch (?) + sojourn of the then-Loveable, now-lost Human "Homo sapiens", the now UNwise Beings of Earth?
To sustain the insanity of the bilious billions!?!
Surely? You jest!?
Possessed of such Power, one shudders, + one draws breath, on mind of It's Purpose.
Purpose, beladen with + out-of Spiritually lost men's mythmaking!
Itself out of long-Spiritually lost
tribes. Powerful, with device, yet long-Spiritually lost.
Thus so, what are we to make of it's /their "religious ideology"?
Thus of ANY beliefs, theologies, customs, TEACHINGS they assert!?!?!?
It is as likely that the formulaicly formed manifestation of 1700 years of "christian" dreaming, is dangerously out of kilter with the wider, Global, Universal + Cosmic Reality(s). Therefore it quite probably is the case that, any product of western religious culture, is dangerously false, thus his (their ideated Messiah) Power, increased by his mythority, would only worsen the prospects.
The prospects that is.., for the Rest of Us!
Not of the "144,000" upclub catholo-christian Eurapeans-in-underground cities, with all the bling + beef they plundered + preached off the RoU.
"How much did it all cost, ol Benedictus?"
"Au, 6, 6-+-a-half billion."
"Non! No! 'NON-Euro's'!"

Why... Rest of Us, do you think food + fuel is going upupup?!
The Eurapeans are hoarding the planet's food + fuel supply!!!
Funny how ONE SCENE from a sci-fi show, of a sudden iceage on.., middle America, can get you REALLY PARANOID!
Fuck I wish I had someone better to screw?
Sick of life, caring not, induces not, PARANOIA.....
Oh?! The "...known unknowns", Mr Rumsfeld?

As Eurape + Britain are O/Ding on their occult powers, making rain wherever their 3rd world food supply needs it, +, oh! over HOME to stay cool ziss zummer, you'd reckon th' fuckink zoopaheroes would congure a cover of icy cloud for the dear old North Pole, AYE?!
But "Nohn! Ve can eval zee 3rd world real estate, vhile ve ride on your heads-er-roads!"
It's as likely they DON'T want to stop a global environmental wipe-out, so the Brit-Euro upemselvist elites can crawl out of their bunkers once the globe's stabilized, + grab the whole Mutha Eartha for themselves, but without the RoU, the doomed 6, 6.5 billion NON-Eurapeans to have to exterminate.

Wwoo-udn't putitpassedem?!?
Y get some REALLY hubristic attitudes marching around the world in the boots + sandals of the latest "gen" of Brit-Eurapean tourrorists.
Any Black Fella in tourism will tell you that.
Of course. They're all smiles though!

To stop envirocide, We have to cool Mutha down, at the poles most.
If done, what about the general accelerating bio-spheric + human cultural "entrophy" we seem to be witnessing?
Would I, or any Global Magi, be foolish enough to make a "deal" with Humanity -
Or the Ice King will change you for an ice-age. Frozen into 6.8 billion statues in stiff pursuit of chillingly ignorant occupations.
How long?
Lllooooo-ongtime......... Mayte....
The Ice King is so, for his unjust icelation. Isolation.
Made so by the same aliens to Australia - Brit-Eurapean undercover political + religious trashsh.
He mocks "romance" + looks coldly at his own species, maliciously at their aborted Intellects.
He steels his jowls on thought of possibly, in this future, devouring the flesh of children?
The ice, will preserve them nicely.....
Cold as his heart has been made, he asks that the Lord of All freeze the life out of him 1st.

