Haiti in our Global "New Day"


Haiti is in our minds daily now, since the 12th January earthquake. But the immediate concerns keep the media from giving us any briefings on the torment the small nation has endured for 500 years, since Christopher Columbus and the Spanish moved in.

I scanned the “Wikipedia” site on Haiti, and am struck by the ongoing struggle the land has seen since 1492 and beyond.

The 1st nation born of a slave revolt in 1804 or so, it has basically been treated as a place to plunder since, by the Spanish, the French, the British and the Americans. No doubt a bunch of other rough nations have done the same.

Today, it is the poorest nation in the “western hemisphere”, so the earthquake was pretty-much the last thing it's mainly Afro-Caribbean peoples needed.

However, digging some brightness from the quake and the 200,000 or so killed, the international response has been phenomenal.

One cannot help but think that there is a hell of a lot of publicity-centred reason for this, as it is more than obvious when we are told by the media of another rescue, that the “French” or “Greek” or Swedish or British or US or – it's a bit of a multinational aid-fest at the moment.

Perhaps the aid-nations are all suffering some sort of guilt trip, for Haiti's woes, as most western Eurapean nations have bashed her peoples over the last four centuries, stolen heaps of it's minerals and precious metals, and even fined the earlier governments for not letting them!

Massacre after massacre has occurred, as recently as the 1930s.

One might not be far off the mark to think that Haiti is doomed to suffer Eurape's eternal wrath because it rebelled and sought independence in the early 1800 slave revolt?

Now this – the earthquake.

Being an inquirer into the occult, I ask myself if Eurape didn't “tweek” the techtonic plates to bring yet another punishment upon the OH! BLECK Peoples?

I'll go to my grave suspicious that the terrible “Boxing Day earthquake” and tsunami off the Aceh, Indonesia coastline was in fact a bit of evil cungered from the evil Theosophical Society based in Madras, India, for a “Christian” dose of power against the Peoples of Islam who lived around the effected region's coast?

Nevertheless....., Haiti is now in the spotlight, and is likely to remain there for a while, because it is great media sensationalist footage to cover the recovery, and the aid given by the wealthier nations of the world. That is, nearly every nation of the world!

Since the earthquake and the days after, it's been a brewing anger in my cold cold deadened heart, that a nation like Haiti, which is not offensive in any way to other cultures or politics or peoples, which is so close to a plethora of excessively wealthy nations, and not so wealth oriented ones, suffers it's apparent economic exile?

Perhaps all the gold has been looted, and there's no more wealth to steal?

Eurape has led the plunder race all over the globe, and this is why she, the “whore of the north” is on top of the world in terms of ridiculous wealth.

But everyone in white skin enjoys the profits of a thousand years of ruthless expansionism ex-Rome, ex-Eurape and Britain, no matter where they now live.

The United States no less.

Therefore, as the Glorious US President Barack Obama has told the world, that “the big game is over” (boy I like that line....!), perhaps he and his Bleck-skinned Soul can open dialogue with the People of Haiti, obviously through it's Presidente Rene Preval, in terms of doing what America can to lift Haitians out of their 200-to-500 year long Eurapean hex?

I, the rascal at the bottom of the world, ceaselessly annoying the global elites like a rebounding haemorrhoid, go so far as to suggest to the USA Peoples, that Haiti be embraced by them as some sort of a “satellite state”.

As much as I have come to DETEST “tourism” now calling it “tourrorism”, it would seem a logical concept for Haiti to open itself to US tourists, but only, I say ONLY, if Americans can respect Haitians' customs and culture, and seek NOT to turn it into yet another tourrorist-dependent island like every other “exotic” beach on earth has been down-graded to by the idle-wealthy of “the north”. Australia's coastline being the local and perhaps the most ruined example, but the southern coast of France has had it's over pollutants in the last 100 years.....

Also, tourrorism inevitably ends up making the locals SLAVES to the rich, which the rich, I have often noted to myself, just love doing!

And Haiti is Haiti precisely because she rejected the slave trade. So any embracing by the north – NOT EURAPE – the world's Black Peoples surely have had ENOUGH of their bleached arrogance – must keep that in mind.

I suggest tourism, of a Respectable nature – if there is such a thing in rich kids and greying ex-corporate executives tripping the globe on everyone elses' heads – because some sort of reciprocal exchange has to happen I think, between the big nation and the small one.

I have found it interesting that, since Jan 12, Cuba has not been mentioned much, if at all, while I have been listening, in the rescue efforts in Haiti?

But I'm sure they're in there, and I'm sure also that they'd be rather more Humanitarian than the guilt-ridden “northern nations”.

But if Cuba had the time and energy, they'd be the ones for Haiti to look to. However, as soon as that happened, if it did, the west would be in there as quick as greased lightening to stymie any Egalitarian not-for-profit attempts, we can be sure.

But, back to the USA, even while the Yanks seem seriously divided about helping their own people with health care, their own poor people, the Intelligent approach by all Americanosss, Democrat and Republican, would be to begin health and education campaigns for both their own underclasses, and for ALL the People of Haiti. Again, as if Haiti had become a “Satellite State” of America, until she can become economically independent.

Typically, the old thinking of the elites of the capitalist world, is that Haiti must therefore – PAYPAYPAY and do it OUR WAY, with all manner of submissive contracts akin to the evil IMF deals to 3rd world nations over the last 100 or so years.

Optimistically, I continue to suggest that those days are gone, and that the rampant rip-offs of the past are in decline.

Yes, we still have evil exuding from Switzerlandenen banks ands corporations, but with all the doom, so rises the Hardened Warriors for Justice, and so the softcocks who once could get away with genocide while they swanned it behind the troop and police lines, in uptown offices and managers' offices, are having to learn that the “New Day” is dawning, and that unconscionable disparities and injustices like the economic banishment Haiti has suffered, have been exposed, and so have the culprits. Evil CEOs are being brought to answer for their crimes, so the effects must echo down the corridors of power and corruption.

Looking at Haiti another way – in 2010 CE, it is, in fact ILEGAL for neighbouring nations to ignore Haiti's poverty.

So those closest, considering the new day of “low food miles” etc, to minimise transport pollution etc., have a Duty to embrace the Haitian nation with all the required assistance, and WITHOUT the old kings filth of evil interest rates on loans and the like.

Being the Agrarianist I am, and not being addicted to modern day technology etc., I advocate “low technology” and enterprise for Haiti, along the sustainable concepts which take the longest term sustainability view.

But whichever, something has to be done long term, for Haitians.


Interesting video dude! "banginlikean808"

Here's my inimitable comment I just emailed to the maker of an interesting video I watched on YouTube, by banginlikean808.

The Video is about the naughty Illuminati and how they are using entertainment and music to subvert the world, I guess away from Christianity, and toward starting a new world religion, attached to the fabled "new world order"".

Personally, I reject Christianity, and I also reject the "new world order" view of life on Earth. Both, it seems to me, are hypnotized beyond Intelligent behavior and beliefs.

But here's what I writ....:
(I forgot to ask "bangitlikean808" what an 808 is...?)

Interesting video dude!
Well made, too.
All of the Ancient and Wise Cultures knew of and employed the third eye for the sustenance, and for keeping the Balance between the Occult Gods worlds and our Earthly Realm and thus for endurance of the group, tribe, nation.
Catholicism forced the flockers' 3rd eye shut, so we couldn't see the full-glory of the world, hidden and all, so we'd become slaves to their global landgrabbing agenda, and to delusions about the 3D world as being where it's at, perhaps initiated by the ancient Hebrews, perhaps by the Egyptians who were once the Hebrews' masters. Perhaps also, the Egyptians were visited and dominated by the mythical aliens from Orion?
Today, knowledge of the Occult and of the 4th Dimension and higher, is OUT THERE, and few are NOT aware of the "eye", so we have to get used to it.
Trouble is..., "magic" is NOT conducive to nourishment nor Right-minded employment of our Intellect, and in fact is deployed to "entrance" us, to hypnotize us, tricking us to believe in the unwise and untrue, so anything is apparently possible, a la GW Bush's Administration and their gallivanting egomania. The more we rely on Magic, the less Intelligent we become. Exactly how the christian cults of the last 1600 years have abused it and it's powers. (Which is exactly why they need a savior!)
So it is with those you show on the vid, who, perhaps(?) are spellbound into being what we might call "irreligious", where morality does not matter, and that outrageous behavior is OK.
Some, though, are caught between a rock and a hard place, for rejecting the advances of a witch can be fatal, so, they are induced to show such symbolism to avoid the "evil eye" being cast at them.
An Ancient Hindu saying (Eesha Upanishad) says "Pin your faith to natural knowledge, stumble through the darkness of the blind. Pin your faith to supernatural knowledge, stumble through a darkness deeper still" Etc. Here, natural knowledge is "science", "economics" etc, and obviously supernatural knowledge is magic and all we can imagine with it.
The inference in the Ancients of Hinduism is that the Supreme, beyond all manifestations of body and of mind, is the only "thing" we can "pin our faith to" if we want to attain to Wisdom and thus to the perennial sustenance of the species.
Magic has it's place, but not for self-amusement nor selfish gain. That goes against the Universal Cosmic Law, and will only attract a negative reaction or debt.
Thus, while Christianity, deeply dependent upon the occult, prevails, Humanity is doomed.
Hard Truths, we ALL must stomach, and learn quick to get back to basics of Earthy, Agrarian economics and personal Happiness.
Waiting for Jesus to save us, is dangerous, and is but a spell. Yet another spell, keeping us slaves to the darker than we know Rome.
I am my own savior, or I am my own demon of self-destruction.
The riddle of the sphinx, which belongs to everyone of us - beast or God?
Know Thy Self. Forget waiting for a symbol or a Christ.
Reject all popular paths, and turn Left to the (Agrarian) Economics of Self Knowledge in Philosophy, and it's road up to Silent Mind Meditation.
All True and Wise Cultures Lived It. Australian Aborigine WAS It, for thousands and thousands of years, until the British & Eurapean idiots came and shattered their Garden of Wisdom with...., Christianity.
Nevertheless, An interesting video, Dude. Keep at it!

