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140220 Norton Virus Download Cost and confusing data uploading CHAT & 3rd Party Advertising BOOLLLLSHSHSH-IT Softcock Software

Fired up lappie this mourning, and was hit by every crapitalist online from the USA, slowing things down considerably.

Then Norton told me I had a problem, and I had to download a FIX. So I did, and found a few anomalies?

So, for my mourning's want to have a BITCH, I went to their chat line, and wrote and received this.

Thank you for contacting Norton Support! You are currently 15 in the queue.
One of our experts will be with you soon. You are currently 10 in the queue. Please stay online.
You are currently 6 in the queue. Please stay online.
You are currently 5 in the queue. Please stay online.
You are currently 3 in the queue. Please stay online.

You are now entering the chat room.

Welcome to Norton Support, my name is Iris. Please give me a minute to go through the information you have provided.

Iris: I will definitely help you fix the error blankblankblank on your Norton product. This means that the product cannot blahblahblah.........

Max Cook: Life's a bitch! Norton has to do more to convince customers that Norton can be trusted. The internet is getting significantly worse in this regard. It is logical that customers CANNOT trust internet security companies, simply because 'competition' makes us all, untrustworthy, and, like the recent NSA revelations, etc., 'big-corp' is the problem. I know Norton reps have gone further than their charter says they should, in terms of looking into and, yes, taking info from my computer. That's life, for a 'monarch' in rebellion and exile. Does NOT mean they, under instructions from giggling supervisors or not, can be so unethical. Corporations, from top to bottom, must grow up. Capitalism is a major FAIL. Thanks for the great service. Yours, Commander Notorious. Australia. Please pass this up the ranks to your Executive!

Max Cook: Thanks Iris. No need to go further. The FiX DID fix the problem. I'm just annoyed at the mysterious download, of 1.03Gb, when it is only 270Mb or so. Also, why did the wireless broadband stats show that some 27Mb was being UPloaded as this was coming down? Can you answer these tow questions?
Max Cook: Do you get tired of reading 'through' spellling errors?

Iris: I am so sorry to hear how upset you are with the product. Rest assure that I will address this issue to our higher level management.
Iris: No, I'm not. I'm still reading and analyzing what the issue is.

Max Cook: Cool! Let me say that Norton does a good job of keeping the computer secure, in general. I don't knock your products. It's a 'cultural' thing.
Max Cook: My bitch here, is mainly that something downloaded some 1.03Gb of data. That is costly, and unexplained. And, that something UPloaded some 27Mb off my computer? Why, and what was it? I have documents I regard as 'sensitive', politically. Rahrahrah...

Iris: Where did you see this information?

Max Cook: On my 'Virgin wireless broadband statistics window.

Iris: Max, I would like to help you on this but I am not technically trained with Wireless broadband.
Iris: I don't think that this has something to do with Norton.

Max Cook: Unsatisfactory. Which nation is Norton's HQ in, Please?
Max Cook: I can find that out myself. Thanks. End conversation. 'Bye. Thank you for shopping at Hell's Gate! Pls come again! hohoho.....
Max Cook: Waiting waiting...?

Iris: I am so sorry, Max. I will make sure that this case will be address to our high management.

Max Cook: Of course, were Norton actively uploading files off my computer without my knowledge, thus permission, they are not likely to admit it, are you? Very MI6 or whomever.

Iris: Are you chatting with me from the computer that has the issue?

Max Cook: Yeees...!
Max Cook: Where are you situated, Iris?

Iris: No, Norton is will not download anything on your computer. The product works to protect your computer from any signs of threat and not to download anything.
Iris: I am located in the Philippines.

Max Cook: OK. So is it not Norton's work to protect my computer from being 'harvested' by outside sources? It's hard for myself, without assistance to find things like traffic monitoring software, etc. I would have hoped Norton would have such packages available for customers, so we can see what is coming down and going up. Do you understand?

Iris: Yes, I do.
Iris: I can try to check your computer and your Norton program if you will allow me to.

