Global Warming and Marketing waste? And on Macquarie Bank while there!

In Germany, perhaps Europe-wide, vehicle makers are by Law obliged to take responsibility for the full "cycle" of their product's life, and after-life stage of waste, once discarded.

This is a Good Tendency, though more a "band-aid" than conducive to Good Law, for in my opinion, "Good Law" would necessitate pre-vention of waste in all products that are not Organic and recyclable.

Such Good law may also Act to avoid superfluous invention which, beyond reasonable need, infering "comfort" need not be taboo, is not such a small player in the flogging of the essentially unnecessary and quickly unwanted stuff.

This concept of "Environmental Responsibility" as applied to the known cases of vehicle makers, must therefore translate to ALL products, and to the waste of both cheap, short lifespan products, of the "planned obscelesence" genre, AND of the throw-away parts, especially in packaging and advertising.

It would be Good Law which put the full responsibility of all parts of production, marketing (selling) and waste of ALL products, back where it belongs, in the hands of the inventors and producers.

If not for decades, might we actually experience the Benefits of such Sound Law.

But intuition now, has one see how much "advertising and marketing" is the cause and inspiration of most unwanted material and psychological waste.

Umm? Is "Arnie" Listening?

I refer to the Californian Governor, Arnie Schwarzaneggar, from the Australian bush, because there is no point refering to our Local, State or Federal governments, or the general, dumb-as-dog-shit population, as they are all far too paid-off by those worst environmental offenders.

Which offenders do I mean?

Just think of the worst five hundred global corporate offenders, and you'll find strong links to most of Australia's political parties.

Macquarie Bank is soon to be known by us as one homegrown mob of fraudsters. Just serf the net and look at the smelly corprations with which Macquarie deals, and you may get a taste of what I mean about this dumb-arse, Brit-o-phile nations dictators-er-parliaments.

Tha's all for "Global Warming and Marketing waste"?

However, on the point of Macquarie Bank:

The bank came to mind last night when on the radio there was reference to Macquarie as a very high risk investment, with underperforming companies in their "stable" or Vault. This according to the interviewee, portended a bad future for the bank.

Ummm? Macquarie is a big bank here, and overseas, with massive investments in large corporations, corporations who are running on slim profits and future scenarios all over the globe.

I wuz brought by that radio report to reflect on a convo I had wiff me bruvva twenty years ago, about the future etc.

I had pondered it for a while beforehand, but sort-of-stunned myself with it, when it finally came out in conversation.

The general line was the one day, soon enough, globally, the big boys of finance and industry would outperform themselves and collapse, with HUGE debts to the dumb-fuck investors and to the general populations of the country's effected.

Who cares about those greedy investors? Not I.

Who cares about the populations? Not I, neither, anymore, since the scales have been pried from my two eyes, whence I realised what a bunch of absolute arseholes Australians and Europeans are, in general.

Fuck you all, I say, I scream. Icecream?

Ne'ertheless, as the Satanic mob in the Vatican want me to suffer all the way to their very agenda-ridden "cross", and as they give me nothing to enjoy other than my own company (Oh! They deemed it OK for me to steal a car radio form a stolen and dumped car the other month, after another British rat person from Mumbai blew my old one up), I maintain an interest, mostly with a terminal sense of humour about the whole pack of dogs anywhere above the poverty-line, in these types of political, economic and social/Spiritual developments.

So, as that "prediction" of mine from twenty years ago goes, MacQuarie Bank, really another local offshoot from the really big-boys of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (H.S.B.C.), one-and-the-same as the "PROUD" Brit-Euro banks of Barclays, Natwest, Credit Suisse, and-on and-on, i.e., the world's nastiest, ethics-free heroin producing/shipping and selling organisations, Mac-bank goes under?


Diss-arsed-her! Bewdy!

What does a responsible Government do, but take it over, with all its liabilities/debts, and put it in Public Ownership. Just like all the then failed companies risking Macbanks future, the flow-on from such a big collapse would effect most markets, more here than abroad, even though most of the profits probably end-up in the vaults of Switzerlanden et al.

It, this scenario, is, I am fairly certain, just about precisely what the main-players of global finance, real estate and drug-running have had in mind since about the time Karl Marx elucidated the inherent failings in "capitalism".

A global takeover of all industry and finance by the world's first global socialist government!

