So Many Legal Cases To Prosecute

130508 JUST DEFIANCE So Many Legal Cases To Prosecute Edition

What does a Human Justice Fighter do?

For most of them, there are issues they become specialist in, and are able to focus their talents into.

Every arena which basically comes into being because of an injustice somewhere, has proponents with the best qualifications in law, psychology and whichever other field is needed to deal with the issues that arise, once some fundamental human right is stomped on.

However, no matter how successful each or a number of those Warriors are, they still fall well short of getting the whole basket of wrongs, injustices eliminated, and the underlying, overall culture, made right.

And then, in an ideal legal world, were any collective of Lawyer-Warriors to succeed, what must they do to ensure any successes are made permanent, perennial?

For as we witness almost daily, whatwith the extended media coverage of any and all legal “successes”, some smartarse soon enough lodges a challenge to the corrected laws, and with their high-brow eloquence and “legalese” rhetoric, legal challenges as often convince as often a “stacked” bench of judges, to rescind any seriously Just adjustment to previously unjust laws, or liberties, or such?

Tony Abbott's disgusting ignorance of good and scientific, healthy and Just laws and framework policies, the most obvious Australian federal example of the last 6 or so years, in his fanatical “I WANNA [...sell my arse to...] BE PRIME MINISTER!” determination to discredit all and any genuinely healthy, scientific and good policies and legislation instituted by the current Labor/Greens/Independents federal government.

It is accepted practice now, for anyone rich enough, to challenge a court ruling if they're convicted of an offense.

And as for corporations, few of which are not guilty of ignoring some fundamental said or unsaid ethical limit, megabucks and whole sub-corporations of lawyers are kept inhouse to draw-up challenges to ANY court rulings or laws which might order them to act a bit, or a lot more conscionably.

This alone, keeps those lawyers and activists with some higher, more sturdy Social Conscience constantly busy in counter-challenges, simply to fight off the demons of self-interest in large wealthy organizations [the IMF, the World Bank, the British and Eurapean communities of elites, the US administration and it's brute military-industrial-complex but four/five examples], who are absent of morality in their lust for the almighty dollar, or euro, or shekel.

Clearly, the whole legal network, framework, structure is as shonky as a Bangladeshi highrise! (Sorry if that metaphor offends?)

And I refer to the global legal network, framework, structure, not just the outrageously UNJUST Australian set-up.

So, I repeat..., “What does a Human Justice Fighter do?

Being an amateur, with no law degree or authority, outside of a less than satisfactory mythological reputation, and about 4 decades of being steered into learning quite a lot about the fundaments of law, of society, of psychology, of culture, and - of CORRUPTION - yet having a lessening interest in law, and the well-being of the planet - I don't give a fuck about it's dominant inhabitants - it's easy from outside to assess the larger situation and arrive at the facts, that no matter how many little successes by the rightminded, in government, in law, in ethics, in culture, in social trends et cet et cet they all might have, the larger situation is a long way passed being TOTALLED!

Every bothered lawyer, bothered more about their reputation, curricula vitae, and/or their personal income from any case they put in the courts, I put it your honor, in reality achieves nothing for the greater good, while they don't step back and look at the biggest picture, and determine to address that, perhaps while - in between - they go back and forth to the courts pursuing one case or another.

I went to this same sub-subject a few weeks ago in a “Whistleblowers” e-ssay, and stated that it seems to me that as the concept of “Whistleblowers” gets more media air, so it penetrates the culture both of society and of law,

1, it's probable that more and more lawyers would turn their attention to covering “Whistleblower” cases, primarily because I assert that most lawyers, beneath the facade they are required to wear, of being somewhat less interested in, and callous toward, the big justice picture, do in fact hurt everytime they take-on and fight a case for some irascible oligarch or corporate tyrant, or tyrannical corporation or government, against any dimension of defendants or litigants whose stance is regarded as being for some..., say, “environmental law”, or some “ethical standard”, or some “human right” or the like.

And, taking that assessment of the “hearts-hurting” of an assumed majority of lawyers further, were the opportunity there for them to tackle law from what they do know might be the completely ethical position, they would flock to the chance, and would be enlivened with that unleashed joyousness, for being able at last to overtly engage and employ their highly refined talents for that mythical Greater Good.

This, I put it, your magnificence, does actually grumble alive, still in the hearts, minds and souls of the world's lawyers, and yearns for the day when it can burst out of hiding, and in their finest, march into the courts knowing they have every possible interested party either fully behind them or quivering in their boardrooms, for knowing that that lawyer has the goods to win a major major justice, that actually WILL have an effect on the world, on the whole god-and-Buddha-damned legal frameworks-plural in every nation, etc etc etc.

And 2, I assert that with this “majority of lawyers” dreaming of the day they CAN hit and smash the extant endemic corruption of their own speciality - THE LAW - or not, the general increase in such “Whistleblower”-type cases worldwide, increasing as it is, has soon enough to arrive at a point in time, of a natural or human-organized "critical mass" of a “unification” of those lawyers all standing for the assertion of what they more than any of us surely must know, is GOOD AND TRUE LAW!

I guess, the question, for unqualified and qualified lawyers is.... -

Where do they start?”

Which laws, or law, is the first one to tackle?

So..., a list must be made, of all the most influential laws most impeding of what? Good and true free markets? Good and true government? Good and true television programs, adverts, censorship....?

O! Good and True LAWS!!!

Well...., I'm bored at this stage, and my cogitating on it ain't gonna get me a FUCKING SHED to finish my humblest 4-by-4 hutute.

But..., it nevertheless..., is worth thinking about!

But perhaps that's already been thunk about?

Now..., “WHO WAS THAT MAN!?!?!

Henry Who?”

Again, I go to another e-ssay I posted here a week or so ago, with the rhyme...,





ET cetera!!!


It seems healthy for all lawyers to give themselves some deliberate time, daily, I'd say the best recommendation, to spend looking at their profession with this larger picture in mind. Or perhaps, with this larger picture “floating just above their minds”?

1, the futility, and indeed the compounding complexity, of addressing the cases they do daily, weekly, yearly, in the courts,

and 2, throwing around hypotheticals of how many cases would evaporate, were some, at this stage, an hypothetical, mysterious, magnificent, magnanimous and clearly mighty law, were able to be legislated?

Then..., ruminate upon the hypothetical of that hypothetical MMMM Law being scribed and enshrined in Rock not just in their county, state, or nation, but globally?

Sounds like a case for 'SUPERLAW'!!!” “YER?”

In short.., the institution of Good Laws, would eradicate the divisive, crime-making farce we blindly, blithely accept as our parliaments.

But O! Dear...? What would the political classes do?

Get honest jobs..., maybe?

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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