Building A Myth - Exposing The Myth-Crafters

140204 Building A Myth - Exposing The Myth-Crafters

“When did this 'crafting' begin, Mr Cook?” asked the Inspector of Police.

'I can't know. But someone might. All I can figure, or deduce, is that it's at least 150 years old, and perhaps even older than the myth of Jesus Christ.'

'Can you put a finger on which cult?'

'Nope. But we all know the jews and christians, and the freemasons, have built their empires upon the exact same business.

And, we know that cults - and the monarchies - use whatever it takes to stay 'alive'. One most-used means is by 'splitting', sometimes only overtly, into many smaller cults.

This business, is all about diffusing the evidence, and so, distracting the, or any inquiry, away from the veracity, of any such 'myth'.

There was a calm atmosphere in the interview room. An electronic recorder was on the table between the two men, recording.

Both had a cup of tea. A teapot, milk carton, and small sugar bowl were to the side.

Mr Cook continued, 'Inspector, I've asked that I'm interviewed by an officer who does have an 'in depth' knowledge of these types of affairs. Of cults, their beginnings, histories, and, the myths they 'build', fabricate, both to start their 'nice-little-earners', and to sustain or increase them, as they go along.

'You're very cynical, Mr Cook.' He paused. 'Just an observation.'

'Yes.... As is, New South Wales Police DCI Peter Fox, as you'd know?'

The Inspector said nothing.

A moment with neither speaking.

'From your 'reports' over the last few years, we have seen and come to agree with your postulation, that this business, of cults building false prophets, and thence, false gods, and false mythological religion, is of - large - yes, immense, importance to all of us, everywhere.'

He paused....

'So, we ask you, in your opinion, are we, the world, better off with or without them?'

'It's not a mere opinion, nor an unsubstantiated belief, Inspector.
As I wrote to a Google Plus Conversation the other day, “'Life'”, in adverted commas, “does not survive on bullshit.”'

'So you're saying, as this is where we're at, that if we, the policing authorities do nothing about the 'false' religions, humanity will only go closer to and eventually, but as you insist, sooner than later, destroy itself?'

'We are not dung-beetles, Inspector.'

'Quite so.' He paused..., 'Although.....'

'Ha!' Mr Cook smiled. 'Quite so...'

Both men smile, restraining their want to laugh louder and longer.

A sip of tea.

'And..,' the Inspector continued.., 'you make a claim that your situation, and indeed, the troubled life of the idealized 'Jesus', were 'fabricated', by the same 'matriarchy'?'

'A deduction, from the comparative similarities.'

'Such as...?'

'Mother, being a witch, belonging to a failing but powerful cult, with very wealthy and ancient family, dynastic lineages, traceable back centuries, millennia, of branches of the same cults. The victim, being a bastard, yet that never discussed. Both victims, turning away from their mother. Et cetera...

It's a long, complex and convoluted couple of stories, Inspector. There is a mountain of similarities. All, sadly, insubstantial. Unsubstantiable. From my limited resources.
We both know that the likes of these crims, are able to afford the best, or, the worst, agents on earth, agents who prefer to not leave their 'calling cards', who succeed only for their talents at hiding facts.
There's no doubt, that a well resourced and dedicated inquiry will confirm my 'suspicions' and allegations.

Inspector, surely you are aware that any 'combination', as the early Australian 'rum rebellion' conspirators were called, of rogues who either saw the need, or deduced, rightly or no, to construct such a myth, would, we must assume, also be of sufficient intelligence to know they'd have to be extremely secretive of their plans, manipulations, of most every thing and event surrounding the creation and the ongoing upkeep of the myth, and of the facts about the 'victim', the puppet they select.
This can be the only explanation as to why the whole family and all I knew, lifelong, told me nothing of it. The worst case scenario of, and for, 'a puppet'.
As I've criticized the, all the policing authorities for, over decades now, for not recognizing this, as they are supposed to be the authority which deals with crime, and are charged primarily with investigating crime, the perpetrators, the culprits, the players, the profiteers, and the effects, this, is the case of all cases.
Therefore it demands, police employ their very best detectives, and their very best intelligence, both in their sources, and in the force, and in cooperating forces, sifting through the evidence, and whatever contributes to the effecting of the crime.
But also, as a seasoned copper would know, whatever the criminals, the conspirators, employ, to distract any investigation.
As the conspirators may be said to have the jump on the investigators, they are more than one step ahead, which might, make the investigators severally, handicapped.