Omaxa bin Eartha
Outlaw, for
GLOBAL, Land, Tax, Cult, Drug & Work
PS: I ain't any savior, and I don't believe in "God". Mostly, it's all illusion.

Herman Rockerfeller – A Taste of Hard Justice?

Herman Rockerfeller – A Taste of Hard Justice?
By Omaxa bin Eartha

The multi-millionaire's death has had a strange eeriness about it, since his disappearance hit the headlines.

As with a number of passed incidents reported on ABC, my main news-feed, this murder was broadcast with an air about it which smelt as if it had more “body” to it, than yer average murder, even while Herman was a multi-millionaire.

If one chooses, one can “see” or “feel” connections between events which are never expressed in the media. It's a serious business keeping paranoia and fervent imaginations at bay in this process, because when one is interested, entwined and actively involved in what I'd lightly call “Revolutionary Politics” or, as per my “tag” “Outlaw REALPolitik Journalism”, many serious and deathly events DO tie together.

In this day and age of intrigue and super-secrecy on the political fronts, fronts which have been narrowed-down to be war-fronts between the politically-selfish, a la Mr Rockerfeller's corporate breed, and the global environment, it's and thus OUR Human species' survival, tying Rockerfeller's murder to the New Day of REALPolitik Reform and Avenger Justice against those who for some strange and excessively greedy reason CANNOT stop fucking the planet, most damagingly through government, IMF, and culturally “sanctioned” enterprises such as property speculation, deforestation and the allied industries, is not stretching the page too far, methinks.

A bit of 'net-serfing of the dead man's name brung-up the name “Carter Holt Harvey”, a large NZ-based corporation specialising in...... property speculation, deforestation and allied industries! Brierley Investments Ltd is another “name” involved. Brierley's being a reputedly ruthless corporation deep into property and stock market “future's” speculation.

CS First Boston, a USA bank, owned by OH! HELLO? Credit Suisse (hence the “CS”) of the world's largest centre for big-big-BIG-time corruption – Switzerlandenenen – is another corporation our “humble” Mr Rockerfeller sat in on board meetings with.

At this stage in global destruction and the psychoses of our corporate centres of evil, we can dispense, pretty-much, with corporate names, brands, “nationalities” and identities, because it IS clear, that Switzerlandenenen is NOT just a scenic paradise for globe-tripping snow-skiers, but IS THE centre on Earth for about every form of financial manipulation and fraud.

Therefore any corporation which is tied in any way to that financial Fort Knox, that little “nation-state” right-smack-bang in the very well-defended centre of OH! the world's greatest concentration of capitalist environmental destroyers – EURAPE! - is, from an Environmental Lawyer's point of view – GUILTY of TREASON AGAINST THE GLOBAL HABITAT – against The Great Virgin Mutha Eartha!

So everyone can be very-damn-sure that whoever works for any one of the myriad (or is that “pyramid”) corporations, whether in banking, forestry, government, military weaponry, media, even in the fabrication of aliens, is to some degree, and usually some serious degree, a fucking rogue.

Two Thousand, and Tennnnn!?!?!?!? Common Era?

Predictions, predictions, predictionssss....?

It may take more than a mere evil or third eye to accurately predict the future, especially on a world events-scale.

Nostrils-dum-arse was popularised by those who stood, no doubt to profit from his prophesies, yet we remain with no certainty that he was talking about Hitler, or the Apocalypse or nuclear housing, or whether he was divining the scenarios from tea-leaves or from an occult eye finely attuned, through the Highest Spiritual Work?

Fortunately, there ARE Wise Minds still extant on Earth, even after the last US Administration tried to exterminate most of them – jealousy's a curse, George, Dick, and Donnie - and they usually are NOT in the top seats of power. Mainly, I'd suggest, because they see the danger and deceit of playing with power for one's own delusional desires and beliefs, even while being the wealthiest rogues on Earth.

Sorry, old chums..., but “WE” being the knobs on top of such as the Illuminati, et al “CANNOT do anything....!” At least not without expecting the old “what goes 'round, comes 'round....” backlash, the Indian Sanskrit language termed “Karma”.

Cuba's Wise Elders offered a prediction not-so-long-ago, that many major players will fall in this Two Oh One Oh year, and I think, that it will sign significant changes across the globe.

It's clear that many in Australia's federal government ARE serious about making the world more Just, but it's also clear that SOMEONE, and I'd place a few cans o' beans on it that the SOMEONEs' are connected with the alien INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND.... the I.....M.....F....., is doing everything they can to prevent the ALP from doing what is Right and Proper, (as in Property) in Australia, by implementing nationwide Reforms to Taxation, and property speculation, forestry and allied industries......., etcetera, ETCETERA, ETCETERA.....

Reforms which would AT LAST do the most Magnanimous thing for yer Average Australian – White, Bleck, Gold, Brown and Red. Even, hard as it might be to unnerstand, for Christians and their colleges' and schools' and university' graduates....!

So, as I put more weight on the Wise, than on the selfish hypnotised clones of the wealthy-classes and their speculative private CULT schoolingzzz...., I'd say that Mt Rockerfeller's tragic demise is a sign - it's a sign a sign - that Two Oh One Oh, Common Era, is a year in which Justice will show it's Cold and Clean Hand, more than once, and further afield than merely in downunder outpost and breadbasket for the spoiled rotten northern Brit-Eurapeans IMF bankers.

However..., as I've been tricked before..., I would not be surprised if young Herman is not still alive, and assuming another identity, for the sake of some larger need?!

I wonder what SAINT Mary McKillop would say.....?

Perhaps those in our federal and state parliamentary and Local Council arenas have ears with which to listen, AND WILL HEAR...., and will do what is Just in terms of recent Treasury Recommendations for across-the-board Taxation Reform.........?

If Switzerlandenenen misses the point, and keeps with it's most evil speculative global landgrabbing agenda...., they and their militarised “buffer-zone”, the territories I call YOU RAPE...., might find the reach of Universal, Karmic Justice, is....., Universal......?

In the end, a bit of removing of the scales, from the eyes of the hypnotised, in high places like Rome, London, OXFORD, Edinburgh, Dublin, Paris, Geneva-Zurich-Berne, Berlin, Brussels, den Haaaaague, Madrid, Johannesburg, Tel Aviv, Boston, Crawford, Washingmachinetown et al, and all the way down to MADRAS..., Honkers and even safehouse Wellington, but perhaps with currency, those lording it in Davos this week, will give EVERYONE Good Reason to be thankful for the lower long term cost......


Be “Meek”! Yeah...., be Meek!

It's conducive to Honor, which is related to “Honesty”.

Please..., no more “idle hands...” There's Work to be Done!”


As political elections are ever-polling, and as the uptop upclub upemselves mobs on either side of our political houses cannot be trusted, it would appear, to this rascal, that the stubborn landgrabbers must let go of the reins for a while, so that the Justice of taxation reforms can be best assisted.

It does appear, that the planet is in desperate need for a serious “Greening-up”.

If “Switzerlandenenen” or, the IMF, can come to it's senses, and “approve” the corrections the world needs (not that they have any REAL Authority to approve or reject governmental reforms!), then the most important work will have been done, thence the whole Human population will be enabled to turn the corner and proceed down Green Street, unabated.

Everyone has to be fully aware that ALL of us have to reform our way of looking at the planet, at the only food-producing habitat we have, and that, with top-down approval, we can happily begin the changes and remedies the environment needs.

So, unless the main-players can change their policies to Deep Green, everyone is urged to use the electoral system to it's most effective end, and put the planet first, by voting in Green governments all-over.

As US President Obama said “...the big game is over...

I say, that without full-blown Reforms to the point of Green Economics in Government, “Local-to-Global”, there will be NO GAMES for anyone to “play” in mere decades.

The upclubbers, will tell you that “war is a game”.

“Warriors” see it differently.

Me...? having graduated with distinctions, to being a Professor of Misanthropy, M.A.D., has it's merits......!

The British East India Company, latterly the International Monetary Fund, must pull itself out of it's 17th century thinking and hypnotic spells, and rejoin the REALWorld of Two-Oh-One-Oh.

2010, year One of the Era of the Common Man.

How's the weather up north?



Omaxa bin YouTubed?

Oh! What a surprise? I just tried to FINALLY, after months of hesitation, to upload 5 Outlaw REALPolitik Videos onto YouTube, but someone doesn't want me to, on this highly exciting Australia Day eve, 2010.

Of course, as I'm in the deep dark about "how to" etc, it's likely I have not done it correctly.

Oh What a Lovely War?

As the data line at bottom of screen reads: "waiting for YouTube.com"

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The Anti-Christ sends an SMS!

Sent this to a bunch of emailees last year, and to my own email. Vicious stuff, real, but harsh.

Decipher if you can, and if you want to crack the Catholic's code of deceit.