A few years ago, this was something most people saw as, and endless propaganda has been aimed against it to persuade us that it would have been true (TRUE?) and terrifying.

A Global totalitarian bunch of despots making us all slaves with nothing to take-home in gift-wrap.

If people cannot see the Logic, Wisdom and all-round benefit of getting the real-estate, drugs, and banking "monkey" off our backs-collective, in line with the world's best practice in "Economies of Scale" to the Max! of a Socialist Agrarian Union, as, Rightly Guided, by our Collective Human and Divine Intelligence and Wisdom, then "Let it rain, Lord! Let your Water of Love wash them all away, now and forever, amen!"

Fuck you Australia, Europe, Britain. If you can't get your ego's back in line, then get ready for the fffffffllllooooooooooooodddd of all floods!

To add to the case for an Agrarian Socialist Union, I heard a "pearler" statistic 'tother day, on ABC Radio of course, but yes, yet another statistic, which was that somewhere near 25%, "twenty-five percent", of greenhouse gases are caused because we, the majority, DO NOT GROW OUR OWN FOOD!!!!

I believe it. Just observe all your pissing around each day, and you might well also - believe, say what John Howard.

Oh! That's Kevin Rudd P.M., I do believe!

"A big call Maxie, for the Kev-crew to get their supporters out of the factory hole and into Agrarian Collective Lifestyles of Peace, Tranquility, Justice, Honesty, and a Future for everyone's children!?"

"That's why they call me The Big Opinion, Phil!"

Oil Prices? The Customer's REVENGE!

Listening to the Jack Russell of Radio, John Feagn (?sorry?) this morning on ABC 774 Melbourne, with the not infrequent caller-rub of rising fuel prices, when I thought-I-thought about the blog I posted a few years ago about "Class Actions to come against Capitalism soon", and what followed a little while after posting it.

Arnie Schwartzaneggar (?sorry?), Governor of California, had his government lawyers file class actions against the six largest motor vehicle manufacturers on Earth, for the pollution etc they have been party to filling our lives and lungs with.

So! Where are the sprukers championing the same concept of CLASS ACTIONS against the source of the pooh! Llution??

The mega Oil Companies!

If not a chance, maybe it would inspire them to go a whole lot greener, with Ethanol made from sugarcane, Hemp or anything containing that green stuff...

That'd bring down the price at the bowser, dunyarekin!?

Yours, for Greener Highways and Wholistic Wayside Rest Areas!

Max Nichols Meredith
aka Max Nichols Cook
aka Max No Difference

Earth-Threatening Catholic demons in Our heads!

This post was sent in a rage to the few email addresses still operating at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (A.B.C. Radio National) who accept them as I send.


What's Maxie hold in-store for you all today, Kiddies?

Innumerable articles await a home laptop, but homelessness reduces the options. Aren't you lucky?

The following letter addressed to my mother, Adrienne Helen Cook/Meredith, nee Willis, of DONCASTER, goes to the nub of my own personal crises of destitution and ejection from society.

Why to YOU!?

Geraldine Doogue, Ramona Covalle, Terry Lane, Phillip Adams, and Ranald McDonald, to name but a few, have some questions to answer, in regard to what's happened to myself over the last ten to twenty years.

Ranald McDonald, I recall, after hand delivering a groundbreaking letter to the old ABC 3LO station building cnr Lonsdale and Williams Streets, addressed to Mr Terry Lane, was spotted eyeballing myself, as I was waiting, as instructed by my then WIZ Courier boss/radio-operator Greame Barrett, outside the building near the corner of Queen and Lonsdale Sts.


It was some letter, wasn't it Ramona. I recall you asking Terry, during his program intro at the end of your morning show how he was, to whit he replied "Ooooh, I just had to throw myself down the stairs!"


Well, haven't we all progressed beautifully since that Light-giving day, back in 1987-?8-?9?

I seem to have heard, from the Ether, someone saying, at some time over the next few years, "I think we've found our messiah?!"

Who was it? Geraldine? Ramona?


Now, I Divine my Aborigine ancestry, from the Kurnai in south Gipplsland.

But, with too many probabilities involved, with my being "LOCKED" in a terrible occult bind, none speak honestly about this. About the involvement of the Scottish pioneers with my great, or great-great grandparents - "Sutherland" and cohort, with the Catholics at St Joseph's Convent in Collingwood, playing wiff my mum's mind to "build a Messiah" out of me, the otherwise loser magpie?

