Nimbin - Eve's Revenge!

Here's a note I wrote in my diary last Saturday.

Nimbin – Eve's Revenge!
Sat 27th June 2009

Indeed, easily denied though it is, Catholicism may well be, women's revenge against a male dominated world.
Which may explain the catholicised western world's attitude to Islam, what with Islam's hard line on women's liberties.
This notion, if so, would be why my man-killing mother has been given asylum at (Nimbin's) “Tuntable Falls” (multiple occupancy community).
My personal, 'til now na├»ve, ie., trusting, experiences, on reflection, show me that none of the women I've “known” (Ha!) could be trusted once “my back was turned” so-to-speak.
Once more, the Australian Aborigine Shines, for their recognising that there are definite, necessary differences and needs between men and women, such that both genders accept each has their own “business” in Life. Men's business and Women's business, AND “Secret” business.
After 40, perhaps 100 thousand years of surviving, obviously they have the Balance Correct in Gender Relationships.
Too often, in the “west” the men “carry-the-can” for an acting-out or crime cungered by a cunning, manipulative woman.

That was what I wrote in the diary that night, but as I lay in bed, much more came to mind.

Further lines came, in regard to the issue of Islamic women's “burkas” head-dresses and full-body-coverings, in the news that day I think because whichever news channel I was watching (CNN or BBC) aired the news that France's President Sarkozi had just outlawed those types of Islamic dress-codes in France.

One train of thought echoed in along this line:

Pius (genuinely religious) Islamic Women do not want to associate with impius males, but as the world is full of impius men, and, as in most nations today, society can't function without both genders dealing with each other in one place or another, the genuinely pius Islamic women would want to wear the full covering, or at least the head-scarves, to not have to “double-deal” with the leering eyes of impius and loose-minded men.

By “double-dealing” I mean that randy males can usually speak with women and sound uninterested in any sexual aspects of the female, but as a male whose body-parts function as most men's do, I admit that often, AND IT'S NOT ONLY THE MEN, the sexuality of the woman (OR MAN) recurrrently enters one's mind while talking with them. As I happened to be a fairly terminal prude, when I did associate in society, I could, indeed prefered to, talk about the issues without my eyes and mind leaping into imagining and thinking of “SEX”. But I have little doubt that most men, the impius majority of us, cannot stop their lurid minds from “going there”, especially if a woman is wearing attractive clothing. Pius and otherwise, women often deeply hate this side of men, which is quite understandable. I must say, from my side, being that frigid prude, I've had my moments when I have been offended by a woman displaying her sexual desires when my mind was elsewhere. Usually though, once I realised what was going-on, I would later kick myself for not jumping at the offer or opportunity. But, I've never had gonarea or ciphilus or anything more than a minor infection though, so I s'pose I should be grateful for being umm..., impotent?

Nevertheless, if the world in which Islamic women live and shop and negoitiate, only had pius males in it, perhaps the need for full-covering clothing would not be necessary.

But the world is “fallen”, remember, ESPECIALLY in Eurape, in France – the “nation of oversexed and generally immoral men (and women)”, so the modest women, of Islam or any religion, should be allowed to choose what they wear, and how they “shield” themselves from the uncontrolled eyes and minds of randy males. I reckon they should, anyway.

Perhaps Sarkozi's law restricting Islamic women's dress-codes exposes his own lurid mind and uncontrolled desires. With Paris being a, if-not-THE global capital of women's fashion, which promotes sexually explicit attire, and thus is inclined to encourage disrespect of a woman's bodily sovereignty, and rape, in the average male, a phenomenon which only contributes to Humanity's self-destructive immorality, it is as likely very much the case.

It seems to me, that a male who is offended by a woman who regards these things as important, is not a mature man at all, but is an immature and risky person to have on the streets.

Alas! Just like the majority of white, western CHRISTIAN boys! Little wonder the world is being raped to destruction.

All Strength to Islam!

In regard to the title of this post, I'm getting there, but for later.....

Letter to the Federal Ombudsman

While I'm in the mood to post death notices, here's an email I sent the Australian federal Ombudsman a few weeks ago. It took them a couple of weeks to respond, I guess they were waiting to see if I would actually top myself, but as expected, because the spooks of the establishment were onto it, they replied by saying they could not help, and that I should contact the NSW and Victorian Ombudsmans (?) in regard to the issues I raised.

That is clearly a cowardly act by the federal ombudsman, if not an abrogation of their duties, indeed of ignoring a major crime, one which effects far more than the peoples of NSW and Victoria. But that is standard procedure in Australia, mainly because Australia is in the unrelenting grip of the most evil people on earth - the British and Eurapean cults of catholicism and christianity-in-general.

I knew I was asking too much, as everyone in the Australian federal and state parliaments are indoctrinated and paid their thirty pieces of silver by the Brit-Eurapean christian churches.

This leads me to write what I had come to mind t'other day, which I scribed into my diary. But I'll post this one on its own first.....

Too bad, if this reads like a "sympathy letter".....


Why I wish to die
Wednesday, 10 June, 2009 3:57 PM



I'm "on my last legs" as-it-were, due to several gross deceptions against myself, by Australian and overseas individuals, and by government authorities.

I ask you to investigate these concerns with some haste, as I am about ready to put an end to my life.

Before you jump to the conclusion that I'm mentally ill, firstly, may I point-out that Mr Joseph Biden, the Vice President of the USA, stated in a book he published, that he himself found that the traumas he'd experienced were so great and apparently insurmountable that he believed suicide was his only option. Fortunately, he was lifted out of that morass.

Secondly, and to the point, please investigate the false accusations made against myself by my own family, as well as by a number of Australian authorities, a few being the New South Wales police force, particularly of the Lismore police station (LSCon Peter Ellis, Commander Bruce Lyons, et al), the Catholic convent nuns of St Joseph's in Collingwood, Melbourne, and others.

I assert that I am the victim of an horrendous scam, a scam indeed against the people of this nation and of all so-called Christian faiths. A scam which has sought to make me a false messiah.

I have more than enough evidence to prove this is the case, if any are willing to listen, or read my, admittedly rather "loose" articles on the matter, published in "blog" format on the internet.

(Google: "Omaxa bin Eartha". or "maxearth.blogspot.com")

I have just tried (thus-far unsuccessfully) to publish another blog with the title "Treason in Australia" using the internet address of "treasoninaustralia.blogspot.com" in which I have published several (22) articles on the matter and letters to the NSW Legal Aid, concerning, with other issues, a set-up case of alleged offenses dated 16th July 2008, where NSW Police Sgt Ellis becomes involved. The blogsite may not "register" yet, in a search engine, for it being brand new.

The strain on my will to live is too much, and those who have reason to ensure I am maintained in an incapacitated condition, where I cannot find the strength or peace to overcome their opposition, will not cease with their malicious attacks upon my body, mind, and Soul.

Because of this and the "terrorism" by both the Victorian and NSW Police forces and the general public over the last ten-to-fifteen years, I have lived in motor vehicles for over eleven years. I am treated with insult, violence, malice and mockery by nearly all I meet and deal with, making my life impossible and now, to me, useless and unbearable. Never once have I responded with violence. Alcohol, tobacco and marijuana have been imbibed for some momentary solace and escape regularly, although I am able to sustain without either, except when "going-to" these traumatic memories. I expect I will be "drunk" tonight.

In 1998, I lost perhaps 95% of of my belongings to a corrupt "Indian" religious cult, the "Ananda Marga" after being invited to help manage their Chelmsford (east of Lismore) NSW property, then was rudely driven away, under spurious circumstances.

