My Comment to “UK Establishment Closes Ranks” An article about pedophilia networks being exposed up as high as England's PM's residence, 'Number 10 Downing Street"

140210 My Comment to “UK Establishment Closes Ranks” An article about pedophilia networks being exposed up as high as England's PM's residence, 'Number 10 Downing Street"

[Just to clarify, I, nor the article, as I recall, do not infer nor suggest nor allege that the British PM, David Cameron, or his previous PMs, are, or have been personally involved with pedophile rings.  But I wouldn't be surprised!]


Here's long piece about pedophilia, the military forces abuses and uses the hold such acts have over their men, and about witchcraft, and about lots of other gender-based, and gender-biased issues. Apologies if I stray here and there....

I thought I hit the right buttons to put these comments [of mine, below in green]onto the scriptonite.com article's comments page.

But looking the next day, it wasn't there? Possibly a feminist removing it, for it being possibly 'prescient' and from the 'Sworn Misogynist' that I am? I get a lot of that....

Common, 'nobody' people, male and feline, do really ignorant and insulting things to famous, and perceived as 'Wise' people.

However, this is not the 1st, as The Guardian removed a debatably insulting, lengthy comment I posted to one of their article's comment's section a few weeks ago. And that wasn't the 1st either.

This happens when I write choice, juicy, and unusually 'enlightened' things.

A couple have disappeared over time, and I do suspect the US Embassy in Canberra as the culprits, for censoring stuff I write which is too truthful, either describing, though I say so myself, 'beautifully', Our Enlightened Aborigines, or going to some issues which they in their CRAPitalist, racist, megalo-maniacal psycho-pathologies, determine must be 'cut'.

It is a sign of how stupid they are, when women, or Americans, do things I detest, so they can get under my occult skin, with their 'faith' witchcraft, such as 'steal' comments for themselves, or take videos and photo's of me, naturally, without my permission.

All part of being the dick I am. But it exposes, as far as I'm concerned, women's envy, perhaps 'penis envy', and outright jealous want, in the occult sense as they so proudly might say to 'oowwwwwnn' me/him.

As the white 'Judaic-christian' western world has been deeply entranced for thousands of years, and as the majority of whiteguys are incapable of admitting to it, because the spell is so powerful as to keep them avoiding facing it, the female half, having abused witchcraft for as long [the Adam and Eve-il story has more truth to it, albeit in deep allegory], cannot see life in any other way.

Most of them, anyway. Especially the common nobodies of them.

Being lesser in terms of having physical power over males, it's unnerstandable, though dangerously unjustifiable, because it makes them ignorant and dangerous fools, why women turn to magic for power over the males.

This is something, perhaps most in the west, males, dads, and their ability to connect with and gain the respect from their own male children, fail to recognize.

Women deploy magic in their children from the moment of conception, and are 'tuning' 'honing' the psyche of the babe, to suit their usually selfish and highly egomaniacal desires.

Dad's must be aware of this, and that it so often is behind why boys 'rebel' against father's often necessarily heavy hand.

As often though, I'd hope, I guess, that dad's are aware of 'irascible spirits' in their kids, and that sometimes, words mean nothing to those spirits [like 'reason' means nothing to women] so the best way to clear the spirit out from the head of the kid, is to give them, the classic, and mostly harmless 'clip-over-the-ear'.

It acts, as best as I can figure, to simply break a subtle unseen, and in a way physical 'veil', a spirit, or another person, has draped over the kid's mind.

I got them often from Dad, and do not regret any of them, and they never did any longer term harm. I do recall that, without having a clue as to either the occult in general, or mum's pernicious manipulations, once dad did give me that sharp clip over the ear, something did shift in my head, apart from my brain hitting the skull, and I had a head which was, once the mild sense of numbness went, clearer. As is often the case, only the 'ego' was 'off-ended'.

What I've come to believe over time, is that indeed, the 'ego' is in-the-main, the built-up accumulation of these same foreign 'spells' which have us believe false and grandiose, or bloated things of ourselves.