Now, against my want, I've been stressed so much, by all of these shannanagans (noice oirish sounding word, aye?), that I have extraordinary occult powers. I'm a white witch.

Thus, am constantly "raped" night-and-day, by every other ethics-free occultist on Earth, especially Aussies and Catholics.

I defy!

(The next lines are as sent, but I now regard the question as not as imperative for Aunty. It may remain as important nationally if Australia is to really Progress out of the degraded state we are now in.)


"How many Abo's did your ancestors have to SLAUGHTER, for you to get your 'Nice-cup-of-tea' rural lifestyles?"

Where is the addressing of the rudest crimes of not-so-old, by the "Sutherlands", the "Fergusons" the "McDonalds", "Cunninghams" whose descendants now populate the regions where my ancestors were wiped-out.

Pop (Donald Sutherland) Willis, born circa 1893, would tell with a "broad" laugh, of the days in Walhalla, as children, when he would take his younger brother Alf to the towns "Rotunda" to listen to the brass band play, but HO-HO! would have to take Alf home again once the big-bass-drum started "booming", because Alf would start balling-his-eyes-out!

It dawned on me just last year! BOOM-BOOM-BOOM Indeed!

BOOM-BOOM-BOOM being Alf's recent (then) memories of witnessing his Aborigine Clans People being slaughtered.


How else could they pass on that crucial piece of info, when dear old Mummy and her demonic Collingwood Catholics, linked to the Lake Tyers Mission in Gippsland, had sworn them to secrecy about our "Aboriginality"?

Collingwood Catholics, the very fucking same mob, of the very same decade, who Frank Hardy wrote about in "Power Without Glory", who conived with that old thug, Jack Wren/West, of the Johnston Street illegal tote infamy?

Ooooow....., out of time already at the Library.

Sorry, darlinks, but I ain't the Messiah they wanted! A "built" leader, maybe.

Of those of you, who would be your Leader, LET HIM BE, YOUR LEADER.

RAH!? DISCLAIMER! DISCLAIMER! I wuz under a trance of the Catholics of Benalla, where I'm Librarying these and the last emails!

The only option is not only that I WILL be the ANTI-CHRIST, but a heartless one, with NO RESTRAINT in wiping Humanity right off the planet.

Just what the occultist Rabbis of Rome wanted, leaving but 144,000 Virgins for me to play with.


Read-on, and take a serious look at the fraudulance by Catholicism, of the very notion of a "messiah", and of the more extreme world-effecting crime of trying to put one over the rest of the dumb-as-god-shit "christianised" masses.

Most Scots were descended from the Templars, so should be Gnostics - the God within!

"Those who deny/blaspheme against the Holy Spirit, shall never be forgiven!"
A la Catholicism! and every christian church since then!


Globally, things ARE NOT GETTING BETTER! With all the reportage and exposures, things remain not getting better!

Something is missing?

To quote from "Mr Finch", in the film (about myself), by the same Melbourne mob, Scot John Davidson and Co, to Mel Gibson in "Consiracy Theory":

"Only the Truth will set you free!"

Now, today, or just the other day, Pope Benedictatus XVI, intimidates ALL non-Christians by telling the South American Indians they were longing for christianity long before the Catholics and the Conquistadors marched in and massacred them!

He's wants, I strongly suspect, to enrage us intelligent and not so spellbound Humans, to the point of having us destroying Catholicism and it's branch offices, every other "out-there" Christian cult on Earth!

I agree. Let's start with a psychic nuking of the Vatican?
Enough of their dark, dark magic.

The Science of Law, the Law, Law, stands above all magical manipulations and ideations.

Pioneers and catholics binding the Souls of Abo's with occult and grog, for no other reason than for the Land.

The Law is the Law. Incorruptible.

The Law of the Land, is the Root to a Spiritual Life, is the Root to a Peaceful Community, is the Root to Nation, is the Root to Planet.

Truth. The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth, or the end.

How would you like the end?

Another 9/11? Another 7/7? Or climatic chaos-upon-chaos-upon-chaotic destruction of your over-consumptive western materialist delusions.

How about another 35,000 deaths in Europe this summer???????

I resist opening my powers, because it is up to all of us to overcome the demons in our minds of desire and insatiability.

How's that for a conglomerate of bitch's?

Mark Scot?

Paul Collins? Damien Carrick? Steven Crittenden?

