Social Media - A Place For Finding Genuine Associations, Or For 'Pretendly Frenemies'?

140202 Social Media - A Place For Finding Genuine Associations, Or For 'Pretendly Frenemies'?

Damn it's difficult!

Reaching out after at least 20 years of being perniciously, and quite unjustly exiled from family, friends, and all associations, be-they drug dealers, or 'legitimate' business persons.

On top of that, the idiot Hell's Angels and their masters in the USA major crime gangs, y'know, the baptist, right wing, evangelist christian churches, the mormon Central Intelligence Agency CIA, and, their masters, the Freemasons, and above them, the jews of Israel, spent that last 20 years spreading the most heinous, untrue, rumors across the nation, and the planet, about me, to both fool people into hating me, so marginalize me further, but also to attract the least honorable of the species to hunt me out, as a 'sport' for their lacking minds, a 'thrill of the chase' of a vulnerable and innocent yet for my Dad's Integrity in raising me, an Honorable bloke.

And, behind causing a lot of this idiot behavior in genetic and cultural idiots, y'know, yer average white Astrayliarn, has been my very own [half] brother Don, who, since I put it to him in about 1993-4, that I was trying to 'clean' my own mind, history and the influences which are limiting my personal growth, and, that he forced me to suck his adolescent cock, when I was perhaps 10 or 12 years old, so can we discuss it and let me 'move on'.

I had no idea in the early 1990s, that ex-army Don was well into pedophilia by then.

Shit I was a naïve fool! Thanks mum!

However, thereafter, Don, losing favor in his preferred profession - upper-grade used car salesman - working his way up the corporate executive ladder with Castrol Oils Ltd, and on track to become a national Castrol senior, falling out of favor, possibly because his bosses got wind of him being a pedophile, determined, for my cheek of bringing up that minor incident some 30 years previous, to make it his 'mission of revenge' and to fuck my life.

Well, he achieved one thing!

But, since then, the whole load of crap against me, has taken on a life, a momentum, a force, of it's own, with every eager maggot, [so often white?] hypnotized by the same gossip-spreading scum, Don, his large 'multinational' military pedophile network, the crims-on-motorbikes, Hell's Angels and all brands of similar lower class nobodies, bike riders, motorcar drivers, and their kids, all of whom are very familiar with Harry Potter-type moral-free games and FUN! of abusing the most delicate ectoplasm of the occult realms, so I can go nowhere and do nothing without being stalked, photographed, 'haunted' and terrorized, by all manner of shit, those who actually believe they're righteous and - HA - Humans!

Urging them on are, no less, the real estate industry, and the police!

Police who've been well informed and supportive of this, my unknown life of really [NOT!] being Jesus come back from 1960 years DEAD, 'steering' every aspect of my existence as well, since I was a teenager.

So, when I go online, and flick through whatever can occupy me for a day or hour or so, via the Google Plus network of 'chatting' on posted topics, Google, being as persistent and intrusive as CRAPitalist online services are, has the software select at random, I presume [HA!], people whose email addresses are in my contacts list, and 'asks' me if I want to include them in my 'circles' for chatty online friends.

Since some 2 years after 1st opening a Google gmail account, I finally looked into and filled out the 'About me' sections in Google Plus, so I could fool myself that I can still connect with others of the same or similar species.

Then I started surfing the G+ 'conversations' pages.

Generally, it's been the expected failure. No less than for my unknown shit-upon-me's, brother and fuckheaded crims on bikes, being 'evil' “Cause it's FUN!” little dicks.

So I have by now, maybe 18 months since I started looking at and commenting on the GooglePlus conversations pages, still not made, or 'started' one 'circle', even though there is perhaps 10, perhaps 20 people from around the cyber unknown world who have “ME!” in their circles, for reasons of bewitching values I'm sure.

None of them have sent me any form of communication via these sites, but I do get lots of witchcraft shots from their slimy third eye. Thanks dudes! Really happy to 'CONNECT'?

However, as I persist like a mongrel dog, at staying alive, only, singularly, to FIGHT whomever is so juvenile to try fuck my life that little or lot bit more, I comment to whichever internet news sites have the comments option.