One can interpret these thoughts however one likes, assuming any have that independence of mind.
The tenor should be clear.
Many will apply the same scenario but with "E.T." aliens for my "Brit-Eurapean" planetary colonists.
And they may be right! But I wager that the Eurapeans are allied, in-league with the hostile aliens, assuming E.T., is more than just another semi-real ideation in the delusional mix.
[I CUT 3 sentences by error here (!?) "ALIENZ!"]
Enough to wipe-out most Humans, + kill most industrial endeavour.
Arctic living, underground, including food production etc., will at least force the few survivors to LIVE SUSTAINABLY, those corrupt enough to "OWN" Land + cash for the boxfuls-of-necessities.
How long?
Maybe months, at least. Probably years, with waves of warmer days.
Predictions from here are "fill" really.
If Earth's axial re-stablization occurs while some human's are still alive, no doubt the one's with the best padded bunkers, warmth + food supply etc., they're gonna need all the Spiritual, Intellectual + Solar-Plexial FIRE they can muster.
Emerging from longtime unaground is not likely to land you in a tropical paradise.
Dead cold, +, thinking of the billions of unreleased, tormented Souls now, post apocalypse, in the Ether, it could be rather windy, + stormy, of tempest + tornado.
So every surviving U/G settlement, + there will be some, will have it's own Shamanic Powers very Highly Developed, for, from 21C-on...., it's gonna be HARD out there.
Yar-fuckin-HOOO-EE !!!!!!!:-))!!!!!!!!
You going be praying your little arses off to the Great Father Ra, Sola, The Sun, for His Living Rays.
Or, you'll drop 98% of your current habits NOW, DO Y' FUCKIN' MATH (I HOPE I am WRONG, but YOU-COLLECTIVE NEED to know) + if we concur, curse your neighbours for being cowards while their, OUR myopic ways are rushing the whole planet to OUR doom.
Schools of every nation + sect should be awash with protesting children AND Teachers, fearless of THEIR Duty to their Great Mutha Eartha, thus to Themselves!
There should NOT be, ONE Civil Servant left in their post until the whole Community (HA!) has brought all-of-itself to address the potential of anything NEAR these "Worst Case Scenarios" occuring.
They include all Military, + Policing Personnel.
Cleary, huge numbers will perish, if any of this prattle has Validity, begging the question; "What can any authority do?"
Either-or, really.
Underground habitats for "?" billions....
Governmentsss, Military: Define the potentials of threat, arraign corporate sectors to CEASE (hoho) all non-agrarian, non-manual, negative footprint endeavour?
Same Military-Political-Corporate-Media-Communication Coalition redirect Services to mass-(Localized) Education, prod + supply of padded bunkers + anciliary equipment?
There will be no room, should the Big Freeze c-c-come, for Stock Market control of resources, so the "Knobs" on top of the levers should, even before a chill, effect new Law, dissolving borders + boundaries, resuming Common Authority over all Land.
This, managed in Common Agreement, might be labelled "Common Self-Sufficiency", where Groups, counter to passed drifts toward "centralisation" of authoripower, locally join to nut-out their best options?
Plenty are + will go-it-alone. DON'T reject me-er-them.
Common Land will mean people can spread out to geological + topographical safe-zones.
The longer people have to "hunker-down" on a secure personal +/or Collective piece of ground, or under it, the better, so the Militaro-Poli-Corp-Media-Comm is strongly advised, by this humble, Angry Seer, to "'ave a look-see?!"
If you're game, + if y' don't already know?
These come from Observation, as True, or Scientific as my mind + Intellect will allow.
The church of fools await the Peacemaker, while steering the flockers into icy graves, as-if knowing-at-once the consequences of their massive, soon-terminal deception of Humanity.
These pages seek to address the "Worst Case Scenario" confronting all Humans this 21st century.
The "W.C.S.", written + produced by Westcult Churches.
Tel Aviv, Rome a-and Hollywood-d!
Military + Geopolitical Intelligence, "do your Math."
Maybe you can get THIS Right?
I reckon about 6.4 billion-to-a-few-psycho-selfish-thousand upemselves, uptown, upclub arseholes, considering most Brit-Eurapeans have been sucked-in as well!
Fodder, mayte!
98% of us...

No Apologies for penning the HARD-REALHARD possibilities for the near future.
Can Barack Obama "CHANGE" the western juggernaut that much, that he + co., can bunker America down to survive a wobbly Mutha?

The Best-case scene, in the above gloom, on-the-UP-side, is that the species everywhere on Earth CAN survive the worst-case catastrophe.
It may be our Destiny for 10% of Humans to get through to the 22nd century + beyond.
Know-how + comm-media has reached all corners, therefore preparations by all governments + organisations is very possible, if the "Power Clubs" of both left + right stop sitting on their hands (+ taxing everyone elses!).
The REALPOLITIK, is that this world is an emotional neutral-zone.
To get all fluffed-up on gay rights or a woman's rights to IVF treatment et al,
is juvenile + only adds to the delay thus tragedy.
Were 700 MILLion to survive, what Potentials await them!
What CHANGE will occur, in how the new Earthling treats the Mutha + each other?
Will chaos, lawlessness, totalitarianism, plunder + MORE carnage be the alien rule?
Will no totalitarian cohesion remain, left instead to the Ludite, the Quakerite, the Essene, the Nimbinje-Woodstock-Type Fellowship?
Are there enough True Warriors in our 21st century Globe's Military, Military Command, AND, AND, in The Resistance Fighter Squads to give "The Common Purpose!" Priority, thus fostering a Common New Human Direction of Equitable Land Distribution for ALL?
Deliciously Ironic that I, admittedly self-named, "Omaxa bin Eartha", here broadcast the "COMMAND" to perhaps the 2 most significant People on Earth, in Barack Obama + Osama bin Laden.
But as well to Medvedev, Hu Jin Tao, Chavez, de Lula, Et Al Et Al Et Al, that China's quake + the Boxing Day tsunami in Bengal Bay are mere specks-o-dust next to the lava comin' down th' mountain in the next few....
How do the smurfs-in-authority put-it-to + keep calm the bottom 90%?
In war, People give 150% to defend the Tribe into the future.
So we all must today.
Now, most understand the "Cosmic Progress" of the Soul, + that there is more to life than the heaviest 3 Dimensions, + that Properly Readied, the Conscious Being of one's self can survive beyond the death of the body.
With this, Good Governments would lift People beyond fear-of-death, with the Undying Wisdom of the TRUE Religions, Cults + Philosophies, lifting also their eyes to see that Life's Principal Goal is to "Keep the Species Keeping-ON!!!"
Even Holy Kev can hook the mob with spin, + let's be REAL about the parliamentary game of musical-chairs called "a change of the guard".
Whichever candidate, party, policy or revolution you vote for, you vote for THEM!
So..., Honourable Warrior?
From today, until you die, perhaps in the 21C Ice-Age, your Integrity is under scrutiny.
Who of the Species' "Elders", be they of the Military, of Commerce, Government or of the Undaground, will YOU give your LIFE for?
The One with True Intelligence, who Divines Best Practice, for the ensurance of survival of as many + varied Living Species + Living Cultures as Humanly Possible?
Or... Will you waste your Potential, your future, your Integrity, + those of everyone's loved-ones, scrapping in shitfights for a bunch of fabulously-insane, insanely wealthy idleoccult delusionists, who just LOVE counting you all as a statistic?
"Inspiritus Demos!" Benedictus!
Passed time you + your pantomime artists disrobed, deflocked yourselves, + save the R.o.U., from your vortex of religious-thus-cultural-thus-political-thus-personal-ignorance!
Do your Fighting Maths, or we're all fucked.