Get real, Jew + Catholo-Chrstn! Forcng th false MESSIAH ideation, from + w nflexibl, fals, old wrld suprstishs views, + draconian, punatv means, bolstrd by pwrfl liars: church + vatican Mythmakers Inc., hu thort that w their long dominnce of th occult realm, + of peopls ignornc + fear of it, St Josephs Convnt of Collngwd + higha clergy believd they cood bild + fuly contrl a gini-pig jesus w th occult, + use him 2 win harts, minds + MONY of masss of Intelectualy ded chrstns. 2day, ovr 4BILLION humans hav their 3rd Eye opn, + r beta than evr abl 2 c how relign has made th masss blind, dum + dedly, a la th marchng boot of (mememe!) catholo-capitlst mterialsm, (mamon) th REAL catalyst of ovrconsumptn + glbl-wrmng. Made blindum+dedly by bulshitmagic, karizma gushng down on dumflokaz frm th pulpit + priv8skule/univsty podia. PM Menzies usd same oration skils 2 woo Austrlns n2 letng th IMF, his Brit-Euro mastrs, keep buyng 4 a song mor of our Land, our Local Mutha Eartha! Th fella Rome has bilt 2 di a falguy, blevz tht w th mpendng envirokrunch, if dedly, about 200mill chrstns, MAX, will survve, sht-term. Wot apnz 2 th otha 1BILLION follwrs hu r doomd? In truth, th elite church has/wil sold/sel Humnity a termnal lie, so elite ROME et al, can ride ovr th comng disastr, w wot they bliev is necesry: teknolgy + welth = miltary mite. (and opium!) Th masss b damd! Cristns + cults waitng 4 a Savyr, recog by Rome or not, r victm 2 1600 yrs +, of utta spin + bad magic by Jews + Rome! GLOBLLY, Cristns of th west must WAKE-UP V QIK, 2 th industry of relign + its ties 2 th Eurapian Elite of Aryan sykoz, hu, in th most ntens mass of occult actvty on Earth (Eurape), regard thmselvs as far suprior 2 all non-Eurapeans! Relign jus nutha way 2 keep rrripn-us-off! Collectve Comunity Intelignc + White (Light) SPIRITUAL Pwr is MASSVE, + dwarfs th demns of centrlisd religns boots, beads, trinkts + loads of spels-typ authorty. Time like nevr bfor 2 mbrace HARD FACTS of POLITICL THAT-IS ECONOMIC SCIENCE, + ACT. Most of us kno th btm-line - Sound Law - is fundmentl 2 ALL Cultrs. Not found in ideatd outgrowths of Ancient Judaism, bar som parts of Islam + rare Qaika-type wstrn Essenes. Lot left Sod + Gamora 2 a mysterius doom? 2days Prophet delays it........., waitng 4 democracy 2 mature........


The (Australian) Southern Republic of ULURUBA!

There's a bit of "flurry" about the "Republic debate" these last few days, and jolly bloody-ripper mayte, too!

SMH newspaper online and the rest, covered our PM's and Opp Leader's attention-grabbers, and thus, I couldn't resist.....

Here's what I flung at the smh letters web-page, just now....

Only those in the pay of the IMF, & those below them, under their cults' spells, would stymie our need to be a Republic.

Aussies pay far too much for most everything, and the profits go straight back to Swiss bank accounts.

Also, Australian mainstream media pays homage to Britain by denying the woes too many Aussie underclasses suffer, making-out "all is roses" here.

It's unbelievable blindness to adhere to Britain or to the monarchy, while they are STILL, after 222 years riding high on owning our soils for their benefit.

This is why Britain AND Europe have many things cheap and/or free, like health care, and is why the mining sector, chiefly foreign owned, dives on the stock market when Ken Henry talks Economics FOR AUSTRALIANS, with a National Land Tax.

Wake-up Australia!

It's passed time we became our own Republic!

Our Soils Our Own!

"Long Live ULURUBA!"


Omaxa bin Eartha


BSA A10 999cc Triple HempStar Motorcycle

I wanna build a three cylinder BSA A10 999cc motorbike!

I've drawn the engine design, loosely, and the multifunction extras to suit the new day of multipurpose products, and am about to surf the 'net for a blogsite which lets me upload pictures.

I need a few enthusiasts, preferably for the old marque of the BSA pre-unit 650s, and a bit of mechanical and metallurgical engineering nouse, and a few mill' to start a workshop-factory.

As everything else in life is but a dream, so this motorbike is. A dream which has most of the bike made out of HEMP fibres and resin!

There 'yar! It's out in the ether now!?

See what 'appens................?


Reforesting Australia?

Reforesting Australia?
by Omaxa bin Eartha
8th January, 2010.
Eucalyptus plantation remnant,
east of Wandong, Victoria.

I'm back in Victoria, and revisiting the forested areas I frequented, and often camped or lived in, in the years passed.

It's about eleven months since the devastating bushfires which ripped across the forests, reforests and plantations north and north east of Melbourne, and which killed some 200 Victorians.

Used to death, of people near and unknown to myself, it nevertheless hits a little “emotional spot” in my Soul when I think that it's likely some of the deceased were people I'd had some interaction with, in the months and even decades of either riding my motorbike through the mountain roads, or from when I was “dwelling” in the forests hereabouts.

Soon after the tragic fires, I scribed and published to my blogsite, and emailed to a number of media outlets, an article which went to those fires and deaths. I've republished it today with this e-ssay, with updated editing, titled “Bushfires: The Price of Irresponsible Misuse of the Land” The essence of it was that the fires were caused by bad management of the regions, by government, developers and plantation owners and operators.

Bad management which extended back as far as the earliest days of white invasion to Victoria.

Since then, I wrote and actually recorded a “talking-head” video of myself reading, an article about the condition of our nations “bushlands”, with the focus of that e-ssay on the western regions of New South Wales.

In it, I castigated the governments, the rurals, and the media for ignoring the carnage of our rainforests and other bushlands since white occupation, and reiterated my dismay at the utterly terrible FACT, that since the 1780s, the northerners from Britain and Eurape have destroyed over 95% of Australia's rainforests.

The figure of 95% was first heard by me some 20 years ago now, so in 2010, the likelihood of that figure increasing to WHAHHH?!?!?! 98, or 99% is too much to contemplate.

But it has to be said, for what ANY recent attempts at reforesting are actually, environmentally worth, that the last 30 or 40 years, perhaps more, have seen our authorities replant some eucalypts and other native plant species, in basically futile attempts to repair or redress the damage.

I say “futile” because ALMOST ALWAYS the reforestation, or replanting, has an economic value attached to it, a fiscal value which seems to completely overlook the FACTS that BIODIVERSITY is essential, and that a far more comprehensive botanical approach has to be taken if any benefit, financial or environmental is to be expected.

Also, a more in-depth approach is necessary for replenishing the lost FAUNA, including the very enemies of Christian pyschopathics – SNAKES and SPIDERS, as well as goannas, skinks, wallabies, 'roos and the rest.

But a full-bodied biodiversity will, I suggest, reduce the chance of bushfire.

This, I suggest, in two ways.....: one is that a proper restoring of biodiversity will restore the hydrological systems inherent in native forests, which will keep the temperatures lower.

But this is the call from here-forward on a GLOBAL SCALE, because the British East India Company didn't only rape Australia of 95% of her forests – the BEIC has been at it wherever they plundered for over 400 years!!!

I repeat what I maintained for years now, that this errant-nay-evil behavior by the Brits et al, is what is causing so much of today's climate change, sea-level rise, etc! The Mutha Eartha NEEDS her forests, and so a most comprehensive GLOBAL PLAN is the call to all governments, of reforestation and re-biodiversification!!!!

Our chicken-shit politicians and statisticians and financial advisers repeat the call that the economy must take first place, over the environment.

Well...., to some degree, I agree! But not in the way they see it.

I, informed and guided by the Wisest Economists and Philosophers on Earth, put it that the environment is suffering because we, aka the west, aka the Eurapeans and right-wing Americanas have been utterly UNeconomical in how they have abused and wasted the Planet's resources – aka - the ENVIRONMENT!

Were Humanity to get ourselves together ECONOMICALLY, that is EFFICIENTLY – we would NOT over-stretch the environment, and thus, we would NOT be in the very REAL AND PRESENT DANGER of losing a major percentage of the Human population over the next 100 or so years.

But..., we are forced to wonder, whether a large reduction in the global population is not a bad thing, all things considered?

Perhaps the real question here is “how we reduce our population to sustainable levels?”

CARNAGE? Or Wise Consideration and Correction of our current and future ways?

After much contemplation on these issues, it has to be conceded that, the land, is our sustenance, and our sustenance, in a properly organized Peoples, becomes an issue centralized around how we manage the land, and that is, how we manage the productivity of the land.

Therefore, there has to be the debate, a scientifically, and Ethically, and Impartial debate, about how humans go about extracting the stuff we need from the land, while placing as our Primary tenet, the ability of the land to reproduce our needs, into perpetuity. FOREVER, AND FOREVER, AND, FOREVER..., ARRRR-FECKING-MEN, and women and kids. An theirs, and theirs,

AND THEIRS! Etcetera!

Clearly, in Australia, the last 222 years of white occupation and carnage HAS NOT, taken such Highly Ethical and Perennially WISE Factors into consideration.

Therefore, I will be launching a Law suit against the International Monetary Fund (previously the “British East India Company”) for their destruction of 99.999% of the natural Australian environment and the ensuing disruptions to the climate, disruptions which they, the IMF, have effected, and which the IMF are solely responsible for, RIGHT ACROSS THE PLANET!


This is of course a minor conundrum for myself, as I am the “heir apparent” to that same mega-corporation's leadership chair?


But, in regard to here and now issues, and getting back to the bushfires of last February here in Victoria, and on where I am right now, scribing and recording this text and video, looking around my ute, I'm both heartbroken, and, somewhat lifted in Spirit, from what I see.

Here, I'm in the remains of a Eucalypt plantation, which was devastated. Row on row of plantation gum trees stand, perhaps 40, perhaps 60 feet tall, as eerie reminders and indeed as some sort of memorial to what occurred, and to the lives lost, and to the BAD foresting practices implemented over the last 222 years.

The haunting sadness rises with the row-on-row of tree tops - dead sticks from about 10 to 20 feet above the ground, blackened by the bushfire heat - dead.

Across the track here, it seems the trees were not plantation, for they are in-the-main, typical eucalypts of a more natural forestation - randomly rooted and spread across the hills, and most are some years older, showing typical gum tree signs that they've endured periods of wet and drought, with branches resulting from bursts of growth and stagnation. So, as in the spookiest movies of “haunted forests” they are now eerie, twisted and black-black-black trunks and branches, devoid of leaves and thus of signs of life - as-we-know-it - Jim.

Further down the track, I can see where the humans have been at it AGAIN - where they have brought in the heavy machinery to clear the burnt hillsides of ALL growth - alive, dead, regrowing - whatever.

And this brings me consternation?

Back where my ute is hiding, in the “eucalypt plantation”, after 11 months, and no doubt some fairly significant rainfall, the plantation trees, in typical Eucalypt fashion, are sending up regrowth from around the trunks' bases, varying from ground-level to 10 feet to 30 feet up the trunks.

As you may be able to see, it really is a bright and wonderful sight, for it shows the tenacity and endurance of the gum trees, even after those extremely hot fires. (Apologies for the references to “seeing” etc. I wrote this with the intention of doing a video, “talking-head” doco on this issue. But..., IT'S TOOO F-ING HARD – JIMMIE!)

