Scotland's REALPolitik Stand-Up is saying something

150510 Scotland's REALPolitik Stand-Up is saying something

Scotland's REALPolitik Stand-Up of the British elections this week, is saying something.

And, perhaps, it's saying something amazingly important?

Not just for JUSTICE in Scotland, but maybe JUSTICE for people right across the British Commonwealth?

Clearly 56 of 59 Scottish seats in Westminster's House of Commons being won by the SNP, signs that some hefty percentage of Scot's have HAD ENOUGH, of the centrist, aloof, plutocrats down south.

What if, right across the British Commonwealth, there was a similar poll held, to vote for the next head of the Commonwealth?

Or, closer to what just showed it's face in Scotland, what if the whole of the British Commonwealth held a poll, all at the same time, to vote for Self-Governance in every Commonwealth nation?

Or, going straight to that question of “sovereignty” anywhere HRH gets her head on the local coinage, what about a vote on whether those nations remain in the Commonwealth, or not?

Sure, being a Self-Governing “state” within the “United Kingdom” as Scotland showed she wants to be, is probably different to seceding from big brother BC (British Commonwealth) or the BBBC, altogether.

But with the planet diving into permanent “austerity mode”, we don't see HRH or the progenies waiting in line for food stamps do we?

So, someone, somewhere, somehow, is creaming-off the spoils from some other many, somewhere else, somehow?

Lots jump up and shout about the “disparity” like it's one of those new words a kid learns, and can't stop saying it. (GUILTY!)

And OCCUPY WALL STREET still maintain the rage, or is it conscience-appeasing pseudo-rage, from the already well-or-over-educated and comfy-fanny middle-upper-upper classholes of the white world?

But, at the height of Optimism gushing out onto city streets globally when OWS struck the chords of so many, and with a senior Anglican cleric jumping off St Paul's Cathedral's committee, for fear of a concurrently evicted squatter's colony uniting with the English OCCUPY amassing out front, we still didn't hear much about the ROARING injustices of the world's most wealthy land owner-cum-monarch, QE2 herself. Living off OTHER PEOPLES' LANDS?

So, did the OCCUPY movement actually miss the target? Or were they doing so deliberately?

Out of New York, it came. WHAT..., a sensation!

Possibly a first, to “gain so much ground” worldwide in such a short span of time?

American cities erupted - with brutal coppers under orders from the planet's most evil land-grabbing cult, the freemasons (A! G'Day uncle/uncles?) who occupy about every Mayoral and State Governor's chair in the USA, to STOMP this allegedly Righteous OWS Movement back into their sunny apartments, and for a few weeks, plenty world-around were – innssspired.

But...., NOPE! No Revolution.

Yep! The rich are still getting richer, and, faster.

And Britain, with or without Scotland The Brave, still rides “on high” as if it's mere geographic location justifies it's unjustifiable claim to some ONE-SEVENTH of all of Mum Eartha's lands, AND, her People!

And, all of it, held in perpetuity under the coins head of the monarchic totalitarian tyrant Queeeeen 'Liz'beth!

And, of course, about a zillion greasy, self-interested, utterly corruption-loving SYCOPHANT bureaucrats!

Some of whom, bought, grand-pappa's bend-over “title” and ponse about as if they're GODS! Lords! to be....

Not..., to mention...., THE RELIGIONS!

A-hem? Sorry 'bout that! Gets me right smack-bang in the ANGRY gene!

Back to being serious, on the global scale.....,

Personally..., I reckon the British Commonwealth is PASSED IT'S USE-BY DATE.

But what a job of dismembering it, without billions more starving, more?

I guess the old question needs be asked?

“To be..., or not to be?”

Were things to remain the same, nothing will change.

BUT...? Were things' Commonwealth, to change, would the world be worse off? Or better?

Like, for example: how would Scotland, and the others, England too, survive without ALL THAT OTHER PEOPLES' LAND TO PLUNDER, “in the name of the Queeeeen” returned, or RESUMED back into local SOVEREIGN OWNERSHIP, and Self-Governance - DEMOCRATIC of course (for the very first time!)?

