Finding The Golden Mean Of Parliament

Finding The Golden Mean Of Parliament

12th May 2013. 4 months-2 days to the next federal election.

What do have we, in terms of preferable politicians, preferable political parties, or preferable Independent MPs, and last, preferable candidates to stand and soundly, safely, assuredly “lead” us, the body-politic, the Demos, the People of Australia?

Referencing the private corporations', and perhaps more publicly-owned “opinion-polls”, it seems that a large majority of Australians polled, don't regard either of the leading candidates, standing to be the next national leader, Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott, as worthy?

And, in the same as, opinion polls, neither of those two prime ministerial candidates' parties show much favor either?

In fact, it's fair to deduce that none of today's main players in our federal, but as well, in our states and even local council arenas, win any substantial support, or, “honest” confidence from the voting and other public, to be in politics at all?

Not really surprising, considering how cynical Australians become, once they are divested of the flowery aura of deceit they're usually raised within during childhood and adolescence, in entrancing “Christian” mainly, dioceses, in the absolutely corrupted church-run schools and universities, but also, in the public schooling indoctrination system in general. That so-called “public-school system” being as it is, fiercely guided - perhaps one-step-removed - by the church-cloned civil-servants, across our public, government education/indoctrination institutes.

Piecing together a full, complete, “round” picture of the “feeling” of Australia's general and predominant political scene, has to include all aspects of things and events and realities which lie behind voters' sentiments.

It has to try to get into their minds-collective, if possible, and define the multifarious causes driving people, individuals and groups to think, and thus vote, the ways they do.

However, if opinion polls are any guide - which shouldn't be given too much influence because they're always but very small “samples” numerically, of the general attitude, as well as being very subjective, in asking questions in ways which educe answers suiting their corporate, and usually offshore agendas, a quick summation might accurately be that voters in Australia today are in-the-main cynical of the whole game of politics.

Neither of the best candidates both main parties hold forward - Gillard and Abbott - have anywhere near what a nation's leader should have in terms of popularity, acceptance, qualification, to lead us, and it - the land - through the next cycle, let alone through the unstable future from here to eternity! OK? From here to say 2020!

Yet no-one, in politics, or, perhaps more crucially, and tellingly, in media, goes to this rude, crude, CRUCIAL, and blatantly obvious issue?

As I'm known to write-say-scream “….WHAAAH?!@#$%^&???”

That neither of the main contenders for the highest political seat in the nation hold anything near what must be held in popularity, confidence, and therefore, if the public are fit intellectually, to assess, to judge, both of the main contenders fail to qualify as our prime minister?

And yet the machinery of the current election cycle campaign blithely and evasively churns-on with election promises, prognostications, so-called “policies” and every means devise-able, trying to show they qualify, or that the opponent does not?

It's not too much of a stretch to deduce from this charade, that therefore, for all the hoopla, folly and general blatant deception both, or triith [my invention, meaning “3”, instead of just “2”, as-in “both”] triith leading parties employ to win voters' not-vote, but “funding”, public monies - as President Clinton said, “it's the economy, stupid!” - none of them do actually qualify to run a national economy, and it's infrastructure, future planning, revenue collection and distribution, and, the education - which it is NOT - of the nation's children!

And - a majority of those fielded in opinion polls - AGREE!!

“Therefore - what for THE VOTE???”

Alas? Having been made brutally aware of the general, pervading level of cynicism, that happens to equate to both inordinate and extreme self-interest, thus, equating with ignorance, toward “WHAT” not “who” should direct, manage, lead and guide our nation's people, voters and others, it is clear to myself that the large mass of Australians go to the polling booths full of suppressed cynicism regards this voting charade, and of course, only go so-as to not be fined.

Yet, with all the antitheses so popular, again - because of the tyrannical enforcement of these types of mis-government - suppressed across the polity, no-one addresses it, writes about it in media, to the point where editors and media boardrooms pick-up on it, and make a larger more sensational issue of it, so that the mainstream cannot ignore it, and then, thus, the political class, is forced to take it up as worthy of discussion, and resolving?

If a majority of eligible people would not vote in elections, then the election and it's processes, while failing to recognize this, are not democratic, but are total shams, and thus, criminal insults on the minds of the people.

Somethings definitely not right here?

But ALAS! Where else is it less “not right”???

In every so-called “democratic” nation, the same general level of cynicism pervades the electorates.

In places where voting is not compulsory - Britain, the USA, I think, and I expect in many if-not most Eurapean nations, a similar reality exists.

