So What If I Murdered A Few....?

130531 Today I throw this 26-page attempt to explain my weird life and circumstances onto the internet, to join the endless piles of junk already there, the majority of the junk being to distract humans from the facts, as I assert my 26 pages here, are. Fact.

Make of it what you clever dicks will. Cheap nobodies clawing for attention, for a little 30 milliseconds of fame, gained by their immature want to fuck over someone richer and more honorable then they.

I put those 26 pages together last year 2012, and this morning haven;t bothered re-reading them.

No doubt, if I did, whatwith more facts coming to light for myself in just the last week, one being that my sister Wendy, is right in there playing the Theosophical Society's evil game to fabricate me to being their sacrificial lamb, fall-guy for an evil, decrepit religious load of shit, from Rome, Britain, and Israel.

Wendy was bought in, when she was 16 years old, by being given the award of a beauty contest held by a 1960's trash magazine, either called “People” or “Everybody's”.

Plausible deniability is how this plan has been run since it's inception.

Sure, Wendy was quite pretty then, and did warrant, or make it to being awarded the beauty prize.

That she and mum won a free trip to the USA, to Hollywood specifically, the centre of Zionist fabrications of false gods and heroes etc, then to Elvis Presley's Graceland mansion, where? In Nashville I think, allegedly told before they flew to the 'States, she was gonna meet Elvis, but when they got there he was out of town, and that one of the larger headquarters of the Zionist, secretive and false religion Theosophical Society, is in a suburb neighboring Hollywood, in Pasadena California, is just too much to be discounted as adding up to the whole lot being betraying, self-interested scum.

So, I'm now getting passed Wendy allegedly, over the last few months, helping me find somewhere to either live in a house, for the 1st time in over 18 years, either/or, simply finding a suitable workshop to rent for long enough to finish my little, humble unassuming mobile home, to live out my later years as a “Nomad” homeless and rootless, discarded like trash by my mother after I put it to her that she was party to a major scam to set me up as a false messiah, and each time Wendy went for me, to houses available in Victoria, something occurred to stymie my trying to get off the road at last, for my last....?

It cannot be overlooked that she, Wendy, lives in a double house, circa 1860s-70s, in upclub inner suburban Melbourne 11-13 Bendigo Street North Melbourne, which have to be, on current real estate hyper-inflated market evaluations, worth near to a couple of million dollars, and mum if she still lives in Doncaster, is posited in a high class “gated community” of wealthy retirees, and brother Don, if he's still alive [the night I emailed to the Victoria Police and some 6 or 8 overseas newspapers in March last year 2012, an indictment including naming Don as party to an international pedophile network, with military connections, if not run by them, who were instrumental in trying to destroy every chance of my saving myself, I had a “vision” come to mind, of him, in a frantic condition, going into his large shed on his 90-acre property in Ruffie, central Victoria, putting the barrel of his point-two-two rifle in his mouth and killing himself. At the same time I was hearing Led Zepplin's “Hangman” song I think, but also, the song lyrics of “bye-bye my love it's hard to die” I forget the singer.] and yet none of them can garner enough credibility with their banks to go guarantors for me to get even just a $35,000 loan to buy a piece of land for myself?

As I write a lot in the blogs now


Clearly, mum and Wendy have taken, or been forced to take the “30-pieces-of-silver” a long time ago, to send me down the shitter on this bullshit escapade by the evil and dangerous fiction-makers of the TS, in party with the catholic and freemason cults, ET AL.

It's all had me go deep into myself, and claiming none of what I write as “mine”, somehow I come to the conclusion that “leaders” as we hope for and expect to save our world, nation, state or household, are all the devil's work.

But the devil's work is pretty much every thing the western world has “invented” especially since the industrial revolution. But that delusion began when? About 1600 years ago, in Nicea, methinks.

So, it remains my conviction that I'm better to look after my own integrity than to be stinking rich and join the ranks of selfish idiots of today's illusion.

So, read on, if 26 pages of my misery is readable.......

[Apologies if there are incompleted sections here,  I can't be bothered re-reading it]

[originally titled]

"So What If I Murdered A Few....?"


What does it ask of the leader, and of the followers?

History records the lives of “famous” leaders, and has, for most of our existence once equipped with the tools of record-making. Art. Picture. Language and words.

Always, wealth and power accrue to the top of any organisation with hierarchical structure. So quickly it becomes in the interest, the self-interest, of leaders, to do what they can to retain both wealth and power.

Fundamental to this practice's success, is keeping the myths about how the people need their leader, and that monarchs et al are actually gods descended to Earth, alive.

Behind monarchs and other leaders of people, feed a mass of scavenging parasitic administrators, advisors, secretaries, and-on and-on. Few are ever noble minded for long, before they are turned to deception, to support the instrumentality that provides them with food, shelter, security, confidence, a life, etc.

Since the advantages of being the leader, or of being close to the leadership, were recognised and celebrated, massive amounts of time, conspiring and the king's money have gone into supporting the leadership, and all of it's administration.

That centralised leadership is inherently, fundamentally flawed, is usually vehemently refuted by those who make personal, egoistic gain from a central authority and it's centralised structure. And fast will whole departments spring up to scribe and produce supportive fabrications of the overall benefits (NOT!) to the masses, of centralised power and authority.

Naturally no written records exist from pre-historical times, nations and peoples which detail the, or any alternatives, successful alternatives of course, to centralised government.

It may indicate that the phenomenon of record-keeping, thus of writing, therefore this “history” thing, etc., only became necessary because affairs became too big for people to remember.

(Years ago it struck me, in a cynical mood, that record-keeping ie., writing and accounting, really became necessary so the monarchs could keep track of the lies they spread!)

By this I imply that were the planet not over-run by egomaniacs, all bigots, liars and thieves, as it has become of the last few thousand years, Wisdom might have predominated, thus small government, local government, keeping together small sub-tribes, of their own reconnaissance, would have or may have been the dominant paradigm today.

I maintain this was the way, in most pre-expansionist-Rome peoples. The Australian Aborigine the closest example.

So, having done the economic science, the political and social, psychological science and Philosophy, I have no doubt that “leadership” as the modern world so gullibly and dangerously accepts it, and all of it's expenses to the public and multiple underlying ramifications, good and bad, is about as off the path as any social disorder could be.

Challenging this huge bank of beliefs, beliefs which appear to “justify” a culture or nation's leaders, monarchs, elites and it's administration straying from the Golden Mean of True Fella Culture, is one of the 1st threats those in high places have secret police and spy agencies et al, to be ever on the lookout for.

And passports, visas, prisons, police, gallows, and every other means of suppressing and oppressing the people.

That's why journalists, and dissident political activists and Common Folks with a voice, are oppressed, monitored and often disappeared.

So he who is slotted into the “Dissident” character, and who sees it as a worthy fight to take on, is up against the lowest bastards on Earth.

Typically, as complexity becomes the basis of administration western-style, in all departments there are those supportive of facts, of science, of Economic truths, and those who are there for the fun of it, for the egotrip, who will do their dirtiest just to “win” and subvert any goodness that may be in the section or ideology, etc.

Nevertheless...., unpicking the facts, evidence, myths and magic of leadership today, once a substantial inquiry is completed, will show us that this, is, in fact, pretty-much, too-big-an-ask.

For it threatens to unwind all the records, and beliefs, ideologies, and psychologies that have “matured” on these theories.

Theories which assert that central authority is good.

We can look most anywhere today, and we'll find that some form of central leadership, control and authority is deeply embedded in the social, business, governance, and recreational models of the modern world.

This is promoted by the film industry, which, in the west, in-general, is led by and forced to follow Hollywood studios' Zionist global demographics and political agenda, of ceaselessly pumping-out spectacular sense-tingling, thinnest-plot entirely infeasible and impossible “hero genre” cult movies.”

Looking especially at US Presidential campaigns and elections of the last 50 years, it's obvious that Hollywood, or the “film-star” fame element, plus every possible insertion and location promoting that, is employed to bolster each candidate as messianic and of “film-star-hero” status, popularity and heroic character.

Exactly, I'd say, how Arnold Schwarzenegger climbed to be Governor of California, USA. And Ronald Reagan to being a US President.

So embedded is it, that talk of devolving power as often brings a backlash, and that always comes from those who are enjoying what essentially is the corruption of culture, society and intelligence of the species. They are, as often, from the most stupid sectors and classes of any society, who are so dumb as to believe whatever someone with a convincing voice or reputation, or brown-paper-bag with a few dollars in it, tells them, and/or sells them.

So, if one comes upon a conspiracy to centralise all authority and power and thus wealth, they can be sure there will be a mass of opposition to their cause.

This is what's happened.

In 2005 I began a new path on my sojourn.

Now, 7 years on, I remain DEFIANT against the very same type of global conspiracy.

The central motivation for me however, is that not only are the world's most powerful elites conspiring with military, corporate, social authority etc., to bring a false ideology into being, to rule over all mankind with a central super-king, nor merely that they are fabricating evidence and altering historical records to suit their deceptions, in-party with the western, Jewish, Christian and Freemason powers-that-be and their dark and brutal forces, to fool the world that their cult master, Yeshua ben Joseph, latterly known as Jesus Christ, has returned to take the controls of all human and divine power on Earth, and to rule over all of us.

The central motivation for me is that they have made a plan, over the last 120 years at least, to manufacture this supposed world teacher/ruler/leader/saviour, and the poor suffering fool they chose, conceived, raised, bashed, trained and programmed to play that role - is myself!

“Ummmm?” I said to myself, once this finally penetrated the barriers in mind!

“Oh shit no!”

Now, 2012, down the dirt track, completely exiled and anti-social, seeing no “out” from this for myself, and having been indoctrinated in defiance of authority, about all I can do is keep defying them.

A BIG ask! Perhaps the biggest?

I reflect on previous great leaders, asking myself how many of them, from socialist and mememe sides of politics, were fabricated in similar ways?

Perhaps this is exactly why ancient Rome's emperor “Nero” is recorded to have retired to his music when Rome was burning? Perhaps he saw the scam and the falsities within it, and thus, the crime of “supreme rulership”?

Something else to research!

So I ask the reader to be aware that this little treatise goes to the heart of most all modern types and ideals of leadership, and puts them in the dock, and may force us to challenge the orthodoxy of our era, thousands of years in the making.

I only wish I were a better writer to make clearer the points inside I find less-than complete.

But, in optimism, I hope that someone, somewhere, in high places, can still think factually, truthfully scientifically, Wisely and thus somewhat selflessly, such that they see and can openly agree with what I'm trying hard to point out to the species - that if we do not move passed this false doctrine of “leaders being saviours”, we are definitely beyond saving ourselves.

And, any genuine intellect who might stumble along, and take up the task of organising humanity either before the apocalypse of demographic, cultural and environmental meltdown, or after, may well have to be tough on us to break the false doctrinal beliefs, myths and spells draped over, to dull, our own sovereign, divine, intellectual faculties.

My way of expressing what, or who should be “to whom we turn for advice”, is perfectly simple.

“God, is LAW!”

“Law, is god!”

This has been known since the beginning, I put it, and, as the world spins out of control, many have gone to their graves prematurely, trying to bring this simple and pure fact - that “True Land Law, is god” to the light of the minds of the masses.

The devil of corruption, usually 1stly economic corruption, whence arises such foolish calls to fabricate a spiritual world leader, will be found hiding in the laws of the land, which, on scientific, economic scrutiny, will be found in this present and several passed centuries, to be not True.

Subverted in any of innumerable ways to profit someone, from the main leader, it's body of administrators, down to local mayoral officers, and below, to police stations and real estate agencies.

Imagine how many legal firms benefit from this bottom-line corruption of economic law?

Tax offices, and other financial and revenue-centred government departments, and private accounting firms employ millions based upon the fundamental corruption of law, land law, and taxation.

Most all, employees, indoctrinated (educated) by those same corrupters of religious AND economic truths, facts, stories and myths.

Having been aware for some 26 years, of this fundamental truth, that True Laws of the Land are primary to good culture and society and thus, to individuals, short and long term, I engaged in Australia's and, with the internet arriving, the world's politics.

Few political bodies escaped my emails and hard copy letters going to this, these issues. Not of leadership, but of the land laws.

Indeed, from about 2000, I lobbied the Australian Labor Party on this issue, this bottomline policy, and, unbeknown to myself that I was this chosen idiot to fool the flockers, supported behind the scenes by a megalithic myth-making global series of cults, my observations, I maintain, still quite accurate, saw that Mark Latham had more than was necessary in Character and Intellect to lead Labor out of opposition and into government.

That is something of another story, sadly. Although I'm happy that he dropped out, for his sake, once I was made aware of this back-room game of putting me on top. Of the world!

After a period of reassessment, again, with Labor still in opposition after the 2004 federal election, I dug in once more, and the ALP cabal, essentially the Sydney “rum clubsters” and other factions, posited one Kevin Rudd as front-runner.

Both, high quality talents, as are many within the Labor Party.

In Latham's early years, he wrote a book. And in his introduction, he quotes Australia's 1993-to-2007 prime minister John Winston Howard, an extreme right wing PM, who admits that true land law (my term) expressed in government and in economic terms as “Land Tax”, is quote, “the most honest tax”.

That Latham put the question about land tax to Howard says Latham knew of it, and of it's merits.

This indicates enormous integrity in a person. I didn't know this when I spotted Mark Latham as a viable leader-cum-PM, but saw he was possessed of Integrity (albeit that he is a Sydney lad), and had a character the nation needed - tough, no nonsense, intelligent and dedicated - not through mere self-interest and myopic opinion, but through factual, scholarly research - to a better society than he and we had known, and saw coming. He was also from Working-Middle-Class stock.

Then, leading up to the 2004 Australian federal election, Mark Latham's ALP was holding a massive 60% of voter popularity over the tired and evermore draconian Howard coalition.

So obviously one, I was pretty close to right in recommending Latham for the ALP leadership chair, and two, one of the biggest majority's ever in Australia, for Latham, said that at least 60% of Aussies agreed.

But yes, the “tired” factor, of an oldish government, contributes a lot to losing voter support, and to calls for change.

But fate was not happy enough with this. And an whole 'nother story has to be kept for 'nother time, as to incidents behind one of Australia's most popular political leader candidates falling ill and retiring from the fray.

Labor lost.

Next time round, in 2007, I was at it again, and the ALP machinery threw-in rural Queenslander Kevin Rudd.

Another good candidate, albeit that he's too-chummy-a-Catholic, to my mind!

And, oh dear look what happened!

By the end of 2009, Rudd and government received a commissioned report from Treasury, the “Henry Review” into taxation, etc.

This went to the core of all economics and of all good, or ill, culture - Land Tax.

With Great Integrity Rudd and his Cabinet accepted Treasury Head, Ken Henry's report, and sought to adopt his recommendations into national policy.

Once more, in early 2010, Rudd's ALP was leading in the polls at 60% popularity, as the nation neared the mid-year 2010 fed-election.

However, once more, not unlike the subversion that brought Mark Latham's campaign undone, and with similar corruptions underpinning the factional tensions and motives, which were, that the ALP is wedded to the Vatican's Catholicism, and it's psychosis of convincing humanity that their god had come back.

