Suggestions to stop global warming


Wuz hit by a brick from the past t'other day, on Australia Talks Back on Radio National, when a caller put it that the attitude prevailing in the hedonistic, egomaniacal west, and other infected parts of the planet, is due to the now little supressed, quite possibly accurate scientific conclusion, that the planet, due to a global shift in water content from polar melt-down, is about to begin, in a hurry..., to spin like a raging top.

Outta control......

The theorised "polar shift'.

The end of pretty-much everything Humanity has sought and fought for - in the Elevating sense.

An inevitability, it does seem.

2012 is one year put forward.

Seven years.

So lets party like animals till the big flip-out!!!

However......., retiring to my other self, somewhere within me, a dreamer, yes, but a naive idiot on the outside. An outside I didn't see.


Diverging for a minute.....

A complete review of my life, my self and any achievements, and failures, recurrs daily, usually to no avail further than to strengthen my inculcated feelings, beliefs, that there is something better than this sad planet.

In mind, perhaps, but if the spirit of the Soul I once was, a Man of Faith, and Hope, somewhere Founded in some Beautiful Wisdom, as much as any exists which lets humanity just fall of the edge of existence, but if the spirit of the Soul I once was.., travels on, let it be on Principle.

I reckon the Soul, or Spirit of a Human does travel on, upon attaining the opening of third eye, something I haven't quite done... shit happens.... and so I'll hang-on to that belief, and if I don't make it - shit happens - in the big picture - no great loss.

However, retiring into myself, there still seems to be a flame burning, of Hope.

Alas, with my shine, what ignomy if I were to lead others to a false end, or faith in a false future?!

The world we know is mind. It changes according to the fluxes and sways of interacting energy centres, some stronger than others, some controlling, some controlled.

Love is said to be the All-Conquerer. An extraordinary Love, to me.

I thought I believed in it once, for a time. Not sure now.

Psychic influence, like my Ananda Marga Dada, who snapped me when I wuz sixteen years old or so, and has "guided" me since, through, and to, Good and ill, is now for anyone to have fun with, but is now being used, because I've gained some under-the-table fame, to help and hamper my "Lift" unto the Spiritual, astral Heavens.

Psychic influence can fabricate sensations, feelings within, even to the point of making some roaring untruth sound true. So it can be in "Spirituality". As to whether any of the "places" I went in some Meditations in the late 1990s, I were actual, true, I question now.

So it must be with my Faith in AUM. It would be the same if it were "Jesus".

So, I keep trawling through the valley for a few more years and wear whatever slaps me round, watching People all-over descend into crude rude and evermore brutal heathenism. With motor cars! Running on everything possible.

Diverging back......

Wild though it may seem, I suspect that a Strong mind, which means one connected with the more powerful layers, levels, Realms of the upper reaches of (the Universal) Mind, or Heaven, whichever you like, is capable of correcting the global environmental imbalance, enough to chill-down once more...., in a period of mere years, the north and south poles.

This seems to be the threat-at-hand - those (poles) melting so much water it will drift toward the equator and severely upset the Balance of the planet as it has been for some thousands of years, perhaps only fifteen or twenty thousand years, perhaps twenty-five thousand.

This brings the question: "If this happens recurrently, have we or a plunderous culture been here before to create the previous polar shifts?"

Hmmmm? Pointless beyond idle speculation, thus-far.

Looking forward....

I see the near future globally filled with evermore riotous behaviour from those who realise they're being left behind, while an elite will expect to survive the pole shift with technology, if not jumping of to the moon for a while....(?)

This is likely, whether or not Armageddon eventuates.

The Reality of any number of Humans surviving, or of any more-highly-evolved Life forms surviving a serious "pole shift", no matter how much technology they manage to take into the bunkers, for the decades of isolation from the toxic "nuclear" planetary ennvironment, is very low, for the current nuclear industries and power-sources, plus the thousands of nuclear warheads lying around, will be sent flying into the atmosphere, to remain, oft' exploded, as-near-as-forever, toxifying the Earth's whole surface to far-beyond possible habitation. Such a pole shift, and ensuing atomic disaster may well trigger that most Universally feared event, of an whole planet going-up as a "mini-sun" sending nuclear energy into the vulnerable space, solar sytem and beyond.

Let it be heard, that this occurance or not of Armageddon, depends on how Humanity, from beggars and theives to global hegemons, react to the Call for a "slowdown" to the rapacious free markets, etc.

The Great Eye ("I") Watches, and Wills it according to YOUR behaviour.

Meditate on it, you of the Illuminadi-cult, or inclination

However.....: GIVEN THAT...., a Powerful Mind, hopefully Benevolent (I am Firm in my Faith that the Most Powerful Mind is One with AUM, thus Light and Good are the Strongest Powers), can reverse the melting polar trend, a serious attempt by The People, to restrain the push to go-sick by the masses would call for a global education campaign spreading the fact that BSA motorbikes are fucking Great! UMMM! Er, A global education campaign, schedule, agenda correcting the common mis-beliefs, beliefs I'm sorry to say, arising from the long-fallacious thinking of the golden calf tribes -ex Judea, of

1) Messianism,
2) materialism (Mammon),
3) hegemonic, warlordal speculation on Land (and on nations and continents/regions)
4) Armageddon-ic, Apocalyptic belief based on one Astral Vision of ONE True option:- the end of erroneous thought-structures - "civilisation is finite".

The Called for Option follows the lines, variable, of:

1) Messiannism is Ours to Be, through Living the Law the Prophets call for,
2) Happiness is not material,
3) Land Re-distribution, according to Natural Economic Laws of "Land Rent for Government Revenue" is the Foundation of Global, Personal Economic Justice-thus-Peace, and Environmental Happiness,
4) Armageddon is a Belief, manifest in Mind, always an option, always open to Correction, always open to avoidance,

The Power of Mind, to overcome all dangers to Humanity, is terminally constrained by the popular belief that Armageddon, via a "pole shift", is inevitable, as held by fatalistic, low-Spiritually-evolved people, particularly the short-sighted, as-in not Spiritually-Sighted Christians, conned into believing they have a God-given right to live as opulantly as most Christians do in the west.

ANY Armageddon happening will be solely the result of none-short-of-satanic beliefs held-to by MAINSTREAM CHRISTIANITY........ and Judaism.

Over the Millennia, because of the Jewish power (as likely occult), spread early by vicious warlike behaviour (refer "The Old Testament"), and latterly via "commerce", ("business is the modern-day version or face of war") much of the rest of the world have come to accept the notion of a Messiah coming to save us. A belief, non-existent in the Garden of Eden.

Islam is caught in the same net, I put-it, but I have Greater Faith in Islam "Getting on the Train of Global Justice" than the two other Abrahamic cults, for Islam is the poor cousin of the wealthy, "Mission-driven" Jews and Christians.

Though little can the latter two face-up to exactly WHAT their broader Israeli/Christian-crusader "Mission" is:-

"Leviticus 25" or, "It's the Economy, stupid!".

And we all know how wealth, corrupt, personal wealth (over the wealth, Weal, Common Weal of the Family-Community-Tribe-Planet!) fucks the day.

Marshal Law would have to prevail for a while. But this will always encourage resistance which ends with the likes of the Iraq debacles, the Middle East and every other warzone.

But use of energy will have to be almost halted, in relation to the extreme abuse we now 'enjoy', which resonates back throughout almost every consumer, manufactured thing we treat as acceptable western cultural icons, etc.

Thats the Human, "Economic" approach. But the polar shift can only be addressed through the power of the Spiritual Mind, if-I-may.

A choice.

No point being democratic about it, the masses will only be subverted by Murdoch and coven into going for broke and partying til we drop.

Any Guiding mind knows today the Common Human Soul has been distracted beyond any bounds of a Garden of Eden Within, and are so perverted in their ability to see the Wisest Path, Wisest Way. Most all Guiding Minds See that the Zen Master's Heavy Hand-with-Cane, is likely to be the only choice to reign-in the aberrant-mind-en-mass of the western, and other, masses.

North Korea springs to mind. That's not a put-down of North Korea.

Or I just party til I run outta petrol.........?


That wuz writ about a week ago...........

Here's the latest........

Suggestions to STOP Global Warming!


- The Highest Desire is Faith (that a polar shift is avoidable),

- Upward Beliefs are Called for - NOT Apocalyptic,

- Unity in Belief that we CAN change Personally, Politicly, Economicly, out-of Respect for the Earth's True Owner, soas to Satisfy HerHis Will, and as our Part in Setting the Right Scene, for Peace-on-Earth. Thus Calling the Highest Power to stop global warming.

- Facing the REALPOLITIK fact that; it is highly likely that the most "successful"/"powerful" religion is the most satanic.
THEREFORE: suspension of belief in the Christian Biblical "Book of Revelation" becomes the Call for Christians, which may mean their rejecting the Judeo-Christian Bible as un-instructive, beyond a few coded chapters like Leviticus 25, Leviticus 25, Leviticus 25, and Leviticus 25, etc. (But the Book is full of metaphor, and allegory, too secreted for most to decipher, perhaps especially the clergy. Other better deciphered Sources now prevail a la Google, under the search for "Henry George, 1830-1897".)

Now for the "Hands-On" Work, all Good Human Beings can do:

As I wrote earlier near the start of this e-bloggg, I am firm in my belief that we are in a New Age, of a massive Connection to the Universal Mind, or it's Potential, via the last fifty years of the Astral, Third Eye being opened amongst the larger number of the western and other Peoples. The last ten years has seen the greatest explosion in this empowerment of the many, over the "Shaman"-and-shaman-priests of old, through their open third eye.

Since about 1996-97 I found the psychic power to effect weather conditions. Now, we all can. Aren't we lucky?! Actually, I first found it standing on the platform of South Yarra railway station in about 1979, when I performed an impromptu "rain-dance", quickly encouraging my VicRail workmates to copy once it started raining - three times!

