Being PAID – being BRIBED - the ultimate insult

150324 Being PAID – the ultimate insult

If..., Humanity and our Mother Planet survive and maintain some organization and ecological, cultural, community and social balance beyond the next 200 years, it may come to pass that we will have also gotten beyond the addiction of being insulted by the concept of “being PAID”.

For “being PAID” a wage or a salary IS an insult to our being, to our intelligence, to our Integrity as Human Beings, our Worth and our place in societies, communities, cultures and world.

Because being PAID is “being BRIBED”, being bought, to willingly accept payment, for slavery.

But the worst aspect of “being PAID” is that it is for our willing complicity in industrial-scale crimes against humanity and against our ONLY Mother Planet.

But as much if not mostly, being PAID is the bribe for our silence, against speaking Honestly, about the massive erroneous, criminal and genocidal crimes of the whole corporate pseudo-economic, industrial over-consumption culture we're taking the bribes to become a slave of, and contribute to.

The heinous destructive culture imposed upon our species by the most seriously deceived, lost and thus mentally unstable fellow members of our race.

Our cultural, “anti-economic” - being our “politicians” - and social “leaders”.

“Order” for some.

“Chaos and enslavement” for the many.

“Death” for our ONLY Mother Planet, Eartha, and Her myriad beautiful organisms and creatures.

However, the alternative to “being PAID” requires explanation and clarification, and for most, unwittingly addicted to being insulted by their weekly waged-slavery, a lot of explaining.

Not for any complexity, but because of the extensive amounts and depth of falsities plied since before birth, into the slaves' minds. Lies driven-in, deafening and blinding us to the simple yet True Way/Ways to Live, on Mum Eartha.

THAT, brings the need to calmly and patiently explain the causes of their/our enslavement, the causes of their inability to perceive AND to act for their own Liberation, and for a life beyond the insatiable addiction of “being PAID”.

So much “explaining” in fact, that an whole “re-education system” would have to be set-up by the most responsible group/groups on Earth, everywhere on Earth.

And, to those addicts, even that will smack of more slavery, and allegations of pernicious “mass mind control programs”.

Nothing at all, of course, like those we and they are already long victims of, and are enslaved to. No, of course not.

As far as the modern species Humanity has come since, “the fall from Eden”, we have also wandered far off any Golden Path of How To Live on Earth, as True Fellas, truly free from mind control programs, insane narcissist bosses and leaderships, and thus from slavery.

Until we realize fully the insult which “being PAID” for our slavery is, we are doomed to be reborn over and over into more, and more severe slavery.

Adding insult to injury, we'll probably also still be PAID for it, for our submission to “the devil”.


True Fella
Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw