Sunshine In The Shadows

130511 JUST DEFIANCE Sunshine In The Shadows Edition

Tao Te Ching

If we stop looking for “persons of superior morality”(1) (hsien) to put in power, there will be no more jealousies among the people.
If we cease to set store by products that are hard to get, there will be no more thieves. If the people never see such things as excite desire, their hearts will remain placid and undisturbed. Therefore the Sage rules
By emptying their hearts
And filling their bellies
Weakening their intelligence
And toughening their sinews
Ever striving to make the people knowledgeless and desireless.
Indeed, he sees to it that if there be any who have knowledge, they dare not interfere.
Yet through his actionless activity all things are duly regulated.

(1) the accepted translation for [Chinese character] is “the worthy”, “a superiorman”.

Waiting for the laptop battery to recharge, the eyes spied Lao Zi, sitting in the corner.

So, Reverent, reaching for Moral Sustenance, amidst gross raving lunatic immorality farther up the track, in the air, pouring down in indistinct shadowy form, to cover the cart, concentrated in the local “show”, the hand reached out and took up His Te Ching, to have it fold open at the above superior lines (Page 7).

So much, when others knew of my fabricated reputation, but were sworn to lie, these lines of Lao Zi were challenged, by those endarkened minds from the Christian orphanages [schools] of Fatherless souls.

Being of the mememe teachings, of the Fatherless western creed scribed by the left handed, lost souls raged against - to them - the indefinable truths, written so long before their own master was crucified - before they crucified their own master - …..indefinable truths..., written by a humble and simple living Master of the East, Lao Zi.

Impossible for desire-filled hearts to decipher, decrepit and developmentally-redarded, the orphanages of Christ sent endless armies of flawed soldiers to an early demise, merely and laughably to put truth to death, for it being too much a challenge to their ignorance.

But alas! So deep was their ignorance, they were by it, blinded to the truth that the truth cannot be slain. Yet again and again the clerics sent forth fodder - zombies - for the truth to devour.

Ignorance is insular, parochial, myopic, looking only so far as to stay comforted, and if drawn, sent or forced to look further, goes mad - madder even than it is already - rages rabid-insane against any it sees of greater content, of unsettling portent, of wider perspective, or larger Intelligence, and seeks, though in futility, to destroy truth and everything outside it's own comfort zone, outside it's purring fanny.

Alas! Rome! Israel! The Mason!


Keep ours' and our slaves' minds and hands occupied, merely so they don't THINK and cease to act of the lunacy we “BUILD! GROW! EXPAND!” And procreate!

And pray lord keep us from admitting to the destruction we've built, grown and expanded into our faith???


And keep the search alive, for the NEXT “person of superior morality”, that we may in overt prayer, and in covert pride, bow to them, and say to ourselves that WE elected them, so that (to ourselves we say) “we may continue to “BUILD! GROW! EXPAND!” in mad fever, fearing of ever bending low and submitting to Fate, in saying out loud, and to ourselves, “WE ARE LOST! Astray! Liars! And now see and seek first, The Freedom of admission to having lost The Road Map, all those millennia ago!”

And O! But to see that the “person of superior morality” is but within us, should we be so humble as to look, is deep inside us, resting, hiding, waiting, for us to divest our skins and bones, our eyes and features, of this whorey deceit of false whiteguy pride, of possession, of power and of purpose, to do naught but “BUILD! GROW! EXPAND!” and in truth to destroy, to stay forever mindless of our worldly ignorance!

And so it went, we were stopped from looking back, from looking deeper, beyond the veil draped over the Tao of Being those millennia ago, in Israel, in Rome, in Londinium, and in Sodom and Gomorrah!

Must it have been so?

Must we draw our lost mind, our delusional dream so near the edge of the bottomless cliff, and with it, leap off, before we can lose that demon pride, thus shed the veneer of egomania and wantwantwant, for mememe?

To be, O! But just to Be?

Can we, whiteguy, be so humble?”

The Sage, resting in the Nothingness of His Own Tao, hears all, and stirs to laugh.

'Tis the only way, whiteguy!

Your own cult Master, it's written, said as much!

Why then, do you not read it, [“...Give away all...”] nor speak it, [“...your...”] nor listen to His advice, [“....possessions...”] so that you UNDERSTAND it?

O! the veil! The veil of possessions!

So lost, so veiled, so off the Golden Path are you, your ancient, most Hallowed Books give no guidance into your own Lord Tao!

So off the Path are you, you revere them even though they are in-the-main records of your errors, of your folly, of your cultures' crimes, of your distraction into nothing but war, and you praise them? You build cities and nations in praise of books?

And, cripplingly mindless of your foolishness, you repeat them and chant them, sing them and preach them to the blind, over and over?

And most evil of all..., you denounce and demonize and exile and stone those who speak strongest of both your ignorance, and of Tao!

If we stop looking for “persons of superior morality” to put in power, there will be no more jealousies among the people.”

Time the new Israelis and new Romans began to disavow their own illusions!

Were it not so late, indeed, too late, good fruit may be grown?

But as ignorance has been eating of it's own fruit for millennia, to build grow expand it's own destroyers, Tao sees an end to this epoch, and smiles a Universal laugh.

[The Text in gold font, taken verbatim from my copy of “Lao Zi” known as the Tao Te Ching, put together from texts, commentaries and translations by Professor Chen Guying (the Book Bureau of China, 1984), Mr Arthur Waley, English sinologist, and the Humble Fu Huisheng, of East China Teachers University, 1993. (Praise You, Father!)]

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All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
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