Opposition to federal resources tax is Church versus State.


The biggest opponents to the taxation reforms recommended in the “Henry tax review” are not the Liberal/National Parties, nor are they at the base, the mining corporations, but, I say, the tax-exempted religions.

Catholicism and other “branches” of Romano-Jewish “cultism” - Christianity generally, would be forced out of “business” were a national land tax, the chief recommendation of the Henry Tax Review, introduced.

The debate and arguments over taxation reforms generally, in Australia, since Dr Ken Henry released his review in December last year, have focused upon the mining resources tax, more to shift the attention away from the far more egalitarian and fundamentally important “land tax”, or “economic rent”, than because the mining resources tax is so important.

This, I'd say, is because it is easier to narrow the fight down to such as the often-popular “bogeyman” - the mining sector - versus the government, than for the main political parties to go to the crucial and “bottomline” issue of a common tax on everyone's land.

Earlier, when the rent resources tax first became an issue, a few months ago, mining company bosses were not against it, nearly as much as they now apparently are.

Clearly, other parties have interceded and sought to distract the debate from the key economic and taxation factor - land tax.

Clearly also, these debates are, more often than any just debate is aired, reduced to bickering and below-the-belt disputes, which in the final analysis, are distractions from the REALPolitik points.

Australians I believe, have still to come to the realisation, or admission, that all our courts, and all our levels of government, as well as all our political parties represented in them, are nowhere near Scientific, Honest, factual nor genuine in the agenda they stand as front men-and-women for.

“Kangaroo courts”, applies so well, in that Noble animal's homeland!

Too many of us have seen, and left in utter despair from, the misrepresentations in the courts - the twisting of issues and facts, the corruptions of details and evidence - which are happening daily, by the hour, in the law courts, across the land.

Also, it appears that there is not a “silent majority” here, but a “silenced majority” who have all witnessed or been victims in these arena of “hyperbola and anything but the facts”, who would, given the poise, the lexicon, and the opportunity, speak out against, speak-down, the corruptions of our society, with direct, honest and indisputable details, from their own experiences.

Yet “HELLO?” Not here in the enclave of Eurape's still-raging global domination agenda.

The evidence seems conclusive, that if anyone in Australia wants to live in some above-average material comfort, and in some longer term security than the regular boom-and-bust economic cycles, which recur on average every second generation, then they must submit any Principles of living Honorably, with clear consciences, and of standing up against untruths and tyranny, to the dominant and completely false ideologies of one of the several cults, predominantly Catholic or Christian.

“Northern” cults, from HELLO? Eurape!

Eurapean religious cults which have been shown, over and over again, to be total frauds, and complete insults to the minds, hearts and Souls of the People they overrun.

So, in regard to a Just taxation system in Australia, it seems that those cults which have the Holy Principles of Land Tax in their very own “Scripture” - the Bible - regard Justice, and especially ECONOMIC Justice, on this planet as a lost cause, because the biggest corrupters and defrauders and evaders of the most Just taxation, are of those very same religious cults, and who play to the fullest, the game of speculating on totally corrupt and in-the-end extremely uneconomic system of “ANYTHING BUT LAND TAX!”

In opposition to the “silenced majority” I write of, are those who have been inducted into and through the “private school” networks of the Catholic and in-general, Christian religions.

The rewards for the lucky kiddies whose parents have spent-up-big to send them to a private school, are many-fold, but the main one is that they will have a far greater chance of remaining economically secure throughout their lives.

As well, if they remain good little puppets of the school chaplins and priests, should they fall on hard times, the cult will always be there to help them, find another job, guide them to rort the taxation system, offer them competitive rates on investments, or further education into a new field of employ, etc.

If we scan the employees of all corporations, be they MacDonalds restaurants, or any large retailer, by far the majority are from private-school educations.

If we scan the “employment agencies” which in the “Howard era” of federal misgovernment, from 1996-on, were pretty-much taken over by church-based organisations, we find out-of-work ex-private schoolies getting the preferred positions, and those who went through government schools, are near-as left off the lists.

By far the majority of home owners in Australia secure a good relationship with their bank manager because they “speak the same language” of having had a church-based education.

This goes to the earlier-mentioned global domination agenda of Eurape.

Clearly Rome has had this intention for perhaps two or more thousand years. But it's nearest rival, the anti-Catholics of both Freemasonry and Germanic protestantism have been gaining ground for centuries, with the 20th century just passed as their most successful.

This “war” is now being played out in Australia, mainly because we are the last and least polluted continent on Earth.

Their main aim, it seems, is to win majority control ownership of the globe's land-mass, and this they achieve through the sly and criminally erroneous notion of private land ownership.

Putting possession of land into the marketplace, so that the wealthiest are guaranteed always to beat all others in bidding, at auctions, or in the general retail market, is how they have corrupted society, worldwide, so that the church is always ensured obedience and thus financial support.

So, it is fundamental to the Eurapean and British churches' survival that land can be bought and sold on an “open market”, which of course is nothing of the sort, unless you are guaranteed, by a global cult, who specialise in economic corruption, to always have an income, and is why there is so much paid-for opposition to the federal government's attempts at taxation reform.

All the “players” in the current pre-election debates on the mining resources tax, etc, whether from the mining corporations, political parties, or the media, have been indoctrinated in religious schools -Eurapean religious schools.

By far the majority of Australians who “tune-in” to these debates and media articles, are from the same cult backgrounds, and they all, or the most of them, are more interested in their own economic and accommodation security, than the broader national interest.

So Aussies will have to go elsewhere to find media or information, or FACTS on what exactly IS the best form of taxation, when it comes to mining, or GST, or income tax, stamp duty, or Land Tax, etc.


Well..., how much time, and clarity of mind does the average Australian have?

First, though it may be less of a stumbling block these days, we have to clear our heads of all the false doctrine.

False doctrine from OH! The EURAPEAN church schools, and their propagandists in - schools, universities, political parties, law firms, religions, law courts and land developers and real estate advertising corporations!

Then, I suggest visiting either the websites of “Economic Indicator Services, E.I.S.”, or any of the many Credible Organisations, now spread globally, who respond positively to Henry George's name, and Economic Principles.

So, as Catholo-Christian churches own - to about 2005 - around one-seventh of Australia's land mass, such a Noble tax would completely destroy their “free ride” in economic affairs.

The Eurapean “private schools” are the chief indoctrinators of the upper and middle-upper classes, about one-third of Australians today are schooled in religious schools, from which come the vast majority of corporate managers (including mining corporation management), who, by various, usually underhanded methods, are forced or induced to “pay homage” to their educators.

One pretext the church schools offer, as reason for the graduates to behave and say as the church demands, is that the graduates have been given all their employment, social and other “open doors” by the church.

The other side of the coin in this “bargain” is that if the graduate does not toe-the-line, strings will be pulled to blacken any and every opportunity for income, sociability, and material security, until they die.

While I was not put through a church school, mother was, and I am her/their puppet, and the above paragraph describes exactly what has happened to myself over the last twenty years.

So essentially, those who condemn the Most Honorable, totally Scientific and Just recommendations contained in the Henry Tax Review, chief amongst them, both the resources rent or mining tax, and the national land tax, are victims of religious blackmail.

This - religious blackmail - as it happens, is why the Honorable ex-federal ALP leader Mark Latham's name has been denigrated and in fact, unjustly defamed since 2004.

Today, 2010, a majority of corporate employees in retail, as shop assistants, and most all owners and managers of the larger retail outlets, of all products, are also educated in private, church schools.

They, as often do not even have to have graduated, because once a child has spent months in the church “enclave”, they have been “inducted” - hypnotised - by the cult, to thereafter, do and see things THEIR way.

So employers from the same background, can see, and be sure the new employee plays the game.

These puppets ensure that the horrendously corrupt cult-ure, of grandiose profiteering - extortion - by retailers, tied to the outright evil of BAD TAXATION LAWS keep the foreign religions on easy street.

Nowadays, the mainstream western religions - called “cults” before rebranding themselves a few centuries ago (so removing them in their long term ploy from the root word of the “occult” or “MAGIC” ) - care little about “church attendances” on Sundays, because they have guaranteed - wholly-corrupt-read-EVIL, but guaranteed income from schools which teach false economics, AND desire for material wealth, from their schools, corporations, LAND OWNERSHIP, and a wide section of society who obey the commands of voting according to the churches puppet candidates, economic preferences, and otherwise staying SILENT on these basic religious and economic rorts.

The Baptist “reverend” Tim Costello came out last month or so saying that the Land Tax would hurt “charities”. Church-based charities, by no coincidence?

Oh? Why's that, brother of Peter “the betrayer” Costello, ex-Liberal government federal treasurer?

So, next time you shop at church, or at K-mart, watch the shop assistants, and know that the smile and pleasant attitude hides a demon.

The most divisive ECONOMIC demon known to Humanity.

And you can be sure, that any and all opposition to both the federal government's “rent” or “mining resources tax” and the “national land tax” is the latest forward thrust in the long-playing joust between the foreign churches and the People of Australia.

Arrows at establishment, absent of Integrity, from
Omaxa bin on-the-Eartha Highway.

From Dusty Boots in the
Tennant Creek, NT.


WARNING! These signs will come DOWN!


On the Stuart Highway, moving north, I've passed lots of signs telling the traveller they are entering a “PRESCRIBED AREA,
NO LIQUOR” (etc.,) areas which are under the scrutiny of the last federal government's attempt to eradicate Aborigines from their Homeland - Australia.

I don't interact with anyone nowdays, so cannot give examples from my own conversations about where the tyranny failed once more in addressing Aborigine Issues.

But, as graffiti on one sign back a ways said - “government racism” etc, there can be no doubt that this is exactly what these “prescribed areas” are.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's “apology” in when? February 2008, 2009, comes to nothing while these utterly backward measures are in place.

A few years ago, I stopped a short while with some Bleck Fellas at the Canberra “Aboriginal Tent Embassy”, who did Justice to all Aborigine, and also told me a few things about how disgusting things were for the Enlightened Original Peoples of this continent and islands.

