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Here's a collection of comments from myself and other contributors to G+ Versus pages, going to the issues of who actually was behind the tragic “Airplanes in Buildings Daaaaay!” 9/11, 2001.

These are the few I selected as I contributed and kept copies. Most others were very against the Poster's posting of this issue, still extremely sensitive in the USA.

All the more reason for me to follow it on this my blog. Of course.

Insults came my way, as usual, from whiteguy mainstreamers. But thus far, I, Allen, the Poster, and the moderator, David, have held up.

The 'thread on G+ may continue, albeit more about how and why we should just ignore the evidence, the research, the controversy, the facts, and get on with living BULLSHIT American lives.

I hope I can follow, copy and post here, albeit that anyone and everyone knows what I read, and can see for themselves, online, on G+.

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Allen Booth
Science - 4:27 AM
Issue: Has the world been lied to about the scientific reasoning behind the collapse of the Twin towers and WTC7

I believe any cynical view or claim on this issue should be followed up with a very detailed reasoning as to why somebody may come to such a conclusion and explain why additional attention is absolutely necessary when contemplating these events. As my knowledge is based on “Agreement reality” (accepting somebody else’s word based on my own observation of their information) I have reviewed both sides vigorously. This post does not have anything to do with the politics behind “why”, but just highlights some discrepancies in the science of the original story and what we can observe personally.

The main perspectives that are conflicting are the authorities which includes the 9/11 commission report (http://www.9-11commission.gov/report/ ) and (NIST) National Institute of Standards and Technology (http://www.nist.gov/ ) with the most (accredited and prestigious) opposition coming from the Architects & Engineers for 9/11 truth movement ( http://www.ae911truth.org/ ) founded by Richard Gage, architect of 25 years, and member of the American Institute of Architects, and there is also a variety of other independent journalists that have covered it, which are unfortunately followed by a slew of counter perspectives labeling the people who have critically questioned these events as “conspiracy theorists” or "fear mongers".

There is a lot of “Debunking sites” that do regurgitate the original NIST assessment such as(http://www.debunking911.com/) and (http://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/military/news/1227842) but with a more slanderous appeal to the 9/11 truth movement. But what is noticeable to everyone regardless is a conflict in the perceived science and physics amongst many accredited professionals.

The 9/11 commission report has often been referred to as a “political document” as there’s really not much emphasis on science included and basically entails a story of why and how all the events transpired and surprisingly provides no information in regards to WTC7 the third building to fall on 9/11. But NIST did pick that one up and according to NIST “The heat from the uncontrolled fires caused steel floor beams and girders to thermally expand, leading to a chain of events that caused a key structural column to fail. The failure of this structural column then initiated a fire-induced progressive collapse of the entire building. According to the report's probable collapse sequence, heat from the uncontrolled fires caused thermal expansion of the steel beams on the lower floors of the east side of WTC 7, damaging the floor framing on multiple floors.”

After taking that in and digesting what the NIST asserts to be true take the time to review other videos and counter perspectives and see if you can still accept this answer.

Examples of burning buildings and other demolition

[I haven't set the links to the lines below in yellow and shadowed. Couldn't be bothered.]

WTC Building 7 Collapse - 23 angles  This is WTC7 collapse compiled from 23 different angles (as the title entails) and we’ll notice the exact same type of collapse.

Skyscraper burns like a torch and NO 9/11 collapse (( Gasp )) Example of a skyscraper in china being engulfed in its entirely due to office fires and structure of the steel never falters.

Dubai Skyscraper Burns, Doesn't Collapse at free Fall Speed  As the title states “Dubai Skyscraper Burns, Doesn't Collapse”

Houston High-rise Fire 8/30/10  As the title states “Houston High-rise Fire 8/30/10”

Demolition of Skyscraper  Completely unrelated example of a known skyscraper demolition.

Precompiled and Pro New Investigation videos from other sources

A\E911 – Architects & Engineers - Solving the Mystery of WTC 7 - AE911Truth.org  Architects & Engineers - Solving the Mystery of WTC 7 Publicity video.

