The Price for Power is falling

141026 The Price for Power is falling

Notes and Advisories on 
The Sustainable GLOBAL Revolution

[WARNING; Includes wacky language and sentence structures,
making for humorous reading and "word-puzzle-deciphering"!
But quite sensible and Inspiring all-up!
In all honesty, being damned tired of all this "save the planet" stuff, 
I do not expect many will read this?  Which I fully unnerstand!
However, those who need inspiration, 
like ASIO, MI6, the CIA, Mossad, President Obama and others, just might?  
But GET A LAWYER, to help decipher it!  lol!]

Energy energy energy.

“20% of Australia's energy supply is on-track...” [hohoho?] “...to be from renewables by 2020”.

“20%”? Hmmmm....?

A target set by our spoiled upclub parliamentarians and advisory committees, most of whom are well set in their comfy-fanny upper-classhole ZIONIST lifestyle choices of MASSIVELY UNSUSTAINABLE over-consumption.

“Over-consumption” being the bedrock of modern, 1st world western society, by some 500% above sustainable, that-is 500% over TRULY Sustainable human consumption levels. And 500% is, I'd guess-a-hazard, a VERY conservative underestimate!

Our own “ENVIRONMENTAL FOOTPRINT”, being the understandable personal factor, which is the crucial element of assessing how much the species all-up, can use to remain, as a species, alive.

Perennially. Perpetually.

So, “20% target of all our energy supplies coming from renewable sources”, compared to the estimated [and yes, a giant leap in mind of “conservative” figuring...] 500% over-consumption, per person, per household, per village, suburb, city, state, and nation, thus all of humanity, sort of indicates that we are rooted, if we aim only for “20%” of our energy coming from “renewables”.

[As well, they don't include the energy and environmental costs of producing the so-called “renewables”? Same-same as the bullshit of “hybrid” autos, and even of non-polluting autos! No-one talks about the unsustainable prices to the environment, of making the fucking things!!!]

Sure, Australia is the most over-consuming flock of sheeple on Mum Eartha, next to or above America, Britain, and every other “1st-world CLASS” in the middle-upper/upper classes of every nation.

Even 1st world nations LOWER classes are massively over-consuming energy, and compared to the majority of our species, they too rate as “upper class”. “Middle-upper class” at least.

So we can reduce the overall level of over-consumption down from being “the whole of the species”, certainly.

In fact, of course, the “spoiled classes” of the global population make up something near to 20% of all of us, and them. “50%” if we assume there's at least another 30% who aspire, dream and simply [lie, thieve, cheat] abuse to appear or live like a whiteass. [Conservative estimates!]

But by golly, don't the spoiled classes do their worst to make up for the 80% of poor, deprived, enslaved, oppressed remainder who still, not so much by personal and wise choice, live somewhere realistically closer to “sustainable”?

Australia though, that-is the “whiten-ized” 96% who are regarded by media and politicians, when votes are at stake, does generally over-consume by several factors [est., 500%] above any TRUE Sustainability.

Australia's Indigenous being some 2.8% of the total, and only get a mention again, when votes are important.

Although the spoiled-class media - MSM - tries to show their interpretation of “HAVING A CONSCIENCE”by giving about 2% of air time to True Fellas' plights, causes and progress in reducing genocide. More so at election times.

And, on our True Fellas, it's IS Absolutely Worthy of note, that for ever, the Indigenous lived not just 100% Sustainably, but in fact had lived from the dawn of their Manifestation, with a POSITIVE ENVIRONMENTAL FOOTPRINT [as opposed to whiten-ized culture being a fully 500%-minimum, NEGATIVE footprint].

Relative to, say, “native fauna”, the Indigenous actually lived fully in accordance with Natural Laws of the Land, and of the ecology, so that they not only did not destroy even small plants as they traversed the huge continent, but by their very culture/s, and imbued in how they raised the kids to be, they ensured the natural environment, the natural biosphere was guaranteed to perpetually flourish, and grow.

That's my learned estimation only, of Australia's True Fella Indigenous Immortals.

