Obama Heeds Warnings

130524 JUST DEFIANCE Obama Heeds Warnings Edition

By Colleen McCain Nelson, Adam Entous and Julian E. Barnes 
Wall Street Journal

Showing signs President Obama is reading the writing on the walls, and heeding the signs, with a scale-back, or correction to “drone” policies in other peoples' Homelands, I'd say the best of these policy redirection from the BLECK House - ER? - from the White House, is to take drone control out of the hands of the CIA.

But whether putting it into the hands of the US military is the best option, might be open to qvvestion, methinks.

However, the CIA has been fucking crazy for decades, with, as all super-duper hands-in-pants spies are, two-sides to their coinage.

One side, usually the less powerful for being less inclined to psychotic reactionary and thus really fucking stupid behavior, actually can, but, rarely do, being of that genre of upclub college boyz-an-gerlz with more power to fuck other people's lives than is helpful, but actually can reach above egomania - the standard for spies - to the Hallowed-zone of the True Intellect.

Up there, they can deduce whatever presents correctly, and don't fly off the drone joystick quite so quick.

But, as said, they're the minority in the upclub galleons of the CIA, and/or MI6, and/or the rest of Zions sneaky-boyz.

So, from here, it seems Obama “done-good”.

Qvvestions about the integrity of the US military, like every military force, reside in which side of guntotin' bangbang-lovers hold the reins of power - right wing hood-wearing racists, bigots, anti-intelligence pseudo-heroes or the thinkers?

But one thing the GW Bush admalistration did was to frighten most in any realm connected to the US administration, and foreign powerhouses, into realizing that there's a lot badly wrong with the administration in Washingmachinetown USA, and that the power it wields is not well guided.

But HEY! Anywhere whiteguy casts their evil eye, things go badly wrong. America just happens to be in the badly wrong place in the badly wrong time.

Amoeba to Empire to Self-Extermination, as-it-were.

Of course, the essential ingredient being the fucking psycho Zionist Jews, hiding in everyone's backroom playing puppet masters to the known illusion.

What has prompted Obama's reassessment of US foreign policy, one assumes, from down the shitter in Astrayliar, could be his eyes and ears?

London's sensationalized beheading of a British soldier in Woolwich, London, “ON THE STREET!! IN BROAD DAY LIGHT!!??” Shock-horror, probably came too late to influence Obama's latest announcement, but it's been growing, for centuries of course. But watching world news, it does seem clear, more people, right wing, left wing, no wings at all, are getting feisty about the general downhill fastrack US, Eurapean and British “foreign” especially policy, are pushing the planet.

But as well, domestic “radicalization”, against the hegemons, so far up 'emselves they breakfast on enemas [Whatdafaarr???], seems to have more people expressing their discontent at their own governments, or police, or military.

But, being a bit mouthy, yer, and lazy, yer, I can't actually support that statement, with or without the crude metaphors.

Perhaps, here, in Astrashithole, we'll see more vocal and violent objections once the GFC seeks refugee status here, and more multinational corps close their plants, like Ford announced it's gonna in a year or 3?

Closing Guantanamo can't be bad, either, and the likes of Human Justice Warriors like Julian Assange, lately off the news headline pages, and Private FIRST CLASS Bradley Manning, would concur methinks?

That the USA prison and legal systems are so far off the rails, is an indictment against any US politician to not admit it as so.

So, “hope” being as dead as Jesus, we, of the REALPolitik persuasion, might light a candle of - ? “hope” ? That President Obama is not as blind as J. Edgar Hoover, or Hollywood movie wannabe heroes, and in his high chair, can and is trying to clean up the whore of politics as-we-are-fooled-by-malicious-media-incorporeal-to-believe it has become, since the Great English Democrat, Oliver Cromwell, argued successfully in court for the decapitation of King James [King “James”?]

Just - ? hope ? - the US military see the stupidity of endless wars on “terrorism” on “drugs”, and on more Noble Peoples of other more Honest, more Humble faiths, Creeds and Cultures?

Mr Obama's got a lot to do elsewhere howvar.., what with his really sick administration shitting on Whistleblowers.

There can be no question, that any government which persecutes Whistleblowers is gone to the devil, and thus is about as incredible as government as one could be.

Showing the real state of the state, here, there, Britain and Eurape, and every lesser regime those bastard colonialists have imposed and implanted everywhere else.

In the 1980s [?] I think, Tony Blair, while PM of Britain, stated that “Ethics can no longer be considered in foreign policy”.

HA! and... HA!

Not since Good King Arthur, has England, anyway, treated “ethics” as they should in government.

That today, we have wars sponsored by their corporations, the one's which OWN Westminster, ie., the British East India Company - OOOP? Sorry..., I mean the International Monetary Fund IMF, and a complete reversal of the whole meaning of the word “law”, so-as to make it “law” that bans natural products, and prohibits peaceful pastimes like smoking natural plants which give one a spiritual high like no fermented whiskey can, and that they make the laws for the whole planet, all totally wrong, un-ethical, and genocidal, such as laws which allow supermarkets and food producers to add poisons to food, or, as it was before the 10 year drought in Australia, it was illegal to collect your own water ie., illegal to have your own water tank in your own backyard..., such as laws which allow private corporations to patent food plants, and then to fuck with them so that no-one else can grow food, ie., genetic modifications, and ownership of the seeds, and … and … and... seems to show pretty clearly that the major governments- ER? - sorry , the major corporations do not have any, not any regard at all for the fundamental concept that actually qualifies a bipedal upright-spine creature as a Human Being - ie., ETHICS.

This being irrefutably so, your bicycle pump, shows clearly that it is the Duty of every person who would be, or might be, a Human Being, to fight to the death against every slimey-mouthed soldier, or police officer, or government official, or super-duper sneaky-boy spy, or cult females who know how easy it is to tell lies to good people.

'Nuff said!

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

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