Rudd was riding a wave of promised success, but only if he could convince the messiah, ahum....? - the puppet of the establishment, of the inbred, long-lost Jewish-Christian elite, doing everything to keep their seats on the top of world power - to stand up and make his presence known.

He..., I'm deeply embarrassed to say, me, I, was deeply distracted by friend and foe, although I did see that this game was going on behind me, and that it was deeply flawed, and that it was, is, and ever-after shall remain, bullshit, and exactly what democracy does not need.

(Christianity - the ideal, the belief, that there awaits Humanity, a single human being, possessed of so much power, wisdom, knowledge, etc., that they can resolve all man's woes and differences, who is so capable that he will destroy all mankind's enemies - aliens, ghosts, demons, lower demons, and all things frightening, unreasonable, violent, deceitful - who is predicted by that same cult's fanatics and mythologists to appear on Earth in the near future, is precisely contrary to the whole notion and practice of Democracy, where the collective, through clean practices, awaken their individual intellects, and thus open their mind, soul, psyche, to the, their own divinity. Attaining that, connects them with the Absolute, and all knowledge, consciousness and bliss.
From the limited insight I had into these deeper, religious notions, ideals, dreams and beliefs, of the wisest, strongest individual ruler of all - one, sole human, over today's 7 billion-plus of us - I did touch on learning a little about this phenomenon, outside of the classic doctrine of Christian ideology, of a superior human being, possessed of everything necessary to rule and bring peace over the planet, but from the Athenian Philosopher, Plato, in his treatise on the hierarchy of mankind. This told of his divinations about the man, known as the “Timeocrat” or similar.
I haven't read any Plato or Socrates for decades, it feels, so memory fails me as to the details of the making or evolution or rising of such a superior person. Today, for all I know, Plato's might be dated philosophy, and modern explorations of the psyche, of the human mind in general, but of modern evolutions of the species, may give convincing evidence that his thoughts on the Timeocracy were indeed not something eternal in us species-wise, but have passed into obsolete interpretations of our subtle, mental and spiritual condition and existence. Rather, I believe, such persons come, answering, dare-I-say, a call from those who see the need, or see the desperate state of the tribe, nation, planet. It is not any “god” sending him, her, it, but in fact we create such a person with the wandering and lost desires for the talents needed to get us, personally, or collectively, out of the ditch. This collective yearning, guided always by lying, inept charlatan priests, full as such unknowledgeable mental activity is with fear, distorted interpretations, desire and anger, is what makes demons in people and in the world around us, gross and subtle. So, be very very careful how, and what you pray for!
This calling for another, to save us, from our own discordant and wild mind, concords of course, with the Christian faith trip of praying for Jesus to come. However, prayer is at least as often a selfish act by individuals, and by induction into any of the Christian faiths, the faithful are co-opted into adding their psychic energy educed via prayer, to the wider motion, movement, of wishing Jesus back. This, has many questionable aspects to it. Perhaps the biggest is the issue of our occult ability to manipulate the subtle world with mere words, and alleged sacred ceremonies, such as prayer, as carried out and on by witch cults and their smaller covens of senior members. Churches are in the same basket here. Devil worshippers do the same thing, often to rival any “godly being”, they believe or know is not the genuine article, said to come to save the faithful. This, the inevitable battle between light and the other, as much initiated by those who “pray” and meditate, but especially by those living false lives, serves more to create warring sides, so bringing destruction on the people. Those who worship the dark side, aware of it or not, are as much working to keep some semblance of balance in the ether, because messing in any way with the subtle, occult, world of magic, by “amateurs”, creates worse results. Magic is not a toy, as the Harry Potter representations depict, and if played with, or prayed with, without the deepest wisdom, even with the most sincere longing, does upset the larger, finer energies of the cosmos, if we do not expunge all the other thought forms, beliefs, desires and delusions, illusions from our meditations first. Anger, fear, malice and war are always the end-product. This, more so when false ideologies are spread to become the mainstay of the theology. Especially, eventually, when the ideologies force us to belief in falsities, false gods, and false spiritual AND economic beliefs. While a priest and his/her flock are deluded - fascinated - to thinking they and theirs' are the most Spiritual, by the size of their flock, but as often by the material wealth of their flock, or by some charismatic entrancing lots to “believe” with strong, catchy, seductive, language and words, cliches, phrases, excerpts from their books, or sermons from reputed orators, and/or with wealth, etc., and through this, repeated weekly, if not daily, are seduced to becoming evangelist, all they really do, all they really effect, is to distance themselves from their own intellect and it's natural yearning, leaning, hunger, and search for, but from therefore, the infinite, what I sometimes call, the First Principle, the light deepest within them/us, and, to raise the ire of those who either simply believe another way, or have done some genuine work of inquiry into their own psyche, it's drivers and weaknesses, etc., and who find their own truths, which prove that ideals which deprive them of their own Soul's and Intellects' sovereignty are embedded within the broader doctrine, thus find an obligation to honesty, to living honestly, find an obligation to truth, to the widest laws, to disagree. The more fanatical people become, the less intelligent they are. This fanaticism creates the blind, and, crucially, the insatiable want, the need, the wish, the hope, the belief, and, prompted by the self-interested leaders of their cults to act in-the-extreme “in-the-name-of-Jeeesuss!”, the least humane warmongering. The negatives of these mis-practices and their products - anger, intolerance, refusal to listen beyond their own, frustration, stupidity and anxiety, which once out of the box, force us to war. Perfectly contrary to anything Jesus might have taught his flockers, they fervently and most dangerously blindly, stubbornly march forth in trances on their illusory beliefs in a super-Jesus, because the flock has been led into the religious ditch of ignorance, whence they need more and more “faith”, in untruths, deceits, conmen, that only serve to divide the soul and produce failing beliefs and motives for action. Next, comes war.
But unqualified prayer does nothing but make manifest“thought forms” in the subtle realm, and enough minds thinking about them, will make manifest the focused-upon ideation, in the 3-dimensional realm, whether a spiritually pure, sacred manifestation or not. Hence we have masses of us, lured, captured and believers in the massive “hero cult” propaganda out of the fonts of false gods - Zionist Hollywood supported by endless marketing out of all capitalist offices, churches, governments, palaces and western religions - which goes with us from the movie-cinema, and is absorbed into our ways of seeing the world, interpreting the world, and thereafter acting in the world. Most would not have any major influence on most of our thoughts and actions, but the few most important things in the spiritual inquiry, are corrupted, and are made more distant from us and our inquiry, such that we lose it, stagger into the arms of the 1st cult we are caught by, and with their encouraging deceits, come to believe we are forgiven - “Jesus died for our sins!(?)” so we do not need to live completely responsibly, for our Jesus will do that for us. This excuses us from diving deeper than the religious belief trip, into, through until beyond the well of mind, to go farther in to our own absolute light. Most true religious doctrine and instructions implore us to let go of every material thing, which includes the beliefs we cannot honestly defend. “Give away all your possessions,.....” etc.

So..., continuing from before the paragraphs in italics....,

All I could do was DEFY! all calls to put me on a pedestal.

So, now, after 17 years, I'm still shunned by all arenas of business, society, culture, family and friendship, still homeless, purely because I see the whole “Jesus-is-back!” trip as nothing short of an outright and deadly evil, against my own being, but more, against every other human beings'.


So it cannot be under-emphasised how important revealing this conspiracy is.

Were it to be recognised and it's - my recommended corrections included in humanity's attempts to save ourselves from - ourselves, huge human political, military, corporate, market, cultural and other structures, bodies and groups would, should crumble, and the most urgent and necessary changes from this decrepit and deadly “faith” (aka “witchcraft”) trip Rome and the Jews have fooled us all to join in, to our next elevation back into being True Fella Human Beings, whence we all came, pre-the fall from Eden, might actually be possible to begin?

Personally, I don't see it. We're all doomed, as far as the science shows.

There's no way the hegemonies across the world, all corrupted into this abyss of false gods and false leaders, and false leadership therefore, can find the Courage, Integrity, Honesty, Wisdom and Humility to step down in such an organised, Intelligent, wise, magnanimous and peaceful manner as to not influence an acceleration of the pending apocalypse.

By far the majority of them are egomaniacal sadists, overtly or covertly.

And I will not retreat from accusing the majority of the upper-political-class, in the west at least, as being terribly retarded, blinded by their own fortune, positions, and wealth, etc., until having lost the vital ingredients to being a True Human Being.

Clearly, something has to be done.

However, contrary to the era's misnomered, so-called “political wisdom”, I say the last thing someone should do is to make a stand publicly, to shout down these false gods and false leaders' ideals.

One, because the psychopaths, perverts and straight-out criminals are making squillions from this very same myth, mythology and it's upkeep, so will terminate anyone, especially close to the heart of the fraudulence, if heard to speak up.

But secondly, those or he, (me? Gulp!) who might try (NOT!), will more likely only be treated the same as the idiots who believe in Jesus, etc., want to treat Jesus, by forcing him up on as big a pulpit as they can lobby-and-market-for, and make him-me a complete liar. And a target for his ideological opponents.

I have little regard for anything nor anyone these days, but that, I do regard as a step too low. It does appear, that I do have some Integrity.


After the war I've had to wage just to not be bashed by so-called “outlaws”, and trying to get authorities to listen and act on my gathered evidence, now, at 57.6 years, I am giving up expecting any positive, remunerative response from them, whether lowly coppers, Centrelink employees or senior government organs. But especially not the churches. Mainly because, as I assert, this issue, this situation I find myself near-as buried in, is quite real and does actually go-to so much of what the whole western capitalist system has talked itself into believing and taking advantage of, that any who dare speak of it are doomed.

So! I'm doomed! The sooner the better.

As this is fast turning into another max-prolix rave, I stop editing in more, more MORE!

Read! And feel rich!


Hmmm...? This is one amazing story.

It is rightly called “THE Conspiracy”.

Not, like the 1990's Hollywood film “Conspiracy Theory” starring Mel Gibson as the character “Gerry Fletcher”, a “different” slightly retarded New York taxi driver-cum conspiracy theorist, who just happened to be an ex-military special services operative, gone a bit loopy, under the para-psychological influences of his ex-boss “Finch”, yet Gerry also was very-much on the money as far as one or two amazing conspiracies happening were concerned.

That movie, as-it-happens was a “spoof” made about the very person now writing this.

So, this here story goes, from the heart, if I may, to as labelled, “THE Conspiracy” about the most fantastic story imaginable.

I wish I were able to enjoy it.

Coming to terms with the facts inside it as written here, requires readers' engage their own critical Intellect, because these types of tales, especially when written by the central figure, have to be scrutinised with a sharp, well-informed, but I think, Impartial mind, for any hidden mental illness, thus any propensity to not see things aright.

Ideally, the two factors, my personal life, and the wider implications, ramifications, delusions and ideology within this story would be separated to their two basic elements, of my own memories, of events and family, and personal affairs etc., and my comments and long considered thoughts on the underlying “plan” or “conspiracy” that basically is my “life”.

However, because of the way I've learned to write, and because of the pressure upon me to, by one side, write this expose, and by the interested parties, to not write it, it's too hard to separate the 2 parts.

Being resigned as I am, to not being obsessed, I leave it to the reader to discern the hard facts as best they can. I cannot be bothered separating the personal from the “macro” underlying this, the great Christian deceit.


1st. Humans can think. I say that in any other culture, or in a natural environment, as opposed to the fabricated world we now inhabit, our thinking faculties would not have us degrade ourselves, to the level of having to employ our mind to connive, nor to conspire to secure our own, and our family's, tribe's or nation's welfare.

The necessities for a healthy, balanced and happy life would be at hand, and available perennially.

But as this epoch, say, of the last 224 years in Australia, but of the last, say, 5-to-10,000 years in the western, Eurasian region has been up-and-down, between peaceful and warring peoples, nations, and periods, the need for one and many to connive has been integral in our daily fidgeting, usually merely in order to ensure some security of our needs for more than a few days, or years.

That's how history has played out.

Today, conniving, or, in another word, corruption, has become part-and-parcel of all nations, of their governments, of their elites, and thus, of their peoples.

The relevant word for this, is “conspiring”, or “conspiracy”.

It can be a small-time conspiracy, to win an advantage over the other bloke, another retailer, another club, or political party, etc., and it can also be on grander scales, between whole cultures, where one side deems it necessary to scheme something in secret in order to trounce their perceived opposition.

As conspiracies have become pretty-much the daily bread of our most wealthy political players, all sides are guilty of being a bit naughty, and of committing crimes to ensure their victory over the other side.

So, no-one denies that conspiracies exist, from primary school kids planning something, up to the highest echelons of politics and finance.

As, therefore, conspiracies do exist, the question arises, worth anything or not, as to which conspiracy is the grandest, the biggest?

What factors would we include to assess this?

It seems pretty obvious to one who has had Hollywood movies written about him being a, if not the “Conspiracy Theorist”, that the primary factors in assessing which conspiracy is the biggest, and it may go without saying, the most heinous, the worst, the most evil, or most damaging to the largest number of Human Beings, or in fact, the most damaging to life on Earth, are what qualifies any such “biggest conspiracy”.

But perhaps not all conspiracies are evil, even though, the very nature of a conspiracy suggests that untruths have been or have to have been employed to ensure whichever end result is sought?

But THE biggest one, I think, has to be assessed by the number of people it both involves and effects, as well, by the amount of damage it does.

Crucially, in regards to those I give these pages, to being able to accept the veracity of the story you're about to read, it has to be realised that as the world's biggest conspiracy has to exist somewhere, that somewhere on Earth the biggest conspiracy is being played out, there is no reason that it should not be in your neighbourhood.

So, take it however you must. I am generally bloody sorry that one, I'm the central player, puppet, figure, and two, I'm sorry for you, that it has to happen in your region.

But it has happened, and in Australia. So, because of the sheer magnitude of this bizarre story, it would seem it requires rather a lot of maturity, Intelligence, Wisdom and those Virtuous traits of Integrity, Honor, and Dignity, in anyone who reads this, or who becomes involved, to know how to sensibly and wisely react.

So far, due to the ongoing hidden occult players and their forces, from all sides of the “light/dark” equation, but mainly due to the general stupidity and immaturity of the majority of white Australians, I've had an horrible time, which has been the main contributor to my now being a fairly (or unfairly) bitter and twisted person.

Neverthelesssss....., being at least able to survive away from the general thrust of mainstream, white Australian lunacy, I think........, I've held my balance, and with it, some element of Intelligent thinking.

So..., here it is! “THE conspiracy”!

Aside, of course, from the last biggest, most heinous conspiracy, planned and executed over 2,000 years, starting in ancient Israel, and carried further via ancient Rome, across it's “Holy Roman Empire”, and of the last 1,600 or so years, across the whole planet.

We know it as “Christianity”, and all it's factions, and subdivisions and branches and offshoots.

Labelling this, and anything as a “conspiracy” infers I think, that there are elements of untruth involved.