But it's very relate-able across the globe to include the near-enough same levels of POSITIVE Environmental Footprints, inculcated into the pre-colonial Indigenous Nations everywhere, since the beginning, up until western, Brit-Eurapean colonialist expansion. However, that, has been happening for longer than since 1492, when Columbus sailed the ocean blue. We properly say then, “since Roman Empire began it's colonization of the planet.”

“Bleck Fulla” [Australia's Indigenous Peoples] here, are increasingly regarded by other cultures worldwide as being the “Edenic Tribes”, who did not “fall” as the stories about the jewish, white, western ancients tell of their own, when the so-named “Adam and Eve” were booted out of Eden.

But, of a certainty, pre-colonial Nations like Africa, the Americas, India and China [Asia generally], were also much much closer to their whole way of living, their basic laws and cultures, being completely Sustainable.

Japan, perhaps the [deliberately unrecognized] Perfection, of People and Culture being 100% Sustainable, prior to the inevitable western invasion and trashing of Nippon's Purity?

While some such as China and India had “social” and cultural problems before whiteass plundered in and conquered, possibly as much due to their magnificently Intelligent, Wise, organized systems of culture, social, governance and agrarian skills, enabling increases to less-sustainable population numbers, there remained still in all levels of their “classes” a natural understanding, such that it was not an issue, that living in balance and harmony with the natural world was “a given”, was the Natural and Proper Way.

It was only the western psychopaths who shattered those Wise Bases of Life.

But, HEY! That happens!

Getting back to the “20% target of renewable energy supplies by 2020” JOKE, all things considered, and excluding the stupid, which means “all western political and MSM” opinions on the matters, those of us who're not persuaded to lie our fannies-off to support the big western zionist lie about “20% renewables” etc., can see clearly that 20% renewables is simply NOT NEAR ENOUGH, now nor EVER!

So? Zee qvestion, meesta zionist jew, is how do we CORRECT our errant culture/s to move significantly closer to SUSTAINABILITY?

And to that, the qVestion, is really going to the top, over-consuming say 50% of us, who are so fucking CHILDISH as to be unable to even start thinking Intelligently, Wisely [HAHAHAHAHA! “Wisely”! HAHAHAHAHA!] about their own massive levels of over-consumption, and then to be HONEST [HAHAHAHAHA! “Honest”! HAHAHAHAHA!] with themselves, and with mum and dad, and pretendly-frenemies, let alone with their bosses, to make a stand for the future, by moving fully away from the over-consumption, self-annihilation “modern” culture and memememe lifestyles of - O! ZIONIST CORPORATE CrAPITALISM – FOREVER!

What's the chance of any significant number of the spoiled brat society, white, white, white and all other spoiled, hypnotized, religion-ized “nigga's” who betray their own Origins and True Fella Ancestry for a cheap Walmart plasticized thrill, changing their dumbfuck ways, by GETTING ON THE TRAIN of PURE CULTURE, thus of PURE HAPPINESS, thus of PURE TRUE ECONOMIC LAWS, and in that process and change, reduce their FOOTPRINT down to being TRULY SUSTAINABLE?

[NOTE: “Nigga” is applied to those of non-white skin, who in my opinion, live in the unsustainable, whiteguy MAXIMUM-CONSUMPTION ways, and thus are in fact betraying their own non-white Ancestors who were True Fellas and who lived True to Natural Laws of consumption and in full Harmony with Nature. My use of “nigga” is NOT racist, but purely cultural. That should show that I use it because I hold in the Highest Regard, the non-white Peoples of Earth. Especially, their Ancestors! And, really, one cannot help but include in that Highest Regard, even those non-whites who are Honest and Realistic enough to see that merely to survive wherever they are, they have no choice but to assume something of the “whiteass” ways and culture. IMO, compared to the “we are superior!” “spoiled” techno-stupid whiteasses, with several exceptions including the REALPolitikly awake white-skins, non-whites will always Shine to myself, as Eartha's True and Greatest Immortals.]

Back to the preceding paragraph.... “fuck-all”, REALPolitikly!