False foreign spells draped over our subtle mind, so-as to have us behave how some external dark spirit wants us to.

But in regard to females being under some ancient controller of what and how they think, men are the same.

Because they're under someone else's spell, they cannot control their desires, to not further abuse witchcraft, and, by no coincidence, for the same reasons, they uncontrollably abuse the material realm, by desiring and trying to own as much shit as possible.

This is much of what 'materialism' is about.

To the female, hungering for power over men, caused by a shitload of unresolved psycho-pathologies, witchcraft is everything, and they abuse it with 'gay abandon'.

The most dangerous thing is that they, for 1, being entranced, and 2, for placing everything in 'faith' as opposed to 'reason' or, that deeper, Higher mental faculty of the species, and, of all species, the Impartial, all seeing Intellect, they cannot see the dangers of using witchcraft for their own gain.

Messing with the subtle, deeper, extremely delicate yet enormously powerful 'Cosmic Fabric' of the occult universe, for selfish gain, is what's behind this era's 'fall', and is the driving error behind all the modern, industrial revolution's calamities, and our current social, personal, cultural, economic and ecological crises.

And, as was accepted as true centuries ago, and is still, in many Indigenous Cultures, the occult, wrongly used, does effect the physical being.

And, the occult is behind many diseases we regard as having quite different causes.

However, getting behind them we can see that way back, when we 1st went off the Right Path in how to live, bad practices of diet etc., were initiated because we'd become ignorant of how to live correctly with the Occult Ways, Knowledge and Spirits, and how we must properly respect and use, or not use, the occult.

So 'cancer' for example, is caused by our ancestors being so stupefied by jewish and/or christian witchcraft, dumbing them down, to not see that one type of food, or one method of cooking food, will mess with the natural biological organisms in our physical being, so causing cancer. 'Whiteguys? SHEESH?

But try telling an under-educated, over-confident, 1st world spoiled wealthy, so-often 'white' person, females especially, and more especially once they've given birth?

[Most all western, white, christian-inculturated people are 'under-educated', in regard to use/abuse of the occult, and about educing the essential Wisdom from within, enough to know right thought and right action, from stupidity.]

They misinterpret any Wise advice in that regard, as insulting to their ego, though they refuse to recognize or admit to having an ego, thus to being egomaniacs.

Instead of backing off, and taking the Humble Path, they turn their anger for having the facts about their psychoses exposed, into weapons against any who talk true about them.

This is what drives more than we are game to admit, in the western social structures, of, essentially, power, over everyone else, close or stranger. The results are clear - to the Wise.

And, this is in direct opposite to how they are best to use 'power'.

The most beneficial, use of 'power' occult power, is to do war with the demons we all have within or minds, until we conquer them, and thereafter, are able to return, as the Tao Te Ching has it, 'to the root'.

'The root' of all being. The ['Mysterious'] Tao.

Once we find and establish a good, rock-solid connection to that, our own, personal, inner core, the Tao, but one name for It, we overcome those errant desires for power over others, even power our own children.

But, white Australian sheilas, are a real sorry lot, full-blown egomaniacs, in the main.

This, obvious to outsiders, is caused by our own ancestral horror shows, from 1788-on. As well as having our ancestral roots in a longtime awry and way off the Righteous Path western, British and Eurapean sub-species. And don't the churches and cults make the most of it!

And couldn't I go on...., and on...., and on?

Nevertheless, to a not unrelated issue, as gone to in the article link



Read the linked article. It's another whiteguy horror show, suppressed by the western media, mainly, as the article points out, because pedophilia is now rampant across the western world's upper classes, and is out of control.

The occult is as much a part of this child abuse, from both perspectives - the user and the abuser.

The worst aspect of these types of happenings, eventualities, from a long errant culture, is that people are disempowered, by the occult, although the occult is a tremendously empowering 'thing', mainly, I think, because the occult is how the elite has always controlled the masses.