Inquiries will also establish a series of amazing details, such as, that I am alleged to be the child of a man (Allan Nichols Meredith, adopted by Walter Cook when Allan was just three years of age) whose "Meredith" lineage, it seems, can be traced to the Catholic "Tudor kings" of old England, and possibly much further back in time to the ancient kings of Wales. It appears I have been "built" if-I-may, to be a "monarch" of that lineage.

I am forced, through the damage to my psyche, and through the evidence I have "dug-up", to have nothing to do with such dreams, dreams particularly of my errant mother (Adrienne Helen Cook-nee Willis) and of the St Joseph's convent which stole her from her father in 1932 or thereabouts.

This particular detail about being made to be a monarch is what I have gleaned myself in the passed few months, and would appear to "fit" with the other situations I've found myself in throughout my life, although I am unable to substantiate it beyond "internet searchings" as no facts have ever been disclosed to myself about that point, nor about other points, some being;

- that my mother's father (Donald Sutherland Willis, deceased) was at least part Aborigine of the "Gurnai" Peoples of South Gippsland Victoria, who, at some time in the middle-to-late 1890s, with a 'brother' of his, one "Alf Willis" (deceased), witnessed the slaughter of his Gurnai Aborigine parents and possibly their tribe, and was then "adopted" into a fabricated family bearing the name "Willis". It seems his (Don's) mother was of the "Sutherland" clan ex-Scotland, a clan who now are spread across much of the south Gippsland terrain, and who were prominant in the elite of British politics over a period of centuries.

- that my mother murdered her grandfather "John Thomas Willis" on the day I was conceived, in the house I grew-up in at 64 Kenmare Street Box Hill North, Victoria (3129), when he found her in bed with her extramarital lover, one "Boxer O'Brien", busy conceiving myself. (This has borne impossible strain upon my nervous system for my whole life, having been in the womb of a murdering women who was sworn to secrecy by the convent, from the minutes surrounding my conception, and who denies it to this day.)

I put-it that there is a case for an investigation into these allegations, regarding the murder of John Thomas Willis in July 1954 at 64 Kenmare Street Box Hill North Victoria, by Adrienne Helen Cook nee Willis.

I also put-it that there is a case for an investigation into the cover-up of that murder by the Catholic convent of St Joseph's, Collingwood Victoria. The convent whose major benefactor in the 1930s-through-1950s was Australia's most notorious criminal politician "John Wren". The character written of in Frank Hardy's "Power Without Glory" book.

In recent years, I have tried to bring this to the notice of both the Victoria police and the NSW police. Both have refused to take my concerns seriously, with both threatening me with incarceration in "psychiatric hospitals", and several times before and since, have alleged I am delusional and mentally ill. The most recent attempts to label me as such, and traumatize me, being the fabricated event occuring on the 16th July 2008, near Lismore NSW.

I ask the Ombudsman to open inquiries into this 16th July 2008 event, and into the alleged murder and surrounding events of July 1954, and of the slaughter of the Gurnai Aborigine Peoples near the township of Walhalla Victoria in the 1890s.

The whole series of affairs herein alluded-to have had permanent detrimental effects upon my whole family, with my step-father (Allan Nichols Cook-Meredith), my half-sister (Wendy Dianne Cook-Meredith) and half-brother (Donald Walter Cook-Meredith), their spouses and children being sworn to secrecy by the convent and my mother.

There is no doubt my mother Adrienne Helen Cook now suffers serious dementia or mental illness for all of this, and may not be able to speak honestly on the matters I raise. Indeed, she has alleged I have been mentally ill each time I bring-up some of the above-mentioned issues, and has actively conspired to have me incarcerated at least once, about five years ago in Lismore NSW. Inquiries into that event should seek the testimony of one NSW police (then) Sgt Timothy McWade, then stationed at Nimbin Police Station NSW, who attended a "situation" where an altercation between mother and myself enraged me to the point of "kicking" a passing motor vehicle. Mother spoke to McWade briefly at the scene, whence immediately thereafter I was transported by McWade to the Lismore Base Hospital's psyche ward "Richmond Clinic". I was held there for a number of days, perhaps for 14 days, and released only after speaking to one Doctor Harry Freeman (?) who now heads that clinic, and a representative from NSW Legal Aid. Both of these found credence in my defense and no sign of illness.

However, once our fine constabulary have records of attendance at any such "clinic" one is permanently labeled and thus a target for oppression and ridicule, as well as further harassment, especially if one is "politically-minded" and wants for any broader social or human justice in Australia. Human justice which conflicts with the generally corrupt laws and police force's agenda.

Even now, I am "terrorized" by the NSW police and public whenever the 'opportunity' arises. The reasons for this may however, branch into wider social issues, but there is no doubt that the rumors about who I am alleged to be (ie., a monarch or messiah) play a, or the, major part.

My will to live has gone, as has any trust in other people. Compensation for my family as well as for myself is called-for from the said parties, which unfortunately include our and other national and State governments. But in Australia, the Catholic church is, as best as I can discern, the most guilty party.

I leave it to the Ombudsman's Office to determine what inquiries should be undertaken into the veracity of the church which makes such plans, and therefore what outcomes should be sought, for the sake of the nation and her people.

As I said at the top of this letter, "I ask you to investigate these concerns with some haste, as I am about ready to put an end to my life". In regard to this, another bottle of vodka will help me make it through this night and perhaps a few more, however, I ask that this be not brought to the attention of the NSW police or any other 'authorities' here-abouts, for this will only rent my nerves more, and from experience, I cannot be convinced that anything they can do or offer can be of benefit to my condition, other than for once, being "respectful" and distant.


Omaxa bin Eartha

A Death Notice

Here's an email I just sent to a bloke from Nimbin who invited me to join "Facebook", as a "friend".

Hi Jim,

I wuz in a reasonable mood tonight, so I had a look at facebook, and tried to join, but after too much messing, I unsubscribed.

I'm over Nimbin, seeing it as a fraud, after digging into my own history and why I'm so ill-at-ease with others.

Have a read of my blogsite "maxearth.blogspot.com".

It's tragic, a foul deception and waste of my life, and is all true.

True in that it is as I've described, after researching and finding the cruel facts about what I've been set-up to be.

"Love" is bullshit to me now, and "friends" who cannot talk honestly with me, are NOT friends.

I definitely ain't gay, but women are.... well, I now understand why "c--t" is such a derogatory word.

Especially catholic women! There's never been a more upemselves bunch of dogs, as far as I'm concerned. And pretty white, blonde "blimbo" private-schooled ones are the least trustworthy, most self-absorbed bitches on Earth, after my own mother, sister and neice.

Humanity, due mainly to we white, western, catholo-christian brand, is so far off the Path, I see extermination as the only way to save what's left of the planet.

Nimbin, and it's "Aquarius movement" is a fraud on us all, and should be wiped out.

Also, I strongly suspect my own murdering mother has retreated to Tuntable Falls, after having been run-out-of-Melbourne, after I exposed her as a demonic idiot, with a number of charges of murder attached to her name. So there's NO WAY I will hang-around the so-called hippy's village now.

The NSW coppers are unsurpassed c--ts, as are the catholics who run the Labor party and the ABC, as well as utterly ignorant fools, to believe the christian bullshit, and thus doing to me what they have done.

As squillions has been spent buying-off innumerable softs to keep me in the dark, and to thus play "fall-guy" for their utterly selfish evil, I expect I am to be haunted to death for rebelling.

So be it, and let's see what happens when I reach the afterlife.


Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Nichols Cook-Meredith-O'Brien
aka Max Nichols Cook
aka Max No Difference

Outlaw, for
Global Land, Tax, Cult and Drug Law Reform.

Reforests of Godolonia,



"...IF YOU DARE...!?"


Iran versus Jesus's west

Oh isn't life a game!