The last few years have seen much "playing" with the planet's weather patterns, as more 'big' power-trippers have deviously extracted the Knowledge from my open "Inner Sanctum". Thus we have seen extraordinary hurricanes and weather-events globally. (However we have to account for the fact that the media covers more 'events' now, than previously, so our True perception of the higher number may be distorted, if-y'-know-what-I-mean....)

I've watched this evolve via the Blessed Internet and NASA weather satellite websites, etc., over the last five years.

It is an Human phenomenon, and thus may be resolved, dispelled by Proper Human behaviour.

Common, Good Folk can withdraw support for questionable religious and corporate occult institutions, through Knowledge, of the True, Spiritual Self, and the Global Options I put. I say this because it is the high priests of western economics, very-much including the economic, banking high priests of Judaism, el Saud-type also, who are most abusive of their ability to disrupt, psychicly, things as large as weather patterns, etc. I suspect highly that Israel has been playing with the weather for years, if not decades, if not for centuries, in their immediate region.

Also, those high priests of other cults, Freemasons, Opus Dei, Tibet, Nazi Germany (the Fifth Reich) and-on and-on, are having allsorts of perverse powertrips with this psychic heat - hurricanes are easy if you've got the (ill-) will, as are rainstorms flooding poor bloody Guatamalians and Africans as the white Christian world sees fitting, for their outta-control global agenda.

Same-same with local cyclones in remote and not-so remote, Australia.....

These forces, Human level, can be contained, dispelled by the Public, the People, planetwide, by withdrawing their support for any "perceived" authority that occultist organisations seek to have over us, our life and our mind. This, by Our Standing-firm and asserting Truthful Authority wherever powertrippers flourish - corporate, mainstream society, local churches, etc.

These kind, it seems to me, feed a greater force to effect large scale movements.

Finally, an idea arose in mind the other day, suggesting Combining this newfound psychic power, through the opened Third Eye of Christians, Jews, Islamics, Buddhists, and Good Hearted Peoples of Every Faith, Religion and Philosophy, toward Collectively, Imagining a "Band of Love", First, turning into a Band of Light, acting as a band of psychic heat, around the "girth" of the planet, "resting" as-it-were, along the immediate latitudes north of and right around the Equator, with high pressure zones rotating "CLOCKWISE", with a diameter extending from the Equator north as far as Britain, northern most Canada, Siberia, etc., but not up as far as the Artic Circle.

I manifest these type of events less-so nowdays, and have found that high-pressure weather zones move from west to east generally, globally. So we would expect to see, on websites such as NASA,ghcc, this happening, as is available now by Googling "nasa,ghcc" and hitting the first link.

But the need is to "push" banks of cloud, whence-ever they come, but mostly Equatorial, north across the planet's northern latitudes to mount-up around the now melting North Pole.

The desired effect being to chill-down the Pole to re-freeze the warming Artic waters to ice again.

As it is Winter in the northern hemisphere now, immediate GLOBAL Meditation on the Imagined Psychic Heat Belt around our Darling Mother's Girth is the Call.

But as Christians are often over-enthusiastic - fanatical, about new things to believe-in, I warn that we must all TAKE IT EASY! For over excitement in these "attempts" to make the world live with us a bit longer, are no-less susceptible to blind action and fatal mistakes.

Often the best action is "mild" input, where we simply, Peacefully, with An Higher Spiritual Will or Cause Calling us, imagine a "Band of Spiritual Heat" if-I-may, in the form of high pressure zones in clockwise rotating circles, but, counter to the direction of the already existent high pressure zones in the midriff area or belt, moving with Will from east to west around the "belt" north of the Equator.

Gently to start with.

This Unity of the Human Astral Will, for the good and saving of All on Earth, is a suggestion.

I believe.... I believe it is Possible.

Who wouldn't want to......?

Perhaps those six-inch diameter and bigger models of the planet would be Good for the Altar. Rotating, with flashing lights where the.......

As regard the South Pole, I haven't heard lately any talk of it's defrosted status, but may assume the same threat exists. Today I serfed the Bureau of Meteorology website www.bom.gov.au to observe the weather activity over the South Pole, via the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean weather charts.

There is a constant high pressure struggling to exist surrounded by hords of lows. Seems sus, but maybe typical Summer activity over the South Pole.

This, I think is a more recent occurance, as are the high pressure zones in the north and southern Atlantic, "farming" continental waters off south America and western, southern Africa. This is where Perth's, Adelaide's and the southern regions of Australia's rainfall has been coming from of the last six months or less.

The rain falling on the northern Australian regions is being farmed off the equatorial cloudmassings over south east Asia, by using same-same methods of manifesting, through psychic heat, of a dark order I feel sure, high pressure zones over for one, the Indian Ocean, but also in 'zones' they have figured as profitable. There is guaranteed no consideration of the effects to such as Africa and South America, plus the many other populated areas, these dirty acts will bring.

But it's clear these same dark that-is-SELFISH corporate and religious actors believe the end-is-nigh, courtesy of the pole shift in about 2012 - about two thousand days from now, so let's just plunder before the lights go out for everyone.

A bit of Stillness of Mind, makes for Wonderful Possibilities.

Think AUM, when you're Here, Regularly, if you Please........

As an old adage of max no difference goes:

May The Perfect Existence Be Your Inspiration

Please Consider, Ariel Sharon, George W. Bush, Tony Blair, John Howard.

But Better We All Consider, and be Really Spiritual e'ry now-an-then.

There will be effects to the belt region I guess, in a sustained reduction of rainfall. But if Humanity wants to be like..., y'know, a fuckin' Good Bloke to each other, any changes now may very well be Worth suffering, for the Good of All.

Jus' think of y' fuckin' Grandkids, arsehole!


Max No Difference


South America's Left! - An Appeal to you All!

Starting to blog and email Aborigine Contacts across the globe, with the likes of what follows. I hope you appreciate it, and whatever else I eblog out to you and others. Please forward on to any Comrades you know would sympathise.....
South America is being reported as a continent returning somewhat to "It's Roots" with the rise of Socialism seen in Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil of the last couple of years.

So, everhopeful that we, as a planet, are not lost to United States-style egomania and excessive-consumption, I wuz inspired to pen the following this morning:

Perhaps you of the South American Socialist Left are enjoying renewed popularity, a Right-Minded Popularity I suggest, for a large Indigenous population who are still Conscious of their Extended Family-type Communities; Villages, Tribes, etc., and of the Natural Balance that those near-lost societal designs actually and intrinsicly were.

Surely I would expect all the Indigenous Tribes, Et Al, across each South American Nation, are cognisant of the common and deadly threat-to-life that U.S.-style consumer-capitalism IS, and are thus Ready to come together, NOT from the perspective of the poisonously diluted 'western' political 'left', which remains too far embedded in unsustainable materialism, but from the now scientifically-substantiated imperative to return to a more Organic-thus-Sustainable, "Get-dirt-under-yer-nails" Agrarian Socialism.

Economies-of-scale, not for the minority corporate business model, but for the Whole People, via the Village, Region, State, Nation or Continent of Collectives!

With the Natural Connection and Sharing between Humans and the Land Established and once more Secure (anywhere), the individual Soul cries not for satisfaction in the crudest realm of over-consumptive materialism, as we see the U.S.A. dragging the whole world down into.

Considering the tragedy unfolding environmentally, globally, of utter disaster for everyone, caused by the fallen tribes of Israel and Rome, and taken to the best-and-worst-of-extremes-in-one, by the U.S.A. (ex-Judaism and Europe) - 6% of the global population, FIFTY, 50% of global consumption (up from the "26% of global consumption" I heard uptil early this year), an extreme, to counterbalance this seriously eccentric Human condition, of an Indigenous Cultural Political Rise is necessary.

Mayhap South America can play an Effective and even Leading Part in winding-in the excessive North America?

Whatever the future brings, short-and-long-term, the True Human Being, no matter from which Country they come, and those yet nearest that past State - the Aborigines of every piece of Country ON THE PLANET - are being Called by the South American Political rise to Unite with them in Spirit, and perhaps to the extent of Igniting their own Indigenous or Aboriginal Parties under One Global Charter, the First Principle being:




"Family First", Christians, and Unions

"Family First", Christians, and Unions
by Max No Difference
Byron Bay
Tues 13th December '05

Family First's federal Senator Steven Fielding has voted with the Liberal/National Party government to pass the "Voluntary Student Unionism" bill, according, he says, to Family First beliefs.

Whether or not Fielding reflects F-F's ideology, can we be sure his church is fully and accurately informed about the issues in and behind such issues as student unionism?

On any Issue?

After 40 years of keen observation of Australian and other so-called "Christian" cultures, it is painfully (for Mother Earth also!) obvious that Christianity breeds an horrendous level of ignorance on several important subjects, but especially on Community, national and global politics.

The United States of America, France (through it's recent 23 days of nationwide race-based riots), Britain, and most recently right here in Australia (courtesy of the week of race-based riots in the Sydney suburb of Cronulla and surrounds), not to mention the daily social unrest as pervades the rest of the Christian world (a la [Catholic] South America's record over the last fifty-to-five hundred years) - all are roaring examples of how astray, dysfunctional and quite realistically - INSANE - the western, capitalist Christian culture actually IS.

Voters (AND CHILDREN!) therefore, need to be very wary about giving any rather more 'motivated' (irrelevant as to whether it's for what they perceive as a "Good Cause"), and fanatical church group like Family First, ANY political power!

Alas?! Tooo late!

Politically yes. Fielding is there.

The remaining Hope, Faith, is that the church, the broad church, does want God's Truth according to God, and is thus ceaselessly impelled to dispel the deepest deceits rooted in (and rooting) Judeo-Christian western, capitalist, cult behaviour.

The "golden calf tribe".


Analysing EVERYTHING connected to that demon otherwise known as "Mammon", involves deconstructing most all of western, 'Judeo-Christian' - social behaviour, "norms', attitudes and beliefs, all of which uphold such darkness, such evil.