Also, having uncovered the Himalayan mountains of information about myself, hidden lifelong by 'mummy' [“YOU DON'T KNOW HOW LUCKY YOU ARE, MY BOY!” She'd force into me as she sat forcing her witches bones into my aura and psyche, for hours at a time, when I was a kid], information which has really stunned me, making me captive to the horrors of it - exactly how her witchcraft wanted me [“My little baybee!”, she'd laugh at me, even in my late 40s] such that I simply do not want to know anyone anymore, such that I actually feel stronger about committing genocide of the lot of my white Astrayliarn shithead people, family included, if not first.

But, being stubborn against what I know has been a load of delusional and unjust garbage, initiated by mum's secret cult - possibly the Illuminati - I throw online every now and then, my own e-ssays about all this.

Sometimes, I send them to Barristers, and the media I am fooled into respecting.

Naturally, what with the pernicious control of everything I do and think, my internet and email are ceaselessly and fanatically monitored and, sometimes sent viruses, if I write something too honest about the source of all evil in my life - brother Don, his really sick, pedophile Australian and USA military, MI5 and MI6, CIA, and any cult of western jewish or Brit-Eurapean origin, or government.

So writing for assistance, legal or media, gets no response.

Ever. Not one! Ever.

Yet, when I go to the other 'authorities' for help, mostly, I get no response, or, “We're sorry, Mr Cook, you'll have to contact this or that dead-end line for help. We deal with blah-blah blah, not blah blah blah...”, or similar.

So, the options that present online when I go into Go Ogle
gmail and the 'conversations' pages, when the photo of someone in my contacts list appears as-if randomly, asking if I know these people and want to put them in one of my 'circles' which I have none of thus far, for all of the above reasons, stump me.

I opened one person's link yesserday, because it had mention of “The Guardian” news media in her intro info sentence.

But WHAAAH!?#@$%!!??

What the fuck would I say, in any sort of 'social media' type friendly 'chat' or, to evoke her, or anyone elses' interest in me???

Since I sent about four The Guardian journalists a request to send me a comment of mine, which they deemed was too offensive, so removed from their comments, two of their faces have appeared 'randomly' as I surf down the 'conversations' windows.

Do you know these people?” the Go Ogler asks.

Do you want to bang them?”

Do you want to include them in your circles?

Do you want to talk trivial superficial shallow senseless shit with them online, and then pretend to be friends?

SHIT NO! Well..., I haven't had sex for about seven hundred years, so yeah, banging a looker might, might be pleasant, were it not for the typical misogyny-making hexes a bloke gets when he's less than ABOUT 4 MILLION MILES from a female human?

But SHIT NO! I want to have an honest conversation HAHAHAHAHA! About what's really going on in the world, about them, as little as possible - for the first 30 years - about myself, then, but primarily, about this crap called 'my life', and about starting legal proceedings to

1, compensate me, by,
A, letting me watch every person I've known, almost, be torched alive, in ways which would make the devil squirm,
B, being paid monetary recompense in the order of enough to send the Banks of England and Israel, and all the British and Eurapean monarchs bankrupt,
2, to clear my reputation, by a public confession and begging for forgiveness from brother, mother, sister, and the rest of my 'pretendly frenemies', who have been paid handsomely for lying their little genitals off to me for the last 59 years. [Correction: We can be certain they've got very BIG balls. That seems to go with, be the result of, overly frequent masturbation, as is the trend and requirement of all western 'spy' agency employees, and church school kiddies. And crims on bikes. And real estate agents.]
and C, go through an undoubtedly long process of me being rehabilitated, so I can learn again how to enjoy the modern world, rather than being sent into hating everything the jews have ever invented. Et cetera!

So, 'social media'. Google conversations. Being put in and putting unknown people into 'circles' of groovy online pretendly frenemies, is a little bit difficult for this bloke.

Confidence!” they shout online, on the 'Thinkers' pages.

It's all up to YOU!” The spoiled comfy-fanny upclub insist, none of whom have really been denied the stuff denied me - by my own family!

Sister lies her fanny off every-time we 'chat' via SMS. Or, when I go to Melbourne, and drop in.

So false are they, is she and mum, and Don, that I've been to sister's house, and 'chatted' with her daughter, 'Laura', on two occasions. However, on those two evenings, neither of the females were actually 'Laura', and were two different women!

Go figure?

But what does she care? She's got a multimillion dollar inner city two storey, double terrace house, mini mansion, some 140-plus years old, all to herself and “MY BAYBEE!”, her globe-trotting permanent tertiary student IVF daughter.

She's paid, like everyone I've 'known', to keep the deceits flowing beneath the guise of being my 'protective' older sister.

