America Must Face It - Capitalism Is Perpetual Global, Civil and Individual War

140212 America Must Face It - Capitalism Is Perpetual Global, Civil and Individual War

Lately, the issue of who was behind the tragic event in New York USA, on 11th September 2001, has resurfaced on a few websites.

A news website had an article on it, and the generally trite, Google Plus Conversations pages, has a post on it's 'Versus' page about it, which has induced a lively several comments from readers, mostly, interestingly for me, disputing the people who are active across the US, known in typically American word-forming style, '9/11 Truthers', and vehemently denying that 9/11 was anything but what, and how, the US and world's MainStream Media, MSM, have portrayed it. A 'terrorist' attack by a previously unknown organization, led by the wealthy Saudi Arabian 'Osama bin Laden'.

As 'controversial' posts to those shallow, social media, chatty, slogan-eze, Google plus pages go, the 'debate' has been deliberately reduced by the 'denialists' who take the government and MSM view, to 'he-said/she-said' type stuff.

I take the side of the Poster, an American, 'Allen', as do a minority of other commenters, that 9/11 was 'an inside job' with culprits sitting in places of influence and control of military, high-up through the US administration, of the day, 2001.

And we get shit for it. Hohoho.

But, having no home, nor even a shed big enough to potter constructively in, I 'potter' on the computer, and the internet, so being 'political' as I am, for what it's worth, I dive into these 'juicy' 'debates', and put my points, prolix most of them, out there, for the Google-philes to see.

Last night I threw a comment up to another post showing a picture and apparent quote from the 17th century or so Philosopher, Immanuel Kant. “Give a man everything and immediately it is not everything” or similar, suggesting that man is never satisfied.

Whiteguy 'man' AND, if not more so, 'women' most definitely.

Debbie Sinno

Give a man everything he wants and...

[I haven't bothered confirming that Kant actually did say that.  That, is irrelevant.]

Here's what I commented...,

At 1st glance, I thought this was an anti-men post, by a 'feminist'.

Glad to see you're aware of the genderlessness intentions of Kant's line.

I've looked at this for decades, in regard to 'man's [and womens] insatiability', and discern [for decades of study and learning via eastern schools of thought, and a top western philosophical school] it results from what I call our 'WRONG WAY' western, Judao-christian culture, of 'faith' as opposed to employing our innate, but in the west, typically dormant 'Intellect' to penetrate beneath our egoistic 'shell' and developing a strong and powerful relationship with the source of all we see, think, know etc - the deeper inner self, which is only where satiation is found.

The western religions have always done nothing in leading us into our own Self, Light, First Principle, whatever [don't freak, I'm an Atheist now], and only leave us hexed with their bullshit 'faith' which is but hypnotism, instead, and counter to [for pernicious religious and cult elitist purposes], killing our own want to inquire, and thus awaken our higher mind, the Intellect.

So Kant, albe-he an excellent Philosopher for his time, and place, was only reflecting on those he knew, of the dumb-as-dogdoo west.

That's why he said it. Whitey, is steeped in the ignorance of the materialist 'out there' for happiness, western, judao-christian deceits, where we can not ever really, truly, be satisfied.

This is where the Jews went off the path, and the 'golden calf tribe' of materialism took over, and has steered them and all descendent cultures - christianity mainly of course, but it's branch - CRAPitalism, into the ditch/pit/abyss where we are today.

Hence, western culture of MORE MORE MORE, until we consume life itself, and we're still unhappy! Hahahoho.

All Indigenous Cultures and Peoples of old, knew the source of personal contentment, which is why they lasted, in Australian Aborigine's case, for over, some say, 400,000 years.

Being 'Primitive' is being Happy!

In essence, Kant was saying in those words, that [western] 'man' [AND women!] are, in all their wealth, quite, quite insane!

[Now wait for the derisive insults... from my wealthy detractors....?]

[And..., copying this to post on my blog, on 2nd glance, I think it IS an 'anti-men' post by a somewhat narrow-minded, mainstream middle-upper class, white, western, misanthropist feminist! And probably a well-to-do 'christian' one, at that? Yes/no Debbie?]

[Smile! All smiles!!!] ;]

It was ranging through my thoughts about destroying the planet this morning, as I lay in the bunk, and the defined words came through, that 'capitalism' which is behind man's insatiability, is the most evil form of war'.

For it promotes a belief and a system of commerce, upon which everybody is in fact at war with everybody else.

So, capitalism is not anything defined as a war between nations, or between cultures, or planets or galaxies or worlds, but, capitalism is a war between individuals, merely to survive, to be one day victorious over an opponent, who is in fact every other person around them, so-as to secure, for one more day, one more week, one more year or decade, the needs we all have, of a house, a roof, food, and the other less important accouterments of the culture in which we are dumped by mum, and left to struggle to be 'happy'.

In the same terms, capitalism is a system of perpetual civil war between neighbors. Each one against all the others!


And, surely it does not take much for us to see, that this type of capitalist war, can never end, and thus, can never be won!?

The prime examples, being the UK, Eurape, the USA and Australia. The world's leading most consumptive, most divided, most destructive, most insane, most 'false' nations and capitalist cultures.

