Political "Twist" doctors Inquiry called for

Of the last 10 or more years, voters have absorbed the term "spin doctors", and I guess understand what it means.

"Twist doctors" came to mind yesterday when pondering the charming and so eloquently cunning way, christian thinking and right-wing politicians grab, to their own 'elite-club' advantage, often quite old, Sound and they hope, Wise cliches as derive out of deep Philosophical Community-Centred, Socialist Alternative Considerations, Wisdoms which arise from the Spiritual Meditations of Wholly Selfless People. Selfless at least in their Political Work.

(How long before "Selfless" becomes part of Howard's same-same cliche-appropriation? "But alas Mux, already innumerable, surely???")

To this I put it that media needs/must investigate the Philosophical Strength of any substance behind their plaguarised terms.

By "Philosophical" I mean: an unconditional, non-exclusive Love-Centred Determination, via Spiritual Wisdom, "To Know the True Way to Live".

100 percent [or more!] Sustainably.

Any inquiry needs, as I infer, come from a High, indeed a Very High Foundation, Philosophical in every sense and aspect.

An Inquiry is called-for on these Grounds, a Royal Commission, into the Validity, ALL THINGS CONSIDERED, of the dominant economic, cultural consumerist, expansionist national model(s), as pervade and infect Australia, perhaps most, but essentially the dominant elitist first worlders of here, North America, Europe and Israel, Saudi Arabia et al, and how the demons of our leader's minds, as expert lawyers, use wholesale corruption of the Language of Good and Sound Principles to further their quite extremist, materialist, mammonist ends.

Untenably selfish ends.

The Christian religion, something that appears to my analysis as being but a 'branch' (the Messianic branch) of the threatened judaic Talmudic religion or occult force of the time, has ridden the wave of trust (actually, deceit) and superlative language and concepts to this day, while using surely the Highest Edict, "Love Thine Enemies" to, in my limited view, mercilessly ride roughshod over the less crazed, more Peaceful, Wise, Happy, Sustainable and of a Certainty therefore, most Economical People's and their Cultures, Social, Community Structures and thus, personal True religiosity, I venture to say.

Most, pre-western Indigenous Cultures, by their being Indigenous, that is having Secure Tenure on Land for centuries and millennia, by what are seen by the dominant brutes, (Celto!-)christians, as crude and brutal cultures: human and even animal sacrifices "to the Gods" etc., maintained the Balance, so that EVERYONE Enjoyed the Bliss of the Good God's Creation.

The flawed christian approach to such as the medico's 'sanctity of life' ethos, (clearly, for the rich) are now being seen as deadly for global population Balance, and, I assert therefore for the Environment, and for the Economy of a Sustainable Planet, ie., our existence into the future beyond twenty years from today.

Pat Robinson's latest outpouring of effluent from his demonicly-occupied vocal oriface, is but one recent example of the rreally really twisted mind and beliefs.

Beliefs our so-called christian prime miniture John the savaloy Howard, must if he is true to HIS Methodist sub-branch of ju-christomania, agree with.

As do George W Bush and Tony Blair.

The global media is, against the want of Brettonwoodians, still a flux, in-flux, and may, optimistically speaking, be capable of changing the direction of flow of "What We Need to Know".

If there's a journo in Earth who's on the brink between choosing a "Career" in the elitist, terminal mainstream media, and the simmering, percolating, brewing Left-Wing Community, hey! Communist-even Approach to what the media is best at, therefore exists for: to "Expose corruption from the True Way", even if it means 1, returning to and learning the Indigenous Ways, Australiawide (Planetwide!), and 2, the termination of the media's elitist lifestyles, to a Better Way, then All Things Considered, as far as I'm Concerned, You are all, All, Protected by Angels.

Hope Sony Agrees.


Max No Difference (.....if You don't)


A Letter from Merlin of Meredith to King Charles of Windsor

This arose out of an unplanned 'hello' email to my folks in Melbourne, which endured a very cold snap last Thursday. They wont mind that I blog it unedited, I hope?

Will it though I may, May the Good Prince Charles, Prince of Wales hear these words.........


Just wondering whether the weather was bearable down there?

Seems 'strange' forces are being energized?

Perhaps the high priests of the christian cult(s) should Learn to take-it-eeeeasy with their 'powers'.

Was it Newton who put the "equal and opposite reaction" theory?

This is not quite equal....... Karma works and is quite some dimension bigger, than the feable e-motions of mere men, and women, and children.

And State Premiers.....