Yes, in some areas, both large and small pockets, from here on the western fringe, where the fires started, right over to the eastern most areas, some hundreds of kilometres away, the heat from these last bushfires was so intense that it killed millions of these eucalypts stone dead, and even they are unable to send out new shoots from their roots systems and trunks' bases.

Australia has always been a continent which has grown and regrown through the regenerational effects of forest fires, and many if not all of it's floral species are perfectly adapted to such incidences.

Elsewhere east in the alpine forests et al, from here, where I recently camped, the burnt-out areas have already blossomed prolifically with ground-level regrowth of ferns, and of the innumerable other native plants since the fires.

And, again, as the Gods blessed Victoria with plenty of rain since then, the forests, while still somewhat “eerie”, for the blackened tall treetops, were in Spring, replete with glorious floor-coverings of native, new flowers and plant and shrub growth.

Very heartening. So, all is not lost for our precious reforests. “Reforests”, because that is exactly what most of Australia's forests are today.

There are only a few pockets of unraped forest left in Australia which have not been logged over the last 2 centuries, so wherever one might travel, and camp, in a “forest” the trees are usually not even half - not even a QUARTER of the height of those which lived here before the invasion.

Off the Licola-Jameson road last month, I camped in a spot which had been “cleaned” of all trees, post-bushfires, and next to a tree stump. I counted the rings and satisfied myself that it was 150 or so years old.


A “youngee”!

But in post-invasion terms, an “oldee”?

Few places remain on the continent where an whole forest has trees over 200 years old, let alone 500, or 800! But I am not the expert, so even the giants, may not have lived for 800 years.

In fact, most of the forests in Australia stand a heartbreaking and pathetic 20, 40, 60 80 and perhaps occasionally 100 feet tall now.

It has to be 10 years at least now, that I've been bashing the ears of media and other groups about how important forests are to keeping the GLOBAL environment cool and at stable temperatures.

It has always astounded me that the powers-that-should-not-be, whether in government or media, have failed to recognize the obvious - that TREES are somewhat important to environmental stability.

Trees, and ALL THE OTHER PLANT AND INSECT AND ANIMAL LIFE, which co-exist beneath their magnificent canopies.

And the essence of this sentence is the vital relevance of BIO-DIVERSITY to maintaining a stable environment, that-is, HABITAT, that is, that from which even HUMANS depend ENTIRELY for sustenance.

NOT just until the next end-of-year stock market report on one plantation corporation or another, and NOT just so the government IMF softcocks can tell the punters that the economy is skipping along above water, the “economy” which invariably ends with the profits from worldwide environmental CARNAGE going to the Swiss bank accounts of multinational - THAT-IS - FOREIGN colonialist banking elites!
And NOT so the sycophantic Catholic clones of the planet can occupy a nice little 3-bedroom nuclear disaster area, complete with masses of wood carvings and furniture -ETCETERA-ETCETERA-ETCETERA!



So, back in the plantation pseudo-reforest just east of wiped-out Wandong, I am Duty-bound to question the current practices being employed, er DEployed hereabouts.
It stuck me with a little horror recently that the pricks of development were set to profit from the bushfires, for it gives them an excuse to clear the once-forested areas, for - SUBDIVISIONS!

Yes folks! MORE of the catholic nuclear disaster areas suburban nightmares are about to swarm your bushlands!

However, as ever, our cattle graziers are ever-on-the-look-out for MORE grazing land, and each one of them looks with drooling envy at the forests surrounding their deforested cattle-grazing land. It would not be the first time, that the cattle farmers of the burnt-out area, breathed a sigh of delight after the bush fires, knowing that any forested land on their acreage that was burnt clean, would be soon available for their meat production business with the pasture grasses which would or could be planted to grow.

Indeed, many a bushfire in our forests have WITHOUT DOUBT, over the couple of hundred years, been started by cattle graziers for that exact reason. It is as likely that the land that has since, been completely cleared of it's remaining tree growth, is to be used for their cattle.

Today, everyone knows the unsustainable nature of cattle farming, and yet our (principally) state governments do nothing to make the owners replant or nurture forests back to being forest.

Clearly, without a MASSIVE REVOLUTION, where many of our social, cult, corporate and political leaders are either burnt at the stake, or hanged by the neck until the crows pick at their cadavers, this most heinous cultural, social, environmental disaster and personal psychological delusion of nuclear family housing and it's collective of utterly devastating suburbs, and the totally unsustainable cattle and sheep farming, and the broad-acre, monocrop farming will be the death of life-as-we-know-it.



What solutions can the world's wealthiest bum offer?

I say it is environmentally illegal to clear any of the trees which are showing regrowth as these Eucalypts are. No doubt the plantation corporations have been hit hard by the forest-fires, but it must not be denied that due to their BAD agricultural planning, they have brought the destruction upon themselves.
This displays clearly that none of them are anywhere NEAR qualified to operate such plantations, and it also shows that the whole concept of making economic profit from such schemes is deeply awry, flawed and even dangerous to all life around and within it.

Therefore, if the corporations and the authorities who run these ventures cannot adjust their designs, they HAVE NO AUTHORITY in owning or operating or seeking to extract any wealth from the lands they lay claim to.

As they ARE here, and as they have hundreds of employees dependent upon their wages, it becomes incumbent upon the managers to redraw all their plans and designs where-ever they have titles to the lands.


Second Priority - the Security and Sustenance of the Human Inhabitants and employees therein.

This does NOT mean work or productivity has to cease, but that short-term profits, even to the 30 year cycles forestry works around, are no longer tenable.

In the immediate scenario, I put it that ANY trees which show healthy regrowth, from the roots and trunks, of branches and leaves, must be left to grow.

They are clearly no longer any good for use as timber products, for the nice straight trunks are as good as dead, and the regrowth will be below timber standard quality. This is a shame, for all concerned.

But the VALUE of the regrowth, in ENVIRONMENTAL terms, is vital and inestimable, and it is going to be essential in keeping the earth beneath these trees from baking in the sun, thus causing massive water evaporation, and thence the drying of the land. It should be obvious that this drying will contribute more to general environmental warming, and climactic chaos.

Secondly, it's clear that biodiversity is essential, and that planting regimes have to be implemented to restore all facets of the floral and fauna life.

So I would suggest that these areas, whether owned by private or government corporations, be populated by Humans, who are trained in the business of environmental restoration and sustainable growth, etc.

LOGGERS!? Time to retrain your aching Souls into being Gardeners, complete with a Full, Secure and Relaxing, Lovable Lifestyle!

Obviously NOT in suburban nuclear family layouts, but in “bush cottages” or such. Ideally, for sustainability, the housing should be “communal” where small enclaves in the reforests are built to house perhaps 5, perhaps 10, perhaps more families, and singles, who work on site, and whose primary occupation is reforestation of the fullest kind - BIODIVERSITY!

Ancillary industries should surely be able to develop. Perhaps the regrowing Eucalyptus can be sustainably commercially harvested for it's oils - YUM!

But native vegetation need not be the only plan.

There should be no reason why food crops cannot be grown and tendered and harvested WITHIN the regrowth reforests. If employees are settled into the forests in as said, the small communal enclaves, it should be very possible to employ them through the forests tendering the food and other plants, on a three, four or five day per week basis.

Wages would not have to be as high as for people left to the vultures of the open private housing marketplace, for they would be paying True Land Value Rents to the government corporations, for secure, long-term accommodation, and schooling, health and social facilities, either onsite, or within LOCAL busing distances.

But, getting back to the here and now, I argue, irrefutably I say I say, that all clear-felling of the remaining burnt forests must stop immediately, to be corrected to leaving all promising regrowth, to regrow. The “dead wood” above the regrowth on the trees, may be trimmed, and I suggest, should be wood-chipped, either as a resalable byproduct or just spread across the lands where they were cut.

As said above, it seems clearer by the day, that without a Fullblown REVOLUTION of our systems of government, nothing of this kind is going to happen.

As the People, from the underclasses to the CEO-classes have been brought up-to-speed recently about how serious our environmental and economic and legal and social and survival situations are, a little bit of Humble Honesty and Integrity is the Call, methinks?

If our bloody-minded “State” governments cannot answer the call, and live upto the expectations of the lately Enwisened People, then dissolution of the three tier federal-state-local council government structure is THE Priority.

It would appear, that for this to occur, the STATES, both government and opposition, must step-up-to-the-plate, and begin this process.

As well, we have underpinning and underwriting all this, the imperative for Australia to become a REPUBLIC.

Ken Henry, our federal Head of Treasury, put out the “feelers” last month with his Honorable and WISE announcement that a nationwide Land Tax be introduced to eliminate the farcical and clearly corrupt myriad of taxes.

As everyone knows, this is the basis of my Philosophy, and of my political and Economic Advocacy.

So too, it would appear, is it the Basis of many, many Australians and indeed Human Beings, worldwide, in terms of restoring some sort of Balance to Life on Earth.
“The big game is over!” Let's get us down to THE FACTS!


Bushfires: The Price of Irresponsible Misuse of the Land

Over 200 dead in Victorian Bushfires: The Price of Irresponsible Misuse of the Land.
by Omaxa bin Eartha
Sunday 28th February 2009.

As dated, this e-ssay was first scribed while I was in northern NSW, in February, immediately after the devastating Victorian bushfires.

I returned to the effected forests a couple of months ago, and have spent the time dwelling again in them.

The experience leaves me somewhat “vacuous”, because the forests are so changed in appearance.

Blackened tree trunks, with most unusual regrowth of small bark-deep branches brimming with their loveable leaves, from the ground, all the way up the long, straight eucalypts, and mostly with dead spreading branches uptop. In pockets, mostly in the valleys, where the heat was most intense, there now stand thousands-upon-thousands of tall, very dead regrown eucalyptus trees. Very eerie!

However, as there's been a fair amount of rain since February, the ground flora of ferns, now about 300cm over the ground, and apparently every native flowering shrub, have blossomed back, interspersed with blackened “tree-fern” trunks, yet which have huge new growing, bright-green fern branches radiating from the trunk-tops, out well-over a metre in radius. The contrast of black and bright green ground cover and treefern regrowth is dazzling, and, in a strange way, beautiful to see.