One thing one of them (Sorry Bross, I've forgotten your name), told me, and in fact educated me on, was the issue of “Sovereignty” for our Aborigine.

As I was under much pressure, from friend and foe alike, some of it took a while to sink in.

But the body of what he told me is that, while every FOREIGN embassy in Canberra had sovereignty over the little half-acre or two-plus acres their embassys' buildings stood on, the Australian Aborigine still - STILL - did not have sovereignty in their own land!

One could carry-on about this utterly evil travesty of FOREIGN injustice, but, I'll not.


Mr Rudd, we, Aborigine of Australia, Respect your given speech of that day, 13th February back then, and that you were genuine in what you and the new government hoped for.

But when it's all boiled down, while the Aborigine remain without Sovereignty in their own Land, the Land of their Immortal Ancestors, theirs since well before the massively corrupt northern, European (and Hebrew) peoples resorted to religion and writing, and invaded and cursed us with their stupidity and ignobility, your “Apology” and all efforts before and after, mean less than nothing.

It is clear that this is a huge issue, because it goes to the notions of economics and everyone's reasonable and honorable access to secure accommodation and places to socialise, work, raise a family, and rest, etc.

As government, it is your duty to properly accommodate all of your citizens, in housing, secure land occupation, education, employment and the rest.

But primarily, it is “education” which you must focus on.

Because Australia lacks most in Good Education, which teaches them, us, the Truth, the Facts, on the most fundamental issues concerning making our nation one of safe, Intelligent, and even Spiritually Enlightened Peoples.

Your, that is, the foreign religions, have failed everyone here in the last matter.

Therefore it behoves your institution of national management to arrest the situation, and embrace fully the effort and Wisdom necessary to bring the whole of the Australian population up to the level of being Wise, Wise enough to know that the greed and fallen desires of our current (foreign) ways are dangerous, and will bring-on the death of all that is Good in us, white and bleck, high and low.

While you shirk this, your responsibility, you, and all who follow you, from whichever political party, doom everyone to a pathetic, immoral and warlike future.

If you face your demons, such as those planted in you from the church-based educational institutions, the demons of bad religious beliefs and bad economic laws, and, in a Right-minded way, address the facts about making the Australian Aborigine, once more, Sovereign Peoples in their Own Country, by educating us all on what is Right in regard to Proper Land Ownership, and the Equitable Economic Science which underpins that, which includes Proper Family Structures and Relationships, such as our Aborigine established, knew and Wisely held to for many many thousand years, you will go far toward making everyone here Wise, Intelligent and Egalitarian Peoples who will be fit to Guide the whole world out of the “northern” darkness, thus avoiding their constructed ideations of everyone's “end of days”.

Only Proper Education with the Truth, which obviously includes the ECONOMIC Truth, will dissolve the errors of thought which occupy the minds of the non-Aborigine inhabitants of Australia, and their erroneous antipathies which play against Aborigine having Equal Opportunity and Righteous Sovereignty.

So, getting back to my introductory remarks about the WARNING signs in the Northern Territory -

As the Aborigine have survived AND Prospered for longer than any other Human group known, and have only been reduced to this current ridiculous situation because of the deeply flawed ideologies and consequent evil economic policies of the invading peoples from Britain and Europe, it is clear that the restrictions on the Black Fella's lives anywhere in Australia as determined and implemented by an utterly racist and wholly foolish authority, by name, the last Liberal “Howard” federal government, are both contrary to all interpretations of the United Nation's Universal Declaration of Human Rights, thus, in short are illegal, and, that they are only “deemed necessary” because of BAD LAWS imposed from overseas.

Therefore, being BAD LAWS, they cannot work, and should forthwith, be withdrawn. Abandoned. Cancelled permanently.

It is no good, Mr Rudd, leaving things half unpacked,
For, it just leaves you more to do, further down the track.

Therefore, the call goes out to all our so-called “governments” - federal, states and local councils - to address the intellectual and consequent moral and ethical failings which permeate the whole of Australia, by correcting the errors in what we teach and are taught, principally and primarily in law and economics.

The remediation of the suffering and deprived Aborigine is a long term project no government can ignore, and has no right to ignore.

It seems, from where I view this world, that the Australian People, thus their government(s), MUST begin the Process, not only of and for the remediation of the deprived Black Fellas of Australia, but for all of us who have been “disconnected” from their/our own Souls' Sovereignty, by addressing the faults and corruptions in Law, and in Economics.

Education, Minister.

Law, and Economics.

I ask that you, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who sincerely spoke the “Apology” to the Australian Aborigine Peoples, make this, these suggestions, Key Priorities for the federal government's Minister for Education, in perpetuity, from here forward.

To this suggestion about “education”, I also ask the government to read my thoughts (!) on the media available for the Aborigine, as-in “internet connectivity”, by going to the following link:


titled “Obviously Telstra is run by citiphiliacs!"

Possibly from the Bleck Fella Soul, of
Omaxa bin Eartha
Tennant Creek NT.


Environmental Laws?

There's not much I can scribe on “Environmental Laws”, because what I would, would be too far outside the habits and behavioural patterns we white, mainstream trend-setters are addicted to.

For example, the two which came to mind, are:

1 No person shall pollute more than beyond their own excretions.

2 No person shall consume more than is needed for their healthy survival.

Clearly, these belong to the Purest of Peoples, by far the most of, who have passed into history and the Heavens.

Having seen my own Aboriginal Ancestors Spirits in the Country where they were slain, living in Complete harmony with the world, the environment, and most all their cohabitants, it is easy to see those, now passed, Immortal Peoples of Gunai Country living within these simple and pure Laws.

But, were I to either write such “edicts”, then, rightly apply them to myself, I am immediately made a criminal, or in the least, a transgressor, for it is impossible for me, to live thus.

Each hour, fewer and fewer People live this way, because the behemoth of western over-consumption culture rampages all over now, and none are safe from it's thrall, and certainly no group or large community is safe today.

As well, those who are not yet drawn into the devil of western stupidity are ever threatened by it, for it has agents roaming the globe, usually as “tourists” who are set upon undermining every culture which is in Balance with the biosphere.

It's clear to the Wise, that these agents go about their ploy without the slightest consciousness of their business, nor of the damage it is intended to do.

The Wise know these fools are as blind as stones, and that their people have been captured by “dark” puppeteers for an age, or forty, to the point that what they do is “normal” and even Intelligent!

So, to attempt to institute the Laws, the Pure Environmental Laws into the societies whence these morons come, is laughable, and also, begs for them to argue for war.

Indeed, even of the last century many saw the result from those righteous Souls who sought to correct the horrendously wrong “laws” of the land, especially in western Eurape.

A Wise Economist once told me, that the young Winston Churchill tried to introduce the Wisest and Truest Land Laws of collecting the “Economic Rent” into the English (British) parliament in 1908, but failed.

Clearly, the Lords held the land with a fierce grip, and were not about to surrender their over-consumptive and opulent lives without a fight.

Six years later, began the first world war. The “first shot” was fired in Sarajevo, so they say. But the first salvo was fired from the palaces of the super elites of northern Eurape, to be sure.

So powerful were the upholders of bad-nay-insane “laws”, that no-one on Earth, near-as, is untouched by their beliefs today.

So powerful, that they are determined to carry us all to our doom, either by slow starvation, because their habits and erroneous “laws” only serve to destroy the habitat, the environment, or through their insatiable lust for the blood of others, and it's means of ever more destructive military weapons.

Western religious books foretell our demise, of the apocalypse, of the horror, of Armageddon, and those who preach these tales are the worst offenders of crimes against the Environment!

So what hope have we, of turning away from the systems of debt and war, as promoted and perpetrated by those insane first-worlders, toward some mythical “New Day” where we are encouraged to surrender our mad ways and adopt the True Laws of living in Absolute harmony with the planet's natural cycles?

This would seem to destroy any call for a Charter of Environmental Laws for Earth, because, I cannot be convinced that we can live-on, and living-on is only a reality of we live in consideration of those as far into the future as we can imagine, without retreating from our gross over-consumptive habits of now, to the point of living in tune with those two suggestions I opened this e-ssay with.

1 No person shall pollute more than beyond their own excretions.

2 No person shall consume more than is needed for their healthy survival.

Surely, this makes me a pessimist? As The Douglas would say “No! I am but a REALIST!”

It would take a mighty Magi, to turn things around. And he/she would not be an easy person to bargain with, were they to accept the challenge.

Clearly, things are passed being salvageable, so it would seem, that of we are to “live-on”, something extremely dramatic must happen?

What are the rewards?

And, at what cost???

Omaxa bin Pensive........
sweepin' out the
Dusty Boots
north o' Alice

Been thinkin' 'bout Sydney...


Alice Springs, NT.

Driven, for whatever reason, to unpack Australia's endemic individual psychoses, and generic cultural corruption, for some 20 years, perhaps for 30 by now, I did long ago get the general idea that Sydney was the centre of all that is evil about Australia.

This no doubt was brought to be one of my beliefs on Australia because I am from Melbourne, and we all know that the two cities have pretty-much always been at “war” against each other, and most of my growing years from 1955 were regaled with slogans and chants about which was the better city, state and therefore people.

Having returned to “home” (HA!) in Victoria late last year, due to an insane level and type of terrorism, from the NSW police force, a terrorism which I've had suggestions of, that it is not the coppers but is the government, and finding no solace at all from returning to Victoria, I threw my worn-out CV-joints (in my 1st 4x4) to the wind, and with a new set stored in the cab, drove through South Australia for places I've never before been.

Now, I'm deserted in the deserts south of Alice, waiting for a bit of tin to arrive, so I can continue, persist, with the building of my 4x4 “Dusty Boots” mobile home.

Somewhere earlier this week, I caught the news that the NSW ex-Police Minister was videod leaving a gay night club.

“Campbell” his name I think.

It's taken a few days, but today I drew together this info, and my own victimisation from the NSW coppers and clearly the government, over the ten-plus years I lived in northern NSW.