Max Earth.
Outlaw for Global Land & Drug Law Reform.

The Middle Power Gas-Axes OPEC!

The Middle Power Gas-Axes OPEC!
June 23rd, '08

Right out of far-left-field, lookin' at the call my diesel ute agrees with, for cheaper (-via-upping-OPECs output of) fuel-oil, the Deeep Green in me has to say "WOHW!?!" Or "woe!"

Mutha Earth cannot tolerate that option.

Thus, outaleftfield.., if.., those expensively-rich Yemenii's, Dubai-ans, Emirates, Et Al Et Al, but especially Saudi Arabians, as this Phantom Osama bin Laden Reputes from that once Fine and Honourable Mob, would, in this late global meltdown hour, Employ Their Honour, by realising the time is here, when Humans must change, away from many cultural flaws, one biggey being A: fossil-fuels pollution, from go-to-wo in prod and use, subsiduary industries and cultural, health and psychological after-effects.

B, the illogic of what the capitalists are doing to Humanity and our ONE Mutha Earth?

Rudely over centuries, they have forced their methods of control over those rather-more Balanced Cultures, with "energy" AND THE OVERUSE OF.

The 'undercover' method they employed, has been division between People, and the Land they need, to form Safe, self-sustaino-productive LOCAL Communities.

Thus we need evermore fuel for the evermore growing and forceably, unsustainably spread-out global population everfurther from supplies, because the Principle crime is inefficiently partitioning the USE and distribution of Land amongst and between The People.

Balanced Cultures DO NOT have the population's Primary resources, needs and the production there-of, in the unchecked control of 3 or even 10% of the group!

Yet this 3% are our Australian farmers!

Yes, we import (food) too, but Mr De Eepgreen here boms that as unsustainable also.

Again, because of that MASSIVE whirlpool in the Pacific Ocean 1000s-of-metres across with trash thrown overboard by seaunfarers, but mainly for the guzzling of squillions of tons of fuel-oil, mostly so little-missy-fat-bitch can add another fluffy doll to her empty bednest-read-ANOTHER-western-psychosis, or for daddy, another slab of Italian marble to keep the Maserati company!

Can ANY Member of OPEC honestly say this is sustainable or in the LEAST - sane?

No! You cannot.

So, if you are still Human, Weigh your Souls Arabia, Persia, and ALL of Islam.

We Down-Under, want cheaper fuel yes, but as our PM Kevin Rudd has called Australia's global pidgeon-hole "A Middle Power", cleary an assertive, rather radical move (?), it suits well a Key Role in unrecognised High Demand now, of being Able to Put Forward the Alternative Policies that previous "global players" would or could not countenance nor entertain, as it were.

Well, by this hour, I'd guess our MP Martin Ferguson has said his piece.

A Capable Mind, he has. It is needed to put essentially Pro-NOT-WESTERN Alternatives, as Ambassador to the Middle Power of "We Who Put (in another age, outgunned) Options on The (Global REALPolitik) Table".

HOW'var! Rather than put Martin Ferguson, our Newcomer to His Honourable Role at OPEC, in the firing-line 1st time out, what with our PM's spear about the "blow torch to OPEC" I'll throw the REALPOLITIK Flaming-Arrow into OPEC, by Asserting that the corrupt western financial, consumption era is over, if Humanity, You, my Mob and the Biosphere of Earth are to Survive.

"Rightwing" ideological hyperbola is basicly toxic aural fluff!

Developed to "...maintain the plunder!"

Of Your and My Country and resources toward an intoxicated global environmental end!

I'm sorry if you're christian, but a cult of 1.2 billion lost sheep is not a Good mob to rely-on, in making Intelligent, Wise Decisions.