A disconcerting sight, is where the department of forestry and/or next-door farmers have stripped the land of all regrowth and of course, the dead wood, in too many sections, totally.

As I mention in my connected e-ssay, “Reforesting Australia” there is a worry that the farmers are doing this so as to make the ex-forests grazing pasture for – UGH!? Cattle?

I'm also stressed by the high likelihood that the cleared forests will now be regarded as good for subdivision, into new regional housing suburbs, along the totally untenable and unsustainable lines of our utterly destructive suburbs. This is the story of western expansionist “civilisation”, to-be-sure, where the farmers who inherited the STOLEN Land from their pioneer ancestors, stand to make millions by this errant selling of the often prime agricultural soils.

Considering everything we are learning about the environmental chaos today, and it's causes, this type of ruthless and clearly ignorant profiteering must be deemed environmentally illegal!?

Nevertheless...., here's an updated reprint of the e-ssay I wrote in February......

I spent most of my life living in Victoria, in the Melbourne suburbs. By 18, I had a 500cc motorbike, and so spent many days, over about 30 years, riding around the Kinglake, Healesville and Warburton hills.

For a while in my 20s and 30s I ideated unsuccessfully, on owning some Land up in these regions.

Victoria is rightly named “The Garden State”, for there is a bevy of magnificent bushland, mountain ranges, lakes, forests and even deserts within Victoria's Land mass, which all delight the eyes and other senses, especially in the spring-time when Vic gets, or used to get, it's most rain, and thus colourful flowerings.

Over the last four years, I travelled back to Vic a couple of times, to try to sort out ridiculous family troubles, and spent months living in my vehicle around Wandong, Kilmore, Marysville, Yea, Kinglake, Whittlesea and the like, in the forests.

Having been raised to be a thinking fool, Philosophical evern, I've been bound to ponder over the lifestyles Australians live. Apart from my “mission” determined by mother's catholic convent to save the (Christian) world, I have always questioned the way Australians do things, especially the way they/we misuse the Land, as if their mis-and-maltreatment didn't matter, short or long term.

Knowing many Conservationists, called Greenies now, who were concerned about how the culture was going, or going astray, I saw it was almost an accepted tradition that People with a Social Conscience fought the Good Fight, usually of course from the “Left” of politics, Galantly and Honorably, and gave Soulful hours each week to “The Cause” beit in a political party or other groups 'going-to' econo-political and cultural issues.

As the 1970s passed, then the '80s, I witnessed a whittling-down of the older members of local politics. It was obvious that there was an almost general feeling that in the end, the fight was lost against much bigger more powerful 'interests', and that “Fight We Must!” remained, but that everyone has a life to live, and that politics, especially defeated politics, cannot take-over one's life entirely.

Most of the Good Folk were well educated and had an income of one professional or semi-professional color or another, so for them, coming also from reasonably well-to-do parents, the “dream” was working hard for a few decades (shorter if possible), then buying a nice slice of bush forest to build, settle and retire on.

Fair enough, aye?

From the beginnings of the Human Sojourn on Earth, we can be sure there have always been “issues” about how to treat and occupy the Land, and, how People should live together in the group, Clan or Mob.

In the 19th century, Henry George of the United States defined well, the “economic” side of Human-with-Human, and Human-with-the-Land relations, noting with simple Observation, called, perhaps rightly, “Prescience”, that the 19th century “All American Way” (noting that he was not short on criticism of it's genesis in the European mindset) was doing great harm to the Land, and, that the future bodes ill for the environment and thus for all mankind, if we were to continue occupying the Land, that is plundering it, as the “western” world was doing.

In most of the world before British/Eurapean expansionism, the Indigenous People everywhere had a Complete Understanding of the Best Way to live with each other and with the Terra Firma, their Mother. It was Known that the Land is Most Precious, and that the first thing anyone must do, is learn how to Live in Harmony with Her.

As researchers into history have found, all of them had a Special Relationship with the Earth, and Knew that to be allowed to keep living wherever they found themselves, they had to “pay-the-rent” to the Great Landlady.

Of course, not all of them had money as we know it, which is as “the most efficient medium of exchange”, but everyone of them Knew well, that the Great Mother only granted them tenancy if they Knew how and what to Sacrifice.

Rituals of Sacrifice have consequently almost always been a part of life for Humanity, and as we delve into what records exist of Ancient Indigenous Cultures, we find that Sacrifice was paid to the Gods of the Heavens and of the Earth, in-the-main so that the People may continue to live on the Mother's Land.

As research shows, most all of the “Nativist” (non-Eurapean) Tribes on Earth lived in Harmony, and the Great Mother was Happy to have them, for a myriad of different Peoples have lived for eons, for tens, if-not 100s-of-1000s of years with the Mother giving them everything they needed to be Healthy, Fully-Awakened, Intelligent and Wise.

Rules were part of the culture, and were followed strictly. The Wise taught the young how to read the Land like a text book, and Knew when the People had to do some particular thing or another, to suit the changes in season, climate, or other influences upon them.

As most animals in the “wild” do, the Ancient Peoples knew that “sprouting” babies whenever the urge arose was dangerous. For in the short term, if the climactic conditions were not suitable, “another mouth to feed” could spell suffering for the group, with possibly even worse results.

Most of them, I believe, knew how to abort a foetus, but I feel sure that the Old Folk Knew Better ways to control the size of the population.

That was simply through giving the children the mental, that-is Intellectual tools of Self-Discipline, so that they were not carried away with “lust” and desire for sex, nor with irrational desires for “a baybee!?” etc.

We have all heard of “Initiation”. Today, it seems implicit in staying alive amidst a mad throng of psychotic occultist groups, that we must go through an “initiation” before we are accepted into the coven, cult, club, clan, tribe or gang. Or Liberal Party....

As I'm the last Outlaw, I haven't found the club I want to believe in fully, so remain on the margins of society, uninitiated.

The only “initiation” the average Australian male experienced uptil recently, was, at reaching the age of 21, going to the pub or nightclub with a bunch of fellow juvenile idiots and getting oneself pissed rotten, falling down a set of stairs, breaking one's nose on a rake, vomiting on the bouncer, and being in Outer Bahrania for days suffering (A-hem! “Sacrificing!?”) from the worst hangover ever.

Yes “a loose” description, I agree. But it's not too far off! It's roots lying in reality, in old mother England (Britain) and her alcohol-centred culture.

In other cultures, that-is Purer, Wise, Ancient, Balanced Cultures, not the conglomerate mutation we call the “western culture”, Initiation was Fundamental to becoming an Adult, not an 'adult'-erated western twit, but one who has Learnt All The Rules deep in their Heart, and has shown they are fit to become a Respectable Member of the Adults of the Tribe.

A large part of the Knowledge the Initiate had to Learn and Understand, was of the Land, it's Creatures, it's plant-life, soils, water supplies, food resources and other bits and pieces for clothing, shelter, and a Good Stone on Special Occasions, etc.

Integral with this type of Knowledge was of course on how to co-habitate on the land. This meant that one could not merely acquire the tools then set-off to build one's own castle and family. NO! The Wisdom of the Ancestors told them that this would be bad for everyone eventually, especially if everyone was to do it.

We today call it “economies of scale”, but back then, in True Fella Country, it was known as “Muglongafondisetgitmusstay”, with variations....(?)

True Fella People of before the Brit/Eurapean overconsumption psychosis, had long-long-before, Divined that Humans Lived Best with the Land when they shared resources, shared the needs of the Group, shared the labor, and the facilities of shelter etc., and shared the “Governance” of Tribal Affairs, by living together. Also, the Ancients Knew that one should not be profligate with anything, be-it words or food, or material resources. Take only what you need, which is usually far less, hugely less, than the explosion-headed white culturites think they need.

This way, they would always have more than one head to go through issues and trauma, and the People-power for labor, (hunting, gathering, building, preparing), and for protection against the bad dudes down-river etc.

But not only were they cognisant of these group needs, they were also fully aware of the need to look after the Land, so that it would treat them aright. Australians now all know how the Australian Aborigine knew when the Land needed to burn, for example, and knew where, when and how to set fire to it, so that it would not become overgrown, or the fire burn out-of-control, thus pose a deadly threat to themselves and the local plant and animal life.

It has to be said, that Mother Nature Herself also Knew these things, and in a way white people failed to Understand a long-time ago. “Superstitious” Human practices of old, were often much more credible than we are prepared to admit or see in our “scientific age”, for superstition is often just a different, indeed DEEPER way of seeing Life, and as often is a much more complete way than the shallow sciences the Judeo-Christian cults are capable of seeing with or believing today.

It is a mite unfathomable that some 100 people were killed by the bushfires in the Kinglake area?

But, as I am familiar with the terrain thereabouts, and that everyone there, while professing to living in “A Solid Community”, '...who will all readily “pull together” when times are tough...', the reality I put it, is quite otherwise, as the incineration of that number of People is testimony to.

The paragraphs I wrote above about the Older Warriors retiring from The Good Fight, and settling in a nice piece of country, is, yes, 'a loose description' of what is happening all over the planet, and has been happening for generations no doubt.

But, politics aside, for there are doubtless as many rich, unpolitical or 'right-wing' me-first people occupying the region, who blithely adopt the same western cultural aberration of living on a largish piece of land (with the fortune of wealth) with just one, two, three or five nuclear family members.

“Australia” (or the white invasion) didn't get off to a good start, from the 1790s-on. All manner of obstacles came at the new settlers. Indignant Indigenies did their Righteous Bit in fighting to stop the rude invasion. The Mother, the Land, also did Her Bit to shoo them away, with droughts, floods, etc.

Added to these expected hurdles, came also from HOME, that-is from Britain, a swathe of chaotic minds already long-beggared by the tyrannical English system of injustice and corruption.

Amongst them, and amongst the “free-settlers”, were a lot of cynical, self-interested people, who after a life of struggle and injustice elsewhere, were cemented in how they approached life, the world and other people. Added to that were/are the pressures from the hierarchy of governments, and the wealthy “social designers” in such as banking and ruling dynastic families, who basically demanded that people adopt certain, for the elites, more profitable, ways of co-habiting the Land.