Going by the accumulated evidence, I am the bearer of an Older Wisdom than anything out-of-Egypt-Israel-or Rome, here to correct the erring minds of the west, of the Christian west.

By 'bearer' I mean that, an Ananda Marga monk I went to see, I at 15, he a young fellow then, is still in me, and has been, with other Spiritual entities, light and dark - my Spiritual and Earthly Guide since - some 35 years now.

He has a Master, the deceased Head of the Ananda Marga movement, and His Wisdom. And so it goes back to the Masters of Hinduism of the last few thousand years, who saw the dangers eminating from the west, the psychic, tantric, occult dangers, as are expressed in most-everything the west makes and believes today.

These (Unknown) Elders of the Higher Wisdom Religion of Hinduism, it seems to me, called forth such as the Ananda Marga movement to address these major worries. Worries the west were too caught-up in to see the dangers of. BAD CULTURE.....

If it wasn't myself, they, and the Methodists, would've sought-out another, perhaps Better, more capable than I, to do the Work I've (as if unconsciously) done over the last thirty years.

If Christians worked and lived as their Boss taught them, like the Ascetic Essenes, they would ALL BE the Christ, they would all be the Bearers of the Same Knowledge (and Power) He brought, thus would also be Wise enough to NOT stumble along (eg: far-right Liberal-Christian "POTR" [policies-on-the-run] politics), as we/they are, to a totally unnecessary doom, in the false and utterly evil belief that things have to come to a near-apocalyptic state before the Christ drops back-in. Evil elitist cliches all of them!

The Knowledge remains in Leviticus 25, perhaps the most important chapter in the whole Bible - DON'T SELL YOUR MOTHER EARTH!

That our Good Convict genes got me through there is no doubt, but alas, there have been others, which was why you were called to India Mother Dear, etcetera.



The roots of the name of Meredith may be in need of further research, me thinks....

If this life is what we, as individuals make it, and if what I have achieved thus far has in reality occured, to whit I may deserve some accreditation, though the most accreditation must go to 'other' sources, Spiritual Guides, from Earthly India and/or from the Higher Reaches of Heaven, and if the perceptions of a rather large number of Humans is anywhere near true, True, I am in fact 'directing' if-I-may, 'the show' of everything I perceive in the world (and beyond?).

"Making my own Reality" however, as you are fully aware, is full of, is fraught with danger, for the ego is ever-ready to jump in and trick the Observer into a grand delusion, as most christians excel in manifesting.

Nevertheless, a certain warmth in the handshake with an official of the Chinese Embassy in Canberra in about 2002, or powerful Love from the heart chakra of a young San Fransiscan lassie last year in Nimbin, and the innumerable other Confirmations I observe, satisfy me that, while I have no great want to be the director of this amazing Earthly show, I have perhaps the most powerful mind around, for much of what I think comes into being, beyond coincidence, beyond delusion, or mere magical fabrication.

Therefore, as much of my thoughts on global issues seem to have been heard, by major players, and responded to in positive ways (as well, there will be a want for the darkness to employ some of these energies, thus sabotage is rampant), and as it appears to many that I am "The Great Communicator" come to settle the world of differing nations and customs, a label such as 'the christ' is almost entirely unfitting, for He, or I would come only to release ALL Humanity, not just an elite bunch of ponsey spellbound prats.

So, how would the hero-messenger satisfy the yearnings and Spiritual hungers of those of the now enemy (Judeo-Christian consumerism - Mammon) as come to the world through the predominantly English, at most British culture, but by being the Descendant of the Most Revered English, Celtic High Priest - Merlin?

Meredith - Merlin?

Better than a Christ - May our Celtic Ancestors of all tartans and cloth rally to the Call of their long-awaited Merlin, come to shatter the darkness of the alien golden calf tribe ex-Israel, and Restore the Justice to the Land of our Fathers, and once more, Restore the King's Peace.


Which brings me to the Call, perhaps indeed by the Living Clan Elders of Meredith, for the present "Prince Charles" Prince of Wales, to arrest the decline of his own People by "Calling to Arms" the British Military and Civilian Police forces to institute the True Laws of the Land under his Regal Auspice - a Royal Coup, against not the People, but for the People of England Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Wales, thus too, for the Peoples of the old Commonwealth, and mayhap for all who now live under the Fine Laws which grew from the Ancient Britains.

A Call many in and from Britain would Rightly and Proudly hear and respond to with their Willing and Wise support.

On the streets, at the barricades, if necessary.

Merlin might well say "It is now necessary!"

Hyuk! A little bit of regal reverie. Would that it comes True...........