AE911Truth Experts Speak Out

Journalist Ben Swann - Ben Swann Truth in Media: More Americans "Rethinking" 9/11?  Ben Swann Truth in Media: More Americans "Rethinking" 9/11? (Includes NIST perspective by head investigator as well)

The Official ReThink911 Video  Rethink911.orgs awareness video (Includes some excerpts from other videos)

Russia Today New 9/11 photos 'prove WTC exploded from inside'  “New 9/11 photos 'prove WTC exploded from inside”

Civilian footage and other videos

Firemen Explosion Testimony Firemen Explosion Testimony – States numerous explosions took place
What's 9/11? Afghans never heard of NYC terror What's 9/11? Afghans never heard of NYC terror

9/11 Experiments: Eliminate the Impossible


My views on this subject is that there is information being witheld from the public and my appeal rest in the opinons of the independent speculation provided by accredited individuals from around the world. From everything I have provided here in this post I do not think there is anyway If you thoroughly investigate the information provided you can get up from your computer with a different perspective. 

My Blog-thinks, pre-posting it here....

Lots of interest, mainly from denialist dumbies to this poster. The mass denial herein shows to me at least the general amount and level of fear the 9/11 “Airplanes in Buildings Day” event effected across the USA.

Here's what I and a few other wrote to it.

+Allen Booth Chipping in here Allen..,

I seem to recall a TV interview, perhaps by a 'conspiracy TV crew' with an engineer connected to WTC7, who as I recall, said they were readying what I thought was called 'building 10', next door to the main WTC twin towers, for demolition prior to the event.

I recall hearing him talk about the building being emptied of all people, and office equipment etc, as per usual for a demolition, and the structure fitted on all floors with the explosives for one of those typical building demolitions, where the explosives are finely timed to go off floor by floor bringing the whole structure down in as confined a space [aka, in a city block location] as possible.

He said that when the '9/11' event occurred, there was panic, and the person in charge, made the call, and told them to 'pull it', meaning flick the switch for the explosives.

As said, I thought it was 'building 10', so my memory might be failing me. I'm sure Alex will say it is.

But I've always held skeptical views on the main 9/11 event, based on all I've observed from the 1st news item on it I heard the morning after [I'm in Australia].

I will not be convinced by anyone that it was not an 'inside job' by US government, military and crime cartels.

I expect it sent an horrific shock through American people, such that many are really afraid of being honest about it, and have been afraid of 'decrypting' the news footage, the interviews, the reports which came after, and for fear, and for a terrible 'myopia' which is the same as most christian believers suffer, many simply do not want to think let alone speak out about the possibility that it WAS both and inside job, by their own [HA! NOT!] government, and as well was as much a warning to them about the corporate-military-industrial complex which Eisenhower warned them about, taking over, and it is now a military-run state.

'Military-run' being by not-friendly corporate psychopathic interests.

Those who throw in distracting diatribes here, countering what was clearly as I put it, a corporate inside job to justify what still prevails in the oil-rich middle east, and the chaos designed to slow and stop the advances in all aspects of culture and power in the rising Islamic power houses there, are doing so for their own hidden and sorry, cowardly, and possibly paid, christian-fundamentalist, agendas.

Some, of course, may simply not be able to deduce simple facts from Fox-type media bullshit.

That, latter scenario, is how the USA is today, in general, which explains the sad rejection of the better ideals and policies the government, trying to be less captured by the same evil corporate power house agendas, wanted to introduce.

The world is in a real bad mess. Some, as if in trances of materialistic cynicism and self-pleasure only, who may also be quite OK about taking the bribes to do and say nothing against the tyranny, don't have that 'other' thing some call 'conscience' or perhaps the genuine intellect to discern for themselves that morality and ethics, of the kind which gets us up and at any price, challenges this type of huge oppression and control, as of value.

I think they simply have not the mentality to see nor appreciate the worth to themselves, let alone to the greater whole group, of going against the popular consensus, even if it means an horrible future short and long term.

