My Comment to The Guardian Article "Bill Shorten demands Coalition sets up police taskforce into union allegations"

140209 My Comment to The Guardian Article "Bill Shorten demands Coalition sets up police taskforce into union allegations"

Opposition leader says police could act more quickly than a royal commission to investigate claims of union corruption
Lenore Taylor, political editor

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09 February 2014 2:19am
42 years as a building contractor qualifies me, more than most, to comment on Union corruption in the building industry.
Anyone who doesn't believe that Union officials haven't got their snouts in the trough is living in "cloud cuckoo land"
Physical threats...I've experienced first hand on several occasions, as well as demands for back door payments.
I've witnessed other builders lose everything...houses...family and even their lives just for trying to earn a living (Yes...I said "LIVES"...a builder friend of mine was bankrupted by 2 union walk offs after concrete pours and committed suicide)
The Unions have all contractors over a barrel since the introduction of "Liquidated Damages"...If you don't "pay the piper"...they will find any manner of excuses (usually false safety issues) to delay the completion of contracted works.
I've worked all over Australia...and with the exception of Darwin...nothing changes.
For years,I tried to stand to stand up to the Unions...but sad to say...I gave up and did what I had to do to keep my business afloat.
The good news is that I'm retiring this year and the Unions can no longer control me.
I for one will be happy to testify before a Royal Commission (as will many others)
I have names...dates and amounts...and there are some senior business executives as well that will be looking over their shoulders
And lets not forget the politicians..I know of one former cabinet Minister that paid for his million dollar house extension and renovation with cash (supposedly supplied by the unions)...(every 2 weeks he rolled up with a briefcase of cash...and that's how we all got paid. He knows who I mean...and if he reads this...he will be peeing his pants. (I don't much care if disclosure means that the Tax man will be on my back. It will be worth it.
Bring on the "Royal Commission"...The sooner the better
BTW: Any of you that still believe that "Corruption" isn't rife in the Unions...I have a bridge over Sydney Harbour for sale


Well written, [Comrade! hohoho]

But, as I write in my posted comment but 10 minutes after yours was posted here, it's a far far larger issue than just 'Union corruption'.

Can't blame a bloke, especially one who knows 'an honest day's work' for being bitter and 'anti' the Unions.

But you write well, and with facts. So can you not see that the errant behaviors of all 'Unionism' has always been merely to stay in the game against the far more powerful, cashed-up and thus influential right wing land-owing global elites? Elites who've always corrupted all Honest and Egalitarian Economics to their selfish advantage.

Sure, they, the Unions, small and large, have had to play the game of corruption, if only to keep the Mob onside. We all need, and want, a better life. So they too, like their 'enemies' the monarchic elites, lose their way, and brutality becomes the basis of upholding their influence and power. And a roof over their families heads.

It's a shitful situation, which ruins everything in the end.

You, have the right, and Duty to put forth your evidence.

But you also have the Duty to dig deeper, to see why one side, supposedly 'For the People' takes the measures they have.

An earlier [referred-to] comment from mememe

We have to go to the core of our errant culture to get to the roots of corruption.

That, will mean we must dig back centuries, and, millennia, to root-out where we, as a dominant culture, went off the track.

Clearly, 'Moses' lost out, to the 'golden calf tribe' whenever the Jew's records tell us he was 'leader'.

Then, 'Rome' and it's eye on owning the world.

Then, the 'rum rebellion' here in 1808, when Sergeant John MacArthur destroyed all chances of an Egalitarian Nation-State, by trashing the Equitable Land Rent, Revenues and Distribution Laws [the first Australian employment of a 'National Land Tax', as came with the First Fleet, as was being Dutifully applied by the pre-rum rebellion administration].

What a very different nation, thus mindset and culture we would have today, if the 'rum rebellion' had really been stomped?

We'd have much more of a people who Respect Honesty, and Integrity, and the very notion of 'Government', as opposed to the rampant filth of tax cheats, liars, thieves and a generally beggared polity.

'Racism' against our Indigenous True Fellas, might well not exist, for the completely Noble Recognition King George the 3rd's Edicts held within them. [One chief reason why He was since derided as 'mad King George']

Shorten shows his limited [right-wing] bias, by avoiding the hard truths about our modern culture of politics, deceit and general perversion of our humanity. But ALAS! A Jesuit? What else can we expect?

I also expect he'd dream of - and gladly accept - a knighthood, once his political career is over? Or perhaps a sainthood from Rome? [Posthumously, of course.]

ICAC started, and went further than usual into our endemic corruption, this time 'round.

But, as the song goes,

"It's no good, leavin' things' half unpacked.
It jus' leaves you more to do, further down the track!

[Lyrics laid-down, for the Sydney ICAC.]

If you've got a tribal problem, don't keep puttin' it away.
'Cause it's gonna come back, and haunt you some day.

It's no good, it's no good!"

[from "The No Good Song" by Anonymous]

So, getting to the root of our cultural corruption is a much larger task than the NSW ICAC, or any 'royal commission' [an oxymoron, in fact] can tackle.

But one thing is a certainty - the Unions are better to be part of any inquiry, than to be set out as the only target. Time their Elders found once more, the Courage to Talk True.

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