My Letter To The World Theosophical Society

130509 JUST DEFIANCE My Letter To The World Theosophical Society Edition

On Saturday evening 4th May 2013, I sent an email to the Theosophical Society's “International Headquarters” in Pasadena, California, with the 1st of the 2 sections in blue.

 To now, 13:30 Thursday 9th May 2013, I haven't sent the 2nd email shown at the bottom of this post, but for both my perceived Duty Of Irreverence, and for expecting anything to happen from now (as always), and because I have yet to put together the several Theosophical Society email addresses I want to send it to, I post it to the blogpages for all the web-world to seeAnd related thoughts....  But also to wait a few, in the illusory hope that they do intend to reply, and will....

That I publish the unsent email now to this blog, will as likely give the Theosophical Societies, who I find arrogant and deceitful, evasive and brutal, all-the-while, with a smile, so quite sinister, cause to act offended, and thence even more, ignore my call as put in both the "in blue" emails here.

That happens, and does seem, though totally unreasonably, to be how the world works in my orb of perception.  

Clearly to me, outside of myself, outside of my damaged soul, and not merely for my inability to fire-up my occult eye, etc, something in my world is terribly wrong, or perhaps just really really bad, as if we are really living in a completely unreasonable world, perhaps in reality, in "Hell"?

This is the 1st email, sent Saturday evening 4th May...:

To: tstec@theosociety.org

Subject: To the Head of the TS - A world leader! What does Theosophy say on that idea?

A world leader! What does Theosophy say on that idea?

Is this idea, this notion, that one person be given all power over all humanity, still alive in the minds of the heads of this Theosophical Society?

Is your society honest enough to admit there is a serious and large falsity therein?

And do you admit to knowing of a plan, by such as the Theosophical Society, if not by the Society itself, to "build", to fabricate such a person?

"Let us not talk falsely now...!"


Max N Cook
Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

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To now, Thursday 9th May 2013, I've not received any reply, understandably.

Organizations as large as this one, rarely acknowledge individuals who challenge their ideologies, especially someone so under the, their hammer as I am.

So, being on the edge of life as I've been made for that same organization's “evil” agenda, of forcing me to play puppet to their scam of presenting the world with a returned Jesus of Nazareth, I find it impossible but to totally DEFY, mainly because

-it is Duty,
-it is a most evil idea,
-against the whole notion of Democracy,
-therefore is against every other person's individual democratic right, to be part of the governmental process of their nation,
-as well as it being an insult to their own sovereign intelligence,
-and their right, duty and ability to nurture and improve their own intelligence,
-instead of leaving those roles to another, who cannot be other than a puppet of these lost, self-interested and totally anti-democratic elite forces,
-but also because, for the irony of being conceived and raised to put “Honesty” first, now that I find almost everyone in my 58 year life has been dishonest with me,
-and that I have gone to every length to establish the facts behind my own travesty of a life,
-but also what facts, which really, are fictions, fabrications, behind the whole notion of this most dominant ideology we blithely accept as “Christianity”.

Having satisfied my own very critical mind of the veracity of what I've uncovered and established as fact, I hold hard and fast to “Honesty” in challenging the TS, and Christianity in general, and therefore the number of other secretive religious cults behind these mainstream and dominant groups, namely the adherents, supporters, financiers and propagandists of the world Zionist Movement, and the wider western religions' beliefs about one, a “christ” and two, that I might be it?

No less than “terminally for myself”, I have no doubt that the range of participants in this grandiose delusion, reach up to the highest echelons of international, financial, political and cultural power, therefore, have immense control over the whole planet.

These include the International Monetary Fund IMF, the various western religions, Catholic, Protestant, Freemason, Jewish, and into the Russian and Oriental diasporas. And, of more “hazy” nature, the hyper-secretive “Illuminati”, and that group's fellow power-seeking occultist organizations.

It should be noted, to emphasize the root of the world's “lost ways”, that these out-of-control occult organizations, all have their genesis in the western hemisphere, predominantly in the Jewish and Christian cultures.

So..., as I write above “terminally for myself”, taking on these amassed and to my mind, psychotic forces, is suicidal, and I can, or should, never hope to succeed.