I call them 'pretendly frenemies'.

Nobody's friend.

I didn't watch any of your provided links about other building fires.

I followed the events closely from here, seeing many interviews on the streets and out front of the Pentagon.

No-one can prove they weren't contrived, of course.

Apart from the type which, like, from whichever suburb one of the planes flew directly over, Brooklyn or the Bronx, a citizen caught the plane flying over, and hitting the WTC, then one woman with him said "that was definitely not a normal jet" or "passenger plane" or the like.

She spoke more, but hey, it's 13 years ago?

Another outside of the Pentagon, some time after the 'plane hit the building, a guy on camera said, it sounded like a rocket or something. Again, it's a while ago. But the clear view of the point of impact at the Pentagon, showed no signs of any large plane's wings, either on the ground, nor of them plummeting into the side of the building.

It goes on and on.

Donald Rumsfeld, in the months prior, was losing popularity and many were expecting him to be dumped as secretary of defense [?].

So my skepticism and yes [Mel Gibson's "Conspiracy Theory" was about this fella, me] and conspiracy theorismsss, went on high, when it was told us that Rumsfeld was already in the building on the day, allegedly giving a lecture, when the rocket/plane hit, and took control of the rescue etc. He regained 'credibility' from his 'gallant' work thereafter, and his reputation was apparently restored.


No..., it was a terrible and no-less than evil event, so any who are not fit to face it, are your, Americans, and the world's worst enemies.

Another consideration regards the 'airplanes-in-buildings-day', is that on the top floors of the WTC, were some of the most corrupting corporations on earth headquarter offices.

I suspect their occupying those floors, and their major corruption of all facets of things like the Wall Street stock market/exchange, and no doubt their influences and control throughout the corporate world and [corporate] government of the USA, and of it's military, being so heavily privatized, etc., but also of other leading nations in Britain and Europe, had something to do with the attack.

It's a long and complex history, the evolution growth and perversion of 'capitalism' and of democratic government, thus of the people, and no one simple explanation can tell how it works, who is whose enemy, and what is best for everyone.

So were the attack planned and effected by anyone inside the USA, determining exactly why, what their reasons were, will likely never be fully explained nor known by the vast majority.

Back in 1945-6-7-or-8, was President Eisenhower [a Jew] fully cognizant of the good or evil of any rising military-industrial complex [M-I-C]?

Was he but a 'mainstream' capitalist - aka 'materialist' dupe, who failed to deduce the larger dangers to the world, of an unregulated corporate 'free market' of 'no holes' barred ' free enterprise, and that the rising M-I-C were actually far more astute to the dangers of too free a commercial and material-consumption world?

Did 9/11 happen because things in Wall Street were so severely tilting the global economic, financial AND environmental 'playing field' thus the planet's social and cultural survival, understood by the MIC, that they knew something had to happen to change the general direction of free enterprise?

To me, there are too many contradictory factors to take that as a most likely scenario.

I think it was the insane power-and-profit crazies in the corporate world/s who were as mad as the lot of them, atop the WTC, as well as in Washington, Switzerland, Rome, and the Pentagon, and with all the unfathomable 'Rumsfeld-ian' 'known-knowns, known-unknowns, unknown-knowns and unknown-unknowns' someone saw a gap in the time-space-continuum, and made the call.

[Sorry it's so long a diatribe, which probably informs you of nothing more?]

But, I do agree that 9/11, being so major an event, which still influences millions, if not more, especially in the middle east, does have to be gone over, and the facts do have to be revisited and the truth has to be told.

There are many people who should be on trail and in jail for that crime against humanity.

However I do not rush to concluding the likes of GW Bush, are anywhere near culpable.

I think most people know, GW was a puppet, of a much larger and far more pernicious machine.

Who Cheney and Rummie were controlled by...., we may never know.

But, someone does.

Can they ever, like Private FIRST CLASS Chelsea Manning did, put the Public Interest ahead of their own lives and perceived freedom?

Is 'on their deathbed' too late?


Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

Michael Da Re [Dumbie numba 1]
Yesterday 4:32 PM
+David Coulter can you please do something about the commentator above, he's hijacked this thread and it's spouting nonsense, he's become a nuisance and trolling all other thread as I'm sure you are aware, can you ban or at least delete his post.

Max Cook
Yesterday 4:57 PM
+Michael Da Re
Are you referring to me, Michael? Apologies if I upset you.

I'll try to reduce my input, knowing they are very, if not too long.

Perhaps they simply challenge the very things I see mainstream Americans suffering from.

I'm not 'trolling all other thread[s]', nor 'spouting nonsense'. Please be more open to facts, thoughts, beliefs and opinions contrary to yours.

Your political biases most likely conflict with mine.

Too bad. Grow up and learn to live with it.

For you to react so 'brutally' against what I've written above [assuming you are referring to me] may indicate that you and your social group are of that sad type I allude to above. I guess I feel sorry for them.

Allen Booth
5:23 PM
To +Max Cook

Literally nobody that has commented on this thread has thoroughly taken the time to review the counter perspective and have been dismissive on the basis that it's "conspiracy jargon" with no insight to what is being said.

I can't explain the science behind it but the men in these videos can. My goal was to get some people to review their perspective of the science before providing a rebuttal.

I also to believe it's only a matter of time until the truth is revealed on this topic. Nothing has been provided in such a way that it actually disproves their claims and that's all I'm really waiting for. 

Max Cook
6:40 PM
To +Allen Booth
Yeah, As I say, that event scared America. And, I doubt I provide you anything more, but my perspective.....

To your "...a matter of time until the truth is revealed on this topic."

I'd suggest, that America has been so corrupted, as to shun the truth, about itself.

Another G+ page, Atheism I think, said that some 100 million Americans are of an aggressive christian persuasion, who deem it right to wage war against any who disagree with their dogma, whether 'foreigners' or Americans.

There's no doubt 'fundamentalism' of any 'cult' or religion is pernicious. But trying to literally, 'break the spell' of that fanaticism is not easy.

I was inspired to see over recent months, mainly on these pages, Atheism, Versus, Thinkers, et al, that the Atheist movement per se is gaining momentum in the US.

Inspired mainly because it seemed that this wasn't because of any Atheist evangelism, or proselytizing, 'bible-bashing' type stuff, but because large numbers of 'know-not-what-they-do's' have been 'waking up' and finding the courage or whatever to question dogma, seeing it for what it's been - hypnotism - and thus shunning blind faith for their own intelligence.

Christians harp on about the 'good news' rah rah rah, but funnier it is that the REAL Good News is them dumping the false beliefs of those cults, and embracing the factual and scientific inquiries.

I mention this stuff because this seems to me to be the essential America needs before it, as a nation, will be capable of facing the facts, the truth about the huge event on 9/11.

But clearly, to get there, and beyond, the US cannot expect but an whole raft of major and probably very dramatic changes to occur either simultaneously, or from then on...

A LOT of growing up to do, over there....

That, of course, would have major ramifications everywhere on earth too, for the 'influences' the US has on all aspects of diplomacy, trade, culture etc.

I see the false god [judeo-christian] religions as completely in bed with 'capitalism'.

So were the most fundamentalist nation - the USA - to break those spells, hopefully, the newly awoken, will also see the negatives, the 'evils' of crapitalism, and start using their noggins toward a much much stronger , healthier, more peaceful Socialism?

A Socialism, I emphasize, that does NOT reject capitalism AT ALL.

But, try convince a Tea Bagger? Hahahoho, hoohoohoohoo!

David Coulter
Yesterday 9:11 PM
+Michael Da Re
Thanks for notifying me. As soon as I get time this morning I'll review the posts and determine what action is required. Thanks again! 

David Coulter
Yesterday 11:00 PM
Whew ok...this thread is pretty volatile and inflammatory...(see what I did there).