To: Mrs Adrienne Helen Cook/Meredith (nee Willis)
(Address removed for blog)
Victoria .

May 17th 2007

FROM: Max Nichols Cook/Meredith
No Fixed Address

I write now because I am utterly broken in Spirit since Divining how you have been using the occult to, in brief, ruin my life.

Thus, I am firm in my conclusions, after several years of Honourable Inquiry, that you have been, “as a witch”, manipulating my mind to YOUR ends, as well as, perhaps unbeknown to yourself, as these same Inquiries confirm, to the warped and ultimately evil desires or “plans” of St Joseph’s Catholic Convent in Collingwood.

That this has been in action throughout my 52 years, 52 years of criminal deceit, (at least without some, SOME? Honest and Complete explanations), criminal deceit upon my Inalienable Human Right to Sovereignty of my own Soul, I cannot talk or communicate with you, my purported “Mother”, ever again.

Pray I may one day get-over-it!

If you cannot be Honest with me, about our Aboriginality, and, MUCH more importantly, more importantly than you are able to understand, about the longtime occult plans the Catholics of St Joseph’s have had, together with the Catholic “Lake Tyers Aboriginal Mission” in Gippsland, and with the pioneer Scottish “Sutherland” clan, whose descendants populate wide areas of what still is (not important here) Kurnai Aborigine Land east of Melbourne, then we, you and I, can never be reconciled, and our Family will remain shattered, as I perceive it is from all of this.

“This”, being seriously erroneous “occult” plans to “Build a Messiah” by having you name me “Max Nichols Meredith”, which as you know means “Greatest Victorious Peoples Great Lord”.

I will not expand on my utter disgust at this “desperate venture” by the Church.

However, I put it to you now, in not at all unreasonable terms, that it is now up to you to do whatever you can to begin the Process of my Soul’s, and my Family’s Repatriation, starting with, to myself, a monetary sum of ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS ($100,000), as

1) Proof of this “love” you have mocked my Trust with, as being Genuine;
2) To enable me to find for myself a less abject lifestyle. I.e., to afford some rural Land, where I might after 15 years of threat of death daily by Australians for being Honest, Selfless and Just, and under your warped ideological desires, driven near to insanity and suicide, where I might at last, for once in my life, be stable and secure enough to let my Soul and it’s utterly shattered heart, recuperate and perhaps even learn to be Human, again, or perhaps for the first time in my life.

If you cannot be Honest with me on these issues, then I remain, a “dead man walking”, and your Souls burden.

While I now pretty-much resent you fully, I recognise YOU have been manipulated to an enormous degree since you entered St Joseph ’s Convent in 1932 or thereabouts.

Therefore, as this “affair” has, for, in-the-end “nefarious” reasons and beliefs, reduced Dad’s life to one of too many unwarranted hassles, to put it mildly, Dad, nevertheless in my eyes, remaining or growing into The Finest and Most Noble Man on Earth, so too for Wendy’s, Don’s, Yours and my life, the Responsibility rests squarely with the Catholic Church, as far-up as the Vatican.

So from the Catholic Church you can legally claim compensation, for our Family’s long suffering.

As I am so embittered by the losses I have incurred, by the deliberate destruction of my life by errant Catholicism, and by the massive conspiracy (AND “counter-conspiracy) to make me a false prophet to evil-doers, I assert I am Justly Due nearer to TEN MILLION DOLLARS ($10,000,000) compensation from the Catholic Church. Not to mention the covert-to-me worldwide mockery of my person.

Any such legitimate sum of money would not, could not be “enjoyed” by myself, for myself alone.

Contrary to your expressed opinions, I AM NOT selfish, and am Intelligent well beyond your ability to perceive. Thus I would put due compensatory monies into what I have Divined as Best for Mother Earth and Her idiot children – Human Beings. Something I am not interested in discussing with you.

Let the process begin, Mother!

Otherwise, you will die shamed as an insult to your Ancestors, the Kurnai/Gurnai Peoples of west Gippsland, thus an insult to ALL Australian Aborigines, as an insult to your Beautiful and Honourable Father, Donald Sutherland Willis, to His name, and perhaps most insultingly, you will have insulted enormously your Magnificent Husband Allan Nichols Meredith, and His Noble Family’s Great Name – Meredith! The Clan of the Great Lord!

I could go-on, but need I?


The ball is in your court.