To be sure, the “nuclear family” was not the norm yet in 18th century Britain, but was something most everyone aspired to, for it was/is a sign, a status symbol, showing that they are successful, wealthy and independent enough to not need the group or extended family. Errant thinking at best.

Also, the nuclear family is a roaringly deadly sign that the Values of a Good, Sound, Wise and Economical Community, Society and People have been broken down to dust, and that, in such a resultant, broken society, it is not wise to live in too large a group, for “...wherever three or more are gathered, at least one is evil.” (One of my more cynical quotes.)

Need I go-into the reasons why this “...at least one is evil” way of seeing the society has merit today, and probably in the early years and decades since the first “Sorry Day”, was the general rule?

So! The 100 Victorian deaths in Kinglake were a result of this aberrant, though fully understandable way Australians have “evolved” to live.

I could leave it there, but it definitely deserves further definition, methinks.

For the passed eleven years I've lived in northern New South Wales, and spend weeks at a time in the few forests.

Actually, as is the case all over Australia, the bush I dwell within, is not “forest” but the remains of the woodcutter carnage of the last two-and-bit centuries. It's almost all regrowth now, and disgustingly BADLY managed regrowth at that.

But this is the case wherever one travels in Australia's “bush”. What “forests” there are, there is a near total loss of “biodiversity”, which is now recognised by science as being absolutely essential for sustainable forests, ecosystems, biospheres, and the macro, GLOBAL environment.

Yet, insanely, our authorities refuse to admit this FACT, and do NOTHING to correct their own, local and regional approach to Land management. It's as likely that Eurape and or the USA, lead by their meat-hungry corporate masters, would declare war on Australia were even just ONE Local Council to take Responsibility and Democratic control of it's terrain, of it's territory and call all it's farmers to adopt Environmentally Sound agricultural practices, mainly, chiefly, by banishing cattle and sheep, goats and al Pacas, etc, from the Lands.

Australians generally, it would appear, are so errant in their thinking, that the concept of having farmland occupied, that-is tenanted by farm-workers, under the supervision (in the Ideal Vision), of the titled Land-owner, who have their accommodation secured on-farm, paying the classic “peppercorn rent” to the land-owner, as well as either on-farm or very nearby schooling, medical, grocery and other essentials, with the farm-workers tending the fields of OH-NO!?!!?! VEGETABLES, GRAINS, LEGUMES and other non-meat foodstuffs, is a concept which seems to send the masses here wild!?

Clearly, the beef export industry has us all by the goolies.....!

However..., to continue from 4 paragraphs up “.....and disgustingly BADLY managed regrowth at that.”.... getting from town to the places I hide in, means I must drive several kilometres across “Bunjulung” Country, which means driving beside hectare-on-hectare of fenced-off Land.

This region has a “reputation” of being Alternative, or Greenie country, and many here are only too ready to say they are Greenies, yet driving through the terrain, this is seen to be “a furphy”.

What land is not stripped clean of forest and Indigenous flora and fauna, originally done for the timber to export back HOME to Britain, but as well, once settling became tenable, to offer a cleared spacial defence area or 'shield' for the invaders against the Righteous Aborigine Warrior, Owners of the Land, (who did..., gollygosh! insist on attacking the farmhouses, as often as they could).

But for many decades by now, the land was cleared purely so the rapacious whitey could posit perhaps one moocow per acre, to feed the exceedingly UNSUSTAINABLE and exceedingly “anti-Green” meat (and milk!) market, and the remaining terrain has been overgrown with introduced “weeds” such as Lantana, and pestulances such as the 'orrible 'cane toad'.

What has evolved since the massive carnage and biosphere's disruption, is that the Balance has GAWN MAYTE! “Exit, Stage Right!”


Being a Nomad, in one guise..., a homeless outlaw, in another guise, the bleck sheep of an extremely wealthy dynasty...., I've travelled fouwsands-and-fouwsands of miles across the eastern and central states. So, in defence of the impotent Greenies who hide up here amongst the illegal Eurapean immigrants, the lantana... and the Marijuana, the carnage of Australia's Land is not specific to the so-called “Rainbow Region” of northern New South Wales.


We all know that, aye?

The reason I'm going further into this well-known-yet-under-appreciated faunal carnage situation, is that, as I wrote in an article a few years ago after a flood in the Richmond River Valley caused a major fish-kill down near the mouth of the river, in the end, our local, State and National Authorities have a case to answer, in regard to their failure to properly care for the Land.

In regard to the Kinglake tragedy, I would, were I an Outlaw 'Silk' (a barrister or QC), take all our so-called “authorities” to the highest court in the Universe, er Land, on charges of being small-minded, self-interested, unwise and generally fucking pathetic bastards, for failing to have the Respect enough from, in this case, Victorians, such that they, and the government(s), sought, found AND FIRMLY ADOPTED, the Best Way to Live on the Land.

For clearly, if we-in-general WERE in possession of the Knowledge of How Best to Inhabit the Land, the People who lived in the Kinglake, Healesville, Warburton, Gembrook and other destroyed areas WOULD NOT LIVE AS THEY HAVE BEEN, which in my cynical HARDPolitik way, is saying that we have a failure of government to the degree of, as our Prime Minister put it “....mass murder...”!


Is the Victorian government therefore, in the running to be up on a charge of “setting the conditions of the society, for mass murder to be unavoidable”? Or such-like....?

Clearly, all things considered, John Brumby isn't a mass-murderer. And neither, thus far, is Kevin Rudd....

But somewhere, back in time, the conditions were established for this horror to be unavoidable.

Saddened folk await the official report on the mess. What will the reports and commissions tell them, and what will they recommend?

I have a few recommendations...........

Afore I go, I am obliged to say that the authorities, in the case of where I used to dwell, the NSW departments of environment, conservation, forests, parks and reserves et al et al, are in trouble for failing in the same way, to Properly manage the Land. Had I a life expectancy more than an hour at a time, I would take the relevant ones to court, demanding possession of the forests etc., so that I may introduce a regime of Repair to the flora and fauna.

For there is nothing of the sort happening now, unless bands of unlicensed and untameable yobos hacking through the reforests on unregistered motorbikes is New South Wales' way of getting rid of the vegetation?


Omaxa bin Eartha
for Global Land, Tax, Cult, Drug and Work LAW REFORM
Reforests of Godolonia


The Three Wise Tribes Re-Balance

The Three Wise Tribes Re-Balance
by Omaxa bin Eartha
Outlaw REALPolitik Journalist

Who are “The Three Wise Tribes”?

Aborigine - Green - Biker

Or so I say. But who am I?
Omaxa bin Eartha. “Son of the Earth”.
(aka Max N Cook)
Part Aborigine, from Gunai Nation, east Victoria.
Green for 38 years.
Biker for 36 years. (No bike for 11 years!)

Why “Wise” Tribes?

This needs no illustration in regard to the Aborigine.

Greens have “evolved” over time, fortunate, for most of us, to have time on our hands to consider and appreciate the world we live in, and it's environment, etc.

Mostly our parents were well guided to steer us toward being “Greens”, and we have taken it a step or 2 further, until being Green is “in our bones”, and in how we live and look upon the Mutha Planet.

Green has become our Path, and we have taken to learning as much as we can about how we, and everyone, should, and must, “Live Green”, if the Planet is to keep supporting Life in-general.

This has become supported by the days' scientific evidence, and concurs with the “Wisdom of the Ages” as it were.

Wisdom that the Aborigine worldwide, has known forever.

Bikers, have been forced to find Wisdom via a different Path.
In-the-main, the Path of War.

Bikers began from Returned Servicemen, Returned Warriors who had no more illusions about “life” after facing death and the rude reality of the 20th century war-zone, and returned to see their own nations very differently from before.

They'd learnt, at war, who the tyrants actually were, and that they were as often their own nations' elites.

Coming back from war, they found they could not resume life in a culture which was in fact killing their own people, and run by dangerously aloof and entranced maniacs.

The “scales” removed from their eyes, the Wisdom shon through and showed them that to live the accepted way was ignoble, deathly and, after fighting and dying to defend THIS culture, taking the “30 pieces of silver” to be silent and enslaved, was insulting, utterly dishonorable and, unwise.

Also, mainly from the lower classes, they had few illusions about the “game” of working for “the man”, and that in this, there was NO Integrity nor Honor.

The wars they'd fought in, were known to be but wars to defend the pride of the elites of their own nations, and their own and their Comrades' blood was spilled so the elites could stay opulent, “lording-it”, over their People.

Knowing the dangers to all, of the popular social path, Dissent is the Wise Path.
Living a false and cowardly life, is no good, for anyone, so Resistance to tyranny, even at risk to one's life, is the Proper thing to do.

Defending one's People, at all costs, at times, is Wisdom in action.

Today, in this era, this is the Wisest Path.

So - Aborigine - Green - Biker, working together on the LOCAL level, make

“The Three Wise Tribes – GLOBAL!”

We, of these 3, all know that our own Tribes and Peoples have been at war against the mainstream of this our fallen western society for decades and centuries, and all three have been treated as “outcasts” or as lesser Peoples by the “mainstream”.

Aborigine everywhere have been slaughtered near to extinction by the arrogance of western culture, and still today live “stolen” lives, landless in their own Country(s), yet, once lived the most Noble and Wise lives of all on Earth.

Greens are mocked and regarded as “hippies”, no-hopers, losers and “stoners” for rejecting the shallow, disrespectful, dishonorable life of the “consumer culture”, yet stand-up again and again and loudly Resist the mindless destruction, at rallies, at protests, in the forests.

Bikers, as said, oft' from the lower classes, have always had to fight, for the crumbs from the bosses table, for enough to feed the family, and, in the horror of war-zones defending the elite's “pride”.

Yet all three Tribes, would embrace the Just Life today, would embrace the Efficient, Truly Economic Life, and would embrace the Environmentally Sustainable Life today, were it offered to them by those who make the laws.