The well-being, welfare, security and future of the whole planet is left to those people of the world's most powerful nations, who are either, or both, so stupid as to believe that their vote counts for the “good of all”, or are entirely self-interested and vote only to secure their own myopic investments, scams, rorts, taxation evasions, unconscionable speculations on public welfare and properties, etc, and some indefensible superiorist delusions about themselves and/or about their wee-small BOOOOLLLSHSHSH-IT nation.

'E-llo! Ferengi!”

While possibly a majority of those nations' eligible voters see the fraudulence of this so-called “democratic electoral process/system” and opt-out of it, by not voting!

Therefore, I ask again - “what for THE VOTE???”

Clearly, taking steps back in history, or that which can be defined as not totally re-written by the victors to suit their descendent's inherited welfare, ['E-loo! Zion!] we example ancient Rome, and ancient Greece, where “Democracy” first took root in the west.

Those two leading principalities did have elections for leadership.

However, what is too often edited out of current referencing, is that it was a very elite, select class who voted.

The “working classes” who were then openly known as “slaves”, and “servants” in their languages of course, had no vote.

[The word “slave” actually deriving from the “slavic” people located between Greece and today's Italy, and who were both captured and taken to Rome to do the menial work, or who migrated to those more industrious, and “advanced economies” in search of something called “a better life”, etc.],

The slaves were hardly even rated as “Human Beings” by the superiorist, arrogant, aloof and for all that, quite ignorant elites, already, some 2000 years ago, dangerously inbred - psychologically, in terms of that eternal, ever-inwardly-spiraling focus and concentration into their own class's economic and self-sustenance affairs, a manner of thinking that soon enough automatically comes to regard everyone outside of their own little clique, as less-than-important, or superfluous to their hyper-selfish agendas, conspiracies, and designs..., let alone treated with any say in how the elites brutalized and slayed them at will, for minor errors, like spilling wine on an elite's tunic, or for stealing more crumbs than they were apportioned, etc, etc.

[The current western-world's, and Australian' examples being the elites who run most of the world's affairs, from your income to conspiring to fabricate large, large, VERY large world wars. The “conservative” right wing political players, parties and huge, stupidly-highly-financed propaganda machinery deployed to keep the rest of the world, YOU and him, her and the baby, ignorant.]

So, by any measure in today's terms, “democracy” did not exist at all until much farther forward in time, and the best known period I can reference, was in the heady and revolutionary days of the Great Oliver Cromwell, who led his working classes, via the courts of law, after years of civil war, to actually convicting the king as guilty of treason, and having him, the English king, beheaded! Yar fuckin' BEE-EWTEEE!

But..., as these things, in their infancy go, the majority of English land was still “owned” by that same increasingly inbred elite. And the land owners then, if less so now, also “owned” the people. At least those who lived on the elites' land.

So with time, and the power of things less tangible, such as “the king's touch” or their left-handed abuse of witchcraft, to send any they picked on into either insanity, or to unexplained obedience to their wishes and dictates, the elites forced the Cromwell-ites to accede and re-place a king to the throne of England.

An Honorable and Bold, Righteous and quite lawful, Democratic try by Oliver Cromwell, and, unquestionably, his many fellow clearminded, highly-intelligent compatriots, who saw the injustices extant across all “monarchies” and their empires, and who recognized that “law”, True Law, that-is, was paramount, yet was exactly what the elite did not want.

Since Cromwell's time, all English and British monarchies have been but shopfronts, behind which an outright evil elite have corrupted every political process to their own advantage.

Though many monarchs since then, were actually Dissidents against this larger, unstoppable tyranny of their own cronies and class, they were but totally pliable, manipulable, and subject to immense cult and cabalic pressure to do as they say. We are free to imagine the methods and threats the actual ruling classes used and still do, to keep the monarchs in check.

Perhaps our most recent example was the death of the English Princess, wife of Prince Charles, Lady Dianna Spenser.

The mainstream media, being long in the control of that same demonic elite, tried too, at first, to out the conspiracy to murder her, because of her gallant tries to expose the elite's heinous weapon's industries, but were snowed under with an elite campaign of counter-reporting, until the details of that event were buried under their storm of false and evasive information and distraction.

And.., to get back to the point of how fraudulent and superfluous our whole elections-and-parliamentary systems are, but as well how perverse and perverting the elite's media have been, we can refer back to Australia's earliest period, from 1788 to 1808.

