My Retailing Experience in Gympie Queensland - Another Bad Day

140131 My Retailing Experience in Gympie Queensland - Another Bad Day

I throw this one onto the blog as the one beneath it, without re-reading it to see if it has more to add, un-added![?]  Sorry NOT, if I offend the store manager, and his little boys and checkout female/s.  Don't take it personally - it's YOUR BUYING DEPARTMENT SICKO CHURCHIE BOYS!1 Er I mean... It's the culture, called CRAPitalism!  Try for once, to LEARN from a tech school dropout?

Yeah, re-read it, laughed at my unforgivable insults at the locals - nothing they didn't deserve - but post it anyway, as is.

So, I'm making an off-grid 'Zap Pak', which has in it's 520mm by 190mm by 520mm alum frame a heavy duty 12 volt car battery, a quality 12volt DC to 240 volt AC inverter, and a few other things, like a four-socket 'cigarette lighter' unit, and a 240 volt AC plug board, with switches.

Hopefully, I'll finish it and have it in the ute to connect with the solar panels on the roof.

Being in rural Queensland, 190kms north of Brisbane, the range of products, even in this city of 'Gympie', are limited to those stores I know of, and they're the mainstream suppliers.

I don't know, and for the backward, retarded and parochial mentalities of the locals, cannot get honest reliable factual advice from anyone, so if there are retail outlets which sell quality products, I do not bother trying to find them.

So, I needed, a four-socket 12 volt DC cig-liter unit, and a four-socket, 240 volt AC plug board.

Having resigned myself to existing and dealing with turds, the lowest most leering, perverted parasitic people I've yet lived amongst, I resigned and took the 'available' road, and went to 'Mitre-10'.

I chose one of two option for the 240 plugboard. An 'HPM' product, which, on the outside, looks great.

Unfortunately, once I got it to the sheds, I saw that the power lead exits from the end I did not want it to exit from. Poo!

So, I flipped it over to see if I could unscrew the unit and make my own modifications to better suit it to the unit I'm making. Another 'mod' was to hopefully, open the unit and simply flip the switches upside down, so the little red dot on them, indicating the 'on' position, would be on top if I simply fitted the plugboard upside down into the ZAP PAK.

O! HELL-oooowh! The 'screws are of the type which the average layman home handyman does not have the tool for. A 'socket-head' screw, with a lug in the centre of the socket hole, so your ordinary 'Allen-key' will not fit.

No doubt, Australia's 'safety standards rule that these pissy household products must be 'safe' so the kiddies can't stumble across daddies toolkit, grab the 4mm Allen key, unscrew the plugboard, and get zapped! And of course, so the generally lame, dumb-as-dogshit householder can't electrocute themselves either!

Well, still wanting to see what I could do to make it more satisfactory for the ZAP PAK, I pushed on, drilled the lugs, and in that, the hole head of the self-tapper screws out, and split the unit apart.

KA-PLOING! Tiny springs popped out as I did, and plastic bits fell onto the bench.

O, Shit? I thought from then it was now a throw away item.

I persisted and assessed the 'rebuild'.

Other components were on the bench too. Tiny little contacts from the switch mechanisms fell out.

It looked grim?

The light was fading, and I expected I have to halt play.

I plodded on.

“We can rebuild him!”

But I was overcome!

The product, not too long ago, the brand “HPM” made pretty good stuff. At least having never dismantled any of them, I thought they were OK?

This, sent me into swearing and cursing everything CRAPitalism, and it's evil 'planned-obsolescence' mode.

What a load of cheap shit!

No wonder the screws were of the unscrewable kind!

The makers did NOT want anyone to see what cheap, designed-to-last-the-shortest-time crap they were flogging the really, really lame, ignorant materialistic, “Oow! It's so nice and SHINY!” consumer.

I saw it's manufacturing plant in my mind. Some 3rd world country factory, with thousands of slaves sitting in long rows at benches, under lamps with rubber gloves on, assembling the shit, for about 2 dollars a month.

All were small, females, because the components are mainly so small that the larger male westerner's hands are too big to fiddle with them bits.

Up in the main building, were teams of 'design and development experts', at computer screens and drawing boards inventing the cheapest to make plastic shit on earth.

All for the spoiled white, 1st worlders to buy for some 1000% mark-up, take home, fit and use until a power surge or a spilled coffee shorts out and burns the contacts to un-use-ability.

“O bloody hell?” So off they go and buy another one.

I don't let myself think about the quality inside the 12 volt DC socket unit...

Nevertheless..., the same day as I've dismantled and reassembled the HPM plugboard, and sworn at the absence of quality in it, I go back to the same Mitre-10 hardware, for my usual purchase of 6 or 8 4 litre bottles of metho.

But HOHOHO, there's only 2 on the shelf!

But, HEY! The price on the tag was only $12 or $12-something! They usually cost $19.99!

But, as there's only 2, I look for alternatives?

Ooowh! A 20 litre plastic drum! Price: $89.99!

So...., Mitre-10 has 4 litre bottles for $12.06 I think it was, meaning were there 5 on the shelf, I'd pay $60.30 for 20 litres!

But there were only 2! BUMMER!

Naturally enough, I think? Maybe the zombies of Gympie don't do things like compare prices for whichever is cheapest?

But, seeing the evil and totally illogical 50% difference in price, between 5 x 4 litre bottles and the one big 20 litre drum, I wandered around the huge bullshit store for an assistant, to ask 1st if they had more 4-litre bottles in the warehouse.

HOHOHO! No, that's all “I” have, said the lying private schooled piece of shit assistant.

Y'know, he owns the store, and everything in the store, at least in the section he is slave over, for restocking the shelves HAHAHA! Are in his own control, so everything is HIS. Hence “that's all I have”.


But, that's life in Walmart-er-Mitre-10 shithole Astrayliar!

The 'assistant was lying. They had megalitres of 4 litre bottles of metho out back.

He and his store manager, another clone mutant sub-human zombie from O! A local church private 'secret agenda' [SHSHSHSHS!!!???#$%^??!!] school, being the so fucking clever “LET'S HAVE ANOTHER REALLY FUCKING STUPID IDEA!?” Harry Potter witches they are, just had to fuck lil' Maxee around, because he said something HONEST about the shit products they flog the sub-zero whitefaced liars of the state and nation.

As for any of you making it to “Human” status - FAIL!!!

Utterly disgusting, pathetic lying cowards.

Good for extermination.

'BUYING DEPARTMENTS'. All employing spoiled churchie children, who scan the world looking for the cheapest shit product-makers that can fool the most retail consumers, which give the corporation the largest mark-up profits possible.

“Quality” is the corporations' ENEMY!

But they'll all be utterly 'pretendly' as they flog the shit to you!

But, tragic as our nation has become, all corporate retailers do exactly the same.


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