I have no doubt about the many untruths inserted into the story of Jeshua ben Joseph's (aka, Jesus of Nazareth's) life and death, and of the twisting of facts and records to suit the agendas-plural of both the Hebrew Rabbis out of Jerusalem and of the establishment elites out of 4th century AD Rome, as well of course, of their descendants to today.

So I will not try here to prove my beliefs about the poor, Righteous and suffering Jeshua (“JC”) of 1st century Israel, nor refer to that period and the details, other than to support the current time's “grandest conspiracy”.


Me”, at least in the sense that for this type of conspiracy to be enacted, it requires a poor, suffering puppet, carried along by a host of (essentially self-interested) players behind the scenes he knew, could see and was guided, OR strung along through.

So, anyone who reads this has to be pretty smart, to be able to discern that I, the writer and miserable “key player” in this grand-indeed-grandest drama, am not delusional, as the conspirators will insist.

And insist they have done, and will do, purely so-as to not have the weight of guilt dropped on their selfish, frantic, insane, cowardly and desperate heads, for trying, by this outrageous connivance, to defraud the whole of Humanity of their Rightful, Sovereign place in the world. By having them/us surrender our own personal Spiritual Rights, of our inherent ability to awaken and employ our own Intellect, and by that, to find a Oneness with the Absolute, known in the west as “god”.

By having them/us surrender our own personal Spiritual Rights over to a false, absolutely corrupt, conspiring oligarchy of selfish, egomaniacal, economic elites at the top of this completely corrupt “centrist” religion and culture, with a fabricated “returned Jesus Christ” at the top of the political and economic pyramid of control.

Ummm....? Apologies for the wordy explanations....!

Only after some 50 years, of being grossly deceived by family, friends and the world around me, in 2005, did I start to inquire as to the “veracity” of my own existence, even though for most of my adult years I did suspect “something” was “going-on” behind my back. But reflecting on my experiences, as far back as I recall, hidden influences have always managed to steer me away from anything that might have me see the little game, or games being constantly played behind my back.

Now, some 7 years since the 1st shocking revelation, upon doing an internet search for the meanings of my own, and quickly enough my family's names, and discovering that my given names mean “greatest” “victorious peoples” “great lord”, in “Max Nichols Meredith”, I'm still somewhat paralysed.

This of course, if I was to assume my Step-Father's surname by birth, of “Meredith”. I'm registered as “Cook” because Dad, my Step-Dad, was himself adopted over to Walter Cook when his mother, Adelaide Nichols, left Dad's genetic father, Clarence Meredith, and remarried Walter. A little complex, but I assert that the larger plan included Grandma re-marrying so-as to put in the background, Dad's genetic surname, “Meredith”, because it is the link between the child they were building (who turned out to be me) with the Tudor Kings of England, and their antecedents of ancient Wales, two reputedly being Kings “Arthur”! One of 7th century Wales, and another as the records showed, being from the 2nd century BC!

Since 2005, the amount of stuff I've “uncovered” about myself, about my family on mum's and on Dad's sides, about the various religions and cults who have some connections to me, to my families, of the crimes committed by my own family and by the “operatives” acting to keep this grand secret secret, et al, and about the sum total of it, continues to stun me so much that I want nothing at all to do with anyone, white, Bleck, or other, and want to live in complete exile from all Human Beings. Especially Christians, Jews, and Freemasons. Preferably, on a secluded and very private piece of land. (As every means has been employed to prevent me from finding a secure and private piece of land, I've taken another 99th-best option, and am now trying to build my own mobile hut in back of a 4x4 Holden ute.)

As with most conspiracies, this one was uncovered. But sadly not by those who would be able to get me out of the deep hole this had buried me in, since my unholy conception in 1954.

The people who brought this heinous conspiracy to the attention of the world around me, were quite the opposite, in that they were wealthy, privileged private school egomaniacs. And, as we are learning more and more, this type are almost never interested in anything but their own egocentric aggrandisement and advantage, preferably on the blood, sweat and tears of other “lower” people than themselves.

So they used what they found out about the game being played with and on me, behind my back, to vent their jealousies and envies of myself, and to make themselves even more spoiled than the churches had already.

So, it seems, they began their own “conspiracies”, on the back of this, “biggest conspiracy”.

As a consequence, I've been shunned by my own family, by everyone I thought I knew as friends and workmates, et al, and have been living rough, in motor cars, doing my best to be away from other people, hiding in deserts, forests, state and national parks, for the last 17 years.

Unexplained offence, insult, theft and brutality have been part-and-parcel of these 17, and more, years, for the people who used their upclub connections to find out about me, conned Australia's outlaw motorcycle gangs that I was their enemy as well.

So for that 17-plus years, and before that, while losing an excellent small but growing home business, jobs and money to criminal shucksters in Melbourne, I've been victim to their dirty tricks, losing motorbikes, cars, most possessions, and cannot find anywhere, a safe and private place to live.

Because this conspiracy is of such an enormous “magnitude”, it always feels both, in a way, unreal, totally bizarre, and, for that too, it feels impossible to discuss with anyone, or deconstruct, to be explained in such as these pages.

My only insights into the occult influences that have been behind this charade, and actually in my head, forcing me one way, guiding me another, setting me up to either win or lose in one way or another, have come from the endless variety of TV programs, and movies.

Because of the “demons” in the shadows, who are either on the same side, sides, as the original British conspirators, and so use their occult power to make an honest conversation about the various types and methods and dangers of “messing with people” impossible for me, or, because of similar demons who are siding with the conspirators' opponents, and have essentially blackmailed the establishment, with threats of exposing this evil falsity, and so are given “licence” by the establishment to carry-out their own perverse, and not so perverse affairs, mainly I think, criminal, to the extent of running huge pedophilia networks, illegal drugs, “people-trafficking” and immigration networks, etc etc., no-one has been able to have an honest and frank discussion with me. So I've had to seek out, via the pathetic portals I can get, of mobile phone TV, and the occasional DVD movie, etc., whatever shows and films I can, hoping they can inform me of what I'm confronted with, in terms of witchcraft, etc.

I think most of us learn that many “plots” behind movies have bases in real life and have at least a few “grains of truth” behind them.

But I am left numb again, each time I happen to see similarities in one TV program, or Hollywood movie, etc, to my own ssssstraaaange life.

Trying to keep a balanced view of all this, this which keeps appearing to be trying to tell me that everything, from films, and some TV shows, clearly a small minority, as well as most everything in the world around me, “are all about me”, has me prefer to think that movie makers and producers, and their overlords, overlords behind this conspiracy called “max!”, do whatever they can to convince the audience that the stars, the players, the roles in their movies are actually portraying the lives of the individuals in the audiences.

If this “hidden agenda” is beneath movie manufacture, as one of it's covert standards, then the movie industry is disgustingly sinister, methinks.

Because it can only work to make the audience enormously egocentric, thus, soon enough, especially if movie-watching is a favourite pastime, seriously disconnected from how Humans should live, amidst others, in a much less selfish way, and so, quite dangerously dysfunctional. Dangerous in that this is very likely to shorten a person's tolerance, and make them frighteningly unreasonable. That-is, unintelligent.

ALAS! Western society!

However, for a while, in the years I was exploring my own thinking patterns, mental propensities and behaviour, and trying to expose the various influences inside each line of reason or thinking or belief, I was lured back to thinking that everything I experienced was actually orientated around mememe.

This caused an huge psychological conundrum for me, because it infers that you, and they, and him etc., are actually constructs within my own mind, and mental apparatus, which doesn't make sense, because I cannot come at believing you are not essentially the same as myself. The combinations and permutations that can arise from digging into this perception are endless, and I'd reckon, dangerous.

In the least, it exposes an immense and complex psychic network of inter-lapping and overlapping forces, energies, layers, levels, actions, which is beyond my ability to map, deconstruct or fathom. So I dropped that avenue of decoding my own psyche to that degree.

I have since dropped those ways of looking at my psychology, and thus, at the world around me, but there was too much, a sense, and reasonable argument, suggesting that I, but an amazingly sophisticated microbe of the Supreme Self, nevertheless am one who is an equal part and spark of, was/am in fact the centre of all that exists.

Deep spiritual, and scientific, psychological exploration can come to something similar. But as I was unable to discuss anything of this kind with anyone, I had to leave it go.

The, my, summation of these thoughts, is that we are all illusory beings within an endless Cosmos, made-up of all manner of signalling, developed, reacting, evolved forces, which have grown to be semi-autonomous, while being connected from outside this time/space level always back to a singular origin, which is called a light, but has higher frequency energies and refinements than we can sense. So high a frequency it is a constant “note”, and is in every lesser frequency and their productions.

The obvious dangers, though, in taking this belief on, the only way to explore it and find any failings, are that one becomes hugely egocentric, and is in danger of placing oneself, on one's own deity's throne, or such. Because also, this line of self-exploration showed that everything is actually not “out there” in the perceived world, but is some amazing set of mental constructs, happening inside my own cranium, in my own mind. So, on that, you are not any real being, as are every other being, human, insect, whatever, also not, and you, and they, everyone and everything, are but fabrications or manifestations inside this immeasurably complex computer we call, as hardware, the “brain and the nervous systems”, and, as software, the “mind”.

As said, I have been supported in those deductions, by many scholars in the Sciences of the mind, Philosophy, religion, and, of course, by Hollywood, and others.

Hollywood's “The Matrix” impressed me, when it came out, and came close, to these same thoughts and points of view.

But today, with a few more years experience, one, I tend to be sceptical, and two, see gaps, flaws, in most all of the Hollywood attempts at explaining “us” and our existence.

The stuff explored in that movie, of leaping beyond this 3 dimensional world, is superb, but the underlying myth of “Neo” Anderson being “the ONE!”, is bad, lost, warped, and still excessively wealthy Hollywood bleeding the hero genre for more than it's worth, even though Neo goes for the girl rather than falling for the “save the world” infeasability trick.

Zion?!” Eeew!

But, I am in this seriously restricted situation, where the named secret societies and cults have been messing with me since I was conceived, and before. So nothing can be taken as fact, or real, or true, by myself.

Not any re-assuring situation to be in. Not a life for to make me feel or believe I am, either a god, or even have cause to be happy. Especially not enough to give me confidence and assurance enough to try to take the leap into the 4th dimension, even though I know that is my only hope and way out of this shitful hole mummy and her unquestionably insane cult dropped me in.


Along with this, although part of the bigger plan of the establishment building a false prophet, to be the 1st “world king”, all totally unknown to myself, I have acquired it seems, quite phenomenal occult powers. Another crucial ingredient of their “plan”.

I gather that occult powers are gained or, the “portals” into the inner sanctum of all power are opened, by putting a person through stressful situations. At least, this is, I think, the extent of “western” thinking on the subject of making both a witch, and in this awry case, a superwitch.

An amazingly dangerous game to be playing, I have no doubt.

Also, I fully believe that this “western” approach is fundamentally flawed.

Far superior, more peaceful means of developing the Human psyche, to being that ultimate, superior, Wise Human, and without all the negative egoism, etc, has been known and practised in other cultures, but also in small communities, villages, etc., since the beginning.

From my own intolerance, impatience, dysfunctional sociability, religious, ie., cult heresy, and my REALPolitikal Dissent, etc., and even though I stand by my conclusions that the species has fallen so low as to have only one way of stopping it's decline - Armageddon - or the most massive destruction, perhaps just a decimation of 90% of us, I firmly believe that the western secret societies' method of making me, or anyone, a super human powerhouse, will result in a not before seen most negative, violent reaction.

Earlier e-ssays on my weblog pages go to these lines of thinking, in such as one which discussed the veracity, but not, of western religion and politics, and that assuming any right to take, without knowing intimately how to regard, to respect the whole universe, and thus all that surrounds whatever it is we so blithely “take”, is, “fraught with danger”. Exactly the same results being what the world is haemorrhaging through in these most recent decades, and in fact centuries.

Then there's the most agonising future the whole planet is destined to go through....


(All) this makes it many times worse, or harder for me, because while I'm essentially paralysed by what I've uncovered, I am also the target of the world of witchcraft, which, always have insane power-hungry players wanting to prove that they are the most powerful. Therefore they think that they have to hunt me out and slay, or “smite” me. And, if I'm not fending-off these types, there are a plenitude of “wannabe” cults, who want me in their club.

That's not so bad - I should see these as compliments - but that they usually fall back on the age-old, “If we can't ooowwwnnn him, no-one shall!” when I show no desire to join their gang, I become the target of another brew of psychos.

None of this would have come about, were I able to live securely and productively on some land, away from the madding crowds, and their sadism and fascinated curiosities. But also, of course, were I not the centre of focus of an insane power-crazy western world of elite egomaniacs.

These should be more than enough for people to see the deadly evils of western”Christian” religion. But people in the west are so far from honesty and from right thinking, that they can only see ways of taking advantage of someone else's plight.

Sodom and Gomorrah.

So.., after at least 7 years of learning about the bullshit that is me, while paralysed and somewhat destitute, I, having been raised by a Magnificent Step-Father who did well in guiding me to see the importance and primacy of having an Intellect, and, as He was an ex-Sergeant-Major in Australia's 1st “Commando” Troop, (1st Australian Parachute Troop, R.A.E.,), so succeeded in giving me a tough constitution, I have also grown with a firey determination to DEFY all and any who seek to overpower me, or who try to further deceive me.

From this, and with this, I continue to observe what I can of the world around me, and repeatedly “re-conclude” that we are in times not dissimilar to the fabled fallen cities of the Biblical “Sodom and Gomorrah”. So disrespectful and deceitful, and on so large-a-scale that the only way forward for Humanity, is to inflict “maximum carnage” in order to destroy the underlying corruption both of the worldly, economics of our times, but also of the disgusting immorality the Human species, but especially it's elites, seem doomed to keep racing us into.

Now, in my exiled and disenfranchised state, in an wholly corrupt and unethical Australia, I find it impossible to not feel embittered, and deeply resentful for it all.

For the heinous, hidden genocide of my Australian Kurnai Aborigine ancestors, for the deceits plied upon me over 57 years, and for the ongoing games played by today's totally sadistic people I am forced to share the same patch of this planet with.

Not to mention the massive deceits laid upon Humanity in general, about this biggest conspiracy, a theft of every Human Being's Rightful Spiritual, Intellectual and mental Sovereignty, and the innumerable other deceits they have been told, and forced to accept and/or believe, by church and state, about the primary Science of Economics, about the world of the occult, of witches, of the Magi, and about how we all are best to live on this here once Divine planet.

So, it's very, very hard for me to not hold deep resentment, and thus, with that, a powerful want to do some damage.

It's clear to me, all-the-while being but a puppet to the world's most powerful cults, that if I was to either play their game, and make out, or (deceitfully) convince myself that I am god, ie., their Jesus on the rebound, or were I to go the next step on the Road of religious Heresy and Political Dissent and become some leader of the “Revolutionary” anti-establishment forces on Earth, I would still be playing someone else's essentially deluded, self-interested and dishonourable game. In that, were I to do what my Intelligence determines is Humanity's best, though tragic course, and engage my pretty-damn-powerful occult “energies”, and start the fabled worldwide “Armageddon”, I would still be doing as I reckon the elite Zionist Jews, Christians and Freemasons actually want to happen, by destroying masses of our species.

