Free Market Democracy? A Class Act!

HARK?! Have I, homeless and at war with life itself, by scanning the news, stumbled-upon the..., THE...., 21C system of Democratic POWOWER!?!?!?

The news in Australia recently has had items on a 'Class Action' being put together against a telco which has been consistent in letting-down it's customers with lack-luster performance. 'Vodaphone' is it's name.

I read an item on it on the 'net news today, and wuz inspired to scribe this to no less than the law firm (Piper Alderman) who are bound to make a few zillion by taking-on this class action for disgruntled customers.

Here 'tis...:


Bravo! But why stop with Vodaphone?

All Aust telcos are underperforming.

(I use Telstra for prepaid mobile and wireless b-band.)

Going for Vodaphone only gives the rest of the rogues a marketing fillip they don't deserve.

Better a nationwide class action to force some sense across the telco industry generally.

Yep! Challenging the 'free market' I is!

But it remains the case that all of us are robbed by all of them.

Interesting scenario, a class action to force government to nationalise the poles, wires and towers, then rent them to all telcos at usage rates?

Maybe this one's for Slater Gordon, or Holding Redlich? (2 Aussie law firms with Social Consciences)

A twist-indeed to free market democracy, say what?


A late thought is that such a class action in court, by the public against erroneous laws and marketplace game-players, could not possibly be rejected by such as Vodaphone, because such legal actions, against the unequal-thus-unfair markets could only benefit the smaller players, such as, in this case, Vodaphone.

It would be a very efficient way, assuming the lawyer's didn't fuck-it as a cash-cow, to end monopolies and all unfair marketplace behaviour, by legislating through the courts against the bad laws which enable monopolists, cabals and cartels to exist in the first place.

Class Actions have interested me for years, because I have seen, as I'm inclined to believe, the potential in them to actually get things done.

And not only in the marketplace, for were the concept of enough voters getting themselves together in forming a collective to present their case in the law courts to challenge erroneous LAWS as imposed by filthy-rotten and terminally corrupt GOVERNMENT, it seems to me that it would be a dramatic advancement upon the fast dwindling power of the electoral vote.

I might be wrong..., but..., I, mememe..., don't think so. I think?

As it stands, legal representation, aggrievences, or challenges in a court of law ('law'? in Astrayliar? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!) are often between the state and the defendant or aggrieved member of the public.

If the court, or the bench determines that the citizen is correct, then they have the power to change the written laws.

Therefore? What difference is there between that, and challenging the legislation and common laws which any number of citizens can, with evidence, prove are wrong, bad, evil or possibly even unjust, through this potentially quite powerful means?

Indeed? What for a Class Action?

Why then, can not an individual, obviously with several billion dollars up their raincoat to splash, take-on governments and their laws, if they can provide EVIDENCE to the court, that the laws are pernicious, harmful, inefficient, inhumane, or just stupid?


Is there the seed of an idea herein, to rocket DEMOCRACY back into the political, social and legal sphere?

'Free Market Democracy'! Sounds like a good name for a REALPolitik Party!

The 'Free Market Democracy Party'! The 'FMDP'!

Let's see the US Tea Party and FOX media shitcan THAT one!?

Sounds like a Class Act, to memememe!

Argh? Hello?

Messrs Slater and Gordon?

MHR Adam Bandt?

Messrs Holding Redlich??

But, like I say..., "I may be missing something here....?"

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The Path Hopeless - Astrayliar!

I scan the abc.net.au site regularly, and their section called "The Drum" can have some good articles. Today, an article appeared on it, trying to address our homeless person's dilemmas, but failed. "More laws" was the article author's best conclusion?

The path home by Peter Pearce


So I flung him this:


Homeless for over 15 years, deserted by a deranged mother and powerless family, maltreated by the law, but cherishing the Intellect and clear thinking, it's obvious that personal psychological troubles are most exacerbated without a safe and long-term secure abode.

Thanks Peter, for the article, but as President Clinton said, "It's the ECONOMY, stupid!"

We have homeless and 'disturbed' Souls aimless on the streets, because the larger 'family' known as the nation, and her government, have deserted the children to fend for themselves, in a culture which places in law, property before the People.

The only 'laws' we need, to be rid of hopeless homelessness, are Just Economic Land Laws, where everyone can afford a safe abode, and a secure plot to grow food, etc.

The ALP was founded on these exact rules for government revenue (Land Rent for Government Revenue as put by Henry George, and as recommended by ex-Treasury head Dr Ken Henry in his proposed 'national land tax' in December last year), but in the late 1950s the biggest land-grabbers/speculators won again, and subverted Labor completely to being a mere agent of the foreign IMF and ILO.

Were Rupert and James Murdoch more intelligent, Labor AND prime minister Rudd would've romped-it-in last August, and the national land tax would've stood a good chance of being implemented, along with the most Just proposed mining resources rent tax.

But OH-NO! Not for the super-rich!

forgive 'em Lord! I'm damned if I will!!!

Perhaps you Lord, can tell them in modern language that they too, are all hypnotized, thus, ".....know not what they do!"

A tragic culture..., to-be-sure!!

(Yet to see of the ABC published this comment?)

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A Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon, Summer Solstice and the 3rd Eye?


Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon and Summer Solstice?

Q: Is the confluence of these events significant to the world of witches, to 'spiritual' folk, and for special occult ceremonies?

Is tonight, northern NSW time, a valuable time to seek to open one's 3rd or 'Spiritual' eye?

These questions I put to a website called “The Other Side”

An article from it, at


says the following:

Full Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse & Summer Solstice
(Posted on December 20, 2010 by Jenwytch)

Depending on where you live this December’s Solstice could share the same date as a lunar eclipse and the full moon, making it a very rare event. In fact, according to many reports this has not happened in 456 years (or 372 years, depending on which articles you happen to read). Most of these reports make reference to the Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere, which will occur at 11:38 PM UTC on December 21, 2010, with the full moon at 8:13 AM UTC and the eclipse mid-point at approximately 8:17 AM UTC. This means that many locations with UTC- (UTC ‘minus’) timezones will experience this rare event, but most locations with UTC+ timezones will miss out by a few hours.

In Australia our timezones range from UTC+7 hours to UTC+11 hours so the Summer Solstice (southern hemisphere seasons are opposite those on the northern hemisphere) will not fall on the same day as the full moon and the eclipse. Here in Sydney, for instance, on December 21 we will experience the full moon at 7:13 PM AEDT and the lunar eclipse at 7:17 PM AEDT but the Summer Solstice won’t occur until 10:38 AM AEDT on December 22, meaning we miss out on having this threesome all in the one day. :-( However, with the full moon/total lunar eclipse and the solstice merely a half day apart, it will still be a very special time. :-)

Thanks, Jenwytch!

Being regarded as a (quote:) “Spiritual person”, apparently of some repute, repute I regard as being more a mythologized victim of two or more powerful, yet rather mentally ill British and Eurapean Royal families, and having refused all attempts to now of opening my 3rd eye and assuming some global authority, I am, at 55.8 years old, out of energy and certainty in regard to going through the occult process as put in the above questions, I refuse to accept any of their Catholic assertions about my place and occult stature.

From here forward, it is either my death, or 'going-there' and playing superwitch, the consequences highly risky, for myself, where death comes from on high, but also for the rest of 'us', because I might not be the friendly witch the dumb-as Christians seem to be fooled to believe I, or my other side, am.

While I am slowly, and very cautiously coming to absorb the myth that I am a superwitch, I am constantly reminded, from my own seeking for the truth, or for the facts, by recalling words issued apparently by the Prophet Jeshua ben Joseph, when He said "He who comes after me, will bring not peace, but a sword!"

Frightening words, to any who understand!

Nevertheless....., Be nice to know someone (ANYONE!) and to be in good company for any such occasion?

Hard to find motivation, though, considering I have serious issues with anyone who is so stupid to think I am some kind of saviour or hero.

As with most everything the white western, Judeo-Christian world believes, the REALPolitik HARD FACTS turn things inside out and upside down.

So, if anyone expects the planet is about to find it's Wisdom and the end to war and general debauchery, think again.

An end to the massive and clearly insane march over Honor and Integrity, is going to leave extremely few survivors in the white, 1st, Christian, developed world, because in all western nations, the count of Honorable and Wise Folk is tiny.

So the vast majority are 'for-it' as-they-say.

Watch the little town of Mageddon, in the Levant, from here forward.......

Probably a LOT safer, to watch tele, than to play with your little fella, kiddies.

Not even the Roman Pope is Qualified to play with the occult realms, which is NOT to say I am.

The Dalai Lama, a very different story!

From the Travelling 4x4 Tent of
Countryzen bin Eartha

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Education and



INVENTION, for invention's sake, in Telecommunications?

20101219Su A

I wrote this this morning, then spoke for about 15 minutes to a 'techie' who phoned me from Telstra on internet security and download speed issues, etc just 30 minutes ago.

I asked him his opinions and knowledge on the points I ask and make in this e-ssay. He basically convinced me that the arguments and qvestions herein, are, fruitless, unnecessary, paranoid delusions of a mad, homeless political bum, with royal connections!

(ALAS! Why I am crazy!!!)

No, he didn't SAY I was paranoid etc.....

But I think he convinced me in the short time we had to chat, that the present telecomms systems, the DIGITAL systems, are durable, and are far superior to any 'updated' versions of the older, more (locally) serviceable technology and electronics, as in analogue radio and TV and internet transmission and reception. I think...?

So assuming he, a younger fellow, so possibly with less bredth or 'depth' of consideration, comprehension and understanding of the macro, global and 'future-issues' I try to address, assuming he's correct, most of the following e-ssay is puff!

I post it nevertheless, both to stir the possum, and in case there IS something of value in my thinkstank on the subject of.......?

INVENTION, for invention's sake, in Telecommunications?

One e-ssay I wanted to scribe for a while, goes to a question of whether digital hitech comms, for phone and internet etc., is the most secure, and the best electronic means, when electromagnetics and other mediums of energy, can interfere?

Is digital more trend than substance?

Is analogue less prone to electromagnetic and other interference?

Can analogue be used to transmit internet-oriented data, and if so, what are analogue's capacities and speeds, compared to digital?

