Scotland's REALPolitik Stand-Up is saying something

150510 Scotland's REALPolitik Stand-Up is saying something

Scotland's REALPolitik Stand-Up of the British elections this week, is saying something.

And, perhaps, it's saying something amazingly important?

Not just for JUSTICE in Scotland, but maybe JUSTICE for people right across the British Commonwealth?

Clearly 56 of 59 Scottish seats in Westminster's House of Commons being won by the SNP, signs that some hefty percentage of Scot's have HAD ENOUGH, of the centrist, aloof, plutocrats down south.

What if, right across the British Commonwealth, there was a similar poll held, to vote for the next head of the Commonwealth?

Or, closer to what just showed it's face in Scotland, what if the whole of the British Commonwealth held a poll, all at the same time, to vote for Self-Governance in every Commonwealth nation?

Or, going straight to that question of “sovereignty” anywhere HRH gets her head on the local coinage, what about a vote on whether those nations remain in the Commonwealth, or not?

Sure, being a Self-Governing “state” within the “United Kingdom” as Scotland showed she wants to be, is probably different to seceding from big brother BC (British Commonwealth) or the BBBC, altogether.

But with the planet diving into permanent “austerity mode”, we don't see HRH or the progenies waiting in line for food stamps do we?

So, someone, somewhere, somehow, is creaming-off the spoils from some other many, somewhere else, somehow?

Lots jump up and shout about the “disparity” like it's one of those new words a kid learns, and can't stop saying it. (GUILTY!)

And OCCUPY WALL STREET still maintain the rage, or is it conscience-appeasing pseudo-rage, from the already well-or-over-educated and comfy-fanny middle-upper-upper classholes of the white world?

But, at the height of Optimism gushing out onto city streets globally when OWS struck the chords of so many, and with a senior Anglican cleric jumping off St Paul's Cathedral's committee, for fear of a concurrently evicted squatter's colony uniting with the English OCCUPY amassing out front, we still didn't hear much about the ROARING injustices of the world's most wealthy land owner-cum-monarch, QE2 herself. Living off OTHER PEOPLES' LANDS?

So, did the OCCUPY movement actually miss the target? Or were they doing so deliberately?

Out of New York, it came. WHAT..., a sensation!

Possibly a first, to “gain so much ground” worldwide in such a short span of time?

American cities erupted - with brutal coppers under orders from the planet's most evil land-grabbing cult, the freemasons (A! G'Day uncle/uncles?) who occupy about every Mayoral and State Governor's chair in the USA, to STOMP this allegedly Righteous OWS Movement back into their sunny apartments, and for a few weeks, plenty world-around were – innssspired.

But...., NOPE! No Revolution.

Yep! The rich are still getting richer, and, faster.

And Britain, with or without Scotland The Brave, still rides “on high” as if it's mere geographic location justifies it's unjustifiable claim to some ONE-SEVENTH of all of Mum Eartha's lands, AND, her People!

And, all of it, held in perpetuity under the coins head of the monarchic totalitarian tyrant Queeeeen 'Liz'beth!

And, of course, about a zillion greasy, self-interested, utterly corruption-loving SYCOPHANT bureaucrats!

Some of whom, bought, grand-pappa's bend-over “title” and ponse about as if they're GODS! Lords! to be....

Not..., to mention...., THE RELIGIONS!

A-hem? Sorry 'bout that! Gets me right smack-bang in the ANGRY gene!

Back to being serious, on the global scale.....,

Personally..., I reckon the British Commonwealth is PASSED IT'S USE-BY DATE.

But what a job of dismembering it, without billions more starving, more?

I guess the old question needs be asked?

“To be..., or not to be?”

Were things to remain the same, nothing will change.

BUT...? Were things' Commonwealth, to change, would the world be worse off? Or better?

Like, for example: how would Scotland, and the others, England too, survive without ALL THAT OTHER PEOPLES' LAND TO PLUNDER, “in the name of the Queeeeen” returned, or RESUMED back into local SOVEREIGN OWNERSHIP, and Self-Governance - DEMOCRATIC of course (for the very first time!)?

“Whaah? Y' mean we could 'ave enough LAND t' GROW OUR OWN TUCKER?”


“Wha' abart Woolies an' Coles? Wha' abart all those - jobs jobs-jobs-jobs (backing vocals: “jobs jobs-jobs-jobs! jobs jobs-jobs-jobs! jobs jobs-jobs-jobs! jobs jobs-jobs-jobs! jobs jobs-jobs-jobs! jobs jobs-jobs-jobs!”)

“Oew? Youw mean all that – WAGED-SLAVERY???”

“Yar! (er?) NAH! Wha'? Aye! I ain't no SLAVE!”

I say old chaps....?




A? OCCUPY? Hell-OOo?

And, Scot's shouldn't worry. Neever Irish, Welsh, nor Angles!

It would follow, first time of course, that something toward a fair-and-even playing field OF DISTRIBUTION, would grow, wiff the lyin' class back in the vegie fields and gardens wiff us!


Jus' a fort! (“Better dental 'elf for homeless Australians!”)

Brayakooloong Gunai REALPolitik Outlaw