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150322 My G+ Post on Bali Nine BANNED FROM G+

The expected Indonesian govt murders of two Aussie drug mules, has almost dropped off the news pages here.

Their appeal is being heard this week. But it seems the media has gauged the reader hits on this topic, which may have fallen off after something of a barrage of media attention covering the drug mules cases and pending executions.

Or..., maybe the establishment has called for a media blackout on this sanctioned murder of two dupe drug mules, because ISSUES around the VERACITY of the DRUG PROHIBITION LAWS as imposed upon the planet by the biggest drug cartel, the BRITISH ESTABLISHMENT, were receiving too much attention?

My spin on it.

My earlier posts which I admit had become a sort of "pest" on G+, went to that underlying issue, of the bad drug prohibition laws, and the fact that those laws, PLUS a frightening number of other laws of all nations, have not been introduced and imposed by any proper legal processes.

"Due process" being the primary part of all legal processes especially in introducing, legislating and instituting ANY law.

So, don't take my word for it, research for yourselves to see if due processes have been adhered to properly in your own country in it's legislatures.

You might be unpleasantly surprised.....

Nevertheless..., to counter the dearth of media coverage of the possibly overly-covered death row cases of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, here are a few links covering the last week about their pending appeals against the death penalty.

One thing that does stand out to myself, is that few of the world's politicians ARE free of sordid, drug-related corruption, which it is very clear, is why many Indonesian politicians are adamant about being very hard on dupes like Chan and Sukumaran, plus the 8 or so also awaiting their "state-sanctioned" murders.

But Australian politics is at least as deep in drug corruption, no question, what with us being but a colony still of Britain. Some years ago, I was given reason to assess that the right wing, pro-Britain political parties here, and everywhere I guess, are the leading drug cartels in the respective nations, for the Heroin trade, while the allegedly "left-wing" or "Labour" parties and subsets, were either the chiefs in or were running, the Cannabis industries. But I can't give verification of that assessment. As well, I'd say it's not at all that defined. All the political classholes mess with all prohibited drugs, and all their ilk imbibe, as we well know.

Another thing also very clear [no surprises here, aye!] is that the world is being destroyed by BAD LAWS, which make, bad people.

And, not just BAD DRUG LAWS,

[I find it bemusing that so few address this most basic fact, that "BAD LAWS, make bad people".]

And mostly because, DUE PROCESS is not followed in establishing and legislating laws into our nations' systems of government.

Something to consider, whenever someone, or even an army, are alleged to be criminals.

Well worth contemplating too, when we see "foreign" cultures rising-up against our sacrosanct modern western, judaic-christian cultures, of, too often, BAD LAWS.

Law is, or should be, "God"!

Perhaps Atheists are the ones to bring Good Law back into our earthly realm? [hoho!]







No time to read these linked articles, but expect none of them address the REAL LEGAL CASE of BAD PROHIBITION LAWS and THE FAILURE OF ALL GOVTS TO FOLLOW DUE PROCESS in their implementation.

Sad and, BAD world! ["Naughty, naughty world!"]