Gay is OK, I s'pose. Bloke “Doug” down there in Melbourne, a fine Fella, sincere, Intelligent, dedicated to his social welfare work with the Salvos, is one-a-them. We gave huge hours of our time in the late 1980s sorting a fund-raiser for the homeless, which was so successful, it grew to being a huge add-on for the cause.

I'd given the best of my time over a year or so, and found I had other priorities, so Doug, already essentially running things, took the little affair to great heights. I visited him at work a few years later, and he told how the concern had grown to proportions even I had not expected. So big he had to close it down, because it was becoming an egotrip for those involved.

Sincere. Methinks, of Doug. Camp as a row of tents, as the army used to say, but 'sOK.

Another bloke, a Senator, Bob Brown, is one-a-them.

From where I view the world, and our bull-pit of governmentation, Brownie's perhaps our only Genuine Statesman.

Not playing tag with the mainstream parties, mainstream CORRUPTION, so, on the outer perpetually, to some extent, Bob Brown, the leader of the Greens in our federal arena, is tall, but Stands Tall, and, while not “built” from his birth to be the messiah, in that he has his foibles, his awkwardnesses, he is Genuine, and again, from where I see the world, he would Stand for an Honorable and Just nation, society, club.

Against the odds, going for-one by the standards of Tasmanian politics, still, I'd put-it, dragging the chains of 200 years ago in the horrors of Port Arthur, Bob Brown shines as a bloke, gay, who would stand for Integrity, both in the public arena of our Kangaroo parliament, whether Canberra or the states, or in the broader arena of fighting for the Environment.

I wouldn't bat an eyelid if I heard he was seen visiting a gay nightclub.

If you're gay, doesn't mean you're not allowed to hit the scene, have a drink with trusted and preferred friends, into the wee small hours.

But...., if you're married to a woman, with kids, and hold a very serious government ministry - A POLICE MINISTRY - AND - your wife, kids, and government don't know that you do the GAY circuit after hours, probably in your government car, plus, you do it all in Australia's most notoriously CORRUPT city of Sydney - you really have to ask some questions of yourself!

Funny that he was Minister for Police in NSW all the while I was being maltreated, terrorised and illegally harassed by the NSW coppers?

EVERYONE knows New South Wales has NO integrity.

So it's almost excusable, and expected, that the state's police minister is a closet-gay.

What do we recall about the head of the American Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA, in the 1960s?

J Edgar Hoover.

A raging queer, into the most perverted affairs known!

The head of the most powerful nation's intelligence agency!?

So, where do we draw the line between perversion, damaged, lonely hearts, unsatiated desire, outright corruption, and mental illness?

Well, from where I've been pushed, over the last twenty years, not unrelated to the demonic conspiracy that IS my “life”, and after adding some amount of it all up...., I still reckon Campbell should be hanged by the neck until the rats eat his intestines.

Now that he's been exposed, or, “outed” as they say, I wonder how popular the Sydney “Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras” will remain?

Has it's acceptance been influenced by an utterly “bent cop” running the show?

Are the two related, of a totally corrupt government - and it MUST be said, that it would NOT matter one iota, which mainstream political party was in government in NSW - and a parade of out of control homosexuals, gays, bringing, enticing, questionably unethical practices onto the streets of that TOTALLY FILTHY-ROTTEN CORRUPT city - the biggest asylum for the mentally ill in Australia?

As Campbell was Minister for Police in NSW when the Pope of Rome visited, and while, the police Commissioner from the nearest NSW city to where I was camping - for ten years - was meeting that bloke they call the pontiff, as I was being terrorised, bashed, arrested and charged for doing nothing at all wrong, other than refusing to live a grandiose lie, as the Catholic church insisted I do - play Jesus - it is quite likely that he, this debauched Campbell arsehole, was the one who told the coppers to terrorise me.

Fuck him!

May he rot in the Hell he is bound to go to.....

One question for myself.., is..., he a Catholic, or a Freemason?

Either way, it matters little. They have both been exposed as being so far off the track of Rectitude and Wisdom, they shall all be sent to Hell, to burn, forever, and, forever, and, forever.

I hope.

Will my exile be over before I throw myself of a cliff?

Will I receive an apology, from that idiot, from the idiots in the police forces, in NSW, in Victoria, Canberra and elsewhere?

What about “compo”?

I expect the utterly twisted gays of NSW are rattling their witch's bones as this goes to the ether.....

I also expect Campbell will soon affect a suicide, from the “shame” he feels.

Too easy!

NSW is well-known for wannabes faking death, receiving a government-sponsored false identity, and being happily moved elsewhere to adopt a new life in pseudo-anonymity.

De riguer in Nimbin!

OH SHIT? Did I say NIMBIN? The Eurapean rich-kids easy-entry side-gate, to an easy life of marijuana and false passports on STOLEN Aborigine LAND, by the dreadlock-fascists of Brit-Eurapean wealthy bankers and industrialists?

I bet he, this Camp-bell fella, likes it when y' talk dirty to 'im in German?

He probably also got a soft-spot for the GERMAN Queen Elizabeth 2, and her right royal husband, Prince Philip the Greek, Russian, GERMAN?

A journalist Bloke-big-B wrote a few weeks ago about “Why doesn't someone bomb Rome?” after more press against the Catholic paedophile priests affairs went to media.

Quite so, Barry (I think?)! But, surely it's coming the time when enough people wake-up, and bomb Berlin, and Sydney......?

A powerful Magi, will......

The slow, hidden take-over of Australia, by rich northerners, may well have it's base in the halls of nazism, going by the arrogance of the new Germans who took delight in terrorising me while I was in northern NSW.

And that the IMF, recently ran to Angela Merkell, the Chancellor of Germany, to help bail-out Greece's public debt, means surely that Germany is way ahead of the nearly bankrupt Britain, Spain, Italy, and other Euro nations in financial comfort?

The 1914-18 first world war was, in the “Gallipoli” part, about wresting the Middle East from the pro-German Ottoman Empire.

The 2nd world war was supposedly to stop Hitler and the Germans from taking over the world.

A German Ananda Marga monk told me in 1998, that Hitler was surrounded by Tibetan Monks - experts in the occult - magic.

No lack of that black shit exuding from the NSW parliament over the last 202 years!

So who is running Britain? And who is running Australia?

And is/was this Campbell idiot a puppet for the never-arrested German Fourth Reich of Nimbin and Sydney?

I'll never know, but I reckon I “felt” his bad magic over here today, in the Central Australian desert, as a 4x4 came crawling passed the remote spot I've retreated to.

No wonder I don't like white fellas from Sydney.....

But..., perhaps thanks most to them...,I don't like white fellas...., period!


Changing the guard in MacQuarie Street Sydney when their next state election comes around, and dumping Labor for the Lib/Nats coalition, will prove that NSW and Sydney is beyond repair.

Because it will take a major MAJOR shift in political thinking in the State of Corruption, to also release the rest of Australia from the evil grip we've all, in fear, endured for two centuries, since the illegal and terminal corruption of the Sydney government in 1808.

But, while women are plonked in the chair to make the corruption appear sweeter, like in Queensland, and OH! NSW, underneath, the slime keeps sliming, and nothing Genuinely Better is achieved.

Naturally, the same applies to the federal arena. But it must be said, that for Balanced and more Intelligent government, we are closer to achieving it and thus a more egalitarian culture with the mobsters we now have in Canberra, than retreating back to the closeted dark ages of the tyrannical extreme right of what Abbott and his cowboys offer.

It's just sad that Intelligence has been absent in the states for so long....?

Perhaps things like the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico will help us down here wake up and paint the nation Green, as it was uptil 222 years ago?

In the meantime....., I'm gonna try to stop thinking about Sydney.....




Obviously, Telstra is run by citiphiliacs!


“On The Border” of South Australia and the Great Northern Terreeetorrrreeee.

It's a while since I wandered this far inland. I staggered up to Uluru to get myself unconsciously drunk on the turn of the millennium, from 1999 to 2000, and then flopped farther afield after recovering.

I regret drinking myself into the new millennium, by falling unconscious before the momentous hour, and waking up some 30 minutes late.

But that happens, aye? 'Specially when you're hexed by demons.

Ne'ertheless, much has happened since then, both to myself, and to the false political situation in Australia.

Too much to recall, for this peeece!

One thing which'as taken me “forward” as they say, is that I have a laptop and, AND, wireless broadband on-a-stick!

Wooppoh! Aye!?

Once I decided to drive out of Victoria via South Australia, rather than the alternative route of Broken Hill then west-sou-west to Peterborough etc-and-on, the concern of staying in touch, rang little alarm bells in me bwain.

Less than they would've if'n I'd chosen the Broken Hill route, of course.

But so-be-it!

This “Mish” is all about gettin' away from the scum of white fella society, and of the last several years, it's been patently clear to me that the only region is way-out...., way-out in the deserts of Central Australia.

Well..., I must've been right, because way-out-here, Telstra falls well-behind and leaves us all guessing which radio station bothers to exist.

That's if we're imbued with white fella insanity, and can't survive for more than a moment without some BLAH! from tha maynstreem?

If'n, of course, we're got a bit o' sanity in our veins, which works it's way out to the skin, and presents as Bleck Fella shading, we don' need none o' that BLAH!

We be 'appy as it is! Nice an' Quiet! No motor-noise 24-7. No silly tele 34-7. No advertising industry tellin' us we all NEED this-an'that, an'-this-an'-WHAH?? 44-7!

But..., NOOOO! I'm not initiated in the True Fella ways, aside from my Step Father being Wise enough to counter the insanity of my Catholic mum.

So, being who I am, I hunger for the guff on what's 'appenin' in the false world of politrix, and other trivial areas of concern.

But NOOOO! Not unless you are a rich kid wiff a private school education, who therefore can afford a satellite link to the silly world?

Out here, in the last remaining Land of Bliss, well, I've forgotten the travesties of injustice I watched in Alice last few times I was there, Canberra and Sydney and Helbourne don't exist, for all intents-and-purposes.

And neither does Telstra's super-freaky hi-tech communications linkabilities!

Just as well I've retired from leading the Global Pack in the upcoming Australian federal elections.