What of today's consumer electronic communications products which now depend upon digital, could have been developed running on analogue?

Does invention do more to lead us down a road to evermore complex, unnecessarily sophisticated, more expensive, less durable equipment, than enlisting tech-Wise minds assessing known products for their usability, and to make a decision about the long term durability, and ongoing viability and availability?

Viability not influenced by the corporate commercial advice-givers, because they always put profit and other related issues before dependable, quality and long term infrastructure.

If, in future, the world is sent into a downward spiral of economic, social and cultural collapse, many accepted mediums of communication may no longer be so readily available.

Digital communication, as far as I know, requires evermore technology to support it's infrastructure, thus, evermore trained 'specialists' (most all of whom are trained through the upclub cults of church-schools) 'techies', or Geeks and Nerds to keep it all running.

Beyond the showroom floor, products today are totally 'market-driven' as-they-say, which means that whatever a marketing agency, an advertising-and-propaganda agency, can convince the public they should buy, is what becomes determined as something the public needs, depending upon how many people are gullible, or are forced into buying.

Forced merely by having no option, or by having all more realistic, more practical, more durable options removed from the market by the tyrant corporate power and warped agenda-setters.

This does nothing to determine the quality of a product.

While the latest TVs, High Definition TV etc., give us the best ever quality of visuals, and sound, no one questions how well they are built, how robust the materials are, how long they are designed to last, and how long the product will remain 1stly, marketable, but 2ndly, how long before some clever-geek invents something that can be marketed as better again than the last system or medium or data-storage design, etc?

While there's money in the pockets and savings of the punters, including the upper 20%, products will continue to be invented, but invented purely for the invention-capitalization market, where large manufacturers are stuck on the too-fast-to-think-Wisely train of having to always create NE-EW! products.

Crapitalism, perhaps.., at it''s worst!

Techies and advertising agencies are most often in their own worlds, worlds which rarely go to these issues of sustainability, endurance or consideration of any social implications, nor implications surrounding whether a new product will be useful in collapsed economic or political situations, like, where imported products and their components are no longer pumped-out by massive, unsustainable factories and industries to the rest of the tech-addicted world? Or in regions or nations which are deprived of supply, for whatever reason, for extended periods.

Aside from the mainstream national, government, corporate and/or multinational telecommunications, there is a huge percentage of street-level users and consumers of modern-day telcomms equipment, who do not need anything like the sophistication, complexity and often specialisation demanded in the manufacture, maintenance and servicing/updating sides, nor in the general need and use of telecomms products.

But no-one has the power to say, “Hey? The equipment I use has been good for decades, and suits perfectly my needs for now and for the future. Why then, must I be forced to spend on new equipment purely because trend and blanket advertising forces good durable products to being superseded?”

Invention for invention's sake?

There can be no doubt that invention is something modern industry, not only in communications technology, is addicted to.

There is little sound reason for this. It cannot be denied that without some loose drive for new inventions we'd still be Pure and Wise, therefore at peace with most other humans, but also with the Earth and Her Lands. But only extremely-few of us would be able to travel, migrate, trade or get rich from other parts of the world.

Certainly, there would be less carnage in the name of god or war!

Education only really goes so far, before a larger percentage of the stuff we learn becomes superfluous facts and information, therefore is/are not really for the higher mental development necessary for personal Ascent to Enlightenment.

And, as far as my observations and research have confirmed, Enlightenment is the only thing any of us should be seeking, before any information or unnecessary knowledge on how to hack-a-bank, hear our favourite music or sell 2nd-hand cars with dividends. On E-bay.

Education (from Latin: 'Educer': to draw out, from within') is what gives us what we need to know for prolonged survival and prosperity. Everything beyond those requirements comes because of our culture of deception, entertainment and distraction.

The modern day technology is undoubtedly advantageous to improve the depth or quality of education in classrooms and places for learning, but the sophistication deployed in today's electronic-stuff is totally unnecessary in most arenas of education and learning, and even in entertainment.

The truth be known, none of it should be regarded as necessary in most fields of time-wasting, outside of the rudimentary needs, where it clearly makes things more efficient.

But efficiency has to include production costs, resource extraction costs, enviro-resource-social-and-cultural costs to build the laboratories, factories, wider supply and distribution infrastructure, employee housing, etc., costs both to the broader society/nation, and to the whole cycle's effects on the environment.

It is painfully, excruciatingly clear, that the vast majority of westernised people, are far away indeed, from anywhere nearly fully comprehending how delicate the planet's environment is, and that too often, gizmos and trinkets and electro-toys, especially produced and sprinkled around on the commercial scales of today's equipment, WILL be, not 'may be' the cause of serious imbalances, between humans and the ecology of Earth in the future. Added to the 'micro' hardware and electronics, is the heavy industry involved in constructing the towers and ancillaries. and ancillaries. and ancillaries.... etc?

Determining how soon such disruptions begin to take effect, is the qvestion?

The same can be said, I reckon, for media also.

That some people suffer for the lack of fidelity and clarity in our older radios or stereo equipment or TVs, doesn't mean the old wireless or tele does not do it's job more than adequately, perhaps for the majority.

In TV technology, the massive improvements from analogue TV 'lo-fi' cathode-ray tubes to the dazzling big LED flat-screen TVs etc cannot be denied in terms of manufacture, picture quality AND weight, etc.

Also the cost to make them is less in money terms, less demand on resources, and in terms of impact on the environment. Assuming 'rare-earth' resources can maintain supply to the demand?

So invention cannot be outlawed totally.

But when invention is sustained purely so the manufacturer and industry can stay in business, out-weighing those earlier-mentioned factors of implications and negative effects on the individual's mind, and, Soul, thus eventually negative effects on society and culture, and possibly upon the environment, there will come a time when, if any less-than-utterly-tyrannical government remains, the imbalance between corporate considerations and social, cultural and personal considerations will both force society to reconsider the merits of unbridled invention, and as likely eventually bring the society which overly depends on the hi-tech equipment, to collapse.

As in Kurt Vonnegut's sci-fi book set after some form of global apocalypse, invention will again be in the hands, workshops and sheds of Jo Public.

But a Jo Public who no longer has access to any sort of retail electronics outlets, outlets which survive and profit only for the masses being almost totally gullible to advertising, and for the masses being pretty useless when it comes to preserving or repairing anything beyond an axe or a cooking pot.

The new inventors of the post-apocalypse eras, will prize general (electronic) stuff most of us send to the rubbish tip, and will either grow or be beaten by the supply of old equipment that still works, can either be repaired or rebuilt from 2nd-hand things, and their ability to capitalise on it's re-usefulness or inclusion into whatever they are trying to fabricate from junk.

And..., the most savvy of the new-order of Geeks and Nerds, as time passes, will most prize the older equipment, methinks, because the older a product is, upto, say, products from after about 1980, usually the better it was made, with less planned obsolescence, of sturdier materials, and..., AND...., it will far more likely be repairable!

Let's face it! The modern fanaticism for micro-technology in everything from garden sprinklers to autos to weapons of mass-destruction, is more trend and hi-tech-tantalising-trinketry than for quality of product, practicability, usefulness or durability.

That we can take with us and listen to our entire music collection walking to the shop, commuting to work or tripping the globe on airliners, and can listen to it or watch when we should be focusing on the job, traffic or teacher, is pretty fantastic, sure. That we can have the immense gadgetry as contained in the day's cell-phones, with it's huge communication reach tucked in our shirt pocket, is a sheer marvel.

But that few if any of these are designed to be tough against more than being dropped once or twice, and are designed with planned obsolescence and the fact that the product will be both superseded and thus dated, so shortly to become unrepairable. These are not considered.

So, the world has become victim of multinational corporate short-term profit-centred thinking, where the real world, outside the laboratories and R&D complexes, does not exist.

('Where yoo beeen, Omaxee???”)

A long way from the Universal Wisdom of Ancient China we are, where while Eurapeans and even Hebrews were wandering around in rustic, primitive cultures, the Chinese Ruling classes were able to discern the dangers of allowing gunpowder to become a part of the culture, and of the arsenal of warlords.

Similar questions really should be put to the pharmaceutical industry. The governments blackmailed into their pay, abide by the drugs 'professionals' determinations, so the mass are forced to become dependent upon laboratory drugs, at ever-increasing production and retail cost, evermore artificial, increasingly chemically-dangerous to the physique and to the brain and mind, absolutely ridiculous in terms of costs-and-facilities-to-produce, yet have so much power over governments that the public purse, that-is Jo Public, subsidises the pharma-corp, and indeed the industry!

I throw in this charge against the pharmaceutical drugs industry because I smoke marijuana for it's therapeutic medical qualities.

Other aspects of marijuana add weight to the arguments against any prohibition, such as the immense value, in all aspects, from growing, cultivation and consumption as a relaxant, as a fibre and as a vital and near-complete source of complex nutrition, ie., AS FOOD!

But as with other relatively harmless natural 'drugs', medicines, herbs and plant products, the legality of marijuana is not alone an issue of powerful pharma-corps corrupting the business of government.

Marijuana, cocaine and heroin, by no coincidence the most popular ways to get a 'high' in a constantly 'down' culture, are kept as illegal to grow, possess or consume because of that other chemical industry which spends more than many national budgets, just on it's advertising - alcohol!

Apparently, Britain makes some 75% of it's total export income singularly from shipping scotch whisky to mugs like us elsewhere in the world?

(Perhapppsss....? Ziss iss vhy Io drunk Wodka mayte....!?)

As these distillers are all well-soaked (drunk indeed!) in IMF economics and be-damned crapitalism, and as Britain and Germany (und... RUSSIA!) effectively control the globe's finances, laws, trades and markets, the whisky-economy of Britain will never voluntarily let go of that cash cow of huge profits from grog, by legalising those demonised-yet-qualified relaxants and leisure-drugs such as heroin, cocaine and marijuana.

The point here is, in relation to digital 'tomorrow-technology', naturally-occurring medicinals such as marijuana, cocaine and opium, even after perhaps 200 years of chemists trying to make their soluble pharma-drugs to replace them, are still, in their proper place, safer, more effective, with less negative effects, easier and more natural to make and more pleasant to imbibe.

