Ever at risk of having the internet connection hacked by local filth, either Qld coppers, the local Freemasons running the land distribution corruption, a jobhead in a warehouse across the “bus yard turnaround” in front of the sheds, the occupants of the house above the sheds facility, the zombies I bought this laptop from, or any other piece of shit in this region, or any of the plethora of equally psychotic Zionist idiots from the northern NSW town of Nimbin, who spent the last decade trying to build/pervert my psychology to fit their stoner's warped and ignorant version of Jesus on the rebound, and now, for my finding out very late what they had planned for me, are plying me with every kind of evil occult to make me want to leave Gympie again, probably leaving me no option but to return to that hive of warped evil illusionists, or, at risk from the millions of utterly demonic and laughably insane overly wealthy children, young and old, who are determined to kill me off, and/or kill any JUSTICE in this illusory world, of my penchant in “Land Distribution Reforms” agenda, I nevertheless, put to the wire,


Just, for the record.

About a week ago, after a few hours working on one or another project of the ute, or my mobile hut, I did my usual and shut the 3 shed's doors, and backed the ute around to the water tap in the other laneway of storage sheds.

I usually, knowing I cannot trust anyone in this region, lock all the shed doors even before I do this 8 metre shuffle, to fill the 4 litre water bottles.

But this day, last week, I thought - WRONG! - I could do the water refill with just the main shed door pulled down, fill the bottles, then return and finish off for the night.

As said - WRONG! - because Harry Potter witchcraft is all the go in the world now, since about 1999 when I, yeah, I..., discerned that the coppers were deploying witchcraft against the people, and drove to the ABC television studios in Elsternwick Victoria to tell the Catholic media this was the case, following a report on their news that exposed this from a police officer being interviewed.

This, of course, recognizing an utter evil was taking hold across the political worlds of Australia, the USA, and Britain, but here in Australia, I watched as the last Liberal coalition prime minister John Howard deploy it against the ALP contender Paul Keating, in the 1993 federal election debate, making Keating psychically disabled thus unable to challenge any of the filth Howard was bleating during the debate, so Howard and his coven of right wing, establishment pro-British parties won.

Even then, as disabled in regard to the occult as I was from my illegitimate conception in 1954, even in 1993 I knew the battle between the Catholic ABC and the Freemason GTV-9 [television studios/cabals], GTV-9 then owned by the still living, known “Goanna” of the Australian drugs and most every other Australian underworld racket, Kerry Packer, was a battle for the right to stage the debate in their studio, and that this was because whomever won, would dominate the debate with witchcraft.

Which is exactly what they did, making Keating a sacrificial lamb, almost, during the debate, whatwith Packer's right wing masons, and every member of their Anglican/extreme right wing, conscience-free staff plying the Hell out of Keating.

Howard's right winger Freemason bunch of unethical rats won the debate and thus, the federal election. Come to think of it, it might have been the 1996 election? Too many of these types of dates to remember accurately, sorry.

But since those years, now 20-or-so years ago, I've been uncovering those who, in my passed, have been plying me with their cult witchcraft. On average, as these things go, it's close enough to say about 50% are supposedly on my side, with the other 50% against me. But more, for or against what I'm born to represent. The fucking king of Zion.

As I'm inclined to write....,

And.., making my life Hell, I have deduced that those who are supposed to be on my side, are in fact the filth trying to make a fake, so while they are rewarded with “...all the wealth of...” at least very financially and materially secure lives, from the conspiring cults, they are doing the devil's work, so deserve extermination, to take my disgust to that extent.

And having taken “...the silver...” from the conspiring cults, they are obliged to keep doing the cults' dirty work.

And as I am both stuck, and refuse to play their puppet - I too would “enjoy” fabulous riches - immense wealth - but also, I know there is an huge “poisoned chalice” - the idiots of this scam are forced to ply me with their practiced witchcraft, making those supposed to me “my fwiends” attack me to accede to this evil plan's demands.