+Max Cook You have a tendency to be unnecessarily wordy. I'll be honest...I can't find reason to ban you, and seeing as how you did apologize...I will not take it any further other than to say... Please try to be more succinct with your comments. Overly lengthy comments stagnate the discussion as they are very difficult to respond to productively...especially in a written environment. If we continue to get complaints from members we will have to take more drastic actions. Thank you.

David Coulter
Yesterday 11:15 PM
+Allen Booth I don't generally weigh in on these debates because I just don't see much productive value to them. Let's consider for the moment that you and the other experts are correct. What does this say about society as a whole? If that many people are really able to be convinced to pull off such an horrific crime against their own people, then I'm not convinced you've shown any way to resolve this. There is literally no government you could create or fathom that would also not be capable of such an atrocity (at least governments run by people any way).

You can cry for a revolution and put new humans in power, but the accusations leveled here show that this problem lies with humanity in general, not any specific individuals. So even if you were correct, there's simply no productive value in that knowledge other than...we are, as a species, completely fucked. Gee...thanks.

So.... I'm not (currently) trying to completely dismiss your argument. I'm just asking... What's the point?

Max Cook
11:29 AM
+David Coulter
Agreed. Allen is out of patience. Understandable, for the content of his denigraters is trash, and clearly evasive of the hard, hard, very hard facts behind the 9/11 event.

But as to Allen insulting other posters here, I might be able to assert the same of Michael Da Re, for example. He asserted I'm trolling other threads also. "All others" I think he accused me of. This is not the case, and it thence displays that HE is being somewhat 'troll-like'. I suggest you hold him on a 'warning' rather than myself.

It's obviously a very divisive topic especially across the US, which may or may not warrant it be either 'constrained' on this apparently less serious, less political, more happy-go-lucky G+ site? However..., "VERSUS" ? Does this not exist so diverse and controversial issues CAN be aired here?

As the event did have such an horrible impact in USA, but more in the middle east, STILL, does Google, and/or your remit of being the moderator, rightly take any position in this social media site, to control or put-off 'dissenting' views to the mainstream US and official government or right wing media/public's 'belief' that it was Muslims?

On the contrary, for Google and yourselves to show the necessary Rectitude and Egalitarianism ["Don't be evil"], especially in such a deadly topic, the issue should be allowed to be aired, as-it-were, on this site.

People who do not want to revisit 9/11 - quite understandable if they were close, or worse, they do not have to read this thread, do they?

And, of course, I know I'm terribly prolix. My only defense is that on such involved issues, brevity serves as a form of censorship. However, I acknowledge it is a failing of mine, and will try to reduce the rabbit.

Other than that, Allen is not crazy, nor 'deluded' as M De Ra accused me of being, and does have legitimate points all through, so needs to be allowed to discuss the issue, tragic as it was/is/will be for decades.

Yes, Humanity is trashing itself. "Amoeba to Empire to Self-Extermination", as I once essayed. Shit happens, aye?

Max Cook
+Allen Booth
Valid points Allen.

However, as David wrote, we humans have trashed the planet, so 'why bother' pursuing this issue?

I half agree with him, from the "it's all a futile game/race of, 'who gets to the end of the world FIRST!'?"

But on the other hand, I fully agree with you, and those who recognize the ongoing evils of those who engineered 9/11, that they do have to be brought to some [?] court [which is NOT filthy-rotten perverse and corrupt?] and those who made ridiculous profits from it, and from the war/s still occurring especially in Iraq, but across the Middle East generally.

Haliburton. Rinca. Weapons-makers.

The west [A-herm? The 'right-wing, spoiled classhole' west] so readily forgets that a large number of civil wars now going on, in Africa, Asia, the Mid-East, so many ecological disasters all over, quite deliberate subversion of pre-colonial cultures, and the general breakdown of any accepted difference between cultures is sponsored and driven, motivated by the west, by the western corporate [governmental] powers.]

David's unnerstandable, but possibly also inexcusable, throwing of the hands up in the air and saying 'why bother', is really sad, methinks.

Others, who are focused on their own little illusion, inside their own little 'modern', trendoid' lunchbox, who do the same, are as much condoning the horrors and utterly evil motives, and actions taken since at least 2003 Iraq.

