3rd Party Advertising BOOLLLSHSH-IT Softcock Software & Norton CHAT

140220 Norton Virus Download Cost and confusing data uploading CHAT & 3rd Party Advertising BOOLLLLSHSHSH-IT Softcock Software

Fired up lappie this mourning, and was hit by every crapitalist online from the USA, slowing things down considerably.

Then Norton told me I had a problem, and I had to download a FIX. So I did, and found a few anomalies?

So, for my mourning's want to have a BITCH, I went to their chat line, and wrote and received this.

Thank you for contacting Norton Support! You are currently 15 in the queue.
One of our experts will be with you soon. You are currently 10 in the queue. Please stay online.
You are currently 6 in the queue. Please stay online.
You are currently 5 in the queue. Please stay online.
You are currently 3 in the queue. Please stay online.

You are now entering the chat room.

Welcome to Norton Support, my name is Iris. Please give me a minute to go through the information you have provided.

Iris: I will definitely help you fix the error blankblankblank on your Norton product. This means that the product cannot blahblahblah.........

Max Cook: Life's a bitch! Norton has to do more to convince customers that Norton can be trusted. The internet is getting significantly worse in this regard. It is logical that customers CANNOT trust internet security companies, simply because 'competition' makes us all, untrustworthy, and, like the recent NSA revelations, etc., 'big-corp' is the problem. I know Norton reps have gone further than their charter says they should, in terms of looking into and, yes, taking info from my computer. That's life, for a 'monarch' in rebellion and exile. Does NOT mean they, under instructions from giggling supervisors or not, can be so unethical. Corporations, from top to bottom, must grow up. Capitalism is a major FAIL. Thanks for the great service. Yours, Commander Notorious. Australia. Please pass this up the ranks to your Executive!

Max Cook: Thanks Iris. No need to go further. The FiX DID fix the problem. I'm just annoyed at the mysterious download, of 1.03Gb, when it is only 270Mb or so. Also, why did the wireless broadband stats show that some 27Mb was being UPloaded as this was coming down? Can you answer these tow questions?
Max Cook: Do you get tired of reading 'through' spellling errors?

Iris: I am so sorry to hear how upset you are with the product. Rest assure that I will address this issue to our higher level management.
Iris: No, I'm not. I'm still reading and analyzing what the issue is.

Max Cook: Cool! Let me say that Norton does a good job of keeping the computer secure, in general. I don't knock your products. It's a 'cultural' thing.
Max Cook: My bitch here, is mainly that something downloaded some 1.03Gb of data. That is costly, and unexplained. And, that something UPloaded some 27Mb off my computer? Why, and what was it? I have documents I regard as 'sensitive', politically. Rahrahrah...

Iris: Where did you see this information?

Max Cook: On my 'Virgin wireless broadband statistics window.

Iris: Max, I would like to help you on this but I am not technically trained with Wireless broadband.
Iris: I don't think that this has something to do with Norton.

Max Cook: Unsatisfactory. Which nation is Norton's HQ in, Please?
Max Cook: I can find that out myself. Thanks. End conversation. 'Bye. Thank you for shopping at Hell's Gate! Pls come again! hohoho.....
Max Cook: Waiting waiting...?

Iris: I am so sorry, Max. I will make sure that this case will be address to our high management.

Max Cook: Of course, were Norton actively uploading files off my computer without my knowledge, thus permission, they are not likely to admit it, are you? Very MI6 or whomever.

Iris: Are you chatting with me from the computer that has the issue?

Max Cook: Yeees...!
Max Cook: Where are you situated, Iris?

Iris: No, Norton is will not download anything on your computer. The product works to protect your computer from any signs of threat and not to download anything.
Iris: I am located in the Philippines.

Max Cook: OK. So is it not Norton's work to protect my computer from being 'harvested' by outside sources? It's hard for myself, without assistance to find things like traffic monitoring software, etc. I would have hoped Norton would have such packages available for customers, so we can see what is coming down and going up. Do you understand?

Iris: Yes, I do.
Iris: I can try to check your computer and your Norton program if you will allow me to.

Max Cook: I think it should be standard, for such as Norton, to offer software which tells customers exactly who is having any 'contact' when we are online. And, where they are located. A major sticking point for users is the anonymity of the internet. Most of us don't know much at all about how programming works, so our security is in the hands of clever-dicks with NO morals... rahrahrah...
Max Cook: But you can not do much from here, and the problem blankblankblank is fixed. So Thanks, please pass this on... bye.

Iris: I will do so. I am really sorry if I wasn't able to help you.

Max Cook: Good enough, for now. However, it would be both appreciated, AND a sign that Norton is 'human', if someone could email me with some explanations, further to my questions and 'dilemmas', here? Bye


My general point/s is/are that the internet, is a madhouse of opportunities for every half-smart, but fully insane CRAPitalist, to abuse their abilities to get in behind everyone's security.

We hear, on BOOOOLLLSHSHSHSH-IT mainstream media, all the threats from the various dissident and rogue hackers.

But we never hear, funnily enough, about the far more pernicious, and unethical threats to humanity, and to yer average internet user, from the CRAPitalists like those who dove into my jam-jar full of soft-stuff this morning, all out of revenge for my uncovering, more shit about how unethical the pieces of shit are.

As I wrote to Norton just now, as above in red, the internet has become so fucking LOW in terms of being almost 'Ethics-free', and the least Ethical, are not rogue hacksters, Et Al, but are the fucking CRAPitalist corporations' employees,and every contractor offshoot.

I was a bit stunned, the other day when I refired up Mozilla Firefox browser.

It has this neat piece of software, called “Lightbeam”, which shows in 3 different ways, which '3rd party' companies and I guess other users, are linked to any site one is on at any given moment.

Over some few days, while on a small number of sites, I found over 400 private, mainly advertising internet sites, like those shitheads who 'pop-up' ads when you don't want them, had been connected in some way to my own computer. I think so anyway.