And here again stands the huge irony of the whole phenomenon and situation.
Because in doing as I am, challenging the most powerful collective of megalomaniacs ever to be formed, successful or not, I'm playing that part they actually bred me to play, of being the modern day version of the fabled young Hebrew male, “David”, as told in the Bible's Old Testament, slaying the evil “Goliath”.

“Goliath” being of course, the allegorical monster of tyrannical powers and corruption we know today as the aforementioned combination of global occult, economic and military organizations.


Because..., it therefore behooves them, those behemoth, centrist, elite powers running the globe down the shitter, to surrender to my demands, purely so-as to have their attempts at fabricating a world hero, a world savior, succeed.

So “GIVE ME TH' FUCKIN' MONEY, SCUMSUCKERS!!!” I add in Dutiful irreverent jest!

Were such a description of the possibilities to actually become reality, of their acquiescing to my assertions, and to my actually very humble demands - FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS AUSTRALIAN - the innumerable weeping women who have done so much to be near and dream of banging Jesus, would be sent into uncontrollable fevers, I suspect?

But, having gone as far as I have, for the greater good, but equally purely one, to survive, and two, out of Reverence for my Step-Father's Honorable and Noble DEFIANCE [Praise be His Name - Allan Nichols Cook-Meredith!] against the “establishment”, thus of my own Honor, and perhaps, “Dignity”, having gone as far as I have, down this fearsome path of a pseudo-Altruism, I - or the war against my own happiness waged by the wealthy-and-developmentally-retarded - have disavowed myself of most all desires for the accepted fashions, accoutrements and material possessions of the modern western worlds.

Also, it seems I'm also disavowed of any want for a partner, or for a social group. This is not healthy I think, and so only with the requested compensation, will I be able to remedy my soul to a natural hunger for company, other than of possums and butterflies, etc.

So, once again, in keeping with that, I maintain “illusory” hero figure, I still think I will want only to live the “minimalist” material and social life from any “settlement”, forward to my death?

But who, with some millions in their account, would not invest some of it in some land, and housing, and a large few stables of choice motorcycles, etc?

Maybe a spaceship, to escape this insane planet?


Not expecting a reply from the Californian TS headquarters, and of course, to now, not receiving one, I take another step with the following to as many of their offices as I can find email addresses.


To the World Theosophical Society!

I ask all recipients at Theosophical Society Offices receiving this letter, the same I asked of the one in Pasadena California USA last Saturday evening 4th May 2013 (Australian Eastern Standard Time):

A world leader! What does Theosophy say on that idea?

“What say Theosophy on the vital issue of that organization spending uncountable sums of money to buy allegiance from the general public, thus, as such bribes usually come with “attached” duties, co-opting the general public to manipulate the picked, selected, “chosen” if you must, poor soul's thoughts, and most everything they/he/I do from minute to minute, to make a puppet of them fit for your unintelligent plan to put them/him/I to the world as the returned Jesus of Nazareth???”

As the savior of the Christian people?

While you refuse, clearly out of a warped, and one expects, an insidious cowardice of pride, to respond to this question, you, and every single person you have, undoubtedly by the most evil means, seduced into partaking of this idea, indeed, this ideal, rooted it appears, in the 4th century Councils of Nicea fabrication, (or did it begin in mid-19th century England, in the imaginations of Helene Blavatsky, Edward Bulwer-Lytton, Cecil Rhodes, and a Zionist Rabbi or two, et al), you implicate and condemn yourselves and all your willing and unwilling, as in unconsciously hypnotized, adherents, as guilty of one of the most heinous crimes against every person's sovereignty of soul and of intellect.

But ALAS! We are not in the Garden of Wisdom! So these reprehensible, delusional things happen!

But ALAS? A Proper, Impartial Investigation into your society's roots, founding members, and the culture preceding it, out of which the errant-minded Helene Blavatsky and her fellow overly-wealthy cult members developed their theories and secret societies - Jewish Christianity - one of whom was of my own family, in name at least, Edward Bulwer-Lytton, will find that that very cult, ex-ancient Rome, indeed, ex-ancient Israel, having been convinced by very persuasive Hebrew magicians, “but humble Rabbis, sir”.., had been so far off the path of Righteousness, of Honor, and of the True Way, for some thousands of years previous!

