Looking for Australia - The Symbol, The Emblem, The Motif, The Icon, The Rock?

140202 Looking for Australia - The Symbol, The Emblem, The Motif, The Icon, The Rock?

I hope I do not offend anyone for this e-ssay.

Since my first sighting of Uluru, in 'sorry talk' [English] 'Ayer's Rock, in the centre of Australia, as a teenager, mid-1960's, it's had my affection.

As I grew, went into the general reality of 'Aboriginality', their being our First Peoples, I was drawn to find out more about Uluru, and the stories of the Mutujulu People, it's Traditional owners, and of the deserts out there.

Then, finding out, that I myself am from Aboriginal stock, from south eastern Australia, the Brayakooloong Gunai Nation, I was dedicated to the Aborigine's Cause, simply, first of all, for their survival against the evil odds of the continuing racism and it's cause, of land theft by the invader people from Britain and Eurape, but now from everywhere people can acquire riches enough to buy a passport into Australia, thence to buy stolen Aborigine land.

And all along, I've felt that as the Mutujulu People know and regard the Big Red Rock as Sacred, Sacred to their Dreaming, and so to their Spiritual Perspectives, and Knowledge of their own Mother Lands, and, as Uluru is very close to the centre of the Australian island-continent, plus, that all Australian Aborigine have known of it, since the beginning, and of it's wider Spiritual, Sacred Worth, in looking for a Symbol for Australian Aborigine to Unite beneath, the Rock has been what I've been 'called' back to, to consider as our Common Symbol.

However, these are merely my own thoughts on 'symbolism' etc.

Aborigine has a Symbol. The Red Black [Bleck!] and Yellow Flag, designed by one of Them, from up Northern Territory I think?

[Downloaded from the NAIDOC website, asking permission, please?]

Just looked at Wikipedia for info on the Flag, to find:

It was designed in 1971 by Aboriginal artist Harold Thomas, who is descended from the Luritja people of Central Australia and holds intellectual property rights in the flag's design. The flag was originally designed for the land rights movement, and it became a symbol of the Aboriginal people of Australia.

I love it.

So, me, being an uninitiated 'Johnny-come-lately' Bleck Fella, uninitiated, and knowing less than 1% of what one could know about Aborigines, 'Indigenies', as I say, not to mention my white and freckled, essentially Irish skin, I have no right to assume my imagination could possibly have a place in their 'symbolism/s'.


The Flag is Known and is accepted across the land here now, so it's THE Symbol, for Australian Indigenous Peoples.  No Question, nor challenge from lil' me, be sure.

Nevertheless - not putting this forward for Our Indigenies to even bother considering - I can't let go of the 'identity' that Uluru does symbolize, for me and my wandering hunger to be part of the Bleck Fella Peoples.

I don't want - well - I'd love to be 'wanted' or accepted, by the Mutujulu People, as something like a part of their Nation.

But I'm from Gunai People, although officially, according to Wikipedia, my Sub-Tribe, the Brayakooloong, are extinct - another story - so seeing as I've found out some about my own Ancestors from that south-eastern Country, I've thought long and hard about them, and my relationship to them, and thus, my Duty to them, and their Memory, Etc.

So, it is my Honorable Duty to remain 'Loyal' to them. But in saying that I at-once do not, for not being initiated nor any part of their Traditions or Dreaming, Etc., I've consciously taken the only road open to me, that of being an Outlaw.

Now, 59 y/o, exiled and unable to re-integrate into any society, white or Bleck, I don't expect I would be able nor happy trying to or being accepted into any Nation of the Australian Indigenies. Although, while I was in Nimbin northern NSW, the Local Bunjalung Peoples, did treat me as something of a Brother, as-it-were.

This, of course, is more likely how all Australian Indigenies Respect each other now, little matter from which Nation or Tribe they're from.

Not just a matter of 'sticking together against whiteface!', but that they, are all related, somewhere waaaay back down the track, probably half a million years long. So they're all a lot closer to each other than to the racists.