As most of the terminology for the internet is deliberately indecipherable, I can't tell which each term means,that, say, just another advert corporation, or small contractor with BIG AMBITIONS, thus a total absence of ethics, has been bewitching my computer, thus through the effervescence of micro-electrickery, have been hexing me. But shit I can feel it!

Like, we never read, in such as browser settings, etc, the plain term “block this ADVERTIZER” from plying their shit at us, when we're on our email or news sites.

It's always 'coded' as far as I'm concerned. “POP-UPs”. “Add-ons”. “Plug-ins” “PUPs”. Rahrahrah.

So, probably like some large number of internet users, I'm stumped when those options appear, when I'm in 'settings' or such, and cannot, as I expect a techie can, block fucking annoying, and really, underneath the front, fucking INSANE corporate or contracting software providers, etc, from throwing their advertizing bullshit at my face, when I'm online.

Also, and as important, all the flicking ads we bear, to the sides of each page we go to, do in fact use up our data, and so, our CREDIT, with each fucking FLICK! of some tasty ass, or some dickfaced asshole pushing some inane superstore product at us.

BUT, and here's the 'kicker'! If one does figure out how to block them, the main site we're using, refuses to function!!!

BLACKMAIL!  21C Internet style!

Fucking DAAWWGS!!

But, of course, asking government to legislate so we have the choice to stop useless bullshit ads from distracting us, and from costing us mega-data, is pointless, in Astraylair at least.

Contrary to the right wing fuckheads in the USA, I actually think the US government does a good job trying to protect some, some, of our rights in these affairs.

But, the whole world is fast going absolutely crazy, so it's a question of whether worrying, or lobbying for any of these insanities to be righted, is worth it?

Maybe my little chat with the Norton Rep, will travel up the ladder of corporate dung-flinging, and maybe Norton can save the internet world, from advertisers and their ethics' free idiots in contracting.

Someone should at least try?

BUT hey! Firefox? I DO like your browser! But I'm not interested in using it, while it doesn't work if I manage to block those 3rd parties from fucking with my softer-wear!

Back to OPERA, for now! Fuck the USA! And CRAPitalism!!!


Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Travelling 4x4 Tent of

General Blue Meanee
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My Guardian Comments - Rally Against Medicare Reforms & Domestic Violence

140216 My Guardian Comments   - Rally Against Medicare Reforms & Domestic Violence

Many Australians will not be able to afford to see a doctor and will cost the health system more, says Tanya Plibersek
Australian Associated Press
theguardian.com, Saturday 15 February 2014 18.13 AEST

My response to another commenter, complaining about another, saying it's the fault of the New South Welshers, who voted in a majority for the current idiots we call the federal government.

Sorry Cuz! But if you voted - PERIOD - you essentially voted for a 'conservative' party!

Even the 'Greens' are more 'conservative' of their own 'pleasant inheritances' acquired for being of the upper-[stolen-land] classes, than any genuine FOR THE People, and FOR THE Ecology Parties.

Since 'the barricades' and the right to own guns were banned, we've been a lame and distracted people.

As big Clive half-protests, the AEC and all our elections have been rigged.

'Voting' is a scam, Cuz!

While we all put our 'comfy fanny pads' before Economic Justice, we're lost to tyranny and perpetual bullshit and injustice.

When young men are killed, legislation is rushed through the courts. Yet when women and children are murdered by their husbands and fathers, we’re asked to show the killers compassion
Louise Taylor
theguardian.com, Friday 14 February 2014 16.43 AEST

My reply to 'wendyecarter's comment


"The vast majority of domestic violence victims are female - above 95%. There are so few services for male victims because there are not that many of them! When people talk about women being beaten that is because that is the more common situation."

Assuming 'wendyecarter' is female, so perhaps a lack of simple maths and 'reason' is excusable, Ma'am?

But does that figure not say ANYTHING to you?

I, a male, very untypical middle-class Australian [www.maxearth.blogspot.com.au] was once very much on the side of 'women' in these types of debates, and issues.

I was active in pushing for government to introduce the single mum's pension here, so young mums could escape the heinous backward, brutal male chauvinistic 'arena' in our domestic caves.

But, once the girls started to have babies, yes to actually get preggars, so they could bludge on that nice-little-earner, rarely doing an honest days work, I opposed it.

However..., your stats up there, seem to suggest all the males are without any cause, just '...comin' 'ome pissed and agro...' or such?

NEVER of course, has ANY woman been UNreasonable, devious, taking more than she had the right to, or simply liked 'playing wiff 'is mind, jus' a little', for some scheming sorted with the 'sistas' before he came home from wherever, usually a less than pleasant 40 hours at the grindstone.

Nope! Sorry. You're being unreasonable.

However-however..., my 40-plus years of inquiry into these types of failures of our societies, determines they all are not 'personal' but are definitely 'cultural', in terms of the impossible concept of 'matrimony' [NOTE: 'Matri-', as in for the matriarchal designs on life, and on control of men], the failed concept of nuclear families, where all balance and the wider knowledge and assistance of a larger extended family group is GAWWN, MAYTE!

Then, it goes on and on, Ma'am, and I'd suggest you and your delicate flowers of a gender are simply not up to going through the ageless list of screwed cultural norms we take for granted, while focusing on why the blokes are GETTIN' A BIT PISSED OFF! with the lovely little lady, at home, playing mum with her toy babies.

Granted, this is an angry, and possibly biased view, and is from an admitted 'Sworn Misogynist'.

But the sheilas are VERY good [read VERY bad] at misconstruing such events, especially to the girlfriends, the girlfriends' partners or brothers, AND THE COPPERS, and excel in putting the blokes in the sin bin, well before the blokes have any chance, let alone education, to state their usually increasing, longtime view on how the missus picks, and plans, and gets her revenge on little things like, 'shit I forgot the nappies', or her birthday, or to say 'I love you!' at the appropriate moments, or such.

This, is why I oppose Hillary Clinton's run for the US presidency.