Can't help but feel this little niggling, that I'm out here because the tyrants in Canberra and Sydney and Helbourne want me out of the way?


If the people of Astrayliar cannot lift themselves out of the ignorance they've been stewing in for 202 years, then they are not worth leading.

AND..., for the same reason, they are not worth saving.

Just as well that “Jesus-on-the-rebound” Catholic myth was exposed as bullshit, aye?

Nevertheless, it has to be said, that Telstra is letting Australians down, by having little and NO internet connectivity along the Stuart Highway, for the lengths there is none.

Having made it to Alice earlier this week, (now writing on Friday 28th May), I'm reminded of how many Bleck Fellas there are up here - Bewdy! Shiney Handsome Strong Clean (physiognomies! That's “faces”) BLECK faces all over tha place!

And I was sort of surprised that the mobile phone and broadband reception only lasted for about fifty kilometres either side of the main towns. Less further south either side of the small “fuel stops”, as I expect they will be as I travel north from Alice.

Knowing the Bleck Fellas as I do, there would be an equal proportion of them, I'd guess, who would have mobile phones..., if there was connectivity.

Sure, many might ((Wisely) shun the technology, as much because they can be a sponge in the money-pocket. And with last weeks updated media reports about longer term studies stating that mobile phones ARE deadly if used (held up to one's ear, and even carried in a shirt pocket) for more than just 30 minutes a day, the threats to health add reason to avoid them like brain cancer!

But.., and I don't necessarily advocate the Bleck Fellas should join the mobile phone insanity that rages in our “white” cities and towns..., but.., I can't help get the feeling that there is so poor a Telstra transmission way out here, and I'm talking about the distances along the Stuart highway where there is no reception, because Telstra is essentially racist?

As with every other “mainstream” thing we whiteys enjoy without a thought, telecommunications is something the Aborigine are restricted from accessing.

If I were King (?), I'd have free wireless broadband connectivity in all the remote communities and Aborigine enclaves, with free courses available for those Aborigines who had an interest, in technology, electronics and computers, internet and the rest, so they may become independent in these areas of expertise, and less dependent upon the “specialists” from the cities and first world, so they could then access the plethora of valuable stuff online, if it was seen to help them in their education.

No matter whether they wanted to learn about the white world, or their own, or if they felt they had something they could show the rest of us.

It is obvious that Telstra has a duty to improve their telecomms way out here in True Fella Country.

As we seem to have returned to some sense of reality post the racist Howard era, and now that we've moved beyond the Trejillo days in Telstra, I put it that we must address these points, and actually do something in these ways, in telecommunications.

Since I have myself leapt forward with my own laptop and wireless broadband on a stick etc., the whole issue, or series of issues surrounding our telecomms networks and corporations and technologies etc etc etc, have struck me as being something that needs a lot of rethinking.

Because I cannot agree with the current state of affairs, where a telecoms, internet or even just an online retailer company's right to invade one's own computer and system and upload all manner of one's own internet and computer “habits”, info, preferences, etc, is not regulated etc., while we are doing our own thing on the 'net.

Then there's the ridiculous “plans” and contracts and deals and scams constantly offered and/or forced on us, to the point where we are actually becoming trapped by them, by the bigger and smaller 'net co's, all so they can suck ever more of our credit, or dollars from us.

Indeed, if you have expertise in electronics, computers, games, programming, trend-jumping, technology, marketing, scamming, and design etc., the internet is the place to be, and each minute, I'd say, plenty more greedy thieves are jumping on the broadband-wagon!

Many of the schemes we seem to have to have to be able to use the 'net (AND mobile phones!), are pure theft, and I'm certain actually cost the providers next to nothing to produce, invent, provide and keep updated.

In short, we, especially way down here down under in Astrayliar, are being fleeced rotten by the companies who have specialist knowledge in how things are produced, accessed and sold.

This serves to drain us not only of our funds, but also it actually serves to keep us very stupid, moronic slaves to the system, and less willing to stand against the gross culture of mass theft, in case “THEY” spy on us for speaking out, and subvert our connectivity, or social access, or even employment.

And lots of us know that the fascists and racists who've been running and ruining the planet for the last few decades/centuries, are only too ready to invade our files and privacy if we come to their paranoid attention.

It'd be nice to know that those days of extreme information-gathering were behind us. But they are not, and while we are mashed by offshore banks and corporations, “mining companies” and the Liberal Party, etc., things like egalitarian telecomms across ALL Australian regions are not going to happen.

And Australia's Bleck Fella Aborigine, the Enlightened People, will be kept lowest on the scale of “lifestyles” and even just from a comfortable life of participation in this place we call Australia.

However..., there's obviously something goin' on with them, and it's probably 'cause they ARE Enlightened, that they don' NEED bloody silly mobile phones to Commune-icate with each other?

Nevertheless....! Up and down all the highways where all the white folk drive, such as the Hume and other eastern states major roads, the mobile phone connectivity is vastly better than out here.

If the planet's corporations and governments can have 1000 satellites, many geo-stationary satellites, floating out there in space, most of which sit permanently about 30,000 kilometres above the equator, that can zoom in on us and, it's said, can read a blokes newspaper while he sits in the park, then nobodies gonna convince me that they cannot provide state-of-the-art telecomms out here in the Aussie desert.

Why, methinks that all the hardware and gizmos for our mobiles and computer internetions are just junkets for the rich techno-upclubbers to scam the rest of us with, when we could all be linked for next-to-nothing via satellites.

Surely it's passed time we demanded that Telstra, a corporation I'll shoot the shit at, while at the same time hold in high regard for the good things they are capable of and that they manage to do, as well as our federal padded-cell of a parliament, got their collective-shit together and gave us some value for money, especially when they are making very easy money from us, with the marketing and spin they throw us now?

In telecomms, there are numerous advances available which will speed our overall education, and which should cost the corporations, the governments, and us, bugger-all.

This vicious scathing, I guess, goes to our federal minister for telecommunications, whoever they be, and the department boffins who ride the wave of nice-little-earners for not really thinking about what they are paid to do.

Please consider..........?

A slightly slighty sling-shooting, from
Omaxa bin Bush Telegraphed
on-the-Eartha Highway
in Dusty Boots.

40 k's north of Alice...


Cities are asylums


Having traveled a fair distance in 35 adult years, through a lot of Australia and overseas, country and city, after weighing the sanity of society as we have come to regard it, it is clear that cities are in reality, asylums for the deeply mentally ill.

A general tenet, is that people in the country, that-is out of the cities, are less crazed than their city cousins.

This may be so in many nations and regions where the western culture has less of a grip, but it is not necessarily the case in western nations.

This, because most rural people in western nations, are addicted, through force from the financial sectors, based mainly in the cities of Britain and Eurape, to farm the land with all manner of “labour-saving” machinery.

In the long term, these mechanical and “hi-tech” methods are deadly to the productivity of the land, to the essential Human “bonds” so necessary for healthy Communities, and to healthy Human-to-Land relationships.

For those labour-saving machines (and ancillaries), deplete rural populations, thus communities, tend more to the isolation of the farmer from both the land, from having a “deep” understanding of the land, and from the fundamentals of Human relationships, add most destructively to the pollution of the land, waters, and air, flora and fauna etc., and concentrate any profits into fewer and fewer hands.

Marketed and again, forced upon the farmers, as the more profitable way to farm, the opposite is true.

Because, most profit, from a farmer buying ever-bigger machines, goes not to the farmer who has purchased the equipment, nor to the haulage company owner, subcontractor, who buys and runs large trucks etc., but instead into the hands of the machines' makers.

Or, into their banks.

Banks, which eventually, if we are to follow the “money-trail”, are centred, based, in the big cities of Britain and Eurape.

As well, the same insane forces, of western high finance, demand the mass production of single crops, or meat or other products.

These methods go against all logic, all Wisdom, all Common Sense in regard to keeping the land sustainable, on a perennial basis.

Therefore, while it remains a truism, that cities, and to further define the saying, all “western” cities, are asylums for the mentally ill, most people who live and work and otherwise, in western nation's rural regions are also quite insane.

However, many rural folk, look at the cities of the world, as crazy places to live.

And they are right.

Cities, western cities, and few cities on Earth today are not within, do not fit that description, are asylums for the mentally ill.

And the police forces, do everything to care for the insane, giving the most protection to the most insane - the most wealthy - the clergy class, the political class, the executive class, the judicial and legal classes, the corporate class - all coming from the private schooled classes of the most intellectually-challenged - the “western” religions.

Catholicism, Christianity, Freemasonry, et al.

As the police have become controlled by the demands from these most insane groups, over time the police too, have become deeply mentally ill, to the point where they firmly and violently believe their methods and “laws” are correct, and must be defended to the point of deploying fatal weaponry against any who dissent from the laws, and incarcerate any who reject false, untrue and fundamentally criminal "laws".

“Laws”, which also are made by the mentally ill.

“Laws” when, in the final analysis, are determined to not be “laws” at all, but merely corruptions of language and authority, to protect the most mentally ill - the most wealthy - the clergy class, the political class, the executive class, the judicial and legal classes, the corporate class.

As the word “ill” is but a contraction of the older English word “evil”, it is not a giant leap to connect the insanity of western cities with an evil unsurpassed in all of Human history.

Where, then, should Human Beings look, for “Laws”? For THE Just Society?

Clearly, NOT Rome! NOT, London! NOT, Washington! NOT, Canberra! Sydney? Melbourne? Perth? Darwin?

NOT anywhere western laws are entrenched and defended by “officers of the law”.

Therefore, what are we to make of our politicians, and the legislations and edicts they pronounce? And of their election????

In modern language, the Truest “Laws” are Laws which prescribe adherence to environmentally harmonious behaviour.

So, any “laws” which do not align themselves within Environmental Law, are not laws at all.

Thus, the overwhelming majority of “laws” under which Human Beings are obliged to live today, are false, and even illegal restraints on our Natural Character(s).

Thus, the overwhelming majority of “laws” under which Human Beings are obliged to live today, are, or should be, null and void.

These points alone, determine that the ruling classes of the “modern” world, have no qualified authority over the masses.

