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Looking for somewhere outside my tiny window of these blog spots, I scan Google+ for seductive comments on subjects I find interesting.

I've thrown about a dozen of my comments to this couple of “communities” sites to now, but don't feel at all comfortable, if because I don't get any responses, or added comments from others there.

This makes me suspect that ASIO and their upperclasshole masters from the dark sides of MI6 and the CIA, etc, are interfering somehow, or that my thoughts are so-o-o far out of date - out of time - out of any reality others experience - that I either scare others away to other “communities”, where the don't have to read my shit, or my shit sends people off to - do I wish? - think more deeply about the shit THEY write, or to suicide?

Whatever, I re-read the things I post, and reckon that they're generally deeper than the common comments, still pertinent, but do go off-topic I guess, even if my perspectives are admittedly - how can they be otherwise? - very different to those posted by others who still live within social “levels” of thought, and ways of - perhaps through a greater necessity - regarding/narrowing the world around them-us?

But I am depressed that I'm so far out of touch, either in how to co-communicate, even online in this separated way, and/or think, about the things others post, to elicit thoughts, and how they see it all so differently to myself.

I gotta say, observing these occurrences, serves to make me less confident or happy or desirous of life, Especially with the bitter and I still say, ignorant egomaniacal females who use this medium to play with their 8,000 volts of witchcraft, ignoring the issues that I can only assume, from here, are important, and need to be expanded upon with our Highest Human Faculty - not of the clitoral witch crafts, as women now so readily resort to, thus eliminating their own higher intellect - but our Intellect.

But, contrary to wise advice, which would say “don't tell a witch they're an egomaniac!” I do not shy from talking true, even while it encourages fools to be evil on my soul.

As best as I can determine, the world is in a seriously parlous condition, illusion or not, and it's clear to me from my observations and research of over 30 years that this magic and egomania, ESPECIALLY in women, has a lot to do with us all being led, raced, pushed, into the bottomless hole of a nasty death of life on earth.

I guess, from what I've seen on that Google+ “communities” pages, that I can relate the experience so far to my days - er - nights - driving taxis.

But so far, I accept because I am not in the same language-usage, thought-space, concept perception and of course, 4th dimensional zones everyone else is in, so I am “retarded” as-it-were, but so far it is lesser than my nights driving others around Melbourne, Brisbane, Alice Springs, as I did over the last 30 years, on and off.

Nevertheless.., Conversations with passengers in the cabs ranged from insulting, vicious, abusive, hostile, to enlightening, highly enjoyable, humorous, mood lifting, very informative, deep, and all in between.

On average though, those nights were about 80% bland, or dower, and 20% made up for the negs, enough to say I really enjoyed the job, as scary to most as it always has been.

So, to now, the communities, but two or three I've joined on Google+ are nowhere near that percentage. I guess it's a different thing really, to cabs, and to who I was then, and am now, and, to how real people out there communicate.

From a psycho-analytical point of view, these are inneresting on why people use this medium, why they join these types of communities, etc?

I hesitate to go to other communities, for my “weird” views throwing people, driving them away, for my limited knowledge on any other more specific community topic, for being new to most everything others are familiar with and adept at.

But in the 2 or 3 I look at, they seem shallow, and may indicate that the mainstream are not deep thinkers, on the pretext that I AM!? Or simply aren't interested in delving into the “whys” and “what fors”, I have been built to go to, and to apparently, allegedly, think deeply about.

Certainly, my expressed penchant, of Land Distribution Reforms, draw total silence in these formats!

Should I be surprised? Of course not.

And as for my other one, of putting to the world that we really do have to engage our Highest Intellectual Faculties [HA! The BIG HIF!!!] and grow beyond the whole deadly fraud of “leaders” in politics and thus, even harder for most to consider, of “leaders” in business, and in society, in sports therefore, and on and on?

Well..., either I am not of this world anymore, never was, or have taken myself so far out of it, dare I say “above it”, as to be incapable of communicating such concepts to them.

Sure, like “Land Distribution Reforms” the weight of evil selfishness profiting from this lack of equity makes my collected scientific deductions that we would all be enormously happier and wealthier if the world embraced global land reforms completely out of any possibility.