Unionism, a Right-Minded Unionism - is the last Bastion against the most real threat to Christianity, of 'capitalist consumerism'.

For the so-called Christian group behind and directing Senator Steven Fielding's "conscience" on such vital issues, to NOT recognise the Christianity in the Ideology of (Right-Minded) Unionism per se, is a serious flaw in Family First's and in Christianity's, ability to "See" minus the "...scales over their eyes..." ("Was that the Third Eye, do you think?") the true state of politics today. Perhaps as it ever was........

The TRUE State of politics today, counter to ideological dreamings of the common deluded fanticisers of the western first world, is that the whole game of local, regional, national and international trade and business (the real seat of 'politics') is fraught with corruption, absolutely ROTTEN with corruption (a la the Australian Wheat Board's paying A$290 million kick-back to the Iraqi Hussein regime). Hence, whence comes the need for diplomatic (ie., meaningless cowardly) politicians like the "Twist-Doctor" par excellence, John "the-dog" Howard, and his ever-luvly Alex "down-with-his-stockings" Downer to provide the cover, while the active culprits - corporations and the 'elite' in general, skim-off the ill-gotten profits (really read as "thievings") and slip under the radar to the next weapons deal, or to the next CIA-MI-6-Brettonwoods scheme to manufacture the next warzone to suit their sales figures and the general ongoing (but VERY profitable!) de-civilisation of the planet.

These are the politicians Christians like Fielding's Family First, vote for!?

"Is there ANY Hope???"

Of course, hypnotised as most Christians are, they gain nothing of True Spiritual Value from opening their Third Eye. Even after five or ten years of that occult eye being open in the common Christian person of the first world, the world continues to descend into chaos and utter failure, fuelled by deeply erroneous beliefs out of Christian churches, across christian cultures and down the galactic drain for EVERYONE.

No "Miracle" Resurrection?

No super Christian heroes leaping from the spire or pulpit to STOP! the entrophy?

Yippee. Good on yer Christian!

Good on yer Senator Fielding.........




Cities are deadly heat banks, and gotto GO!

Just flung this one off to ABC Radio National's "Australia Talks Back" program.

Heat banks are what cities are in this regard.

Unsustainable. Untenable, Environmentally, Economicly, Socially and Culturally.

Supply of all consumables to cities depends on innefficient transportage, created by irregular, hmmm?, random population distribution, oriented around personal advantage, made manifest pruely through financial advantage to the few, with no Social Ethos applied to Regulate the economy, conflicting with Social, Cultural and thus overall Human Advantage.

Environmentally, cities are a terminal concept, in that they have passed their "use-by" date.

The Good Institutions the city concept have assisted into existence, combined with Democratic, decentralised populations and modern technology for to assist Social, Economic Accountability, are with us, enough to "move forward" with the dissolution of the untenable heat banks, cities are, to more Naturally distributed Peoples (Globally) according to Agrarian Socialism. Or Social Agrarianism.

The scientific evidence is "out-there"! Our western lifestyles, so oriented blindly around the consumer-city model, cars and all, is DEADLY to Life-on-Earth.

Tree-changers are in High Demand Globally, Truth be Known!


Max No Difference


Deconstructing Marijuana prohibition

I been standing on the HEALTH pages of "The Australian" newspaper weekend 5-6th November 05 edition since that time, and summoning up the energy to read the lead article "Dope Head" by the Oz's science writer Leigh Dayton.

It's not all there, on the floor of my van anymore. The boots have lost me the second page of the article. Pooh! But the next page has another downer article against marijuana, I didn't bother reading it.

Sure, it's headline "Teenagers in greatest danger from cannabis-induced psychosis" could be argued convincingly, and no responsible smoker encourages youth to smoke - a Recognised Adage in Nimbin in "Abstinance is the best Alternative" - but without reading it I bet it doesn't address the damaging effects our mainstream, junk culture has on developing minds of Humans much younger than teenagers!

Seeing "Life" and the effects everything has on the developing mind of a Human Being is a touchy thing, full of "perspectives", themselves effected by many unaddressed "phenomena", such as the scientist's upbringing and indoctrination, overt and covertly impressed upon the mind by a typically impure authority, as are rife throughout academia and professional organs.

And in the religious 'colleges' they most-all come through.

A Fully Enlightened Human Being would see things in a very different way to our hallowed academia and scientists.

Typically I try to challenge the media bullshit, by going UP to the "Bigger Picture' of where and why we are out of control as a society, as a culture, and what, who, is making the Progress toward a more Balanced World so often a lost cause.

Here's the web address for the "Dope Head" article which inspired this rabbit:

Taking-off from paragraph two, and not getting to much more of the read, the following came:

Opening the mind as "dope" does, has one see the REAL state of "Life-on-Earth", and beyond, which, whether under the influence of Marijuana or not, can hit one like a steamtrain, and/or often leading to depression, suicide etc.

Knowing how rude our western consumer culture is, is pretty depressing, often more so when you're born into it, and feel it is inescapable.

The ensuing disregard for the hitherto only half-seen social "civil" institutions of law and overgovernment, and capitalism, with it's actually evil, divisive agenda, must be expected, and considering the delapidated state of most modern western institutions, may well be Right, Correct to Advocate.

Smoking Marijuana, and just the act of smoking this so-demonised prohibited substance, challenges staid conventions so that it effects a very "Expansive" state-of-mind. "There IS More!" Something, a Higher, Broader state-of-mind that the western powers have denied for centuries, to the disadvantage of the masses. Perhaps.....?

Smoking Dope actually helps a True Seeker's mind see and handle the reality - the oft' depressing reality, of the fraud that so-much of western consumer society culture is.

This causes disgust and disrespect enough for antipathy to grow toward the staid, narrow cult of Judeo-Christian materialism (Mammon). The ol' golden-calf-tribe again, today, at it's worst.

Marijuana is judged by the Brettonwoods media consortia from a complexity of unsustainable western "norms". Western Judeo-Christian "norms" seen in the Complete Picture as

1) NOT "normal": 75 percent of Humanity don't have a car, a telephone, a flushing toilet, toilet paper, Foster's Lager, etc, and

2) a "Normal" Life is a Natural Life, while we live on a Natural Planet.

3): A lot of Peoples have smoked Marijuana for eons, and their ways didn't destroy the planet.

4) The Cultures which include smoking of the Herb often have more ethical approaches to finance, money, economics, than do the predominant western Judeo-Chrisatian Banker covens. (This alone is enough reason for the psycho's in N.Y. London and Paris to be down on Islam.)

The 'western' "norm" is the most dangerous series, group, creole and random set of customs on Earth, and in Earth's history.

Avoiding Marijuana and staying within western traditional social norms, unsustainable norms, a Human unit or group will capably avoid the HARD Truths about basicly everyone's REALPOLITIK Set of Duties, Responsibilities, of facing HARD FACTS about our very excessive western materialist culture.

The Australian newspaper, sponsored by cohorts in mass-control; product manufacturing and advertising cartellian corporations, aka Rupert Murdoch aka Brettonwoods - media (read "mind-juice") global monopolisers (read "blind psychotic Illuminadi-type power-hungry puppets") has a hammering article against Marijuana with all manner of jargon and imaginative descriptions of how brains develop in adolescence - speculation all.

The implicit suggestion is that dope has youthful minds see or model their perspective in a way anti-pathetic to social balance.

But all "norms" are on sand these days, and so who is to say the footings of our judgemental culture are more Sound than those the Illuminadi condemns, the huge number of very balanced Arab, Islamic, Asian Cultures which have stood for millennia, some?

Our culture is destroying the planet!

That's pretty depressing!

Our aberrant western household, family, work, relationship customs, send us insane, individually, and as a society.

That's pretty depressing!

Doctors are full of pharmaceutical corporate bullshit!

That's pretty depressing!

When it comes to curing the depression, ROLL-ON GW Bush/ pharmaceuticals/ Illuminadi and their drugs - mixed on dispensing the prescription with a few spells convincing you "You are depressed and need these pills!"

People know this happens now, and often say "Fuck-off!" resorting to a Natural, better high and relaxant and mind-expander in-one - Marijuana.

Today, to fail to connect the moguls of media, global government, pharmaceuticals, energy, banking, and militarism as the dark powers of the Illuminadi and with being the greatest danger planet Earth has faced, is fatal.

If smoking Marijuana helps a person become a Human Being by seeing the FULL Picture of Earthly, Astral and Spiritual Life, and with the rising INSIGHT sees the aberrant orb of western materialism, and from this is Enspirited to live either out-of, or in active resistance against the western mainstream, then it is obvious Brettonwoods would throw it's forces into once more, demonising the Holy Herb.

On "Brettonwoods"; would Lachlan Murdoch really have the choice of severing his business relationships with daddio, and thus from the larger cold force of global lever-pullers? (?)

As it may be safely assumed Murdoch and thus son Lachlan are wed to a power-plan if-not-structure, of one mighty cult or mob or another, and, as it's so BIG, ie., big enough to engineer YOUR death and the demise of all your mates, Lachie, I venture to theorise, has been "volunteered" to come out here and loiter in the best Aussie real estate to be close to the heart of the HELP END MARIJUANA PROHIBITION (H.E.M.P.) Party - Numb-Bums, er..., NIMBIN.

And what fun he's been having.

On Brettonwoods, Bush and global pharmaceutical corporations, it's clear the ultimate directors of these psychotic, antidemocratic phenomena are of a consortia of longtime elite dynasties. Family lineages who have for generations, if-not centuries employed all and any means on their long march to maximum power over the world - ultimately over the People.

Major players in the west, indeed the 'keystones' of much of our culture, has been the institutions of control of the Common Hunger for explanation of what the Spitritual Life is, or should be - the religions.

The most Ancient Elites, were most likely Fully Enlightened Humans, Attaining Oneness with AUM, and Oneness with Wise Knowledge of the Spiritual, Magical, Astral and Earthly Realms.