So what is really behind the drone away from safer, natural medications to more dangerous, more difficult to make, financially, socially and culturally more expensive little-white-PILLS?

Well..., aside from the gross deceits inherent throughout the advertising and marketing industries, 'trend' - fashion - the mere fact that it is advertised to the braindead Christians with too much money in their cookie jars!

Automobiles? As well....!

Indeed? Indeedy-indeed!?!

Truth is..., there's next to nothing invented of the last 1-or-2 hundred years that any Enlightened Culture would regard as 'ESSENTIAL!!!'

As we're welded onto the express train of 'consume and destroy, HONORABLE CULTURE BE DAMNED!', it's unlikely that any Wise thing will be done to address this other aspect of our terminal-destruction culture of “invention for invention's sake”.

So I guess those of us who DO want something of their own blood, culture or household to survive more than 30, 50, 100 years, will be Wise to this flaw in modern society/culture, and, to those longtime ends, as well as to the more immediate needs, demands, and wants, will keep alive the knowledge on how to make a 'crystal set radio', advancing up to AM and FM-type radio transmission equipment, possibly even going deep-retro to the old faithful 'valve' electronics, etc.

Because, if this delusional, manipulable, delicate micro-tech, 'Hi-Def' world of corporate finance, crapitalism, plunder, affordable energy, INVENTION and advertising hot air hardens and hits-the-fan, durable, modifiable, lower-technology, dependable, repairable, fathomable, communications equipment will mean the difference between one Tribe or Gang surviving and finding the essentials to prolong, and others imploding, killing themselves and each other and/or starving.

So..., if I had an option, in comms equipment, I'd be sure to investigate the answers to the questions I opened this rave with......

But, as I'm on a finite time-scale, it would be far more valuable if our governments commissioned some Wise Fellas, to divine the facts surrounding digital electronics and communications?

And drugs...!

And motorised transport...!

And energy-production/consumption....!!

And....'god'???? (Anyone for an INQUISITION????!)

From the Travelling 4x4 Tent of
Countryzen bin Eartha

Outlaw, for
Education and



Government double-speak and WikiLeaks

20101211Sa A

Government double-speak and WikiLeaks.

The adage 'any publicity is good publicity' hits the mark for WikiLeaks, and for it's founder Julian Assange.

The legal, diplomatic and media storms created by the fiasco of Julian's arrest and attempts at his extradition to Sweden this last fortnight are a result of what may be perceived as 'bad publicity' for him and WikiLeaks, but a growing number of commentators, up as high as Australia's Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd, see the Veracity and Rectitude of the document-leaking organ, and are being heard to actually offer support to him and to his, but more pertinently, WikiLeaks' Cause.

Thus, all this 'bad publicity' has, quite rightly, been turned on it's head to become a torrent of GOOD publicity.

And, of course, not only good publicity for the High-Conscience Group, but also for military troops on all sides, who are 'required' to face hostile and life-threatening situations, because of deeply errant ideologies and political practices, such as the no-less-than evil (IMF-imposed) laws which create the black market for heroin.

Also, like the western forces are claiming, the latest WikiLeaks expose the crimes being committed simply in the unwarranted and basically illegal invasions of Afghanistan, by the western military alliance, as well as by the Russians, still regarded by the west as a threat to these clumsy and erroneous notions of the 'free world', democracy, and crapitalism.

Then there's the material about the other major illegal military invasion of Iraq.

(What a fillip it would be, were the world to be given access to the dark British Zionist plans and ongoing machinations behind the creation of the illegal state of Israel, and..., AND..., their insane Zionist attempts at fabricating a false Christ!!!???)

All western forces, and some, from other regions, are running scared in damage-control mode, trying to lessen the impact of THE TRUTH about the psychosis behind today's wars.

Here in Australia, our own federal government has been hit by document releases telling-all on insider's thoughts and discussions about, for-and-against, our trading partners and political alliances.

The optimistic no doubt have been hoping that WikiLeaks will be the refreshing start to the line that 'heads will roll' across the globe within the indisputably corrupt worlds of upclub administrations, and, if time plays along, their links, corrupt links, to the upclub corporate world.

The pessimist however, is thinking otherwise.

Already in Australia, the damage-control experts have used the media to dilute the exposures to the point that they are 'old news' and supposedly, irrelevant to functions of government.

This, unfortunately, is aided-and-abetted by the continuing WikiLeaks publications, because they just keep coming, with more startling revelations about our fundamentally unlawful systems of social, national and international management, each new release taking the media's, and thus, the public's attention away from each previous exposure.

'WikiWeary' or 'WikiFatigue' might become regular terms describing our eventual fatigue from 'too much information', especially if it keeps coming, and, keeps coming.

To date, only about 3% of the documents in the most recent batch, have been placed on the internet, so we can all imagine how our minds will interpret and deal with the full 100% by the time it's all out there?

So, the question, I'm sure the Operatives inside WikiLeaks have discussed, is whether there needs to be a more comprehensive strategy on what, and when the information is released?

There's no doubt the Pentagon, and other western military HQ's are concerned. And there's no doubt governments all over, and mainstream media corporations, are powwowing on how to lessen the effects of these blows to their clearly errant, psychotic and oligarchic hegemonies.

They will be counting on Wiki-Fatigue in the public, that's for sure!

Naturally, I've been following the WikiLeaks releases, and have been watching the situation.

Last night I went to bed pondering it all, and asked myself if we, and the public, and WikiLeaks-type Truth-Warriors must turn some of our/their resources toward the other areas of international corruption.

'WikiPharmaLeaks' perhaps, where Conscientious Whistleblowers from within the worlds of pharmaceutical corporations offer-up the guff to the internet-public on the darkest aspects of that global drugs industry.

Why, for example, heroin, marijuana, and cocaine are illegal???

OH! WikiAlchoholLeaks, exposing the huge global alcohol industry, (Scotch Whisky amounts to some 75% of British export income!!!!) could answer a few smoker's/snorter's/injectors questions! That 75% figure, to be sure, is the above-the-table figure on British export income from whisky alone!

The UNDER-the-table British government's revenue income, comes from the global heroin black-market! (Refer: the book; "Drugs Inc. Boston bankers and Soviet Commissars" 1st published around 1976 or 78, by Executive Intelligence Review)

Why, it must be asked therefore, is Britain on the brink of economic disaster, since the GFC?

The answer may be, maybe, that the heroin is directed toward other covert ventures. An ex-MI6 agent (so he says, on his website, if it's still up. Check it out! Google: "James Casbolt") wrote me a few years ago, saying it was to fund their fight against hostile extraterrestrials.

Another Australian 'agent' of a British military arm (forgotten the section's name), told me that the heroin trade was in fact funding right-wing 'conservative' British political parties, and their wealthy supporters in high places worldwide, including the Liberal Party in Australia, and the Republicans in the USA, against the Warriors for Social and Economic Justice!

The alleged Social Justice, or Socialist, Progressive political parties, in Australia, namely the Labor Party, I was told by the same Australian chappie (G'Day Kev'!) are assisted financially by the illegal trade in marijuana, in the covert war against nasty aliens, the 'Greys', who were, so they say..., 'called-up' by the corrupted British right-wing of MI6 in the 1970s, to fight the rise of democratic movements worldwide!

I've never actually seen an alien, and prefer the alternate belief that such occult phenomena are but dark witchcraft activities, by warped and desperate occultists. Personally, though only from reading research, I reckon the Jews, perhaps just the Zionists, have been playing with witchcraft for thousands of years, and with our 'western' minds for centuries, to the point where they can induce illusions across large numbers of people, such that they are hypnotized to think they are actually seeing extraterrestrials!

This is one reason I am so 'down' on the dominance within Hollywood of the Jews, and the preponderance of spooky, 'aliens' movies from southern California, for I feel sure it has been used by Jews to 'capture our minds' and frighten the bejeezuss out of us.

A Proper investigation into the whole phenomenon of Christianity will, I have absolutely NO doubt, expose the fact that everything these western cults actually force us to believe about Jesus, is but the Jews at it again playing with witchcraft! This is why the more Intelligent Jews will use the line "Jesus was a good Jewish boy!" meaning Jesus was an obedient victim (a puppet) of the Rabbis of the Temple in Jerusalem, who divined a way to win against the invading Romans by offering-up a matyr, with a following which would - think 'Peter' - turn events on their head, by sending Peter to Rome, etc etc!

I accept Jews are in-general, a pretty intelligent Tribe, but I also KNOW they mastered the use - AND ABUSE - of the occult a long time ago (refer to the old Testament and Moses and Aaron against the Pharaoh's magician! Then there's the Red Sea affair, during the Jews escape from Egypt!), and have used it to further their questionably pathological cause, merely for somewhere "GIVE ME SOME LAND, LORD!!!, to call their own!

Hence, we have seen over the last 150 years or so, the invasion and illegal capturing of the Land in the Levant, today's Israel!

Nevertheless...., back to WikiLeaks and...,

This, the concept of a WikiPharmaLeaks website, can also be applied to all other 'evil' corporate arenas such as crude oil and similar polluting and/or generally harmful corporations - banking, real estate, military weapons manufacturers, security technology makers, FOOD, et al et al - and of course the top end of their shonky-dealings - the diplomatic corps spread around the globe, who assimilate the corporate demands and information for dissemination to government.

Also, as I drifted into unconsciousness, it occurred to me that while WikiLeaks' latest releases are to be heralded and celebrated by every person on Earth who is concerned about the diminution of the still nubile notion of 'democracy' worldwide, we must recognise that such Honorable Efforts, thus far, appear to target bodies which are in fact, more victim than culprit in terms of national and global management.

Governments, and their military forces.

However, corruption is NOT founded in the authorities, but in the private businesses of the corporate world who use all-and-any means to subvert Good Government to their selfish, psychotic, crapitalistic ends.

We all know how major corporations manipulate governments and all political parties to their benefit, once they establish large workforces in any nation, and use blackmail on governments, threatening to withdraw their business-thus-employment to another nation, or intra-nationally to another state, if they are not showered with tax-breaks and other concessions.

Usually, major corporations are in bed with the larger, mainstream media, mainly because they need the media to advertise their wares to the insatiable public.

