Cannabis - Better Self-Medication than Alcohol - LEGALIZE CANNABIS

141003 Guardian to G+ POST -Protecting the right to drink trumps Comment

Every night the emergency departments of the Northern Territory overflow with battered Aboriginal women. That won’t change unless governments address alcohol abuse
Nova Peris
theguardian.com, Monday 29 September 2014 14.43 AEST

True stuff, Ms Peris!

A terrible FAIL for all governments and Communities concerned, no question.

For all their powers, nothing other than more blatant arrogance of a seriously stupid and confused “white-ocracy”.

More proof that “skin” makes not a superior mind.

Alcohol is firstly, a deadly money-spinner for the lost, golden calf tribes who want to “whitewash” the planet with Cecil Rhodes' delusional ideals of white rule everywhere.

Alcohol is perhaps our most dangerous product, as it fuels so many of the global warmongers' desires to own the planet, and at-once kills their intellects. And, quite purposefully, it destroys all balance and sentience amongst it's masses of addicts.

But we all agree, that “Bleck Fulla” Indigenous Australians have major problems, that they are in fact mostly unrelated to the consumption of alcohol, but  are in much deeper corruptions to our natural well-being and culture.

Anyone who ignores the generational trauma caused by the last 226 years of invasion and the last 206 years since the Honorable Laws were trashed by the “rum rebellion”, is unfit to comment. That really eliminates most of the 2 mainstream political parties' politicians here and across the western world.

So, more than any restrictions and rearranged “grog policies”, we have to include and get down to other more important factors.  And "options".

We're all caught in the world's mad rush for “productivity”, “competition” and “jobs-jobs-jobs”, aka “waged-slavery”, etc., and the most Intelligent Dissent usually comes from Bleck Fullas, of the marginalized Mobs.

But how much does the world get to hear their Wisdom?

Never, basically, if we only hear/see the MSM.

Nevertheless..., Bleck Fulla, in their hearts, badly damaged though most are, would still have it all another way, if they/we could, without the rage loosed upon their Vocal, and so-often Righteous Women.

So other matters have to be included in resolving or reducing this dilemma, such as

-being freed from the evils and horrors of white culture, specifically of having to abide by the same really messed-up land distribution rules.

Sadly, none of us can go back to the pre-invasion days, of open country as long as the Lore was lived by, and “fences” restrict the Nomads from NOT going mad.

But some form of “Treaty” perhaps, has to be drawn-up to allow Bleck Fullas to not have to be dragged down to the levels of this completely broken, bigoted, biased, fallen culture from another world, whereby they are allowed to assume True Fella Ways without backward police orders and enforcers stomping them.

As well as that, which, as with all things remedial for Indigenous Peoples is a long term “Project of Reform” [of how white culture Respects Bleck Fullas], those who do suffer addictions and resort to alcohol and to [domestic] violence, need help getting off the grog, with whatever other less harmful means are available.

Me, well outside the “normal” accepted mainstream, suggest that firstly, the laws prohibiting Cannabis must be removed from the statutes completely.

The fear-mongers against Cannabis legalization are backward, as I think today, most police would agree.

I have no doubt, that all things detrimental to smoking Cannabis are related to the prohibition.

The need to combine it with tobacco is mostly because of the blackmarket price and the need for most lower-class smokers to “stretch it out”, to dilute it, so it goes around more and lasts longer between over-priced purchases.

And tobacco is the most deadly of the cocktail.

More evidence exists proving Cannabis is minimally harmful, compared to tobacco and especially to alcohol, in how it does less physical damage, but also less psychological damage to users.

In fact, for my own 30-plus years of smoking Cannabis, it's irrefutable that it is a relaxant, and in fact, makes smokers more congenial generally, as well as being open to others' thought and opinions, and makes people far less violent.

Most Cannabis smokers have fantastic senses of humor, and tend to laugh rather than get angry.  And, unrecognized, the infamous "forgetfulness" attributed to smoking Cannabis, has definite advantages, as long as it is not regarded as a fault or weakness.  In healthy social groups and environments, that is a negligible flaw.  how many people become stuck on revenge, for insignificant slights said against them.  The ability to forget and forgive is much more typical amongst Cannabis users.

So, aware of the negatives of recommending one “drug” so-called to replace another;

if society looked at the problem as sufferers needing some medication, but of a relaxing type, [and the most natural is also important, as pharma drugs have more negatives to physical and mental health than the drugs' corporations ever admit],

to lift them off the far worse drug - “alcohol”,

with all prohibitions removed, so eliminating all the induced “paranoias”, but as well

Free Teaching about how to deal with their own Ancient and True Cultures being adopted and combined with the introduced ways,

1 addictions, mostly as the only resort, to alcohol [and tobacco] would drop dramatically,

2 violence would be replaced by Happy Talk [sorry if that sounds condescending?],

3 physical and mental health across Indigenous Nations would improve,

4 Indigenous Women would be far less fearful of a “fueled” Male Cousin letting loose after a drink, or for not getting any grog.

So, knowing plenty of opposition from within Aboriginal Nations will come to these suggestions, and not misguided opposition at all, I still think Bleck Fulla has to be given LEGAL and worthy options to grog, as a first step away from the trauma and destruction grog alone causes so many, from all “skins”.

And, anything, which does not take away the Intellectual faculties we all have, and which has us feel that “deeeeep” and relaxing sense of Euphoria, which Cannabis is eternally renowned for giving users, thus the ability to “get along” with each other, is very worthwhile considering.

As is happening worldwide, the laws prohibiting Cannabis are being removed.

A key and relevant point for that step, is so that people suffering certain medical conditions are allowed to smoke the Holy Herb.

The “establishment” lies so much about the Positive Effects to the mind and soul from smoking Cannabis, even while it is fully and widely smoked amongst the elite worldwide.

So one Campaign Bleck Fulla worldwide has to organize, obviously in conjunction with the established Cannabis Law Reform Movements already in existence, [as a "Joint Campaign" - sorry - had to say it!] is for the legalization of Cannabis as a medicinal, for psychological maladies, specifically of addiction to grog, including the generally therapeutic effects it gives the hearts, of the million and millions of broken hearts.


CANNABIS IS BETTER FOR YOU THAN ALCOHOL! [if you need any 'medication'.]

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!


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