However, still thinking about things to be put forward, not really for Bleck Fella to identify under as one, but perhaps as something of or with an 'International' symbolic 'flavor' to it, I thunk more about Uluru, and went onto Google Earth, to 'ave-a-lookie' at The Great Rock, from high up.

But as well as thunking along those lines, I was also feeling tired of the traditional 'Brit-Euro' way of looking at the planet. Always north on top.

Well..., that's logical, for navigation and comparison values, etc. All Nations and Cultures in their own, have the four directions, north, east, south and west, as means of relating, etc. And I think the north is always 'north' - if that makes sense?

But, anyways.., I was trying to thunk 'laterally'?

So I thought of the view from space, of Eartha, from a different perspective.

I thought about the Sacred Great Father Sun, who wakes us all up each and every day, from the Sacred East.

So, I spun the Earth around, from space, and Australia, was sitting on her west coast, with the Cape of York, of the True Fella Torres Strait Islanders, was pointing left, etc.

Then, I dropped out of the sky down onto Uluru.

And, there She was! The Symbol!

Well.... not to a Maori! Not to say, to a Wadai! And not to a Gunai!

But, falling into a trance like sensation, the image of Uluru sitting with the eastern 'corner' to the top, was impressive, to me, to say the least.

It struck me as a way of showing Her, that had some naturally 'Mystical' Value.

Now, again, this is only my 'feelings' about Her.

I don't want to push my 'feelings' out onto anyone.

Especially on something which has Significant and Sacred 'Value' to the Traditional Owners of Uluru, but also, the True Fella peoples from all over here, Australia.

Knowing as little as I do, it's not impossible that viewing Uluru that way is something devilish, to Her People?

Apart from any of 'my' mystical illusions, about Uluru's pictorial worth, as just a nice image, let alone as any Symbol for Bleck Fella to take up, the photo of Uluru from that direction, or with Her showing the East-down perspective, is attractive, methinks.

I asked 'Why?' And it was I think, merely because it places the south eastern sides, as inline to the top, which shows Her up as something more of what perhaps, just my western-corrupted eyes and mindstuff, see as effective. Attractive.

So, carrying on as I do when I'm in idle, I wuz redrawing some name cards for meself, as

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw
REALPolitik Outlaw Journalist

with email address and stuff on them.

Then I pasted on the laptop, the image of Uluru beneath the words, and thought, “Corr! Tha's nice!

But, 'cause I'm nothing to do with the Mutujulu, or the Uluru Sacred Rock, I will not use the image on any name card, nor try to 'sell' the image as any Symbol for Bleck fella to Unite upon.

But, because it is so nice to look at,

here it is, from oooowh..., a few miles up.

Praise You, Big Red Rock! [If that's OK to say?]

And, Praise All Australian Indigenous Peoples!

You're The Greatest, Bleck Fellas!

This - below - is what I pasted beneath the words on my name card, jus' for a look-see.

I reckon it's REAL Cosmic, Cousins!

A note to the Mutujulu People of Uluru:

If it impresses you also, might I suggest that you do something like getting the image 'copyrighted'?

Because if it impresses me, and you, it might do so also to others, who might be greedy bitches, and might copyright an image or symbolic drawing representation of Your Rock, for their own reward.

It's YOURS. So any monies from a handsome image like this, is YOURS too.

[Of course, what do I know? Maybe you saw it longtime ago, and have already got the copyright, are making money with it on T-shirts, and letterheads? Hahahohoho! Silly Maxee!]

THAT's where I seen it! It's very close to the “Kiwi's” Symbol or whatever, like a Fern leaf or something, I've seen as a small motif on T-shirts, aye?!

[But it's much Better, aye? Hyuk!]

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Travelling 4x4 Tent of

General Blue Meanee
Commander Notorious
General War Pig


Bleck - Green - Red
Wisdom - Intelligence - Honor