So giving the occult to the masses, should, by rights, empower them enough to be able to fend off and in fact overpower the elites, when the elites employ occult force to oppress them.

But, being on the outer, I do not know the other forces extant, which the elite abuse and cooperate with to stay on the top of the pile.

It could be that they have long held the 'keys' to the minds of all their policing and military personnel, such that they can still command them to STOMP any 'civilian' or group of Dissenting military or ex-military persons?

One method the elite have deployed, is to use the occult to defray any 'organization' in a single Dissenter's mind, but more importantly to the elite, in the collective of minds of any potential Troupe of Dissenters.

So when things get tough, and the natural response by any number of the public, the masses, is to start discussing a revolt, the elite already have their agents in there, and they simply 'flick-the-switch' in some hitherto unassuming person in the camp, and before we know it, there's chaos right through the Dissenters Organization, and it breaks apart, or splits into factions and, often enough, into 'enemy camps'.

So when times like now, are in front of us, and there's general dissatisfaction, it's near on impossible for the People to Rise Up, and do what should be very simple and easy, bring the tyrants down.

All through our military 'establishment', there are high ranking men who are welded-on to doing what the establishment demand of them. So any Dissent is stomped by the command, ordering troops to take the dissenters out.

The command, however, always come originally, from lower ranks. All of them begin as 'rookies' or recruits to officer training colleges. And as is brought out by the media every few years, there's a rampant situation ongoing, of 'bastardizing' recruits, most always by men a rank or three above the 'privates'. These offenders, are rewarded for their banging the nubiles into shape, and obedience, usually by protection, and, by promotion.

So the hard cold vicious truth about most all western at least, military forces, and their commands, is that they have gained their senior ranks, by being essentially 'pedophiles' to the junior recruits. Most being under 18 years of age.

A terrible labyrinth of a situation is what develops.

I add here, somewhat 'speculatively', that it's probable, that within the same forces, exist different networks of enlisted personnel, not all of whom were tainted with the exact same type of 'capture'.

I suggest, that as much influence within and across the forces, exists in other forms of crime.  It could be hardware theft, or 'procurement', of small and/or large equipment, or any other form, and type of illicit activity.  

There'd be a cross-over, between these networks, no doubt.  

But I don't know anything about that sort of situation.  I know they do exist, however.  They always have, in large organizations.  Especially in the type within which it is practically impossible to keep any secure checks active.   Airline and rail and trucking companies have the same types of organized networks of procuring other peoples' property, too.  Then there's 'real estate'!  HA!

I just add this here, so-as to not have people miss the point that pedophilia in the military, is as often not solely 'a military thing', and that crime of all sorts, exists right through the military, and right through the private sectors of enterprise, and 'enterprising ways of procuring a living'.  

Indeed, of course, from my Common People's viewpoint, private enterprise over a certain accountable level, is a crime of and all of it's own.  BOO! to 'corporations!!!

But referring back to the sentence...,  "A terrible labyrinth of a situation is what develops."

This, may be traceable back to a military's earliest formation, when laws and courts and places to lay charges against senior officers did not exist.

But the worst of it is that this controls all aspects of applying the true laws.

And the first and most important laws for any nation, are the laws of the land, and it's distribution.

If they are wrong, corrupted, and kept so, the whole nation suffers, and suffers badly.  Inequity and inequality become standards, and class comes into being, with every resultant psychological malady accompanying them.

Before long, which, from an Indigenous person's perspective, can be over a few thousands of years, the culture and society and the general level of balanced intellects across the polity, are trashed.

Laws which the elites want perpetually corrupted, to suit their own greedy, quite insane desires and beliefs about themselves.

That it is so entrenched across the military, makes it seemingly impossible for any high-ranking officer to speak out.