“Whaah? Y' mean we could 'ave enough LAND t' GROW OUR OWN TUCKER?”


“Wha' abart Woolies an' Coles? Wha' abart all those - jobs jobs-jobs-jobs (backing vocals: “jobs jobs-jobs-jobs! jobs jobs-jobs-jobs! jobs jobs-jobs-jobs! jobs jobs-jobs-jobs! jobs jobs-jobs-jobs! jobs jobs-jobs-jobs!”)

“Oew? Youw mean all that – WAGED-SLAVERY???”

“Yar! (er?) NAH! Wha'? Aye! I ain't no SLAVE!”

I say old chaps....?




A? OCCUPY? Hell-OOo?

And, Scot's shouldn't worry. Neever Irish, Welsh, nor Angles!

It would follow, first time of course, that something toward a fair-and-even playing field OF DISTRIBUTION, would grow, wiff the lyin' class back in the vegie fields and gardens wiff us!


Jus' a fort! (“Better dental 'elf for homeless Australians!”)

Brayakooloong Gunai REALPolitik Outlaw



Why Women are failing Humanity

150328 Why Women are failing Humanity

Here are two "poems" I wrote in particularly "Misogynist mode" as dated.  My feeling against the general females of Australia, but of white society have not lessened, and I know I have good justification for my beliefs about the female gender and their western propensities for deceit and betrayal.

These two "poems" will be too harsh for females to read. No apologies.  Think, if you can, HONESTLY, before you fly off with anti-Max responses.

So please, sensitive persons should scroll down to the main e-ssay, for it is not misogynist in it's propositions.

140531 When She Has........

Because she bleeds, because she can birth, because she can lie, makes her not, a Woman.

Because she can 'mix it', with Men, makes her not, a Woman.

When she has birthed, and raised to adulthood, her child,

when she has built her own house, alone,

when she has lived, alone, in it, deep in a forest, fearless,

when she has foraged her own and her progeny's food, alone,

when she has killed, to eat, to survive, against killers,

when she can speak with out a lie,

when she is not, common,

then, She is A Woman.


What standards would we set, for a female today, to be rightly regarded, a Woman?

Standards set by, women?

By, men.

By Women, by Men?

Surely! But of which..., culture? Of which, Culture?

Or by a Culture, any Culture, which Recognizes, with the full compliment of the Assessors', the Judges', Intelligence, active, and thus 1, knows what are, Human Beings' Best Attributes, then 2, places the Beings' Best Attributes Highest?

Can we assess, judge, set standards, from 'modern' culture? Where none are Qualified, as, Human?

Find first, in yourselves, what it is for YOU, to be Human, before you judge, video, stalk, haunt, me.

And, another poem, in support of Men:


A Man's heart is better for war,
More than ever, for a woman.

For always they will betray you,
and leave you fallen.

Eve, the name of evil!

So, Man, to war, we die
to save our souls from the females way.

Of thieving the mind, of winding their bind,
Of killing our Soul, Freedom from desire we find.

May the Supreme Curse, be upon them,
The she-bitch, who with allure,
Steal the Souls and Might of Men!

150328  Why Women are failing Humanity

Western society and culture is breaking down fast.

All reasons are postulated as to why.

None, from defensive people, dare go to an aspect of why our world is falling apart, and why, our youth and thus our adults, are heartless, selfish ignorant demons, ready to lie constantly, ready to subvert good culture and people without a second thought, ready to ignore the Virtues of Honesty, Honor, Integrity, Right Thought, Right Action, Courage, etc.

I posit, that the western and more specifically white-skinned breeds are advanced in our common cultural and thus personal moral and ethical declines, because to be blunt, women are “raising” the children, and Men, are not given enough time with their own, boys especially, or mainly, to imbue and instill in them, what should be Honorable Male Traits, as above.

If, as is obvious, and should be agreed as so, our culture/cultures are breaking apart, such that individuals have lost the fundamental aspects and traits, characteristics which are essential in breeding and creating the Most Mature Adults, it is imperative that someone looks for and establishes, without fear nor favor, why.