The opposers, not at all more intelligent or honorable than these selfish Catholic scum, and equally of zero or less intelligence, also have less than zero conscience, so take the most ignorant glee in hunting me out and dropping their filthy magic over me.

Clearly, as I wrote in a note to the Victorian Police a few months ago on this, “mum should have told me a bit more than she did?”

So..., last week at the sheds I rent in Southside Gympie, I was hexed - again - by the locals to forget to lock the shed.

The next day, when I did return - it's part of survival to watch who and what goes on and in and out around the little Freemason's industrial estate - I poked my head out to see a bunch of kids, getting out of one or more cars, and showing obvious excitement, running up the steep driveway into the neighbor mechanics premises.

Glances as they ran were cast toward my shed forecourt, and I knew, with the unlocked shed for the whole night in mind, that these cunts had been only too eager to do their filthy Harry Potter stuff.

This was still afternoon, possibly after school hours, although it did occur to me why they were there, so it might have been before the end of the local school day?

But, as the mechanic, and more so his brother, who owns his own TV and other aerial business, are interested and competent in electronics, and as today, so many are into spying with technology, I'd wager they plied me to forget to lock the shed, then raced in to somehow, somewhere install a video camera, with transmitter, so they could further hex me while I was in there.

The spannerhead, clearly enjoys lying to me, and telling me bullshit he makes-out he knows best about in his trade.

I have more than a few stories, that I cannot substantiate with evidence - A! The filthy beauty of magic! - of his escapades since I moved to the sheds opposite his workshop.

So, I'll never know just how many of these bastards raced to hex my stuff on that unlocked night, but I can guess, knowing the endemic evil that presides, and is sanctioned by all the bighouse cunts - mayors, school principles, local churches - that the activity of cars zooming in, and the masses of maggots milling in and out was huge, furious and probably for hours. If not all night?

So, being under constant occult curses by every piece of shit low-brained whiteguy here, the shithole of the earth, Australia, without doubt including the headmaster of the nearby “Christian” Baptist, ie., Freemason-controlled church school, down to the very low grade school bus drivers - now 2 park right in front of my sheds, with the sides exactly perpendicular to have the side windows facing/looking straight into my sheds - my clarity of mind was interfered with by a collective of these occult wankers, and Queenslanders in general - a very low, unintelligent population here - working around the sheds facility, and I did my water refill thing, then forgot to lock the main shed, in which I have most all of my worktools, unused metal sheeting, benches and the big panbrake.

I went out the other laneway's gates, leaving the 3 shed doors shut, but the 1st not secured with it's padlock.

Lo! The next day, fortunate I went back the next day, I arrived to find the padlock not on.

O shit! Knowing the glee the locals get from lying their cunts and balls off to me, because the dark sides who built me to play Jesus, are endlessly wealthy, and so are their opponents, and are all quite desperate, insane and fanatical, so either side races to buy-off anyone I engage with, in good or other conversation, to maintain the lie, I knew they'd pretty much all raced-in, after doing their darkest to have me overlook locking the 1st shed.

So, since then, while I'm in the 1st shed, the “subtle” occult electric energy is huge, making working there impossible, almost.

Being the rabid parasitical festering zombies they all let themselves become, I know the driver of the “GO bus” [written on both sides] who's been seen snapping pictures of me whenever he can, and the neighbor mechanic, and his “TV aerial” business brother, as well as all their children, who art now forever immature idiots, no matter what facade they are programmed to wear, as well as an indeterminable number of others from the area, who were undoubtedly called in by these closest conspirators, to all curse with their left-handed witchcraft, every thing of mine in that shed, have left their psychic “ectoplasmic” marks on my gear.