However, as, as per the last say..., 6,000 years, we are in a time of [perpetual] Revolution, of change, and as we are too many to not be effected by our errant lifestyles, and thus, an exponentially-increasing number of the specious species are being forced to face their own demons, and actually ACT to correct their fucking stupid, memememe, selfish shitheaded ways, these “extreme” [-ly intelligent considerations of rebalancing the wobbling planet and dominant bunch of fools] concepts, of reducing our footprints, [which ARE NOT AT ALL EXTREME, in reality] personally and culturally, globally, are where we have to travel in mind to get a TRUE picture of how it is, and where we gotto go.

Now, the next thing for the reader is to decipher what I just wrote? Call it a game, like the puzzles that are posted to social media sites here-and-there. But better than the maths puzzles [which I HATE, 'cause my moind is too configured to be able to solve them – but love that they're up], figuring out what I wrote, should give the solver a giant explosion of Pleasure, and Intellectual Inspiration!

Those with the smarts, already know where I'm coming from and going to with those long, weird sentences and statements.

They - the weird sentences - say, usually, that what and who the MSM political upper-classholes label “extremist” etc., are more likely, quite the opposite.

And, that therefore, the MSM and political upper-classholes who side with cowardice and bullshit in their “Orwellian” NWO newspeak rubbish, are THE real extremists, and, they are also then, the real TERRORISTS.

But you KNEW that, right?

This puts an whole other perspective on all media, and on TRULY who, the labeled “terrorists” against western 1st world culture, are.

It does, imply, and has to, of course, have exceptions, that the labeled “terrorists” allegedly threatening western lifestyles are Humanity's Best Friends, Humanity's Most Honorable, Most Noble Warriors, who are ready to put their own lives on the line to restore and try preserve the True, Best, Perennial Aspects of Human existence.

That they recognize the falsity, the shallowness, the unsustainable nature of spoiled-selfish, egocentric, narcissistic walmart sheeple whiteass Americans and westerner's lifestyles, and are ready to Fight to correct it, makes them not extremists, but the Most Conservative, Most Honorable, True Fellas!

So it's simply a matter of waking the over-consuming bewitched whiten-ass sheeple up to these FACTS - FACTS I say, not NWO Illuminati-zionist, catholo-judeo-christian far-far-far-right wing GOP-type opinion-mill selfish BULLSHIT, but THE TRUE FACTS, and to GET ON THE SUSTAINABLE TRAIN of Living the TRUE Life!

So, regards the bullshit “20% energy from renewables” targets set by the comfy-fanny clubs of whiten-ass idiots in Canberra and all our state parliaments, and local councils, and churches, and car sales-yards, forget it!

It's a complete con!


The ONLY Option, therefore, is to reject all political policies on our consumption targets and legislation, and go for the COMPLETE SUSTAINABILITY REVOLUTION, away from over-consumption of everything, but Intelligence!

A most healthy start, would be to


Followed by Mass Protests against the whole political and media farce.

And, perhaps,..., perhaps..., contrary to everyone amassing in one central place, in each nation, such as in Washington DC, or London, or Rome, or Canberra, etc., I suggest we might strike a more Optimistic, Properly Decentralized Truly DEMOCRATIC Blow against this bullshit hegemony of centrist, zionist, warmongering Rothschild banking rubbish, by Amassing out front of all our LOCAL COUNCIL offices.

Does there need to be a “Central Command” for such a Movement?

Yes and no.

“Yes” and even then, only “perhaps”.

Hating the notion of “me” being in the middle, because I know I'm but a puppet of the same idiot forces I so hate and so war against, and that that “centrist” puppet figurehead type of political structure, is the opposite of the only True and Proper, Righteous system of Government, which is Common Democracy, where EVERYONE knows the Law, and knows why it's Good, it does seem undeniable that the species has been so dumbed-down by the SAME western forces of wealth, religion, materialist culture, bullshit politics, mass-propaganda and A&M, and feeding the flockers enough and more, of the wealth, to spoil their/our own personal and collective intelligence, such that the masses are often, perhaps a majority, too mentally entranced by aforesaid demonic powers-that-shouldn't-be, to keep their minds clear enough to “divine” the Path and Policies forward out of the shithole the same demonic powers have spent the last few thousand years dropping us/them/you in, then, someone, some poor puppet fall-guy has to be somewhere able to put out the stuff about how to STOP the very same shit that he's built to sit atop of?