So, now they are appearing to see these flaws not so much in the systems they "offer" for the usual dishonourable price, rather in the lo-ongtime psychological, but "psychic" flaws, maladies, entrapments within their owwwn bwains..., and with that,may be just starting to "Do The Right Thing", out of that good (?) old catholic 'guilt' thing, but more because they've seen the errors, and that now a Bottomline Issue has been uncovered, have Realized their True Sense of Purpose is to make Right "How Humanity, as Individuals, May Live Honourably on Everyone's Mutha Eartha", OPEC Masters may Rightly Divine Now is "The Time", to Think, Speak and Act Honourably, and, no reason to not talk with the western and Jewish Masters, rather than increase production of fuel-oil, instead increase the availability to ALL of Your Arabic, Persian, Islamic, Jewish and Zoro Other Peoples, to Their (Arable) Ancient "Lands".

Thus reducing their need for the nasty fuels to inefficiently, environmentally unsoundly travel to-and-fro 'work'? When they should, ALL THINGS CONSIDERED, be within a walk, bicycle, mule, pony or tramcar ride.

This, I'm sure you're aware, this current awriness and abandonment of any Inherant Wisdom in and of the Community, is most profitably embraced by our western paracytical supermarket cartels as much by our global real estate speculators.

Some 100's of the naughtiest, recently arrested in the U.S.A., by their F.B.I.

We'll see how many get it in the neck?

That wave of arrests in the Big Smoke of New York, again, A.T.C., but a Ripple now, may be read by a Right-Minded Consortia of "Energy Lords", across the seas in OPECLand, as a Golden Opportunity to Get-out and Dust-down Your Robes of Honour, and, as worn by Your Noble Traditional Ancestors, Stand again in the Light of That Honour, by Working WITH the Honourable Investigators in WHERE!?!

Yeah! The United States of America!

.... to Make Right, at least as Best we can, the New Collective Human Journey into the Future.


Global Land Reforms.

Now Martin-the-Ferg might 'ave said it Better, but he just hasn't got the Readership. Yet?

Max Earth.
Outlaw for Global Land & Drug Law Reform.


June 23rd, '08.

Is California's extreme heat, a Flippant Wave of Mutha's Wand, or a thermal, boiled out-of the collective heatbank of the southern Californian urban sprawl?

I'm REALPOLITIK-Down on "suburbs", purely for the western concept's GROSS contribution to overconsumption, waste, abuse of resources and their general materialist ignorance, using, in a State like Cal, possibly THE extreme example of overconsumerism on Earth (but hey, Miami? Houston? Washingmachineton? London-Paris-N.Y?), about FIVE TIMES the amount of "Energy", as 'one' indicator, it has been calculated, each person on Earth, in a Just, Balanced and Democratic Global Society has a Right to.

Thinking about it, The L.A.-San Diego urbanity, Recognizing the State's Sincere and Good Governorship toward A Greener California, while in-it's-very-heart having to contend with another of the Earth's most profligate promoters of EXCCESSS!!! - HollywoodTADAAA!!!, South Cal probably abuses 10 times it's share, per person.

IF, this hypothesis holds, to-which I add a theory that "...'boilover-effects' like California's 49-degrees-Celsius temperatures, may take decades if-not centuries to build-up...", then I direct the Good Fellows in the "possibly" Redeemed F.B.I, arraigning the badguy-property-LAND-speculators of the U.S., subprime mortgage meltdown, to "Fear no evil" and keep doing the Impartial, "Mutha-Maths" to the point of the Sword of Justice, and lassoo the varmits who "legitimize all-and-any contributions to unsustainable Human habitation.

"A Chunky Call, Omaxa!?"

Hmmm..., if you start biting that branch of the Babylbeast, MASSIVE EDUCATION Projects become the need, to be swung-in ("AAHEEAAEEAAOH!!" bellowed Tarzan), on all aspects of EarthRight (©!) Lifestyles.

P'rhaps the hardest "Swing" America, thus all its suppliers
have to ride and Voluntarily Go with, is the JUSTIFIED Call for EBEREEWUN to go Vegetarian, if not Vegan!



Energy-wise..., sorry-but-to-my-Maths, "suburbs" full of "the epitomy of inefficiency - the "nuclear family" domice-cum-citiphiliac enviro-toxic-wasteland, a biospheric deadzone", a la the dominant global model today, cannot be justified, purely for being so alround uneconomical and consumptive to one-and-all.

One Mutha Eartha included.

Wrong it is, I feel deep in me bones, to expect tooo much from any individual.

Same-same for Whoever Ascends to the U.S. White House, if only for the fact that NO-ONE, not even "Jesuss" attains to Leadership all-by-herimself!

The next Prez, walks into their new home, 'cause many millions Agree, Support and Vote them in.

So, "What for, a Prez at all??"

THROOO to the keeper!

First, its a bit follyable to demand such-a-House downsize to an equalibrated Light Footprint. "Equitable" perhaps, but when ONLY related to Doin' The Duties of Office.