So it's a short hop from such as manufacturing corporations blackmailing governments, to their deploying their onside media cabals to denounce any government or opposition parties who dare to attempt to institute good policies which are not in their dark interests.

This, the truth be known, is why prime minister Kevin Rudd was ousted in June 2010!

Rudd may have had his imperfections, but he achieved a hell of a lot in terms of economic reforms while he was PM. Reforms which scared the hell out of the offshore land-owners and land-grabbers, and resource extractors.

And, I assert, were he still PM, I know he would, in the best case scenario, have instituted some of the best possible 'corrections' to government and to banking and corporate policies, Australia, and possibly the world, has seen.

Head of Treasury's DOCTOR Ken Henry's Scientifically deduced, evidence-based 'National Land Tax' but one!

But O-OH-NOOOO! The 'offshore mobs' weren't gonna have a bar of that Most Honorable, TOTALLY Scientifically, Evidence-based Economic Correction!

Therefore tat-tah! Mr Rudd!

And everyone... EVERYONE excepting Kev himself, was forced to sing from the same songbook afterwards, thanks, it now appears (to mememe), to the Arbib US embassy manipulators. No doubt with the assistance of one Rupert-the-bull Murdoch!

But, once more, how much of US economic and foreign policy is all American?

I assert again, that they have been done-over for decades, indeed for centuries, since 1776 war of independence from Britain in fact, by the British. The quoted book "Drugs Inc.," tells that the Brits have been 'smarting' since that defeat in the 1776 war, and have been deploying 'all-and-any-means' to recapture the USA for Britain since then.

Or, more particularly, for the tyrannical British-centred International Monetary Fund IMF, which runs world politics and economics, and the global illegal drugs trade, and has been at war with the world to that end since the beginning of the 17th century.

So...., back to Kevin Rudd...,

Suggestions and allegations that Rudd was 'tyrannical' as PM, to my mind, as he put it since the WikiLeaks documents exposing what he and his colleagues had to say, are 'water-off-a-duck's-back!'.

Those who cannot see that today, there are so many divisions and secret allegiances right across the Australian and global political spectrum, and throughout all sides and 'parties', divisions and allegiances which do nothing but thwart GOOD Policy adjustments/corrections/reforms, is a fool or a subversive who does not see the need to be strong in such a position, to the point, to get GOOD POLICY through parliament, that they more often have to be somewhat dictatorial.

There's no doubt the reforms Rudd DID succeed in introducing and have passed into law, while he was PM, were most egalitarian and for the short and long term greater Good of all Australians. The increase in Centrelink pension payments, 1, the stopping of offshore residents from buying-up OUR (Aboriginal) land, 2, the Apology to the Aborigines 3, but three I can recall right now!

As the WikiLeaks of late revealed, federal Labor Senator Mark Arbib was adopted by the US embassy to report events within parliament and within the ALP, from 2006, BEFORE the 2007 ALP election victory.

Several things come-up from this - one being that the elections at least since 2007, but as likely including the 2004 election defeat, and the highly questionable implosion of the ALP and Mark Latham just before the 2004 election, were completely orchestrated by the USA, then run by the Republican GW Bush/Dick Cheney/Illuminati cabal.

While I chide our polies for being too pro-Brit-European, there should be no doubt that the Americans have been fiddling with the levers of government here also, if-not more than the Brits and Eurapeans, since the second world war.

Indeed, WikiLeaks might bring it out, if it's a credible notion, that Australia has been the centre of yet another covert war between Britain and the USA, perhaps for centuries as well!?

I've come to prefer the Yanks to the Brits, mainly because it was the Brits who massacred my Great Grandparents in Gippsland Victoria in the 1890s, and began the massive deceit of a Zionist messianic movement.

But one can never give allegiance fully to any one large political power, for within there are always errant thinkers and doers, who inevitably take the pack astray.

America is not immune from this, as we watched during the GW Bush/DickCheney administration. HUGE mistakes were made, and some of these directly effected Australian politics, such as, the dark 11 year political chapter of the Howard Liberal government, the Iraq invasion based on not only wrong but, I assert, fabricated intelligence about WMDs, 'weapons of mass destruction', the highly dubious events surrounding Latham's and the ALP's 2004 fall, the present invasion and war in Afghanistan, etc., etc!

It cannot be denied that yer av'rage Americans do think differently to yer av'rage Aussies, and that translates up to (but perhaps 'down-from' corporate) government policy-making, as an example, the American's aggressive defense of crapitalism, when the Science and all Reasoned thinking on economics shows clearly that a more Socially orientated policy-base is immensely more correct, and beneficial short and long term.

It is certainly more Honorable!

Were America better economically managed, they would not still be in serious economic crisis, and would not be facing the inevitable 'double-dip' recession, not far away. A double-dip which will be deeper than ever, by all predictions!

But further than the next recession, which threatens to sink most all of the developed world's economies down the sewer irretrievably, it is America's bold CORPORATE economic and military hubris which without doubt, will soon enough bring down the whole planet's supply-and-consumption-extravaganza, and which will send most all productivity into an horrible global famine, causing huge civil disturbances globally, leading without doubt, to outbreaks of civil and inter-nation wars far into the future.

That America appears to lead the world in development and economic excess, does not mean they are completely or solely responsible for the past and coming depressions and chaos, because by far the most of America's economy is directed by and profits are sent offshore to OH! Britain and Eurape!

I think I recall aright, that the huge insurance corporation, American Insurance Group, AIG, which went belly-up in the GFC, and which won huge rescue funds from the US Obama government, have their HQ in either London England or somewhere in Eurape!

I might be wrong, but I know one or more of those large 'too-big-to-fail' bankrupted corporations, or banks, generally assumed to be American, are based in Eurape or London. So who is to blame for America's ongoing economic crippling???

Therefore, while WikiLeaks is still able to do it's thing, they, and like-minded Collectives of Honorable and long-fed-up members of the Human race, I say, should define who and which arena they target and expose, because the corruptions which are fast-tracking the whole of us and the Great Mutha Eartha to destruction are NOT based, nor centred in government, but are outside in the worlds of private, self-interested corporate and banking tyranny.

This applies to the tiniest nations such as Timor Leste, as much as it applies to the largest on Earth, such as the nations of the United States of America, Russia, China, Japan, and Britain.

But Britain IS a case all of it's own, say what?

That the fundamental structures of 'Westminster parliament' and similar modeling are prevalent worldwide indicates how much their actually 'private' or privately-owned parliamentary system has taken-over.

It's another short-hop from that chunk of knowledge, to the fact that the present-day IMF, a, THE world's most elitist, thus very 'private' organisation, owns Britain, and while we down-here-down-under claim to be a democracy, the facts are that we are very much still but a 'market-garden' and produce base for the foreign IMF's upclub corporations to resource and plunder as THEY desire.

Therefore..., if WikiLeaks (please note that I am not focusing on Julian Assange, because while he bears the burden of the media and diplomatic spotlight, he himself is very aware that none of this is about him, but about a much much larger, far more important affair, of correcting the planet's steep and dark decline away from any notions of democracy, of egalitarianism, of equity across peoples and nations and cultures and beliefs, to the tyranny of insane totalitarian and reactionary authority), if WikiLeaks is to maximise it's effect, it has to be wary of 'WikiFatigue' in the media and public, and this may be best done, or avoided, by targeting the most influential and demonic corporate game-players.

With this sort of 'power', why fuck-about? Time is running short, and so the Geek and Nerd-type internet Justice Warriors who identify with the general global cause of WikiLeaks and coy, can take from Assange's preparedness to sit in the jailhouse for a while, and from the exposures WikiLeaks is frontlining, to do every NON-VIOLENT thing they can, so we might all avoid a more violent future.

Naturally, being perhaps the world's most 'infamous' religious heretic, I cannot go passed the fact that so-o much of the social, cultural and financial subversion and tyranny have their genesis (!?!) in the mainstream western religions, starting with Zionist Judaism, spreading-out to the megalomaniac nations and cultures of Catholicism and Christianity in general.

Here I refer to their overwhelming influence throughout the upper-end of global society, in fundamental structures within and across the corporate world, and across government and their 'civil services'.

Preceding all these 'adult' enterprises, are the church schools which indoctrinate their nubiles in the church-schools to be as evil as the errant corporations require of their employees.

WikiLeaks came after the exposures of paedophilia across the Christian and Catholic clergy, and for any one group, such as WikiLeaks, to take-on that area of corruption and global perversion, a perversion still too few of Humanity realise as being perhaps the bottomline we should investigate and hold merciless inquisitions into, if we are to lift the world above an otherwise Jewish-ideated apocalypse, is an whole 'nother ball game.

However, in my pessimism, I still see loopholes in the great Satan's ideations and plans for Earth, because no matter how much 'spin' governments, corporations and military command centres deploy to dilute and defray the FACTS, concomitant to the growth in tyrannical Orwellian 'ministries of truth', the planet has a faster-growing collective of DISSENTERS, more than ever ready to disarm the tyrants with such MOST HONORABLE ACTIONS as the Champions who downloaded the masses of military documents and passed them on to WikiLeaks.

Yesterday Australia saw small dedicated and Intelligent PROTESTS in some city centres showing support for Julian Assange and for WikiLeaks, and these WikiLeaks releases have been first-off news articles in most electronic and print media news bulletins for several days.

Again, we can but await the WikiFatigue factor to 'kick-in'.

However, this will only occur if the Noble Movement as such, becomes boring for the broad public. Or, if the cabals of media moguls force newsrooms to take it off the radar.

But, as with the 'Green Revolution' that has apparently gripped the world, where big media, or the better media corporations therein have grasped the nettles and turned their attention, to making the audience aware and active for a Greener planet, I forecast, predict, divine, foresee that in the coming months and years, MASSES of disgruntled nobodies (not a denigration of yer av'rage Jo Citizen!) will feel it Righteous and Proper to 'come-out' either onto the streets in PROTESTS, or in joining focus and activist groups to give support and weight to those who are at the frontline in the war against what is basically FUCKING STUPID and seriously unqualified people in places of power, whether in palaces, parliaments, the priesthood or politics. (O-oh, the priesthood!!!?)