But long ago that was severed - The Fall - and western Judeo-Christian and Islamic religions have only had written records of these, since.

The social, then warlordal, elites, once severed from Theocratic, or Divine Rule/control, sought to and won control of religion, and thus to a large extent control of the Astral Realms of power. At least the ability to use it against the Masses.

This has been the weapon of the western elites (and no doubt of the rest) for Noble, if-not by psychoticly warped methodisms for over two thousand years, at least, at-a-guess.

Brettonwoods, Bush family, all the aforementioned energy consortia etc., HAVE to be in with these type of supercontrollers. Nowadays occult manipulators to the extent of effecting your buying a Holden or a Hyundi, as THEY wish.

"Paranoid?" If you like.............

I, after withstanding fifteen years of persistant occult assault by the deviant occultists of the elite - and all the others they 'snapped' and turned against me - have come to suspect that the occult is one of their most powerful weapons in their fight to 1) totally control the world's "mass-mind", 2) destroy Purer, less psychotic, less consumptive Cultures such as Islam, Arabic, Asian and Aboriginal Cultures and 3) manipulate the mind of selected individual(s) to be evangelic, voicing the puppet-master's seductive (or whatever) mental projections, making the puppets leaders, Messiahs, as they wish. As they can control him/her, like the Liberal Party of John Howard, like lil' ol' me, and perhaps like old Jesus ben Joseph.....

The fact that modern society has been awakened to the Full Picture of the Astral Realms, from King to Pauper, a shift of power has occured, like few others in history.

With the occult powers, hidden occult powers having been the biggest gun of the elite - suiciding politicians is not a new thing - now in the hands of Socialist forces also, and the Common Man is less shackled than ever, the elite can no longer assume control of the masses according to the likes of the Nazi, Brettonwoods plan of the late 1940s.

It may be that we cannot arrest these psychos and the damage done until we can piece the complete picture together and expose the connections and collusions they so long have formed, between the pharmaceutical corporations, oil, energy, medicine, religion, and the crude forms of government we now have, and the unarguable Benefits Marijuana gives to Humanity.

Unarguable Benefits which would bring down the western dirt-bags of Washington, Omaha, Paris, London, Tokyo etc. and their filthy megalomania.

No wonder The Australian newspaper aka Murdoch aka the Illuminadi are down on Marijuana.

Arrest them!

Arrest them!

By Law of the Living Mother Earth!



State of the Union Address

State of the Union Address
by Max No Difference
Nimbin, Australia
24th November '05

After a long period of political deceit, massive perversion of the course of justice, massive perversion and ignorance of international business protocols, and massive corruption of the minds of more people than have even ever existed on the planet, the latest rendition of utter corruption - the GW Bush United States Administration stands at the healm of the about to be most failed state on Earth, and perhaps in all of our recent 25,000 year social evolution.

The United States of America.

It is rather fascinating listening to all the experts, commentators and pundits on global issues, be they political, religious or climatic, some trying not to scream about the impending crises - crisis-plural - some making-out they are jumping up-and-down, while trying not to appear too loonie/fringe/marginal - sane - some more interested in their own salary than the end of the world in their own lifetime (VERY STRANGE BEAST THIS WHITEMAN?) and some, like me, rebelling and screaming about Humanity's desperate need to go the other way....., all the way to living like Aborigines, if we are to survive and in the least do something to save the environment also.

Funny how the last lot, the Screaming Rebels, don't get much publicity and "airtime".

But, one can't help but feel that at the end of every article on the dangers to life-on-Earth, the news-crew simply switch-off the devices and move on to the next article "NEXT!"

Nevertheless, while some go nuts, some just keep their nose to the grindstone and hope there's going to be bread in the supermarket tomorrow.

Yet...., trying to keep a thread here...., I see and hear few commentaries on the overall status of the United States of America today.

Well, here's mine.

It's fucked, mayte. Have another cup of, or convert to herb tea and get over it.

Following the last bunch of disasters to afflict the mighty Union of America - the series of hurricanes, failed responses from the Administration, exposures of corruption reaching up to the Vice President's office, Iraq, Iraq, Iraq, and Iraq, etc., etc., etc., (No WMDs, means Saddam is significantly less guilty! see my blog on Saddam Hussein's Trial at maxnodifference.blogspot.com posted Monday 7th November 2005) the levels of poverty and crime in the USA., the numbers of non-criminals incarcerated in US prisons, the recent exposures of US-run torture-centres in eastern Europe, the levels of debauchery, corruption and BAD CULTURE darkly poured over the minds hearts and Souls of every American citizen (for at least fifty years), and the blatent wholly negative effects of that example of extreme consumerism, the mighty US of A, I really think it's time to put the question - Holy Jeeeesussss?!?!?!? - should the United States of America abandon the Union of it's fifty-plus "States", and devolve the extremely centralised power structure(s) away from Washington, and back to, or for the first time, to the individual States?

Should the United States of America disband it's Union?

I think so.

I think so because it has thus far failed. Too far off the screen for most westerners to see, let alone admit, say-what?

Hurricane Katrina, as I said in an earlier blog, and in a concurrent blog-poem at poemsofmaxnodifference.blogspot.com

was a manifestation of some pretty evil dudes, out-of America. They could have been Mormons, they could have been the U.S. military, they could have been the Illuminadi.

Whoever, I'd reckon the perpetrators of that dark storm had some serious ideological problem with the levels of debauchery that existed in New Orleans, and regarded it as a blight on the complexion of the American Puritan Ideological skin/map, enough to have to 'wipe-it-out'.

As to how much their own ancestors set-the-scenes for the current psycho-economic state of the north American continent, whence grew the current insanity of social and personal breakdown, we may be able to establish. But they don't want that.

But attempting to slice through the bullshit ex-USA, New Orleans may well have been just one of the many rather less capitalistic cities of America, as maybe assumed from Louisianna's Governorship happy to do trade with their neighbour, Cuba.

Other States also, I feel sure, must feel less enthusiastic about the Bush Administration's hubris and obvious insanity. Dark insanity.

As it's me, I'll guess an' say the "Vote" on whether the Union should remain together, would, if HONESTY were to prevail, be about 50 percent either way.

Fear of retaliation by psychotic controlling Unionists (opening once more the ol' north/south, Unionist/Confederate divides), against the less fanaticly-capitalist U.S. Citizens, is I'd reckon, the main reason most Americans would not Vote to dissolve the Union.

If, on the other hand, in a Perfect world, everyone in the U.S. agreed the U.S.A. was totalled, finished, kaputo, and thus turned their attention to the most immediate concerns, of LOCAL Sustainability, on State-sized Bases, Foundations, a larger majority of U.S. Citizens than ever - I'd hazard-a-guess would quite Happily and possibly even Peacefully turn their hands and Hearts to a Social Agrarianist Union.

More U.S. States or less, larger and smaller, in Truth, See the folly-nay-evil of unrestrained capitalism - no matter how many 'benefits' it supposedly brings - See the Economy, Logic, Wisdom and Shared Joy of the most relaxed Social way of shared resources.

Relieved of any fears from the rednecks, the bovver-boys of the dirty-dirty right-wing establishment, many Americans may well let-go of their less healthy consumer habits, and become Sustainably focussed-if-not-living.

More social, more down-to-Earth, more Honest, more................? Christian?

"Don' got no choice! Pardner?"

Could solve a LOT of PROBLEMS.

Not that it matters, because, after the dreaded apocalypse at Mageddon, we'll all be reduced to that Good ol' frugality anyway.

Argh! The STRUGGLE!!!!?

NO choice, pardners..............




Saddam Hussein's Trial?

The trial of Saddam Hussien in Europe is mainly a fiasco, and all Strength to Saddam's Arm.

He has legitimate claim to innocence for his being a seduced patsy of/for the 'forward officers' of Big Oil Inc - the C.I.A., MI-6, and probably Mossat also, in there just to add to the subtle undermining of Middle-Eastern, Arabic populations and cultures, before the overt grab for the booty - war. Subtle subversions - subterfuge tactics began early, that these three 'agencies' are so good at.

Tactics, decades in the implementation, designed to breakdown - destroy - any ancient Sound, Solid - Sustainable Culture to satisfy the west's short term expansionist desires.

Western materialist expansionist desires, no longer tenable desires, if only because they are the basis and means of sustenance of the decadent western, capitalist, consumer culture, which is by itself, destroying the environment of the whole planet.

Saddam has been seduced until trapped, for around twenty five years, into behaving how he did.

AND, he did NOT have any weapons of mass destruction!

Then there's "sanctions", sold in past decades to western voters as legitimate ways of stopping errant nations, usually from the massively dissadvantaged third world.

Now, we of the western masses see 'sanctions' as the worst penalty to any developing country. It cannot be overlooked that the self same type of sanctions as have been imposed by the big boys of global power on the less capitalist-oriented nations have left a trail of political, social and cultural breakdown right across the planet perhaps, it could be said, from the last five hundred years of Euro-Anglo-US expansionism, but certainly of the last forty years or so.

Sanctions do not help any Genuine Human Development interests.

Education was very good in Iraq before the yanks turned on Saddam - for oil.

The record of events involving western and Iraqi interests over the last twenty five years, will show that Saddam has Legitimate claim, even to compensation, and to compensation to his beloved, historically Magestic People of Iraq, from the western forces and, in the end, from the private interests that have so darkly profited from the war/wars - British, American and European (inc Russia) oil giants. Also, how much of Iraq's oil ends up in Israel?

Also, Saddam has Legitimate claim to ignoring the trial and to calling it corrupt for one quite seperate reason alone.

It will be impossible for any western-based international court to be Impartial in hearing and adjudicating over the trial. Same-same with any jury.

This is a very important point, if we are to pursue justice, even in the face of Illuminadi-type hawkish behaviour by the western-right.

Four years of the most massive western, and other, media-coverage, a totally profitable exercise in itself - more profitable if they can broadcast live footage of rockets and explosions and - blood-and-guts - has been waged against Iraq-but-specifically Saddam.