So being something of an anti-Christ, which I reckon is what every Honorable, Intelligent and fact's-seeking person has the Duty to be, and going against the western mainstream establishment powers-that-be, by setting the world on fire, I'm still doing exactly what the Zionist establishment wants.

Not necessarily because the establishment sees things as I do, but because they see this as how to reduce the surplus of Humans on earth, by war and general carnage. Global genocide.

Long have I tried to define whether, to Zion, I'm a “god”, fabricated of course, surely placing questions over all so-called “gods”, or a demon, created to be so damaged, while bruised lifelong to increase my occult power, that when they flick my big switch, I'll become the Satan of mankind, violently wiping out billions, swallowing whole continents, creating new ones and islands out of the oceans. But, am I intended as someone for their blind flocks to hate?

It's an easy conclusion to arrive at, theoretically, that as Zion, aka modern Israel, has shown no remorse, and the least humanitarianism as they, sponsored and supported by white, western, Brit-Eurape-US Christian fanatics, persist with their expansions and colonisation of the Middle East.

Israel's “Mutually Assured Destruction” (M.A.D.) policies of the 1970s and 1980s, is pretty much the same thing. The Jewish politicians and tacticians, having control of the white west, have used Armageddon as a threat to all the rest of the landed world.

To my mind, the “average” Zionist Jew does not care at all about Arabs, nor about most people not from their traditions, because the passed 3 or 6 thousand years have so battered the Israeli psyche that they are cold, calculating and callous on issues of 3rd world hardship, or of other peoples' suffering at whatever hands, just so long as they get a share of the profits.

Too harsh an assessment of Zionists? Maybe....?

But the point is that many Zionists will gladly see a world war, if it promises less competition, and if it reduces the species population. There is definitely a “death complex” within the circling thoughts of the core of Zion. Various means of sparking a global war have been tried by Israel and her elite global sympathisers - modern warfare, weapons of mass destruction, nuclear warfare, chemical, biological, genetic, religious, cult and marketplace wars.

For longer than anyone would admit, the occult has been deployed to control people, flocks, politics, and, the weather.

Over the last decade the world has actually been witnessing “weather wars” between nations, congered by witches and cults to cause havoc to their enemies.

Zion has been behind these upsurges of peoples' bitternesses, etc., and want want want, perhaps more than anything, a superwitch, who can really assume authority over the whole planet, by engaging his witch powers to shift whole tectonic plates. A Superwitch who can win, by whatever means, dominance of the occult realms.

“Life” and the lives of billions mean nothing to Zion, if they do not align themselves with this centrist try.

As they have all the weapons and power to ensure their own food, fuels and castellated security, they will be the most likely to survive any Armageddon, to start again, but without all the lower, genetically and psychologically and culturally degraded, brutal, “heathen” violent classes.

I think, the post-Armageddon wealthy, 1st world and prepared survivors will not all of a sudden become Holy, Honest and deeply Spiritual believers and practitioners, but, on the contrary will be even more insanely egocentric than they already are, further oppressing the less wealthy, more viciously stealing their lands, resources and belongings from them, and surely, soon enough they will reduce themselves and the remainder of our species to the last, most mongrel examples ever seen.

However, the only differences will be on the surface, on the outside of these survivors. For they, even the richest, are, when stripped of the accoutrements, as evil and degraded as any underclass or 3rd world, destitute person.

So..., I DEFY!!! All attempts to bring me up-to-speed, in the sense of opening my 3rd eye, at least until they can be straight with me, and give me an honest appraisal of me, my situation, the world around me, whether in this era, of the early 21st century, or future-forward as Hollywood seems intent on convincing us, and also, leave me alone, to pursue my own humble, private life, what remains of it.

So, here's my story, about THE conspiracy to end all conspiracies.

Some things are not accurately retold here, for my finding it too hard to go back to the exact extracts.

But the general thrust is irrefutable.

This is how I started the most recent attempt......


So What if I Killed A Few...?

So what if I murdered a few insignificant people?

(This is one thought when I am pushed, and want to throw a petrol bomb at someone.)

Big deal!

My alleged ancestors have been massacring millions for centuries.

The elite clans I'm supposed to be descended from, the Sutherlands of Scotland, and the Merediths of England, the latter, descendants of the Tudor Kings, Henry's 6, 7 and 8 (who, it's alleged, are descended from the ancient Welsh “King Arthur” “Maredudd”, the original Welsh spelling of the Anglicised “Meredith” - go figure), have been planning and waging wars, from their earliest days.

But the cream on their combined planning, warring cake, were the two world wars of the 20th century. WW1 and WW2.

Being elites, one at least of them (Edward Bulwer-Lytton, who adopted his ancestor's name “Owain Meredith”), was in with the world's richest 19th century English idiot, Cecil Rhodes, along with other spoiled, overly-wealthy people, one being occultist Helene Blavatsky, in the mid-19th century, who, together, were party to forming a number of English secret societies of the day, out of which grew the British secret services, MI5 (domestic) and MI6 (foreign), the latter who now romp around the globe, are ensconced in all British Foreign Offices, High Commissions and embassies, as well as their, and Eurape's larger multinational corporations, and most English-speaking country's telcos, causing any manner of subterfuge, starting wars, training terrorists, blackmailing governments to follow their hyper-elite, pro-Brit-Eurapean-US policies, and, for about 100 years, have been creating other nation's secret services, like, USA's CIA, Israel's Mossat, Australia's ASIO, and ASIS, et al.

Indeed, their agents and agencies were instrumental in causing the now endless mayhem across the Middle East, starting before the 1st world war with the subterfuge within the (declining) Arabic, Turkish, Islamic Ottoman Empire, resulting in the 1st World War invasion of the Middle-East, all to satisfy Brit-Eurapean elite and landless, pining Jews, led by a cohort of wealthy Oxford Zionist Jewish Rabbis, the aforementioned Cecil Rhodes, Blavatsky, Bulwer-Lytton, et al, and their insatiable dreams of Jews reclaiming their said “homeland” around the holy city of Jerusalem.

The “Arab Spring” uprising across north Africa, the Gulf states,and now Syria etc., is essentially a construct of these same western services and their “Whitehall” UK, and Pentagon USA masters.

In the early 20th century northern “crusade” to reclaim Jerusalem for the world's landless Hebrews, the invading Jews, trained by the British secret services of around the turn of the 19th-to-20th centuries, were the first “terrorists” to deploy “suicide bombers” in the Middle-East.

So when we hear of another Islamic suicide bomber taking out people, remember that this madness all began with seriously fanatical, embittered, and, then, newly empowered Jews.

(“...newly empowered...” for the fact that in a number of nations during the 2nd millennium, England included, uptil the 19th century in some, Jews were so ostracised, purely because they were correctly identified as being a “cult” which lived and died by practising the darker arts of the occult, and for that were prevented by national laws, from owning land.

...practising the occult...” little different to those their own Tora, or “Bible”, records Moses and his occultist brother Aaron using against the Egyptian Pharaoh, to win the ancient Jews freedom from slavery. Every house occupied by Jews to this day has a small plaque at the front door, that acts as an occult shield against the same evil forces that the ancient Hebrews defended themselves against as slaves in Egypt.

Each year they commemorate or celebrate on a day they call “Passover”, as a reminder of that event in Egypt some 4,000 years ago.

This, their being practitioners of the occult arts and sciences, in fact, is one other reason why Adolf Hitler (but a pawn of the Brit-Euro elite, of the pro-Jewish, Zionist elite, no-less, as was the white-supremacist “Aryan movement”, the progenitor of Nazism) and his cohorts, who ranged across the establishment castles and palaces of Eurape and Britain, who collectively formed the megalithic Nazi movement, were allegedly so down on the Jews of the 1930s.

Indeed, Nazism was built especially to counter the incorrect abuse of the occult by the western religions, cults and establishment powers. Hitler and coy saw well that the western elites had seriously lost the plot of self-discipline and good, regulated government, and that this had it's genesis in the soft-headed “faith” promoted by the agenda-ridden hex-clubs of Jewish/Roman Christianity.

The whole Nazi holocaust of the Eurapean Jews, was designed to win global sympathy for the Jews, and thus deceived reason to support them in their fight for reclamation of a Jerusalem-centred homeland.

Thus far, they are winning, aided by the biggest propaganda (ie., “bullshit”) juggernaut ever, including Hollywood, and the massive global Jewish 'holocaust' media and museum organisations.

However, fitting this in with another thing I read, in a reputable journal, is difficult. For the book “Drugs Inc”, by the American “Executive Intelligence Review” research group, has in it that in Hitler's last days, he is quoted as saying that “Nazism, et al, were actually created to destroy Christianity”.

Christianity, something I came to firmly believe over a decade ago, has always been, like Freemasonry, but a “branch office” of the Jews, in their long long “master plan” of taking over the planet, being as they claim to be, the “chosen tribe”.

However, as I was saying, prior to WW2, the Jews, being longtime oppressed and disenfranchised, had grown introverted and had begun “feeding on themselves” introvertedly, as oppressed, and eventually awry practitioners of witchcraft usually end up doing. Christianity and the Freemasons but 2 more examples of our time.

If we cannot see this as the very same case across the western world today, where clearly psychopathic elite leadership organisations and their warped, over-burdened structural systems are racing down an irresolvable, terminal road, then we are ourselves dangerously blinded by the very same witchcraft, found most, in the deceitful and corrupt western religious houses of Christianity - Catholicism and Protestantism - and Freemasonry.

This is how the elite British, under the spells of 19th century Jewish Rabbis, planned and began both the 1st world war, then Hitler also, and as-it's-said, “his plans” of exterminating the Jews, incorporated in the manifestation of the upsurge of disquiet across Eurape, beginning WW2.

The western elites knew well that the 1930s depression was coming, and quite deliberately let it happen. The reasons are several, and complex, dealing with Eurape's severely dated social infrastructures amidst a burgeoning and modernising population, dated cultural habits, inharmonious inter-relations between “races”, nations, and ethnic and native sub-groups. And, the colonised non-white peoples, whom Britain and Eurape had plundered for centuries, were starting to mass-migrate to Britain and Eurape.

But, critical to the west's 20th century restructure, as over the previous 50 years-plus, “private” land ownership was increasing across from the elites and from public, or government owning the land, into the new land-owning middle-classes. The elites began to see this as a threat to their hold on whole western nations and the peoples, for the loss of rents going into their coffers, and the ever-important loss of prestige, in being freely able to boast of the whole nations of people they “own”.

The depression sent huge numbers of new and established middle-classes back into landlessness, for lack of employment to afford their land purchases or rents, essentially “giving” the titles back to the elite's banks, thus back into the hands of the elite, who could afford to wait out the depression, and merely boat it away from the warzones, until things settled down. After WW2, while many lost their tracts of land to the Socialist powers across the post-war “eastern block”, most merely resumed the landlordal lives they, or their parents had enjoyed prior to the depression and war, and in fact increased their wealth with the new round of wealth creation and thus newly employed, eager rising-class idiots craving for their own block of land.

It's a cycle repeated almost every 2nd generation, and has been traced back as far as “Babylonian times”. (refer the Russian economist, “Kondradiev” or thereabouts, killed by Stalin for telling him some hard economic truths. But what would you expect from Josep Stalin, a Jesuit?)

So the western and Russian and Jewish elites knew well the 1930s depression was inevitable, and essentially sat on their hands, looking at it and the other inevitability, WW2, as “a natural attrition” of the population, but perhaps more of a re-gathering of their claim to the titles to lands they assumed as theirs in superior perpetuity.

The British secret services' (but then, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, still known as secret societies), greedy, subversive and heinous activities were behind most of this.

But were also behind such turmoil farther afield as the preparations for the British invasion into China, starting the “Opium wars” in the mid-19th century, as well as the Vietnam war mid-20th century.

All weighed up it kinda trivialises and puts into perspective the fact that my mum murdered her alleged grand-father, John Thomas Willis on 16th July 1954, when she plotted to have him find her conceiving me, with her extramarital lover.

But hey? What's the big deal?

John Willis happened to be one of the invading bastards who massacred my, and my mum's ancestors, mum's actual, genetic Grand-Parents, and pretty-much the whole nation of them.

The Kurnai-Gurnai-Gunai Aborigine in Gippsland.

He was at the frontline when they massacred my and mum's ancestor tribe's-folk, north east of what's now called Licola.

(“Take a drive up the Tamboritha Road!
Spirits there will guide you.
To a waterfall Sacred to my Peoples' Tribe,
But please, bow down silent when they find you!”)

The gold-mining town of “Walhalla” was renamed from “Stringer's Creek” after the slaughter, for the mass-murderers' realising that these Gurnai Peoples were (no more nor less than all Australian Aborigines), an whole “race” of Fully Enlightened Human Beings.

Walhalla” being Germanic and means “Halls of the slain Immortals”.

Saddest thing is, everyone, white and Bleck, are sworn to denying any and all of it, due to the Sutherland and covens' longer-term “plan”.

Not to mention any recompense found to be due to the Gunai-Gurnai-Kurnai Aborigine Nation's Descendants - all 600 of them now, at most!

Well, he, John Thomas Willis, just happened to be one co-opted into the party of Scottish “pioneers” who heard stories of “...gold nuggets as big as a man's fist...”, lying in the creeks in the district east of the 19th century boom- town of Melbourne.

Stringer's Creek” being one of them.

So being the 19th century British bigot and invader, plundering, opportunist, racist Christians, he and that mob were, it was nothing to him to be party to the brigade who tracked and slaughtered possibly thousands of True Fella Aborigines.

Uptil the 1930s it was a Sunday pastime to go euphemistically “shooting Possums” in the same Gippsland hills.

For his part in the mass-murder, to keep him quiet (it was around the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries), he was given the prestige job of operating the winch for the “Long Tunnel Mine” in the gold rush town of Walhalla. That mine alone extracted over 50 tons of gold, in it's short operation.

So, it was nothing to him to knock off a few blackies.

And, as part of the pay-off deal, he was given care of three Aborigine children, to raise as white fellas.

Children who watched him, and his co-mass-murderers wipe-out their families.

Three of several, of whom I remember knowing about six, maybe more.

My mum's Dad, “Pop” Don Willis, one of them.

Uncle Alf Willis.

Aunty Mary.

Aunty Ivy.

Aunty Ada.

Looking back, it's roaringly clear they all carried, secreted, that horrible burden in their hearts to their deaths.

I'll never know, as there was, and to this day there still is, a censor on anything about the massacre, about the kids who witnessed their families whole tribes being gunned down by these Scottish vermin - Willis', Sutherlands, Bains, Ross' - and the rest, whose descendants have blended very nicely thank-you, into the eastern Victoria landscape, inheriting of course, thousands of acres of Gurnai Aborigine land.

