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131019 JUST DEFIANCE Dreaming It Up Edition

Here's a re-posting of a poem I scribed a few months ago, about false gods, false saviors, and false religions and cults, which I've been puppet to, since my conception.  

Evil pieces of work, all of them.  

More inneresting and important for us, especially males, to see and be aware of the dangers in, also, it is that the most eager to assist in making a false hero, false Jesus, false god, have been white, western women.

All of them, totally happy to, yet ignorant of their own trances, of being hypnotized, as often since either their own time in their mother's womb, or once born, since their being dunked in the 'baptismal'.  'Baptize' being the old world word for 'hypnotize'.

For most women, without the Genuine 'Independence of mind' to truly discern the best ways to be, the best rules and 'beliefs' to live by, they are totally unaware that they are victims to a quite pernicious cabal, cult, but alas, a coven of mad delusional females, going by the general name 'the matriarchy'.

This coven , mostly of and controlled by the world's most wealthy, read 'spoiled' females, have been 'alive' for eons, and, as I allege in a 'fictional' piece, based on my own actual life, there is evidence they were behind the puppet we revere, and rightly so,  'Jesus' of Nazareth, and his rise and demise, some 2000 years ago.

The matriarchy, is still alive today, as far as I'm concerned, and have tried the 'Jesus' thing once more.  The hopes they had, however, have been dashed, for a wild and sadly, necessarily equally demonic counter movement, of the male gender of our species, who have brought this mad women's witchcraft escapade to an end. I think?

I certainly hope, because I was the puppet, they tried to foist up onto the 'christian' pedestal, to fool the whole world that christianity was correct all along, so they could resume or further, with their strengthened myths backing them, and therefore, weakening all other as credible, and those actually more credible, such as 'Atheistic' truths and understandings of life as we witness it, so justifying the white, western wars against any beliefs not of their own imaginations.

The connection is playing up, so I'll write no more and post the stuff now.

And they dreamed of Thor,

and so he was.

And they dreamed of Jesus

to woo the girls

and the myths grew and grew

until no-one knew what, or which,

was or were true.

And after they came and went,

still disaster loomed.

Elites sat in séance

to conjure some master


preordained apparitions,

all seeds



from distant pasts,


of passed dreams

and reactionary “momenta”

collectives of energies,

from here,

from there,

from then,

from the future,

from the imagination of random observances

adding up to be nurtured into an apparition of a new master,

who trumps all passed heroes.

And murder became, the game,

to keep secret the blame

going to they, idle hands, who,

play with witchcraft, magic, voodoo.

So coming as we are to an end,

of myth,

of how long an era,

no-one really knows,

the wars we fought in,

know of,

read about,

into the hazy edited, censored past,


or have been changed historically,

to avoid the latest phase,

of facts,

of going to extraordinarily criminal extents to victorialize a myth,

so one side of ridiculously wealthy

thus deranged

and hyper-selfish


royal brats,

can stand proud as if right all along,


all our mass murders have resulted

in our ability to change the records of history

to support OUR mythological


So you better

bow to HIM,

or he will smite you,

with a mere thought,

or his metaphorical sword.

At least we drive the myth so hard

that eventually a mass of fools,

totally numb intellectually,

and offered inducements to “believe”,


and accept that myth as

THE truth.

30 pieces of silver, anyone?

But? ALAS!

Which myth?

You are Chinese - you believe Chinese myths.

You are Aborigine. You believe your Dreaming.

You are eurapean, you believe it's myths,

so old, embedded in your deep psyche,

you don't bother with the facts,

because that might expose flaws

in the myth

you're paid to believe.

Might send you early to the asylum?

30 pieces of silver to believe and

shut up,

and never think contrary to our beliefs.

We even pay you to stay mute, vocally, and intellectually.

We have gone to extra lengths to secure our beliefs systems,

committing mass murder -

all the wars since the mid-19th century -

to destroy those who disagree -

with OUR myth.

You are any one of the innumerable cultures,

you have few choices but to believe the one instilled in you from birth.

I read school books as a child which not only had text, words, saying people come from cabbages, it had drawings too, of people growing out of cabbages.

I grew up being scolded if sex was mentioned.

So I grew up a prude,

having no natural, let alone





about sex, about how to relate,

how to play the game of the genders, etc.

The Honorable, my Father,

tried -

but saw the toxins already installed,


in my psyche,

knew the fruitlessness of trying to give me an advantage

over the matriarchal demons,

died a thousand deaths

for being unable to help,

but endured,

and fought,

and fought,

and fought,

to his last breath,

the last breath he chose to end on,

against the ignorance of their beliefs, their evil, their cults.

So when you become awake

to magic,


change heaps.

Belief becomes essential,

of anything,

so long as you do believe it.

No 2 people then have the same beliefs,

because each sees,

thinks of,

imagines everything their way.

The deadliness of freedom.

We agree to never agree,

on what we see.

So you believe in jesus.

I believe in thor.

Or ninja turtles.

Or batman.

Or clark kent.

Or harry potter.

Or john connor, the film version of tomorrow's JC,

all, ALL,

returned to save the world.

Yet none of them are true,

none of them are real.

They are myths.

Invented to ease the frightened mind

of the nubile, pre-intellect, stunned, dumbed down fools,

and to convince


to join

THIS mob,

or THAT mob.

Not because THEY have the truth.


because they can give you something for your faith,

So capturing you and your soul to keep coming back.