Women, perhaps some '95% of them, are NOT well balanced and aren't either, replete with 'Reason' big-'R', before their readiness to run to 'faith' aka witchcraft, to warp any event to heir suiting.

As said, its very much a deeply errant culture, dating back millennia, but exacerbated of more recent times with very bad-nay-evil laws of distribution, of the necessaries we all need, which force us to do horrible things just for a dollar, let alone to love with fluffy liars, and keep them settled.

Gonna censor this one, Guardian girls?

Well...! Yep! They DID censor it.

So, dogged as I can be, as they can be, I wrote another one, which went thus..;

"KingCommo wendyecarter 16 February 2014 3:56am This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn't abide by our community standards."

Can't complain about that. It was openly a vitriolic and misogynistic comment.

However, abiding by set rules or not, it went to issues women refuse to admit to, about subversive and deliberately intimidating behavior, against which your average male, breadwinner, or not, generally far preferring a stable and equal relationship to a firey and violent one, cannot keep ignoring, or telling themselves "It's OK. I can handle it" etc.

wendyecarter said 95% of 'reported' cases or such, are women.

I responded with her lacking the obvious, of abilities to see that women are not therefore always, nor in every one of the 95% of violent eventualities, innocent.

I also mentioned aspects of our 'powers' which again, women do NOT like having to discuss openly, with males. But I'll let that slide.....

If women cannot admit they DO intimidate men, in relationships and, in our generally below standards 'niteclub' or night out venues and general social situations, often where no "self-respecting, intelligent and thus mature man or woman would let themselves be seen, then there is a block in any genuine attempts to grow beyond such inequities, and the seat/cause/crux of the problem has to be shared by both genders.

[I mean? Admitting to being yer av'rage Aussie youth, in the 1970s, going to niteclubs etc., long since have I felt disgust that those types of venues, are or were, the best places to meet one's spouse?!?!?! It's all very well for our churchie lads and lasses, to be guided to slightly better standards of venues, say, like classical music concerts, or even (not still, surely) ballet performances, etc. If only because the parents tell them to, or they wont inherit the farm!. But yer av'rage bloke and lassie, haven't had the 'inculturation' to appreciate the 'finer things in life' and to go then, to places where the potentials are rather better mannered and have an elevated level of self-control. However, having been a cabbie around a few Aussie cities from 1980 to 2000, I've seen the best of our youth, doing their worst after they've left 'the nicest' venues!]

As I also pointed out,[to wendye...] these 'situations' of domestic and other male on female violence events, cannot be slated onto either individual or gender.

It is a cultural malady. And while the women persist in taking the high road, and keep looking down on men, for being men, that-is, forced by culture to be the brutes, as much as by the 'gentler sex', and while the culture keeps everyone on edge fighting just for some, SOME, security in a home, at work, play and elsewhere, if women who are as susceptible to stress, deploy their 'dysfunction' on the 1st or nearest one around, men will get sick of being nice, of having to talk over and over, rubbish about fending off a dysfunctional woman's inability to clean out her own attic of psychological maladies. Etc.

Cure the culture. Cure domestic violence.

STOP putting the blame and women's need to fix themselves, on the blokes!

Women are at least as dysfunctional in an wholly dysfunctional culture, as me. ER? Him! Umm, Us Fellas! ;]

They're watching me, to see how I react. If I slam the 'Guardian girls' for censoring my earlier comment, they'll just assume 'POWER!' over me again, and remove this one.

Proving my reasons for being a fucking misogynist!

Fuck 'em!

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Travelling 4x4 Tent of

General Blue Meanee
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G+ Comments on the New Testament AND FALSE GODS!!!

140216 G+ Comments on the New Testament AND FALSE GODS!!!

Victor Torres
- Feb 14, 2014
Nick D. Rising originally shared:


This is a long thread, with lots of comments.

But this fella, 'Joe Nunya' ['...business', as he has it], speaks volumes about the New Testament and its true meaning/s.....

Joe Nunya
Yesterday 9:50 AM
+John DeMicco Depends on what account you go by, like ALL the various sun gods there are numerous versions.
In one Krishna was shot with an arrow in the foot.
In one numerous arrows.
In another he was "suspended on a tree" which is basically crucified.
ALL of the various sun gods were ALL crucified in some way.
As for the MYTH of jesus he was like all the rest crucified on the southern cross in the sky on the Winter Solstice.
It is all allegorical.

You simply can not take the numerous versions seriously, we are talking about a MYTH, a myth about a SUN GOD.
All the myths have countless similarities because they are all talking about the exact same thing.
The SUN, the STARS, and the cycle of the sun.
Rest of it is basically meaningless.

Joe Nunya
Yesterday 10:10 AM
+Vash Crowley Except most of this is correct, just depends on the interpretation.
It is correct as far as the fairy tale goes.

None of it is real in any way and any so called Atheist that ignorantly believes that such a "real entity" as any "Jesus of Nazareth" really existed is embarrassing themselves.

I agree we don't need to spread manure, but most all of this Sun God stuff is not manure, some people here and there may interpret a certain part differently, or even incorrectly.
But the vast majority is pretty close.

and you have to remember there are numerous versions of all these stories, these were 'Oral Tradition" and in the case of parts of the NT was actually a stage play.
All of it about astrology.

this is a pretty interesting site that explains some of it pretty well.

Max Cook
Yesterday 11:10 AM
+Joe Nunya
Thanks for the clarifications, Joe!

While I'll not go through the rest of the zodiac signs to check if they align with what you say here, and if you can, or throw up a link to a site that describes them without being too lengthy, what you've just explained is somewhat mind-blowing.

If your explanation is correct, it exposes the outrageous ignorance of all 'christian' preachers and churches, who've told it as we've come to know it.

As another comment in this thread suggests, that the 'myth' was to convince 'Rome's, and it's empire's Jews, I guess, about the 'emperor' [being godly], which doesn't fit with your explanation, why then did the scribes write the New Testament at all? I know the Councils of Nicea commissioned some of the NT, didn't they?