There was the 9/11 justification - proved false. (Oh? Did you hear the latest rumour?! 9/11 was financed by Rupert himself!)

Then there's the extended demonisation by the mainstream western media against the stoic Middle-Eastern Indigenous Peoples, focusing here-and-there on the easy target of one leader or another, climaxing in the utter denigration and demoralisation of Hussein and his Peoples. But demonisation of the Arabs, and every other non-Jewish culture has been the best-seller in the west (Hollywood and the rest) for at least one hundred years.

In the west, the masses, right across the class-spectrum, have been subjected to a drenching of their minds by the collusive Brettonwoods media cartels (Murdoch and coven, who determined to set-out to gain full control of the planet's media in the late 1940s, and who collude fully with their elite buddies in corporate oil, resources, weapons, and consumer-products), with coverage of the invasion of Iraq etc., and always from the perspective of the invading US-coalition forces being in the right, and with Saddam Hussein as being the ultimate enemy.

That the western media conspired with the military in the orchestration of the illegal invasion of Iraq, there is no doubt.

Most everything the western and the planet's 'voters' have received via media on the situation in Iraq over the last twenty years has been DOWN on Saddam, following, usually blindly, the agenda-ridden political advice from the rotten western governments. Including Australia.

With such a level of ignorance of the unpublicised FACTS about why Saddam deteriorated, so accepted by the majority of the global society now, it will be absolutely impossible for any judge or jury to "See" the case for it's FACTS, and thus turn the spotlight onto the true culprits - the western oil powers - and let Saddam Hussein go free.

Even after all the hoopla of the last few years about setting-up a western-friendly government in Iraq, thus further dulling of our minds as to the crimes of everything to do with the invasions (1991 and 2003), Saddam Hussein may still be the Legitimate President of Iraq.

Nevertheless, the unavoidably partial judges who sit on this trial bench, without an equally thorough media barrage of THE FACTS, perhaps having to last four-to-fourteen years, would not dare to let him off lightly - DUE TO THE FACTS - for fear of another hyped-up public and political, and media reaction, leading to the judges being pilloried.

There's hardly been a trial more known to the global public than this one of Saddam Hussien.

None has ever been preceeded by so much clearly negative publicity in the media's criminally biased coverage of the two wars.


Saddam Hussein cannot stand trial until the protagonists and conivers in the US Administration and coven are investigasted fully for their underhanded involvement in the destruction of the Middle-Eastern Cultures of Iraq, Iran, Et Al, covering hmmmm?, at least fourteen years.

Puts the two invasions of Iraq into a different light?

Finally, with immediate relevance to Saddam's record........ the Truth be Known, half the 'war' on Iraq's Indigenous Culture and on Saddam himself, has been quite viciously waged by the Brettonwoods media consortia - global. Perhaps over fifty years?

This must beg the question - "When are the moguls of our global media going to be put on trial, for facilitating the destruction of the planet by advertising "Ethics-free" consumerist bad magic, and for intensifying disputes through their bogoted coverages and opinions?" The war on Iraq being but the most recent case-in-point.

"What say you Rupert?"


CSIRO sell-off be damned!

We're entering an Age where more People know how we would do Best, to Live.

Agrarian Socialism.

So, the Impartial Inquirer into agricultural science dives into the global oil and coal race?

How many recognise the danger in such a shift of focus?

If they, the CSIRO, leave agricultural science, who, what deeply familiar institution, WHICH IS NOT PARTIAL TO GLOBAL CORPORATE PERSUASION, but to the PERRENIAL Sustainability of Human Life and Good, I say Good, Culture, one and the Same indeed, who will replace them? It?

It was destined to come about, while we were shit-scared of our own devils.

I guess it follows with the old "selling-off-the-farm". May as well flog the/a leading (though not of the last few years, due to 'cutbacks' in funding) research institute to the trippers riding on false realities about Power, and it's unrecognised dangers.

I guess I'm saying that there should be an inquiry into the make-up of the CSIRO board, and their personal sssuasions, and 'friends', and spin-twist-doctors who have convinced them to subvert a once fine public institute into being a dark-energy R&D slave.

Perhaps they were, some of their 'happening' scientists, onto a range of extremely modern experiments which threatened to challenge the newly focused-upon oil and coal industries?

Energy? Soil rehabilitation? I don't know, but I've gotto put out a theory e'ry now and then!

Who knows which industry has an interest in stopping the CSIRO from being an Happening, Forward, Optimistic-looking and Benevolent Institution?

Oil, Coal? Water? Medicine, Electricity, fossil fuels?

"Gotto ask the quvestions, Compadres!"

Certainly needs more inquisitve media than most national, local, agrarian, reformist media might yet give it.




No fists but a fair fight

I don't wanna condone that State National party bloke who took to our honourubble minister in the house last week.

I do wanna take issss-ue, with parliament (and I mean the federalgarten) being a slap-happy business meeting on-going place for Labor and Liberal (mainly), where "at the end of the day... mayte" our differences are diluted down to the point where Labor and Liberal are on the same side.

This hit me again 'tother day, from a news item saying I think via a piece of transcript, that, y'know, "lets keep the Peace in the House"..

Well, thats orright for them, sitting nice and comfortably, but they are supposed to be in there fighting for the issues.

Masses of Australian and neighbour-country folk are about to descend into such a shithole of a life-style, as neverbeforehasbeenwitnessed, the ramifications upon the whole Australian society will be toooo large for authorities to handle, that it's beyond time our representatives addressed THE ISSUES, and even have a tart word for each other occassionally.

Oh but yeah.... ya' got it passed the Canberra press gallery, right?

Well, Mark Latham tucked-passed the hounds and lickers, to threw a few pungeant punches, and Senator John Faulkner has added to the obvious, with True Talking, by early accounts.


So how do we dismantle the ALP?

What about the State fiefdoms?

And every hyped-up caffienne-fueled local ALP Branch?

Take a breath of clear air dudes!

Meanwhile, once big Kim's performed the part of being fullofvigor and ready like a hungreeeattackdog forliberalblood, some True Lefties, Greens, Democrats and even Family First (which bank?) might join hands and jump-upanddown on the floor of the House and tell 'em all to shaaaaaaaauduppp!

"The world's falling apart? Do we want to correct some of our fuck-ups?"

Its a media decision attheendoftheday, to spruke for some chunky issue to bight into, like catholic churches not owning their churches and chapels and cathedrals. That could be upto one seventh of the Australian Landmass suddenly becoming owned by the People of the church.


Or whaddabout an arrow into the Land Tax thingee.....?

Labor has got to decide if it, it's members want to lie down as the flood washes over them and every other culture, hmmm, and get-up cleansed by the Spiritual Rain of Land Rent, or fails to see that things have changed so much recently, our idealised worlds of friday nights down the pub - are gone.

Rednecks? Illuminadi? Monsters?

Greens, Democrats, and the rest. You're really all on the distant left of Howard and his dated bluff of having ALL THE POWER behind him, and are too shit-buggerbumfuckme frightened of REALLY saying so.

EVERYONE's got to realise the establishment have been fucking with you're heads for centuries.

The Truth is, parliament is a furphy. Just a better one than the bastards would have in, if the workers didn't Stand-True one hundred years-plus ago.

The last place things should be "going along swimmingly" is in our federal houses of parliament!

It should be a warzone while John Howard's clubbb is using perfected lawyertwistdoctoring to screw all and any chance of a more Just and Peaceful world - out of the world, with his/their "way of seeing things" - and - management of the press.


Get on the train of perpetual change. In the environment, politics, law and power.

In a Perfect world, come next Monday, the banks would hand over all their title deeds of their mortgagees to the Local Council to Administer and enjoy the Benefit of by just collecting the Land Tax, plus one percent costs.

The Council officers would simply fire-up their computers and upload the accounting software to accommodate - then go down the Local HEMP bar, or such, and todays federal and state politicians would be rightlyfully employed as accountants. Well, perhaps auditors.... In the Perfect world.

Everyone could take a Grand Holiday because "TIME" has been put into its rightful place - out of the Equation.

Maybe ALP House of Reps benchers should start attacking their party's own weaknesses in the house, to implode, suck-in the rest of "the left" and reexplode as a new star of all party revolutionaries?

What say you old Chum, Kimberley?



Weather Wars on the march


Weather wars are upon us, globally.

Watching global events a lot of the lasty ten years or so, I detect 'phenomena' which have over time proved to be not totally Natural.

We acknowledge the impact our miscreant culture is having upon the weather patterns locally and globally, and serious, qualifiable studies have confirmed the global environment is expected to collapse upon the less protected in about twenty years.

Alas! For a media moment... I don't have a tv but if ABC RN has tapered-off in focusing on the likely impending end of any social-cultural Balance, globally, then I expect it's off the mainstream agenda......

Nevertheless..., we need not wait twenty years for weather disruptions to bring big-time catastrophes, for the psycho's of the world, and that may well be half the western civilisation of so-called "Christians", are, perhaps unknowingly, contributing to the abnormal weather events the Carribean and southern USA has experienced this season, as well as to the many disruptions to rainfalls in Africa, etc.

But the unknowing must be ready for yet another steep learning-curve in regard to psycho-tropical phenomena, in respect to the baddies messin' with the weather.

I look today at the nasa,ghcc (Google) website (30 frames) of the Atlantic weather patterns, and see a "high" has been, is being generated in the middle of the north-Atlantic. This is extending east across north Africa, and is joining with the longtime generated high around the middle-east. (Israel has been playing with it for a few years, and the last Iraq invasion had lots of agreeable weather for the invasion, Ho-hummm...

But the Hurricanes into the Carribean etc this season, as with all, come out of Africa across the geo-graphically-westerly equatorial winds, up the north-eastern side of south America and through the Carribean. Or, if there's a high off the coast of south America, they travel up the centre of the Atlantic, threatening the east coast of the USA.

I think the big "high"s in north and south Atlantic are being generated by psychic-heat generated by the big baddies of the world.