When a large enough mass of 'voters' forchrissakes? are of the same attitude, they're giving license to the same types of Wall Street/Washington/London corporate demons to keep doing it.

That, is shit.

So, not having a life, but a dedication to fighting for a more just world - trashed in the near future or 'otherwise' - I stay with it being right for as many as know about the nasty side of we-the-beast, to put themselves, their ego, their hot autos and trinkets of the bullshit, plastic superficial and really trashy life, aside, and do the right thing.

In this case, of 9/11,
1, the people need facts. 'Life' does not survive on bullshit.
2, whether they're intellectually, thus morally capable of consuming the facts is irrelevant, and they have to come up to speed with 'da troof' [keep smiling dudes] the truth, to being able to absorb it and adjust their own outlook by the facts, so-as to work towards, at least, living a more Honorable life from now on - if only for the kids,
3, whether they can face it or not, the world is on the brink, of all manner of heavy-duty changes - ecological, cultural, civil, militarist, corporate, banking, food supply, rah rah rah and a rah, ALL CAUSED BY THE SAME WESTERN ELITES [G'Day, uncle! (I'm related dudes. Sorry 'bout that!)].

So people fail themselves, and the kids, if they cannot be Man/Woman HUMAN enough to drop their bullshit indoctrinated fears, and get out, wherever possible, ORGANIZE,the group, from yer local scouts to the unions to the fucking car sales mongrels, to the state and federal police, to put themselves last for once, so the lot of them/you/us, can take on the garbage of Washington, Wall Street, Rome, Bank of England, etc, and make the proper corrections to what we have left.

People who ignore the Fight, for their own little egoism, are nobody's friends - Pretendly Frenemies - and the scum on top of the pool love those types, and thus, keep getting away with genocide of YOU, and your kin.

So, do not get pissed by the denialists here Allen. Stay cool.

Whether anyone 'wins' a Fight is not the issue, for our own and the larger 'soul' of humanity.

What does matter is that we do the science, find the facts - truth of you like - and fearless, Fight the ignorance.

Anything less, is betraying ourselves, our species, and, Our Ancestors!


[SORRY! Too long AGAIN....!]

David Coulter
2:15 PM
+Max Cook
You've misunderstood me. I don't agree with throwing of the hands up in the air and saying 'why bother'

I am stating that IF I accepted +Allen Booth's position, that is really the only thing left to do. Accepting that a government could do this to it's own people, and recognizing that there is nothing we can do to stop it...THEN you might as well say fuck it.

Fortunately - I don't believe that's the case.

Max Cook
2:18 PM
+David Coulter

Max Cook
2:30 PM
+David Coulter
Yeah... 'Belief'. 'Accepted position'. '.....then there is nothing we can do to stop it.'

Preferred beliefs, illusions, [it's ALL illusion'], delusions.

Dad was a Paratrooper Sar-Major. I'm built for war.

I done the science, see the ignorance, and die Fighting the shit.

I'm cool with that, and of others being frightened off.

As a French President said once, "Fun! Is for fools!" And for kids.....

Allen Booth
3:38 PM
+David Coulter
"One person can make a difference and everyone should try" - John Kennedy

You manifest a false dilemma that if we actually try to reveal these discrepancies and actually bring to light whom may been responsible that life is worthless and that if we wish to maintain the course we need to just accept the rubber stamped story.

As I questioned earlier do you believe that people in seats of academic authority in universities all across the US are just irrational or just conspiracy driven in their efforts to have a revaluation the NIST science?

Tell me there's not any logical part in your mind that tingles when questioning who has more reason to lie or provide a pseudo perspective. The assessments of accredited individuals around the world with independent achievements, or a single authority being questioned hy multiple sources. I used ae911 as it's the best example, but "rethink911" that the independent journalist Ben Swann covered has their own assortment of expertise questioning their claims.