Having recently figured-out that my dear old and quite insane mother is doing the work of the evil “northern” Theosophical Society, by manipulating me to be Jesuss returned, I'm nevertheless inspired to comment on global politrix, seeing-as we have ANOTHER manufactured crisis about to explode in the Middle East, namely in Iran.

Last night on Australia's ABC Radio National, Phil Adams began the Late Night Live show by saying the federal police had just been through the building, and I presume were saying that LNL was a fraud, although Adams is good at throwing untruths out over the air, mainly only about his own show and government radio network.

Then he spoke about other issues, one being about a cover-up about heat-stress deaths in Australia recently.

So, I flung the following off to him:

“LNL a fraud?

Not unlike Aust fed parliament, not unlike Mousavi in Iran put-up by zionist MI6 to start global fire!

Talking about heat stress cover-up?

Watch everyone's temperature explode in next few months...


Omaxa bin Eartha.
Outlaw for Global Land, Cult & Drug Law Reform.
Reforests of Uluruba,
Eartha. “

Short and to-the-point, I thought.

It is clear to what I can claim as “my” mind, that the upset we hear of in Iran is another western-made crisis, as my previous blog (below) states. It began as an email to US President Barack Obama, but, I was repeatedly prevented from sending it to him. I've little doubt that the evil aceholes in MI6 and/or the CIA stopped me.

Nevertheless, with persistence I managed to blog it.

The Iran crisis as is looming this week has all the hallmarks of western meddling, perhaps for Iran's oil, perhaps to stop the nuclear development of weapons which may be used to obliterate Israel. Perhaps to send the world into a violent preparation for the expected (by some) alien invasion?

Israel's current existence is nothing but a zionist plot, cungered and manufactured in the hallowed halls of Oxford England by no less than the insane occultist Theosophical Society (as Hitler and others, including I put-it, Saddam Hussein were), and as my mother has effected the deaths of several people over the decades to protect the Theosophical Society's untrue 'messiah' myth from exposure as a psychotic fraud against humanity, and as the Theosophical Society was probably behind an whole series of events since their inception in the late 19th century, including, for example, the cyclone which hit Myanmar a year or two ago, it's more-than-likely that the evil Theosophical Society (or “TS”) are getting ready to bring another major calamity upon the human race and upon the Mother Earth, by stirring up falsities and trouble in Iran, using unsubstantiated rumors of election ballot rorts, as their catylist.

(In regard to the Myanmar cyclone: one of TS's big and earliest centres is in “Madras” on the south-eastern coast of India, where the cyclone began powering up the Bay of Bengal. Those who watch such “natural phenomena” were expecting it to drive straight into Bangladesh. I put myself into a trance and pumped some psychic heat over Bangladesh and the northern region of the Bay, which may have accounted for it's turning right into Myanmar. If so, I am deeply sorry to the People of Myanmar, but the toll in Bangladesh would have been much more had it gone there. Other reasons exist also, involving a cult based in Calcutta, who are very influential in my life. The Ananda Marga. It's possible the TS are at war with the AM?)

Most of the supposedly charitable organizations and even “NGOs” which have come out of Britain over the last few centuries are frauds, covers for much more agenda-ridden and sinister organs, so we have to have a serious look at the Theosophical Society, and not be fooled by it's bookshops being filled with yes, collections of the world's genuine scriptures, and we must definitely NOT be fooled by their grafting of sacred symbols into their corporate logo.

They have specialized in the mysterious, myths and unverifiable stories from many ancient and Wise cultures. The Brits have long been expert in using the highest language and symbology for their own game of taking-over the world, but even more-so have the Catholics.

The Theosophical Society seems to have roots in the Catholics of older Britain, who are to this day intent on recapturing the British Crown and her dwindling colonies for themselves.

Wikipedia is a good source of info on this society, and gives relatively impartial info on the mob who sporned it.

Putting 2-&-2 together, then matching it to my own bizarre and tragic life story, it becomes undeniably evident that I have been the mug created by a desperate, psychotic and enormously self-deluded bunch of idiots to be their “Master of the World”.

It's utterly disgusting that Australia's military and police forces have been so stupid to believe the rubbish about me being the expected “Commander”. If they have been unable to do the detective work necessary to establish the facts from the mountains of fiction about myself and the Theosophical Society, then they, or their own seniors certainly are NOT qualified to be in charge of weapons-carrying officers and soldiers.

That I do have some talent for “Divining” political facts, only means I have been well-educated in that business.

But in reality, like any doctor, lawyer cleric or politician, I am only an “highly trained monkey”.

If anyone was put-through-the-hoops as I have been, whether by the abuse of the occult or not, for some five decades, from birth-nay-from-conception, they would also be able to “Divine” the political facts, truths if-you-like, as I seem to have.

It is the most evil deception against the so-called “Holy Spirit” and against the whole species to do as the Theosophical Society, in-league with the Catholic cult and other so-called “Christian” groups have done, by trying to put one over us all and say that the messiah has returned.

Even more evil, is to try and fool the world that I actually have the “blood of Jesus” in my veins.

The evidence is mounting disproving any-and-all such rubbish, and I will continue to stick to my beliefs in this matter whether the New South Wales police and others once more illegally arrest me and put me in a psyche unit or not.

My last illegal incarceration at Lismore's (NSW) “Richmond Clinic” showed me, while still near-totally unaware that mummy (and thus I) was part of a sinister cult game of criminally fooling the rest of Humanity about a messiah, showed me more evidence against the Catholic cult, in that it and most of these evil institutions in Australia and probably in most “western” countries, are oh-surprise-surprise – OPERATED BY CATHOLICS!

With the evidence and court cases pouring out of Ireland for one, but here and the USA as well as Britain and other so-called “Christian” nations exposing the seriously mentally ill behavior of the priests and nuns of Christian cults, toward defenseless orphans and adults, again comes the call for responsible governments, if there are any in the west, to arrest this disastrous mob of psychotics and take out of their hands everything to do with the raising, caring and educating of children. Even the birthing of babies?

We must also, therefore, bring to account, all of our tertiary institutions, for still around 95% of their “uni-students” come to them from church-run secondary schools. This, in asking “the next question” must have us ask what exactly are the students being taught? How blithe and accepting have the young adults been made in their primary and secondary schooling years, so that they qualify to take-on whatever the universities load them up with. Surely most of us know that “medicine” ”law” and other professions are full of self-interested, conformist and generally false-dogma “highly-trained-monkeys”, who, in the end, or in the uptop, upclub, uppemselves corporations go nowhere NEAR addressing the REALPolitik problems of today's western societies?

This begs that governments all-over start asking the HARD questions about nearly all our western professions of “psychology and psychiatry”, about the “treatment” they deem as necessary for so-called mental illnesses, AND, about the pharmaceutical corporations who promote their usually damaging medications prescribed oh, by doctors and shrinks!

Further this MUST go to asking the HARD questions about any “qualifications” our police forces are said to have? Police who oh-so-fugging-confidently deem that someone suffers from a mental illness, and thus must be incarcerated, treated with insult, mockery, tazar and bullets?

Indeed, it becomes painfully evident that it is the enforcers-and-upholders of such evil and ignorant policies, who are in fact the most mentally ill.

But I've said that before, along with saying that the FACT that anyone who protects with firearms a society which itself is clearly so terminally mentally ill, is suffering a deadly paucity of intellect, to the point of themselves being quite seriously and dangerously, if not only bloody selfishly and maliciously, mentally ill.