At this stage I deduce it's a branch of trippers behind the major US Administrations goin' sick before the towers of babel fall across the US and the globe generally.

It is fair for them to do what they can to protect the highly populated eastern states, "And who is shooting at Florida?", me-asks-meself, but, they've definitely been tryng to wipe-out Cuba of the last couple of years, erring in thought as they do in believing the Cubans are their enemy.

But it is a game of power, and of controlling it, in our propensities to abuse, and in aiming it at others, be they Human or Alien.

Cultural or political.

It's not uncommon knowledge now. There's a lot of good connections to trustworthy info, to which I am allowed but ten percent. Hmphfff!

The high pressure-zone being generated in the southern Atlantic will, or has been having an effect on Australia's weather, which may be where the latest rain has come from, combined with my appealling to the Goddess of Venu, of Water, of the vessels... But this may have larger weather effects not so good. Expect MORE floods in Africa....

New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina etc, was, as I've blogged back then, NOT a Natural event, and they keep coming.....

This has got to be, as far as I can figure, a bunch at least, of Illuminadi-type psychos taken warped pleasure in destroying the failed experiment of the US of A, and any other who threatens their beliefs and evil heads.

Short of having three-hundred million Americans marching on every military base not supporting total revolution of the power-structures of US, western capitalism, the rather pensive Moral Majority of the United States Christian Right-Centre-and-Left Need answer the Call from their Master, of walking in His Shoes by shunning the Cause of the power-crazy members of our own Communities, and by The Popular Will, of their God, dismantle by desertion, the capitalo-political bullll-shit of western free-markets.

Otherwise, while they, the Dick Cheneys and covens of the world are allowed the political/economic power they can only abuse, their "We can do anything!" egomania will, through our cowardly western do-nothing attitude, keep growing into worse environmental disruptions.

Disruptions? See-ya' later!!!

I Call All Christians Globally to Live As He, Jeshua ben Joseph Demands, as All True Religions Enable.

Make Straight the Road, especially the descendants of Billy Grahames fervour, though Fervour-Large-F it has, in Truth, been.

Economicly through "Economies-of-Scale" is also Sustainability on a Community, Societal, State-by-State and national/global level(s).

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse.

In your Actions rests the balance of which weather event wipes-you-out.

Your Best, most Needed, Most Powerful Action is to move forward in your Lifestyle.

Dee-eep Green America, Go Dee-eep Green...... or the Magi might sit back anbd watch the Illumnadi wipe out your very-own neighbourhood planet.

Remove them from power in the US Administration, or get real wet.


Kerry Packers helicopters?

Hey Kerry Packer!? Get a warm glow in ya' tummy, and round-up, service and dispatch YOUR fleet, and those of your filthy mates, of HELICOPTERS to Pakistanishmir!

With fuels and crews - der....?

Or throw a ten million dollar spree at supplying any spare Australian, New Zealand and other Army choppers with fuel and crew to get over there.

I'm sure y' could organise a fiddle with Army Q-Stores?

But maybe you're afraid of warm inner glows....?

I'd dare you if it max any difference.



How much can a koala bear?

Nimbin is Special, for God's Sake.

Don't come in here with you're eyes fixed on either a rude unearned profit by speculating on the True Value that exudes, pumps out of the OASIS CAFE, 80 CULLEN STREET NIMBIN, as the Heart and Soul of a majority of True-Thinking and Loving Nimbinites, or to subvert a Possibly-Popular Movement, away from rude western, materialism.

You with a rude determination to devalue the Hearth that it is to a lot of Good Souls?

Get away with you.

Either turn YOUR place into a public venue, or take what it has cost you so far.

Or do as another letter writter in the Good Times says, and Embrace our Culture, Heart and Soul.

Otherwise, you might be looking the wrong way, when the wall crumbles.......




Unassailable Values - Howards enemy

What chance of John Howard, Australia's Prime Miniture, plaguarising "Unassailable Values" into his bullshit blah?

Either, out of paranoid defence of his own 'quicksand values' Ethics, Science-and-Truth-free values, he would splutter "There's no such thing!"

OR, he would take the term on like a midget in a debating team using every rhetorical talent and trick to persuade us that HIS values ARE the Highest, unassailable values, and playing the media so-much as to kill-off any Genuine, Truth-Seeking inquiry into the VALUES our Austranglican pilfering upper-class are and will kill the planet to uphold!

Capitalism is "Market- creaming"

"Free market capitalism" is merely the label for the 'way' the global elites - IN EVERY NATION - cream-off illegitimate profits from the masses' contributions and consumerist spending addictions.

ALL government members/ministers, and their encouraging sychophantic cronies, of all nations are by one means or another benificiaries of scandelous behaviour behind the scenes, exactly like the "United Nations-Oil-for-food" scandal/scheming. etc.

How well buried are the government's, and the opposition's, "Swiss bank accounts"?
Or some similar means of secreting the massive amounts many of them end up-with by the end of their 'career'?

"Income Tax" was 'introduced' as-it-were, in England (? serf-check) in the late 18th Century, to pay for whichever war the aristocracy were in. Of course, the reality was as much that the war was and has been for, in some parts of the western world, millennia, against the wider, poorer masses of their own population. Income tax, I think, has been with us since, wars or not.

War, as it happens, is the best way to 'cream-off', both plunder from invaded lands AND funds raised and monies collected DOMESTICLY, in their own nation.

This is because war creates excessive, hurried, surprising-leading-to-panic inducing events calling for 'quick responses', (usually of the military type), qick financing, and thus the greatest opportunity for poor, 'loose' financial and material accountability. Conditions most suitable for pilfering.

Domesticly, political leaders, parties and their elite 'private' contacts do this to a massive extent. In Truth, this is what sustains them in their opulant lifestyles, and by all manner of mental manipulation is the tangible end of how they maintain power over the People. In other words, the "elites" of Planet Earth are there and maintain their upper-class status (against their own less wealthy People) through an ancient lineage of corruption. Dynastic corruption.

Today, the 'war effort' is sustained almost wholly by People's excessive consumption.

If Australians REALLY want to STOP the war, which actually interprets as a war driven by warped oligarchal elites to keep their power over the largest possible mass - of their own national population - then we must STOP CONSUMING!

On this line of thinking, IT IS ALL ROTTEN!

Just what Mr Mark Latham ex-leader of the Australian Labor Party - is saying


Redemption for GW Bush and coven

Redemption for GW Bush and coven
Nimbin HEMP Bar.

As the extent of damage/carnage is realised in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Justice wants to raise it's Righteous Head in accounting for the numerous failures to "cope".

Hmmm? When will the cost stop rising?

Recriminations, compensations, remediation, medication, hospi-it seems to just, or unjust, go-on, and on.

From the Best Perspective, something I struggle with seeing lately, the Call needs be to look beyond the above emotional responses, and focus on first how big the 'scenario' is, and is bound to grow to be (while I, could not draw any picture of how big it might become) if not addressed Correctly.

What's "Correct"?

Just. Firstly, I suppose.

But not in the sense of continuing to look to the past for those to blame.

In a very powerful and true sense, we are all responsible. Hard to concile with "Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do...."

But, nevertheless, however, let us look at the situation as it IS, and from that ascertain what might arise, and at how we ALL might be the MOST RESPONSIBLE Humans.

In saying "we", I fire my Arrows of Love to the Hearts of ALL Americans, and why stop at the borders, north and south, particularly.

You all have a future.

It is not hard to picture how your northern continent will 'evolve' if YOUR repatriation from the tragedy is addressed 'same-same' as the 'trend' in United States politics as-if-entranced, is currently, today, NOW, and into the unmitigated future.

Amidst the tragedy, while across the globe, one looks forward to "how to", and sees Opportunities, choices, options.

Not same-same, if-just to be different, but REALPOLITIK, if-I-may.

The picture appears to be that many have lost boundary lines, title deeds, bank records etc, of Land ownership, and occupation.

Councils, it seems, are in serious dissarray, as are state and federal.

The Best Things come from the Grassroots, I heard it said today.

That's where the Heart of any Community lies, where any Truth about how to Be is kept Secure, while we have the awareness of how important the Community is.

New Orleans, God Rest It's Fine Soul, and may it be reborn from those 'Roots, in recollecting it's shattered Soul, has, as Best as I can see, but one Option:

Address with Vigour! - toward the Sense of Justice the Music It Created sang so well about, sangin' about those frowned-upon aspects of Human social existence. The Heart Aspect, if-I-may.


Black, White, All Between.

Redistribution of the Land and occupancy will occur around the worst affected areas, no doubt.

But, who will end-up with the 'advantage', over those who, having lost most everything but their own lives, cannot afford even a patch of dirt to pitch a tent for any extended, recuperative length of time.

And! What the fuck is 'time', anyway?

Something the anti-Leviticus oligarchy chain us with by keeping us on the economic precipas, through ever higher death pledges (mortgages) and - LAND PRICES according to a deadly speculative Land market place.

If there IS one 'thing' those within "Cooee" of New Orleans will need in their recovery, their economic, sanitary, health, dietary, Psychological and psychiatric recoveries, it will be 'time'.

That which most has us 'chase' time is the need for RENT.

ACCOMMODATION. Secure and longterm enough for them to "Get back on their feet" psychologically and economically.

Infrastructure is no doubt also in a shambles, and, along with alot of other aspects will remain so for at least months, thus it would seem "Logistic" and Reasonable to allow as many as possible "recoverers" to "Grow Their Own" vegies, and whatever a, THE Most Economical, Efficient Group, Collective, Consortium if we must, may get together toward the Essentials for returning to Stability.

Localise supply of essentials, to the extent of Home-Grown (reckon George'd like that slogan?), saving the need for three-month roads etc projects which only serve (Satan) to return to the inefficient, uneconomic supply and distribution networks the corporate predators Haliburton, Walmart..........., force upon the vulnerable lower classes.