Running the global or just the U.S. race sucks tons more energy than Mr & Mrs Mid McSuburbs' triple-fronted.

One recalls doco's about top Japanese corporate executives, CEOs, who live in Humble bungalows, avoiding the bling-and-flitter.

The film "The Last (Chinese) Emperer" insees an egoic equilibrium possible in "Men of High Rank".
Traits we need today, to see especially up-in uptopuptownupclub-sville.

So I expect Barack and The First Lady to rent-out all but three rooms in Tha BIG House, post January, '09!


Of course Good Leadership must include '...by example!'

Thus today it's incumbent upon the incumbant, to do that right-through the House and the Administration.


Leading thus, is Great, but bringing the People with you in matters as gi-mungous as global warming and, as I Advocate, broadbrush Land Reforms, to either "IN-A-HURRY!" minimize the carnage past Landcare ignorance brings us, or to 'hunker-down' against the coming-drumming, is tooo big a Call to Rest on the shoulders of any one person, or even of an Administration.

And of course, this is the issue behind the very notion of "Democracy".

"Rule by the People"!


GLITCH: A Wonderful Ideal, 'Democracy', but it's DEADLY if the People are stupid.

Same-same as "messiah"-centred cults. They need a guru because they are lost. Thus-so, their judgement is absent.

They are not at all in need of a messiah-hero-great leader. Not a Teacher, but the Knowledge of Organically Combining Happiness with Sustainable Lifestyles.

That! Is Pretty, and Pretty Spiritual!

The Bliss of a Trusting, Trusted Community, blows-away the delusions of a catholic mcmadhouse.

The Spirit of Good Science, especially Demographic and Economic Sciences, blows-away the delusions of a hopelessly corrupt Homeland and Planet, also.

So if this prattle goes near the nail's head, The next Prez of the Big 'Ouse, need do but 2 tings;

Once they've scared the be-Jesuss out-of the masses, about the real accumulated dangers Humans face these next 50, 40, 30 years, thence maybe for a few hundred..., GIVE EVERYONE, not just America, the Knowledge on Sustainable Living-read-Sustainable Economics, ("Henry...? By-George..? Who WAS That Man?!"), and instruct the FBI to GO the Full Monty on Wall Street-level 'Land speculation' as THE flawed part of the culture.


Again, Education of a New American Light or Brand and FREE, is the mental Flagship for the U.S. in the 21st Century.
And ain't Americee lucky they'se got the generous minds of the likes of that Bill Applegate Fella? Good Job too!

Americans have come to look at why the Rest of Us have been ANGRY at 'em.

All the Sciences AND the weather have shown 'em.

Lots of 'em, don't wanna be seen in such a bad light, and if they see it's TRUE, that they's a bit unsustainable, and endanger the MUTHA...., I reckon the Proper Egalitarian Ascendant to the White House will be able to Walk with the People, as they and their Indominable Spirit grasp the nettle, and rip-into the REAL challenge of Bringing Back The Balance.

From The Bronx to Berkeley.

Balance in housing, in terms of the economics-of-scale thus-"Environomics" (©!) of ANYTHING-BUT a furtherence of the inefficiencies in urban nuclear family social models.

Give Americans THEIR Land, THEIR Economic Wisdom, then let 'em loose with their Enterprizing Attitood, and Bob's your Uncle.

Max Earth.
Outlaw for Global Land & Drug Law Reform.

The Garno Report on Climate Change?

Regards: The Garno Report on Climate Change?

An unbiased view of what Humans must do for species survival I think, is that without an almost total review of accepted customs inherent in the whole western consumption culture, an huge proportion of us ARE doomed.

Even the tech-solutions (solar-panels, energy-efficient lights etc., pollution-free transport, bio-fuels, GMOs, lab-made pesticides, ferts, pharmaceuticals ETCETERA!) are delusional pseudo-solutions, are costly and in timeline terms, a farce in halting-reversing
the pending enviro-problems GLOBALLY.

Without addressing the root of the cultural psychosis in the dominant religious and economic corruptions, nothing will be effective soon enough.

The Solution must be enabling for GLocal Community to be totally free of the IMF and Vatican agenda in Land use and Human Distribution, and in how to be Reverential to the Spirit of all things.

Will the supermarkets agree to the full changes to stop broadacre farming raping the bio-diversity?

Or Kenworth, Mack, Scandia, Catapillar heavy industrials?

And the shopping flockers?

Its not until the HARD REALITIES hit home that someone will be asked or be driven to act, and it may be a violent act, anarchistic chaos, and then or before, a military act.

I, the Green Man of our Land, weigh the evidence and, while prefering a True Democratic Change, see the arrogance of the Australian, Brit-Eurapean christian culture and its redneck offshoots, in ignorance all, and suspect a civil war erupting here before long, after the expected decline beyond critical supplies failure.

Eleanor of Nimbin rang with Hemp Solutions, again, by the unbiased not-IMF-pseudo-science, but by True, Impartial Science a MASSIVE Boon to food, fuel, lubricating oils, medicine, AND CLOTHING Renewable Supplies?