But, with a clear mind, not encrazed by the alien demands of “modern, western” city lifestyles, it is easy to understand whence come crazy laws, for their source, is the asylums for the most mentally ill.

If, in Australia, there are any clear-thinking people, it would be blatantly clear to them, that the old establishment's laws, methods of enforcement and of government, are unnatural, illegal, and insane, therefore a new charter for our nation's continent and islands is absolutely necessary.

But it is a big call to expect any candidates in the upcoming elections - federal, Victorian and NSWelsh, over the next 12 months, to put together a “Manifesto” which addresses these deadly anomalies, by offering voters a new set of laws, all based on Environmental Laws.

It is possible, but is, a BIG call.

Expecting even our own best and most honorable and conscientious lawyers to piece together such a Noble Charter or Constitution for the only Realistic and appropriate political organisation - The Greens - before the weeks prior to the called elections, when policies are usually put on the table for public scrutiny, is NOT too big a call to make, considering there is an huge number of highly talented minds, essentially languishing in the velveted rooms of our legal fraternities across the land.

It has to be so, simply by “the law of averages” that enough of them are capable, and would give of themselves enough to produce such a document.

However, as the majority of them are officed in the asylums for the mentally ill - our cities - they are no doubt “hamstrung” by those around them, so are prevented from making justice Just?

Slater and Gordon?

Holding Redlich?

Even, perhaps..., Matheson, Stephens, Jacques?

The call is not a sophisticated one. Not a complicated one. Not complex, or unfathomable.

Environmental Laws.

Simple, Clean, Pure, Perennial, Honest, True.

Better call an Aborigine?

However...., it will require that the Protagonists, are also, Outlaws?

Three Wise Tribes Re-Balance.

For further Reference; “Henry George”, “Dr Ken Henry”, and “Leviticus 25”.

Now who was that Queen's Counsel....?

All Praise the Father Sun, and the Mother Earth!

That we may all get back to Her!

Your Call, Humanity!

Beyond the Enlightened minds of our Australian Aborigines, we down here down under, are also from all corners of the planet. So it is Logical, Wise and Prudent that any who are inspired to apply their talents to producing a New Charter for Australia, connect with and cooperate with like minds around the Earth.

We fail if we remain in the “old kings” models of “nations” and their false (and generally divisive) borders.

What Earth needs is a united borderless political, socio-economic “lawmaking” movement.

Each region has it's own Indigenous Peoples, and those who Recognise that Environmental Laws needs-must be the Basis for all others.

Today, in the “New Day”, as President Obama's team termed it, we are obliged to and capable of employing “Babylon's” advances against itself.

Not military weapons, nor super-spy subversion, but simply the modern-day tools of Communication.

Three to four months, should be enough for a dedicated team to establish the “E-Team” with high-up representatives in most all nations and regions, and to draft the Environmental Laws Charter for Earth.

I admit, it smacks of yet another “League of Nations” Constitution, a “United Nations” Human Rights Charter, or such.

So each must decide if they can look afresh at what is known, what is needed and what is possible.

We know what is needed is not complex, so is possible.

Egos aside.

Better Talk to the Aborigines, the Greens, and the Outlaws!

Passed time we stopped the patients from running the asylums!

From the Depths, of
Omaxa bin Eartha
The Three Wise Tribes Re-Balance 2010.


Valid & sincere research constantly ignored by authorities.

Following an article titled
"Greens, carriers, question NBN privatisation"

on website of iTNews at:


Jeeez, I must be so out of society that I have been left totally behind, when it comes to what was once called “common sense”.

People, it seems, have totally lost their ability to both think, and to do what is in reality, simple adding-up. Maths.

Anyone who maintains an independence of mind, and who has done their maths, and who is cognisant of the fundamental fact that society is NOT all about the individual, as passed governments and PMs have tried to sell us (“we must be more competitive” unquote, Johnette Howard), will tell you that privatising certain “utilities”, such as sewerage, roads, power supplies and public transport, as well, as it happens, THE LAND, is not conducive to a healthy public sector, to a healthy society, and to a healthy state of Community-mindedness.

After almost ten years since the encrazed Premier of Victoria was removed from the chair, nowdays even he, Jeff Kennett, I deeply suspect, would admit that there must be SOME limits on how we deliver basic utilities and services, and that SOME, simply should not, ARE not there for some small clique of upclub uptop boffins and egomaniacs to profit from.

Telstra was sold-off, privatised by a mad puppet of offshore investors, Johnette Howard, and he and his coven even had the gaul to flog shares in Telstra to the public, who all felt more than a twinge of regret immediately after when Telstra shares, and their lifetime savings plummeted.

Even today, years later, they are around two-thirds of the price the mug, but perhaps Patriotic Aussies paid for them.

Way back when we had some semblance of public conscience in governments, when Telecom, pre-Telstra and pre-privatisation, was under an impartial “service-provision first” management ethos, research was world-beating, and in the pre-mobile and super-tech highway days, when public phone booths were a part of life, the telephony services were, for their time, quite good.

Other utilities, like public transport (in Victoria), went the way of the money-grabbers, straight out of the banks of Zurich et al, and now run close to the red line with rising costs and prices, and in general falling quality of service.

Water, in many parts of the world, is now something we have not to pay the Great Mother Eartha for, but people must pay some corporate thieves, straight out of - Zurich, et al?

The current Labor federal government won office because the majority of Australians were heartily sick and tired of the tyrannical depletion of Community and common sense, where it seemed that everything was being sold to offshore resource capitalists, who treated Australians, at least those who were not in the upclub arsehole bracket of having had a private school indoctrination, thus a near- free-ride to opulence and the-devil-may-care excessive lifestyle, as slaves, idiots, mugs waiting for the smooth-talkers to smooze them further out of their cheese-crackers.

Thus we now have exorbitant prices, on an upward-sliding-scale of endless debt, and while other “commodities” keep many of us entranced for their low prices, mostly because they are CRAP quality, and necessary services like power and water and council services are mooted to rise, and rise, and rise?

There can be no doubt, that the majority of adult Australians today afford the level of wealth they have, because they are corrupt. That-is they know the ropes, as it were, of how to go around paying GST, or new prices for the more expensive bits and pieces.

I've detected serious and honorable efforts from within government to rein-in the disgusting sell-off of our, OUR nation's assets and talents, yet AGAIN, we see, down the track from the days when Rudd and Co announced the “National Broadband Network”, that it is to be privatised, so slamming us back into the pit of pay-pay-pay for something which, as we progress into a technology dependent, and addicted future, pay-pay-pay for something which should be regarded as being a utility, therefore should be owned by the public.

A Wise Fella of the 19th century, and I'm sure he wasn't the 1st to recognise this, deduced that things, utilities etc, which either are or become a monopoly in private hands, automatically accrue to necessarily being owned by the impartial authorities - ie., the government, so as to ensure the needs provided as accessible by all. NOT just the upclubbers of the private schools mobsters.

Communication, which is a major part of education, is fundamental to an improving world, and to an improving culture, society and individual.

So it should be recognised that every effort be made and fought to keep the best possible methods, tools and equipment of communication in public, that is impartial control.

So it should be with the proposed NBN, whether it evolves into reality as an efficient and useful product or not.

If it becomes merely a conduit for the giggle-brained to watch crap videos and junk tv etc., then perhaps the moguls of media and technology theft can have it, but if it has ANY reasonable proportion of use as a medium for the education of the masses, then we must do all we can to keep it OURS, like the Land and resources, and out of the filthy hands of the offshore Eurapists, etc.

Egomania cannot be allowed to overshadow basic, progressive Common Sense.

Common Sense is the application of our Intellect to find the best ways to live, and has kept the species alive and thriving for thousands and thousands of years. It is well passed time we regarded the whole species as "fallen" simply and stupidly because the Jewish Tora, the old Testament tells us that things began going downhill after the Adam and Eve affair.

That only applied to what has become known as "the western world". Elsewhere, Humanity sustained, yes, a rather more brutal, but ongoing world. But who can honestly say that technology, as derived by the west, has made the world less brutal?

The same applies to capitalism. Indeed, capitalism is brutality writ-large, what with the infighting we witness in all "modern societies".

Privatising things everyone comes to need is deadly for culture, for society and for each of us.

It is a passing phase. Unfortunately, if we do not pass beyond this privatise and capitalise on other people's vulnerability very soon, it will devour us all.

Just exactly like it is devouring the environment.

Valid and sincere research has proven, forever, that common ownership of the fundamentals is right, good and true for a sane world.

Those who ignore the facts for self-interest are our biggest enemies.

A comms comment from
Omaxa bin on the Eartha Highway.NT
From the chair of "Dusty Boots"


"Mining jobs on hold" is blackmail


Politics and media are two big games, played for the benefit of the elites of the world's multinational corporations and their supporters.

So it is no surprise that the big IMF-insider mining corporations threaten the Australian government with blackmail by suggesting that projects and thus jobs are to be put on hold, unless the government retracts it's attempts to slow the export of AUSTRALIANs' wealth to foreign hands.

But 'twas ever thus! Most people over drinking age remember when the major auto makers did the same thing when earlier governments sought to change the ways the makers' worked.

This is surely the biggest advantage of a “free market”, where the most economically influential can force their way with governments who operate in fear of the major industries' allies - the media - launching scaremongering campaigns.

Failing us as they have for hundreds of years, if not for thousands, governments are caught between rocks and very hard places, because they/we the People are most all in deep-psychological, paranoid addiction to the monetary system we know, and thus cannot fathom any break from the usual affairs of “getting up, going to work, and coming home with a handful of dollars,” to spend on securing the necessaries for sleeping, eating, playing, so we can get-up, go to work, and come home with a handful of dollars.

Correcting the system is an huge idea, if we are serious about stopping the rot, about stopping the ongoing degradation of the general “quality of life”, to the point where we are actually free, from what amounts to slavery, forced upon us by bankers, and the wealthy industrialists.

FOREIGN bankers and industrialists.

However, while every shock-jock and mouthy pundit, usually those on nice-little-earners for talking absolute untruths - politicians and media - talk-up our advancing economy and society, ignoring the hard truths about the overall downward trends, the majority are lulled to inaction by - blackmail and scaremongering.