However, as any of this “Revolution” stuff becomes inevitable, as it grows to being an unstoppable Movement worldwide, so too does the Knowledge which patsy-puppet me-type pulls-out-of-my-hat, and spreads by everyone elses modern Hi-Tech magnificence, there has to come a time when the Revolution gets it's own legs, as-it-were, and the whole notion of any central figure, figurehead, becomes redundant.

The People are up-to-speed, the elite system is so rotten that it starts to implode under it's own weight of corruption, all other necessities like modern telecoms are with us, and so too, are the Righteous “Hacksters”, “Anonymous”, “WikiLeaks”, and every other underground Organization who can ensure dissemination of the Right Stuff, such that the “authorities” are powerless, frantic, and can only run around masturbating by the hour to save their sorry asses. THAT, is why we're seeing increasing “security” laws and limits to our freedoms.

We, The People, including the previous cynics, hopeless and even antagonistic to change miserables, more and more come online and onside.

Like the proverbial “snowball”, as it rolls, it gathers more “snow” and grows and grows, and grows, until it simply rolls over and squashes all opposition, establishment opposition, in it's path.

So, once a certain point in the dissemination, and increased Optimism amongst the Masses, is reached, and also simply just the inducement for the previously lame and/or negative people to jump aboard, because it becomes obvious to them, that THAT is much much more FUN to be onside with, than to be the miserable negative PoS they've always been, the Movement cannot but serve also to crumble the houses of cards the narcissistic elite corporate psychopaths have hidden in, and, with the Majority of the species, eagerly LEARNING THE LAW, any fall-guy-puppet-patsy, has to be able to step aside, and leave it to We, [that-IS YOU-] THE PEOPLE, to Institute and thereafter RUN the Local, up to Global Show, themselves.

So, “Yes”, becomes a “No!”

Then, added to all that, “No!” because that “centralist structure” principally of the false messiah syndrome BOOOOOOLLLLSHSHSH-IT, is the easiest way for the scum, the centrist religious nutter spellbound wannabe PAID subversives to - “subvert” any such Honorable TRUE, and TRULY DEMOCRATIC Move.

And “NO”, also, if not mainly because, to put all the control, power, directives and logistics into any one group's hands, also removes the Power from the Locals, from We The People.

THAT alone, tends to make the Locals, lazy, EXACTLY like christians, and exactly what that bullshit cult is designed to steal from the People, leaving all the big decisions to some never-known, and constantly bombarded, thus ever-vulnerable “big chief”.

[“Decisions” which are and should NOT be “big”, because they are all LOCAL Decisions, so of size enough for any Local to understand, manage and execute.]

Therefore that mythologized “big chief”, in a centralized structure, becomes, mainly in media, propaganda and thus the deluded minds off the masses, most-targeted “false-messiah” up in the crutch-wetting “central command” HQ.

[“Crutch-wetting” because the same bullshit centrist structures send power-hungry, aspirational idiots masturbating-mad dreaming of being “up there” in “sssscentral control”. THAT, is what causes people to lie, bend-over and pay bribes etc, merely to climb the ladders of power. Result: CORRUPTION!

Of course, we mostly all know, merely on seeing these greasers climbing the slippery poles to power, that they're mindless sycophantic wankers, who are but puppets themselves of some backroom cult, usually of the church schools they were hypnotized at during their indoctrination as kids. Nevertheless, they are the least qualified to be anything near the real Bastions of Leadership, and/or of power.

Of course, the truth being that, “leadership and power”, belong solely in the hands of the Demos, the People, at the Grassroots levels.

So, ambitious political sycophants are DEAD, in the next phase of this farcical false reality we call “Life on Earth”.

Hence, as OCCUPY Correctly identifies and assumes, there ARE no leaders! Especially not of the sort we've been conned to follow of the last say, 6,000 years!]

