My 1st Cartoon and - A Tribute To Angelina Jolie

Guess I best say "Don't take it personally drone pilots!? [Pleeease!!!] I just had a vision, and wondered if I could draw something like this with the software I got.  It's really more aimed at the command, of the CIA.  But I might inspire a rogue drone with that new test hydrogen fuel that can fly a zillion miles to fly down under here and find me in the forest, Bubba?  TAKE YA BEST SHOT, ACEHOLES!!! [hahahahehehehohoho ?]

This, but a clip off the pic of the Angelina front cover of Time mag, I had to copy.   I wonder if the sort of sad look in her eye here, is but either photoshopped, or her drooly way of eliciting "Yumm!" from de males?  Whatever..., perhaps it was a genuine tear, for her bold, and deep decision to go the double mastectomy.  However, this misogynist and skeptic of men's addiction to women's boobs, salutes Angelina Jolie, for deciding so.  A "brave" move for a woman, no doubt.  Though I didn't read anything about it outside the headlines, so maybe she had been hit with breast cancer so had no choice?  Either way, the look in this pic in her eye, but the decision, while picked as the world's most beautiful woman, is as best as I can discern from this forest, a very strong, powerful symbolic statement perhaps, about the industry she rose to dominate - gorgeous women models - who rarely go anywhere near the top without "healthy" knockers.  I can't help but think her decision sort-of puts the industry on notice, about it's blatant abuse, thus disrespect of women, and of their booz, and also of men's blatant - this is how I see our predilection for tits - demand, desire and lust for our first feed bottles.  It seems to me, that for adult males to remain so attracted to boobs - I was definitely a tit man for most of my life - indicates that not just the blokes, but the culture of mothers nurturing babes, and not weening us off the teet correctly, is really a travesty and an indictment against the modern, perhaps, western culture.  But, I doubt that I'll ever not love, that is desire, the gentle warm, round, soft feel of a nice pair of women's fun-bags.  But I have a serious BITCH with women who flaunt them to climb whichever gold-digging ladder they're on.  But they're as often using their figure to test the integrity of the men too, so it goes both ways, aye?  Nevertheless, 1, Sad you had to take this route, Angie, if that's how it is, if not, you win my Respect in doing so, especially because of your fame, and why, which has gotta include below the neckline? And 2, I had to take a copy of this profile off Time mag.  You're a bit special Madam!  Somehow I reckon there's quite a mind inside the physiognomy too.