However, the most affected People must be catered for, at least in sanitary and dietary ways principally, so there's the most urgent priority of getting that in, however, GW increasingly-culpable Bush can.

I'd urge Those more Sound minds of the Administration to call-in the military to shepherd the folk, Folk, back to overall Calm, employing them to dispell the need for larger-scale freightage of Essentials, by first doing the transportage themselves, and in-one, structuring the region's Peoples to Live as ol' US-of-A's Forefathers might have imagined, dare-I-say, Agrarian Socialism.

Very Economic George W Bush.

Very Freeing way for the millions to recover.

Very vote-winning way (since when have they had to worry about that?) after the fall in popularity, for failings-enough perhaps to have you impeached?

Might even save, or stave-off any Wise and Legitimate attempts by Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisianna Et Al, to secede from the "Union", northern as-it-is.

That'd be a turn-up for the books?

Aligning with Cuba?

These days, and daze, I'd even "punt" that Arnie Schwarzeneggar would be so disgusted with the way the 'US Administration' and tenticles-of-consortia have handled, if-not "set-up" the millions of Southerners, post-Katrina, if not before as well...., that he'd agree with any such Sentiments.

I can dream, imagine the trusted, personal, discussions and firey debates held in private between the movers-and-shakers around such as Arnie, and I'd today hesitate a guess and say not just a few might well be about "how irrational capitalism actually is". Even amongst the "high-rollers".

Thus the same "chats" might evolve into what prospects exist, and what options are Most Tenable, and which, sooner or later, pre-or-post Armageddon, becomes the necessary option, if any is to exist at all. And about what steps can and must be taken, by government. But again, if any such coordination, exists now, and in twenty years from now..

The best Option I out it, is to minimise and, long term, reducing environmental effects and unsound massive anti-Local Community 'investment' ('ruthless profiteering') in fundamentally anti-Community projects such as roads, highways..... (to maximise consumption of cars thus oil, thus minerals, etc-and-on, thus lining the pockets of the predator-materialists inside capitalism), nuclear Housing....., shopping malls, concrete monoliths to a dying cult(ure) etc. Seperated lives. Humanity at it's worst.

GO LOCAL! CONNECT GLOBAL!! (Copyright Max N Cook, aka Max No Difference 9/11/2005)

I have no doubt much has been gassed about the economic opportunities the parasites see, and so say this with no trace of opportunism in the selfish sense, but economic opportunities, or, in my script, Economic Opportunities, do now abound.

But what sort of 'industry' or "Industry" do Right-Thinking and thus Right-Living Americans, Locals, want (Uh? Hello? Maybe a Few Indians? Any Hippies still Out-There?? Yo! The Quakers!) to see or have re-constructed across their washed-out landscapes?

One that might last could be a Good Start?

If GW Bush wants to keep hizz-assss out of the cauldron warmin'-up across the Not So United States, he'd be doin' well to go for broke and sweep aside the speculative predators of the relatively 'short-term' Land marketplace, even or especially from within his own coven(s) and 'family' dynastic ties etc, with Land Reform according to how one of his own Americans, Mr Henry George, George, (?) So Eloquently Defined It.

THERE IS NO DOUBT, Henry would Smile upon you sir.

Also a great way to get your-skinny-lil'-ass out of Iraq, George?


Go-on, be a Hero George.

Be a Good Christian, I dare ya?


MORE!!? maxnodifference.blogspot.com
MORE!!? sinsofreligion.blogspot.com
MORE!!? poemsofmaxnodifference.blogspot.com


Brogden's errors another's evil

Brogden's errors another's evil
Nimbin Australia
Thurs 8 Sept '05

Brogden's confidence was in excess, when he was lured into saying the insulting things he did about Bob Carr's wife, and the night of his attempted suicide, his confidence was shattered, scattered, and heavily battered.

His behaviour is typical of the mainstream political 'generation' we now endure in the likes of Canberra, and State parliaments. Right down the line to the dunny-cleaners actually. (Fact may be that the dunny-cleaners, poor but respectable types some, are more humble and civil) It belies an attitude underlying Australian life generally, I reckon. An uncultured lot we is, coming as we huv from convict stock etc. Clearly the 'tough times' whites endured in the early days of colonial invasion, served powerfully to brutalise the founding members of Australia generally, right up through the ranks and classes. Indeed, the 'upper' lot, if John Macarthur of "Rum Rebellion" infamy (circa 1808) was one to go by, were as likely the WORST of our first pack-o'-plunderers.

Brogden fell as they all do - tooooo confident, thus exposing his underbelly to the politicians worst enemy - his collegues, and the media.

But who is the media? Well, Brettonwoods wont die an anonymous death as far as I'm concerned, for I know well that these type of power consortia, like the supposedly extinguished Nazi Third Reich of WWII, don't ever really die, but go underground, like the Euro-Russian aristocracy did post the 1917 Revolution, only to resurface, reencarnate themselves in different minds and bodies, but same-deadly-same agenda, sometimes decades later.


Too many co-incidences over the last few decades, in politics here and abroad, for Brogden's fau pa to be regarded as an accident. Nick Sherry's attempt, was another example of such errors of response to an embarrassment, and for a time there there were several attempteds and successful suicides across Australia's political spectrum.

If Opus Dei of the Catholic churches dark side has anything to do with those said to have been in collusion or conspiracy against Brogden, and any of the newly political christian right mobs, then we can be certain that much more than a mere hacket-job on an unfavoured leader is occuring.

This David Clarke fella, and those named as being behind Brogden's demise, from the new right christian fundamentals-ists, may well be the reinvention of the old Nazi dogma, resurfacing through a line of occult minds, since Hitler and his coven-full of Tiben Tantric monks were overun in the 1940s.

Most of these newly politicised christian church groups, are well educated (private schools of course), through one means or another have acquired lots of money, enough to throw at the media and in advertising blitz's to further their cause - which is - HANG-ON!? We'll pray to JEEESSSUSSS to tell us what we're doing getting all fanatical about one more poor pathetic child born only to tread the mill of evil, instead of saving it, it's mother, and the overburdened community from the classic 'nother mouth to feed. Ummm? Our Cause....?

You never get to the bottom of their cause, because they say, it's too deep for the heathen non-christian to 'hear' and unnerstand!

Most Australians will not be too worried about this rubbish excreeting from the church's political mouth, but, if we can stretch our minds enough to hear what we need to, to realise HOW SERIOUS the current global political, military, racial, cult, environmental and agricultural situation(s) are, we might act in time to stop the most dangerous development in Human affairs since - well, since the purported "Fall from the Garden of Eden".

Let me make you aware of the fact that Hurricane Katrina, which last week wiped-out New Orleans, was NOT an "Act of God", but an act of the United States religious right in the federal Administration of government.


That so many American People of the wrong colour and economic status were so coldly murdered by their own deeply psychotic government of GW Bush, Chaney, Rumsfeld and co, says that if Humanity does not act now and confront this utter evil of the superpower(s) abuse of the supernatural, occult, magic powers, as have been misemployed, malemployed to make the likes of Brogden say sorry things, and then to haunt his mind so much that he's driven to suicide, the Apocalypse has begun.

At this stage, I'm quite inclined to say "Fuck Conventions, Customs, and slimey diplomatic excuses. This is serious Mum!"

The likes of the ABC Public Radio and TV here in Australia, must cease sliding around the edges of this hidden world of magic in their chat-shows and current affairs programs. So must all responsible media organisations and individuals.

The churches, whence most of you gained your fine and very door-opening educations, and who threateningly provide you with your lovely salaries and bank-guaranteed security, have been behind this murky and, by-all-accounts, scarey 'world of shadows', or party to the deal of corrupting the population by abuse of it, for centuries, so long as to appear to the laity as 'ancient' in it's Wisdom and rectitude.

Bight the Bullet, Guys!

They are fixated on a little town in the Middle East called Mageddon, and are doing everything they can to have a major-mayjor-MAYHEHEHEHJOR conflict "go-off" there, to justify their sick and dangerous misinterpretations of the last Book of the Babble, er, the Bobble, er the Bubble, NO the Bible!

You will not be able to reason with them - the David Clark type. They are so deeply spellbound that they are no longer "contactable" on the Human level, mere zombies on a mission, and no-one will stop them. Just like Hitler.

And his now not-so-little Brown Shirts.

BAD JU-JU, Boo-boo!

If you wanna save any respectable remnants of ANY Culture on Earth, past ten-to-fifteen years into the future from now, you gonna have to get tough and issue these religious, particularly white, western, Judaic and Christian evangelist, fundamentalist psycho's with a substantial dose of HARD LOVE.

But what's the use of "Love", soft or hard, on "mindless morons on a mission", when they don't talk, nor even compute on the same planetary synatactical language base?

Anyone seen Merlin lately?

Some say He's hangin' around Nimbin?

That Gypsy women "Kate", down on the corner of Cullen and Thorburn maybe better get-hers-self up and call for that ol' bludger Shaman Merlin to wake-up and address these little global dilemmas?

He likes watching them, but don' give-a-fuck about whether whiteman and all his christian flockers from the first-world-of-spoiled-arseholes, drown in the next U.S. scheduled tsunami, or hurricane, or earthquake.

"Why don' he give a fuck?"

He can't see anyone else getting down to the facts, getting their hands dirty, getting honest and fearless about the fewer and fewer options the WHOLE FUCKING HUMAN RACE has on offer, to see some majority portion of the Pee-pull(ers), of the People through the fairly certain impending environmental chaos and social, civil demise, demoralisation and sooner than later, destruction.

Thus, Merlin reasons, if the peepull don' care about themselves and the lives and future of their own kids and grandkids, etc, thus don' care about their Community, Culture, nation, Planet, enough to jus' go crazy and protest on the streets if that's what it takes, or enough to up-roots and leave the evil centres of occult power abuse - western-style megalopolic cities - then it's absolutely pointless and even more dangerous to act like some fabricated messiah and give the dills a mass of instructions as to how to live in Heaven, on an Economic and Low-rent, perennial lease, when they haven't began to look for the things that matter in their own lives and in the sustainable (or recoverable) life of the Planet.

