Recognizing Local Councils In Our Constitution Is Good For Democracy

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Today's topical federal election news is about the government's announcement they're gonna have a referendum on Sept 14th with the vote, on whether Australians want to have it formalized in the Constitution that Local Councils do exist.

It struck me when an aging Liberal minister from last millennia, Peter Reith, got on the news saying he'd lobby against it, that the Lib/Nats would object, because it, the formalization of Local Councils on our federal Constitution would bring the nation one very healthy step forward, toward the much needed, and soon, when our dollar and the entwined world economy really falls of the fiscal cliff, by some accounts, very soon, toward the much needed taxation collection reforms.

Keeping Local Councils “invisible” in terms of the nation's constitution, by not having them formally written into thus recognized in the Constitution, makes it easier legally for offshore powers, the sponsors and manipulators of the Liberals and National “conservative” (of Britain's control of our lands and resources) parties, to stop us from instituting the most honest tax - land rent for government revenue!

Another exposure by the idiots of the right wing - ie., foreign-controlled - opposition parties, of their betrayal of Australians.

So, finding but one web news page going to this referendum announcement by the federal government, of three, I flung in my two-pence-worth...
Without wanting to be seen as a lobbyist for the government, I must say that seeing this publication from the “Government News” website, on the Google news page, is “interesting” in the least.

From a Socialist's viewpoint, the dominance of private corporate news services on Google news, and across the media portals generally, does a Just and Equitable People and/or Nation a disservice. A dangerous disservice, which actually is the cause of far too much corruption of what should be a very clean and simple thing “Government”.

So finding this article, off the Government News http://www.governmentnews.com.au website, might, might be somewhat refreshing? But we all know that the lot of the political class, on both sides, are tyrants, don't we?

Published on Thu, 09/05/2013, 11:42:25

Here's my comment:

The Liberals will stymie constitutional recognition of local councils because such recognition helps correct and make a step forward in the nation's taxation policies, to better enable local councils to be the proper collectors of revenue, via the 2009 Henry Review's recommended, and scientific "national land tax".

The Liberal's objection shows once more that they and their coalition are working for the "foreign powers" of landlords in Britain, et al, and not for the best interests of all Australians, and that the Liberal/National parties support and profit from a corrupt framework of government, and corruption and prevention of the most honest and efficient government system of revenue collection - the "national land tax".

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