But if the NT is in reality [what's reality?] as you put, the story of the zodiacs and the sun god, what purpose was it written to address?

On another point..., the 'virgin' stuff?

I lean to agreeing with your interpretation, about 'virgo' [ I assume 'virgo' is in December?], thus of a virgin. But, isn't it also clear that the said father of Jesus, 'Joseph', was not his genetic father, and .'. that Jesus was a 'bastard', was illegitimate, to an unknown dad?

You'd know the myths of Merlin, too I guess?

He's said to have been illegitimate [also].

In occultism, such illegitimate conception and birth, apparently makes the child a more powerful witch. Which Jesus clearly was, as per the NT 'evidence' [yep. I write this with healthy skepticism, while OK in believeing the man, Jesus did actually exist, but that his existence has been deliberately exaggerated, as all such 'myths' are intended, to increase, in the minds of the recipients of the stories, their belief about some hero, god, superman, savior, etc. And that too has subversive, pernicious psychic and psychological, as well as hypnotic, designs behind it, of course!]

And, correctly or not, much has come out since the release of the Nag Hammadi and/or 'Dead Sea Scrolls', that 'virgin' then, was not as we know it's meaning, now. Or as likely, the word was wrongly interpreted from the old Aramaic, or Greek, or whichever language the texts were written in.

Somewhere, I read, and decided to agree with 'virgin birth' really meaning that the child was a bastard. If the said father, for Jesus, 'Joseph', was not the genetic 'doner', then the bullshit machinery could easily say that then, there was no hanky-panky leading to conception, preganancy and birth.

So, mum must'a been impregnated by 'god'!

AAAA HAHAHAHA! [I can quite imagine a lying bitch, telling her less-than-intelligent husband that story, once she was 'showing'. And, knowing well, too well, from personal experience, that a witch can heavily dumb-down another person, to believe anything, or simply to not be able to perceive the facts, if Mary did spin that yarn on Joseph, he may well have been victim to her bewitchery thereafter. It is inneresting that he is 'written out' of the general story?

Which might add to my postulation that the 'Jesus myth' has been an invention of a 'matriarchal' witches cabal, for related, but similarly pernicious matriarchal desires on 'power'.]

And, I go further, to today, suggesting, with ample evidence, that the same 'matriarchy' still exists, and has tried the Jesus bullshit, AGAIN.

So, possibly directly connected - 'mother Mary', and today's matriarchal-ists [from within the 'House of Hanover', no less], have for some thousands of years been working [wending?] the 'ether' with their wicked ways, so-as to take control of the whole damned planet.

Have you heard of the 'belief' that 'Eden' was a matriarchy'? It may have been.

Pre-colonial Australia, upto 1788, was quite possibly, something of that order. Many Aborigine Women here, Mighty People all of them, hold to that belief, which can probably be shown as having been true, since much of the 'old ways' are still extant here.

And, for a while, I've felt strongly that pre-invasion Australia, was still quite untainted, and pure, as per the mythological 'Eden'.

There's no doubt the Bleck Fullas here, were an whole 520-plus nations, of fully Enlightened People. Impossible to argue that against the majority white, and racist population here, though.

But it goes to understanding why they were so ''Spiritually' in tune with the land, the Mother, and with each other, and that they were in that, totally content, totally satiated, so did not go the awry path the whiteguy has gone since 'the fall' to the warring madness, chaos, insatiable and self-destructive ways the 'modern' world is at now.

Apologies for my prolixia? Not a subject to be discussed in 140 characters!

Joe Nunya
4:43 AM
+Max Cook Well here is another of Zodiac signs that lines up with the story and to me at least is the real kicker.

Jesus rides into Jerusalem during the summer on BOTH and "Ass and a Foal" or sometimes called a colt.
Now the so called Prophecy said "“Behold, your King is coming to you…lowly and riding on a donkey [male], a colt, the foal of a donkey [female]"
Now what this actually means is this.

The "King" being the SUN is riding across the summer sky into Jerusalem and riding across the constellation of Cancer.
In ancient Chaldean star charts of that time, the two groups of stars that make up the pincers on the Crab were called 'The Ass & the Foal" this is what they were know as long before the astrological story of jesus in the NT was ever written.
So while impossible for an actual blood and flesh person to ride BOTH an ass and a foal into town its a piece of celestial cake for the SUN to ride across the sky figuratively riding both the pincers of Cancer (Ass & Foal).

The Christian apologist tie themselves in knots trying to explain that one.

Here is another part of the story that shows that jesus is the SUN.

""Matt 21:17-20 17 And he left them, and went out of the city into Bethany; and he lodged there. 18 Now in the morning as he returned into the city, he hungered. 19 And when he saw a fig tree in the way, he came to it, and found nothing thereon, but leaves only, and said unto it, Let no fruit grow on thee henceforward for ever. And presently the fig tree withered away. 20 And when the disciples saw it, they marveled, saying, How soon is the fig tree withered away!""

So, either jesus is the SUN and this is an allegory for late fall and winter is coming thus the Sun is waning and naturally the fig tree withers like they do every winter.
OR he is a stark raving lunatic that decided to kill a fig tree because it had no fruit.

Jesus the SUN walking on water?

Easy, just look at the sunset over any body of water, as the sun (jesus) figuratively walks on its surface.

I mean it just goes on and on and on, each and every thing in the bible like this makes perfect sense ONLY when you realize what is being talked about here is the Cycle of the SUN and an allegorical story.

Choice! Cheers Joe!

One could easily lose oneself exploring these options you explain.

Quite a revolutionary way of looking at and reading the NT, no question!

Hope you don't live in the deep south!?

But the question remains...?

"Why, did whomever, write the NT?"