Brogden is but one example of what appears, when the underbellies of the snakes in the pits of religion and politics are exposed.

A pit deeper and wider than any Universe. The hidden "black hole", as we're 'out-there'.


Political "Twist" doctors Inquiry called for

Of the last 10 or more years, voters have absorbed the term "spin doctors", and I guess understand what it means.

"Twist doctors" came to mind yesterday when pondering the charming and so eloquently cunning way, christian thinking and right-wing politicians grab, to their own 'elite-club' advantage, often quite old, Sound and they hope, Wise cliches as derive out of deep Philosophical Community-Centred, Socialist Alternative Considerations, Wisdoms which arise from the Spiritual Meditations of Wholly Selfless People. Selfless at least in their Political Work.

(How long before "Selfless" becomes part of Howard's same-same cliche-appropriation? "But alas Mux, already innumerable, surely???")

To this I put it that media needs/must investigate the Philosophical Strength of any substance behind their plaguarised terms.

By "Philosophical" I mean: an unconditional, non-exclusive Love-Centred Determination, via Spiritual Wisdom, "To Know the True Way to Live".

100 percent [or more!] Sustainably.

Any inquiry needs, as I infer, come from a High, indeed a Very High Foundation, Philosophical in every sense and aspect.

An Inquiry is called-for on these Grounds, a Royal Commission, into the Validity, ALL THINGS CONSIDERED, of the dominant economic, cultural consumerist, expansionist national model(s), as pervade and infect Australia, perhaps most, but essentially the dominant elitist first worlders of here, North America, Europe and Israel, Saudi Arabia et al, and how the demons of our leader's minds, as expert lawyers, use wholesale corruption of the Language of Good and Sound Principles to further their quite extremist, materialist, mammonist ends.

Untenably selfish ends.

The Christian religion, something that appears to my analysis as being but a 'branch' (the Messianic branch) of the threatened judaic Talmudic religion or occult force of the time, has ridden the wave of trust (actually, deceit) and superlative language and concepts to this day, while using surely the Highest Edict, "Love Thine Enemies" to, in my limited view, mercilessly ride roughshod over the less crazed, more Peaceful, Wise, Happy, Sustainable and of a Certainty therefore, most Economical People's and their Cultures, Social, Community Structures and thus, personal True religiosity, I venture to say.

Most, pre-western Indigenous Cultures, by their being Indigenous, that is having Secure Tenure on Land for centuries and millennia, by what are seen by the dominant brutes, (Celto!-)christians, as crude and brutal cultures: human and even animal sacrifices "to the Gods" etc., maintained the Balance, so that EVERYONE Enjoyed the Bliss of the Good God's Creation.

The flawed christian approach to such as the medico's 'sanctity of life' ethos, (clearly, for the rich) are now being seen as deadly for global population Balance, and, I assert therefore for the Environment, and for the Economy of a Sustainable Planet, ie., our existence into the future beyond twenty years from today.

Pat Robinson's latest outpouring of effluent from his demonicly-occupied vocal oriface, is but one recent example of the rreally really twisted mind and beliefs.

Beliefs our so-called christian prime miniture John the savaloy Howard, must if he is true to HIS Methodist sub-branch of ju-christomania, agree with.

As do George W Bush and Tony Blair.

The global media is, against the want of Brettonwoodians, still a flux, in-flux, and may, optimistically speaking, be capable of changing the direction of flow of "What We Need to Know".

If there's a journo in Earth who's on the brink between choosing a "Career" in the elitist, terminal mainstream media, and the simmering, percolating, brewing Left-Wing Community, hey! Communist-even Approach to what the media is best at, therefore exists for: to "Expose corruption from the True Way", even if it means 1, returning to and learning the Indigenous Ways, Australiawide (Planetwide!), and 2, the termination of the media's elitist lifestyles, to a Better Way, then All Things Considered, as far as I'm Concerned, You are all, All, Protected by Angels.

Hope Sony Agrees.


Max No Difference (.....if You don't)


A Letter from Merlin of Meredith to King Charles of Windsor

This arose out of an unplanned 'hello' email to my folks in Melbourne, which endured a very cold snap last Thursday. They wont mind that I blog it unedited, I hope?

Will it though I may, May the Good Prince Charles, Prince of Wales hear these words.........


Just wondering whether the weather was bearable down there?

Seems 'strange' forces are being energized?

Perhaps the high priests of the christian cult(s) should Learn to take-it-eeeeasy with their 'powers'.

Was it Newton who put the "equal and opposite reaction" theory?

This is not quite equal....... Karma works and is quite some dimension bigger, than the feable e-motions of mere men, and women, and children.

And State Premiers.....

Going by the accumulated evidence, I am the bearer of an Older Wisdom than anything out-of-Egypt-Israel-or Rome, here to correct the erring minds of the west, of the Christian west.

By 'bearer' I mean that, an Ananda Marga monk I went to see, I at 15, he a young fellow then, is still in me, and has been, with other Spiritual entities, light and dark - my Spiritual and Earthly Guide since - some 35 years now.

He has a Master, the deceased Head of the Ananda Marga movement, and His Wisdom. And so it goes back to the Masters of Hinduism of the last few thousand years, who saw the dangers eminating from the west, the psychic, tantric, occult dangers, as are expressed in most-everything the west makes and believes today.

These (Unknown) Elders of the Higher Wisdom Religion of Hinduism, it seems to me, called forth such as the Ananda Marga movement to address these major worries. Worries the west were too caught-up in to see the dangers of. BAD CULTURE.....

If it wasn't myself, they, and the Methodists, would've sought-out another, perhaps Better, more capable than I, to do the Work I've (as if unconsciously) done over the last thirty years.

If Christians worked and lived as their Boss taught them, like the Ascetic Essenes, they would ALL BE the Christ, they would all be the Bearers of the Same Knowledge (and Power) He brought, thus would also be Wise enough to NOT stumble along (eg: far-right Liberal-Christian "POTR" [policies-on-the-run] politics), as we/they are, to a totally unnecessary doom, in the false and utterly evil belief that things have to come to a near-apocalyptic state before the Christ drops back-in. Evil elitist cliches all of them!

The Knowledge remains in Leviticus 25, perhaps the most important chapter in the whole Bible - DON'T SELL YOUR MOTHER EARTH!

That our Good Convict genes got me through there is no doubt, but alas, there have been others, which was why you were called to India Mother Dear, etcetera.



The roots of the name of Meredith may be in need of further research, me thinks....

If this life is what we, as individuals make it, and if what I have achieved thus far has in reality occured, to whit I may deserve some accreditation, though the most accreditation must go to 'other' sources, Spiritual Guides, from Earthly India and/or from the Higher Reaches of Heaven, and if the perceptions of a rather large number of Humans is anywhere near true, True, I am in fact 'directing' if-I-may, 'the show' of everything I perceive in the world (and beyond?).

"Making my own Reality" however, as you are fully aware, is full of, is fraught with danger, for the ego is ever-ready to jump in and trick the Observer into a grand delusion, as most christians excel in manifesting.

Nevertheless, a certain warmth in the handshake with an official of the Chinese Embassy in Canberra in about 2002, or powerful Love from the heart chakra of a young San Fransiscan lassie last year in Nimbin, and the innumerable other Confirmations I observe, satisfy me that, while I have no great want to be the director of this amazing Earthly show, I have perhaps the most powerful mind around, for much of what I think comes into being, beyond coincidence, beyond delusion, or mere magical fabrication.

Therefore, as much of my thoughts on global issues seem to have been heard, by major players, and responded to in positive ways (as well, there will be a want for the darkness to employ some of these energies, thus sabotage is rampant), and as it appears to many that I am "The Great Communicator" come to settle the world of differing nations and customs, a label such as 'the christ' is almost entirely unfitting, for He, or I would come only to release ALL Humanity, not just an elite bunch of ponsey spellbound prats.

So, how would the hero-messenger satisfy the yearnings and Spiritual hungers of those of the now enemy (Judeo-Christian consumerism - Mammon) as come to the world through the predominantly English, at most British culture, but by being the Descendant of the Most Revered English, Celtic High Priest - Merlin?

Meredith - Merlin?

Better than a Christ - May our Celtic Ancestors of all tartans and cloth rally to the Call of their long-awaited Merlin, come to shatter the darkness of the alien golden calf tribe ex-Israel, and Restore the Justice to the Land of our Fathers, and once more, Restore the King's Peace.


Which brings me to the Call, perhaps indeed by the Living Clan Elders of Meredith, for the present "Prince Charles" Prince of Wales, to arrest the decline of his own People by "Calling to Arms" the British Military and Civilian Police forces to institute the True Laws of the Land under his Regal Auspice - a Royal Coup, against not the People, but for the People of England Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Wales, thus too, for the Peoples of the old Commonwealth, and mayhap for all who now live under the Fine Laws which grew from the Ancient Britains.

A Call many in and from Britain would Rightly and Proudly hear and respond to with their Willing and Wise support.

On the streets, at the barricades, if necessary.

Merlin might well say "It is now necessary!"

Hyuk! A little bit of regal reverie. Would that it comes True...........

This has been compiled on the new local regional mobile library, which comes to Nimbin every Thursday. The whole speal above has numerous stories contained within, waiting to be put to paper and told, for the Good of All.

To this end, I ask you again, if Dad's computer techie could dig-up a laptop computer with enough technology to make files easily transferable from/to the internet, the Meredith clan of Doncaster and beyond would be Doing Great Work for all their Ancestors and for the wider Human world.

Of course it would be terribly remiss of me to omit mentioning the Credit due also to the Proud Clan of Willis', wherever we/they now be. For it is their genetics too which gave all clans the chance to also, in Common, enjoy the King's Justice, and thence the King's Peace, now awaiting us.

May King Charles Rise to the Call of His Throne!

AUM and Amen.



Max No Difference