Pretendly Frenemies - Debunking 'Friendship'

I post this blog e-ssay, now, without having gone over it once more, without seeing if it has other points not included, to be included, because the blog post below this one, was 'controversial' to say the least, going to far more personal aspects of 'pretendly frenemies', etc., and the connection was under serious fire when I went online to upload it minutes ago.

I hope this'n is complete enough to put across my points about 'pretendly frenemies', in a mad world?

Pretendly Frenemies - Debunking 'Friendship'

Your mind is really a bag of cut snakes”.

Since a longtime ago, man has become as-they-say, “more refined”, and for increased local, tribal security, over generations, we've taken paths into developing stuff like 'the arts' and 'fashion' in clothing, architecture and other areas of domestic, social, commercial legal and governmental affairs.

The effect of these 'growths' in our characters, and customs, etc, tends often to have the raw, honest, basic being we are, becoming over gentrified, which, to me, is not as healthy nor 'uplifting' of the basic character of the beast, as the 'refined' might prefer to believe.

This is where the word 'spoiled' is correctly applied.

Appreciation of those magnificent 'inventions', flights of the imagination, as-in the arts, etc, music, performance, dance can't be criticized if they make us more appreciative of other cultures. And, if they give us some deeper understanding of our own infinite mind and it's imagination, thus the world around us, which, I saw once, all comes from within us anyway.

Being able to listen in some sort of rapture at a Mozart violin piece, or from any western or eastern, or any, 'classical' composer, or listening so one 'becomes the music' of say, a heavy rock song, has been experienced by me, and when I rarely hear a classical or classic 'old favorite rock song, those feelings and sensations re-surgitate fast.

Sadly, the memories of why I don't have the stereo music system to listen to in a nice comfy loungeroom and armchair rush in as well and spoil it.

The radio is usually switched off at that point.

But, to our species try to refine us, gaining the refinements, be-they an appreciation of good music, good food, wine, furniture, buildings, etc, is firstly an attempt to have us lose the more raw, and usually more honest aspects and traits of 'the beast' Homo Sapiens.

I guess this brings up questions of whether having all the accouterments of re-finery, makes us 1, more intelligent, 2, more tolerant - itself questionable - should we try to be more tolerant, or contrary to 'tolerance' more knowledgeable of that we might regard as 'intolerable', so more understanding, 3, better able to deal with life, circumstances, events, challenge and change?

ET cetera?

Or, do the common western 'refinements', the 'gentrifying accouterments' assist in having us survive?

And, do all the tries and successes by all modern cultures and cultural and social influences, to lift the brutal, coarse, 'gravely' character, out of some perceived 'primitive' range of behavior, in fact make us less tolerant, less intelligent, less informed or capable of consideration and acceptance of 'the other', whether cultural, skin-color, language, fashion, trend, or belief, etc?

Does 'cultural refinement' make us less honest, and less able to cope with foreign or unknown entities and situations?

On a cultural level, above specific examples, across whole cult, religious and national 'persuasions and trends' I'd say “Yes, it does!”

Having to face my own errant 'generalization' in points I make, there are always the exceptions.

These too, are as oft' seen in whole subsets of a culture, or nation, down to how a school, church or public, or more secular club, encourages and instructs attendees in these types of affairs and interests.

Trying to express, find or produce any one or small number of 'standards' for any level or type of society to agree on and to follow is pointless, and probably negative overall?

The Arts are of value, and not just for 'Sotherby's', and not merely for the ego of spoiled brats to spend their idle-hands hours dabbling in.

There is a value for people to enjoy the world, whether that's at a rock-n-roll dance, groovin' to the muse [sorry, I'm 50-fuckin'-9!], or at a classical ballet or Beethoven concert orchestra, Et Al.

Being able to 'get-off' on paintings all in one big place, or city, for the story or visual thrill they tell and/or give, cannot be denied us.

But having the background to learn to appreciate any of the arts, is quite another thing.

It's possible a Mountain Warrior from Papua New Guinea or from the forests of Brazil would appreciate some fine art of a 17th, 18th, 19th century western artist more than someone from the lower classes of a western nation?

However..., 'Pretendly Frenemies' are people who are not of their own true character, who have a cynical view of life in general, and who, possibly in fact are more honest, to themselves about 'life' and how one survives and gets the enjoyment a seriously warped world denies them, than the culture around them lets them be.

One lesson we do and should learn in the 'modern' world, is that people are in general, 'specious', false, and cannot be trusted, cannot be honest, in day-to-day affairs. Especially with 'strangers'.

This is a cultural reality, more than a natural trait.

While the culture, the belief's system, the society, it's laws and customs are false, weak, shallow, and in-the-end serve the darker side of our natures, the people in and across it, have few options but to be the same.

In the long run, this has a very destructive effect on everything and on everyone.

Being met by anyone with a smile and a 'pleasant chat', or with nicely-worded comments and offerings, do not make them genuinely, honestly 'good' people.

Beware of strangers bearing gifts!” is a wise warning.