Max Cook: I think it should be standard, for such as Norton, to offer software which tells customers exactly who is having any 'contact' when we are online. And, where they are located. A major sticking point for users is the anonymity of the internet. Most of us don't know much at all about how programming works, so our security is in the hands of clever-dicks with NO morals... rahrahrah...
Max Cook: But you can not do much from here, and the problem blankblankblank is fixed. So Thanks, please pass this on... bye.

Iris: I will do so. I am really sorry if I wasn't able to help you.

Max Cook: Good enough, for now. However, it would be both appreciated, AND a sign that Norton is 'human', if someone could email me with some explanations, further to my questions and 'dilemmas', here? Bye


My general point/s is/are that the internet, is a madhouse of opportunities for every half-smart, but fully insane CRAPitalist, to abuse their abilities to get in behind everyone's security.

We hear, on BOOOOLLLSHSHSHSH-IT mainstream media, all the threats from the various dissident and rogue hackers.

But we never hear, funnily enough, about the far more pernicious, and unethical threats to humanity, and to yer average internet user, from the CRAPitalists like those who dove into my jam-jar full of soft-stuff this morning, all out of revenge for my uncovering, more shit about how unethical the pieces of shit are.

As I wrote to Norton just now, as above in red, the internet has become so fucking LOW in terms of being almost 'Ethics-free', and the least Ethical, are not rogue hacksters, Et Al, but are the fucking CRAPitalist corporations' employees,and every contractor offshoot.

I was a bit stunned, the other day when I refired up Mozilla Firefox browser.

It has this neat piece of software, called “Lightbeam”, which shows in 3 different ways, which '3rd party' companies and I guess other users, are linked to any site one is on at any given moment.

Over some few days, while on a small number of sites, I found over 400 private, mainly advertising internet sites, like those shitheads who 'pop-up' ads when you don't want them, had been connected in some way to my own computer. I think so anyway.

As most of the terminology for the internet is deliberately indecipherable, I can't tell which each term means,that, say, just another advert corporation, or small contractor with BIG AMBITIONS, thus a total absence of ethics, has been bewitching my computer, thus through the effervescence of micro-electrickery, have been hexing me. But shit I can feel it!

Like, we never read, in such as browser settings, etc, the plain term “block this ADVERTIZER” from plying their shit at us, when we're on our email or news sites.

It's always 'coded' as far as I'm concerned. “POP-UPs”. “Add-ons”. “Plug-ins” “PUPs”. Rahrahrah.

So, probably like some large number of internet users, I'm stumped when those options appear, when I'm in 'settings' or such, and cannot, as I expect a techie can, block fucking annoying, and really, underneath the front, fucking INSANE corporate or contracting software providers, etc, from throwing their advertizing bullshit at my face, when I'm online.

Also, and as important, all the flicking ads we bear, to the sides of each page we go to, do in fact use up our data, and so, our CREDIT, with each fucking FLICK! of some tasty ass, or some dickfaced asshole pushing some inane superstore product at us.

BUT, and here's the 'kicker'! If one does figure out how to block them, the main site we're using, refuses to function!!!

BLACKMAIL!  21C Internet style!

Fucking DAAWWGS!!

But, of course, asking government to legislate so we have the choice to stop useless bullshit ads from distracting us, and from costing us mega-data, is pointless, in Astraylair at least.

Contrary to the right wing fuckheads in the USA, I actually think the US government does a good job trying to protect some, some, of our rights in these affairs.

But, the whole world is fast going absolutely crazy, so it's a question of whether worrying, or lobbying for any of these insanities to be righted, is worth it?

Maybe my little chat with the Norton Rep, will travel up the ladder of corporate dung-flinging, and maybe Norton can save the internet world, from advertisers and their ethics' free idiots in contracting.

Someone should at least try?

BUT hey! Firefox? I DO like your browser! But I'm not interested in using it, while it doesn't work if I manage to block those 3rd parties from fucking with my softer-wear!

Back to OPERA, for now! Fuck the USA! And CRAPitalism!!!


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