Surveys are thrown out daily to keep the polies on their toes, scared shitless, and no-one has the reach, nor the power to force the pollsters to be upfront about the intended, that-is the predetermined, results and the formation of the questions which are asked.

Journalists in large media corporations are given free licence to add to the fragility of government in these days of frightening uncertainty, and each media corp has it's own team of clever little headline writers, paid to make the article appear with one glance as a must to read, if we want something to be either gossipy about or scared shitless - Sensationalism at it's lowest.

Another big winner in this downward-spiralling competitive market place.

It sells more!

So what are our so-called “leaders” actually doing?

What are they being paid - BY US - to do?

We have a highly trained military force full of brave, daring Warriors who are charged with going where no softcock private-school boy would dare go, and - dodge the bullets.

So why are we putting our politicians in the firing line?

Is there not more important stuff for those highly educated - yes, I really mean “indoctrinated” - graduates and civil servants who fall into the high-flying jobs of managing government, to deal with?

Perhaps the reality is that they are not really there to manage the economy, or the affairs of state, but are there, in our Houses of parliament, to keep the veneer polished, to keep the veil draped over our eyes and ears, to keep us the DEMOS in the mushroom nursery?

Liberal leader Tony Abbott sprung a leak the other day on the 7.30 Report saying that he cannot be trusted to tell the truth.

Why can he not tell the truth?

Because he is PAID to not tell the truth.

(“Sometimes, ah? Kerry..., ah, my mind makes me tell porkies.....”)

The same surely must apply to all our polies?

Years ago, I fell on a book in a Melbourne 2nd hand book shop, titled “The Landboomers” by a Monash Uni lad (then) Michael Cannon, who traced the money trails of our horrendous land speculators back as far as the boom and bust cycle of the 1890s.

Then, before the unions really had teeth, the politicians almost to a man, made disgusting profits from being utter utter utter bastards with the public's trust, by setting up banks aplenty for the rising numbers of better-off people to deposit their earnings and profits in, then these politician-bankers used it to buy huge tracts of land on the margins of Melbourne, to subdivide and sell to the same depositors, and whoever wanted a piece of land to set-up home.

The politician bankers had no compunction to pay exorbitant prices to their own government for the land, with other people's money, inflating the overall price of land so much that OH SURPRISE-SURPRISE the economy ran out of money, and the banks went bankrupt. Depositors were robbed, left homeless, and with a broken state economy, jobless, while the polie-bankers pleaded in the supreme court for leniency, and were let-off, let out of their bond, in many cases paying back as little as one half-penny per pound.

Does the name “Baillieu” ring any bells?

Yet, as many stayed in parliament, because they had the power of the media and the industrialists to keep them there, to keep the veneer polished.

Something like that.

Few workers did not know what was going on, but because the media, the “fourth estate” of power, and thus of control of the people, and the already totally corrupted courts, could turn things to the advantage of “the gentry” always the “landed” wealthy which included of course, industrialists, media moguls and the judiciary, nothing could be done to get the politicians to TELL THE TRUTH.

Campaigning as I did over the last decade and more for to rid Australia of the most tyrannical power-brokers we've had since John MacArthur in the early part of the 19th century, I looked hard into the Souls of those who are in government now, and thought I saw some integrity, some intelligent will and sincere determination to make our systems of governance even just slightly more honorable, than they had been for almost 200 years?

Looking into the eyes of each of the current federal team, I did see that crucial want to do it right.

But LO? Something stands in the way?

Fear. Scaremongering and blackmail, from all sides.

Industry threatens slashing jobs. Mining threatens going offshore. Unions threaten strike action (though not much lately) and the Great Virgin Mother Eartha threatens annihilation.

Surely it does not take a great deal of that rarity - Intellect - for any one of us to realise that our jobs, our nightlife, our booze, drugs and rock-and-roll, and enough of an income to afford and enjoy it all are trivial if the planet, the environment dies from underneath us?

I'd hazard a guess and say that all our current federal government representatives are fully aware of this basic fact, and that there are plenty among us who cannot break the spells they are under, and let go of the addiction to money and profits and beating the other corporation to the booty.

But even with the unions spending on advertising to support the fed's mission to stop the resources' wealth drain, the psychotics in big mining and big industry and their sycophants in lower, middle and upper corporate management, and right-wing politics and media, usually either offshore psychotics or Australians so-far-upemselves that they are tooooo far gone into the magic of wealth, to see the reality, refuse to get a grip on their greed, and employ Reason to the game, in order to defer or even to prevent a train-wreck of a planet a bit further down the track.

It's as if the game of blackmail and scaremongering is THE game to them, and that a healthy economic outcome means absolutely nothing to them?

However, from the behaviour of the majority of Australians, who seem relentless in their push to own - that-is to be mortgaged - READ-IN-DEBT - to a rip-off banking system, a FOREIGN banking system - to “own” a habitable dwelling, so they can boast that they have a home, and thus be regarded as “winners” and therefore “sane” and “intelligent”, regardless of the high likelihood that in less than a decade they will have to sell-up and go-a-wandering for something less exorbitant, and regardless of the fact that such behaviour on a society-wide scale spells doom for the next generation (research the “Kondratiev wave”), we/they, Astrayliarns remain enamoured of politicians and mining executives and banking CEOs and real estate speculator-agents and their lusciously-packaged BULLSHIT.


So, which blackmailer party will YOU vote for this election?

If I vote, it will be for a much more environmental color...

But if'n there wuz an ABORIGINAL political parteee!?!?!

Bleck” would be lookin' GOOOOOOD!

While the wannabe Honorables remain scared of the IMF tactics of blackmail..., anyone who votes for either of the 3 major parties, is a traitor.

And not only to their nation, but to their planet!

Omaxa bin Waitin', for that
Great Leap Forward!

Apologies for the flippancy.......


Glomobi theft emails from/to

To appear fair minded (I'm really a nasty bigoted and biased scumbag) here's the latest email comms between me and "Glomobi" about their alleged theft of my $30........

RE: Mobile Number?SC 19993777_UNSUBSCRIBE
Tuesday, 18 May, 2010 5:08 PM
"Omaxa bin Eartha"


Thank you.

I have sent an SMS to the relevant number (19993777) with "STOP" so I assume the desired effect has occurred.

However, in regard to the $30 issue, here is the mobile phone number from which it was taken, and to which I would like the $30 restored:



Max Earth
aka Max N Cook

Outlaw, for
Global Land, Tax, Cult, Drug, & Work Law Reform.

and theirs from this morning

--- On Tue, 18/5/10, HelpdeskAU wrote:

From: HelpdeskAU
Subject: RE: Mobile Number?SC 19993777_UNSUBSCRIBE
To: "Omaxa bin Eartha" , "HelpdeskAU"
Received: Tuesday, 18 May, 2010, 9:05 AM

Good Morning,

As mentioned before, all our services are mobile phone based.

Without the mobile number, it is not possible to verify the claim that you are making regarding the charge worth $30 and also assess the refund request.

If you have any further queries in regards to this matter, please do not hesitate to contact our helpdesk on: 1800 008 316.



On behalf of Glomobi Administration Helpdesk


Tel: +61 (0) 1800 008 316

Shit aye? Maybe I'll get my $30 back yet?

A blow for Justice by
Omaxa bin A Tight-Arse

But tight-arsery aside, it may be that others who have been and are being ripped off by the same or similar internet scammers can take a lead from the emails I've posted here to bring these types to book?

Perhaps if enough of us (yeah? all 3 billion of us!) were to have a go at the scammers, the scams would die?

Well, perhaps a little bit?


But it ain't over 'til I gets me thoiyty bucks back!

Victorian ALP "branch-stacking"?


The last line of another SMH article going to this repetitious business reads:

"Mr Socratous says he is prepared to give sworn evidence to the Victorian Electoral Commission."

And good on him!

All he has to do, is be satisfied that the Victorian Electoral Commission isn't "stacked" as well?

Like all Australian courts, most all of our "Commissions" are "Kangaroo courts", and have been since 26th January 1808!

From my perspective, it's sad that the AWU has spoken up in defense of the stack of the indefensible.

Perhaps, as I've been led to conclude, Aussies are irreparably corrupt, and now prefer our representatives, in either the political arena, or in our unions, to speak porky-pies. Perhaps the unions' voice is the voice of the capitalists, rather than that of the Workers.

"O Yaye!", say the masses, which is why they have on-mass, given up on a Democratic society and choose instead to hide away in the pseudo-opulence of a McMansion, in the totally unsustainable suburbs.

By gingoes, don't we need a shake-rattle and roll of our beliefs and resignations?

A Wise Magi, like any visiting alien, would look at our fallen status, and determine that it is indeed time for that old "end of days" scenario.

Certainly, the majority of mainstream Aussies, whether private-schooled egomaniacs born on easy street, or hard-working ambitious lower-middle-class types, who say they support Unions and a more Socialist government and society, all exhibit the "flawed program" profile, and thus needs-must be "deleted" asap.

Of course, any Magi worth his soup, would have a very light footprint on the Sacred Mother Eartha, and would inspire others to the same ways, while at the same time quietly dispatch the disrespectful to a very hot place for a few thousand eons.

If our Unions cannot come clean in our clearly corrupted political processes, at this turning point in local-AND-global politics, then no one should support them.

If the Unions cannot come GREEN, then we are lost, and worthy of deletion, all.

If we, in Australia, have not yet the Organised Collectives, unafraid to challenge the FOREIGN hegemony of Britain and Eurape's bankers and shady corporations, then we are doomed to a disintegrated future, and are not worthy of calling ourselves "Australians".

We now have a rather large and powerful number of nations who would gladly side with us in this surely looming battle against foreign control.

The United States of America, while itself yet to address the necessary changes to it's culture, but which is increasingly willing to, and the People's Republic of Communist China, would both readily stand with us if we here were together enough to demand that Australia become an Independent REPUBLIC, free at last from the chains of northern colonialism.