As well as brilliant high quality polymer plastics a la Henry Ford's 1930s R&D, to replace the high-footprint Plast-oil and metals mining etc industries and general plunder psychosis therein.

The best your studio-guest could respond with was "Yep great. You can also get oil from cotton!"

Cotton is out for being so thirsty!

So he works for the IMF, just like Aunty, aye?

"I think we'll end the conversation there!"


Max Earth.
Outlaw for Global Land & Drug Law Reform.

Wood Fires are Carbon Neutral!

Wood Fires are Carbon Neutral!
Monday 7th July 2008.

I'm sick of this, and rather angry as to why a bloke can't buy affordable Alternative energy gizmos?

Globally, there's heaps of people who'd live the True ("Rustic") Fella's Life if they could get realisticly-priced, quality, low-tech power supplies, like:

Wood, briquette, liquid or gas cookers all give off heat.

Some lots, some not, but ALL have enough unharnessed heat to heat a boiler of a small, on-stove steam engine to turbine a 12 volt alterator, perhaps even a car sized one, for house 12V battery-recharge, lights etc.

I'd guess-a-hazard and say a steam-powered unit could fit on one element of a typical stovetop...., or... sit nicely atop a blokes 20 litre Firedrum (©!), if they're on-the-road, or living a basic life, and could be quiet-enough too, to just sit here and purr-away at a few Amps-an-hour, or such.

Australia seems asleep to our creative adaptive potential - put here more I add, by the 11 year stupor of the last federal government.

People's fascination with machine, motor, electric power is dangerous residue of the psychosis which exploded in dumb, faith-laden flocker's heads once commercial interests got on the train of the "industrial revolution".

As Global Cultural Warriors, it's for us to break the spells of such stupid ideas, and adapt our design and product approach to the in-the-end soon-enough ONLY main-options, like animal power.

And wood fire heat energy.

A portable hydro-power unit, the size of - ....a "30" litre drum, an arm of which drops in the creek or river by which we've camped, to spin a 12V power supply.

Where are the bio-mass fuel-making gizmos for the home, community or ute?

Enough contained energy in biomass to power SOMETHING that now wastes other commercialized fuels.

Why do we waste other commercialized fuels?

Because we have them available, they're forced upon us by the IMF, and because we're lame dickheads, as-a-rool.

I say we must employ our accumulated and latest design and technology achievements to combining them with less manmade "sophisticated" devicery.

This because we may be fast approaching the death of mass-reliance on not-natural fuels, products and toyz-to-trip-in.

And, its Good for the Mutha Eartha AND, for one's Soul.

A conspiracy theorist would be right on the money to say "It, 'energy', is all a conspiracy!"

Are YOU a soft part of it, by NOT Resisting the temptations of commercialism?

Unless you've never been looked in the eyes by a white fella, I guess you are!

If any place Merits an Alternative Inventions Centre, it's gotto be Timor L'este?


Daddy wouldn't agree, darlingh!


Thus far, Nimbin is an only partial ideological theory. I question if Nimbin was meant ever to be successful in practice?

In Truth, it is a borderless thing, the mother-of-invention.

But like borders, we are excluded from a simpler Life because of over-rich complicators of Naturally Simple and Pure Laws.

Oh well. There goes another planet!

Good-on-you, Lord Keswick!


Max Earth.
Outlaw for Global Land & Drug Law Reform.

The Road to Hell is paved with catholic intentions!

The Road to Hell is paved with catholic intentions!
“Only the Truth will set them free”.
Sunday 13th July 2008


Head of an organisation terrorizing the Mother Planet,

Head of an organisational culture which promotes over-consumption to the point of endangering the majority of Humanity!

Head of an organisation based on FALSE religious premises,

Head of an organisation based on superstition, abuse of the occult powers to oppress believers and non-believers alike.

Head of an organisation selling outright lies and false Hope to the People.

Head of an organisation based on corrupt and unbalancing cultural tenets.

Head of an organisation responsible for the creation of the disgustingly impoverished "THIRD WORLD" Nations, by the theft of land and planting of the earliest (Jesuits from circa 1600CE) monocrop, broadacre opium poppy crops, thus rooting the biodivesity forever, causing starvation, wars and now global environmental meltdown.

The Virgin Mutha Earth cannot sustain such an unintelligent, 'faith'-based fictitious, rapacious cult any longer.

Australia DOES NOT WANT the Vatican's brand of occult cult theocracy.

By far the majority of Australians prefer DEMOcracy to Romes warped theocracy.


or we'll all be ruined!


For a Just Earth!

Jesuss bin Eartha
Outlaw for Global Land, Cult & Drug Law Reform.

Alternative Farming Fora, Exhibition & Rural "Agri" Show!

Alternative Farming Fora, Exhibition & Rural "Agri" Show!

by Omaxa bin Earthy.
July 3rd, '08.

You know what'd be Really Good, regards the concerns and science on envirocrash?