(Off topic) I was watching the recent Snowden interview in which he was asked "what was your breaking point to take action" and he replied "when the intelligence director lied directly to congress under oath. I realized there was no turning back at this point"

Whether you wish to accept there ill aspects of the government they are there. You can ignore reality, but you can't ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

Awareness is and the desire to know is what this country needs. As ignorance is not bliss, it's blistering.

Max Cook
To: +Allen Booth
Great Allen! Top Stuff!

Not pointing at anyone, really, as this whole difference of preferred 'beliefs' is far more 'cultural', than anything 'personal'.

We all got to dig back to our earliest 'formative experiences' etc., then right through youth and early adulthood, to divine why we choose, if we choose, one ideal, belief, path from another.

But that's very hard, until the first emotional, nervous or mental breakdown. Then, if we're lucky, someone helps us to, before we go on a shooting spree.

Here's a beauty, thrown in from about 300 years ago, by

Thomas Jefferson Yesterday 11:27 PM+1

Make the LIE big......
Make it SIMPLE............
Keep REPEATING it....................
And eventually THEY will believe it ..............
Adolph Hitler

The reason History keeps repeating itself is because NOBODY KNOWS IT .

Around here, the thread went sort-of 'ballistic' with long diatribes from both sides refuting the others.

So, I don't put 'em in.

It's got to finish soon. I think even Allen sees it 's a 'go nowhere' post/thread now.

Here's another summary of that point.

Antonio Roji12:20 PM1

+Allen Booth you are swiming against the stream. Most Americans believe anything their government tells them without questioning it. Like you said, there are hundreds of architects and engineers that have talked against the 9/11 Commission report. The are hundreds of demolition experts that have said the towers were taken down in a controlled demolition. Hundreds of pilots that have said the planes couldn't have done what the government said they did and that the alleged terrorists didn't have the ability to perform the maneuvers required to crash the planes against the towers.
But all those hundreds of people, maybe thousands, are called conspiracy theorists with contempt.
America is now a police state and Americans haven't noticed it. They don't care, they don't give a damn. All they want is to arrive home after working 8 hours a day for a few bucks and be able to watch American Idol or even worse, Bill O'Reilly telling them everything is OK

Max Cook
To +Antonio Roji Well said. But I actually, from down under, wonder if most Americans do believe their government, in versions of events such as this one?

Most are at least savvy enough to be very cynical of the US fed government as it's evolved through the 20th century, as well I'd guess, of most all, state and local council governments.

But these very events did, I posit, really frighten the average US people, with families etc, into accepting that 'lies rule', so lets take them on as true, and so keep our heads down and out of the evil secret authority's shitful eye.

I Salute Allen for persisting, but as you say, against the tide of opinion, all, as I say, merely wanting, as you say, to get home with a few bucks and enough for a beer.

Doesn't mean 9/11 wasn't a 'fit-up' by any number of 'US' and/or foreign 'authorities and forces'.

And, this site, while good for short pithy comments, is open to anyone.

So how do we know anyone's 'creds'?

Those who have jobs or just somewhere to live out of the rain, are always under threats of being kicked onto the streets, homeless, if the 'authorities' hear or read they're being toooo honest, especially in huge issues like Dick Cheney ER? this tragic event. [Jus' Rummy-ing around there! lol]

That the majority, perhaps of any nation, Russia, China, Astrayliar, the USA, Britain or Luxembourg, ETT cetera..., choose, not entirely voluntarily, of course, 'silence' against these types of 'controversial' facts, or 'situations', shows we are, as a species, really in deep shit.

Therefore, what possible Value can there be in staying silent?

Life is worthless if we are cowards and lame selfish sheep for the slaughter.

Far far better to drop our 'possessions', [sorry for that word, and it's use by the said 'Jesus'], 'Man-Up/Woman-Up' and take the whole shitload of bullshit corporate, over-consumption, ill-mental and physical health, land distribution [OOOP?] issues onto the streets of Washingmachinetown and fight til we drop!

Better dying for a Noble Cause than for minuscule selfish bullshit!

Outlaw ;{)

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Travelling 4x4 Tent of

General Blue Meanee
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