In fact, any paranoias within our borders, surely come from without them, from the northern bastions of tyranny and "old kings" models of totalitarianism. The same old kings who have dominated the world, including China and the USA for centuries.

It must be a reasonable expectation that were Australians to call for support from the likes of the USA and China - just two power-players in the global mash - and India, and others, to put an end to this utterly insane IMF mis-rule of the planet, they should be given something as a "token" (hardly what I mean) of their assistance.

And, with a Wisely managed plan, it would appear that a sharing of whatever we have, that would be of broad and genuine benefit to them, is what we should offer.

That, it seems, is access to our land. ERRR...!? Our ABORIGINES' Land.

But far from leaving them to march in and decimate the population, as of old kings, surely we could orchestrate a peaceable transition from the resource capitalism of old, to a Socialist Sharing of resources, sun, fun and beaches etc., along of course a "New Day" scenario of Greening the world as we grow.

Released from the toxic uneconomy of profit-before-Happiness, a new order of Social Balance would release us from the psychoses of scratching everyone else's eyes out for food and a roof, laughter and that chimera "love".

Wisdom of the Ancients, still thriving across this magnificent continent prior to 1788, and thriving across the Orient and Persia and Africa and the Americas, prior to the expansionism of an endarkened Eurape, would be reborn to live in all our Souls once more.

Just before the end of days..........


Green Agrarian Socialist Democracy, and be done with criminal Commissions and Kangaroo courts and a sea of lawyers and CEOs and falsities.


Get it right Australia, fucksake!

Omaxa bin Thirsty
for the Nectar of TRUTH
from the Throne of "Dusty Boots"

Australian Federal Election 2010? Main players open doors for Greens to romp in!

I guess we all know how rotten politics is in Australia. We've been at it for a couple of centuries, and, since the first major upheaval in 1808, it's been pretty-much a shitfight.

Each election,state or federal, and local council for that matter, the party-faithful, milling and mulling around before the polling days, all muse over whether their lot will make it through, to victory.

In REALPolitik, the same are in fact not musing over who will win, but over who will get through the polling day, and the weeks after, without being exposed for their slight-of-hand, branch-stacking, election fraudulences, and general skullduggery.

I'm left ever more “bemused”, amused, and faithless in our political processes lately, even though I went to further extremes than most people over the past six to eleven years, to oust the fascist Liberal/National parties from government both in my old, home state of Victoria, pushing the boundaries of survival amidst the most vicious attempts on my life during the Kennett years, and doing much the same in lobbying and mediating to get us free of the horror of Howard and coy uptil the 2007 Labor federal victory.

It cannot be news to any Australian voter, that neither Liberal/National, nor Labor can be trusted.

It has come late to me just how much we are in fact slaves to Britain, and Eurape, be-it Rome and it's demonic religious cult of Catholicism, or the bankers of Switzerland up the mountain. It has to be saying something that the Pope's Vatican security force are the “Swiss guard”, in regard to the collusion and connections between the most corrupt religious cult on Earth and the most notorious banking centre on Earth?

Ne'ertheless, one is forced to be “bemused” by the latest news items on the web tonight, or this morning now at 12.43am, Tuesday 18th May 2010.

Read my lying lips: Abbott admits you can't believe everything he says
by Phillip Coorey, chief political correspondent, the Sydney Morning Herald
May 18, 2010

Have a look at the article, if you didn't watch the ABC TV 7.30 Report last night. I didn't either, but the SMH article briefs me enough to express my bemusement at the Liberal leader Tony Abbott.

Not that I'm surprised. For years I've seen serious gaps in his..., well..., in his bwain! He just does not “do it” for me.

Hearing recently that his mentor was Bob Santamaria, ex-DLP I think, another Catholic of strange and “distant” character, fills a few gaps as to why Tony Abbott seems to lack a clear mind, if he has a mind of his own at all.

Now just to clarify that jab at Tony, I do not really think I have a mind of my own either, Tony. I KNOW I've been a puppet of the same “evil” cult my whole life, and..., perhaps for the same purpose of being set-up to play some questionable sort of leader. What inspires, drives, produces the thoughts and blogs I do, is beyond me? I refuse to ascribe what I say, think, do and blog to my own mentations, so Tony should not think I am acting as if superior.

These are my observations, both of myself, and of others. More often than any can admit, it seems these observations are accurate, which may be the reason why a large number of Human Beings regard me as some sort of prophet, but that's another load of story-telling, again, ascribable to that heinous cult based in Rome.

Ne'ertheless...., the article from the SMH is almost terrifying in it's, Abbott's admission.

Are we being offered THIS character as a potential national leader, with what he is admitting in this article???

The only thing I can compute around this, is that he, Abbott, has been told, by the Brit-Eurapean IMF, to take a dive, and sink his and his sides' chances of winning the federal election.

A weird and contradictory statement, in that he is trying (I'm sure there's a term for it, probably Latin or French?) to appear honest, about how easy it is and how often, for him to tell lies?


Meanwhile, on the other side of the rorts box, but this time in Victoria, another news article, this one from the SMH's sister rag in Melbourne, The Age (online), comes an article-read-expose about the ALP's branch-stacking.

Branch-stacking claim hits Vic government
by Paul Austin
May 18, 2010

A whistleblower has opened the books of Labor's dubious arrangements in Victoria to The Age, apparently with evidence.

Jeeezzz! That's never happened before?

Wonder how they'll get through the next election this time?

I could go-on, and on, and on, but I'm tired, and old, and not drunk (for a week now!?), so I'll try to get to my point, as per the blog post's title:

Australian Federal Election 2010? Main players open doors for Greens to romp in!

I noted that the British elections just gone, were displaying a “shift” from the usual “change of guard” scenarios of the last three, four, five hundred years, and the "third" party, the Lib-Democrats became a kind of “king-maker” in their “hung parliament”. I could say it figures that they finally chose the Queen's man in Westminster in selecting the Tories' David Cameron as the next British PM. Cameron is a cousin of Queen Elizabeth Two.

But no mention was deemed worth making, in Australia's media, nor in Britain's, that the Greens over there won only one seat in the election. I guess the Lib-Dems have been around longer than the latest surge toward environmentalism, thus the Greens in Britain are not yet popular enough to score as the Greens in Australia have been over the last few elections?

Nevertheless..., it is apparent that a shift seems to be popular, there and here, away from the usual two sides of the drinks cabinet.

Is it merely ANOTHER ploy by the bovver boyz of Rome, London and Switzerlandenenen?

Many think that US President Barack Obama was. And I do not offer argument against that notion. But, I do like him, and his will, not to mention his Intellect.

How much we are all “slaves” at one level or another, of the Iluminadi, I'm not allowed to know, but I've scanned a few items on the ever-trusty 'net suggesting that Obama is merely another of their puppets.

Damn! If he is! But if he is, then what are the whole lot of the world's so-called politicians?



As most all of us are quite fed-up with the spin and doctoring that goes on and on and on and on, especially leading up to an election, it is in a strange and somewhat disarming way refreshing to see that our main-players in the Labor and Liberal/National camps are either being exposed, or are exposing themselves, albeit via the mainstream media. In these cases, by the Fairfax press of the Sydmornherald, and ThAge.

But Abbott wuz on the 7.30 Report when he let go his firecracker.

I can't help but see these explosive exposures as fuel for the punters to get really pissed-off with the two parties, this year in the federal election, and whenever the next Victorian one is - early next year I suspect.

If Abbott was scheming before his admission that this might win the affection of the voters - he may be right - Australian voters seem more each day to me to be absolute idiots, merely for putting up with the utter crap we've had..., since 1808! (I once read through events surrounding and after the 1808 Rum Rebellion, and I recall the name “Abbott” was prominent through the dark days of the filthy coup de ta of John MacArthur, and lately I've wondered whether the two are related?)

We really are a fallen bunch of materialists, with, I reckon, little or no Honor, that-is honesty, in our political and social lives. So, as I recently said in an amateur video, Aussie voters actually like our polies to lie, because we can't face up to the filth and corruption upon which we enjoy this so-called “quality lifestyle”.

So, in a macabre way, Abbott and his backroom scammers, might have concluded that this admission that he can't be trusted will work in reverse, and upsidedown and inside out in the minds of our voters. Perhaps they want the effect of it totally scrambling their heads, so that they in the end just throw their hands and preferences up in the air and side with him?

Buddha knows...?

But..., and it's just a thought..., as these exposures of and from both sides of the political scam do in-truth no justice to either of them, there is a chance, not saying how much of a chance, that the voters, come election day, will make a radically sensible decision with pencil in hand, and snub both of the rotten parties, and chose the only real, and more REALPolitik, that-is the more REALISTIC Alternative of the Greens?

I think the catastrophe happening as we sleep in the Gulf of Oilico-er-Messico-er-Mexico, where Biggest Polluters, BP, are slowly killing the aquatic and onshore life, with their sludge, is another jolt against our accelerator pedals, making even us down here down beneath think a little more about where our current drinking partners in politrix are taking us, and our only planet we call the world?

While I'm fairly sure that a majority of Australians don't like or care about the Mother Earth, I also think that enough of us would prefer that she didn't turn her toes up and die from underneath us, or underneath our progeny?

We really do have to change, and again, I harp, the only future, if we are to have one, has to be a Green future.

America has, and is trying to shift gear to a greener culture, but the likes of big oil and big multinational psychosis, are, behind their prissy advertising, doing everything possible to maintain their hold on environmental carnage.

While I have been realistic for a while, and feel that we've lost the game, and the lot of us are doomed to a ruinous future, it is my choice to go down swinging, fighting and kicking every cop and every farmer and every self-absorbed over-consuming maggot, who cannot change their mindless and utterly idiotic ways of living, towards being in Balance with the Earth's environment.

While I also am having doubts about whether I'll bother voting this next series of elections, seeing as they are but scams to keep the political class on top of the pile - “the scum on top of the pool” as a song goes, if I do, it can only be for the Greens.

I can only hope that Senator Bob Brown has lads and lasses around him who are NOT the shady types who so often are in such reformist political organisations, only really there on the orders of their puppet masters, to spy on and subvert the Honorable Cause?