Not only would they attract the hate of their fellow officers, so many of whom are where they are, in rank, because of some longtime earlier miscreance, of bastardization, and, worst still, the forced inducement into bands of pedophiles, which can organize to have their own sent into war zones purely to kidnap children, purely to feed their organizations dysfunctional desires for young 'meat'.

But they would, were they to speak out, attract the ruthless disdain of, the rampantly out of control pedophile elite! Whom they are commissioned and promoted and paid, to protect.

It should be obvious that pedophilia is an issue which must be brought out and discussed openly, in public, and by the pedophiles themselves.

The only way we could go near such a discussion, is to reveal all the histories and shady, AND not-so-shady sides of banging kids.

But to get that into the public arena for calm, intelligent, and not drowned-in-emotional females, debate, is a big call.

Necessary, nevertheless.

From another view point....,

I'm told we are invaded by aliens from reptilian species and star systems.

And, sadly for me and my inquiries into how Humans do best co-habit planets like ours, inquiries which determine that 'People Power' or 'Democratic government' in a form many times purer than anything we of the western world has ever seen, is how we will best survive and sustain life on earth perennially.

Far better than 'monarchies'.

However, whence comes my 'sadness', the occult orders, perhaps, in fact, probably, severely corrupted by the last few thousands of years of monarchic tyrannical warmongering and over-powering, since 'the fall', now determine, mainly through errant myth-making, and wealth's propensity to make people delude themselves into bloated self-aggrandizement, for their lack of Wisdom, have turned all reason or means of access to it, within the person, into trash, essentially, and so unreachable for the vast, now ever-growing mass of us.

This is purely why the myth of a savior is promoted.

The terror if it, is that the myth has been 'invented' and promoted, and forced down peoples' throats, by the elite, who themselves, are so spoiled, thus so far from knowing or controlling things like government, and markets, and thus culture and societies, as to only be able to invent bullshit.

If bullshit is allowed to become the dominant system of belief, of culture, then it festers and grows into very warped manifestations, not just in peoples' minds, but, with a large enough 'believership' bullshit phenomena does actually manifest in the material realm.

Hence, with the evils of mind-manipulations like the USA's 'hollywood' reaching into the gullible minds of hundreds of millions, there results enough mental energy, 'ectoplasm' to make manifest physical entities.

And, again, with hollywood being an entirely 'dark' house of myth making, much of it so-as to fund a false-god, false-ideology, and false-superiority 'race' and state - Israel - and it's 'chosen tribe' of zion, idiots who are addicted to movies, and who do not have the intelligence to know the dangers of being totally immersed in the full sensory blasts we get in modern cinemas, ['full sensory blasts ' with extremely pernicious intentions!] leave with their own minds pumping images out to the 3-dimensional ether, of about every evil and scarey being the movie studio imagineers could have dreamed up. Themselves totally immersed, and blind to the evils and dangers they are fabricating.

America!   "Pay me, and I'll do it!"


So..., the end result of all this stupidity, as well as, those occult manipulators and designers of the world around us, structuring the culture of ignorance to suit their own evil ends, making the masses utterly insane, therefore by their own 'slight of hand' fabricating a false messiah, thus winning the overly-soppy hearts and totally stupefied minds of the masses to 'believe' ie., as per christian witchcraft 'have faith', they try to make and present to the really fucked up world, a messiah.

A messiah who has been built by them, and has lifelong been almost totally under their powers, saved only by those who are not totally immersed in jewish, zionist, christian propaganda, and it's underlying force, occult spells, who also use the occult upon that poor being, and force into him the alternatives, of developing the intellect to discern that messianism, and all surrounding it, as in christian faith, dogma and hypnotized directing to believing the bullshit, and, with a fierce war within that fella's own soul, mind, he does break through the false beliefs, which enshrouded him for most of his life, and does awaken and learn to properly use his Intellect, and destroys the false myths about a messiah.

Trouble being, that he's on his own, more or less.

So, because the most of the rest of the species has been deliberately dumb-down by the same occultist forces of the filthy spoiled elite, he stands alone, and well above the masses, such that his access to the Universal Wisdom, has him appear to the rest as - SHIT AND DAMN - the messiah!