So, rather than looking to blame anyone or gender or sector of the most fallen of the species, I suggest we must look at the culture itself, and try return to it's own roots.

Roots from way back. We can only refer to the earliest records which are usually religious tomes, like the Bible's Old Testament. How accurately they are translated and survive the passage of time from perhaps 3, 4, 5,000 years ago, is always in question.

But we can derive a general thread from them, in this western culture's case, from the Old Testament.

And I posit that the general thread which comes into my assertion about women failing the culture in raising kids, is in the demonization of “Eve”, the alleged “first woman”, Adam Kadman's wife.

Personally, from experience, I find women are more often than not ready to resort to dishonesty and thus, to “evil”.

But that is a personal belief, from a lifetime of quite bizarre and peculiar experiences, and cannot be used in this point-making and problem-finding e-ssay.

It may however, contribute to a more impartial and less considerate, less emotional and compassionate, that-is a less “soft”, inquiry?

Why would I assert this point?

From my observations of the society and culture, and their degradation of Respect and respect of Honesty, and their degradation of peoples' Duty of defying requests and orders to do corrupt and deceitful things.

But why assert blame on women?

I think there'd be general agreement that women, mothers, have the majority of “nurturing time” with young kids, upto perhaps 3 or 5 years of age.

Birth-to-5 years, are important developmental years, where relationships, communications skills and talents are nurtured and developed, instilled . Of course, all our youthful years are important in our development into adulthood, but the earliest are, I think, the crucial ones.

And getting back to the Biblical blackening of women, for the demonization of Eve, there are a few points.

One is that Eve has to be taken as being a metaphorical, or allegorical reference and inference, deduced or concluded from however women of that epoch actually were, or, in a patriarchal and thus possibly anti-feminist world, were forced to be, for being treated brutally by the more physically-powerful males.

“Rape” was a key way our species has grown in population, no question. Women bearing the brunt of course. An intelligent and balanced species, as Humans assume ourselves to be, would try to equalize the “treatment” of both genders, so women would not be psychologically, and physically damaged by such means of increasing the population.

A wise people would see the implications and ramifications from continual denigration and oppression of one of only two parts of the species, here, women.

But a wise species should also see that violence effects both victim and perpetrator, psychologically, thus, culturally.

So it is essential that women are treated equally, if only because they, being also “thinking” beings, and capable of educing bitterness and revenge, will conger ways to hurt the violator of their body and mind.

The only possible outcome of persistent abuse of one half of the species is revenge but also the overall collapse of the crucial mental, intellectual facets of good and sustainable culture of both halves.

Other results arise to.

Ongoing insult of a gender, causes the reduction of respect in that abused half, of the abusing gender. So revenge or a want to avenge the damage becomes a normal way of thinking in the damaged gender.

This applies too, to racism victims.

Loss of respect spells the loss of rectitude in all players, as it feeds on itself and carries across to the other half, so no one respects anyone.

Hence mass-speciousness, and the destruction of good, healthy, enduring culture.

But, these points are not intellectualized in most people, victims and abusers or not, and most merely follow the trend of their local social culture, and respond in ways they've been nurtured to. “Monkey see, Monkey do”. “Like mother, like daughter”. Etc.

So it goes on down the generations, where women learn from what their mothers and female role models, often privately inculcate into them. And the “private” tuition, by elder women to girls, in how to survive against the horror of masculine culture, adds that aspect of speciousness and reason for males to react culturally with typically violent oppression of the femme fatales. Result; common disintegration.

The same applies to men.

As the western judaic-christian cultures have been mainly patriarchal, this fashion of oppressing and maltreating females is deeply ingrained in it.

Most women are taught, in their formative years, by mums and female role models, to act in certain ways toward males.

And, for the sake of self-preservation, in these circumstances, it's almost impossible for women (but perhaps males too, to females), to be completely honest to their male associates, friends and partners. Or to and in new associations, and relationships.

A very unfortunate and actually devastating trend for the whole of the culture.