But..., perhaps the Outlaws who have been haranging the harangers of MI6, and Rome, and the other covens, have gotten through these last few years, and the private schooled idiots they sent in to undermine the genuine progressives, have grown up a bit and put aside their giggling egos?

Three Aussie Rules footy teams worth, I reckon Bob.

Good Luck, Australia!

A non-political REALPolitik commentary, from
Omaxa bin Up-Too-Late
riding the Golden Throne of
"Dusty Boots" on-root to Never Never Land


Further to a blatant internet thief....

Below are 3 emails, two from myself, and the middle one from the "Glomobi" service, which I charge with stealing $30 from my mobile phone account.

A case for the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO), methinks.

Email, sent by me this evening, Tuesday 17th May 2010.

As I gave you, the service which stole $30 from my mobile phone prepaid account, my mobile phone number, why must I provide it again?

Also, no mention is made about refunding the $30 to my mobile account?

I did not ask to subscribe to the Glomobi "plan", and the money ($30) was deducted without my conscious consent, so please refund it, forthwith.

I now have added credit to my mobile phone, so shall do as you suggest, by SMSing the number which stole the $30 "STOP".

However, I am so disgusted with this scam, that I am obliged to contact the TIO in regard to this scheme. $30 is not significant to me, but on a large scale it is a rude scam, which must make the scammers a most unconscionable fortune.

I am convinced this debit from my mobile phone account is theft, and ask once more that something be done to refund the $30 to me.


Max Earth
aka Max N Cook

Outlaw, for
Global Land, Tax, Cult, Drug, & Work Law Reform.

Here is the preceding email from the Australian agent for Glomobi:

--- On Mon, 17/5/10, HelpdeskAU wrote:

From: HelpdeskAU
Subject: Mobile Number?SC 19993777_UNSUBSCRIBE
To: "Omaxa bin Eartha" , "HelpdeskAU"
Received: Monday, 17 May, 2010, 8:52 AM

Good Morning,

All our services are mobile phone based. Please provide us with your mobile phone number so that we may unsubscribe you from Glomobi Service.

Alternatively, If you would like to STOP any Premium SMS messages being delivered to your mobile phone – please note

the number from which you have received the SMS message and create a new TXT message containing

only the word STOP to the number you have noted – this will STOP all messages from that service.



On behalf of Glomobi Administration Helpdesk


Tel: +61 (0) 1800 008 316

And here's my first email to them, sent a few days ago:

From: Omaxa bin Eartha [mailto:maxadiff@yahoo.com.au]
Sent: Friday, 14 May 2010 11:03 PM
To: HelpdeskAU
Subject: Please unsubscribe my mobile phone


I was just robbed of AUS$30 dollars by Glomobi, and want it back.

It stole the money from my mobile prepaid account, but there was only $20 credit in the phone account. I have just recharged it, which usually takes 24 to 48 hours to register, so expect the theft will continue once the phone is credited.

As there is now no credit in my mobile phone account, I cannot UNSUBSCRIBE via SMS.

So, please do whatever Glomobi must to refund the stolen $30 (your protests are lies and delusions), AND, UNSUBSCRIBE my name, any and all of my provided details, and my address and phone number from your system IMMEDIATELY, please.

I am contacting the Internet Ombudsman in regard to this blatant trickery and theft by Glomobi, with the intention of having you organisation shut down, at least in Australia.

I happen to be a member of a dangerously large global organisation, so take notice.

Glomobi and all it's associated companies, are on notice. Take heed.


Max Earth
aka Max N Cook

Outlaw, for
Global Land, Tax, Cult, Drug, & Work Law Reform.


Private Spy Rings?

From New York Times online article:

U.S. Is Still Using Private Spy Ring, Despite Doubts
Published: May 15, 2010

My thinks:

While private multinational corporate capitalists are around we're gonna have spies and subversion and wars, little and big!

It's an impossibility to expect underhanded international activity to abate, in this chaotic day-and-age.

War is an industry all of it's own, and attracts the biggest and meanest businesses - Lockheed Martin, Halliburton, mega-pharmaceuticals, weapons makers (OOOR..., DERR?), etc etc.

Stock markets thrive on war, and on any catastrophe, and they thrive enormously on their own societies operating on injustice - the more unjust the society is, the greater the mega-corps profit -so while we are left to fight, for a secure home, to raise the kids, or to just do our own thing, like eat, and the governments globally fail their citizens, from whichever class, there's gonna be those who will give away their ethics, if they ever had any, that-is, if they were ever taught the value of being ethical, and will be glad to take money for spying on others, and for selling-out other people to tyrannical and paranoid authorities, and PRIVATE corporations.

Whether we're talking about the big super-dooper-spies who trip around the planet with diplomatic immunity, and set-up puppet presidents in third-world nations/regions (Saddam Hussien? Joseph Stalin? Innumerable African leaders, NOT including Mr Robert Mugabe, but across the world for centuries) or local good-for-nothings who, on being caught with their fingers on someone elses' property, are given ultimatums by the police - “spy on that fella for us, and set them up for a bashing or theft of their stuff, and we'll drop the charges we can fabricate against you!”

While the coppers and the military are slaves to the wholly unholy concept of each-man-woman-and-child for themselves, thus, as per “averages” and the nature of things, some are better positioned to do more criminal things than others, like run massive crime networks and organisations we commonly call “free market corporations”, thus affording to buy-off whole police and military forces, and “governments” who are supposed to “govern” social and economic behaviour, including the police and armed forces, so desert their obligations and duties to the polity, by leaving the masses to fend for themselves, there's gonna be a market for the immoral scum to take-down any who are not equally or better-armed.

Indeed, “spy-rings” have pretty-much always been, or evolved from “private” interests, be they monarchs, or the Rockerfeller-types, who are so upemselves that they believe they have the right, merely by having the power, to stomp on another bloke, or mob, or color or nation or culture.

Each of them tells the inquiry or judge signing the authority to spy, and occasionally the media, that THEIR cause is the most worthy! Just like the evil “public”-school boys of Britain's MI6 in the early 1990s, who set about destabilising the region of Azerbaijan and Armenia, by local subterfuge - drop in on a local market, strike up a conversation with a shop-keeper, of course a little research has been done so we know which shop-keeper to lie to, drop a few names and falsities against them, then wander off and wait for the reactions.

On the other side of town another couple of “spies” are weadling their way through the bureaucracy, weakening the system's structures for a coup de ta.

In another quarter the lads are at it firing-up the outlaws, the local freedom fighters with a bit of propaganda, and a few offers of weapons, money, a few vehicles etc etc etc.

Before you know it Azerbaijan and Armenia are at war! What was it? 300,000 people slaughtered in a few years?


Well, today's BIGGEST POLLUTERS, the old British Petroleum or “BP”, knew there was a shitload of oil within those borders, so, they sent in their PRIVATE spies, otherwise known as Military Intelligence SIX..., MI6 to do the preparatory work - spies and subversion.

So..., today's NYT report that the United States of America Is Still Using Private Spy Ring, Despite Doubts, comes as no surprise to an investigative journalist, if he/she has built their knowledge-base on simply reading the newspapers.

PUBLIC Government in reality, has NEVER in the modern world, of the last three or four thousand years, existed, unless we're talking about those Democratic Peoples who thrived all over the globe BEFORE the modern world learned how to sail across oceans, and cart masses of armed slaves and weapons across deserts and mountains.

Never existed, in the modern world, outside of where, the management of the nation was in Balance, and the Elders were Respected by the younger, purely because the Elders told the TRUTH, about such things as the perils in selling land, or of making weapons which can kill tens, hundreds, thousands with one “spear”, or of keeping things and food and land FOR YOURSELF!

Sure there would have been “spies”. Even the monkeys in the jungle had spies. But not for the benefit of some selfish rich monkey king, and thus to the deficit of the Tribe!

Even our Australian “spies” in ASIO and covert police and military operations etc, work not for the Greater and Perennial Good of the whole of the Nation/PLANET, but they do whatever the idiot above them tells them to do, subvert, undermine, discredit, bash, break, spy-on, because they know they'll get a wage for it at the end of the week/month/year to enable them 1, to eat, 2 to be housed, 3, to play, 4, to do it all again! And to buy a wife!

So, show me a spy who is not working for some private enterprise, and I'll show you a lost cause.

Because it's all a lost cause now!

It IS, we ARE now at the lowest ethical level Humanity has ever descended-to, after all?

Just ask any Kkristian living in a McMansion today!

Saducees! Pharisees!

And the coppers “protect” them???

How low, therefore, are THEY???

O! The end of days.....!

Say what, MI6, CIA, Mossad?

And I'll bet you say you don't believe in “magic”.

YOU forgive 'em, Lord! Damned if I will............

And while we're on BP or the world's BIGGEST POLLUTERS, the mess made in the Gulf of Oilico-er-Messico-er-MEXICO, surely begs us to FORCE ALL GOVERNMENTS to "resume" public ownership of that rogue IMF polluter, "the oil industry"?

For there should be NO DOUBT, that all the opposition and negative arguments against making the world GREEN, are fabricated, concocted and conspired over, in the halls of those rogue organisations, like BP, Shell, Texaco, and every other one of their DESTROY THE WORLD affiliates, managed, in-the-main, from Switzerland, London, Berlin, Brussels, etc etc etc.

And of course in their branch offices of Canberra, Hong Kong, Washington, Tel Aviv, Rome, et al et al....

Clearly, "Machiavellianism" is the snake that devours itself, tail-first.

"Everyone's fighting for a silver crust!
The richer ya' are, the deeper your lust.

For MORE of that magic of delude myself,
I'm the most important, jus' gimme more wealth!

I'm a speed-brain, can't stop to THINK!
Don't talk to me 'bout the world's on the brink!

Jus' let me mastabate as much as I can..,
Got ma hand in ma pocket, I'm a devilish fan...."

"Spy Song".

Or somethin'?

Omaxa bin Eartha
For an Honorable and Green Planet and an end to spies.

OH! And "Well Done", NYT's Mark Mazzetti and assistants!