While in the west we have become used to cult schools getting huge funding from government to be in charge of educating – errr – INDOCTRINATING – ERR – HYPNOTIZING the pre-adult minds of the rich kids of upper-class white, British-and-Eurapean Humanity, it is testimony to how much the religious schools of the western world are DOWNRIGHT EVIL when we see that most every evil corporation, be-they in the likes of Wall Street's, London's, Zurich's or Sydney's “towers-of-Babel” or merely in self-employment as trades-people, are made-up of those same mal-indoctrinated employees.

CEOs are regarded with respect, typically made to appear respectable through the medium of their co-conspirators against the Common Man – advertising and marketing media and clubs – publicity organizations and other extremely questionable entities.

Every large organization, every employment organization, every upper class club, every western military service officer-class, make it imperative that they employ people who have got “the qualifications” mainly of having been schooled in a church-run “private” school.

Yet, who “goes there” when such horrors and tyrannical events such as the recent, though relatively moderate “global financial crisis” hits “Wall Street and Main Street”, taking with it, millions of “Battlers” into poverty, homelessness, family breakdown, drug-and-alcohol-dependence and often suicide, while the church-schooled bastards who selfishly engineered such recessions, depressions and even wars, get away not only “scot-free”, but as oft' with bonuses and massive payouts?

Let's keep going there! Where do the “desperate and abandoned” go when things are really bad for them?

“F'chriss-sake, give me a drink!”

The stiffer, the better! Or so we are pumped into believing?

Who pumps us full of the beliefs that a good stiff drink will help us through another day of no home, no job, no money and no hope?

Oh shit-aye! I may be wrong, and no doubt the ABC-type “Babylonian” media will plug the line that I am to be contradicted, but I'm sure I heard on a program a few months ago, that 75 percent of Britain's export income comes from their flogging WHISKEY overseas to the rest of the species!!?!?!?!?!?!

SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT! (But I may have been drunk at the time, occifer?)

With this type of statistic escaping the covert halls of Westminsterial exchequery , it becomes painfully evident why Marijuana stands little chance of being legalized.

Then there is the DAMAGE grog does to the human body mind and Soul?

Good for the medical “professions”!


(Oh! Oi'll jes go to church on Solarday, and get a sip of the sacred blood of Jesuss! A noice drup of red woine, it is, father!”)

Added to these kinds of statistics, with the levels of poisonous chemicals pumping into each of us who are addicted to cigarettes, cigarettes manufactured in the main by WHITE WESTERN, HARK! CHRISTIAN corporations, with the levels of poisonous chemicals pumping into each of us who are addicted to toxic furnishings, household cleaners, soaps, hair tints, oil-burning vehicles, coal-burning energy products etc., etc., manufactured in the main by WHITE WESTERN, HARK! CHRISTIAN corporations, and......., the utter criminal frauds surrounding the whole tenet of Christianity, is it any wonder that the bloke the Jews and Romans put-up as the savior – Jeshua ben Joseph – the good little Jewish puppet – firstly, went to the cross, and 2nd, is reputed to have said that – “the one who comes after me will bring not peace, but a sword”?

As usual, the northern, white, so-called Christian cults turned those words around to suit their agenda, by telling humanity that “if you are not a christian, you will not be saved”. I suspect Jeshua meant that the hubristic blasphemers of the church-classes were the most likely, “in for the chop”.

Then, lastly, of course there is the damning evidence that the most evil corporations on earth are also the ones who have gone all-out to cause the most damage to the environment of the – wait-for-it – VIRGIN MOTHER! Eartha!

Eurapean and British Christian and Hebrew banks, mining corps, industrial revolution spin-offs of materialism in auto-manufacturers, fashion accessories, technology, mass-murdering weaponry, ACCOUNTANCY FIRMS and speculators on SELLING YOUR MOTHER Earth to their spoiled-rotten upclub, upperclass, uptop, uppemselves cronies and buddies – real estate corporations????????

Hebrew and christian indoctrinated cronies and bumbuddies!!!!!

Yeah! Jesuss gonna save ya........

Sure father!

Forgive me father for falling int' th' ditch, and wanting to put a noose around your neck.......

So, in regard to anything we are told by most all of our “mainstream” media about the fabricated “crisis” growing in Iran, I think even the Iranians who live elsewhere, would be very Wise to turn their attention in the opposite direction, and NOT so readily condemn the current, yes Strict Islamic Iranian Leadership.

A Leadership who do NOT condone banks making excessive and ever-variable “usury” on loans, a leadership who do NOT condone the pernicious drug, alcohol, and the Leadership who are not afraid to say that “the western world is not a Holy world at all”, thus is a world which will quick-enough bring fatal disaster upon us all, should we be selfish, stupefied idiots and seek after the western world's “rewards”.

Of course, no doubt the current Iranian and other Islamic Leaders of the planet have their flaws and faults, and no doubt some elements of corruption force them too to fail their People, but from my own impartial inquiries into Human behaviour, customs, “traditions”, Philosophies, beliefs, theories and opinions, they stand head-and-shoulders Above the so-called “leaders” of the western worlds, of the passed 500-plus years.

Certainly of the passed 30 years, since my inquiries began.

Maybe, perhaps, mayhap, possibly, the current Leader and Administration in the United States of America, and even those here in drunk-rotten Austraylia, or more accurately, “Wrongwaylia”, can perform better than we've seen in our collective recent pasts, by NOT, as the planet's zionist-controlled mainstream media would have us make them, rush into another war, as the zionists forced the USA into the 2nd world war and into Vietnam?

For even the most materialistic and selfish expatriot Iranians, I sincerely hope so.

Please, everyone, do not let the western mainstream media networks such as CNN, BBC, ABC, and FOX, fool you into revolting against those who resist the oft' overpowering western temptations.

We don't need another hero, and we don't need another war.

Allah Be Praised.

Omaxa bin Eartha

To President Barack Obama, on Iran

Surprize-surprize! I just tried unsuccessfully to email this rather delicate email to President Barack Obama of the United States. Why do I suspect the CIA and/or MI6 stopped it?

President Obama!

Apologies for this email, but, ever concious of the deceptions which prevail in global politics, I am obliged to state the following.


“Mir Hossien Mousavi” is being set-up by the British zionists, via MI6, to trigger another western “Judeo-Catholic” invasion of the middle east, Iran mainly.

Do not “go there”! These “trouble's” roots lie in Britain and Europe.

Mousavi is an unwilling matyr or “patsy”, perhaps more conscious than Saddam Hussein, Hitler and others, but nevertheless is being dragged into matrydom by western zionist media.

CNN news network (Christiane d'Amanpour & co.,) at this stage, appears zionist also, & is stirring major trouble to same end.

CNN should be censured. Also, Britain's BBC, Rupert Murdoch's FOX, Australia's ABC, etc., are deliberately fueling the chaos. False “i-reports” etc, and biased commentary abound.

Your pro-British (Freemason) Mormon-run CIA cannot be trusted on intelligence, as we saw in Iraq fiasco.

Better to have “Sonny Barger” of Hell's Angels in charge, for USA's and global best interests, than the current CIA heads.

“Upheavals” of the last 100 years have the Oxford, England's “Theosophical Society's” network behind most of them. Zionists, sporners of nazism, the creation of today's Israel, & the “Aquarius” movement, with global colonialist intentions, they will stop at nothing to achieve their aim.

Helene Blavatsky, founder of occult “theososophy”, follower of 19th century Oxford's insane Edward Bulwer-Lytton (descendant of England's Catholic “Tudor Kings”), & conspirer of “Master of the World” ie., a “false messiah” plan, unfortunately for US Democrats, is where the trail leads, back 100-plus years, with deadly connections to myself & my own family in Australia.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei are NOT USA's, nor our global enemies.

Powerful entities within Britain, a la the Theosophical Society, who have “subtle” 'secret society' influence throughout the world, are lost in their own occult delusions, & are your nation's “real and present danger” and needs-must be curtailed a.s.a.p.