I cannot free myself from the demons which occupy my Soul, as I am living.

I AM NOT Superior, I AM NOT superman, so it is an evil error of thinking (typically Catholic) to assert that I can and must “open my Third Eye” in this impossible situation before I may have Sovereignty of Soul, and thus perform to my Highest Abilities.

Currently, I have $1.83 in my bank account with a few hundred inaccessible in another C/U account. Friday 18th May is pension cheque day. The van is old and “possessed” beyond any comfort for I, and is a curse as much.

My National Australia Bank SAVINGS account number is: 47502 0064.

You should have this information already. I do not have the “BSB” or NAB branch number.

Please, I DO NOT wish to talk to you, nor to any Human Beings!

I have NO TRUST in you nor in any others now. You may be said to have “cried wolf” too often.

If you are my “Mother”, then please Respect me, your son, for once, and Honour these Completely Legitimate Requests.

Stop cursing yourself mother.

Your 2nd son

Max N. Cook

Max Nichols Meredith
aka Max Nichols Cook
aka Max No Difference


“Legal Eagles For Mother Earth”

Can they Soar, up to the Heavens of Law?

Globally, more People of Importance are joining the Voices against the causes of global warming, in Right-minded Professional Consortia.

Why have we yet to see a gaggle of the Planet’s Best Legal Minds, in Queen’s Counsellors, the Judiciary, and Policing bodies addressing the ROOT (il)legal causes of global warming – general unlawful government!?

The root cause of much more than most realise, even in terms of the environment, is corrupt Law.

Corrupt Laws on Human/Land Distribution.

THIS, is the Ultimate Issue Earth’s Peoples, Human Beings, Homo Sapiens: - “Man the Wise”, in Earth’s Legal Institutions, MUST CONFRONT.

Corruption is enormous yes.

Issues such Eagles would find themselves forced to address include other perverse laws on so-called “illegal drugs” and their roots in the old British East India Company, now retagged as the International Monetary Fund or I.M.F., which seems controlled from the heights of Hong-Shang, Zurich, London etc in the corporations of Jardine Matheson, Hong-Shang Bank (HSBC), most of the British/European banks, who are it is evident, responsible for much of the creation of the “Third World” by ruination of Native Lands for massive opium production, and the consequent upset to the Earth’s Natural Hydrological patterns and cycles.

Intimately related to global warming, and any cases against those I purport are culpable in relation to BAD DRUG LAWS, is the resultant “irascible behaviour” mainstream middle-upper-class global society has been loosed to act-out, encouraged and as oft’ forced to adopt as de rigueur in our culture by those same Brit-Euro global drug-lords. For their determination to corrupt the planet, has won considerable support from the masses, reducing near all of us to over consuming, dangerously materialistic morons.

So, in the interests of the Planet and ALL it’s Occupants, Indigenous and Alien, I put the Call out to the Best of Eartha’s Legal Eagles to Soar to Your Just Heights, and give your blackened profession the “Chance of Chances” to Redeem it, by getting it together against the destruction of the Planet and our Species.

Major proposition, no doubt!

Not too many options for Law, in the long-run, I do believe.


Nuclear disaster inbred in Australian Culture

Nuclear Energy to supply world's least efficient
Nuclear Family housing models, slotting us into
Nuclear Boxes to maximise profits for
Westinghouse, Email, General Electric, General Motors, Mercedes Benz, Haliburton etc,
to finance R & D on their psychotic corporate
Nuclear Bombs
??????? ?????

The Clear New Social Model is Ancient,
Efficient, Economical, Enviroplus, and
Unites The People
against the Family's and the Planet's

Collective Land Ownership on
Local Agrarian Community Co-operative Models.

"Family" or "Clan" Land Titles to 20 People (10 couples) or more Dedicated to Green-Positive Collective Housing and Agrarian employment.


Time for the construction Unions and corporations woke-up to how much THEIR nuclear family houses are contributing to energy waste and copious poo-llution!

The NUCLEAR FAMILY model has always been an economic rort and rip-off to People.

The NUCLEAR FAMILY model is an utterly artificial concept, and thus is the cause of a significant amount of Australian Society's troubles.

The Nuclear Family model is dying.

Time everyone got on the train of Collective Homes, from the government down to builders et al.

THIS is Economical Living at it's Friendly Best.

All other group social models are rorts and terminal for Humanity.

So Nyah!