And, there will be an equally-growing percentage of them who already work within those dark 'privately-owned' profit-centred corporate organisations, who want evermore to do the right thing and copy files for release to the wider world.

We, the Warriors, in those centres, will be doing ourselves and the Cause a big favour, if we can ensure releases are well orchestrated, again, so-as to not create 'WikiFatigue' in the public, but also to be sure the enemy cannot subvert and thwart the Momentum of the Cause.

Aligned Causes, of Social Justice Organisations, must work with the 'Leaks' Mobs', so as to keep the focus where it is most effective, and the most beneficial effect has to be where government's are brought around to be onside, singularly to purge the global body of government of private-interest corruption.

Organisations which come into being as Just reactions to racism, bigotry, bad land laws, poor education, housing, land use/abuse, disability, health, child and adult sexual, physical and psychological abuse, media perversion and censorship, theft, taxation crimes of errant governments, etc etc, all, in the end, can participate and be more powerful and effective than ever, if they define and orientate their Causes around exposing the most heinous corruptions that do the most serious damage to our elected representative's ability to govern Properly, based on the Best Laws.

So, while I only have Accolades for Julian Assange and for WikiLeaks, and for all the more Honorable media houses who publish their leaked documents, and especially for those individuals who risk their freedom by acquiring the damning documentation at the source and passing it on to WikiLeaks, Warriors who will be remembered in future as Noble Heroes, even though they did not do it for any Accolade, AND for the Nerds and Geeks who are computer/internet and tech-savvy who have organised the 'bots and cod-breaker and hacking devices, soft-and-hard, it must be remembered that collectively they only come to some minuscule proportion of the general population, who want-want-want in their hearts, a more Honorable and Just world, but who, to now, have been forced to feel resigned to accept the utter insane tyranny of the political and militaristic global oligarchs, and of their often, too often, own, less fortunate and miserable lots.

I feel Julian Assange would agree, that it will all come to nothing if we cannot organise and inspire the majority of Human Beings to use this fabulous WikiLeaks material, and similar releases sure to come, to procure the best outcomes, across the globe, of Just Government of the whole of the Sacred Mutha Eartha.

Contemplating how the houses of corruption might react to try to cover their whorey arses, the first thought is that they, like the Pentagon, and the Murdoch media empire, will try to shut-down the internet.

But they have painted themselves, and the whole of the government and business and corporate and banking and military and other arenas into a corner, because they have all embraced the internet wholesale and almost totally, to the point where local, national and international trade and finance (and 'finance' is their 'god', aye?!) cannot now operate without it!


So, as we are really still in our infancy in regard to the widespread exposure of corruption, the whole Cause is in danger of being stomped by 'alien' forces in corrupt corporations and government if we do not ORGANISE and ACTIVATE ourselves, on a scale like never before.

To this, I reckon we have 1st to define what Humanity wants as the basis for all our cultures and societies.

My suggestions;

1 - Harmonious, ORGANIC relationships between man and the natural environment.

2 - Harmony between Ideologically Sound Cultures and Peoples.

3 - Economic, efficient, sustainable, secure and peaceful lifestyles.

4 - Long-term food and housing security.

5 - Pollution-free product manufacturing and use.

6 - Education developing Intelligence and Wisdom.

7 - Joyful and Strong Culture.


The phenomenon now known as 'WikiLeaks', as I wrote in an earlier blog, '….. has, methinks, yet to be seen for what it is.' It also is, as far as I'm concerned, showing us all 'how to'.

Until we establish what Humanity and the planet needs most, and first, we will plunder along achieving little or nothing worthwhile.

Once the whole of us can agree to our most basic needs, as I suggest above, then we can define which parts of culture are not in those interests.

So, the 'leaks' phenomenon or Movement has to define which are NOT for our Collective Best Interests.

So then, rather than going for the forces deployed on-the-ground, like military operations, WikiWarriors have the task of aiming at the dirty businesses who demand and foster aggressive military and political activities.

Oil and similar polluting corporations, banking, real estate, military weapons and 'security' technology makers, FALSE RELIGION..., et al et al, and basically any such anti-Clean-Earth and anti-Clean-Culture industries.

It's clear to me that few of these exist through any other than corrupt ideals and activities.

As the planet is so far into these kinds of development and production, and as some of them, at this stage, though diminishing, are still necessary, we can't expect to close any or all of them down for good.

But with Righteous actions, Intelligently focused-and-directed actions, such as the 'outing' of their bad behaviours, as WikiLeaks is doing to big military and government, we, the whole of us, can reduce their power over the world, and demand they no longer force their desires upon government and upon the People-in-general.

Once enough momentum is created against the tyrannical bad industries, disempowering them from having illegitimate, unethical influence over government, governments will be enabled, empowered to do what is right, and that is simply, Good Government.

And Good Government is that which enshrines into national and today, global Constitutions, Good Laws.

Taking it to the next level, as I'm want to do....,

When all the rhetoric is honed-down, Good Laws begin and are based on Proper or Good ENVIRONMENTAL Laws.

Environmental Laws, Good Scientific, evidence-based ones, translate into Good Economic Laws, purely because it is Good Economics with which we best relate to and preserve both the society and the environment. And ourselves.

Therefore, to all of us who work (because of our personal needs and right to sustain ourselves, our families and our Communities), within any of the dubious industries, the Call is to Do the Honorable Thing, and break such anomalies as 'commercial-in-confidence' rules, and 'privacy laws' which enable errant corporate behaviour, by becoming Whistleblowers and leaking the secret schemes and actions of bad industry.

Errant corporate behaviour, being the demon in the mix of forces preventing governments from doing the right thing, and which pressure military forces into disrupting and more often than not, destroying peaceful cultures, giving them no choice but to becoming violent and corrupt societies, AND, not to forget, which force otherwise Honorable, Courageous Soldiers to kill and to face death in the field in unconscionable wars.

So, Humanity, do not waste this Opportunity.

To all of you who see the opportunity to expose corruption and dark dealings within the corporation you work for, I say to you, if you fear a stint in prison for daring to do what is Righteous, my Brothers, prisoners in every jailhouse on Earth, will Honor you for what you might dare to take-on, and will protect you from harm!

As I heard recently, 'the power or effectiveness of street protests is being diminished', mainly by tyrant private corporate/media spin doctoring', such that 'democracy', still in truth an infant, is under serious threat.

So we need to re-assess our approach to our defence of democracy.

WikiLeaks, and it's disclosure of errant ideologies and actions, is showing us 'how to'.

It is up to all of us, to learn how best to employ the information, knowledge and facts to disarm tyranny and to enable Good, Intelligent and Wise Government to be That.

As my (dubious) Scottish family Clan Sutherland's motto says, 'Sans Peur', 'Without Fear', we all must get right our needs and wants and ideals for our world, and then fearlessly, but fundamentally, Intelligently, ACT.

I look forward to the next, and the next, and the next exciting disclosures of bad practices of the pharmaceutical, banking, stock market, energy, mining, resources, real estate, legal and consumer industries.......!











WatercorpLeaks! (?)







YO! The Brave!

From the Travelling 4x4 Tent of
Countryzen bin Eartha

Outlaw, for
Education and



Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, and the US Secretary of Defense!

20101207Tu A

Here's me, getting into trouble - AGAIN!

One wonders who was in our prime minister's head when she canned the Global Champion of the day, Julian Assange, as much, as a criminal, with threats to withdraw his home country Australian passport etc?

I guess Madame PM is beholden to her legal advisers and spinmeisters to say what they tell her to.

Just like the troubling pre-2010 election performance when she was pouting like a puppet, on camera, merely to keep pace with the drOpposition leader Tiny Habit's own stupidity - and - her spin doctors - and - the Murdoch media, who thought they thought they knew the (political) desires of the public better than the public.

Most observers were skeptical when Ms Gillard announced that from 'here forward, you will see the REAL Julia Gillard' as the 2010 election campaign went from farce to deep farce, and down further to very deep farce.

I wasn't!

Well..., as unskeptical as I can be, when I'm not being duped by..... spin doctors?

But in the last day or so, I was more than a tad rumbled by her announcement about Assange, and so flung-off an email to her orifice. And one to the British PM, David Cameron. AND, I hurled one off to the Big Fella's orifice in Washingmachinetown in the Untied States of America. (lots of 'typos' today???)

Of course, as no-one talks to me, apart from brain-dead Aussie farmers who reckon they'se whitty and reeeee-al cleva, and smart-arse road-ragers who like to pick on the global king of everything, forcing him (me) to pull-over so they can spook my truck, I wasn't replied to by either of the trio of tyrants.

Do I care?


But, is was noted that afta, she retracted some of her rhetoric.

Clearly, her more sensible legal sparrows had powwowed about the rectitude of withdrawing Assange's passport, and of leaving one of Australia's best out in the northern cold without a diplomat to paddle.

As yet, I've not done what I dare, and flung-off a missive to the Brits, particularly Scotland Yard, and..., I might tease MI6 with one as well.


My concern of course, is that anything I say, will be harmful to Assange and/or the general global Cause which WikiLeaks is showing the world 'how to'. Probably why the US military juggernaut is afraid?

I listened to Australia's ABC Radio National's Late Night Live (the repeat this arvo), which was a pleasant surprise, because Adams de Philipe had a moment with the Great John Pilger, on this Wikileaks ruckus, focusing on Assange's alleged rape charges in Svvveeeedun (Sweden).

As most respected journalists have already shitcanned the whole affair as yet another disgusting attempt by the hawks of extremist Christian Republicans in Washington and the Pentagon to rule by brutality, in their denigration of Assange and WikiLeaks, and as most intelligent Humans (HELLO?) can instantly discern, Assange is being set-up, Pilger made it clearer, by speaking to Adams about Pilger's own inquiries to legal snow-geese in Sveden, who were familiar with the case and it's five or so month history.

There's no doubt, the world is being kept under a cloud on all the military activities of our so-called 'allies'. There's also no doubt that the current threats are generated by a troupe of nutters under the control of Human-unfriendly forces.

Perhaps they are following my own tirades against Humanity's stupidity?

But, as well, there is no doubt that, as John Pilger said, this is something of a call to the rest of the world to stand up for a Just planet.