Yet, in our conditioned 'shallowness' of our own character, many of us leave such an engagement, thinking 'they were nice!' or 'I can trust them'. Etc.

The raw truth is that, often enough, in any other situation, that same 'nice' person, can be a coarse, brutal, even vicious person, quite ready and able to do serious arm to anyone they deem as not 'nice', as not fitting within their parameters of what it is to be accepted.

And, as often, once we are out of earshot, we are as likely the target of their derision, or mockery.

As often, in any financial transaction, the other party is considering whether they got the better of us, exactly as we are thinking. And, always there's thoughts about making sure they get the better deal next time. But, all the while, it's 'friendly-friendly-friendly', when people are face-to-face.'

Come down to it, most 'friendly' situations we encounter and engage in, are so, purely because we, and the other, want something out of the engagement, and do not give a shit about the other, so long as they are 'nice' to us while we must engage.

Even in supposedly intimate relationships, in marriages, in partnerships, social, or commercial, there is a superficiality underlying them, where, we associate so we, the person, can get something we deem as beneficial to us, from the partner.

Yet, I put it, and assume, having never had a relationship where this was not existent, that many of us blindly believe that someone we get close to, likes us for anything more than for what they can derive from in return, by being 'nice' to us.

How often, when 'put to the test' do friendships fall apart?

That person who was, while there was an unspoken mutual gain out of the association, 'nice', friendly' trustworthy, etc, drops you like a hot brick, when you show preferences for something that is in opposition to their way of gaining in life.

When someone we can 'think', that-is, are either lulled into believing, or prefer, out of our own wants and needs and desires, generally for our own personal weakness of character, of being unable to stand alone in life and still be content and happy, or at a minimum, satiated with our own company and abilities, turns out to be offensive to us. How often are they, if only in our own thoughts, and circles, an enemy? Yet, how often if we meet again, are we, 'friendly' to them?

This is a two-way street. We have the same underlying 'talents' of being false to the degree where others accept us, as any others do.

So begging the question of what 'friendship' is, and whether 'friends' are in fact, our enemies?

Pretendly Frenemies?

Or, do either really exist? Is there really such a thing as a 'friend' and, an 'enemy'?

Returning to the opening paragraphs, I put it that we become false, and dishonest, less human and less trustworthy, when we assume into our character, into our beliefs systems, and ways of associating, refined and 'gentrified' customs and cultural norms.

This is exemplified when someone from a spoiled class, turns up their nose to the musings or coarse expressions of a lower class person.

“Oh! They were so - honest!

Howvaar, darlinksss!?

These negative attributes cross cultures too.

And, those worst essentially arrogant habits are generated by the most evil of all 'cultural' developments - 'class' itself.

And class is but one of the, perhaps the most unwanted, untrue and thence unnecessary developments any nation can want.

It is certainly one of the most detrimental elements of the species.

It is to be sure, part of an 'evolutionary' aspect, an evolutionary 'growth' in the hominid, mainly so some of us can concentrate on elements of improvement to 'life' as we know, need, and want to enjoy it.

Howvaar, as usual with the lost tribes, it quickly gets out of control and out of order.

Before long it becomes the most heinous element, and does nothing but cause, promote and increase division across nations, tribes, suburbs and families.

I put it's roots down to the ancient growth of individuals having too much wealth for themselves, for their immediate families, friends, sycophants, pretendlies, cronies, servants and assistants. ET cetera.

But it is promoted and caused mostly by errant religious indoctrination, methinks.

And [western] religion of modern times, is the infiltrating servant of the landed elites.

These, exist and have grown on centuries of bad laws.

In essence, bad land laws, where dynasties growing too powerful from past predecessor-warlords conquering too much land for themselves to 'reign over', and thereafter inventing, or having their inner circles of advisers, aides and like minded chieftains inventing false laws to maintain the order of them being the ones who profit most from the labors of those soldiers and slaves who do the manual work of growing foods, building fortresses, making tools, equipment, weapons, and the refined accouterments the spoiled scum-on-top-of-the-pool reckon is their right to have, to possess, and to exclusively enjoy.

It is likely that a long time before this bad arrogant attitude of disregard for all members of the tribes became the trend in the castles and manor houses of the senior most members of a clan, family, tribe and cult, that the rot began and set in.

But all the 'refined' elements the now 'upper-classes' enjoy, have been labored over by lower class employees. Ie., people who showed talents, so were selected out of the throng and given privileged space, foods, and time to focus on developing and inventing things which impressed the elite.

Well before any such division of roles and duties and privilege, when all members had roles in keeping the tribe fed and clothed and housed and such, things were purer, agrarian - when need was even, everyone had the same basic needs.

Sycophancy and speciousness, falsity and bullshit weren't around.

People were Honest. There wasn't the evil of pretendliness, and thus, of frenemies.

Today, with the most evil unjust and inequitable land distribution laws the earth could see, the dominant director of culture, pretendly frenemies, has become the dominant trend.

We ignore this, and continue on our really foolish pretendly ways, at our peril.

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

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