However, as things down at the local and familial levels are the last to “evolve” or progress into the highest intellectual levels, because the culture and laws demand otherwise, in our currently massively fallen world, and because no-one dares suggest that the early years of nurturing children would be best equally shared between men and women, the fashion of mums having most of those crucial mental developmental hours remains.

And, the culture of deceitfulness and cowardice is instilled deeper and deeper into the cultural psyche.

Two options show themselves.

One is for the primary years of children be taken from the exclusive possession of women, and men are given half the role.

This would entail huge, but I say, most beneficial, changes to all things “family” and to “work”, etc.

To that, I assert that we ignore these thoughts at the peril of our species survival.

“Work” is but slavery, and needs dramatic reforms anyways.

Life on Earth is changing so rapidly, that we must become fully aware of the dangers threatening us all, very quickly, and also, only possible by putting our shallow and selfish fears aside, we have to ready our small lives to embrace the necessary changes, not just the unavoidable changes like climate change or cultural or political changes.

The changes to the roles of nurturing the necessary Virtues in children, so that the boys are “grown” by their male role models, fathers, uncles, who are all close older associates, and the like, obviously requires the adult males be educated for those roles.

“Nappies”? Toilet training? Baby foods? Cradling? The first steps to language, relationship, purpose, skills, etc?

And, before all of these, the males too, along with the females, would have to go through a complete re-education, about almost everything they have to now, taken as how to be and how to interact with others, males, females, and children.

Knowledge of a babe's behavior traits, to be aware of the kid's physical and mental conditions, in order to prevent sickness or, the kid later developing mental or physical maladies?

Vital knowledge, possibly most men leave or are forced to leave in the care of the mums?

So, how does a whole culture adapt to the necessary corrections, so-as to start raising kids-to-adults who know innately, Respect, Honesty, Humility, and the other crucial key Virtues needed for the whole species' survival?

Utopian, to be sure!

With our elites, and global and local governors so out of control themselves, and that the modern and most dominant culture is so far advanced in our degradation, there really is no hope.

But these are worth being aware of, as we dive into the sewer of modern chaos. Especially if any significant number of the species survives the coming Apocalypse and live to see some new populations grow beyond it.

Obviously, an whole new set of cultural rules have to be discerned and put into some communicable format.

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Travelling 4x4 Tent of

Commander Notorious
General Blue Meanee
Captain Nightmare
General War Pig


Bleck - Green - Red
Wisdom - Intelligence - Honor




Being PAID – being BRIBED - the ultimate insult

150324 Being PAID – the ultimate insult

If..., Humanity and our Mother Planet survive and maintain some organization and ecological, cultural, community and social balance beyond the next 200 years, it may come to pass that we will have also gotten beyond the addiction of being insulted by the concept of “being PAID”.

For “being PAID” a wage or a salary IS an insult to our being, to our intelligence, to our Integrity as Human Beings, our Worth and our place in societies, communities, cultures and world.

Because being PAID is “being BRIBED”, being bought, to willingly accept payment, for slavery.

But the worst aspect of “being PAID” is that it is for our willing complicity in industrial-scale crimes against humanity and against our ONLY Mother Planet.

But as much if not mostly, being PAID is the bribe for our silence, against speaking Honestly, about the massive erroneous, criminal and genocidal crimes of the whole corporate pseudo-economic, industrial over-consumption culture we're taking the bribes to become a slave of, and contribute to.

The heinous destructive culture imposed upon our species by the most seriously deceived, lost and thus mentally unstable fellow members of our race.

Our cultural, “anti-economic” - being our “politicians” - and social “leaders”.

“Order” for some.

“Chaos and enslavement” for the many.

“Death” for our ONLY Mother Planet, Eartha, and Her myriad beautiful organisms and creatures.

However, the alternative to “being PAID” requires explanation and clarification, and for most, unwittingly addicted to being insulted by their weekly waged-slavery, a lot of explaining.

Not for any complexity, but because of the extensive amounts and depth of falsities plied since before birth, into the slaves' minds. Lies driven-in, deafening and blinding us to the simple yet True Way/Ways to Live, on Mum Eartha.