So? How do I use these 'offered' contacts on Google Plus, to initiate
1, any sort of conversation between them and me,
which is not totally contrived, by some puppet-master listening-in,
which is at all interesting to the other party,
which will not be interfered with by any one of the world's imbeciles with Harry Potter up their sex-organs, [there's half a dozen of them on the next hill now], and
in which I can,
1st, of course, go through the ropes of becoming somewhere near familiar, with them,
liked, and
then leading any HONEST 'chat' further, away from trivial superficial, 'flirtatious' bullshit [ nothing against 'flirting'. It's just not in my software catalog of programming - I AM supposed to be mummy's cult's Jesus, so basically they want me to be ultra virginal]. I'm hopeless at flirting, miss every 'lead' and sign that I'm doing OK, and that it's cool to take any next more daring step without being called “RAPIST!”

But now, with all I know about myself, every time some female, liked, semi-familiar or otherwise, shows any 'interest' in chatting with me, I involuntarily baulk, shy away, firstly because I know I cannot possibly trust them, knowing full-well they are fully aware of who and what I am, or supposed to be, that I'm vehemently opposed to being patronized er matronized by any of them, and simply detest all falsity in any interaction with people.

As seems to be how mums evil matriarchal witch-type work on males, at least on this one [but, HEY! The blokes do it too] they twist any inappropriate or silly or perhaps too risque thing I might say, into being suggestive of me being 'stupid!', a rapist, or similar. They've always used their malignant minds to make me out to be guilty of sinful things, purely to put me on the back foot, so they can have occult power, thus control over me.

Even when i tell that i'm a misogynist for 59 years of female witchcraft of this every kind, they denigrate me, as if it's my fucking fault!?

I stay well away from everyone because of this.

Knowing how ready and easy it seems to be for others to be so low and evil, I never go far in arguing my innocence or case, because I've also been irreparably abused and lied to and set-up by every police force in Australia, [other than Tassie's, WA's and SAs, for not having engaged with them].

So I know if a dispute went more than for a few seconds, the other party - ALWAYS innocent - are first to call the coppers, who just love shitting on good blokes - especially the defenseless and innocent ones, like meself.

More times than I can recall, when coppers have invented reasons to check me out, a repeated line by one of them is “You're well set-up!” as they giggle and laugh, looking over my vehicle/s. The mocking inference being, of course, that they know full-well that I am perhaps the world's most 'set-up' person, being the fitted-up false Jesus of catholicism, freemasonry, jews, Theosophy, possibly now, the Illuminati, and anyone who wants A NEW CAR!, or a shed.

Whether it's my hard, realpolitik personality coming out, or the filthy scum who've used witchcraft to add to my unsettled life and reactions, I as often feel a want to bash others who expose a false front to me, often most when they bear a big smile.

Someone's going to pay for this unwarranted crap they've all added to making of my 'life'.

But, in the interim...., this goes onto my blogsite.

No-one can respond online, or elsewhere, because Don and kiddy-fuckers incorporated, all my passed pretendly frenemies, involuntarily inject their terminally immature hexes as they watch me try, or receive any response outside of more junior Hell's Wankers' online shit.



“Never forgive! Never forget! Never surrender!”

Thanks folks, for trying! Media, Legal, Social.

As they say

Only the Truth, will set you free!

Obviously, I die. Am reborn, somewhere, on earth I guess, having been captive of filth here. Grow up, bearing subtle knowledge of all I've learned in this shitful 'life'. Hopefully in a house and culture NOT drowning in sick, female, pathetic, ignorant imbeciles like Astrayliar. Am fortunate enough to be introduced to the Occult Arts of Justice and War early, rather than being the victim of it as is in this incarnation. Acquire the strength of mind, enough to massacre about 3 billion human beings, if not destroy totally planet earth, as beautiful as it was before the jews invented the wheel, and usury.

Then, leave this jew-trashed planet forever.

A truly Free Spirit.

I'm sure there's lots of planets in this universe, with a much better quality of people to the ones here in Astrayliar, and in the white, western, judeo-christian hemisphere generally, who will know I'm around, and would like somewhere to work from, slaying ignorant scum in shithole places like on earth?

Anyone interested in placing ME in their Google Plus 'circle'?

Yeah, that's right mum! “I don't know how lucky” I am, do I?

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Travelling 4x4 Tent of

General Blue Meanee
Commander Notorious
General War Pig


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