What happened to the gold, I dunno. Most no doubt went up the pyramid to the elites. Sutherlands being right up there, being the oldest and most powerful Scottish clan on earth, being there at the beginning of the Freemason's existence, with one of the 1st, in the 13th century, an “Earl or such, of Sutherland” apparently fighting by the side of the famous Scottish Independence Warrior, Robert the Bruce, who began the Freemasons.

Another 18th century Sutherland chief was the first in Scotland to begin the infamous “Scottish land clearances”, by brutally driving his own Sutherland clans-folk off the lands they'd inhabited for centuries, and forcing them to become fisherman, as the coast was all they were left to live on.

Driven off their lands to be replaced by this Earl of Sutherland's burgeoning sheep-wool industry.

Wool which inspired the Industrial Revolution, with the Scottish mills racing to invent bigger, better wool-spinning machinery, etc.

Those same “delocated” people began what has become the world's massive and ecologically disastrous ocean trawling and fishing industry.

That same Sutherland Duke or Earl or Baron, was in at the start of the British East India Company (BEIC), in the 18th century, which won it's empire, (and which changed it's name in the early 20th century to the “International Monetary Fund”) in wars against the Eurapeans, the Dutch one of them, whence he and his elite rascals extracted all the trade routes, Asian connections and booty that the Dutch had set-up and began hauling back to Eurape from southern Asia, after invading those regions, India, Thailand, Malaysia, etc etc etc. in the century or two beforehand.

Oh! They, the Sutherland “nobles” and the BEIC, were also at the forefront of taking over the global opium trade and industry, which is precisely why heroin remains banned, illegal, yet is part-and-parcel of the white, western elite's pleasures.

Kinda changes your perspective of my own life, of my own family, who've never admitted that I'm a bastard, or part-Aborigine, conceived as mum threw her lusty naked self at her (step) grand-pop (John Thomas Willis), in her marital bedroom, with my genetic dad, Boxer O'Brien standing pants-less in the corner, John Thomas to die on the spot, in the moments I was coming into my current human life.

Kinda explains the unexplained “voice” I would hear as a child, when lying in my bed, not four feet from where John Thomas Willis dropped.

A man's voice, it was. Pained, calling from what I thought then, and until about 2007 when I put the pieces together, were the imagined “depths” beneath my bed.

Even then, as the kid, I thought I, or, my mind, was just playing with a creative imagination!

Can't recall any specific words, but there remained, and has remained since then, a distinct sense that he was calling out, to me I guess, that there had been an horrible injustice.

But who knows, it may have been other living people around me, who knew of the death, had their occult powers alight, and were trying to either “haunt me” or tell me about this individual, or massive horror?


Somehow, as I now sincerely believe such “ghosts” can talk across the life-death divide, I suspect he, “Grand-pop” as he was referred to, was not calling about the horrendous injustices that he was part of committing, back some 60 years in Gippsland?

Whether it's due or not, I guess I could say in his defence, that the massacres he was party to, those 60 or so years previously, would have been regarded by him, and of course by those higher in any chain of command in those invading mobs, as a necessary evil, if at all seen as evil, in the much greater mission they were starting.

I was told very little by mum about her side of the family. Her sister, Lorraine, stopped seeing us when I was very young. Mum would go into a hazy, lost look whenever I asked about her family's history, saying she didn't know much at all. I was told, by Dad, I think, that mum came from convict stock. So, if so, it's likely he, John Thomas Willis, was not of any great standing or intelligence, and was willing to accept any story the elites told, if it meant a chance of escaping the typical poverty most descendants of convicts endured in Australia.

Racism was inculcated into the lower classes from the start, after the 1808 Rum Rebellion, that is, mainly so they would have no resistance to genocide of the True Land Owners.

Nevertheless, my life's been one huge load of shit essentially, since my conception.

Wendy, my sister, older by 7 years, being a girl, was put through an Anglican girls college “Camberwell Girls Grammar”, to give her some financial, ie., employment security, and the advantages that come with a private school education and related social standing and acceptance, as an adult.

But Don and I, being males, were left to working class lives, and were sent to government schools, mainly the story goes, because the Cook's were working class. Though the secondary school we both attended, Box Hill Boys High, was pretty good. I lost interest, due to too much hidden occult pressure on me from childhood-on, and by 13 failed 3rd form, to be transferred to Box Hill Tech School, a rough as guts, but improving quality technical college, as it changed to during my 3 years there.

After my dismal 3rd form at “Bocky High”, one evening the parents and I were going through which school I should repeat 3rd form, and go on, at.

Dad, as I recall, was more on my side than mum's, who wanted like crazy to send me to a Catholic boys college on the other side of Box Hill, “St Leo's”.

We went there for a tour, and my interview with the whoever - priests, fathers, teachers, principal - and that night I think, there was a failure to communicate between mum, Dad and myself.

I did not want to go to St Leo's. It wreaked of prison-like buildings, and massively oppressive, depressing attitudes and “feelings” I got from the staff I saw.

But, although the teachers were mostly pretty good, “Bocky High” was little better, as I guess many more quality schools, not-co-ed schools, of that era were. The 1960s, when Australia was slowly dragging itself out of the dark ages of white Australia, and utterly backward, ignorant and draconian Brit-Eurapean cultures.

But mum, being the idiot Catholic convent girl, with this hidden shit plan in her head, was adamant.

So, in the heat of the moment, I ran outside, grabbed my push bike, and high-tailed it away from home, into the night. I was not going to that prison!

Only in the last year or 2, after some years of Victorian police investigations and exposure of pedophile rings within the Catholic church and it's schools, did it come out that St Leo's was home to a convicted pedophile priest (just one?), in the 1960s.

Good on yer MUM!

When I returned home later in the night, Dad was on my side, and St Leo's was off the list.

I went to Bocky Tech for 3 years, doing well in 3rd form, less well in 4th, and scraped through in 5th, once more having lost pretty-much all enthusiasm for learning, even though I showed some talent, here and there.

But, in reviewing my lot, it is now clear I was got-at by occultists, even from boyhood.

When about 7 or 8, at Mont Albert State Primary, I got on with a new girl, who was from Germany, Andrea Faulkener, or Faulkenger, and one recess or lunch time we went “behind the shelter shed” for a peak at each others “parts”.

She got a good look at my dick, and she showed me her “boob”. Wow! Nothing else happened, and she pretty much ignored me after that.

Years later, a bloke came with his family from Sydney, and he joined me in about 3rd or 4th form at Bocky Tech. We struck up a friendship, and hung around together after school. David Edney, and I did things at his and my familys' homes, and one day, at his, he began talking about dicks, penises, and encouraged me to get it out. Being young, and very naïve, I don't recall thinking anything much at all about Dave's dick being but an inch or so long, when erect. But I bet I pissed myself laughing!

Only over the last decade, coming to terms with, and collating all the stories, events, mysteries and general shit and offences I've been subjected to, have I come to see that Andrea and Dave, were even then, at their young ages, playing with witchcraft, and there was a definite intention to hex me, my mind, and my precious, busted dick.

In my ongoing review of my life, it's now undeniable that I've been under these two people's occult influences, aside and as well, of course, from mum and every other “friend”.

I'm sure Edney and Faulkenger were sent with less than honorable designs on messing with my mind. Because my life review has shown up an endless trail of personal “problems”, perhaps especially in relationships, where I have either been unable to avoid subverting them myself, or being rather “unusual”, making others shy from me.

Now, I can just imagine Edney and Faulkenger - and the rest - sitting secretly behind the veil of the occult, laughing at my failures to connect, or succeed.

I reflect regularly, and depressingly, that there have been next to no projects or plans I have completed, and it can be seen that there have been these types of distractive characters subverting my progress and maliciously steering me off course, every step of the journey.

However, while I cannot overcome my own bitterness toward Edney and Faulkenger, but the whole game that has been my miserable life, I now see that most of us, especially in dumb-fuck Australia, have been under very similar, hidden, occult influences.

Extremely few, though, as egocentric as this sounds, as much as I.

When I hear news of some tragic act of violence, or even just criminal behaviour, it almost always has me ponder how much the perpetrators have been hexed by some witch or other, and sent or forced off the rails.

I've no doubt at all that many people do illegal and very immoral things because their or a priest, or another witch, hiding what they know, has been playing with their mind, controlling thoughts, etc.

Clearly, this is part-and-parcel of life, and has been since the beginning.

Certainly, in the Jewish and white, western, Christian culture and sense, since “the Fall” from Eden in the Old Testament.


In 2010, back in Victoria, as I was camping in a forest north of Melbourne, it became evident that Edney was nearby, and was deploying the occult on me. Indeed, using my broadband internet and laptop, I found that Edney's parents lived but a few kilometres from where I was hiding.

I “divined” he has been part of the Freemasons, probably passed down from his dad, and, due to his generally callous, “little-dick” embittered psychology, or, from his arising psychological complex, was commissioned since before our 1st meeting as kids, to take-on a mission to fuck me over.

These people, especially those with some physical disability or malformation, are encouraged by occult organisations, the Freemasons no less, but the Catholic church specialises in bringing those “abnormals” who might be on the outer from “normal” society, and it's opportunities, under their umbrella, and call on them to do their evil bidding too, to win credo with the cult hierarchy, by doing heinous things to targeted people. Me, for example.

So, those 2, Faulkenger and Edney, have been party to screwing around with my psyche, for some 50 and 40 years.

The last few years have been damned horrible, having reviewed all my “friends”, to find they have all been witches, sent in to give me some sense of normal relationships, aka, girlfriends, and mates, in work and social arena, all oriented heavily around “programming” my mind to think how they want their “little Jesus”, or, to Freemason's, their “little (King) Arthur” to think, and act.

But obviously, others enter my sphere, with less delusional, less imbecilic, less dreamy, false Christian intentions. Faulkenger and Edney possibly but 2.

I could write about many, many people, who have travelled far to get into my psyche, for good and for ill, and as many fascinated idiots who have heard about me and just cannot control their curiosity, so go to extraordinary lengths just to eyeball me, and no doubt, to “evil-eye” me.

And I do battle with myself as I write this stuff, because I want to, but so far refrain, from naming the many many around me during my youth, and adulthood, who I now know were commissioned to befriend and support and protect me, on top of giving me the illusory sense that I was normal, had normal friends, and that I, and everything was as we and the world were meant to be.

The worst thing perhaps is that the fabulously-rich and influential cults - friendly to me, to my anti-christ cause, and those ready to say and do anything for their share of the bakshish, on top of the growing cults which invented me, are ever willing to buy the allegiance of those I deal with.

Not an inspiring life, for this little lamb.

But Dad imbued a Tenacity and Rectitude in me, and although he was prevented from informing me of the shit behind the curtain of “the theatre” of my existence, he showed me that one has to and should fight to the death, this type of insult, to one and all.

So, I persist, and DEFY!


Older brother Don, by 5 years, ran away from home when he was about 14, 15, 16-or-so. Made it to Brisbane, Queensland.

I reckon he ran the gauntlet in places like the Gold Coast and Fortitude Valley, found out a few things about back street sex, probably gave a few and got a few for a few dollars, before one of Dad's ex-army mates, on Dad's call, found Don, and put him on a train back to Melbourne.

Don went pretty sour after that. Grew him up a lot, of course, but with the family's secrets, of my tumultuous conception and grand-pop's death, of our hidden Aborigine tragedies, and with the mother of all secrets, mum's convent, having been close to the action from the circa-1900 Gippsland massacre event-on, stole mum from her recently widowered Dad (the Gurnai Aborigine, renamed of course, to “Donald Sutherland Willis”, who'd watched this Willis bloke, his adopting dad, and the Sutherland mob, massacre his parents and tribe), St Joseph's convent stole mum at 11 years of age, threw her into the convent, to be raised for their very special mission!

Don, knowing eventually I was conceived in a very horrible situation, when he was but 4 years old, went off the rails, for having to keep a double secret of my illegitimate conception, and of Grand-Pop's death. But he may not have figured out nor been told anything of these deeper whory facts, until years later. I can't know.

In fact, the whole affair was contrived well before it occurred. As said, mum was stolen by the Catholic convent, now closed, of Collingwood Melbourne, in 1934, and, I allege, was raised to have a child they could twist and distort into being their little saviour.

The English Theosophical Society (TS) had tried the same major, global deceit with another male from the early 20th century.

An Indian bloke, “Krishnamurti”, who came to see the deceits and corruptions behind the TS's intentions by the time he was in his early 20's, some time in the 1920s or '30s, and thereafter distanced himself from their organisation, and was a scholar and a champion against such deceits, and against all western notions of “leadership”.

I read much of his story and lectures thanks to Dad giving me a range of books, and can see I have either imbibed and adopted his Wisdoms and Intelligence, or have, from the Quality Tutoring I've had, been able to deduce the same truths myself, as can be seen in my denunciations of the same, awry western, especially Zionist and Christian models of “leadership” etc..

Indeed, regards my own story, there is so much “intrigue”, it's almost impossible to put the pieces together, because I have no doubt that the slaughter of my Gunai Aboriginal Great Grand-Parents in Gippsland around 1900, was part of their plan.

But Krishnamurti was “identified” by one of the TS members in India, around 1905-to-1910, and thereafter taken from his mother and family by the TS to be programmed to be their perceived great teacher, or Maitreya in Sanskrit.

It's more than likely, as the TS split into a number of factions, that their offshoots were vying for the same stupid result, either in their lost, delusional and frantic states, to find, to identify a world leader, or to fabricate one from the most suitable, ie., the most manipulable stuff.

This, I have no doubt, has often been discussed in most all Christian cults, and also no doubt many have been seduced to try to make their own little Jesus themselves, if only, through a seriously mentally ill, distorted, superiorist yet-desperate view of themselves and of some belief that they have the mission and or the right to twist an individual's mind and life to suit their, essentially, misguided and lost, egocentric ideations.

Indeed, I put it that every break-away sub-cult of Christianity, which survives and grows to being it's own church, have almost as genetic, or inherited, something of the same hopes, desires, expectations and certainty that their ideals, beliefs, perspectives on Christ, and on the human condition as they see it, are THE correct ones. So much so that they are as likely to have the building of THE messiah ingrained in the fabric of their thinking, of their ideological DNA.

But HEY? Is this not the thinking behind Christian schooling generally?

Distorted perspectives, being the firmament under the whole concept of waiting for a Teacher to lead them all out of the pit.

So, with all the confidence the world's elite cults exude, of thinking they can do anything, and that they are necessarily always right, part-and-parcel of the essential underlying “confidence” to be powerful magicians, whether Wise or not, it stands very much to reason to suspect that the most powerful, made so by the most criminal thefts of other People's wealth, would go to enormous and deadly extents to fabricate their own world saviour.

Once that ball began rolling, it gathered “moss”, er “dross” quickly, and before long cannot be stopped. “Too big to fail” comes to mind.

The question of whether they were overlooking some fundamental truths, wisdom, facts, went by the wayside for such spellbound fanatics, as the idea appears to them to be absolutely fascinating.

Which, is exactly what it, and all the hocus-pocus and secrecy and “...playing wiff magik...”, is!

And it cannot be stressed enough that magic, “witchcraft”, or in western, Romanic terms, “faith”, is the antithesis to the Higher “Intellect”. It's unwise use, precludes a person's connection with their Higher, Intelligent mental faculty.