The level of farce contained in this affair against Assange and WikiLeaks is blowing-up truth meters all over the globe.

As usual, mainstream politicians are paranoid about the USA military industrial complex, and so bow to their every assertion and media release.

So, at this stage, it is vital that people make their objections known.

The noise created by WikiLeaks publications on the internet, of documents revealing failings, secret statements, and warmongering for rich warmongering-corporation's-sake, by western governments and political arenas, has, methinks, yet to be seen for what it is.

And that, as far as I'm concerned, is that they are (it is) groundbreaking in terms of hacking away at the idiot beliefs and actions of psychotic power-trippers.

But who can deride these releases when most everyone, apart from 'nice-little-earner' strategists in western war-offices, fanatical about making ANY mark on history, knows that the world cannot endure anymore western assaults on the rest of the world?

So..., let us all take a breath or forty......., and get-off the 'shoot the messenger' scenario.

This goes to 'Interpol' too, and calls that dubious global police organ to sack it's legal advisers who deemed that Assange should have a warrant sent out against him.

If Britain's police 'serious crimes' department cannot discern that Assange is NOT guilty, and that he should not be arrested, nor even sought for questioning, then perhaps the best counter-action by the world's Righteous, is to nominate Assange, and WikiLeaks, for Nobel Peace Prizes.

On top of that, perhaps we should begin a campaign to nominate Assange, and/or WikiLeaks, as 'World's Best Advocate for a Just Planet', or something?

I mean........,

Are we of the species 'Homo Sapiens', 'Man the Wise', or of 'homo ratus', 'man the rodent'?

Clearly, the honchos in and around the Pentagon are NOT big smokers of the Holy Herb!

US Secretary of Defense Bob Gates! I know I'm one of those regal idiots, and so deserve only so much 'cred' in the great republics of the world, but please, give yourself and your military honchos a spliff or seven, and kick-back a while!

There will come a time, when these kinds of illogical, unreasonable and heinous actions (seeking the destruction of Champions like Assange) become weights around your own necks, and drag you and every more honorable thing you stand for under.

If the likes of the US Secretary of Defense cannot see the insanity of today's military and diplomatic deceptions, and cannot bring themselves to 'pull-back' a notch or forty billion, then no amount of military deployments will ever make the world a more peaceful place.

Forgive me US Defense Department, but, you are not thinking clearly.

I do believe you are all capable of better intelligence, and responses.

But..., perhaps the US military industrial complex is paranoid, and shit-scared of Rupert Murdoch's 'Bilderberger' media juggernaut???

Clean up your rhetoric, Mr Gates.

'Guns to ploughshares', mate.

'Guns to ploughshares'.

And, leave Julian Assange alone, unless you recognise the immense sense in co-operating with WikiLeaks, and the REALITY, that, 'the big game is over'?

Have a Merry New Year Dudes!

From the Traveling 4x4 Tent of
Countryzen bin Eartha

Outlaw, for
Education and



President Obama! Get off Julian Assange, please?

An email I just sent to the USA President Obama:

Get off Julian Assange, please?

He's not a criminal, verifiable in any JUST court of law.

He is not anti-USA, but concerned for the future of all of us.

Honor his Courage.

Be not led by tyrants, nor politicians nor military 'strategists', but by Wisdom.

The White House and the US legislative system is but a house of cards.

Where will it's 'men' run, when the winds of change blow it away?

Take care, Good Man.

Gillard less courageous than Assange!

An email I just sent to our girlie prime minister, Ms Julia Gillard:

Read my blog!

Assange is NOT a criminal, therefore DO NOT suspend his passport.

The future will know him as a Champion, whether or not the US military industrial complex deems him an enemy.

Get yer thinks straight, Madame Prime Minister.


Omaxa bin Eartha.


From the Travelling 4x4 Tent of
Countryzen bin Earth

Outlaw, for
Education and


WikiLeaks is NOT, a problem for Earth?


WikiLeaks is NOT a problem for Earth?

Not for me, Max Earth, nor for the planet Earth.


I would sincerely expect that there are less than one million people alive now, who come near to believing the bullshit that pours from the media departments of ANY government or parliament today.

Especially when it comes to matters of military defense, or assault.

It is more than a mere indictment against all of the world's mainstream media that the vast majority of them, under the censorship of their feckless, paranoid and basically fucking pathetic governments no doubt, but also from the seriously inept media cabals, of London, Washington, Berlin and Tel Aviv, et al et al, that they all run like lapdogs to the feet of their respective, and aligned masters to mediate this most Honorable 'leak', as dangerous to (western) military operations.

From the words of Dwight Eisenhower, President of the United States after the 2nd world war, we may take heed, for he warned with trepidation of the rise and rise of the US military industrial complex.

Since WW2, wars have come and wars have passed over us. Yet daily we are sent back into paranoia by so-called 'news' reports of threats to the generally decrepit and debauched western world, from our so-called 'enemies'.

Enemies spun to appear so, by no less than the appalling white, CHRISTIAN, western 'modern' military media departments' world, as baby-eaters, wife-beaters/rapers/murderers.

Yet, on the ground, it becomes obvious that the media has been lying to us, and that, the vast majority of peoples and nations and cultures which the white superior idiots of Murdoch and cabals denigrate, are in fact vastly more Honorable, Humble, Intelligent and Wise than the vast, vast majority of those the western, US and NATO, military industrial complexia say they protect!

What lies behind the wall of lies exuding from every official western government's orifice?

What is it that drives all of them to acquiesce to bullshit and exaggeration of the most extreme kind?

Why are the Americans so bigoted??

Why does Eurape so want to conquer ALL of the planet for their own real estate portfolios?

Which Journalist apart from Chris Hitchens, John Pilger, him Champion in the Middle East, Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein, et al et al e al, and if I stretched the mentals..., a few more from our own ABC would drop in as worthy of Credit, in regard to opposing the general shitstorm of untruths pouring minute-by-minute from the big media outlets, would be heard and even 'listened-to' by big media management, and acted upon with dramatic factual, exposay-type reportage, to dispel the crap of fear that the military and their corporate agents and masters are trying to drown our minds in?

What has gone so upside down that we are reliant upon the fucking self-interested MEDIA to get the brief on local, regional and global events????

How on Earth (we ARE on Earth, are we not?) can such utter utter utter bullshit be sanctioned by anyone in authority, to the point where national leaders race to the microphones to appear to concur with the Zionist mainstream AMERICAN bullshit-boss, Rupert Murdoch, and his Illuminaughty cabals?

Julian Assange, currently under scrutiny and pursuit for his bravery, is about the last man on Earth who should be hunted.

But OH NO! The mighty US industrial complex (and their economic masters in Eurape) all have too much egomania swinging on untruths, so they can fulfill their debt to Satan, don't like Honest People speaking and acting with any INTEGRITY!

You say Gitmo!

The rest of the REAL world screams,
'SHIT NO!!!'

So....? Who we gonna call?

That BIG BLECK FELLA lounging at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

Whad about the African Giant, Mr I-say-MISTA Mandella?

All of India's Wise Sages have been bought off by the whiteskin tourrorist traders, and the Bleck Elders of Australia just know better than to involve themselves with ANYTHING near the whiteman's way, 'specially western politrix and media!

So..., as the idiot white world has been waiting-waiting-waiting for a no-show - JESUS AIN'T COMIN' BACK DICKSUCKERS..., for some 1600 years, they have also ever-so-cleverly orchestrated events so that NO-ONE, not even a Wise, Courageous, modern western WHITE well-educated, refined-evern, Australian can do something USEFUL against the tirade off tyranny which exudes from those military mongrels media mansions!

Adams! Spears! Uhlman! ALL OF YOU, here in Australia and across the big ball!

GET SOME PLUCK! For fuck's sake!

Tel Aviv may well be irretrievably psychotic! Paris may well be a sewer of unintelligent thinking! Rome! HAHAHAHAHA!

Beijing! Nimen How!


You got the frights because of a bunch of spellbound fools wiff magic?

Stay as lame as you are, Westminster, Reichstag, US Congress, Dehli, Beijing, Jakarta, et al Et Al, and not just our Great Mutha Eartha will shock you all awake, but a mass of dissidents, from the highest echelons of military and media down to the slummiest of gutters will rise-up and trounce you, and your precious upclubsters of the pleasant inheritances.

Since the evil debacle of the GW Bush Administration, after 9/11, Honor and fearlessness in the face of death has retreated to the rear-most bunkers with surround-sound DVDs and a table of upclub drugs, to escape into.

Just what the real threat wants of us!

The world is awash with all manner of smart-phone military operations apparently dealing with the threats to civil society.

Meanwhile, the sane world is washed down the drains into the deadly mix of hyperbola and agenda.

Media has become so self-serving (example the Murdoch, Berlesconi, Sinawat cabals) that they are all too happy to publish untruths if it lifts THEM up the stock market listings, and in favor with the manipulators of our minds and mortgages.


Julian Assange IS NOT OUR ENEMY!

Please try, you with the biggest guns, to open your minds?

If.., a global King DOES show up, he will not bring your theory of peace!

A sword, a sword, is what he, they, will bring down on your featherweight necks.

"Diplomacy is the international art of not saying what you mean, which is why the WikiLeaks document dump has proved so mesmerising." writes the rather sensible Annabel Crabb.

Ms Crabb of ABC online does her best to 'go there', but clearly the management is NOT so ready to speak the FACTS, so she and her compatriots are hand-tied.

The future will tell a very different story, we, or our grandkids, can be sure.


We, YOU, invite them in to your thoughts and paranoia, so don't go blaming the Brave, like Assange, for daring to go against the gutless trend.

From the Travelling 4x4 Tent of
Countryzen bin Eartha

Outlaw, for
Education and



Email-comms from-to the Australian Electoral Commission before the last federal election.

Email-comms from-to the Australian Electoral Commission before the last federal election. Sent to AEC 30 June 2010.

I guess a point to posting this oldish email-comms is the response given to me by the AEC, about not having to vote.

I didn't vote.

From: Omaxa bin Eartha [mailto:maxadiff@yahoo.com.au]
Sent: Wednesday, 30 June 2010 7:55 PM
To: info@aec.gov.au
Subject: AEC mail and my registering to vote?