Was it [in your opinion] merely Rome, at Nicea, capitalizing on ancient myths, around the same descriptions of the months and agricultural seasons, and perhaps the times for making more babies [as it, procreation, was once kept in accordance with these most suitable seasonal times of each year], so-as, as is often said, to not put off those who already have similar 'pagan' beliefs, etc? 'Pagan beliefs' which were, and are, unquestionably intelligent and wise.

Rome was perpetually 'on the march', in it's quest to conquer the world, so it fits that they'd be doing everything to bring in, and onside, all the newly invaded and conquered nations/peoples/tribes.

Therefore they'd have had significant 'departments' of experts [The Ministry of Truth!!!] in this type of story/stories, myth-making, to attempt to compile all key points in all key myths, into one major tome - aka the NT.

But, as I've held to for years, each major power, has always been very anti-democratic [ancient Greece's Socratic/Platonic 'Democracy' was, I say, as much expounded 'theory' then, more than institutionalized reality - they had slaves, and only their elite had voting rights, etc].

And, for most all of 'recorded history', all nations have been 'centrist' monarchies, thus have had severe 'class-structures', necessary for social and cultural improvement and advances, I guess [but to what end?], so this corruption of the story of the Sun and seasons, etc, would be a 'gentle' and acceptable way to persuade the [Pagan] masses into believing that 'centrism' via a holy king, thus supportive of the fucking monarch, is the natural order of life.

[I've long, cynically held, that 'recorded history', and even writing itself, was really only invented, so the monarchs and their civil servants, could remember all the bullshit they told the slaves, to keep the myths on track, and the slaves dumb-down and becalmed. This has merit for the Indigenous cultures, all being quite a lot more honest and true to basic laws of ownership and of communal sharing - aka "True Communism', rarely, if ever, 'progressing' to such detailed forms of record-keeping and writing!] [HA!]

Mad as a bag of cut snakes though most overly wealthy monarchs have been, and always become!

All adding up to strongly suggest that everything around and within the 'Jesus myth', aka the whole NT, is a crock, and the most evil deceit upon the intelligence of each and every human being.

However...., while being quite pissed with the whole deceit, I will stay with my beliefs that the scribes and their advisers were doing their best, and did successfully include, or not omit, the unquestionable Wisdoms in the NT, which apply across the board in day to day life.

The same Wisdoms have always been - once unspoken - indisputable knowledge about how to live, no matter which 'race', culture or, in fact, 'species'!

In fact, we have to admit that our modern generations have not been the 1st ones to see through the deceptions.

And, in the NT, there are 'clues', some of which you've cleverly deciphered, which tell us that it IS a deceit, and that we are fools to fall for the literal texts.

'Allegory' and metaphor' other ways to read all religious and philosophical texts like the biblical ones.

But one is inclined to be open to the chance that the original scribes, and those who 'steered' them to write as they did, were in fact, themselves very skeptical of what the higher echelons of Roman [landed, centrist, elite] power, were demanding they write?

Hence, the 'clues' such as you may have deciphered?

Perhaps that was why the Councils of Nicea went on for some 60 years?

Clearly, most allusions to the 'Gnostic Way' as taught and practiced by the 'Dissenting' followers of JC., of Meditation, etc, have been excluded.

But for the subtle clues some if us detect, one does sense that perhaps the Gnostics did in fact still have some sway on the scribes and even on the Roman elite. It's wrong to assume that all the Roman and Hebrews involved, were complete fools and like christians, unable to see the Reason ie., the Intelligence, of the Gnostics.

The 'orthodox' Jews of Jerusalem, don't regard the NT as part of their scripture, nor do they recognize JC as any messianic figure.

And I think the whole notion of a 'messiac', is refuted by many of them.

Doubtless, some do see the NT as an allegory, and perhaps about the Sun, as you decipher it?

However, I go with my 'theory' that the whole of both christianity and freemasonry, were quite deliberate inventions of the old Israelites, in THEIR quest to own the world! Either pre, or post the Roman conquering of old Israel.

They, after all, have held viciously and with the greatest arrogance, to their being 'the chosen tribe'.

So, on that 'theory', it's easy to accept that the jews were instrumental in both Rome's expansionism, and in design and spread of the NT, to seduce the flockers to follow what was, and still is essentially a Judaic story, about one of their 'revolutionaries'. Aka 'JC'.


Max Cook
10:20 AM
Sorry for the tome, fellow commenters!

As Joe alludes to further up, I might be one of his 'delusional psychotics' for accepting any of the NT as being about any real person, aka JC.

So ''+Joe Nunya', assuming the 'Jesus' sides of the NT are quite NOT as they try to have us believe, do you then say that the 'Councils of Nicea' in the 4th century, and the lengthy and brutal disputes between the 'centrists', later called the 'catholics' and the Gnostics, [I think the Maldeans, or such?] were also fabrications?

When therefore, does 'history' really begin?

Or, is all history a 'present-time' myth as well?

Is there, therefore [here's me going psychotic! HA!] no division into three, of 'time'? [More a jocular few questions, than serious.] Then..., "DAMN THE JEWS, and their clocks!!!" lol...

Max Cook
2:34 PM

A few thoughts for SUNday...,

Whether Joe Nunya's perceptions about the NT are closer to the truth, than the general things most christians believe, or not, what Joe does point out, that we are quite right in questioning the whole phenomena of biblical stories and myths, whether allegory or literal, brings up the questions about how far off the track - therefore how dangerous - the christians, but more so, their 'leaders' are, as-in pontiffs and all the way down the 'chains of command and influence, throughout 'Christendom'?

Considering the extent to which they control things like - banking policies, aka via the biggest, global banks boardrooms, full of christian-school/college-educated executives, and corporations, the same indoctrinal situations prevailing, then, their insidious interference in all things 'government', and, and this is the cruncher, as far as I see it, that some [one assumes 'large] percentage of the clergy still actually believe the literal meanings and histories of the biblical accounts.

And, it's predictions!

That any of these fools in power and funny dresses and hats, have ANY influence over the majority of dumbed-down, and possibly lower-classes, makes the whole western judao-christian 'thing' humanity's most dangerous threat.