This has been compiled on the new local regional mobile library, which comes to Nimbin every Thursday. The whole speal above has numerous stories contained within, waiting to be put to paper and told, for the Good of All.

To this end, I ask you again, if Dad's computer techie could dig-up a laptop computer with enough technology to make files easily transferable from/to the internet, the Meredith clan of Doncaster and beyond would be Doing Great Work for all their Ancestors and for the wider Human world.

Of course it would be terribly remiss of me to omit mentioning the Credit due also to the Proud Clan of Willis', wherever we/they now be. For it is their genetics too which gave all clans the chance to also, in Common, enjoy the King's Justice, and thence the King's Peace, now awaiting us.

May King Charles Rise to the Call of His Throne!

AUM and Amen.



Max No Difference


David Hicks

Subject: RE: David Hicks
Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2005 10:17:49 +1000
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To: "Max No Difference"

Good Morning Max,

I have forwarded your email to the Prime Ministers Office.


Liberal Party - Canberra
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From: Max No Difference [mailto:maxadiff@yahoo.com.au]
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Subject: David Hicks


This is addressed to the Prime Miniture, Mr John W. Howard.

I'm not scribing thoughts to the media or left-wing politics lately - they've both as good as died, when it comes to Justice, et al.

Interesting that the Nationals are asserting the realities of rural and regional politics, infrastructure and services now? How long before the Nats split off from the anachronistic Liberal shindig-er-party is not known, but, as the Australian population (slowly-ever-so-slowly) is Wisened-up to the fraudulance of today's dynastic, elitist power-structures, ex-England, it, the split between, and separation of the Liberals and the Nationals is certain, if only for the fact that Nats too, can read and write, and some of them can even think, about what "Good Government" actually is.....

Why some of them are even waking-up to the fact that the current generation of 'leaders' (NOT!) and their sycophants (Costaloto, Abbott, Downer etc, etc) are an immense distance from filling that role - of - GOOD GOVERNMENT.

But why split-hairs about such inevitable splits? Your own Liberals are - you can't keep a good conspiracy theorist down J.W Hoo - held together by POTR-tape (Policies-On-The-Run-tape), and time's-a-coming when ALL WILL BE REVEALED, Mr Prime Miniture, and your Puppet-Master-Mentor Pig-iron Bob Menzies eloquent postulations on Economic policy and "Quality of Life" (if he ever elevated his mind to consider such things for the masses), and all of your own from the last thirty years will be understood by a majority as quite, quite wrong - Johng. (Look at that? Wrong rhymes with Johng!)

Now, now that we've started to sort-out - that is CORRECT your disgustingly erroneous policies on Asylum-Seekers, and Detention Centres, with a surprise injection of Humanitarianism from Petro Georgio and the others stuck to his trouser-leg, and as your, that is YOUR illegal, immoral and deeply erroneous philosophies on war, and Global Peace, via the pathetic 'war-on-drugs', the 'war-on-terror' and other largely perverted approaches, and as the latest is that about-everything surrounding the U.S. Administration's prosecution team case against detainees at Guatanamo Bay are false - let's talk David Hicks..............

It would be Wise of you John-the-dog-Howard, [ I reserve the right to call you and your sycophants whatever I choose, considering what you - COLLECTIVE - owe, me, my family and my God] to make the announcement that David Hicks will be returning to Australia, A FREE MAN, in 24 hours.

But why don't you pre-empt this emissive by announcing such news NOW..., Johnny darlingk?

David is just one example of the thousands (millions) who've been incarcerated illegally by your elitist trash over centuries past, because they stopped for a moment and weighed-up the ethics of the life-style you advertise as opposed to a lifestyle of Harmony with Allah, with the environment and with the neighbours, as the majority of Islamists live it.

That David Hicks chose to move into such dangerous regions to do whatever he could for those poor Fellow Humans suffering western bombs and bullets (not to mention the depleted uranium bombs and bullets of your 'allies'), makes him, to myself, and to the larger majority of Australians, a Hero of some measure far-and-away above you, lil' Johnneeee.

Time does expose things doesn't it Johnny, as it is exposing your inhumanity to your own species, let alone to your own Nation, to your own citizens who stand at the barricades for some True Justice.

I venture to say that your name will be deeply sullied in the future, whereas David's name may keep Rising in the typical Aussie's mind to that of a Great Person, whom he may well be.....


I don't care how hard it is, Mr Howhard!

Get some heart in that dinimitive Soul of yours, and maybe you'll not go to your grave in such ignominy.

Get him back here a.s.a.p. Johnny........


Max No Difference