This, the Revolution, coming down the pipes for thousands of years, is “OF THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE AND BY THE PEOPLE!”

THAT, means, and at last, INCLUDES –


And YOU!

And YOU! times some two billion!

[A mere 226 years in Astrayliar! But even then, as the Australian Bleck Fulla never FELL from Eden, they don't need any such Revolution. They STILL are there, at the Pinnacle, waiting for the rest of us, 'whiteguy” mainly, to climb up to their Hallowed Levels!]









[To ensure the least objection to any Local Council PROTEST, check-out your state/national laws about such Protests out front of Local Council offices. Then if there's something asking to apply for a permit, do so, and contact the local blue-coat mercenaries and inform them IN LEGAL TERMS, AND, IN LEGAL WRITTEN FORMATS, what you intend doing, and intend protesting about.
An even more complete process prior to approaching any “authority”, is to put together a legal statement, as per A LAWYER'S BRIEF, qualifying your position/s, (and making yourselves fully knowledgeable on these issues) with the surfeit of IRREFUTABLE Evidence available, which is good for any Court Challenge, should the goyim arrest and try pursue legal cases against Protesters.
As they say,

“Successful Outcomes depend by some 70%, on Good Preparation!”

That's what “lawyers” are supposed to be for. But IMO, they're mostly all sold out to the least sustainable zionist cults and cultures. So, do what you can, yourselves. In all the hard roads and stumbles and climbing of steep learning curves, are the most Ennobling, Best Character-Building Experiences.

There is no age-limit on this Process!

Always, there's more of us than them!

And, in the end, you cannot beat RIGHTEOUSNESS!

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!


Bleck - Green - Red
Wisdom - Intelligence - Honor




Cannabis - Better Self-Medication than Alcohol - LEGALIZE CANNABIS

141003 Guardian to G+ POST -Protecting the right to drink trumps Comment

Every night the emergency departments of the Northern Territory overflow with battered Aboriginal women. That won’t change unless governments address alcohol abuse
Nova Peris
theguardian.com, Monday 29 September 2014 14.43 AEST

True stuff, Ms Peris!

A terrible FAIL for all governments and Communities concerned, no question.

For all their powers, nothing other than more blatant arrogance of a seriously stupid and confused “white-ocracy”.

More proof that “skin” makes not a superior mind.

Alcohol is firstly, a deadly money-spinner for the lost, golden calf tribes who want to “whitewash” the planet with Cecil Rhodes' delusional ideals of white rule everywhere.

Alcohol is perhaps our most dangerous product, as it fuels so many of the global warmongers' desires to own the planet, and at-once kills their intellects. And, quite purposefully, it destroys all balance and sentience amongst it's masses of addicts.

But we all agree, that “Bleck Fulla” Indigenous Australians have major problems, that they are in fact mostly unrelated to the consumption of alcohol, but  are in much deeper corruptions to our natural well-being and culture.

Anyone who ignores the generational trauma caused by the last 226 years of invasion and the last 206 years since the Honorable Laws were trashed by the “rum rebellion”, is unfit to comment. That really eliminates most of the 2 mainstream political parties' politicians here and across the western world.

So, more than any restrictions and rearranged “grog policies”, we have to include and get down to other more important factors.  And "options".

We're all caught in the world's mad rush for “productivity”, “competition” and “jobs-jobs-jobs”, aka “waged-slavery”, etc., and the most Intelligent Dissent usually comes from Bleck Fullas, of the marginalized Mobs.

But how much does the world get to hear their Wisdom?

Never, basically, if we only hear/see the MSM.

Nevertheless..., Bleck Fulla, in their hearts, badly damaged though most are, would still have it all another way, if they/we could, without the rage loosed upon their Vocal, and so-often Righteous Women.

So other matters have to be included in resolving or reducing this dilemma, such as

-being freed from the evils and horrors of white culture, specifically of having to abide by the same really messed-up land distribution rules.

Sadly, none of us can go back to the pre-invasion days, of open country as long as the Lore was lived by, and “fences” restrict the Nomads from NOT going mad.