And they put people into positions of political power????

What Atheists really have to be careful about, then, is that if, as it seems, Atheism is growing rapidly, that Atheism does not turn into anything as fanatical as any of the christian cults have been allowed to become over the last 1600 years.

Joe replied with these two excellent comments...;

Joe Nunya
12:50 AM

+Max Cook "makes the whole western judao-christian 'thing' humanity's most dangerous threat."

I have been saying this for decades.
There is no doubt that religion has been THE leading cause of War, Death, Genocide, Racism, Sexism, Civil Unrest, Destruction of entire societies/cultures, than any other thing that human beings have done to each other in all of human history.


Joe Nunya
3:26 AM

+Max Cook ""Why, did whomever, write the NT?""

Hard to say, why was any religious text ever written?
The prevailing reason it appears for the NT was to keep the slaves and lower classes in line.
But that was largely from Constantine around 325CE.
Prior to that there was no actual N, there were at least 50-56 various "Gospels" most quite a bit different than the manure that is spewed today from the 3 Synoptic Gospels plus John that were "Cherry Picked" by the council of Nicaea.

Constantine offered to make the little-known
Christian sect the official state religion if the Christians would settle their differences. Apparently, he didn't particularly care what
they believed in as long as they agreed upon a singular belief.
Because prior to this, for hundreds of years, "Christians" believe all kinds of various bullshit.
Largely they were mostly Gnostic thus believed more on the lines of Hinduism where god was actually "inside THEM" but after the CoN it was manipulated to be more along the lines of Saul/Paul of Tarsus where the "Church says god is inside of IT", not US.

This is a good summary of Constantine.

So they got rid of the reincarnation parts which gives power to those that believe it to be THEM, as they are god or in the case of the Gnostic's believed they could become god, god like, with knowledge of the mysteries.

They believed that Yeshua of Nazareth was the archetype of what it means to become as “only begotten” while living the mortal life. It was from the life of this mythical person that early Christian scholars created the theological construct called Jesus Christ. As true Gnostics believed in what they called the Galilean or 'Teacher of Righteousness" ( It is very likely this person was actually "Apollonis of Tyana" a REAL person of which the Jesus MYTH was fashion from) and see in him an example worthy of emulation and devotion, but did not believe in the Jesus Christ found in the Christian faith. So in reality even though they were called Gnostic Christians they were no such thing since they did not believe in any Christ.
Basically to them he was exactly like them but after coming back from India he merely ascended like they will in time.
The difference is that Gnostic's viewed Yeshua or more likely Apollonius as a REAL flesh and blood person, a man born just like them but gained the knowledge to become as god to ascend after death.
the God of the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) they viewed it as the Demiurge, viewed by Gnostic's as fundamentally evil, jealous, rigid, lacking in compassion, and prone to genocide. The Demiurge "thinks that he is supreme. His pride and incompetence have resulted in the sorry state of the world as we know it, and in the blind and ignorant condition of most of mankind." So they couldn't have that of course.

They got rid of every Gnostic related text because they were literally the exact opposite, the black to their white of what they WANTED their followers to believe.
To best take power AWAY from the individual you must have an All Knowing, All Seeing, All Powerful, Jealous, Hate Filled, Vile piece of shit GOD that will punish you even after you are fucking dead.
So they decided on just 4 Gospels out of really we have no idea how many because only about 50 or so managed to survive all the rest were burned.
Those 4 plus naturally the insane babbling's of Saul/Paul, a man of which clearly suffered from Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, was disfigured, in pain and a complete fucking lunatic, a man of which thought that each and every day for the last 20+ years of his miserable life that it was his last day.

So really whom we have to thank for the absolute insanity of Christian lunacy today is Constantine & Saul/Paul, prior to him there really wasn't much of what you would call Christian belief as you know it today.
It should be no surprise that they chose 4 versions of what was basically an Oral Tradition Passion Play, an Astrological Drama about the Cycle of the SUN.
Which naturally coincided very closely to Sol Invictus which was what most Romans worshiped, so very easy to get them to follow the new state religion since it was really the same old religion anyway.
The NT is in fact and irrefutably just an Astrological Drama about Sol Invictus, where the character of jesus is an allegory for the sun.
That is what the 4 Gospels are depicting, they were originally a stage play which is why they sorta end up in this funky chapter and verse.
These are remembrances from oral tradition, bits and pieces put together to form a narrative.
Written by many people over many years.
Sol Invictus was the real subject matter, the SUN, the NT is merely an allegorical story.

So I wrote back...,

Max Cook
8:27 AM

+Joe Nunya
Brilliant Joe!

Made me laugh more than I have for ages!

But, it's great to read, knowing others will too, and adds goodly description to the fallacies of - well..., ALL religion.

I could ask lots of questions of you. But, that's cool.

Cheers. From all Thinkers, too!

As you can see, I'm very wordy, and stray off topic a lot.  That's me, in all my comments on news websites too.  It seems I'm half tolerated, but right wingers and opportunist can me just 'cause they can, and lately on probably all of them for getting further into the big conspiracy I'm central too, the middle-upper to upper crust dicks who have been ready to comment on mine, seem to be not, any more.  I know why, if it is  happening, but too bad.  They're fools and bastards to drop me for being Righteous, and on the side of Democracy.  But also, if they can't understand that the hexes of a life time of lies, with add-ons, has seriously busted my mojo to live and to partake 'of the world'.  No-one can be on the receiving 3nd of the levels of shit and falsity, from 'foe' and pretendly frenemies as I have, and not be permanently screwed, psychologically, 'sexually', and every other -ally.

From well behind the scenes, in every 'medium' they can get to me with, outside of being upfront and honest to me, they implore me to fire up and escape the link I was thrown, had 'welded' to my psyche in 1995, December.

But I am a loser. failed in all aspects of getting myself out of the shithole mum, and a zillion others dropped me in since 1954 - July 16th.