Mr Cook laughed. The Inspector frowned.

Mr Cook laughed again.

However, as with, I'd say, all conspiracies, especially the larger and largest ones, time always brings the truth out.

As I say, “'Life' does not survive on bullshit. And eventually, in large cases, the rust and wear and tear of any mass upholding of a grandiose lie, begin to eat away at, and rip into, the vaults of silence.

Over lengthy periods, just the slightest doubt, or 'leak', grows as it spreads, especially if the lie, the crime, insults the common man, because such insults do the most to inspire the common people to ask more, as long as they can, safely.
But aside from any insult it might be to them, that it is a crime, and a big crime, it will gain interest from those not merely perverted and curious, for a photo or video of the victim - indeed, they, are the investigation's, enemy, as-it-were - it will gather, to begin with, covert teams of inquirers, determined to expose the crime.
Usually, I'd say, at first these will be mostly 'amateur' teams usually of the wealthier classes, who have a pseudo-sense, of justice, and enough spare time and spare cash on their idle hands to dedicate to such an intriguing and fascinating, and thrilling 'chase'.
One of these might well have been Dan Brown, who wrote 'The Da Vinci Code'? But he was obviously an adept at writing, and an adept at investigating, up that high in the ranks of power, of sordid cult power, and was obviously assisted by informants well-placed to fill-him-in on the details, etc.
At some stages, unconnected crime gangs, and cartels will latch on, as I accuse many of having done.
None of them to my knowledge or satisfaction, have done so for any Noble aspects, but for the much more, and more typical of their nature, lucrative lust, to blackmail the original conspirators.
If some do or have become involved for Honorable intentions, the general filth of the massive, covert war, soon forces them to abandon all honor, merely to survive against their foes.
That, surely, is the worst case scenario outcome of the “Machiavelli effect', as far as I'm concerned. I'm also inclined to believe that is how Machiavellianism always ends, while 'the fight' , the war, is not ended. Then, there can be no victors. Everyone's a loser.
So once that occurs, we have a spaghetti-bowl of clubs, gangs cults twisted around each other in the same bowl, vying for the upper hand, blackmailing each other, and all, becoming as insane as this sort of escapade makes people, doing evermore outrageous things, crimes, which have taken the larger situation way away from the original intentions, dishonorable as they are, and the poor victim, is caught in the middle of the lowest, least dignified, perpetrators one could imagine, and almost forgotten.
Other than all parties seeing the benefits to their coffers by keeping him alive.

Most less-seasoned investigators and, or, less hardened crime gangs, might be aware of the dangers of taking on the most powerful clans and cults, and most will be found out by them fairly quickly, because their amateur understanding of what's needed to chase such powerful, well-resourced, driven and experienced criminals, such as the Vatican, et al, usually leads them that step too far, and they expose themselves. With tragic consequences, mostly.
And, for the wealth behind the crime, anyone found to be threatening the crime's perpetrators, can be and are easily bought-off. For life, if necessary.
Of course, you know, that bribes most always have their antithesis, the threats.

But as anyone inquires, they ask questions, of people, both close to, and quite unrelated to, anyone connected to the central conspiracy.
Thence the word spreads, until, if it gets it's first legs, and can walk, of itself, the inquiry becomes, takes on, something of it's own life.

Some of it still quite covert, some of it gossip, rumor, and some of it overt, and even popular. Hence, hollywood!
But, as we're all pretty much a bitter and vengeful lot now, they'll be out to 'string up', the perpetrators. Metaphorically, of course.'

'Of course' added the Inspector, lowering his head as he said it.

Mr Cook eyed a sense of guilt in the Inspector.

If, as it spreads, as dissent against the attempted myth spreads, it reaches those with slightly or dramatically better resources, slightly or dramatically better senses of justice, seeing as well the extent of this sort of crime, as it amounts to, of being a crime against humanity, and perhaps the worst, at that.
So we might be sure that the far better, or best-placed to investigate this, are brought to inquire, and, with access to those with even better intellects, authority, and general access to, a collective intelligence. An opposing agency, or, perhaps, yourselves.

Neither men spoke for 15 seconds.