So, “Laws not leaders” is a wasted topic for most, still intelligent, and I guess clear thinking members on the communities Google+ offers.

However, it is clear to myself, that this format, perhaps especially for it being through the very mainstream medium of Google, is not for serious thought, thinkers, or as serious thinkers would know too well, for any genuine Revolutionary discussions, and I'd agree, because these mainstream formats are totally under the view and monitoring of the scum-sucking fucking psychos of the CIA, MI6, ASIO, Mossat, etc.

However, most do seem very 1st world, for having the time and computer/internet facilities to spend on this medium.

And, as it is a given for middle-upper class people to not go to the serious socio-political issues, because it/they challenges their 1, low, self-interested shallow materialistic lives, 2, challenges therefore, their egoism, 3, challenges therefore, their laziness of mind, and 4, their fear of genuine intelligent thoughts and concepts and people, 5, of having thence, to face up to their own narrowness of mind, of seeing the world totally as there to satisfy their own little legendary lives. ET CETERA!

So, I expect my chatting to the screen via Google+ will not last long.

Unless I decide that it's a Wildman's DUTY to keep hammering the middle-upper classes who use it, for entertainment, to pass their idle time, to help themselves believe they can mix-it with intelligent people, who do the same as I and use the fora to push what they see needs to be pushed, and keep up, surfing the communities for something REALLY CHUNKY, to partake in conversation on?


But certainly, it does not have me wake up in the mornings thinking YIPPEE!

But, I guess..., it's all good!

Life's short enough to endure, even the Harry Festers.


So, here's one chewy thought I threw to one of the Google+ pages 'tother day, elicited for the preceding statements by Jimmy Khann, and by [the snip I took of] the video included in the debate point.

I don't watch many vids, here on in news pages, for the cost of downloading them, so no doubt my replies are less than able to consider the length of what is put in the vids and the responses from others.

But, all in all, shit it'd be nice to get comparative responses from others herein? FUCK ASIO, and every wealthy piece of shit playing with their dick magic to screw my life and Genuine Human Justice of Land Distribution Reforms under.

There's a video clip attached to this post. I tried to take a screen shot just for the connection, but the snipping tool failed repeatedly for some strange reason?  Perhaps the face on it, the Asian Fella I refer to, didn't like my thinks on their technocratic beliefs?  Humpfh!  Typical!   Sure he's a smart and nice bloke though.  "Miko" somebody...?

Item posted by Jimmy Khann
- May 22, 2013
In the future when technology is boundless, money will merely exist, therefore our system of money will dramatically change, basically flipping the whole system, for money will not rule people but the majority of people will rule.”
[I'm not sure this quote is by Jimmy Khann]

Max Cook
May 24, 2013
Apologies for the length of this...?


It seems these are all based on the assumption that food, and clean air and water, etc, will still be readily available up the track? Seems like the space/future dreamers talking about colonizing Mars?

But I live in a very different "luddite" 3D-only rustic isolated forested or desert reality to pretty much every other person on earth now, who I think know those problems are, like the rest of it, all part of a manufacturable illusion.

So nice scenarios, nice dreams, can be made into reality, or into one they can transpose themselves into, leaving any tragic global ecological collapse back in the previous 3D illusion.

If this is the actual case for the 'awake' minds now, then all speculation, worry and hopes, expectations ambitions etc etc, become superfluous.

Techies, technocrats could even become their computers, or merely electrical impulses, and, like Hollywood made, leaping from circuit to circuit as their desires, or demands preferred.

As put in the 1960s, "Nothing is real!"

Not even, perhaps - being stuck in 3D - the planet upon which it appears our physical mortal coil relies for that food and clean air and water?

Certainly however, does not auger well for a united human species on this apparently preferred satellite of the Great Father Sun, if 8, 9, 15 billion of us have that basic organic need, beneath all our individual ideations?

Conflict would be inevitable, much as we see now, but on immensely multiplied extents, with larger and minuscule battles raging for space in the great big illusion?

This, all speculation on my behalf, it must be said.

Wars and poverty, pretty much every thing our history books tells us occurred, and climate and economic and astrophysical scientists predict for the future, as well, are unreal.