Their “end-game” is “M.A.D.” or global Mutually Assured Destruction.

I repeat, do not be sucked into the vortex of interfering in Iran.

Again, apologies, even while fully aware of the flack I will as likely receive for saying these things.

If Iran “goes-off”, I suspect India-v-Pakistan, plus others, will be ignited,.....

Take Care, Sir.



Email to Senator Bob "The Green" Brown

Helping Senator Bob Brown and the Greens Win Government in the next federal Australian election.
by Omaxa bin Eartha.
Outlaw for Global Everything Reforms.
SENT to Bob's Canberra office at 7.15pm 17th June 2009.

As was said on ABC Radio National's "Background Briefing" last Sunday, the Australian Labor government are not powerful enough to go the full distance in the changes we must undertake on “climate change”. (paraphrased)

I have lost faith in Australians to get it right politically, thus in how best to live on a changing planet, from here forward into the uncertain future.

But if Australians can prove me wrong it will be by their voting in Green governments right across the continent, from here forward. That means they are going to have to really HURRY and get really organized in local, state and federal arena, so that as soon as possible, the Greens will be able to stand candidates in every election until the next federal one in ? 2011.

Well, I'm applying a bit of pressure, yes...?

“Green for Go”, means we have to lift our currently silly and lazy minds above the familiar “traditional” concepts of how to live. This means going hard to be able to survive and develop personally, thus on a community level, in as small a group as is practicable.

This means that most all of our accepted models for behavour, in play, rest and WORK must come under review. Not a parliamentary review or in royal commission, but a review home-by-home, and by each and every one of us, who find that things they do and consume are unsustainable.

Work, as most Australians know, is in truth, a furphy. An obligation we have thrust upon us whether we like it or not, and most of us even know (and sadly accept) that our hours each day, week-on-week, year-on-year, do more for the boss and their bosses in the top floors of the major banks and real estate offices than they do for our own and the kid's betterment.

“Chained-to-the-mill” as the saying goes.

Forever, the masses have had to accept their lot, and go quietly when the bell rings, hoping that the pennies we get will be enough to salve our Souls until the next pay-cheque.

Probably a lot more Aussies than I would guess, are very savvy to the bottomline rort of our workaday lives. “But HEY? What can a bloke do? I gotta raise the kids, and make enough so the family can stay together and have a drink together afterwards?”

As we are apparently in “revolutionary times”, or that's how Rupert Murdoch would like us to think, and as the planet actually does seem to be melting away from beneath our selfish delusions, I say it is time we went the full monty and challenged these accepted dogmatists who ad-by-ad reinforce those old sterotypes of “bank loans”, credit cards, a NE-UEUEUEW CAR, and...., that old really new delusion that we have to BUY things if we want some semblance of comfort in our homes and lives.

Lately, I've been suaded to “go solar” and shopped around to buy a few solar panels. After over a $1000 I just got what I needed, which adds up to about 105 Watts, translated to half that in real terms.

But as with power we all WANT MORE!!! So, wiff my little laptop and a wireless stick, I surfed the 'net for “solar panels”. And lo-and-behold, I hit upon a website or two which tempted me into a bit of a frenzy, because they told me that I could actually make my own solar panels myself!

After throwing about $40 their way of course, they advertised that they'd sent me the book, and a kit to help me dig-up the silica-sand and turn it into FREE ENERGY!


Well..., not quite.

However, once I got a “taste” of the free energy between my teeth, I have been ruminating on the granules ever since.

In this ridiculous economy of having to spent-up big for the littlest things, mostly imported little beasties from some rich little third world country (That's OK. Good luck to the poor beggars, albeit that the enviro-cost of shipping, storing, marketing and selling is usually overboard?), it's always been a sticking-point for myself (yes a pensioner, thus a little bit of a tight-arse-self), that such things as we all need are capitalized upon to the maximum by the rich, when all-too-often the same concept, if-not the same end-product can be made in our kitchen, shed, garage or drugs laboratory?

(Umm, I don't have a drugs laboratory and advise others to not have one as well.)

As we are all getting paranoid about ENERGEEE??? and stuff, and as the debate doesn't get airtime about whether solar panels cost more energy to manufacture (and freight) than they will produce in their lifetime, as the question of whether there has come a time when the usual day at the mill is......... environmentally (EEEEK!?!?!) UNSUSTAINABLE......., doesn't it add-up, that we might be safer, better-off short-and-longterm if we can spend a bit more of our own time being productive in making the products which we otherwise must spend braindead hours-upon-decades and credit-card debts-upon-household bankruptcies to afford and to acquire?

It is as clear as buggery that the upsurge in “solar energy” stores is all about taking every advantage of us, in this NEW market of new products, and are fleecing the average Joe far too much for the things the average Joe wants to get, so they can actually DO something to help reduce the climatic dangers our eccessive energy consumption is bringing on.

With the federal government trumpeting new and massive projects of wind and solar energy mills, and that they are dedicating billions or our bucks toward large-scale developments to supply our average Joe with energy for his/her zappy gizmos, aren't they going about it the wrong way Bob, a little bit upside-down?

In these revolutionary times, I say “fuck MORE JOBS-JOBS-JOBS in such as 'the energy sector'!” when a safe and wonderful idea like making your own FREE ENERGY homemade solar panels and environmentally positive products in your own kitchen, shed, garage or local Community workshop (remembering the efficiencies of even smalltime, local “economies-of-scale”), is a REALISTIC and Ideologically Sound idea!

As I have yet to fork-out the $40 for the book and starter kit, wary of never getting quite what you paid for, I can't do more at the moment that put this question to our Federal, State and Local Council Energy Ministers:

Are you serious about saving what you can of the planet? If so, then I would appreciate, as would our average Joe I'm sure, opening an inquiry by all levels of our government, into making available to the public, FOR FREE, or for the cost of postage and government-developed compilations, instructions and where called for, lessons on MAKING YOUR OWN SOLAR PANELS for FREE ENERGY.

Thank-you Senator-cum-President Bob “The Green” Brown!

Or should that be Bob Brown “The Green”?

Or... Bob the Brown Green?

Now don't go yellow on us.

RED, is OK!

In fact “”RED should mean GO instead of Green, because Red's a Revolutionary Color!”

(Heard that one on 3RRR, in Melbourne about 20 years ago! Hyuk!)

Good On Yer Bob!

You're "The Man" I reckon! The Statesman!

I call up The Angels to Protect and Assist You.



E-ssay to Iran's Opposition Leader, post-election

Here's an e-ssay I just sent to Iran's political opposition Leader, Mr Mir Hossein Mousavi

Iran's 2009 election
5pm AEST
17th June 2009.

Hello Mr Mousavi!

I'm Omaxa bin Eartha, a part-Australian Aborigine, and a Global Outlaw for Good political change, writing to you from the reforests of Australia.

I, as many here have watched the election affair in Iran, and am concerned of what may come of it, for your Iranian People, and for the rest of us.

Whether in the Middle East, in the USA, in Australia or other nations, political elections are full of conspiracies, real and imagined. Voting for one side or the other seems to matter little today, in these supposed “Democratic” times.

Long ago I realised that it is not “who” one votes for, but “what”. And in the final analysis, it all comes down to economics-versus-Economics. Imagined, or contrived economics versus Real Economics. (Recommended reading: “Social Problems” by 19th century American “Henry George”.)

However, in Australia, as everywhere, there is a general refusal by all our parties and political candidates to bring this perhaps subtle distinction to the fore, and break-it-open for public inspection, as-it-were.