But some form of “Treaty” perhaps, has to be drawn-up to allow Bleck Fullas to not have to be dragged down to the levels of this completely broken, bigoted, biased, fallen culture from another world, whereby they are allowed to assume True Fella Ways without backward police orders and enforcers stomping them.

As well as that, which, as with all things remedial for Indigenous Peoples is a long term “Project of Reform” [of how white culture Respects Bleck Fullas], those who do suffer addictions and resort to alcohol and to [domestic] violence, need help getting off the grog, with whatever other less harmful means are available.

Me, well outside the “normal” accepted mainstream, suggest that firstly, the laws prohibiting Cannabis must be removed from the statutes completely.

The fear-mongers against Cannabis legalization are backward, as I think today, most police would agree.

I have no doubt, that all things detrimental to smoking Cannabis are related to the prohibition.

The need to combine it with tobacco is mostly because of the blackmarket price and the need for most lower-class smokers to “stretch it out”, to dilute it, so it goes around more and lasts longer between over-priced purchases.

And tobacco is the most deadly of the cocktail.

More evidence exists proving Cannabis is minimally harmful, compared to tobacco and especially to alcohol, in how it does less physical damage, but also less psychological damage to users.

In fact, for my own 30-plus years of smoking Cannabis, it's irrefutable that it is a relaxant, and in fact, makes smokers more congenial generally, as well as being open to others' thought and opinions, and makes people far less violent.

Most Cannabis smokers have fantastic senses of humor, and tend to laugh rather than get angry.  And, unrecognized, the infamous "forgetfulness" attributed to smoking Cannabis, has definite advantages, as long as it is not regarded as a fault or weakness.  In healthy social groups and environments, that is a negligible flaw.  how many people become stuck on revenge, for insignificant slights said against them.  The ability to forget and forgive is much more typical amongst Cannabis users.

So, aware of the negatives of recommending one “drug” so-called to replace another;

if society looked at the problem as sufferers needing some medication, but of a relaxing type, [and the most natural is also important, as pharma drugs have more negatives to physical and mental health than the drugs' corporations ever admit],

to lift them off the far worse drug - “alcohol”,

with all prohibitions removed, so eliminating all the induced “paranoias”, but as well

Free Teaching about how to deal with their own Ancient and True Cultures being adopted and combined with the introduced ways,

1 addictions, mostly as the only resort, to alcohol [and tobacco] would drop dramatically,

2 violence would be replaced by Happy Talk [sorry if that sounds condescending?],

3 physical and mental health across Indigenous Nations would improve,

4 Indigenous Women would be far less fearful of a “fueled” Male Cousin letting loose after a drink, or for not getting any grog.

So, knowing plenty of opposition from within Aboriginal Nations will come to these suggestions, and not misguided opposition at all, I still think Bleck Fulla has to be given LEGAL and worthy options to grog, as a first step away from the trauma and destruction grog alone causes so many, from all “skins”.

And, anything, which does not take away the Intellectual faculties we all have, and which has us feel that “deeeeep” and relaxing sense of Euphoria, which Cannabis is eternally renowned for giving users, thus the ability to “get along” with each other, is very worthwhile considering.

As is happening worldwide, the laws prohibiting Cannabis are being removed.

A key and relevant point for that step, is so that people suffering certain medical conditions are allowed to smoke the Holy Herb.

The “establishment” lies so much about the Positive Effects to the mind and soul from smoking Cannabis, even while it is fully and widely smoked amongst the elite worldwide.

So one Campaign Bleck Fulla worldwide has to organize, obviously in conjunction with the established Cannabis Law Reform Movements already in existence, [as a "Joint Campaign" - sorry - had to say it!] is for the legalization of Cannabis as a medicinal, for psychological maladies, specifically of addiction to grog, including the generally therapeutic effects it gives the hearts, of the million and millions of broken hearts.


CANNABIS IS BETTER FOR YOU THAN ALCOHOL! [if you need any 'medication'.]

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!


Bleck - Green - Red
Wisdom Intelligence - Honor