But try telling a church-indoctrinated, church-promoted, church--financed psychiatrist that!?

Of course, it is obvious to most of us now, that the bullshit about a superman, saviour of the species, is so far into unreality, aka Hollywood fantasy, and that this “putting all your eggs in one basket” is a guaranteed FAIL!

And, the mass of irreligious, deluded, ignorant, “free market plundering” Jewish, Christian and other western cults, and their utterly stupid, inconsiderate immoral, unethical, totally unwise and insatiable behaviour, by those very same predecessors of modern western nations, is well passed being remedied, and the result is that the global ecological systems are collapsing from beneath our proud and loud feet.

Topping all these facts, is the piece de resistance, that the species is, collectively, in the upper class, 1st world, and across all below aspiring for the same heights, losing control, is going, has gone..., completely insane.

So? A saviour??? Just one???

And, then...., what happens when he/she/it dies???

Oh? the “faithful” flockers can't, or aren't allowed nor capable enough to “think” that far ahead!

This, again, is good reason to actually call up the most dramatic JOLT possible to the whole species, in order to end the insane and completely out of control psychosis of greed, lust, and everything straight out of “Sodom and Gomorrah”.

So, it stands to reason that, the very same prediction, allegedly made by the only JC, if he did say it, that “he who comes after me, will bring not peace, but a sword”, is the only way to stop the shit the same idiots of western, Judeo-Christian delusional and heinously deceitful culture have blindly persisted in creating over the last couple of thousand years.

All added up, this makes an irrefutable case against the western elite, against all their upclub cults, and secret organisations, and therefore, against all their ideological corporate and governmental and religious structures.

Without any doubt, supported by a planet of facts, they have no legitimate authority.
Not the British, nor Eurapean, nor American, nor Australian governments, military, corporations, monarchs, religions, nor advertising and marketing industries.

Nevertheless..., back to little little me......

My guess is they, the Catholics, the Freemasons, the TS., tried, to fabricate a false messiah, with our family, from the start.

Ahum...! With the events in Gippsland, preceded by the covert, cult ideations out of 19th century England, there is no doubt.

But Wendy, my oldest sibling by 7 years, was, derr, a girl. So they had another go, 'cause the fecking Catolic's would never sacrifice a girl! Oh no!

It had to be a boy, to fit with the myths those insanely wealthy predecessors, the Catholic Merediths, the Freemason Sutherlands, who were in the same club as the stupidly rich Cecil Rhodes, were dreaming-up.

Rhodes, a man ever on the look-out for something fabulous in which to invest his immense wealth.

They wanted, basically, to invent a story to spread around the world, to shore-up their own evermore failing and desperate Christian “faiths” and ensure they would continue to rule the world, by being able to claim that “their saviour, Jesus Christ” had returned.

As said, they chose the Pure Aborigine People from Gippsland.

I put it that they did this because they were aware that their own stocks were becoming somewhat inbred, and were found to be unable to produce what might have been regarded as, “an enlightened child”.

But this could have been coincidence. Other ruminations suggest that they picked south-eastern Australia due to it's distance thus isolation from the main body of their flock, and from their known enemies and duped allies, in case the whole deceit was exposed.

Also, the apparent “fiction” written by Dan Brown, “The Da Vinci Code” cannot be ignored here, because it goes to connected issues, regarding unsubstantiated myths around the ancestors of the Sutherlands in Scotland.

But as well, the phrase “deniable plausibility” (or “plausible deniability”?) applied to their planning, so that, if their massive deceit was to be found out, they could deny it, by distance, and by the various other factors, all brutally kept hidden, and/or silence bought by bribes.

But, after, the chosen (and 3-generations or more constructed) family produced a girl, Don came next.

My guess is that the head mistresses, I suspect the Theosophical Society's immediate successors to Alice Bailey, Helene Blavatsky, and other women, witches all, observed Don and saw that he just didn't have what they reckoned a messiah would need in talents, personality, and other traits, perhaps most of manipulability.

Lucky Don!

Another very interesting, fictional attempt to “out” St Joseph's convent, can be found in the Irish/Australian writer Frank Hardy's best seller from about the 1960s, called “Power Without Glory”.

He, and his sister Mary were actually known by mum and her Catholic associates from her early days, and I suspect at least Mary had been held at the same convent in the same period as mum.

In recent years, long after Frank passed over, he was denounced as a liar and deceiver etc., by the Catholic ABC., the “Australian Broadcasting Corporation's” doyen of public radio, Philip Adams. A ploy used often by the establishment if someone has spoken out of turn, exposing one of their innumerable secrets.

Nevertheless, Frank Hardy was most famous for his “yarns” about Australia's predilection for telling tall stories. These were some of the funniest comic sketches I've ever read. I was too young to know of any political inferences, intentions, subtexts or storylines in Hardy's writings, while I was reading those tales, but expect they are full of them.

But he was a remarkable, and witty Intellect, and was a strong left-wing, political dissident, during the 1940s, '50's 60's 70's and even to his last days in about 1990. His writing was often brutally honest and accurate in discerning a scam or a fraud, and there can be no doubt that Power Without Glory was written with a very deliberate intention of exposing as best he could, the criminal background to the convent, and to the Irish Catholics in Australia, without himself being “disappeared”.

Reflecting as I write now on him and the little I saw of Mary, only via her appearances on Melbourne television in the 1960s and later, it's also clear to me that she, thus they, were of Aboriginal stock.

As far as I know, this was never mentioned at least in their public lives. But for most of the 20th century across Australia, having Bleck Fella Blood was perverted into being evil or at least an insult.

And, thinking still more, Mary Hardy, and indeed Frank, had quite similar facial features to my mum, and my sister Wendy, so it's not unreasonable to deduce that they were from the same or close Gurnai peoples from Gippsland. So it's not too much to believe they witnessed the same massacre, or other ones, as my Grand-Father, and Uncle, and Aunties saw?

Mary, a laugh-a-minute personality, had a heavy drinking problem most of her years, as did my Aunt Ada.

Aunt Ada, supposedly Pop's sister, most likely a half-sibling, as there are across Aborigine Nations, where the children are raised by the whole family, by the wider wiser group, rather than by just two parents, so they were all one big, multi-parent and many-children happy nation, knowing several adults as their parents, etc., as with my Pop's (half-)brother, Alf, were obviously covering, painfully secreting some major tragic thing or event from their younger years, and the characters they were, displayed to me, that they were having to not talk about that something.

Now, in hindsight, and with my fairly good skills at deduction, I'd say that Mary made it into television as a “pay-off” to keep her silent, about the evil scheming the Catholics had been party to, both of the secreted slaughter of our Ancestors, and of the plan to build a baby Jesus from the progeny. Aka...me...

But HEY!?@#$%^&!? The ABC still employs people into their little Catholic web, to buy their silence and allegiance, promising limitless careers with “Aunty”.

What hits me hardest, is that these People, Mary and Frank Hardy, my Aunty Mary, Uncle Alf, Don “Pop” Willis, were absolutely magnificent People.

Whether it was the indoctrination by the Catholics, or, as I'm inclined to prefer, their natural Aboriginal Way, they were of a character far above the average white fellas.

It cannot be forgiven that whole Nations of these Enlightened Races were coldly exterminated by the blind, idiot and brutal white invaders.

Yet still, even in this 21st century, there are whites who denigrate the Aborigine as non-Humans. No different to the fundamentalist Christians and white supremacists who regard people with skin other than white as primitives and apes.

So obvious it is that the whites who think that way, are the idiots, and have not a clue about what it takes, what it is, to be a Human Being.

Good on yer, Christianity! Britain! Rome! Jew!)

Now, on Tuesday 8th September 2012, it's worth noting that the English Prince William and his wife Catherine are visiting the Solomon Islands, just north of Queensland, east of Papua New Guinea.

I can feel their presence from here just north of Brisbane. I mention their proximity because there is a definite, and far more negative connection than most realise, or are both Intelligent enough or prepared to accept, between this whole fabrication of a “world teacher”, cum-leader, as represented in the fiction of such as a Jesus Christ, and the falsities and defrauding as exists in peoples' belief, faith and acceptance of these same English, British monarchs.

Or, any monarchies.

This, because while they exist, either as “figureheads”, “symbolic heads” or as “heads of state”, with the millions, indeed, as there “reign” carries-on for most of each ones' life, and for generations, with the billions of pounds spent blinding the masses to believing in them, believing such ridiculous things like “the realm is secure while the monarch reigns”, or “all is well, if the King is well”, etc., - all-the-while, behind the massively censored and mediated scenes, massive levels of war, corruption and viciousness are ongoing, driven by the same monarchic elite's colonialist, multinational corporate agenda of pillage and plunder, of whom the monarchs are either part-owners or in-the-least share-holders - the masses are being robbed of their own right, and duty, and fundamental need to think for themselves and, more importantly for their community and nation. Today, for their planet.

Asking the average citizen to be aware that over the last several thousand years, the cultures of the world, all slowly being dominated and reduced to corrupted regimes by the most brutal, western, powers, Britain's being the one on top of that pyramid, and that the spread and negative sublimation of all more Balanced, and classless cultures, has been via the fictional ideology of forcing them to abandon their ancient, actually highly intelligent, Divinely Democratic ways and accept this new, outrageously ridiculous, unjust and quite false belief that a Jesus Christ is coming to save the world, to stand at top of the world, to rule over all of us..., is generally too much.

This is due to a deliberate censoring of the common person's education, mainly in not being told the facts of history.

Asking the average person to see through and Intelligently analyse the veils of deceit spread by the huge propaganda industry behind the popularisation of monarchies is too much, mainly because these same hyper-class elites have so corrupted our world that the majority of us have no choice but to ignore completely the horrors of upper class corruption, and it's overall effects, and focus on getting whatever crumbs from their high tables they, we, can get.

But the perpetuation of people believing in monarchs, to keep the realm safe, is directly linked to the utter deceit beneath the Jesus Christ myth.

As I was saying, asking the masses to deconstruct how the world has slowly, over the last 2, 4, 6 thousand years, declined from those pre-historic, pre-biblical, allegedly Blissful epochs of the fabled “Garden of Eden”, is generally too much.

But I maintain that the reason we have continually fallen from a state, of Common Unity, thus, from a way and a place where we were in our own being, at peace, is singularly because we have been forced, usually, or seduced by subtle force, ie., by witchcraft, to surrender our own Intelligence, therefore our own Integrity, Honor, ie., Honesty, and thus our own ability and motivation to defend True, Enduring, Sustainable, Perennial Traditions, to this utterly false belief in a world, single head of state.

A monarch. Or, a president. Prime minister, and all the administrative paraphernalia that naturally accrues to such centralised power, in order to support the myth, and, to keep us powerless, unintelligent, and, as is actually the case in modern politics, until the masses become firmly anti-intelligent, preferring crude materialism, as a desperate and stupid response to the oppression of the day, hoping with each purchase and with each bite, we can find even just a little bit of “Sattwa”, Sanskrit for “satisfaction”.

This, by no coincidence, suits perfectly the corporate and elite forces, who own the manufacturing of the goodies we are reduced to seek some joy from.

So, while we are seduced, by bribe or force, to surrender our own individual, essentially Divine Intelligence, to a belief system which tells us, quite falsely, and, as is evident of the last several thousand years, quite dangerous, that we should place all our faith, in an upper class, a political class, looking after their own interests, no different to a monarchy, headed by either a fictional “saviour” Jesus-type figure, or any one selected allegedly superior person, we are having our own personal Humanity stolen from us, making us less-than Human. We are but slaves, forced into being but morons, robbed of our own Divine Intelligence and thus Nature.

Essentially, the modern day fabrications of monarchs, are allowed to continue to defraud the masses, by this utter deceit we know as Christianity.

Now, before I leave the issue of “monarchy”, let me state clearly that I have a lot of respect for Queen Elizabeth the 2nd, and for Prince Charles, and also for Prince William, Et Al. They, like most monarchs, being born into those positions of what probably does amount to a huge, burdensome level of responsibility, etc., carry a lot on their shoulders, and must worry deeply that the whole system under them is as rotten as it is.

I reckon they are not fools, and would be completely conscious of the rude, unethical, inequality of the system they sit on top of, and, in their private moments and thoughts, would see well the factual, Scientific REALPolitik Wisdom of something more Communist, as I have learned, where the land and the people are more equally, or more equitably, distributed.

So, while I do voice anger at their very existence, it really is shooting at the horror that is this clearly fallen culture. This Christian culture.

Indeed, the whole phenomenon of “classes” with excessive divisions between rich and poor, have their manifestation in this basic deceit that someone else, ie., a Christ, (or, a monarch, or merely someone wealthier than us) is superior to us.

And ever-ready are the charlatans to claim they, and their ways are superior to the rest. And they are most often, the 1st to say they live a “Christ-centred life”.

While Christianity is allowed to practice it's evil witchcraft, the real meaning of their softening, mollifying word “faith”, there will be no True Democracy, because, as I heard some 20 years ago,and have repeated often since, “Democracy is dangerous, if the people are stupid” and, therefore, “If the People are dangerous, Democracy is stupid”, because Christianity steals our personal right and duty of engaging our own Intellect, to think aright, and thus to deduce the facts, and the truth of both the Sovereignty of our own Spiritual Work, and of how best to exist on the earth, with the earth, and with all the other living beings, and to know it is Right and Proper to fight for Justice in the most basic laws, which are of Proper Land/People Distribution.

As it is, there is not a so-called “Christian” cult in Australia which lives and fights for, to “make straight”, or according to, these fundamental and primary laws of the land.

Instead, they ruthlessly, and quite un-Jesus-like, use the corrupt laws of the land to profit for themselves, giving little or no recognition to the rightful owners of the land, in Australia, the Aborigines, more than token gestures, and capitalise via the least moral of means - land speculation - for their own selfish advantage, aggrandisement and monetary gain.

And..., they inculcate the same corrupt ideals, untrue economic laws, deadly, false doctrines, and completely unsustainable cultural beliefs in their school children.

I have to give the reader something of an apology for including such off-topic paragraphs.


But as I'm pretty tired of addressing the endless range of corruptions extant in today's crumbling world, I want to stop being political at least for a while, until I can finish my little mobile hut, on back of the ute.

So, as these types of off-topic issues come up, this last one, it must be said, though a sharp detour, is still most relevant to the overall purpose of these pages, and I drop them/it in, hoping they do not make it too hard for the readers to include them into their thoughts, conclusions, deductions and reflections on these pages.

As far as my separating the mememe issues from the “macro” religious and political issues, you can see I failed again! Too haaarrrd!!!

So, back to the family shite....,

….mum was either forced or by witchery cajoled into having another child.

Methinks Dad, Allan Nichols Cook-Meredith, was either late to find out about this conspiracy, perhaps as late as the 16th July 1954, or purely for Wise, practical reasons he didn't want 3 kids.

But many years ago, before I knew anything of this, I asked him when he had his 1st epileptic seizure, and he told me when he was 34 years old.