TO: Australian Electoral Commission



I just received an SMS from my sister, whose address (11-13 -------- Street, North Melbourne, Victoria 3129) I use for mail, and for my formal affairs, like for my banking matters, driver licence, Centrelink pension, and the AEC, it seems.

She wrote that a letter from the Electoral Commission has arrived for me.

Right now, I am in the centre of outback Queensland.

For over fifteen years I have been “homeless”, and without any formal “fixed permanent address”, living on the road in vehicles.

As I recall, the last time I voted, I was using my brothers home address (------- Road, R------------, Victoria) both as a temporary residence and for mail, but have long been gone from there.

Now, I'm headed nowhere in particular, having been forced onto the road by a massively corrupt legal, political AND religious society.

I spend my hours following these failed cultural affairs and make comment to my laptop computer then via a Telstra wireless broadband "stick" internet connection, whenever something seems, to me, to deserve it.

So, you may understand that the past week has near-to “consumed” me, what with the illegal and subversive manipulation and deposition of our Australian Prime Minister, Mr Kevin Rudd.

The illegal and subversive manipulation and deposition of our Australian Prime Minister, Mr Kevin Rudd, by none other, I allege, than the foreign, media cabal owned, in the main, by one Rupert Murdoch and his son James.

You may read my further thoughts and commentaries on this heinous affair by going to the internet weblog site; http://www.maxearth.blogspot.com

I ask you to do this, and perhaps discuss the following questions I put to the Australian Electoral Commission, with your advisers, seniors and/or AEC colleagues.

In consideration of the deeply corrupted condition of Australia's political arenas, Local Council, State and Federal, and in consideration of the events in Canberra just this last week, where a most criminal, undemocratic event dislodged our Prime Minister, it is clear our political and voting structures and systems have NO INTEGRITY, therefore, as witnessed last week, no validity.

What reason, therefore, apart from the AEC wishing to force the so-called “voters” to partake of an horrendously corrupt political, electoral voting system, for the advantage of non-other than pathologically-corrupt power-brokers and offshore moguls, so-as to keep Australia under the oppressive and un-Australian regime, can the AEC give me, which justify my registering to be eligible to vote, in the coming federal and other elections?

Of a certainty, the AEC will smugly counter-assert that I will be fined if I do not vote, and ignore totally the legality and ethical veracity of my assertions.

As you wish. In the past, I have sought to, and have registered to vote whenever I have had to.

In the past, now over fifteen years ago, I was not - so much - the victim of an evil political and religious regime, which has made me homeless, and has inflicted a most severe case of “Post Traumatic Stress Dissociative Disorder” (PTSDD) upon my Soul, to the extent that I cannot not tolerate any Human company, association, or relationship, and now live totally isolated from society, from family, from any friendship whatsoever, and detest having to go to shops for my most basic staple foods and necessities.

Does the Australian Electoral Commission determine that I should be penalised and fined for THAT?

As I wish to not return to Victoria, and prefer to have nothing whatsoever to do with my sister, brother, or mother, for they have been influential in my 15 years of exile, and as I have no other people whom I want to know, or associate with, what does the AEC suggest I do in regard to voting this year in what is perhaps the most disgusting political election for decades?

A political election which surely must be fought against, by those who would prefer to live in a nation with SOME political integrity?

A political election which would only, no matter “which party” “wins”, re-elect the offshore tyrant Rupert Murdoch to the position of misgoverning our nation?

Please restrict any written response from the AEC to ten words or less?

Please note: While I do believe in voting, and, were I able to provide the AEC with an address, a relevant address, in that it be where my political interests and vote influence the Community where I live, I would do so, and would ensure my name is on the ballot list.

As well, there is a credible argument that I, an inordinately influential commentator on Australian politics, should be exempt from voting, so-as to not be “partial” for either or any side of the political farce we call a debate.

This is recognised in some parts of the world, but I do not know if that happens here in Australia. Perhaps it should?

So, please, I ask the AEC to decide about whether I should vote, and about whether I have a case to be exempted from that burden?

If it is decided I should vote, then I must point out that I have “no fixed permanent address” but rather am in a different neighbourhood, region and state from week-to-week. Therefore there would be an anomaly in forcing me to vote in an area or electorate where I do not partake of the social or cultural life.

Added to that, unfortunately, from the maltreatment I have received, everywhere I have dwelt over the last fifteen years, there is not an area, or state I like, in the cultural sense, and so cannot see myself settling down, before I am planted in the ground to rot.


Max Earth
aka Max N Cook

Outlaw, for
Global Land, Tax, Cult, Drug, & Work Law Reform.

AEC's response:

"'Omaxa bin Eartha'"


Thankyou for your email. If you have no fixed address or no address with which you feel an infinity then you are not required to enrol, or vote.

(Sorry that was more than 10 words, but I’ve tried to keep it to a minimum.)

Kind regards,

Information Services
Education & Communications Branch
Australian Electoral Commission
Parkes ACT 2600


Media for the rich?


Thoughts from Mr Etherhead on media ownershipssss....:

ABC The Drum Unleashed:
The rich, the powerful and media ownership

Media for the rich?

Delusions of grandeur are part-and-parcel with wealth, perhaps the biggest delusions being that they can manipulate lives and minds enough ad-infinitum, to maintain and increase their opulence, and that they are able to be certain that THEIR oligarchic upclubbery is undefeatable, or will never, of it's own weight, fall.

Murdoch and probably James Packer have agenda, global agenda, which is why media becomes so valuable to the super-rich.

But Rinehart is merely excessing in her power to secure her Queendom's future, playing along with the other more serious media moguls and cartels to stay immune from their vitriol.

The best way to undermine those oligopoly moguls' influence is to lobby for a major increase in broadcasting licences for TV radio and other media.

10 Community Radio licenses etc, and even TV, per 100,000 people demographic, then let the market in quality local media sort out the better performers.

Media is at a stage, from which we cannot retreat, to the sought-for centralised control the Murdochs and Packers enjoyed and still desire.

The more they, and Rinehart, spend to re-win control, the more the public will Resist.

Sadly, the issue of democratized media will be lost in the mediated outrage, and trivial issues and lobby groups will overtake the underlying call and need for a liberated media, and the liberal accessibility, actively supported and funded by government, to the technology for local output.

But..., maaaaybeee not...?

From the Travelling 4x4 Tent of
Countryzen bin Eartha

Outlaw, for
Education and



The Aboriginal Constitution!

The Australian Constitution? O What a fooling!

And the federal government announces we's gonna have a referendum on whether Our Immortal Australian Aborigines get a mention in that document called The Constitution!


And on top of that distraction, they'se gonna set-up an 'EXPERT PANEL' to figure out the details!


Another 5-or-10 million dollars syphoned-off to the upclub's private-schooled boffins, to write a report telling us what everyone always knew!

Aborigines are Human Beings, as well as being Australians!

Whatever an 'Australian' is?

Somehow, I DON'T expect they'll be givin' them their LAND back, though?

Aye farmer?


And the eggspert report will be finished at the end of 2011, but a few moons away!

“Gillard said it was vital to build consensus before holding the vote, which will not take place for at least 12 months. She announced an expert panel to examine the question and report back by the end of 2011.”


An' what about Aboriginal SOVEREIGNTY, Madame Prim?

Come to that, does yer average white guy Ozzie have 'Sovereignty'?

Or is that the privileged province of HRH over there in Blighty, who's too good for us convicts, colony slaves and True Fellas?

Whatever..., we can be sure that some millions will be made by one or more offshore corporate legal consultancy firm, as we make it look like we are creeping away from Christian, white supremacist Cecil Rhodesian bullshit, to some tailored politically-correct piece of paper drawn-up to keep the genocide and Zionist landgrabbery out of our collective memories and the headlines!

Is this what the aging and decrepit Rupert Murderer came to sanction, PM Gillard?

A quiet admission that his Bilderberger, Illuminaughty new world order, white supremacist absolutely corrupt mobsters may have got it WRONG?

Would white fellas like Murdoch, Tiny Habit, Malturn the Bull, Hockey Jo, Phillis Rollock, Johnette Howhard, unnerstand The Constitution, if it wuz written for nothing, by a Bleck True Fella Lawman?

HA! O What a fooling!

From the Travelling 4x4 Tent of
Countryzen bin Eartha

Outlaw, for
Education and


Random thoughts on 'love' and 'god'


Random thoughts on 'love' and 'god'.

“Evil is the total absence of love” unquote, 'Cloe' in US tele-drama 'Smallville'.

'Love' is from Sanskrit, 'lubh', meaning 'desire'.

As Sanskrit was a language of ancient India, and used by the Wise Teachers and Practitioners of ancient Hinduism, I assume this word's origin, 'lubh', meant desire in it's highest sense, where the person desires only for the highest, which, in the Hindu Philosophy and Way, that highest desire can only be for (their oneness with and perhaps understanding of) 'Brahma' or, 'God'.

It may follow that lubh, or the desire for less than Brahma is not 'love', but a less pure, or more base desire.

Academics and pundits would argue, I'm sure, that Hinduism holds, that Brahma permeates everything, and is everything, is the cause and body of everything, so lubh for a fancy motor-car is still love for, or of, Brahma.

I would retort, therefore, that evil is also made of Brahma, so love of or desire for evil is also, following that argument, the highest way of lubh, of love.

And as the modern way, of desire for things which do damage to the Pure things made of god, like a fancy motor-car which damages the Natural environment in it's every step of production and use, this type of desire for the divine in a motor-car, pits god-against-god.

The one god against the one god?

All of course, based on the fundamental pretext that there is 'god'.

As in a person who is at war with themselves, a condition which is in fact where the person is 'occupied' by some malignant spirit, which seeks the destruction of any purity of the person's own spirit, or soul, the logic of the one most supreme god being at war with itself fails.

If evil spirits are also aspects of god, seeing as god is the creator of everything, light and dark, high and low, good and evil, etc., it may be that god makes evil spirits for some 'purpose'.

As contention, or friction, is also productive, perhaps evil is necessary for life to be productive?

Evil is the total absence of love, the total absence of desire for the highest, most pure, most primary, first state, aspect, element, level or being of our own and all other beings, and manifestations.