Each time you do,

you are lured,





to fall into a deeper trance of their fashion,

of their confident



accompanied with their quick,

but totally deceptive conversation,

explaining” why this happened,

always with an answer,

always right,

and why they [someone else] has to suffer,

or why you

are to get rich

- karma - the new word for the christian witches,

to add more shit [belief] to your mind,

making you more and more stupefied

- just how they want you.

Because you are stupefied into feeling comfortable in their company,

so are happy to do things for them,

and give your money to them.

Church is a business.

A business of faith,

luring fools into comfort,

so they,

the false gods,

can spend your donations on themselves,

so they can march around and command their illusory war

against their illusory devils,

looking well-dressed,

in flash cars, cloaks, planes, pulpits,

so superior to contenders,

so dangerous to mess with,

because their displayed wealth automatically indicates

they can buy force to use against you.

Like police.

You - just have to be soft and cowardly,

selfish enough stupid enough,

to let someone else rule you,

to “owwwn” you,

so you can get their gifts

of illusory comforts and housing and foods and sex,

in return for your doing their dirty work.

In return for them sucking your psychic energy

for their pathological megalomania.

Always one myth will triumph over others,

but only because the myth makers have





superior ways

to slay,



perceived foes, opposition, enemies.

Nothing at all to do with their myth being the most true.

All to do with their being the most greedy,

so, the most ruthless, the least

at peace in themselves,

so, utterly insane,

are the most ready to talk utter shit

until the cows

go back to eurape.

And, their stories and arguments

and even their science too,

like your foods and houses and wealth,

are myths also,

are all illusion,

all bullshit,

only ever adding to the big pot of bullshit

that is the existence humans have been dragged down into believing is THE existence,

so only ever reducing us to vegetables,

unable to rise to being


or jesus,

or almighty gods,


being reborn endlessly,

as ever-degraded beings,





further away from

ascending to the eternal freedom of bodilessness,

but until our idiocy

amidst an idiotic and idiot-making culture

becomes so big and out of control that

it consumes the imagined world.

Our spirit is left,


but as an unfertilized egg,

without a shell,

with no defense

from the endless and varying forces of the cosmos,

mostly being dragged further down as food for the consuming energies,

but always conscious,

always aware of our passed failings,

always aware of the destruction of our previous existence,

always aware of our miserable destiny,

always agonizing about it,

never finding any shangri la,

of happiness and any,

never anything ever again near,

any eternal peace.

Always believing bullshit,

like -

capitalism makes us happy

- or in

christian democracy,

or in fashion, or a career.

Never happy. Never free.

Always lying, always shit scared -

of truth.



we are nothing,





- we believe

- in something.

So it might as well be that

we ARE something,


worth while,






not even a reality.

Merely some formation of reactionary,



energies in a mind.


my mind,

you, a subset in my mind,

a response to some level of energies,

as oft' of thoughts previously formed,

into allegedly sentient, intelligibility, words, ideas, curses, powers,

of a larger illusion,


always deluded

to be afraid of truth,

of you,

of me,

of this existence,

of it and your and my impermanence.


I will not believe what you force me to.

Where is your proof of it's fact?

This is all a dream, not the reality.



awaits the mind freed of untruth, of illusion, of belief.

I'll endure

and wait,

for That.

You have no rights over my soul

or mind

or existence,

thank you.

And no-one has any rights to force others

to believe their bullshit,

their dream,

based on them being superior,

at prospering in a warped evil culture

thus more correct than another,

especially older more stable,

more balanced

more peace-filled dreaming.


you want something of me,

or want me to do something for you,

you cannot take without a balance,

without a fair trade,

which means that

no matter

how powerful you believe you are, or your culture is,

you have to give,




equal at least to that which you ask or demand or steal from me.

It's called “fair trade”.


you cannot,

because your beliefs and your mind are steeped in bullshit,

in ignorance.

Always - YOU first!


Over ME?

So deranged, you, fail to see

REAL Power,

is power over the propensities of YOUR mind.

Not mine.

Not theirs.


Always, YOU first!


Your belief,

is bullshit.

So, more than a harmless illusion,

brings a curse with every word added to and in support of it.

So you must not pursue your lie.

No matter how large it has grown.

No matter how much the cult has spent

to secure

the lie

in everyone.

The more you do,

the more people you buy to lie with and for you,

the more you go against

the universal laws,

so attract the sum total opposite reaction

to all your added lies,

to all your added together negative energies.

Because your selfish acquiring of excesses of STOLEN wealth by untruth,



has blinded your mind to wisdom,

to how to be,




and correct in the universe,

you can not see

the size of the countering forces you have brought into existence,

the Cosmos



to restore the balance

you and your ignorance has sent out of balance.

It is not



is the autonomic Laws of Physics at work.

Even the illusion has Laws.

This is why whiteguy

has brought the destruction of our evolved illusion down on us,


on our future generations

- christianity - untruth - unbalancing the universe

- disaster.


playing with their wants,

on levels too delicate and important

to allow selfishness near them.


they build nuclear,



and wish it on...

Whiteguy - totally insane.

Equal to evil.

Man's greatest enemy, said Buddha, is ignorance.

Whiteguy. Whiteguy. Inventing the illusion

of armageddon

with never-happy invention.

And hollywood...

and work work work jobs jobs jobs.............

Armageddon is the result,



of insane,



always noisy minds.

Minds nurtured

by an insane,



always noisy


Aka Israel.





ET cetera.

So. Mote. It. Be.


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