'So,' Mr Cook went on, 'as we've seen now quite publicly, the myths surrounding 'Jesus', have been investigated possibly more than any other 'myth', story or crime on earth has ever been.
And, as far as I'm concerned - while my assertions about the myth and sacrifice of that Fella, Jesus, of it all being a conspiracy and plot by the jewish matriarchy, all so they can become the ruling gender on the whole of the earth, and that that aspect of it, possibly the most crucial aspect, has not been publicly aired, let alone proven or accepted - the general theme that the whole 'Jesus' story was a myth, a falsity, made by a failing but extremely cunning middle-eastern cult - judaism - has been found and accepted, popularly, as the truth.

So too, sadly for me, possibly not for some time yet, but so too, will this conspiracy surrounding myself become the centre of interest of more and more people.
Not I hope, of the minuscule mentalities I've been harassed, stalked, haunted and threatened by over the last 25 or so years. But, by those who have the strength of mind and position in society and world politics, etc., to chase down not the popular victim, but his violators.

I'm inferring, and bloody well hoping, by more and more non-christian, scientifically-minded, intelligent, righteous, and genuinely justice-minded people.

And I hope, it will be inquired into by a majority of the most powerful, most intelligent forces on earth.
Powerful enough to bring down the monarchic regimes who began, propagated and spread the ultimate lie, and the ultimate insult to every human being's own, innate intelligence.

However, as you, the Victorian police, now have me firmly in your clutches, as I've come to you in a last-ditched attempt to singularly make myself able to enjoy something of a life, in my few remaining years, the possibilities of destroying this heinous myth once and for all, for all people, and for all time, perhaps, what we have left of it, rest with you.
And with your severely dubious, at least divided, or, shall we say, severely 'influenced' authority.

Bullshit will feed humans for only so long, Inspector. Eventually, it will kill them.'

Neither men spoke for a minute.

Mr Cook. I'm aware of your abject living conditions. Until we might want to interview you again, can I, offer you a place to stay?
We know your financial and family situation, and we've already confirmed with the finance department that we can cover accommodation expenses for you, indefinitely, until you sort through your inheritance payments.

That, is very good news Inspector. Thank you. Yes, a place to stay, assuming it be well private and away from the throng, is welcomed.

Thank you again.

As you know Inspector, I've been left open to the false, the malicious, the pervert, and worse, for the false stories spread against my good name.

As, at last, the authorities officially recognize my plea, and the legitimacy of them, thus that you see my secure and private accommodation as a matter of course from here on, we both know I must..., nevertheless..., make clear that your offer here, does NOT mean any further incarceration.

But, accommodation suiting an innocent man, and a man of Integrity, and a man who is well overdue some handsome amount of compensation.

So, for precisely the 'terrorism' he's endured, for over 20 years, from his own police forces, from his own country-folk, and from an inestimable number of foreign, fascinated and quite evil bastards, are you talking about accommodation of a secure, isolated location with very pleasant rural, mountain and ocean views?

At this stage, the least I want, and need, is somewhere private, well-appointed, which is weatherproof, flood proof, fire proof, et cetera.

No Mr Cook. We, I, understand what you mean.

As we were prepared for this interview, and expected it to arrive at this point - that is the matter of your accommodation from here forward - we did some research for suitable premises for you.

Here's a folder with seven of the housing options we decided you might most prefer. We know you like the number 'seven'. Look through them now, and let me know which one you like.

Also, you may spend any length of time at the one you first decide on, and if you wish, we can give you a tour of the others, to see if they appeal more to your intellect, and your spirit, as your permanent home, from now on.

We have selected a couple of teams of our special forces, to work permanently as your personal security corps. Each of them has been selected for their abilities, and for their having interests similar to yours, as best we can know.

That is where we'll have to end this interview, Mr Cook. Thank you for your endurance, over the last 60 years, for your investigations and courageous reports and exposures.

Do you have any further questions?

No. Thank you, Inspector.

Please, peruse the folder now, then we can drive you out to your new home. You'll have your own new vehicle, and driver, until you're happy to drive yourself around.

Other issues, such as any support networks, etc., have been listed and we'll discuss them as you see necessary, whenever.

We all want you to be able to resume, or as you say, for the first time, partake of your own society Mr Cook. And the force, and all other departments are keen to assist wherever we can.

O? SHIT! Damn! I was dreamin'! Never thought a dream about coppers and an interview room could end so nice? As if I was programming the dream myself, for a change?

Nope! The dream never ends, Maxee! Not until the culprits are in jail, aye?

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

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