Certainly, it cannot be said that every individual within that culture, in the years the Theosophical Society or it's earlier incarnation was formed, was also irretrievably “off the path”.

And much must be said of Helene Blavatsky in the affirmative for her, and her colleagues delving as they did, with one expects, good intentions, into the labyrinthine business of finding ways to remedy the rapidly spreading dissonance as had sprung out of the over-populated western world, in the preceding centuries-cum-millennia.

However, I decline that opportunity, to offer any salute to her works, for to myself, to my own perceptions on the subject, the damage done (we are never to know of course, whether it would have been worse without her), and her colleagues' interference with world and subtle cosmic affairs, has been utterly horrendous and disastrous.

In contemporary terms - “fast-tracking us to Armageddon!

A gallant try, no doubt, but falling into that cliched “the road to Hell, is paved with good intentions”.

So of a certainty has her, and all her “fascinated” followers' work added to “paving the road to Hell”.

And why?

For little less difference than the general fall of the western mind, soul and body-collective, over thousands of years!

The immature, unqualified, self-interested thus unintelligent use-cum-abuse of the divine and superior powers, and the inevitable failure of the intelligence, once starting upon that hope-filled, over-confident and delusional road. Especially without the complete and proper surrounding culture, and therefore Pure preparation.

So..., wealthy and large enough to be regarded as “too big to fail” though the Theosophical Society is, out of my honorable rejection of your witchcraft and inspired theories,

I issue a pox on all your houses, Theosophists,

unless your most senior members can find the honesty and genuine humility enough to admit your society's failings-collective, by which I refer to the several clearly terminally out-of-control “secret agencies and cults” MI5, MI6, the CIA, Mossad, et al, to name but the leading fools of today. And, here in Australia, ASIO, and ASIS.

But as well, the world awaits an open and full apology for your parts in setting the scenes igniting the innumerable wars, fought because your fanatical and blind spread of this undemocratic belief system, of a world leader.

In your society's objectives, it's said, “Trying to force others to adopt what we believe is the "proper" avenue of thought may be harmful.”

Yet I have suffered deprivation of all usual and reasonable things, and all associations for over 18 years to date, purely because of your society's fanatical and brutal intentions of having me “...adopt what we believe is the 'proper' avenue of thought...”!

Clearly, the Theosophical society is nothing but an abomination!

If, as you have written in your society's emblem, “Truth is the highest religion”, then the truth it is that you must speak!

Even though it's clear to all that you have adopted such superlative phraseology to instantly act in complete betrayal and contradiction of those words.

The list of British, European and Jewish organizations doing exactly this, is long, and many if not most are born from your own septic power-hungry minds, for the pursuance of your own orders'-plural devious and disastrous global intentions.

An open and full, public apology to myself, but as much to everyone your cults have forced to take bribes from, must begin the process of ending and correcting this devil of a plan.

Since uncovering enough evidence about this filthy 140, 150 year old “Zionist” plan, to satisfy myself that I am indeed at the centre of it, your “agents” persist in making any approach by myself to clearer-minded legal authorities and companies to investigate and expose, then close down this folly, impossible, out of fear I suspect, of being implicated for accepting your bribes, thence of partaking of your massive (occult) crime against humanity - ie., the fabricating of a false prophet, to claim your false Christian ideology is true.

Therefore, it is with that demand for Truth, and for the betterment of everyone's lives and future that I ask and demand that the world Theosophical Society, instantly...:

-call all your fools and all others off pursuing me, stalking me, harassing me, haunting me,
-enable me to find, suitable to my assessment, accommodation, wherever I choose, without any monitoring devices, or agents or observers.
-Have all monitoring devices removed from or switched-off in all my electronic equipment, from all my belongings. Belongings I now possess, and any I acquire in the future.
-Pay the compensation you owe me, for 58 years of suffering your insanity-collective, to the order of at least FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS AUSTRALIAN (AUD$50,000,000) after tax.

And, should I still find death a better alternative than enduring your insultingly fallen people, leave me to die in peace, in my own way, and let my spirit rise as free, to go wherever destiny guided by those souls far more advanced, far higher than yours, or your secret agents, see it fit to go.

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

So. Mote. It. Be.


All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

aka Max Earth


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