I can accept my fate, although I'm given massages in dreams that death is worse, something like eternal hell, or whatever they have had pumped into their dilly fucking heads as the afterlife.

Fuck ''em!  I have burned about all the world's fucking karma these last 59 years, I reckon.  So, with other aspects and experiences, I reckon I do not qualify for anything near as bad as they do.  So unless they can be upfront and honest, primarily with a MAJOR apology, too bad.

Shit happens.   And I keep fighting from the margins until someone comes along with a well-aimed bullet. Preferably through a silencer when I'm deep in some drunken stupor, asleep in my bunk.

So, I fight on with words.  Said by many as the more effective and powerful weapons to firearms and bombs.

This G+ thread is slowly run it's course, mainly for my prolixia, but no doubt because the other long contributor, has put powerful points which are as likely to shatter and scatter the previously, half-interested, half-sincere white, or bleck, mainstream Google-plussers, away from partaking.

One can only hope they find the indignity in them, from reading the well put 'evidence' against the whole god and Jesus savior shit, from the better informed than I, namely Joe Nunya, to get up and - I dunno - join a militant Atheist Club, or start PROTESTING their governments to TAX THE FUCKING RELIGIONS!!!! Just to be inspired in some way.  

More, I'd reckon we all hope, that the flockers leave their churches in droves, and the church schools, and do something to force the clergy to shut down or for themselves to call for changes to the evil church-assisting tax structures and land distribution rorts.


Here's what I threw up today, going on as usual, 'bout memememy family stuff.

Tough!  I ain't gonna shut up for anyone.

140218.., more of me..,

A! Not forgetting....

Some Australian Aborigines have a story about 'the man in the moon'. Note, 'a man' not a god, who 'dies' each 28 days, and is 'reborn after three days.

Not coincidental to the myth about Jesus, and others being resurrected after three days.

As Aborigine here lived untouched since the earliest times, and that the Aussie island/continent is 'said' to be the oldest piece of dirt on earth, it figures that their 'stories', as part of life, which they interpret into English as 'The Dreaming', come from so long ago, and from so original an era, that they had some foundation, of the stories we see here, in the various expanded myths about Krishna, etc.

But I am no expert on Aborigine generally, nor on origin stories, and any myths which might have similar 'bones' to them as these very recent ones in the poster.

There's a researcher here who says he's established that Australia is actually where homo sapiens did originate, and suggests then, that the Bleck Fulla, [in their lingo], are descendent from the first humans. Living as Homo Sapiens up to and beyond about 400,000 years ago.

My own ancestors, the Gunai Nation, in south eastern Australia, were referred to by their slayers, as 'Immortals', but, [as an aside] not until they been obliterated by the 'pioneers' once they found "GOLD!”  ["Nuggets as big as a man's fist, lying in the steams!", as my Gunai Grand-Father told me. Some 120+ tons of gold was taken out of two mines in that same patch, over about 10 years.  Worth something like 2 billion dollars + now.  So the IMF owes me, I reckon!]

The Indigenies here I've heard on the subject, say 'the Creator-spirit', being the phenomenon underlying life, but don't refer to that, as any 'sentient', interfering, chatty-chatty 'god', or such.

And, I've heard some talk of christianity as 'evil' the same as Joe and I think, in this thread. They're fully aware of what comes from the 'faith' sides of it, and that it is oppressive of our own innate Intelligence and Spirituality.

Many of them, still 'connected' to their old ways, cultural traditions and knowledge, and not 'stolen' by the churches to have their ways stomped out of them, consciously reject outright the whole christian idea, ideal, knowing at once that it is a scam.

When whiteguy came, and Aborigine were aware of the extent of the invasion, they had to decide how to survive.

Previous, there was little or no lying. They were 'True Fellas', who only spoke honestly. So they came to the decision that they too, had to start talking shit, just to deal with and survive amongst the whites.

Especially once the preachers got amongst them. Many of them were so shocked by the shit these idiots would talk, they lost all want to live, knowing their days were gone, and the era of bullshit was here to stay.

Joe Nunya
4:11 AM
+Max Cook Well first off there is zero evidence that any such jesus/Yeshua of Nazareth ever existed in anything but myth.

and I have looked long and hard but have never found a single shred of evidence that he is anything more than just an allegorical character, same as Horus or Hercules.

I have yet to see much evidence for any "Matriarchal Societies" with few exceptions.
I mean occasionally you get a Cleopatra VII that of course had great power as Pharaoh.

There were quite a few 'Goddesses" though, but this like all religion is just power over the mind , usually priest pretending to communicate with the Goddess.

But most ALL gods, goddesses are some form of either Sun god, Vegetation god, or some celestial what ever.
You have to remember what human society was like 2000 years ago.
No electricity, the skys above extremely clear, many spent A LOT of time not under a roof like we do today.
No real science short of a very very educated few.
No understanding of just basic biology that even a Non Religious 5th grader today would know.
A LOT of time was spent looking at the stars and wondering just WTF .
They noticed the obvious, the SUN maintained life, grew their crops which kept them alive.
Thus the Sun became "The Giver of Life".

Lord and Saviour -- Mithras!

Max Cook
12:51 PM

+Joe Nunya

I rarely watch Youtubes, for data charges, here they're filthy, I reckon anyway.

And I could get the basics from text sites, aye.

We agree to disagree on whether Yeshua was an actual person, stripped of all the myths. As you, I can offer no evidence, but knowing what I do about the cults, religions, churches, synagogues, rahrarah, they're both well capable of building this type of hero from nothing, but as well, like hollywood, there is often, especially in the larger 'myths-cum-[blockbuster]-movies, some poor sucker who actually did exist, and, to be sure, was 'airbrushed' out of the reality because they remain, while alive or known, a threat to the bullshit.

You may recall our actor, 'Paul Hogan' who played "Crocodile Dundee" in a hollywood [I think] movie. It may have been locally made.

