My Guardian Comments - Rally Against Medicare Reforms & Domestic Violence

140216 My Guardian Comments   - Rally Against Medicare Reforms & Domestic Violence

Many Australians will not be able to afford to see a doctor and will cost the health system more, says Tanya Plibersek
Australian Associated Press
theguardian.com, Saturday 15 February 2014 18.13 AEST

My response to another commenter, complaining about another, saying it's the fault of the New South Welshers, who voted in a majority for the current idiots we call the federal government.

Sorry Cuz! But if you voted - PERIOD - you essentially voted for a 'conservative' party!

Even the 'Greens' are more 'conservative' of their own 'pleasant inheritances' acquired for being of the upper-[stolen-land] classes, than any genuine FOR THE People, and FOR THE Ecology Parties.

Since 'the barricades' and the right to own guns were banned, we've been a lame and distracted people.

As big Clive half-protests, the AEC and all our elections have been rigged.

'Voting' is a scam, Cuz!

While we all put our 'comfy fanny pads' before Economic Justice, we're lost to tyranny and perpetual bullshit and injustice.

When young men are killed, legislation is rushed through the courts. Yet when women and children are murdered by their husbands and fathers, we’re asked to show the killers compassion
Louise Taylor
theguardian.com, Friday 14 February 2014 16.43 AEST

My reply to 'wendyecarter's comment


"The vast majority of domestic violence victims are female - above 95%. There are so few services for male victims because there are not that many of them! When people talk about women being beaten that is because that is the more common situation."

Assuming 'wendyecarter' is female, so perhaps a lack of simple maths and 'reason' is excusable, Ma'am?

But does that figure not say ANYTHING to you?

I, a male, very untypical middle-class Australian [www.maxearth.blogspot.com.au] was once very much on the side of 'women' in these types of debates, and issues.

I was active in pushing for government to introduce the single mum's pension here, so young mums could escape the heinous backward, brutal male chauvinistic 'arena' in our domestic caves.

But, once the girls started to have babies, yes to actually get preggars, so they could bludge on that nice-little-earner, rarely doing an honest days work, I opposed it.

However..., your stats up there, seem to suggest all the males are without any cause, just '...comin' 'ome pissed and agro...' or such?

NEVER of course, has ANY woman been UNreasonable, devious, taking more than she had the right to, or simply liked 'playing wiff 'is mind, jus' a little', for some scheming sorted with the 'sistas' before he came home from wherever, usually a less than pleasant 40 hours at the grindstone.

Nope! Sorry. You're being unreasonable.

However-however..., my 40-plus years of inquiry into these types of failures of our societies, determines they all are not 'personal' but are definitely 'cultural', in terms of the impossible concept of 'matrimony' [NOTE: 'Matri-', as in for the matriarchal designs on life, and on control of men], the failed concept of nuclear families, where all balance and the wider knowledge and assistance of a larger extended family group is GAWWN, MAYTE!

Then, it goes on and on, Ma'am, and I'd suggest you and your delicate flowers of a gender are simply not up to going through the ageless list of screwed cultural norms we take for granted, while focusing on why the blokes are GETTIN' A BIT PISSED OFF! with the lovely little lady, at home, playing mum with her toy babies.

Granted, this is an angry, and possibly biased view, and is from an admitted 'Sworn Misogynist'.

But the sheilas are VERY good [read VERY bad] at misconstruing such events, especially to the girlfriends, the girlfriends' partners or brothers, AND THE COPPERS, and excel in putting the blokes in the sin bin, well before the blokes have any chance, let alone education, to state their usually increasing, longtime view on how the missus picks, and plans, and gets her revenge on little things like, 'shit I forgot the nappies', or her birthday, or to say 'I love you!' at the appropriate moments, or such.

This, is why I oppose Hillary Clinton's run for the US presidency.

Women, perhaps some '95% of them, are NOT well balanced and aren't either, replete with 'Reason' big-'R', before their readiness to run to 'faith' aka witchcraft, to warp any event to heir suiting.

As said, its very much a deeply errant culture, dating back millennia, but exacerbated of more recent times with very bad-nay-evil laws of distribution, of the necessaries we all need, which force us to do horrible things just for a dollar, let alone to love with fluffy liars, and keep them settled.

Gonna censor this one, Guardian girls?

Well...! Yep! They DID censor it.

So, dogged as I can be, as they can be, I wrote another one, which went thus..;

"KingCommo wendyecarter 16 February 2014 3:56am This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn't abide by our community standards."

Can't complain about that. It was openly a vitriolic and misogynistic comment.

However, abiding by set rules or not, it went to issues women refuse to admit to, about subversive and deliberately intimidating behavior, against which your average male, breadwinner, or not, generally far preferring a stable and equal relationship to a firey and violent one, cannot keep ignoring, or telling themselves "It's OK. I can handle it" etc.

wendyecarter said 95% of 'reported' cases or such, are women.

I responded with her lacking the obvious, of abilities to see that women are not therefore always, nor in every one of the 95% of violent eventualities, innocent.

I also mentioned aspects of our 'powers' which again, women do NOT like having to discuss openly, with males. But I'll let that slide.....

If women cannot admit they DO intimidate men, in relationships and, in our generally below standards 'niteclub' or night out venues and general social situations, often where no "self-respecting, intelligent and thus mature man or woman would let themselves be seen, then there is a block in any genuine attempts to grow beyond such inequities, and the seat/cause/crux of the problem has to be shared by both genders.

[I mean? Admitting to being yer av'rage Aussie youth, in the 1970s, going to niteclubs etc., long since have I felt disgust that those types of venues, are or were, the best places to meet one's spouse?!?!?! It's all very well for our churchie lads and lasses, to be guided to slightly better standards of venues, say, like classical music concerts, or even (not still, surely) ballet performances, etc. If only because the parents tell them to, or they wont inherit the farm!. But yer av'rage bloke and lassie, haven't had the 'inculturation' to appreciate the 'finer things in life' and to go then, to places where the potentials are rather better mannered and have an elevated level of self-control. However, having been a cabbie around a few Aussie cities from 1980 to 2000, I've seen the best of our youth, doing their worst after they've left 'the nicest' venues!]

As I also pointed out,[to wendye...] these 'situations' of domestic and other male on female violence events, cannot be slated onto either individual or gender.

It is a cultural malady. And while the women persist in taking the high road, and keep looking down on men, for being men, that-is, forced by culture to be the brutes, as much as by the 'gentler sex', and while the culture keeps everyone on edge fighting just for some, SOME, security in a home, at work, play and elsewhere, if women who are as susceptible to stress, deploy their 'dysfunction' on the 1st or nearest one around, men will get sick of being nice, of having to talk over and over, rubbish about fending off a dysfunctional woman's inability to clean out her own attic of psychological maladies. Etc.

Cure the culture. Cure domestic violence.

STOP putting the blame and women's need to fix themselves, on the blokes!

Women are at least as dysfunctional in an wholly dysfunctional culture, as me. ER? Him! Umm, Us Fellas! ;]

They're watching me, to see how I react. If I slam the 'Guardian girls' for censoring my earlier comment, they'll just assume 'POWER!' over me again, and remove this one.

Proving my reasons for being a fucking misogynist!

Fuck 'em!

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