Like the Australian ALP government's travelling "Public Fora", Australia could very-well do with a Collective of "Alternative Farmers" putting together either a Travelling Roadshow or a Project to bring together regional Alternative Farming Groups to organise and hold Rural Forums with Agricultural Exhibitions and 3-day Shows, on the Alternatives available for entrapped Rural inhabitants - farmers, corporate farm managers, merchants, CWA's, real estate agents, Labourers, town's-folk AND kids - babes, students and all.

The appeal would be for those at-the-end-of-their-tether from the drought, the predictions, the breakdown of Communities and the Land, etc.

Sadly though, Australia is buried in the 'tradition' but 300 years old perhaps, of the meat SUPERmarket.

An industry sustained by the lowest levels of 'rationale', even against the Science of how inefficient and unenvironmental cattle and sheep meat farming is.

Especially in Australia!

As a Nomad, the crime of making money through the least efficient and highly deadly to the Local and Global Ecology - 'meat industry' - is blatantly against Humanity.

Farm fences attest to this, as they sever the vast majority of Humans from their few needs - found Best via a Patch of arable or useable Land - to ruthlessly feed but one-20th at-most of the People (in the prod-process-freight-ad-&-marketing meat cult-ure), the Land often carrying under ONE MOOK PER HECTARE, it really is what "drives me on" to HAMMERING-on about DOING SUM-THINGS!

Here, is a Revolutionary Knowledge, Teaching, Heart-Salving, Arts-and-Entertainment Industry in-waiting.

Of course, that's only my opinion....

Perhaps I Best ask the next President of the U.S.A.?

In-ya-face name:

The Alter Farm Show.

Australia (Invasion) Day weekend


To “Life Matters” of the ABC Rad Nat
2nd July 2008.

Depression is a response to what is observed.

A cure is to Educate the tormented Soul to channel the energy which often first ANGERS them (also draining them later), into USEFUL and Truthful, Honest Thinking, Language, AND, Action.

Action-big-A for "Honourable" Action.

The dominant culture IS! NOT! HONOURABLE!

Therefore, as the lack of being allowed to Live or-even-think an Honourable Life is cancerous to the Soul, and a significant cause of depression and suicide, a Proper diagnosis of what needs-be Taught determines Educated Collective Resistance against the CORRUPTION, (a la the NSW ["Westminster!] "parliamentary and legal systems, and global Judeo-christian cults), as Personally, Socially and soon-enough Culturally THE Best Way to beat depression.

Don't shoot the kids, before you go "over-the-wall"!

Talk True to them, and take them with you. (Shoot yer shrink on the way!)

This, Taking-Up-Arms against the DISHonourable cause, of the cause of one's reaction (DEEPression) to observations..., "Babylon" in-a-word, Strengthens the Soul-Spirit Connection and Power, thus Resistance to the curses coming at us from the material possessions we are weakened-by-seduction, if-not futility to fill our body's mind with, and waste our cheese-crackers on.

Thus we need and want them no more.

Material possessions, so plastic, so transient, enslaving us to "the Mill of Torment", sending us fighting our Mob, our neighbours and family to own and protect, while the parliamentary "managers" and the top echelons swan-it oblivious, effectively doing NOTHING to dispell the most toxic myths about finding Happiness (Honourably!) in the material realm.

Global Science is being ignored by the not-Good-enough "Blackdog" institute, as giving EVERYONE Good Reason to be "down", because, I put it, the HARD ROAD REALPOLITIK Salve to EVERYONE's depression exists ONLY in walking away from suburbia and living the True Life to the Mutha's Natural Ecology, whence You all came.

Can anyone imagine the Blackdog mob, establishment characters like ex-Victorian far-rightwing 'Liberal Party' Premier, Jeff Kennett, swinging the wheelie-bin half-full of their own turdroppings, out from under the Honourable Lifestyle Handbuilt-from-Recycled-Timber Bush Dunny, dragging it to the mini-sewerage recycling farm, etc?

Even thinking of them and a backyard compost heap makes the True Feral and True Fella Realm roll with laughter.

Walking away from most everything the mainstream forces forces down our synapses, is the Most Honourable, depression-beating Path.

So, do we really believe, a mob of materialists at the top of the heap-er-pile, are going to Advocate what is True - Walk Away - if it is threatening and unprofitable to their "Scotch and Christian Brother's" entranced megatrashing Eurapean lifestyles?

What about Candidates from the well-padded halls of..., the A..., B..., C...?

Or from the NSW parliamemtary and legal fraternities???

"True Fella Know, ....the (Brit-)Europak got no Honour".

And that is really, really "Turret's-type" depressing.

Fix it! Or Fu k you, with Honour.

While "Life's a game" for the fortunated, it's pretty serious for Outlaws and many withinlaws alike.

Exponential, is predicted in the Rise against "The Machine" from now forward.

Aunty, through apparently Sound Guidance, now leads the world in Honourable Institutions, as-they-go, so wins extra Koala Stamps.