Well, hollywood aside, the man did exist, in the Northern Territory. Not nearly the hero Hogan painted him up to be, of course. He was a humbler bloke, who was not gregarious, and lived well away from 'the throng' in a desert piece of NT land. He gained his name, from actually wrestling a croc.

But, once the film was made, shown, made millions and gone, he was actually set up, and was shot dead by NT coppers, having never been paid 'royalties' or such.

I'm sure there are Americans who specialize in investigating and compiling evidence on just such scenarios, where hollywood has gotten onto a 'theme' of someone's actual life, then orchestrated their demise 'by any means'. usually, by making life so miserable they suicide. An old trick. Then movie town goes to town and makes millions! For? Israel!

So, we should consider these scenarios in our point of interest here. And, as we do agree on, the judaic and christian, and masonic cults will try to achieve their goals, 'by any means'.
Always, at some poor suckers, some innocent peoples' expense.

Of course, now, it matters not whether Yeshua did in fact live any life the old rabbis and Roman elite saw worth plagiarizing.

But there is an eerie coincidence between, as the poster shows, mythological entities, made gods, and the means by which the perpetrators go about 'building' the grounds and foundations for the myth.

And, on 'matriarchy' everyone knows women are as smart at making things up, as any SFX expert. Perhaps better?

The success, always depends upon the ability to hide the facts. In fact, the 'stories' they fabricate to give apparent strength to some larger conspired myth, do change as they are retold, of course, but also as they are found to have flaws, illogicalities and outright provable bullshit to them. But that doesn't matter to the central fanatics. They just sprout some more confusing garbage to send the doubters off to think some more, to dig fruitlessly some more, to come back and never get the chance to re-address what was told them last time.

Classic whiteguy shit, as far as I'm, and about ooowh? 5 BILLIONS Human beings alive now, are concerned.

All the stories about and around and behind any central objective, or puppet, can be washed either clean or away.

'By any means'.

As we all agree, in these types of major conspiracies, against the greater majority of the species, the OCCUPY Movement's elitist '1%' against the Mass, the '99%', the conspirators are stinking rich, can make money just looking at a bank, or at their credit card, and so buying off a potential 'leaker', or buying an assassin, is nothing to them, nor to their objective, of building the world's greatest hero, and just in the minds of as many as they can reach.

Hence, hollywood and mass media. Even the mainstream news and entertainment mediums are right in there, producing pro-centrist bullshit, as oft' to the same end.

And all the sycophants being bribed, with wages and salaries and endless promotions [big Arnie! 'The Terminator' ''protecting the dude who 'saves the world!' 'John Connor'! or..., hohoho, 'JC"!

"Governor of California, Arnie, YEE-EESSS! Anything to keep you quiet about the background FACTS to the fiction!!!"

Like the spy agencies - CIA, MI6, Mossat, and every other zionist cabal of spoiled 'we're getting PAID!' Ethics-free, hypnotized scumbags, who are very much in-on-this modern-day scam of building another, as you have defined well for us, 'Sun god', the trick, as they say, is to 'not leave your calling card'.

So no-one can trace evidence of - a conspiracy!

So as such large myths generally take a while to spread, propagate and be accepted into the general population, of dickwits, the most seducing are brought in. The females.

And, over a long time, dissent and counter-conspiracies are born, and grow, amongst any natural allies. If they, as a group, see they're oppressed, and that being part of a nasty, naughty and evil plan to maintain some elitists power, can be turned to their own advantage, then they will dedicate themselves to taking some of the booty - power.

But, that's merely my speculating on the rise and rise of women in the halls of global dynastic power.

"Power corrupts. Absolute power, corrupts absolutely!"

So too, does the hunger for power.

And the war for power.

Machiavellianism gone off the rails. Badly.

Very very badly.

So everyone above certain level of being bought off, and/or into, any such conspiracy, soon enough loses the plot of being, remaining, [if they ever were], balanced, honorable, stable and - sane.

Hence, todays' zionist elites, and every greaser down the chain of toilet - er - command and bribe-taking.


As for your paragraphs above....

"You have to remember what human society was like 2000 years ago.
No electricity, the skys above extremely clear, many spent A LOT of time not under a roof like we do today.
No real science short of a very very educated few.
No understanding of just basic biology that even a Non Religious 5th grader today would know.
A LOT of time was spent looking at the stars and wondering just WTF .
They noticed the obvious, the SUN maintained life, grew their crops which kept them alive.
Thus the Sun became "The Giver of Life"."

Yep! Agree! Mostly.

But those references of yours, are of the 'fallen' tribes of the Levant and Eurape, etc, yes?

We are inclined in our 'modern' hubris, to regard everyone before as dumb fools.

Clearly, as you went to in an earlier comment, the 'dark ages' descended on the 'west' once christianity killed off all the ancient local Wisdom, and 'shaman' etc.

Like simpleton detractors of passed flawed beliefs, they defer to suggesting that "....in the past, they believed the world was flat!"

Well.., some, did. But most would have known a little better, perhaps for living outdoors?

So, to get to it, I ask you to consider how People of pre-Roman, pre-colonial Cultures, could have stayed as fit as possible, that-is that they, like our Aborigines, could run all day and all night, live off bugger-all water for extended periods, eat only indigenous and 'Bush Tucker' as we call it, yet had NO cancers, colds, diseases, [to any endemic extents], remained healthy in body and mind, and could find exactly the most nutritious healthy foods without 'Kellogs' or 'Dow' laboratories, AND maintained sound, balanced DEMOCRATIC government, across some 520-plus nations [here], for some half a million years!


By shit I laugh at that one!

What I'm emphasizing is, that they musta known SOMETHING?

But, along came the christians, the branch office of the lost tribes of Israel!

Little wonder they hunger for, conspire to fabricate, and need a fucking savior!!!!

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Travelling 4x4 Tent of

General Blue Meanee
Commander Notorious
General War Pig


Bleck - Green - Red
Wisdom - Intelligence - Honor