But try getting him to explain the truths about his own manifestation, to the idiots down below?

FAIL! Not for any failure on his behalf, but for the mass of failures the elites have bred in the masses, to be able to unnerstand what he's trying to tell them.


Little wonder any 'Wise one', would detest the majority of his species?

Nevertheless.... In regard to the article I read, and have gone to in the above paragraphs, here's what I wrote, on reading the article about pedophilia accusations leading all the way up to England's prime ministers residence at number 10 Downing Street, London.


Sadly, pedophilia is off the charts now, globally.

Western military run major networks. And of course, the churches...... All kept 'secure' by an equally filthy worldwide police network.

A terrible example of how humanity, has fallen.

'Power corrupts... Absolute power, corrupts absolutely.' NO doubt about that.

Ed Snowden, Chelsea Manning, and Julian Assange, might be the type the world needs to get stuck into revealing these types of sorry people and their networks.

What is true, is that a huge number of people do know this goes on, and do know names and addresses, and events enough to bring down the 'establishment' with a thudddd.

With all this type of 'leaked' information, once the trickle begins, it does grow and usually turns into something of a flood of exposures.

We are not the same demure cowering people we were, even just a decade or two ago.

And more of humanity is aware of the underlying filth of all upper echelons of power. More too, are finding they do have a conscience, enough to change their previously - 'blind-eye' to such crimes, to being prepared to voice and act publicly, on their concerns and disgust.

I don't think the majority will stand for the heavy hands of the establishment much more, nor their 'evil eye' being cast down on us.

If the MSM are prepared to print and air these major exposures, it will become the snowball against the comfy-fanny establishment soon enough.

Time the majority turned their shying disgust into directed anger.

We really have no option but to call an Amnesty on this issue, such that any who speak up, as pedophiles can discuss their and the general issue, with some form of immunity to any serious prosecution.

Perhaps some form of contrition is necessary from them, and I'd suggest that some form of 'penance' be paid.

I do ask myself if an element of guilt does still occupy their minds.

But I also do see that it is so often a situation they have been involuntarily dragged into, as put in the military 'drafting' of recruits into the pedophile rings.

So, I guess I put it to our Warriors here, that, if they can, they should talk amongst themselves about this, and recognize the end game is a fail for everyone.

Members of all military commands who gained their positions for abiding by the pedophile rings 'code of silence' and of complicity, etc., who do everything they can, from now on, to bring this out, such that they can Unite and make a show of force, to dissolve the negative aspects of their own histories and climb up the ranks, must be seen by their fellows, as Champions, doing the best for all of them, and that they should do what they can to bring it out, for the good of the services, thus, for everyone's betterment.

'Blame' and 'guilt' and condemnation, can no longer be how we treat this, as a species.

'Shit happens!' We are all, in some way, complicit. So, we are all in some way, not entirely culpable, methinks.

Someone, somewhere, has to break the mold.

Better to start where it's most concentrated.

Not by anything other than getting down, off your high horses, so often mounted because it's the only way we can see to ensure our own future and safe-keeping, of secrets we'd much rather never happened.

What, if, an whole Battalion, who are aware of, and have been - essentially victim to - the pedophilia escapade, fronted, Command, all the way down the ranks, and demanded the freedom to speak out?

I bet you, that in no time, other Troupes, Battalions, would be marching in step, for the same Honest, Noble, and Just, Resolution!

Being Commander Notorious, as I name myself, I guess, I issue this as an order, not only across the Australian military forces, the ADF, but across all of us, USA, British, European, Russian, Chinese, ET cetera!

It has to stop somewhere, everywhere, sometime, and soon.

Man-Up! Warriors!”

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Travelling 4x4 Tent of

General Blue Meanee
Commander Notorious
General War Pig


Bleck - Green - Red
Wisdom - Intelligence - Honor