From the year Captain James Cook “discovered” Australia in 1770, and claimed it for the English government, to January 1808, when the “Rum Rebellion” stole legitimate government from early Australia, there was a chance that the nation could have developed to being enormously different, and a shining example for the world, on good government. Even with the major content of her new peoples being convicts!

However, the lands being claimed, “in the name of the crown”, were in fact claimed, by the corporate adventurer, Captain Cook, for “the English administration”, [albeit 18 years previous] which was from 1783, actually the world's largest most warmongering privately-owned administration, owned “lock, stock and barrel” by not-just England's but Britain's elite, [HELLO, GRAND-PAPPA? The Scottish Earl of Sutherland...] the then “British East India Company” BEIC, now known as the “International Monetary Fund” the IMF, which bought the bankrupt English parliament, after it sent itself and England broke fighting the American Independence wars, and in wars it still fights - think: 2007-8-9-10-11-12-13 “global financial crisis”.

However, above and behind the economic venture of corrupt intentions by the already elite-owned BEIC, the King's Instructions and Edicts drawn-up by King George the 3rd and his Honorable Advisers, which came with the Captain of the First Fleet, Arthur Phillip, and which were how the new colony was run, gave explicit instructions of how to administer the colonies, from how to regard the Indigenous Peoples, for that monarchy recognized our Bleck Fellas as Human Beings, and in fact with quite some regard, to how to collect revenue for the new administration.

These were divined from the highest humanitarian and economic principles. There was a completely “Democratic” focus to them, with no ulterior intentions, agendas, or notions of being to profit the elites or the monarchy.

But ALAS! Once more the English/British elite, stole the show and ruined every good thing and premise, and promise, in party with their cronies across the western world, elites who owned and profited inestimably from these age-old corruptions of national land-based economics, such that, as has been the case for a very long time, a tiny minority of fairly insane elite people owned the vast majority of the land, and therefore, owned the people.

Even to now, most of us are slaves to their selfishness and, more clearly, psychologically, inbred, so deeply flawed ways of thinking and running the planet dominate most everyone's behaviors, customs, religions, and doomed futures.

So.., with the dark artist Sergeant John MacArthur, in January 1808, came the demise of King George's fine and noble Laws in Australia, when MacArthur deployed his most evil powers and forces to bring down the administration of Admiral, Governor William Bligh.

I suspect even now, Australian schools teach that Bligh “hid under a bed” when MacArthur and his band of lowly criminals marched on Sydney's government house and illegally arrested Bligh, to begin the subversion of the laws and efficient functioning of it's government.

All part of the denunciation of those High-minded administrators, so that the public, now, the voters, look negatively on them, and by a simple trick of the elites, to conger negative thoughts in the minds of voters about anything related to those better minds, voters react with objectionist slurs and, “vote for the other bloke”.

This, getting back to my referencing how the corrupt elites have manipulated media and the minds of the voters/masses/people, since Cromwell's try for Genuine Democracy, most of what we'll read in the “history” and in accounts of the level of integrity and intelligence of King George the 3rd, who guided his scribes to write the best possible laws for the new colony of “New South Wales” - Australia - most of what we might read about him, is in the negative, suggesting he was an idiot and insane.

For those looking for a brief summary of him and of his state of mind, thus of his level of intellect, most reports denounce him, so the researcher is most likely to take it that King George the 3rd was a fool.

Therefore they are inclined to assume his edicts and recommendations - now deeply hidden or deleted by devils of self-interest controlling our nation's archives, records, etc., would have also been foolish, unrealistic, idiotic and even dangerous.

But..., if we inquire as to the Merit and Scientific, Economic Veracity of the economic rules and structures King George and His Advisers Divined and sent with the First Fleet to Australia, we'll find that in Him, and his Company, there was the most Noble of mindsets.

So.., what of the history we read, and reference, can we trust?

This extends to now, 2013, and to the state of play in our political arenas, federal, state and council.

It doesn't take everyone's in-depth knowledge of such facts about our own national history for a majority of us to be cynical about the day's election processes, cycles, candidates and - O! Policies.

Let alone the BOOOOOLLLLLSHSHSH-IT policies that all “sides” trumpet as what the nation needs?

However..., being as disempowered as most of us have been made, because of the same quite evil elite's abuse of the dark powers of persuasion, which very much include bribes, which are very much what we blindly regard as “wages and salaries”, very few of us are game enough to make a noise about it all.