Years later, when the subject came up again, he said he'd been getting them since he was a teenager.

But if so, he would most likely not have been accepted into the AIF at the start of WW2, nor have been sent to southern Eurape during the war, nor have qualified to join the newly formed 1st Australian Parachute Troop, RAE, our 1st SAS Commandos, nor, risen to the rank of Sergeant-Major.

I reckon, knowing what I now do about the ability of a witch to screw another person's mind and nervous system up, that Dad's 1st date, when he was 34, was the true one, because he was 34 when I was born.

My estimation is that he came home from the factory that day in July 1954, to find the coppers, ambulance perhaps, a generally morbid mum, probably Wendy and Don, and a dead grand-pop story.

Whether mum had any honesty in her then, I doubt, but Dad was not so stupid to not suspect some doubly terrible thing had occurred.

Whether he deduced the facts in July 1954, or not until I popped out with flaming “Irish” red hair, and “freckles”, what with Boxer O'Brien a not unfamiliar face around the Cook house in those decades, having been one of mum's boyfriends from her younger days, I'll never know.

I seem to think O'Brien (ahum? my dad...) was also placed in the same convent as a child, as mum in the 1930's depression.

Nevertheless..., everything was to be kept secret!

So Wendy and Don, at 6 and 4 years old, had a really fast learning curve to digest, about telling lies, and about keeping secrets.

Clearly, sister has become the woman she is, as Don has become a closet homosexual, a brutal man, and, I suspect a pedophile, because of all the shit that is essentially behind my existence.

I reckon Wendy lives under constant oppression, by Don, and by his ex-army co-pedophiles, who were turned by the army as recruits at either “Bandiana” or “Capooka” basic training in the late 1960s.

And, no doubt Wendy is under an ongoing threat to remain silent by the establishment who are behind the heinous plans for me.

One of Don's army mates, Don Curiton, I'm sure, was bastardised then, and thereafter became heartless and a pedophile. One hell of an accusation to make. About the only memory I have which supports this, yet is nothing substantial, is that in about the 10 years after Don and Don were army mates, Don, in a conversation with some other people and myself (no doubt my being an insignificant part of those conversations) said that Don had gone that step further than even Don saw as healthy. My brother Don said that Don Curiton had began using a pseudonym - Don Dark.

Don may have been bastardised also, because he has never “come out” himself, at least to myself, but has had overt gay best friends ever since.

Not that bastardisation always leads to homosexuality, but I reckon it is a strong influence, especially if the fuckers had some similar intent for their victims.

But I'll bet that when Don confided in Curiton, or that Curiton was told by someone else, that Don was of the family bearing this child-puppet I was supposed to be, this puppet saviour for an insane combination of western elite cults, the Theosophical Society, Catholic elites, Freemasons too, and of course somewhere behind it all are the Zionist Jews, and that they all were party to the massacre of our Aboriginal family, etc etc etc, Curiton, being a cunning, sharp and embittered bloke, saw the opportunity to use the secrets to win licence from the establishment behind this plan, to do whatever he wanted.

Also, recent thoughts have me think it's not inconceivable that Curiton also is of Aboriginal descent, as so many Australians are.

I remember that he came from rural Victoria, but cannot recall if it was from the east, from a small village on the banks of one of the Gippsland lakes, “Paynesville”, or elsewhere.

But if from the Gippsland Lakes township, and if he's of Aboriginal descent, he is of the same Gunai/Gurnai/Kurnai People as Don, Wendy, mum and me, which adds another dimension to his path after meeting Don as an army recruit, and therefore, any resentment he may have already carried, as his Aborigine ancestors were lost to the white invader's genocide as our own did.

But, in regard to the disgusting bastardisation of recruits, many still adolescents, which puts the crimes of sexual abuse in the category of “paedophilia”, there is no doubt that more senior army personnel issue orders for the lower ranking NCO's to carry-out such crimes.

Indeed, whatwith ongoing attempts by the various more honorable media organisations and government inquiries into this heinous “bastardisation” of military recruits, it is clearly ingrained in the military services, so it is not possible that such practices are specific to the Australian forces.

The orders to maltreat or to “condition” recruits in these ways must come from higher up the chain of command.

As Australia's military forces are but a branch of the more powerful British, and today, US military, it as likely that such heinous orders, or in the least more general directives, come from those nations' commands.

Therefore, it's pretty much a certainty that no small number of high ranking military officers in today's armed services climbed the promotion's-ladder as much as a reward for committing these offences, and to ensure their ongoing complicity and silence.

The very same rewards, of being promoted for committing unlawful acts, to ensure silence and ongoing complicity in the generally beggared corruption of civil (and military) laws, is rife across most western military and police forces, here and globally. But HEY!? That's Democracy, ain't it?

This means of climbing career ladders in the western world's military and police forces is entrenched, embedded as the accepted and standard regimen, regardless of what any defence force, or other “publicity officer” or “media liaison personnel” tell media and official inquiries.

But in regard to Don's Cook and Curitons' treatment as rookies, more senior army personnel, were also, more than likely already aware of the history of our family, and of Don Cook's relationship to my own miserable fate, and so, the “corrupt” of the bastardising troop or troops, took ready and perverted advantage of what they'd been told about Don, I'd wager.

My guess is that he was to be guarded, to some extent. Similar to how I've been watched and “guarded” (hohoho!) my whole life.

This may be the reason Don avoided being drafted during conscription of “Nasho's” for the Vietnam war.

But, from my observations and from what I've learned, I say that Don and Don eventually both became pedophiles, and, probably coaxed-on and forced by similarly corrupted army personnel, partook of a large pedophilia network, run from within one or all of the armed services, Australian or other.

I know that that's a very serious allegation to make, and so do so, not lightly.

Trying to put in this type of document all the “evidence” behind such a statement is impossible, because it comes from various things said and done, from as far back as my childhood.

But it also asks the reader to weigh our nation as a whole, in terms of our general levels of, as said, Intelligence, and thus of our general levels of integrity, morality, ethos, et al.

And, being brutally honest, Australia is ethically, a terribly beggared nation.

While all parties may shout loud how moral they are, we can be certain that some large percentage of us are outright liars, and have some heinous “sin” or abject attitude to hide.

Given that my own situation is unbelievably bizarre, and that I'm forced to assess others from this most peculiar state, nevertheless, nowadays, I do not like the general Australian. But, given the chance to expand on my feelings and thoughts, it is clear that the problem is not with the individual, but with the culture. And the western culture has been in decline for thousands of years, not, at all, aided by Christianity.

Christianity has tried to lift the masses out of poverty, and bring the less developed world up-to-speed.

But the result shows an overall degradation of the most important things in life, with the elites judging our well-being on irrelevant economic data, totally ignoring the People's levels of security, health and happiness.

As the saying goes, “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions”.

So, wondering of late about how Wendy got her obviously broken nose, I'd guess she's been bashed by Don or an accomplice, to ensure her complicity and silence. This, but a small factor in the gross cover-up of the larger, secret TS plan, goes further to explaining why Wendy has been so adamant that I'm wrong in my allegations as written herein.

In fact, ranging through my memories of the years of my and our youths, and my sibling's distant relationship over our lives, I'd guess that Don raped Wendy at some stage, most likely while they were still teenagers, or just a bit older, and Don has held her under threat since. If so, then she is in a completely horrible situation, and possibly has been for decades? If these assessments are near correct, then she should be given all the support anyone can give her, legal included.

Another piece of information I feel it right to include, is that when I was around 15 years old, after a longish period feeling absolutely miserable, and after I first recall thinking about suicide, falling behind in school, endlessly lethargic, morose, etc., Dad took me to see an Indian monk in a small apartment in St Kilda, an inner suburb south of Melbourne.

I remember I sat with the monk for a short time. We spoke, and he asked me to close my eyes and do a short meditation with him. He did not say “meditation” as I recall, but just to sit quietly or such.

He asked me to imagine, I think, a small black dot in my mind, which grows until it surrounds me.

We sat for a short few moments, I imagined as he asked, then he asked me to open my eyes again, and asked me if I was able to do that. I said yes, to whit he responded with a broad “victorious” smile, as if he had been successful.

The session ended, and Dad and I went home.

I think that after that, slowly the level of general depression lifted. But I have felt : “weighed down” most of my life, nevertheless.

I did not forget that day, but never held it high as something important, and Dad and I never spoke about it again.

It was only about 10 years ago, when I'd met mum and Dad again, and I told them that I'd stayed for a while with the Ananda Marga (AM), in 1998, at one of their properties near Nimbin, that Dad told me, that the monk he took me to see when I was a teenager, was from the Ananda Marga.

Once Dad told me this, I recalled that while with the AM, at one of their ashrams out near Stanthorpe Qld, I noted that an elder monk was quietly watching me from the sidelines. Putting the pieces together, I realised he was the same monk Dad took me to see, around 1970, in St Kilda.

Since then (after the AM turned against me, and stole a lot of my possessions), in finding out about my own complex “storyline”, it cannot be discounted that the AM have some involvement in this larger attempt to fabricate a world teacher.

While their, and the TS's intentions may be quite well intentioned, I maintain that it cannot be successful, for it being not based in fact, about the true nature of the human being, but also for it using the secretive, occult methods, especially toward myself.

Surely, if there was any veracity to their construct, they would have told the puppet something of the history, both of himself, but of the ancestry he, I, am supposed to be descended from?

That none of it has ever been told to me, that numerous crimes have occurred around me, all denied, such as my being illegitimate, such as my descending from the Aborigines of Gippsland, must prove there has been some rude falsity, some immoral fraudulence to it all? (Or, of course, as I've been told before, that it is all a fabrication of my own seriously sorry mind?)

The last SMS/email communication with Wendy, where she scolded me for suggesting in my obituary to Dad, who died in early August 2012, that I am not his genetic son, Wendy also wrote that I should have a DNA test done to confirm or otherwise, my genetic connection to Dad, or, to Boxer O'Brien, and wrote that she'd suggested that to me a few years ago when I went to her place in North Melbourne.

However, from my memories, I suggested the DNA test, to whit she protested about the cost, and as usual, continued the oppressive mockery of such ideas.

That, this time, she was so adamant - “I'm abhorred that you posted it (I finished the obituary with my extended surname(s) ie., “Max Nichols Cook-Meredith-O'Brien”) on the internet!” is typical of the whole family whenever I try to get some info, facts, or even just a light conversation about “us”.
Because there can be no doubt, that to twist me to thinking I'm some cult hero, or that I'm Jesus reborn, or, as has happened, that I naively dedicate my life to Altruism, and, with sincerity researched the world's larger, most threatening crises, but also, unaware of the “plan”, therefore blind to the influences and covert manipulation of everything I did, and a lot of beliefs, and opinions I formed, without anything about how they have manipulated my mind, shows an evil, and thus, a terribly deceitful, selfish attempt to fool me, but worst, to fool the billion-plus Christians.

Looking back, there have been innumerable tries to have me open my 3rd eye, to see the 4th dimension, by many friends. All have failed. AM tried to, for they specialise in the occult.

These failures indicate more than anything, I think, that those who are trying to stop or thwart this folly, have been keeping tabs on me for decades, and, have been successful.

But, on a fine, as-in subtle line of thinking, I accept that, “god” extant or not, such a large-scale, and clearly flawed conspiracy, because it has little or no grounding in facts, in truths, has to be doomed to failure from the start. Simply because the falsities do not, and cannot fit with any larger, less planetary, less anthropocentric “cause and effect” truths.

So, the TS, and the many Zionist Catholics, Protestants and Freemasons assisting them, have failed.

For the sake of the facts, and for the sake of changing this unintelligent farce called Christianity, and in whatever ways, waking up the masses who blindly believe that Jesus is coming back to save them, which lets them all stay basically asleep, selfish, ignorant, “forgiven”, so carefree about the immoral lives they lead, I'm glad.

For the sake of me finding some peace, some escape from this evil charade, I'm left feeling pretty bloody sad, angry, fatalistic, suicidal and genocidal, and completely anti-social.

As in Mel Gibson's “Conspiracy Theory” movie, his boss (who had the same surname as my last betraying, back-stabbing boss of Data Express Motorcycle Couriers, in Melbourne, David Finch), said to Gibson, aka Gerry Fletcher, “...only the truth will set you free”.

False gods make fools of us.


Bringing the reader forward in time to the last 14 years or so, I think my 11 years drifting around the illegal cannabis village of Nimbin, in northern New South Wales, is relevant, in regard to uncovering the larger, cult deception of building a false world teacher.

The 1990s in Melbourne were ten, (or 8) years of social, employment and psychological decline for myself.

A promising small business I'd created, designing, manufacturing and marketingDryfingeez” (...a truly great leap forward in motorcycling comfort!), weather protection “mitts” for the hands that strapped onto motorbike handlebars, was being undermined and rejected, because the filth who found selfish, small-minded reason to do me down went behind my back and coerced suppliers, machinists and retailers to turn away from me and thus from my promising little product.

Completely naïve as I was, they were also deploying witchcraft against me.

Unbeknown to me, however, was the fact that mum and her secretive cult, mainly of Catholic nuns and women, who were my behind-the-scenes puppet masters all my life, were waging this war against those who came to regard me as an evil character.

While every attempt was being made to exile me, and to leave me feeling suicidal, mum and her gals et al, were trying to keep me psychologically “propped-up” and positive.

So I endured, in evermore humility, telling, and laughing at myself with lines like “Argh! THE STRUGGLE!!!” etc.

(Now? “FUCK TH' STRUGGLE!!!#$%^&???”)

I bought my first computer, and began writing lots on the politics of the day. Victoria was under the hammer of the extreme right wing Kennett Liberal government, which was selling off public land, closing government schools and the rest. So there was a lot to comment on. I was finding my feet in terms of writing incisive political commentary, and while not on the internet, I was printing my essays and delivering them to as many organisations as I could.

Naturally, this came to the attention of my detractors and the right wing government.

Before long my 2 bedroom top-floor flat in Bulleen was being buzzed up to 10 times a day by the Victoria police French-made Dauphin jet-propelled helicopter, which would fly over at illegally low altitudes, at maximum speeds, making a hell of a racket.

I began to notice unmarked vehicles tagging me, taking photos of me, etc.

One evening, a young woman, Nicole Sinclair, who lived beneath my flat, invited herself up to my place for a coffee.

It was all very friendly. I only used powdered milk, so when she asked for milk, I told her, and she ran back to her flat and got her own carton of “REV”, a reduced fat milk.

I noticed, but thought nothing of it, that she poured a big amount of her REV milk into my cup, but only the smallest drops into hers.

The chat finished and she went back down stairs.

I went to bed later, and woke up during the night violently ill.

I'd begun sweating profusely, was shaking violently, vomited several times, could not stand up, and had a heartbeat rate in the 140-to-180 bpm range, for 3 days.

Clearly, though it never occurred to me then, I'd been poisoned.

After I recovered, some 4 or 5 days later, I left the flat and was walking down the stairs, which descended in front of her flat, as Nicole was outside, locking her door, about to leave.

Still half way down the stairs, I saw her and said “Hi!” in a cheery tone, and she looked around in complete horror, as if surprised and scared.