From my little insight into Iranian political issues, as you appear to be as-they-say “pro-western”, I ask you to be ready for the things I say, for I am rather radical in western political terms, albeit that I have a reputation of being something of a “King-maker”, in Australia and elsewhere on the planet.

It was interesting though not surprizing to view photos, in the western media, of the anti-government protestors in the days after the election, showing in one of them, a very pretty and “modern-dressed” young woman, centre of pic, holding an “A-4” sheet of paper, a printed leaflet saying “WHERE IS MY VOTE”. Another was of an older woman with another A-4 sheet, which read “THIS WAS NOT AN ELECTION! THIS WAS A SELECTION”.

So what, aye? The second example is as likely quite true, but this is now the case across the world. It's just that most of us in the “spoiled” western world are generally far too “comfortable and relaxed” (or frightened by the Illuminadi) to kick-up a fuss about “rigged” elections.

The two elections in the USA which put and returned GW Bush to the President's chair in 2000 and 2004 were blatantly obvious in being “hijacked” by his subversives.

This surely has most of us ask ourselves “why bother?” if it's always predetermined.

Well, perhaps like yourself, some of us are “driven” to make an effort, in the Hope that it will make a difference. And certainly, some of us DO make a difference, and/or some of us fool ourselves that we can.

What concerns me about your Iranian elections this last week, is that it was apparently, more about having the nation become more westernized, than growing closer to a Properly governed nation.

You Sir, are surely a man of the world nowdays, and would be familiar with the good and bad aspects of “western” culture. Having lived only in the west, travelling in my early 20s to Britain, Europe and the USA, then back here, and having taken an interest in politics, the environment and other generally important issues, but from a “global” perspective, rather than from a parochial one, it is painfully clear to myself that the “west” is not all roses, and that indeed, more of it is a global “negative” than a collective “positive”.

We can see that many voters in the last USA Presidential election had come to see it the same or similarly, and finally the “States” put into office perhaps the most intelligent President thus far. At least since the 2nd world war.

Whether-or-not the USA can go the full distance in terms of the changes they and the planet need, to avert a broadscale and multifactorial “meltdown”, is yet to be seen. But you'd agree that that nation, is quite good at doing what most others would find impossible. “Only in America” is a well-known saying, albeit often in response to some outragious event or product or such.

Having only lived in developed nations, I accept that it is easy for me to “bag” our modern ways, and that it is easy and all-very-well for me to call to third-world and under-developed nations and peoples to reject the temptation of modern technological and sophisticated products and lifestyles, while those in the less “fortunate” regions suffer terribly from simple deprivations.

But as in Iran, nations which are struggling to keep-up with global developments too often are swept-along by the propaganda they receive, and fail to see the flaws of too-fast-a-step into the future.

None of the “modern” inventions and conveniences the first world has produced, and tempts the rest with, come without a price, and not merely a monetary price. Encouraging Iran to join the modern world of hi-tech and sophistication without each Iranian individual's own serious introspection about the possible “negatives” will bring disaster to all of you, I promise you.

Examples of such headlong rushes and sudden collapses abound across the planet, beit in the font of the “industrial revolution” in Britain itself, across the channel in Europe, in most all Asian countries, as well as in places like the Ukraine, west of Russia, where a pro-western candidate was “(s)elected” only to, soon after, have things go quite awry, which has effected the whole nation.

We generally hear little or nothing of these kinds of negatives after-the-fact, via our mainstream global (western-controlled) media, who have a predeliction for the Bush Administration's mantra of “MOVING FORWARD!” because they have not the courage, humility and integrity to honestly review their previous errors, and take genuine steps to ensure they do not repeat themselves.

However, this is one major reason the world is now “captured” by this competitive mode of politics, because it enables the real powers-that-be to wash-over the errors by letting the voters think they are able to choose a better alternative. As in Australia, it is really just “a-change-of-guard”, where no genuinely effectively corrections are made. The “knobs” on top of the pile remain up there, abusing, corrupting, subverting Truly Progressive politics, to their own egocentric, indeed, most-often “psychotic” agenda.

So, I ask you, and your “advisers” “spin-doctors”, sponsors and promoters, to think hard about these facts. For “Progressive politics” is a catch-phrase even the most conservative masters readily abuse, to fool those they care nothing for, and so-as to avoid having to face themselves and in reality see how “mentally ill” they themselves really are.

I was once a fairly religious kind of person. But today, regard religion as another form of “materialistic” escapism, abused by those “on-top” to stay there, and again, avoid facing their own deceptions, delusions, fears and dangerous addictions.

However, I do Respect those who can keep to that all-important dedication and sincerity, and by it, are able to remain above the temptations to consume that which does no good for them in the long run, and especially that which does no good for the family, clan, nation or planet, in both the short and long terms.

By far the majority of the goods, services, inventions and conveniences the “west” is only to eager to “offer” your pro-western supporters, will bring an horrendous cost to your families and Communities not-so-much-farther down the track. I promise you.

In my thirty years of interest in politics, local and global, it's become clear that with the modern junk of hi-tech sophistry, the costs are quite deliberately kept in “low-profile”, and they rear their ugly heads in very hard-hitting ways. These costs are just that, for they are found in monetary policies as per those, for example, the western banking system forces upon fast-tracking nations, eager to “play catch-up”.

Interest on loans, speculative finance on the most important basics, such as on land (my main political issue), and the other necessities each person needs to properly and fully develop themselves and to grow-up a Balanced, Intelligent, Healthy and Happy Family/Community, and Nation. A Sound, Philosophical and Honest Education being Primary.

The “trappings” of our “modern” society are all-too-often dangerous temptations, luring the desirer into that pit of never-having-enough. This breeds what we have in the west, an out of control populace, who will take to the streets to demand ridiculous and clearly unsustainable things, both political and material, without any clarity of mind to perceive the dangers therein, and the dangers they will inevitably bring to either themselves or to their children, or to their children's children.

So, Mr Mousavi, I ask you to call your supporters to take-it-easy in their demands for “CHANGE” as President Obama ran-on last year.

For one, Mr Obama's mantra was employed to put the brakes on unrestrained consumerism, over-development and unregulated finance, “credit” and government policies, because the majority of his supporters in the USA were aware of the science which spoke volumes about what such so-called (by “conservatives!) “Progress” had done and was forecast to do to their nation, and their planet.

Those who insist on “free societies” and “free markets” and de-regulated governmentation etc, are always soon-enough exposed as being nothing more than selfish fools, with little or no True Intellect operating.

It is this type of “fallen” character, which Good Religion, Good Islamic Religion for one, helps keep in check, or, is there to dispell from, the minds and hearts of the People, and their Community.

But in this age, Good Religion must act to enable Sound Reason and Science to find the Proper Balance in the individual's Soul, and thus across their Society and Nation.

Technology is not all bad (Hark! Laptops are Glorious!) but it is ever a threat to Intelligent Human behaviour, when it becomes both too desired and too demanding.

That'll do.

All the Best for yourself and for Iran!

Omaxa bin Eartha

Reforests of Australia


Iran's election and protests?

Iran's election and protests?
by Omaxa bin Eartha
3.30pm AEST.
16th June 2009.

As I've grown in understanding of the world, I've come to rail against the classic “western” models of religion and politics, of “western” models of economics and finance, of western models of “consumer” markets and the so-called “free society”.

In learning the little I have about what are “alternative” social models, as in “Eastern” or Oriental, Middle-Eastern, that is, the Arabic and Islamic Cultures, African, and Australian Aborigine (and other) social structures, or social and cultural LAWS, and as well as learning the True Facts about what the “west” or perhaps more correctly, the “north” of Britain and Eurape have imposed upon the rest of the planet's Peoples, trying my best to employ Impartial Scientific Intelligence, I have most every time come to the conclusion that the models we here in blissfully lazy Australia regard as the “norm”, thus as “the best”, are indeed the most pernicious, most dangerous, most corrupted, and thus most mentally ill “traditions” any advanced culture could find.