And..., thanks to the same buy-off of the lowest level of morality in those who like having power over people - coppers - and a gun!!! - anyone who does make an effort to expose the horrendous fraud of our whole political AND economic structures, is maltreated with every possible means to destabilize them, unsettle them, turn them into crazymind criminals, and as often, end by going nuts and getting themselves incarcerated. Or suicide.

And disgustingly for Democracy, amongst the masses, there's ALWAYS a number of morally-absent people willing to accept a FREE NEW CAR, or a promotion and raise at work, or offers of “all the wealth of the world” to use witchcraft against any who do know and are brave enough to challenge the evil hegemony, whether in the political classes, in their own lower classes, or in the legal professions.

A! The merits of “free speech” of a “free world” of “democracy” of Capitalism”, ET CETERA!?!?!?

So..., back to the subject..., “Finding The Golden Mean Of Parliament”?

If we can agree that the media's opinion polls tell us factually that a majority of those surveyed are dissatisfied with both leadership candidates, and that therefore they, thus the majority of voters don't like the options the political and media class make available as candidates and parties for the top roles of government, can we deduce that therefore, the majority of voters, and of the nation's people, don't like the whole political process?

With enough facts laid open, who can blame them?

Contrary to my negative opinions of Australians, it has to be conceded that they do in fact, have some amount of intelligence - not having a large lexicon has nothing to do with an individual's intelligence, which is perhaps the most dangerous flaw in putting tertiary educated people into positions of authority - to discern that both offered candidates, thus those they head, their parties and coalitions, are inferior, for what the people are able to discern the nation must have to “govern” us, and, our lands?

Therefore, for what purpose, do we endure this thing called “parliament”???

And here we reach a fork in the road of how we think, politically.

Because, some, and while church attendances are at all time lows, indicating the masses are no longer fooled by the rhetoric draped over their gullible minds from the pulpits, some, perhaps that foolish majority, giving credibility to my cynicism of the average low-low-very-low intellect of Australians, some still cling, out of laziness I put it, to notions of “Jesus” being the only savior.

And, so..., there we go again! Placing everything in the hands of “leaders”!



While a sample of us in opinion polls show that a majority of us are awake to the falsity of this whole thing called “leaders”, and..., again, never broached across our mainstream media, this whole charade we call “parliament”?

“Parliament”, should be all about having a select group of our finest intellects, not debating, arguing, subverting and inventing, nor appearing to be deducing the best POLICIES."

Parliament should only actually be, in a very different form, that group of our finest intellects, managing already well-defined, scientifically-agreed upon, which includes the "humanitarian sciences", LAWS.

No nation needs these edifices of "parliament houses"!  Let alone the ridiculous levels of "security personnel" they're deemed to need, and ancillary employees to keep the whole tourist attraction open and functioning!  Let alone the huge number of people uselessly employed to keep each side working their dark magic, etc.

Yet what do we have, but a multi-billion-dollar Punch-and-Judy show advertising not policies, but people, leaders?

If the majority of voters see the rort and failings of all potential “leaders”, it follows that they're also smelling “rats” in their respective parties!

Can any of us - me that-is - be so optimistic as to believe solidly that this same majority of Australians also see and object to the whole notion of the current “democratic” parliamentary structure/system/charade/SCAM???

If so..., what do the majority see as the most credible alternative???

And, more than just the most credible? But the BEST, INCORRUPTIBLE, PERENNIAL way to govern a nation, and, a planet?

A way which does not become corrupted, subverted, reduced to a joke, once any fine and honorable leader is sacked, elected out, or passes over?

A way which eliminates completely this whole farce of elections, relying totally upon some wise-arse in a global advertizing corporation coming up with the most seductive, convincing catchy slogans and video footage?

A way which eliminates totally this whole evil of parliaments, and the masses of in-reality inefficient, non-performing and only overly-consumptive “public servant workforces”?










So..., finding the golden mean of Parliament, is to find, that we do not need such edifices to an antiquated system of false authority and outright elitist corruption.

Aaaaaaand! GOOD-night!

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

Therefore, as it is probably possible to achieve both, or “triith”, good government, justice, and the necessary Reforms the world needs, and if we are Righteous as we all so readily boast we are, then we have an obligation to get right behind the vote for

1, the Australian Republic,
2, the National Land Tax,
3, the dissolution of federal and state parliaments [as we know them],
4, the YES vote in the Referendum for recognition of Local Councils in our Constitution,
5, and the eradication of all signage, posters, billboards, advertisements and media selling any “Jesus” like figure, figurehead, church or institution,
6, the arrest of all politicians and clergy, globally, and...,
7, give me all your fucking money ARNIE!










Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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