Also, this bussie I mention, has been overtly throwing his spells at me since I moved her. He's a base idiot, from my point of view. But that's pretty much the standard in this part of Queensland, and in Australia generally. They go for witchcraft before any Intelligence, so make themselves everless intelligent. But they cannot be told this, because of their brutal ignorance, imposed by decades of very very dark magic from above in their state parliamentary houses of absolute corruption.

But, the bussie, since that night of the unlocked shed, has a fresh and happier look on his face, and an “up” gate in his step, looking with a “cunning” smile my way as he departs after his short bus-driving shift. That classic “I've got something on YOU!” look. So it's a certainty he was only too quick to rush in and hex every possible thing of mine, that night.

And, as they've all got their little “paparazzi” camera phones, all manner of shit was recorded and is now floating around the internet in their own cunning little networks, spreading the footage of my intimate belongings as far as they can.

On the larger, occult illusion level, if, if, I am this returned fella, perhaps even the bloke Jesus is said to have spoken about, when he said “he who comes after me, will bring not peace, but a sword!”, while I contend that Jesus was as likely talking about Mohamed in the 7th century, if, if I am that next bloke, then the only reason I would draw any sword big enough to cut these pigs down, is because they will not stop doing this kind of evil to me.

It's almost stunning to see how fucking stupid they are, ignoring their own scripture on this warning, and that they do not see that what they're doing is 1, so evil, 2, completely unjust, and 3, that it brings a very harsh reaction, which they might well all be consumed by?

I remain stunned by the low level of these sub-humans.

After I, admittedly, though too late to save myself, put myself last to help them lift themselves out of the utterly evil level they were in for most of the last ? 205 years, since the infamous “rum rebellion” in 1808 ? or perhaps since the fall from Eden ? Only to have them all so eagerly turn against me, for discerning correctly that they are still living outright evil lives, and that they really should correct their addictions to the shit they consume.

My only consolation is that I know they will suffer for their dark behavior.

That this all goes on, that they take the low, cowardly road, only adds weight to my, and most human's conclusions that “Jesus” as a savior of humanity, or, as they put it, the savior of those who have faith in him, is a fallacy, and is but a con, designed to keep the masses stupid and loyal to the most ignorant, selfish and evil elites, the one's who started this plan to build their false prophet.

That I've taken all the evil “hits” I have, 1stly to force into all that their souls' Sovereignty is equal to any Jesus', 2ndly therefore that I am not their savior, that the whole Christian belief is a pernicious fraud, designed to rope in the idiots, so-as to pay the churches, thus keeping the churches in control of them, and on top of the corrupt pile of shit that is western culture, and 4th, that I am not all all interested in playing such an evil and false “god” as it were, is forgotten by these tiny-minded selfish zombie fools, who it seems, are happier - short term - playing with their cheap witchcraft, in their most base level of needing someone to regard as their enemy.

Clearly they suffer a multitude of psychological maladies.

A cheery thought is that their addiction to magic will send them all insane, even more than they presently are.

I'd go to the police for assistance, but - HA! - 1, as the dark agents of wealth have invaded my soul, from my earliest days, so preventing me from taking these issues to any authority, the coppers react negatively, but 2, they are as low and as eager to play with my psyche as the community they police.

Same-same all the way up the cultural ladder, but this is because the elite of the world's cultural pyramid are behind this foolish delusion, of building me to be their puppet.

In passed years, I was told, by a couple of semi-credible people, that in fact we are under attack, and have been essentially taken-over, by extraterrestrials.

Being kept from seeing the 4th dimension, where these beings exist, I cannot refer to my own experiences.

As all is illusion, I ask whether these are no more than what passed occultists have conjured, fabricated, for being themselves idiots and mad to invent scary things.

However, from what the world of science seems to have determined, the dominant western culture, which 98%~ of Australians blithely and fanatically align themselves to, is evil.

So they do not deserve being saved from any invasion.

Indeed, quite the contrary.

To another arena I only recently took to - “Google+ social media”.