Evidence abounds right here in the hills I hide-in, 140 kilometres west of the touro-centric Byron Bay, of how awry Australia's culture is. The forests are GAWN mayte! Replaced with carnage-ridden fields and hills of clay, making all downstream watercourses ruinous for the native marine life, and for all which depend upon clean and healthy river systems.

Our “northern” approach to the very Mother of our existence and sustenance is SO awry, that it has become doubtful that even two generations into the future will be able to sustain a life, let-alone a lifestyle of any relative comfort and food security. How much do Iran's pro-Mousavi voters realize or appreciate these deadly facts, when they come to vote for western changes???

So when I watch, as I'm want to do (because of a covert, agenda-ridden upbringing), the news of elections in Iran, I stand-up and raise a Fist of Righteousness to the announced winner President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Salute his “victory”.

This, because he appears to support a culture which basicly says “NO!” to the blind western incursions of capitalism, free markets, rampant consumer-egotism and generally “loose” moral behaviour, and instead, supports a yes, rather “strict” Islamic code of social and cultural conduct.

Over the years of my commenting on global politics, I've been known to severely curse the western or northern models and our general behaviour in politics, religion and culture, seeing, as is easy to see - SHOULD WE LOOK – how awry they have society end up becoming. (Sorry for badful grammar!)

Alas! Much of the USA, much of Eurape and Britain, most of Au-stray-lia!

I heard a bloke on the radio 'tother day, (yes, on the old catholic-run ABC Radio National's “Background Briefing”, 9.00am Sunday 14th June '09 program,) talk more clearly than I've heard any others about the limits to economic growth Humanity can be allowed, if we want to keep the species keeping-on. His general thrust was that we have almost ruined the planet with our “free market” type behaviour, and that if Humanity continues down this western consumption model, we WILL destroy most all life as we know it.

So, what choice does a thinking, moral person have, but to reject every-and-anything to do with the western social, political AND religious stereo-types.

Alas! Long Live the Iranian “Conservative” politicians, as represented by this week's “winner”, Ahmadinejad .

Well, I maybe wide of the mark there, because the real power in Iran is said to rest in the hands of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who is the supreme leader in Iran.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is said to have the support of the rural poor, for his party's provision to them, of the necessities, while the challenger Mir-Hossein Mousavi is supported by the urban and thence more westernised Iranian folk.

In my own life, a right royal ructious rodeo as it has been, I've been entirely sincere in researching “religion” and Philosophy, for about three decades now, albeit under some serious hexes from mother's agenda-PSYCHOTIC catholic cult convent. Added to that influence, have been the Indian cult of Ananda Marga, which, I say reluctantly, saved my bacon from the deep ignorance as prevails in yes, again, the “western” cult of catholicism. But before the dada's and didi's of AM get too egomaniacal about this compliment, ALL Credit, as far as I am concerned, actually should go to my Hero, Allan Nichols Cook-Meredith, my Step-Dad, for his (probably under outside instruction) taking me to spend an hour with an AM monk, when I was a most suicidal 15 year-old.

Between my 15th year and now, I've tracked many an uncharted course, errant, yes, dishonorable, yes, but also, often deep and successful, gaining, it seems, quite some Merit in politics, religion and fixing things.

At 54-point-2 years of age, after sincerely giving my Soul to whatever that (Not-)Thing up There is, the Divine, I have next to no faith in any of the planet's religions, nor in any of their Ideations of Herim (God).

A few stand Head-and-Shoulders Above the rest. One being the “Oriental” Tao, which I spent some ten years coming to Appreciate. Another, which I believe will take another lifetime or forty to Attune my Soul to, is the Australian Aborigine “Dreaming”. I do not know much at all about their Beliefs, even though, at 52-point-4 years of age, I confirmed in my own mind and heart that I am descended from their Royal Mob, the Gurnai Peoples in eastern Victoria, but for the Australian Aborigine Culture's Depth, Wisdom and Longivity alone, I have no doubt they are, or were, before 26th January 1788, Fully In Tune with the Creater Spirit. Thus, were One with God.

Where however, therefore, do I stop attributing Credit to other Aborigine Cultures, such as the Africans, the American Indians, the Japanese, and ALAS! The Aborigine of Britain!?

In Truth we can never stop Attributing Credit to them, and to all the unmentioned ones.

So, getting back to the topic; the Iranian elections, and now, with today's reports of large-scale protests against the apparent victors, I have to say, that, while I DO support the Conservative Islamists, and do not support the protesters, regardless of whether, as one protester's A-4 lazer-printed placard stated 'this was not an election, but a “selection”', in light of all I've learnt about “G-o-d”, religion and all the hoopla-which pours-forth from the mouths of clerics, my feet stand firmly in the middle, between the two opposing political, economic, and cultural beliefs and desires in Iran, to the point of saying that, it is time the Stoics of Islam, AND the fanatics of 'western” techno-materialism, not only in Iran, but right across the planet, took a Holiday, a Holy Day, and Paused for a while, with the Sincere Aim of “Getting It Right!” in terms of how we, the Mass of Humanity, MUST face the future.

With 1600-plus years of deceptions oozing out of Rome, Edinburgh, Canterbury, Salt Lake City, and innumerable ashrams in and around India, etc., what we have to show for it is none-but the threatened AND REAL possibility of world-wide extermination, and not only of US, OH-SO-F---ING-PRECIOUS US, but of the silkworms and spiders and other lovelies of the Mother Earth.

The Hebrews, via their branch-offices in Christianity, have indeed led us out of a passed era of no shoe-phones, mood-lighting and portable in-yer-ear gigglemachinery.

Even the Wisest Aborigine today, whether Aussie or American, whether African or Chinese, will admit that we have done wonders on Earth, in regard to our so-called “developments” in technology, lifestyles and home delivery pizza, etc, and that where the best of our advances, of our Hebrew-led advances, are concerned, the world truly has become an amazing place, bringing yes, only thus far, some of us, enormous possibilities for some Utterly Divine Attainments.

So, it is futile and I dare to say “wrong” to try to reject those better aspects of western techno-culture, if only because as soon as it becomes known that one rejects them, Whitehall, MI-6 and the CIA switch into auto-subvert, and in no time ANOTHER WAR ensues.....

“BALANCE”. Balance is the Way of Heaven, and is what Heaven would ask of Humanity on Earth. Balance between Strict Religious Piety and “loose” ego-materialism.

It is time that the Strict and Sincere and Wise Religious Leaderships of Iran and of the Middle-East, began talking with the Loose (and Otherwise) “Leaders of Change” in places like Iran, and began meeting each other with open arms, in the Middle, on Neutral Ground, for the Common Good.

In my opinion, for what it's worth, “Religion” as we now know it, is passed it's “use-by date”, and if adhered-to much more, by any authorities who exhort power over other People, we lead ourselves ever-downward, to global decadence and destruction. Decadence being, I suggest, the irresistable reaction to severe, fanatical, unreasonable religious dogma and codes.

As well, it surely is clear that much of the “non-west's” religious fanaticism, or Stoic Fundamentalism, as displayed in the Righteous Taliban (manufactured by the unholy MI-6, CIA?), al Qieda, and other anti-western Sects, Cults and Creeds, have arisen as an absolutely necessary reaction to the blind and brutal colonialism, expansionism and outright plunderous “genetically PISSED” psychoses of our stuperior, white, bleach-brained, blimbo Judeo-Christian cults.

So, for Iran, and for the rest of us....., where-to, from here?