THAT, brings the need to calmly and patiently explain the causes of their/our enslavement, the causes of their inability to perceive AND to act for their own Liberation, and for a life beyond the insatiable addiction of “being PAID”.

So much “explaining” in fact, that an whole “re-education system” would have to be set-up by the most responsible group/groups on Earth, everywhere on Earth.

And, to those addicts, even that will smack of more slavery, and allegations of pernicious “mass mind control programs”.

Nothing at all, of course, like those we and they are already long victims of, and are enslaved to. No, of course not.

As far as the modern species Humanity has come since, “the fall from Eden”, we have also wandered far off any Golden Path of How To Live on Earth, as True Fellas, truly free from mind control programs, insane narcissist bosses and leaderships, and thus from slavery.

Until we realize fully the insult which “being PAID” for our slavery is, we are doomed to be reborn over and over into more, and more severe slavery.

Adding insult to injury, we'll probably also still be PAID for it, for our submission to “the devil”.


True Fella
Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw



My G+ Post on Bali Nine which has been BANNED from being posted to Google Plus Conversations

150322 My G+ Post on Bali Nine BANNED FROM G+

The expected Indonesian govt murders of two Aussie drug mules, has almost dropped off the news pages here.

Their appeal is being heard this week. But it seems the media has gauged the reader hits on this topic, which may have fallen off after something of a barrage of media attention covering the drug mules cases and pending executions.

Or..., maybe the establishment has called for a media blackout on this sanctioned murder of two dupe drug mules, because ISSUES around the VERACITY of the DRUG PROHIBITION LAWS as imposed upon the planet by the biggest drug cartel, the BRITISH ESTABLISHMENT, were receiving too much attention?

My spin on it.

My earlier posts which I admit had become a sort of "pest" on G+, went to that underlying issue, of the bad drug prohibition laws, and the fact that those laws, PLUS a frightening number of other laws of all nations, have not been introduced and imposed by any proper legal processes.

"Due process" being the primary part of all legal processes especially in introducing, legislating and instituting ANY law.

So, don't take my word for it, research for yourselves to see if due processes have been adhered to properly in your own country in it's legislatures.

You might be unpleasantly surprised.....

Nevertheless..., to counter the dearth of media coverage of the possibly overly-covered death row cases of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, here are a few links covering the last week about their pending appeals against the death penalty.

One thing that does stand out to myself, is that few of the world's politicians ARE free of sordid, drug-related corruption, which it is very clear, is why many Indonesian politicians are adamant about being very hard on dupes like Chan and Sukumaran, plus the 8 or so also awaiting their "state-sanctioned" murders.

But Australian politics is at least as deep in drug corruption, no question, what with us being but a colony still of Britain. Some years ago, I was given reason to assess that the right wing, pro-Britain political parties here, and everywhere I guess, are the leading drug cartels in the respective nations, for the Heroin trade, while the allegedly "left-wing" or "Labour" parties and subsets, were either the chiefs in or were running, the Cannabis industries. But I can't give verification of that assessment. As well, I'd say it's not at all that defined. All the political classholes mess with all prohibited drugs, and all their ilk imbibe, as we well know.

Another thing also very clear [no surprises here, aye!] is that the world is being destroyed by BAD LAWS, which make, bad people.

And, not just BAD DRUG LAWS,

[I find it bemusing that so few address this most basic fact, that "BAD LAWS, make bad people".]

And mostly because, DUE PROCESS is not followed in establishing and legislating laws into our nations' systems of government.

Something to consider, whenever someone, or even an army, are alleged to be criminals.

Well worth contemplating too, when we see "foreign" cultures rising-up against our sacrosanct modern western, judaic-christian cultures, of, too often, BAD LAWS.

Law is, or should be, "God"!

Perhaps Atheists are the ones to bring Good Law back into our earthly realm? [hoho!]







No time to read these linked articles, but expect none of them address the REAL LEGAL CASE of BAD PROHIBITION LAWS and THE FAILURE OF ALL GOVTS TO FOLLOW DUE PROCESS in their implementation.

Sad and, BAD world! ["Naughty, naughty world!"]