Aside from a short dalliance with “Twitter”, this is my first time. Having no “friends” and now, after such an Hellish life, not wanting any, as it does appear they cannot not lie to me, I have always known, since this phenomenon of social media was created, it was pointless.

However, having found another group of developmentally retarded - hypnotized - filth from my last years in Melbourne ensuring my fate by means of their juvenile witchcraft, there came a short relief, and a few people seemed better able to talk to me.

This relief, is usually short-lived, because the evil is endemic, from top to bottom, so always, someone will fire-up their darkness and buy off or subdue whomever to shit on me again.

Nevertheless, while masses of the typical idiot white guys are uncontrollably thrilled with their secretive magic games on vulnerable souls like mine, I took the leap onto Google+, having recognized for a long time that the isolation I've endured, most of my life as it turns out, has to be unhealthy for anyone, superman, Jesus, or me.

It is still rather “fascinating” and incomprehensible, in as far as figuring out “how to”, go from this to that, to connect back with that page, to click on this or that option, etc etc etc.

I do think, though this, from an absolute nubile in the social media fields, that Google+ is for geeks and their friends who know all the shortcuts and icons and other expected/assumed ways to go one way or the other.

Nevertheless, the options for “conversing” as it is, are many, and enticing, if not meeting expectations once there.

An whole new [? to ME? ] way to partake of the world!

However, as I'm a world-renown misogynist, I should've expected to be targeted by females with an uncontrollable want to get revenge on my type. Well..., I did, and there it came!

And after only a week on Google+, my assertions and suspicions have been vindicated and proven as correct!

Proof that women prefer witchcraft to Reason. 4 females have commented on 4 comments I've posted to now.

Not overtly encouraging me for a response, but the little enticements have been merely in their making any comment at all.

So, both out of politeness, and I guess a preparedness to open channels of conversation, not being gender-specific, equal, and willing to chat with either sex, I sent short replies to the 4.

None of them have replied or written back. I'm being deliberately ignored. Classic witchcraft.

Cool! No reason for them to not, all things being equal.

But since, there's been obvious witchcraft floating through the internet connectivity generally, from these females - a kind of proof that they resort to witchcraft before intelligent discussion, or valid debate. And that they are in fact lacking in reason for not offering any reasonable words or craft.

This, only adds certainty to my misogyny, and has me swear more that I'll not seek company again, female or male, and hope in fact to die without ever getting laid again.

You suffer for your ignorance of your own diseased minds, and the egomania therein, bitches.

But going onto Google+ has lost it's potential - and hope for some association - fast, for these vengeful, and obviously anti-reason, misanthropic - men-hating - females.

I will persist, even from this distance, expecting no replies from either gender, but letting my thinking juices flow, as is my penchant, on the higher deeper Intelligence and divination based issues I seem to have some talent for educing. And, with or without good or gold-digger, or simply warped responses and comments from anyone, I in my sadness, do still get that vital, minuscule amount of Sattwa from.

You lose bitches!

As one Beautiful, AND Intelligent Female Star of the music world was honest enough to tell a television show host last year or so, “women are the worst egomaniacs”.

Now, whatwith a constant attack from females around here, and with these four on the 'net, and no doubt a never-ending onslaught from their same kinds of bitching witches, who just hate men, and hate us more more more once they become witches, for it exaggerates emotions to that extreme and deadly level, I'll be doing battle with selfish, stupid unreasonable females until I die in a gutter somewhere.

But, I've had 58 years of preparation, what with my mum, and others in my “life”.

All grist to the mill of extermination, of mainly, these types of out-of-control egomaniacs.

Like an Intelligent Wizard once had me say.... “Ego and magic DON'T MIX!”

But we're all well passed being able to teach the majority of whitearse, WHITEFACES, that, aye, Great Grand Fathers?

NOTE:  This post has been emailed to the Victoria Police.

A curse of the largest magnitude be upon all of Gympie.

So. Mote. It. Be.

Max N Cook
Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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