Well, as we non-whiteskins went all-out to “select” President Barack Obama in the United States, and as he and his Mob ran on the Mantras of “CHANGE” and “YES WE CAN”, and, as may be quite accurate, he and the US Democrats are but a change-of-guard under the powerful eye of the nasty Illuminadi, as thus-far sincere changes ARE occuring in the USA, ie., the “socialisation” of the US motor-vehicle industries, the US public health system, the US banking networks, and the expressed desire by the new Administration to REALLY-TRULY “GO GREEN” et al, it DOES seem that the “righteous” of the old models have finally sat-down together and had a toke of the Herb-Superb, the Herb which, I must plug, is the prefered social medicative in those “terrible Arabic and Islamic Scoundrel Cultures”, over brain-maggoting alcohol.

I smoked Marijuana once or twice! BUT, I didn't exhale! (HAHAHAHAHAHA-cough!)

Well, surely it's clear that it is time the whole lot of us – DOOMED or not – GREW UP?

Whether or not a galaxy-full of coldblooded aliens are taking-over the planet, bereft of that wondeful thing called Intellect, thus barred from Attaining to Wisdom, Humanity can only get through ALL the coming uncertainties by Working Together Intelligently.

As the western beliefs, technologies and language have taken most of us by the foreskins (sorry girls!), lots of us attribute advances in “Science” to the masters of propaganda ex-”the west”. But we are learning, even in the materialwest that indeed, many Brillianty and Beautiful “Scientific” Advances had their origins in Arabic and Chinese Cultures. No doubt many a buried Tribe of the pre-western colonialist world's Attained well-beyond our current understandings also.

However, as with “gunpowder”, the Wise Cultures of those Lands knew well that to play with old-growth forests (for the essential ingredient in gunpowder) for the “BANG” of it, was deadly,and ensured that such things were not advertised to the greedy. Oh Yay, maybe, even the “greedy” in places like Ancient China had a touch of Wisdom in their Ways, and understood to leave-it-alone?

Today, if we do not address our Collective future Scientifically, and instead remain hexed with errant, agenda-ridden “we are right and YOU are wrong!” essentially superstitious cult beliefs, the aliens WILL take-over, and what remains of Humanity will be nothing but a mash of stoned, drunk, mutant dickheads, slaves to doom.

Huh! Pretty-much like New South Fails.........

As the USA's ex-President Clinton said, about as clearly as one could, “It's the ECONOMY stupid!”

Materialism, and religion, to my way of seeing things, are both where we go while we have no choice but to live in corrupt, that-is “mentally ill” cultures and societies.

Today, the efforts of proponents of both, bring us to see that both have serious failings, and that both, stuck-to without inner and outer balance, that-is without taking the Ultimate and Most Profound Journey into our own Soul, whence we all may Commune with the Fella Up-Stairs, Our True Self, and without being thus-enabled to “see things as they actually are” out there around us, in that we are but One, and that it is imperative that we all put down our guns, and pick-up the tools for Common Unity, in Work, Rest and Play, materialism and religion are both destructive delusionary superstitions. Distractions from the Potential we all should have access to.

Finally, the west's objections to Iran going “nuclear” are based on the west's, perhaps read Israel's fascination with the stuff. The fascination with evermore powerful weaponry, arises out of a fundamental deprivation, of no Security of Tenure.

Hillary Clinton surely does not need me to remind her of husband Bill's Simple and True line.

I deeply believe that, in Iran, in North Korea, in Burma, and other defiant Nation's, their political and religious Leaders Know Perfectly Well, the Truth in what Bill uttered. They, and the Illuminadi, know also that Perfection of and for Humanity cannot be achieved, Attained in any one corner or “Main Street” of our Earth, while ignorance and imperfection prevail “up-there” elsewhere.

Thereaforerere...., let the “winners” in the Iranian election prevail, and let them Express their Wisdom, by climbing down a rung-or-two from their Fundamentalist Islamic Pulpits (?), and let the Protesters for western materialist crap put down their i-Pods, so they can walk together forward in equanimity, beyond all manner of fascination with western junk (OK! Laptops are Glorious!), and dated Fundamentalist Strictures.

That Mahmoud Ahmadinejad can wear a western suit comfortably, perhaps merely to be more acceptable in those diplomatic circles, nevertheless shows me that he and those who work with him inside Iran are prepared to step off the Fundamentalist Fortress, and be a little more “Middle Road” with a similarly Moderate western, US Foreign Secretary Hillary Clinton. And hope-upon-Hope, perhaps with the “extreme” Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel.......?

Oh Israel......?

But HEY!? This Work, is not something the rest of us can leave to Hillary, Mahmoud, Ben and Mr Iranian Opposition Leader. The same Essential Work remains for EVERY HUMAN BEING to perform. Rome must get-off it's faiiry-floss merry-go-down, as must London, Brussels, Zurich, Tokyo, Madrid, Paris, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Sydney et al. (Well? Sydney is..... another story....?)

As must all of us on Earth, for our delusions of being able to leave it to someone else, aka a “messiah” (ho-yucking-ho), or to those up there in top-storey-diplomatics-ville, are shallow, escapist, delusionary and PATHETIC.

EVERYONE, has to stop gerking-off about their precious fingernails and prefered product brand, and be ready to get their hands real dirty, out in the Community Vegie Garden (Organic, of course!), out in the paddock and shed growing and refining bio-fuels, etcetera.

And, out of the cloisters of their precious little security blankets called religious dogma, materialism and essentially myopic group-therapy sessions.

Stock markets do not run on “confidence”. They run on economic deceptions.

In Iran, like in Wall Street, it is time to employ AND APPLY Economic Science, just the same as in errant places like Sydney, and Rangoon and Pyong Yang.

Every nation's “universities” have to embrace Obama's “CHANGE” Mantra, and get off the old mill wheel of “unsteady-(and-full-of-bullshit)-as-she-goes”.

Corporations must climb down form the ivory penthouses and start putting the PLANET before rude, unethical doomladen profit-first crap.

The International Monetary Fund has a lot of work to do, primarily of getting down off the feris-wheel of economic superiority and self-interest.


It takes the law courts AND the lawyers (oh the liars!) east-and-west, to bite the bullet and assert the Primary Principles of Human existence on a predominantly Earth-dependent species.

It's time to forget your selves, at least for a while. You are no good or use to yourself or to anyone else if you don't have a Healthy, Balanced planet to park your arse on! And besides, in the end, you ARE looking after yourself, by looking first to live Right on the Earth. With the Earth, and with those terribly nice Iranians, and Afghaniis, and utterly rotten coppers OOOP? Even Bikers......

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Sir! With All Respect for Allah, and for His Good Followers wherever they be, these models of “religion” as we know them, are no longer tenable, while they incite resistance from other quarters. Christianity has been abused for economic advantage for centuries, which, I put it, is why the Great Mohomed led His Peoples away from the Hebrew and Roman paths in the 7th century.

The world is to be enjoyed, with the Fullest Respect for it's Creator, not destroyed by fanaticism, whether it be religious or materialist.

It is a Universal Law, that wherever extremes arise in one direction, so an equal and opposite extreme will rise in-counter to it.

Enough. But, as you know, I COULD go-on. And on. And on.....

Almost. Democracy only Works if the People are Intelligent-Big-I. The west is testimony to errant religious stupidity.

If the People are stupid, Democracy is dangerous. If the People are dangerous, Democracy is stupid.

Your Culture was once a “Font” of Intelligence. Do not fear educating the People upto being Intelligent, because I presume, if-I-may, Allah (Praise Be His Name), is That Intelligence in Us All.


Omaxa bin Eartha
Outlaw, for
Global Land, Tax, Cult and Drug Law Reform.