Or, for example, if someone is a warmonger, encoded if-I-may, not being an adept in that word's fields, to be a Warrior, and grows into regarding war as Honorable, the right thing to do, all things considered in their reality, then they will find or create their own world of war. Likewise for dainty little - er - petite women, will create a world of flower gardens.
Or bikers, a world of trick scoots, and grouse hot rods......

Our Australian Aborigines, in the early days of the invasion, when asked, coined the [English] term for their reality, "The Dreaming".

So these concepts put above appear to be, but are they possible, and why, did the Wise, ageless Aborigine choose the Dreaming, of living in 100 percent concordance with the natural environment, and with the spiritual realms?

Was it possibly, because they were still at one with the ultimate reality, had never gone off the path, like the Adam and Eve out of Eden are said to have, and were thus actually still, always at peace with themselves, thus were able to maintain a peace, for upto 100,000 years, with every other Nations here? [upto the 1788 invasion, there were an estimated 520-plus nations of different Bleck Fellas here, all with their own similar but different cultures, languages, etc]

They invented the "Boomerang" for Buddha's sake, showing they understood the aeronautics of flight magnificently, and yet were content, and wise enough to not seek endless desire for more more more of technological advance.

Sure, they came upon the Aussie continent as the first peoples, so were not in constant contention over territory, thus food, and wives, etc., mainly for having the "fabled" to us, golden rules and mean of the Jewish "Garden of Eden" peoples.

And it's certainly not my argument that technology is but a product of warmongers, needing to ever-advance their attack equipment and defenses, against a similarly never-content, nor ever wise enough enemy to negotiate an enduring truce, treaty or peace.

Therefore, the need to keep advancing technology may well be founded in some errant part of our being, of our existence, of our psychology, which cannot find the opposite of war, that is “peace”?

This, I know, is at the crux of most all western modern bothering, drive to build build build, more jobs, more construction, more depletion of the environment and natural resources. And on the personal, individual level[s], our insatiability and constant escape into dreamed-up technology to keep our ever-forward-looking mind constantly electrified.

As if being electrified is our warring modern psychological genre's belief of what being happy is?

This, without doubt - ask a Buddhist Monk - portends a nasty and usually insane end, as well as, in the end, being fruitless in the personal search for contentment.

So...? At what cost, do we each seek these dreams and satisfactions?

Is there a fundament we all need and must share, in this human, earthly level of existence, which we all, in which ever reality we fabricate for our own, must respect, and allow to work as it has from the planet's first spin off from the molten Sun, or such?

But, is this all just the illusion I'm stuck in?

“In the future when technology is boundless, money will merely exist, therefore our system of money will dramatically change, basically flipping the whole system, for money will not rule people but the majority of people will rule.” unquote.

Very “The Matrix” ending with Neo lifting off at the phone booth, rocketing skyward.

WOW! I do not know, but accept it might be possible, and even sustainable, whatever happens to this apparent pending eco-collapse and ensuing global wars, endless wars.

But wary of Hollywood's typical short-fall endings, with much illogic and unexplained nor explainable, are we being led into the metaphorical “ditch”?

By technocrats? With SFX?

Et CeFXera?

Hmmm? Chewy!

Whether those words were too off-topic for other contributors or not, I still think they're pertinent to the underlying discussion, and, to the infeasible question put in the title written on the video frontpage, of “Can Nanotechnology Create Utopia?”

Whoever, the shown Asian fella or not, asked that question, they would do well to define for themselves the meaning of the word “Utopia”. As I recall, it sort of means “an unattainable place”, a “perfect world” one we can never actually arrive at.

“Mythical place” “Imaginary place” “Fictitious place” are 3 definitions given on my Open Office Writer software Thesaurus.

However, I can't say these are not places we can never actually find, build or inhabit, because I am convinced that everything is illusion, thus, of the mind, thus, of the imagination.

So they might - erHUM - they ARE well ahead of me in that regard, for I don't seem anymore to have enough of an imagination to get beyond my own shithole, or is it mum's or that evil pack of psycho-wolves, the Theosophical Society's delusion?


Don't care anymore! I DEFY!!!


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