But what has to be produced, if god has made a perfect world, which provides every-living-thing with everything they need?

Things deemed needed, may therefore only be seen or believed to be necessary by the mind, soul or being who has not attained to knowing god, and, then, lost, wanders looking for satisfaction in things which are not 'from on high'.

Those who do not desire for any-less-than the purest state of dwelling within the fullness of a god-state, are the enlightened, and those who desire things made by artifice, by mankind, are lost and are seeking after god, but in a defective, perverted, corrupted way.

If so, then all of our modern objects of desire, mostly made by invention and artifice, serve only to distract us from attaining to that pure state.

But 'god' is indefinable in any way less than being 'in' there, 'in' that most pure state of existence, where there is nothing else 'occupying' one's being, one's body and mind, etc.

Hinduism says that god manifests in innumerable ways, and so can be 'worshipped' in innumerable ways.

But Hinduism also says, that to attain to the one true, eternal, infinite god, there is only one path, which is to turn away from the god of things, and seek to break through the veil which is the mind or the mental state, where all things actually exist, and climb up beyond all 'that' to 'this' singular pure Light within.


Random thoughts on 'love' and 'god'.

Not a bad attempt by a cynical, bitter-and-twisted, faithless and trustless Atheist!

From the Travelling 4x4 Tent of
Countryzen bin Eartha

Outlaw, for
Education and


Aboriginal Laws and white bandaids?

Aboriginal Laws and white bandaids?

Yuendumu and other Aboriginal Communities are stressing under the conflict between white and Bleck Law.

Still, after more than 200 years, these tensions exist. An article today about the discrepancies introduce 'sorcery' as being blamed on criminal behaviour.

From a Christian view, this is regarded as old ways, passed their validity and effectiveness.

From a Christian view......?

For centuries, the Christians have marched-in to Original Cultures and mashed their Traditions and views on how the world works, condemning witchcraft as evil.

Yet these same western invaders have used sorcery to destroy and oppress 'foreign' cultures themselves, introducing the western versions of magic in the guise of Christianity.

Versions which fails terribly at ensuring the local, and the larger global Cosmos remains stable and in harmony.

Mainly, this is because the invader culture is more interested in claiming the land from the Original People, and even in this modern age, where legal rights win some element of respect, the fundamental laws are ignored and so too must they ignore the tried and true ways of the Aborigines.

Today, many of us have grown a long way from the old and extremely narrow ways of the invader cults, and know that the world as we sense it, is participant of a much wider, deeper and more mysterious world than Rome will admit.

No doubt, Rome, or the Vatican, has sought to keep the Cosmos stable, believing it's dogma is enough to overcome any turmoil. But so many changes have opened up the Cosmos to the majority in the last 50 years, and with that insight, they can see the deep flaws and disastrous failings in Christian beliefs and propaganda, the crimes and the outright lies.

Testimony is flooding in to everyone's ears, that the churches in general are falling apart, rotting from within, as if an evil piece of 'software' has been inserted into the doctrinal program, forcing priests and clergy to err and fail their 'flockers', and to expose the failings in the fundamental teachings.

Our civil laws, supposedly based on the Teachings of the ancient Jews and their Prophet J.C., are so corrupt that there is nothing anyone can do to rescue the venerable legal professions, nor the courts which ascribe laws built on a fundamentally bad religious and civil programs.

Yet stoically, stubbornly, our western news legal reps, agencies and reporters try to look as if they are going to the issues of a dying and increasingly dangerous culture forcing it's errant will upon the oldest, most stable culture known.

Everyone involved wants to resolve the differences and the ensuing disruptions to their local and national lives, but the complex internal conflicts are ignored, such as the finite, culturally-degrading and irresolvable outcome unavoidable through the 'western' approach.

Comparatively, the Aboriginal comprehension of the world as we know it, is enormously larger than the narrow materialistic view of the northern cults.

The same applies to most all non-western belief-systems, developed over thousands of years, and not for any personal gain, or political or profit-motive.

The Christian law-makers insist theirs' is the best culture, yet wars are raging globally precisely because of the narrow cultural self-interest of the west, openly contradicting every sacred line of it's holy book.

We have Orwellian 'Ministry of Truth' statements pouring from every Christian authority and church, based surely, on promises of forgiveness for the horrendous crimes being committed hour-by-hour, in every nook and cranny they can insert their dogma.

Britain and Eurape sag under the burden of their 500 year escapade into living beyond their means, of plundering the Cosmos to feed their greedy and demented Christian delights.

Everyone, from the streets to the halls of power, knows the tyranny of the tired mule lashing-out as it lies dying, under the weight of it's own excessive hopes and dreams.

The boffins of the upper Eurapean elite live utterly blind to the chaos and the imminent outcomes of 2000 years of errant religion and social law, and keep 'crossing the T's and dotting the I's', while the rest of the world slowly drowns under archaic western-Eurapean disempowering belief systems and evermore complex-thus-complicated laws.

Systems and laws which quite deliberately and stupidly ignore the larger Cosmos, it's final say on what makes-it on Earth, and the carnage for the future that very same set of systems and laws is preparing, eroding the world for.

Is a spear to the thigh more primitive, so we assume, more damaging to the Soul of the offender, than a 20 year prison sentence?

Are the white laws invoking Wisdom when dealing with cases of violent crime, when most of us now see clearly that in fact 'sorcery' IS being deployed upon the perpetrator?

How long must an Intelligent society endure the dominant western cults' enforced deliberate ignorance of the subtle realms of life, as understood, respected and honored by Aborigine world-over??

Clearly, the west is abusing the occult to conquer the rest of us, and so must keep the deep facts on sorcery hidden.

So Wise pleas from other cultures to try to see life from their ageless point-of-view go unaddressed, so the special people indoctrinated behind the walls of the most powerful cults, baptised into staying loyal to an evil set of beliefs, remain loyal and adherent to the social model of mass death of people, environment, culture, and the future.

That few if any white lawyers, judges, politicians and community leaders/Elders can admit the failings of their long-astray culture, and so cannot divine right-minded laws and pathways through the current stupor, only ensures the speedy demise of all that is good, in Bleck and white culture.

If the fanaticism of the white religious, economic or cultural evangelist, whether in religion, law, culture or mainstreet society, cannot be mollified by those it possesses, and they cannot step out of the way here and there, to allow other perspectives to be heard, weighed and allowed to carry weight, doom is all we have to look forward to.

The Bleck Fella of Australia know this, as their Ancestors knew it from the first time they set eyes on the whiteskin invaders, which is why many of them resort to drink, being the only 'legal' way to dope the broken heart mind and soul into forgetting about their 'Garden of Wisdom' now passed, the current fuck-up called white culture, and the doomed future.

When you gonna learn, whitey?

Any white witch, who is bred or sent to resolve whiteman's driven, hypnotised ignorance, will NOT look upon white culture, white laws, white occupations, white loose-mindedness, kindly.

But whose gonna tell whitey, in a way that they LISTEN, and HEAR, and LEARN that they are idiots, really, really brutal, out-of-control and dangerous idiots?

Perhaps the Australian High Court's panel of judges who recently decided that Bikers DO have the Right to associate, should sit to consider exactly which culture is the more Honorable, more Just, less damaging to society and Soul, less dangerous to life-on-Earth, short and long term? White, or Bleck?

Clearly, there is no point trying to bring justice to the local or county courtrooms.

Each little prissy-wig and courtroom copper is set on their career path, and NOBODY'S gunna stop THEM from bullshitting their way through the chambers' procedures, avoiding the CRUCIAL errors in judgement, stymieing every attempt, by Bleck Law Fella, Rightminded QC or Brave Citizen to put some JUSTICE into the legal systems here!


And the Humble, near-broken homeless, landless, Bleck Gods and Goddesses of the Desert, walk back to their drinkin' tree, sit down like their Ancestors have done forever, crack a joke, like their Ancestors have done forever, say a few precious things about the way things are, open a wine box, and return to the place no white fella exists.

Good on yer white fellas!

Thanks for comin' here, and stealing our Bliss.

'Course, if y' asked, we'd have happily shared it with ya!

But, I guess, that just ain't the white fellas' way, is it?

All or nothin', like a greedy Scot.....

True, Bleck Fella Law can't work within the framework of white laws, mainly because white fella law is one big bundle of corruption and deceptions, smoke and mirrors.

And they say sorcery doesn't come into issues of crime and law and payback and punishment?

What's that 'unicorn' s'posed to represent on the courtroom shield, your honor?

You's kidding y'selves SO BAD, white fella, you're gonna wake up too late. When you do wake up, all you'll see around you will be madness, chaos, war and division.

People around you will be talking loud about 'competition' and 'the free market', and 'free speech' while they gleefully drink poison and smoke poison, and eat poison, feed their children poison, learn poison and plant poison in the Scared Ground.

“It doesn't get any better than THIS!” they'll chant, calling you, especially if you're a judge, or doctor or professor or CEO or politician, to join them in drinking, smoking, eating and celebrating the poisonous life that we've created.

Meanwhile, where the limos and learjets don't go, the Immortal Warriors, Men and Women, walk peacefully across the desert, skiffing sand away here and there with their bear feet, to uncover morsels of delectable bush tucker, using a digging stick to extract a plant root for cooking later, gently, fullmindedly, picking leaves of plants to spice the meal, herbs to make the meal healthy, healing sap to apply to Big Daddy's bruise..........

Meanwhile, as they meander through the saltbush, the youngsters have found a snake!

Big Fella grabs it by it's tail, swings it, to all the kids screams and delight, onto a rock, snapping the snake's neck.

Big Fella's the hero tonight! Aye? A special treat for tea!

Meanwhile, somewhere in the suburbs, a white kid throws a violent ADHD tantrum because his ipod's batteries have died, kicking his sister.

Dad roars at him. He leaves the house. Wanders, pissed (pissed-off), looking for anything to occupy his time.

Meets mates, wanders toward.......

“Police were called to an incident this evening.....”

Good on yer white fella!

You unnerstand LAW, don' ya?

As I have scribed in the driver's side of my tarpaulin covered ute


From the Travelling 4x4 Tent of
Countryzen bin Eartha

Outlaw, for
Education and