She moved out a short time later (to 5/25 St James Place, or Court, Kew).

Only about 6 years ago did I find out that in Scotland, the Sinclair clan have been warring enemies of the Sutherlands for centuries, and that the world's wealthiest or largest land owner, is a Sinclair.

[Let me say here, that this is a late inclusion into these pages. I left it sit for about a week now, and so I think I've lost any “thread” I might have had when I began putting it together. Leaving it go, can be useful though, because it gives me time to recall events and other issues which relate to the larger drama. But as said, the feel of the document changes, which can make it harder to read. Apologies, if that happens.]

But weeks before Nicole had that coffee with me, a very suspect trio of males moved into the flat down stairs next to her. (there were 6 flats, 3 on each floor.)

Without bothering to recall their descriptions, one of them, the broad-shouldered most boisterous operative, befriended Nicole, who was before, a polite, somewhat timid young geriatrics nurse, but after the boisterous bloke smoothed his way into her bed, she became assertive and quite different.

I think I suspected something else was going on, but, as said, I made no connection with them, with Nicole, and that I was poisoned until some years later.

But I can recall being aware that something was going on behind my back for most of my adult years, and that these events were in the least suspicious.

In the following weeks, the other tenants, and the block's owner, Ron Smith, who lived downstairs alone, became less friendly, and it was clear I was no longer welcome. So, I moved out. As things were, I could not, nor could I be bothered to find another suitable place to live.

Clearly I was under increasing pressure.

Mates all deserted me, and new faces appeared and coerced me, in one case, before I shifted to the Bulleen flat, an Englishman Richard Semp, who got a job at Data Express, gravitated toward befriending me, and soon enough, to share a rented house with him.

“CAPTURED” I was, only to have further devil's work deployed on my soul.

After finding most everyone was classically “out to get me” with employment and opportunities disappearing, my last year or so was “lived” in a rented garage under a block of flats in a prestigious middle-eastern Melbourne suburb of Doncaster.

The tenants above me were soon co-opted into one or another cult, or coven, and one night, sleeping on a bench-cum-bed I'd fashioned next to my car, I awoke completely unable to move. I could not even breathe.

As oxygen was running out, I managed to summons every bit of strength I could, and shocked my body in a violent, all-muscle push, off the 1 metre-plus high bed-bench, onto the floor, crashing onto the car's passenger side to the concrete floor.

I could breathe again.

In the second after this, I heard the young bloke living in the apartment immediately above me, let out a cry, a groan, and he too also sounded as though he had fallen out of his bed, which, by the sound, was right above where I was lying.

Even then, while “living” in that garage, I found work, that I'd done a lot of in years passed, driving a taxi, for a Greek family not far from the garage.

But taxi work had become a farce, and the companies I drove for were “infected” such that I was getting real bombs to drive, and was being set-up like crazy in such that I'd be getting bogus bookings over the taxi comms system, and at ranks, after waiting, in quiet times, for some hours, I'd repeatedly get “short trips” amounting to less than $5 each.

It was while I was living in the garage that Mel Gibson's “Conspiracy Theory” Hollywood movie was released, depicting Gerry Fletcher as myself, played by Gibson, living in a windowless apartment in New York, walls covered with newspaper clippings, dissident posters, stories, articles, everything any self-respecting Revolutionary would line a bunker with to aid in his (media) war against the establishment!

So, after exhausting all I'd learned and practised in Philosophy, trying to keep cool, pleasant, honest, cheery, “in-the-present”, every time to be smacked in the face by anonymous players, on the 14th February 1998, I'd had enough, and marched into the taxi bosses office at the Richmond depot, and told the boss, that he should “Tell your masters, that if they want to silence me, they'll have to kill me!” and walked out, mounted my trusty little 150cc Honda “postie-bike” and rode home, or, to the rented garage.

That or the next day, I packed a rucksack and bedroll onto the back of my just rebuilt, repainted and customised Yamaha XJ-650, and rode to Nimbin, to smoke myself to death.

And, like a puppet on a string, after being pushed around that area for about 13 years, I come to realise that much of concept of Nimbin, in a way actually centres around this Zionist delusion, of their fabricating a puppet-messiah.

Let me say, Nimbin's “Alternative” lifestyle, does have merit.

And, the concept is not all about a Jesus type Zionist leader.

There are credible and intelligent approaches to what has been tried there, and they have, as an underlying tenet, the bottomline issue that effects all levels of culture, and of society and economics.

There are lots of folks there who do live extremely honorable lives, of living very “light footprint”, ecologically Wise and sound ways, at least, as near as the larger, disgustingly corrupt Australian, Brit-European culture allows them,.

Zionism, which has included this awry messiah, false leader concept and cult, is to my inquiry, the biggest flaw.

To display my naivety, to confirm my not being any special nor superior person, I remain baffled as to why the originators tried such a foolish plan?

How far from intelligent thinking were they, to scheme-up the falsities they have?

If Nimbin could extricate, expunge, “exorcise” even, this secretive, delusional, and I think, quite evil aspect from it's overall agenda, it would loose a lot of the opposition that puts pressure on it (and on me), and it might actually grow in popularity, more than with the stoners who flock there for drugs and a look-see, at the real estate, at the groovy lifestyles, at the druggies, and in the hope to glimpse the messiah.


Every attempt to find a place and associates there, were thwarted. Essentially the utterly insane occult players, which includes 99.999% of all who have tried to “owwnn” me with their sadistic, and dark, unintelligent witchcraft, stepped in, fucked it up and drove me away.


....What the fuck if I kill a few insignificant people?”

Since March 2011, I've been struggling against Queensland's really stupid egomaniacs-with-witchcraft, having left Nimbin and NSW the day before their bosses of Australian corruption, the “Rum Club” NSW branches of the Australian Labor Party were voted out of state government.

But HEY! Western politics is the ping-pong game between “Tweedle-dee, and Tweedle-dumb”! Anything to eat the cherry!

From Nimbin to Gympie, Queensland, a good move? I don't think so.

At least the New South Welsh are rough and overtly corrupt, but also, a bit more intelligent.

Queenslanders are rotten and stupid.

But, that's Astrayliar for ya!

And, yeah, a gross generalisation....

Not far, however, from what the colonialist Brit-Eurapeans have always planned and wanted of us.

Personally, I do not want more than a substantial monetary sum, of compensation and “iron-clad guarantees” that I will not be cornered and debilitated any further from here forward, by and from the elite clubs, cults, churches, synagogues, organisations and forces who have trashed everything of my life.

I also want my name cleared, so I can go shopping without the general public, eager to hold a secret over others, are not inclined to intimidate, harass, photograph and haunt me.

As to any “leadership” role, my own inquiries conclude that in being a puppet, there is no truth, no fact, no reality to any of it, as well as a truth so far from all of their abilities to perceive, that the whole concept of political, religious, military and monarchic, but especially of some High Lord, occult High Priest, and most all beliefs about leaders, as have evolved over the last 2,000 years at least, are complete corruptions of how the species would be best to exist, and thus endure.

But try telling the Zionist Jews, fanatical entranced Christians, career-priests-and-politicians, high ranking religious personnel, and the “high-priests” of the “Hollywood hero-cult genre” that!

Aborigine Knows. And was why they, across the planet, endured and thrived for millions of years.

Get off my case, pay me enough to live and travel well, from here to my death, and I'll not mess with the Magik I have.

Keep messing with my family and my life, and I'll die fighting all of you, with horrendous results, be sure.

And..., apologise publicly to me, and to everyone you've bribed and injured.


Briefly, there is an whole 'nother book could be written telling of my 3 years living in London England, from 1975 to 1978. About my being invited into “338 Harrow Road, Paddington, London, England”, where I stayed for over 2 years.

Only many years later did I learn that “The Pie Shoppe” (it was located above a “Jack Horner's Pies” shop) at 338, a 6-bedroom, approximately 16-bed, precursor to what today are called “backpacker hostels” was mostly made-up by and of Theosophical Society people, on the surface there to holiday and live the exciting life of London in the 1970s.

But unnerneath.....!?#$%^&!?

Suspect! Very suspect?

As I say, that's an whole 'nother story.

Not in the least less significant in the moulding of this little lamb's world-view, and blindness to what they have me earmarked for, but another story, for later.

To end this short story, it has to be said that of the things the establishment should do to appease my aching heart and soul, but more to appease the species, and the ecological heart of the planet, I suggest the powers-that-be have few options but to do the following.

Clearly, none of these ideas, theories, deductions and conclusions are “mine”, but come from these very same establishment puppet masters, who've been steering me around since my conception.

Therefore it is “preaching to the converted” for me to tell them what to do.

They have known for years, decades, centuries what to do to stop the decline and destruction of the race.

For things I do not see, nor even know of, something has made implementing true land laws impossible.

Many in stoner-city, Nimbin, and worldwide, believe aliens are long-amongst us, and have basically taken-over almost everything of our world.

I can't see the 4th dimension, where these beings dwell, so, for certainty, don't believe one way or the other, that what are quite possible, are actually here.

But those who do see, must be very careful, and sceptical, as to believing the apparitions and ghost-like entities are real. Because an accomplished wizard can manipulate the cosmic fabric and create visions we believe are “real” and threaten us.

So, “aliens” as portrayed by Hollywood, can take on manifest forms, mainly, I say, in our gullible and delicate mind, where all we see, hear, etc, is “processed”.

There's no doubt, that from the beginning, wizards have used the occult “ectoplasm” to frighten their enemies, by cungering apparitions. So that is always, in my humble opinion, whence we should consider such spooks do come from, sent to stop us from being Just beings, and thus, from joining forces against the “bighouse landholding mob” up the hill, to introduce and institutionalise the best, most Honest Taxes, and Laws.


Introducing Land Reforms of Equitable Land/People Distribution globally, forthwith, would be the prime demand, or request, outside of compensating myself for the loss of all my 57.7 years to their puppetry and ensuing psychoses, and income and savings and superannuation I would otherwise have accrued, as well as selflessly asking that the establishment elite, of Britain, Eurape, the USA and Australia, Et Al, pay the descendants of all Australian Aborigines their Rightful Due, mainly by giving them Sovereignty, thus, Absolute Freedom to travel globally, and to live as they wish - as they know Best - on their lands.

Another thing that really should be considered by everyone, is what can be done to straighten up the whole religious body known collectively as “Christianity”?

It should be clear that this false ideology is behind far too much of the corruption of each human being's ability to find their own peace. That Peace is only found through having the independence to live as the Wisest teachings ask of us. Such “independence” is denied us by the doctrinal Christian cults and their centrist beliefs' structures, debilitating us from rising above shallow, repetitive, circling mentations, to the higher level of the Soul.

It robs all of us, in material terms, except those on top of the religio-economic pile, who use every dark means to stay on top, of what should be absolutely naturally shared, and free, ever readily at hand, for us to be relaxed, calm, satisfied, Wise, Intelligent and most of all Happy.

Because of my most peculiar situation, that is, right smack bang in the centre of this whole ideal, of this false ideology, it may be understandable that I take the stance of rejecting totally the whole phenomenon of having one person on top of any and all religious, spiritual tree/trees.

Especially as the evidence irrefutably tells us, that the real “Jesus” said himself he was no messiah, nor a king of the Jews, and that he was not superior, not in any god-like status, over and above other humans.

It is an indictment against everyone who falls for that utterly deadly ideology, exposing them all as fearful, lazy, and thus unintelligent simpletons, dangerous to be given any authority, or even a vote in political elections, etc.

But, as the dominant western Zionist, centrist “messiah-cult” religion is so entrenched around the globe now (never, through Wise, peaceful discourse, convincing with honesty and sound legal and 'Spiritual” facts nor argument - Rome conquered by genocide, culture-cide, oppression, division, and a Hell of a lot of deceit), it's unlikely that it will either step down, from the high positions of influence and power it has fought it's way up to, and cannot break the cycles of the deepest corruption, because they have come to be the whole foundation holding all of them up.

As well, those on top, in places like the Vatican, Lambeth, Salt Lake City, and anywhere cults locate their headquarters, are the most buried in the hype, the charades, the “hoopla”, the entrancing nature and effects of the glitter and ceremony, hypnotized and fascinated to the point of being unable to break the spells the whole world they have entered has on them.

As well as being the most cemented onto the benefits, shallow and false most all of them, but as well, because of the immense body of administration beneath them, it actually might become something of a crime to shut them all down.

Personally, I have no sympathy for anyone seduced - or tempted - to find a wage and wealth with these unconscionably deceitful institutions.

From my “special” place, I reckon it's far far better that people toughen themselves up, and if necessary, live in hardship, perhaps even in penury and exile, if it means they are more able to do the most Honorable Work, and to fight this outright evil of institutionalised centrist cult religion. And, it's politics.

That so many in this worldwide materialistic criminal organ we call “church” sell their souls for the completely ignorance-based and very, very stupid nuclear family and house dream, surely, supported by the massive amount of evidence their own academics have brought to light, that the whole western so-called “Christian” lifestyle of the urban nuclear family design is the least sustainable, in ecological terms, made many many times more dangerous to the world's ecosystem by it's food support mechanisms of western farming models, shows both that the flockers are the least Honorable, least Courageous, least wise, the most stupid, but also, if any of them do have an understanding of how “evil” - to use their terminology - their own social and cultural structure is, then they are the most evil of all.

It follows therefore, that by that measure, the Aborigine, from all regions of the world, are the most Spiritual, thus, the Wisest, most Intelligent and, prior to being shit on by the psychos from the white western cults, were the happiest peoples and cultures.

So, were any facts to be taken into consideration by any adjudicating power, authority, government, community and/or Democracy, there would be no argument against closing down all Christian religious cults.


Of course, in order to avoid a mass of spoiled whitefaced brats, aka Christians, stomping their tootsies all over the shagpile, and spitting their collective dummies, and actually getting up and walking away from the nice little earners their churches have set them up in, and getting onto the streets and PROTESTING, it would be a good idea for governments to go about redistributing the lands we all own and need, equally.

If Christians are serious, then they would do every possible thing to make that happen.

That it happens to be me who is able to write this “solution” to the impending global troubles, makes me not anything more than a messenger. Still a puppet, not a saviour.

And, it is too late to cure the mass of global troubles.

Any 'saviour' is the True Land Law, made tangible by the persons-collective.

Indeed, it is the culture itself, made-up, of course, of the people subscribing to it, who can see the rectitude in these suggestions, gathered by this mind, from fierce and very deliberate guidance from higher, far more Intelligent, and more sneaky people, and who can agree together that something of these ideas are what they should do, to save themselves.

Besides, I reckon you're all intellectually-lazy, selfish fools, so the last thing I would want to do or be, is your leader.

Not to mention that I am by no means qualified.

However, knowing the extremely self-interested and psycho-pathologically corrupted beings the majority of white Australians and Caucasians are, these later requests are clearly beyond the establishment's and the white western majority's egomania and abilities.

But, the alternative is not worth considering.

Max Nichols Cook-Meredith-O'Brien
Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of


Hell's Gate Warmongers

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