But, alone, each can do only as much as they have done, making small advances and often no headway against the tyrannical juggernaut of “Babylon”. The beast bereft of “Wisdom”.

All 3 Tribes, live in despair at the imbalances of our times, and in anger and frustration for the increasing imbalances the beast threatens everyones' tomorrow with.

All 3 Tribes, in their own ways, have worked tirelessly to “Re-Balance” the world.

All 3 Tribes, in their own ways, have been Fighting the same Fight against “unwisdom”.

Aborigine, Green and Biker, United, are the “Three Wise Tribes Re-Balance”.

I am a Warrior of sorts. But in this new century, new millennium, etc, we all are now capable of lifting our Communities beyond the war-zone.

We still have a Fight on our hands, for the beast is mindless and Soulless and cannot Reason.

But combining the Three Tribes gives us all a voice the powers-that-be cannot anymore ignore, and as well, restores Courage to those around us and inside the power-houses of governments and military and business and in society in general.

Recent events have shown huge shifts in popular possibilities and consensus, and, with yes, much debated scientific evidence, it is nevertheless undeniable that the whole planet has to correct it's “lifestyle” direction, if we are to avoid catastrophe and carnage in the next 50-to-100 years, and of course, therefore, on into the future.

With all the world's economic “progress” we come nearer than ever to annihilation.

What does Humanity ignore most, on this errant path, but Wisdom!

When all the inedible wealth is useless, who they gonna call?

The Wise Tribes!

Wisdom, has us recognize Duty, to our Family, to our Community, and to our Habitat, and that, if any of these are threatened, it is our Duty to do whatever is necessary to protect them.

Underlying the sustenance of these 3, of Family, Community and the Habitat (the Environment), are Laws, and it is Wisdom which helps us Divine which Laws are Proper, which Laws are best, and which Laws will have us and Family, Community and the Habitat live on perpetually.

Without a secure, sustained and nourished Habitat or, Environment, the Community and Family cannot live on, so Laws of consumption are necessary.

Within them are laws of how we relate to the Habitat and with each other, and these boil down to being ECONOMIC LAWS.

For “economy” is the efficient running of life, or, “of the household”. The “household” applies to the Family, to the Community, and in today's world, to the whole of the Planet.

Proper Economic Laws relate how Humanity best and most efficiently interacts with the Land, which includes all resources and water, flora and fauna.

Few, if any, of today's “laws” as imposed on all by the International Monetary Fund, the IMF, are “Proper” in this sense, which is precisely why the environment is under siege, why government is complex, and why insane Human behavior is rampant and is threatening the future security of billions of Humans, if-not all of us.

So Proper Land Laws are essential, and are exactly what the Three Wise Tribes must base their United Fight upon.

The Three Wise Tribes of Aborigine, Green and Biker have always known this, but their pleas for Proper Land Laws have been drowned-out by the ruthless, “colonialist” global landlords of...., the IMF.

“Oikonomia”, (Greek: the efficient management of the household) involves government, laws, and it's own income, “taxation”, or, “revenue”.

The most Proper and most ECONOMIC Laws are secured by Land Law Reforms to pay for government with Land Rent.

“Politics”, as we have known it, has, in fact always been the “discussion” about the land owners' “right” to profit from the landless.

The first English parliament was formed for this express purpose, because of the pressure Oliver Cromwell placed upon the Crown, with the help of Cromwell's People's Army.

But, ever-cunning, ruthless and aloof, the aristocracy turned it into a house of distraction, and then confusion, so the original issue, LAND, and the Commoners need for access to enough to live-from, was sidelined.

In England, landless-ness had become a serious issue since the “Land Enclosure Act” of 1475, which broke apart the feudal land occupancy system, where everyone had a home, an extended family, and an environmentally sustainable agrarian system which ensured everyone was fed and content.

Amongst the People, minimum stress, so little or no over-consumption.

Is it coincidence that the biggest beneficiary from the introduced land enclosure laws, was the Catholic church?

History tells us that the schism which began the Protestant religious movement in the next century was over King Henry 8th's want for a divorce, denied him by the land-grabbing Vatican in Rome?


Later, in the 18th century, my own ancestor, the Lord of “Sutherland” in Scotland, began the “land clearances” forcing the People off the land their ancestors had owned for centuries, so he could graze very profitable sheep, instead of letting his own Clans-folk live securely. He and his elite family members became some of the wealthiest people on Earth through this.

The “price” of Progress?

But, was it not ever-thus?

In 2nd century BC Rome, 2 Senators were stoned to death in the street by a mob urged-on by corrupt aristocrats who owned huge tracts of land, because the 2 Senators, brothers Gaias and Tiberius Gracchas, dared to speak for the landless.

Australia's Labor Party began in the late 19th century on the very Tenet of Land Rent for Government Revenue, as defined by the 19th century American Henry George!

Mr George who supposedly died of a heart attack on the night before he was expected to be elected in a landslide as Mayor of New York!

Is it coincidence that Henry George defined the Laws of Land Rent for Government Revenue while he ran a newspaper in San Fransisco, California, over the Bay from where the HQ of the world's Bikers, H.A.M.C., Oakland, is located, and, where the “precursor” of today's “Greens”, the “Hippies” came into being?

And where else might we find reference to this fundamental Law of the Land, but in the Jewish Tora, or, the “Old Testament” of the Christian Bible.

“Leviticus 25”.

Thousands of years old.

Who then, of today's International Monetary Fund, the IMF, centred in the heart of “Christendom”, the very Soul of “Babylon”, would dare raise objections to this Proper Land Law being reinstated?

The Three Wise Tribes Global Re-Balance would challenge the IMF, the Vatican, and the banks of London, Europe, and Tel Aviv et al, to speak with Honor, that-is Honestly, about True and Proper Land Rent Law, so the world may, from this “New Day” work to be Re-Balanced.

The Three Wise Tribes Re-Balance!

Aborigine - Green - Biker


The Three Wisdoms that come together with the Three Wise Tribes can be refined-down to being:

Aborigine - Their Wisdom of Relationships - that is, the Relationship of the Person with the Creator-Spirit, the Relationship of the Person with the People, ie., between each other, the Relationship of the Person with the Community, the Relationship of the Person with the Nation and the Relationship of the Person with the Environment.

Greens - their Wisdom of use and re-use of resources and technology, in Harmony with the Environment.

Biker - their Wisdom of Personal and Group Discipline, Organization and Defense.

However, none of the Wisdoms are singularly the possession or talent of any one of them - they all have the three Wisdoms, and without this being the case, none, no group would survive.

It's just that they have all applied them to their own “modern-day” “minority-group” circumstances in their own ways.

In today's world, with chaos often the rule, these three Wisdoms have become the more obvious sustaining Principles underneath each Tribe, and each Tribe has become specialist in these three Wisdoms, in their application in the “modern” world.

This period, at the start of the 21st century, is one of coalescence, where all the world's KNOWLEDGE has come together, or sits awaiting Humans to bring it together into an organized set of “Policies”, “Principles” or “Customs”.

The machine of modern world momentum mindlessly works along lines of profit for it's masters, which remains fixed in the warring models of the “old kings” era, of one Tribe, one cult or corporation against the rest.

But time and it's evolutions eventually break-down all static models, to dust.

So it is with the “old church” thinking and “messianic” beliefs, which want us to surrender our True Spirit, JC's 'Holy Spirit', and it's Intellect and Wisdom, to a central authority, with the focus on a single Human Being as the boss.

This is false, fabricated by those who are themselves “lost” and cling to 'old kings' power.

Some Jewish thinking has it that “messianism” is a “time”, an era, or a broad, commonly attained-to level of Understanding. Rather than there being ONE person leading the group, or the planet , the whole Group Attains to the Essential Wisdoms.

But this too, is specific to the Hebrew thinkers.

Elsewhere on Earth, as in Australia before the white invasion from 1788, but in most other pre-colonialism Nations, this was the normal order.

They suffered no “Fall” from the Garden of Wisdom.

Wisdom was, IS for all, and LOCAL.

In the “west”, such Wisdoms were reduced to “sciences”, and then split into being specialist fields of one school or “profession” or another, and turned into ventures for profit.

Capitalism, relies on one person or group having special access to the “Wisdoms” or special knowledge of their trade or profession, and charging others to have them employ it.

'Old school' thinking, and dangerously inefficient ways of operating.

“Open Source” computer programming may be modern technology's version of Aborigine models of “Community”, where “sharing each others' Knowledge and Wisdom” is the way.

This is the most efficient way, and is going to be essential in the coming era.

As time is “short”, today, Humanity is being called by events, not by any leader or messiah, to share for free it's Knowledge and Wisdom, so that all may benefit, short and long term.

As this is antithetical to “the profit machine” of Babylon, it is for the Wisest Groups or Tribes to convince the masses to choose this Path, asap.

As said earlier, “Efficiency is Economy”, and translates into government policies for revenue.

Systems may be efficient, but will fail if standing on inefficient foundations.

So Land Rent for Government Revenue is the Primary Law for all other systems, and Laws, to operate on, to be able to work best.

While we still have “the vote”, the Three Wise Tribes, United GLOBALLY, will be able to effect the Wisest Changes the world needs on the LOCAL Level, without war, without wasteful, divisive “politics” around false “messianic” world leaders etc.

Step One:- Wise Justice in True Land Laws, will begin Humanity's Journey of Returning the Balance to our Home Planet Earth.

Aborigine, Green, Biker

Local to Global!

The Three Wise Tribes Re-Balance

These are all the independent opinions of
Omaxa bin Eartha
Outlaw REALPolitik Journalist
gathered from and guided by the Wisest Minds on Earth.

AngelVision 21C.