I'd guess and say the question is ever in the air at the Ayb, of the whole organ's Enviro-Footprint versus Reach and Effectiveness?

"Is ANY of it, WORTH it???"

Without a Platform of Total Counta-Culcharal Honour, EarthRight (©!) Light-Footprint Philosophy, Education and Revolutionary Lifestyle Information, "no", is the answer.

But afore ye all slash-up?!

Honour Demands much behind-the-scenes Activity and on-air reportage on Legalizing the Psychic-Salve - Marijuana.

You all KNOW it has many more Beneficial Properties than criminal State governments and their Bank of England laws let the People believe, therefore, Honour behoves the Airwave Warriors to go to the core, deconstructing the history, the economics, the Religiousness, the opposition, and it's conviviality to "just being Happy!"

"In the Now, Man!"


So do the R.T., and forward this Flaming Arrow to the Blackdogs who drove me off my Homelands of Victoria in the late 1990s, (ALAS! Revenge was MINE, sayeth Mel Gibson in "PAYBACK"!) and watch with laughter as they sherry their way in-and-out of the unfathomable notion of "Beating depression with Honour"!


Max Earth.
Outlaw for Global Land & Drug Law Reform.
Planet ruined by suburbia!


Papal Apology for "sexual" abuse?

Papal Apology for "sexual" abuse?Wed 2nd July 2008

What about a Papal Apology for Rome's ignorant, brutal abuse and destruction of the Beautiful Spiritual Life and Culture of the pre-invasion Australian Aborigine!?

To that demand, add a Papal Apology for the "cult" crimes committed against the Spiritually trashed, now irreparibly corrupt Australian People, black and white?

Trashed by the centuries-old misbeliefs - utter bullshit - of the biggest-yet-by-no-means-Purest Judeo-Roman cult of catholicism and "branch-offices" within the rest of the christian cult world?

Our pro-christian media and authorities jump on "fringe" Communities and religious groups, cults, sects, Western and Eastern, if someone screams "CULT!"

But what if irrefutable evidence is uncovered to incriminate the biggest, most pervasive, LEAST Sustainable cult, of fabricating the biggest cult, THAT-IS "OCCULT" fraud on Humanity?

A false Jesus!?


The Catholic Inquisitions of the last 600, but more like of the last 1600 years, have burned-at-the-stake Selfless, Wise, Local Spiritual Doctors, Medicine Men and Women, to destroy their Mediatory and Guardial Links between the Human Tribal Realm and the Supernatural, and to destroy their Wisdom, all to centralize occult power over the Local Village Community and Natural-World-Human-World Worship Balance.
(Enter via Rome's occult portal, "aliens"!)

This Local Balance, is Vital to Social Balance.

It, is Purest, when "Owned", Known,
and Shared Freely, Wisely through the Locals.

It's THEIR Patch, or they Belong to That Patch, and must Know it and its other inhabitants, all there long before Humans, to not upset the Vital Ecological Balance.

It cannot be Maintained via the pro-Brit-Euro model of, in Spiritual Terms - "absentee-landlords", where any "link" between a Being, a Human, and the Spirit or Spirits of THEIR Country must be through Rome or Lambeth's Spiritual estate agents?

How many People, and in Uluruba alone, how many Noble, Honourable, Sustainable Cultures and NATIONS, have been "crucified" so the falsities and outright environmentally rapacious beliefs and "traditions" of the machiavellian pro-Eurapean catholic cult could be hacked and BOOMBOOMED into the "unowned" Country and It's and It's People's Soul?

Add to the growing list, how bout a Papal Apology for the promotion of big catholic families to speed the occupation of the conquered territories, thus the tripling and quadripling of consumption and depletion of the natural environment, thus causing global economic and biospheric meltdown?!

Nah! Waiting for a pro-Roman Jesus to come save them, is the cutest way to have the flockers pass Responsibility of Living Spiritually off to anotha bloke.

Great for the church-trained 'middlemen' of global mammon prod-and-supply corporations!

Corporations whose profits end-up in Brit-Eurape, keeping Rome's swelled AND SERIOUSLY IN DEBT head above the Mediterannian.


Catholicism & Christianity are as far off the Spiritual mark or target as a cult could be.

Being materialist zombies however, makes it impossible to learn that about themselves.

As the vast majority of catholo-christians, particularly the more recent genera of clones made in private schools and bible groups, are the recipients of the latest methods of indoctrination and hypnotism, it's nigh-on impossible to Educe any Higher Self Truths from their near-permanently "enshrouded" Mind-Soul.

Because the world around that cult is so drowning in it's own ignorance, because EVERYONE KNOWS the Pope WILL NOT do or say ANYTHING of use or of applicable Value, its easy to see why the utterly CORRUPT-ROTTEN New South Wales government is eager to WASTE some many millions of dollars of NOT CATHOLIC public taxes on his ponsy visit to Sydney.

If he's so Pure, why can't the pope TALK TRUE?




Max Earth.
Outlaw for Global Land & Drug Law Reform.