So, regards who might have been behind 9/11, which is a different but related issue, we might find, that some, were well aware of the evils of the American [and thus global] capitalist structures, with some of it's 'peak' bodies, corporations and controllers, posited up in the top floors of the World Trade center towers in New York, determined that, all things considered, something, an attack on that center of evil, the top floors of the WTC, had to occur.

And, at the same time, some others, were so much imbued, captured, hypnotized by capitalism, and the absolute heartlessness that capitalism breeds, saw, all things considered, that they should, could and would go to the hithertobefore never gone-to extent, for their own breeding to become completely callous to everyone else, by organizing some alleged 19 'terrorists' to take control of large aircraft and in their suicide mission, do something dramatic. Very dramatic.

The second 'some', took that path for what they planned to follow. Blaming someone else. Very capitalism!

[Correction: The reasons the path, or flights, were taken, are far more complex than that, as are described in detail in the video link];

Then, blaming someone from a foreign country, a foreign country that was an easy target, had heaps of resources - oil - that America, Britain and Eurape were getting desperate for, being the maximum over-consumption nations they are, had a leader who had defeated an earlier attempt by an earlier US president to invade and defeat, and to take the oil - President George Herbert Bush, the father of the US President in 2001, George Wally Bush, [sorry George! Don't know what 'W' stands for?], a country which was at odds with another middle-Eastern nation, the most wealthy one, Saudi Arabia, whose elites were close friends and allies of the western alliance, etcetera and on it goes.

By blaming a country having all those 'credentials' it was easy for the ruthless people in the US administration to effect 9/11, and the ensuing war against Iraq.

Utterly NO consciences, any of them. As we have seen, what with the ongoing chaos now right across the Middle East, and for a few lesser years, across north Africa, no souls, nor intellects.

ALAS! Products of 'capitalism'!

So, for the continuing war, since escalated post-9/11, across the Middle East and north Africa, for the now endless list of massive war crimes, and crimes against humanity, that 9/11 triggered, it is nothing short of the worst evil ever committed, if the world does not persist and get to the bottom of 'who dunnit?'

However.., the world really has also, at once, and primarily, get to the bottom of 'why' such atrocities have been caused.

   "Capitalism'. is, 'a system of perpetual international, civil and individual war against everyone in need of the same resources".  

Why has the species come to this?

Religion does have something to answer on that, no question.

But that is too shallow.

'Evolution' might be a valid explanation about why we find ourselves in this pit/ditch/abyss?

Not the 'evolution' as opposed to 'creation', but 'evolution' in creation, where things naturally, 'apparently' end this way.

As I wrote it, in an e-ssay to my blog 'Amoeba to Empire to Self-Extermination'.

An extreme optimist might conclude that this is yes, how 'life' goes, and, ends, and that we have to get to this critical-fuckup point, before we, supposedly a sentient and intelligent species, leap up and out of the cauldron of insatiable mad desire, and into, up to, a 'place' on earth, where we come to our senses and start living and trading properly, not as free market crapitalists, but as intelligent, sharing members of one massive community?

Pretty extreme?!

Too extreme for America, the UK, Eurape, Astrayliar, the International Criminal Court, or for the IMF and World bank, and the International Labor Organization, I bet!

And what about the alleged 'holy ones', of the Vatican, Mecca, Lambeth, 'Buckingham Palace, Salt Lake City, and other centers for western religion?

Because, and this gets more to the core and cause for Kant's 'insatiable man', as said, western religion is to blame for our 'WRONG WAY' cultures, which have failed completely in teaching individuals how to be satiated. Happy! At peace with their lot, themselves, and with their neighbors.

Do any of the supposed 'leaders' of western, [and modern Islamic] religious cultures have either the intellects, the insight, and the courage to speak strong and authoritatively DOOOWN to 'capitalism', and all, ALL, it's blind dumb and MAXIMUM-CONSUMPTION adherents?

And, of course, were they to do so, would anyone listen?




That is...,





But please do not be surprised, nor angry, if some almighty power, blows the planet to a zillions pieces!

You're SOOOOOO fucked, capitalists!

SOOOOOO fucked!


Well.., out of laziness, I leave the above rant in here, and explain that after going to the G+ pages again, after writing the stuff above, I actually opened a link provided by a 9/11 Truther, about it.

It only lasted 10 minutes of 43 or so, until my internet security software 'updated' itself, and everything sllloooowwwed to stopping point.

And I didn't have a lot of wireless broadband credit, so haven't watched the rest of the vid.

But what I did watch, was quite properly done, and added to my conclusions about 9/11 being an inside job.

being it's title and link.

For anyone with doubts, or who wants to know more about 9/11, this video is good juice! [But HEY? Me being some 50 years behind the play, it's as likely everyone on earth, who are still alive in realtime 2064, already knows everything about 9/11 and the eventual fall of life on earth!]

Most of the stuff I managed to keep in my memory does not concur with the names of corporations and types of 'dealers' they were, but the essence is still close enough to correct.

Nevertheless..., 9/11, and all the shit ongoing in the Middle East is directly related, methinks, to what I wrote to the post of what Immanuel Kant is said to have said.

I updated my comment there, too, as per the last couple of lines.

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