AngelVision 21C.
by Omaxa bin Eartha
Scribed on 17/12/09.
Unqualified as I believe I am to assert my beliefs on such as Australia's and the planet's “Biker” Clubs and Fraternity, and resistant to “prompts” to become a lead-magi for our mainstream cults, I do persist nevertheless, amid shotguns firing nearby, and continue to put-out my thinks, which as often go to the Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club and Coy.
This missive, is directed again in their direction.
As I'm assuming a role of voicing a defense for the Working and other lower Classes, including Bikers, and as I'm overtly Pro-Biker, as I'm putting together these videos of MY perceptions of what an Outlaw REALPolitikal Journalist would say, and having dropped a DVD of my own news commentaries off to a couple of Known Compadres, Comrades, who, being “Bikers”, also object to the mainstream tyranny of Australia's political farce, it came to me yesterday, that if these videos were to do anything effective, I would like to see that they have given the Bikers a bit of a guide about what they could do in future in support of their Cause - Honorable Justice.
Not being a part of any group, club or society, I don't know what is already being done (the focus in this commentary being on Bikers Global), and so may be behind the play, where Bikers Global might already be doing what I now suggest.
But let me put it to them, that REALPolitik today, has grown from fringe organizations like the “Socialist Left” Groups, to being sought after by a wider “demographic”, where, for the future, the most important sector of society, the Youth, are looking “outside the square”, for guidance on politics, and related issues, which will influence THEIR future as adults.
While Bikers in Australia have been brought into the media bad-press spotlight lately, due to a most unfortunate event at Sydney's airport - no blame - shit happens - which the IMF tyrannical establishment capitalized upon, seeking to discredit Bikers and their REALPolitikal Opinions, it did also happen to shake the loose lot of them up enough to form a nationwide Collective, to unify, where they have shown that they have put aside their Club differences and, “closed ranks”, as-it-were, against the establishment's attempts to ban them.
It has also, to a lesser degree, brought them into the general arena of public “thinking”, and as the old saying goes, once you reach a certain level of publicity, “any publicity is good publicity!”
But where to from here?
As my Outlaw REALPolitik news commentaries are put into the, or a format of “news commentary broadcasts”, and as we've the technology of such as YouTube, it seems to me as logical for Bikers Global to do something similar.
YouTube kind of media enables the unpacking of the mainstream news, where commentators can go further into the details of what has become terribly minimalist, thus censored, and biased, mainstream news items, and with, as I do, extended deconstruction of the Issues, include succinct historical “tutes” or mini-lessons, which inform about where certain accepted dogma or corporations, and institutes, and accepted “histories” and “courses of action” actually have their roots, etc.
“Patient research” is NOT the exclusive province of upper class uni-graduates today.
Most all of us, in the 1st world I mean, can use the technology at affordable cost, to learn about and document the issues, and the precedents, as one part, of why, as a species, we are where we are, and, with a Cause, of Justice for those who have been denied it for...., eons....., we can put together good quality doco's, or even daily news items and programs, which go to the FACTS inside and behind the issues which the mainstream news is, for whatever reason, forced to include, but within severely limited time-slots, in their half-hour news programs on free-to-air TV, or in the newspapers and online internet releases.
Being able to include such “in-deeper” info-packs to a news commentary or item of the day, may be an art in itself?
I dunno, it's just the way I've turned what I've learnt over 30 years of inquiry into the e-ssays, and now the video commentaries I've started to produce.
But, as the internet is mainstream, and as we're drowning in uninformative, or less-than-fully informative, news and opinions, where, for example, mainstream “shock-jocks” of radio and TV are able to blast-out their opinions, with little or no qualification about where they are REALPolitik coming from, in terms of “where their mentations, their beliefs actually rest or have their 'roots'”, in terms of where they stand in Ethical or Philosophical foundations, people, and as I say, Youth, are able to look elsewhere, on the 'net.
“AngelVision” came to mind as a Logical name for an Outlaw REALPolitik news broadcast network, made by Pro-Bikers, giving no-shit, no-censoring, Intelligent and Factual articles about today's most important issues.
Topless lusty female newsreaders comes to mind, but perhaps Bikers have to lift their attention passed the lower chakras in this venture, and in-counter to the intentions of the mainstream media, seek first and foremost to appeal to the Intellect of the watcher.
The Intellect we all have, mostly buried under a swathe of mainstream, distractive western cult crap.
It's TOTALLY ironic, that, undisclosed to the wider world, the existence of Bikers, is rooted in a far more ETHICAL Foundation, than any mainstream news service or government authority is either capable of admitting knowing about or supporting.
This is also saying that, most all of today's supposedly ETHICAL organizations, of government, of religion, of charity groups, BUT ESPECIALLY, the mainstream finance and media mobs, are as we are learning, the exact opposite of being Ethical!
Indeed, it IS an upside-down world we live in!
And, being an Outlaw, it seems to me, is all about cutting through the mainstream distractive crap, and getting down to the REAL Issues which must be addressed.
I reckon, from my yes, pretty pathetic hideout, that such a news commentary network would be a very popular success.
As Bikers are getting it together on a Global scale, there is no end to the possibilities of making available all manner of news commentaries, and historical reviews and expanded explanations about the accepted dogma of the day, such that a kid in Australia or Africa could hit the “AngelVision” website, and search and find a detailed, in-depth and honest breakdown of the real story behind say, Nazism, or Communism, or our wildly errant western religions, or any other historical, political or cultural phenomenon.
With the big media networks, news and documentaries are made about local issues and events, but usually by correspondents flown-in.
As we, of the 1st world, don't need prohibitively expensive camera and studio equipment today to produce media-quality broadcasts, with the global network Bikers have, Local Issues could be researched and documented by the Local Bikers, and put into video-reports for broadcast on one worldwide linked-up “Outlaw REALMedia Network”.
Neither now, do a Group of Thinking and Committed People need a private-school education to get into that uptop, uptown, upclub, upemselves exclusivist profession of publicly available media.
Rupert Murdoch may have a major slice of the world's viewership, attained by appealing to the species' “want” to be distracted, but today, billions of us are REALLY hungry for some FACTS.
AngelVision could be that medium they are all waiting for.
Of course, there would HAVE to be, as mandatory, extended items on how to build a neat chopper, and on how to DIY a trick paint-job, and how to design an Extended Family Collective, Self-Sustaining Farm, etc, etc.
Being potentially a Localizing media network, adverts, something I detest as a rule, could tell the Bro's and Lass's, where to pick-up the best deals locally, on the bits-and-pieces, for their custom chop, or trike, or such. But why stop with bikes?
Rebel media WOULD, as Duty, tell us all how to make our own solar panels for our own FREE electricity, our own devices from other devices, our own flying saucers, etc etc et-zipcetera, AND connect us, and anyone who wants a Healthy world, with the Group or Workshop or Community course we need to escape the tyrannical paypaypay delusion!
News docos of “rides” from every nation on Earth, and neat wet-T-shirt comps might fit in the “Entertainment” links, say what?
Can't see why AngelVision should NOT be created.......
As Bikers have suffered the bad press of the tyrants, CREDIBILITY is what Bikers lack.
“When we do right, no-one remembers, when we do wrong, no-one forgets!”
Now we have the technology!
Let's turn it around!
What I've just expressed, goes to the Issues for Bikers, but to be as Proper as such as AngelVision would try to be, there's no reason why it can't go to related issues, particularly of other, similarly maltreated “underclasses” and social Groups, who have the same “Issues” with or against the mainstream of mis-and-mal-information.
As I have “picked-up the baton” of bringing those I regard as being “Earth's Three Wise Tribes” together - Aborigine, Green, Biker - then I make it my Duty to Honor those other two Groups also, and so put-it to Bikers Global, that “The Three Tribes” come together in this Venture of Outlaw REALPolitik News Media.
Therefore the “Network” could have any and many formats, with the three United Broadcast Groups, cross-referencing each other, on the AngelVision inter-network, and producing programs from one Mob to inform the other two -
For examples :-
- Greens, on what the Bikers and or Aborigine need to know about current political or Environmental debates, trends, possibilities, etc. How to construct a closed water, sewerage, productive garden, hydrological system or such.

- Aborigine on How THEY have done their thing, over the eons, on such “Cultural” Issues on how their Extended Family “Skin-ties” work, etc.

- Bikers, on Organization, on riding safely, on any of their specialities, like “home mechanics and maintenance” etc. etc. etc!
On War Craft against aliens!
Just examples, y'unnerstand!
But daily news broadcasts is not beyond possibility, for all who want to view a Fresh and Honorable face of the planet's REAL AND PRESENT dangers, and Issues.
Everyone knows the main-game of today's politics and news media is failing us and the planet, and everyone does, deep inside, want something they CAN “pin their faith to”.
As for “faith” the churches only hold their numbers because the flocks are “lost”, and are often, in that “lostness”, extremely unintelligent, and afraid of going to the HARD ISSUES, Issues which usually mean that we have to review our beliefs, and DROP 99% of them.
Aborigines, Greens and Bikers seem to me to go to the REAL Issues, and have all refused to be taken by the flockers' dogma and fear-and-ignorance-based ideologies.
The Australian establishment might temporarily have curtailed Bikers' Right to flock together on bikes, or to wear their Colors etc, but they have not said that the Honorable, Intelligent and Wise cannot give the world “AngelVision”.
In the past, the establishment have censored and stymied minority groups' voices, by stealth.
For Common, Global Justice!
Omaxa bin Eartha
for GLOBAL Land, Tax, Cult, Drug and Work

PS: I know the Angels and Bikers generally give the appearance of being evil and dangerous. I know this is fairly accurate, so, as the H.A. website warns, one must tread lightly if one is likely to attract their attention.
But I am also aware that our allegedly squeaky-clean global elites are pretty low bastards as well, and I know that for Humanity to stop them ripping the planet to pieces, any Righteous and Honorable Dudes have to be prepared to go as low.........

What I propose above, may run counter to any deeply demonic beliefs or intentions within the Bikers Clubs, and may offend them, in that they may not be at all interested in helping make a better world.
Or, that going that way may make them appear as going soft in the eyes of the public.
Personally, I don't think any Biker would really care about what the mainstream think of them. But I do think that even filthy rotten scoundrels, aka Bikers, DO want the world to survive, AND even to be a better place to live in the future, and I do believe that they WOULD actively contribute to stopping the rot, as it is infesting the environment and everyone's life. And every other critters' life.

So, if these ideas and comments of mine offend Bikers, I apologize unreservedly, and will stop publishing my comments about the Biker world.

That, would make several members of my superwealthy family dynasty very happy, methinks?


Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Nichols Cook-Meredith-O'Brien