Yes Media Is To Blame For Escalating Violence

130501 JUST DEFIANCE Yes Media Is To Blame For Escalating Violence Edition

It started out terribly. Bad dreams night long about being arrested for being too honest in a totally corrupt nation, early out of the bunk and the bush retreat to avoid being banged around again by Queensland coppers, getting too early onto the web as the coffee goes cold, then finding this choice VoR article and being sucked into writing a comment, then, THEN, going straight off topic into my old banger land reform!


Hohum? At least the sun's shining!

Here's the VoR article title and link, to a good article by Evgeniy Ermolayev, which does touch on the points I address, but …...?

I urge people to read Evgeniy's article anyways..., it is relevant to all western political feuds.

The Voice of Russia

Aaaand...., here's what I flung......;

Yes yes! Refreshing analysis of the world's pseudo-politic.

The same problem has existed for so long, we forget if something (umm...?  "better, existed") before hegemony and egomania took over, or evolved out of constantly growing thus warring tribes.

My insight into politics, and religion's influence, especially of the last 2000 years, determines that 1, the two-sided political structure as forced on the masses in so-called "democratic" nations, only divides the people, as you say, 2, media is owned by a self-interested "political class" as is religion, and 3, it is not "leaders" people and nations and now a-more-than-ever communicating planet needs, but simply, scientifically deduced common laws of distribution, of supply, of the most basic material thing we need, want, share and cannot be without - the land.

Getting land laws correct, which includes the fundament of all economics, thus, and taxes, and with it as the source of revenue - ie., land tax - does away with the whole "political election process", for what amounts to a candidate for a peoples' "god", each election cycle, such that "law" is "god", is clean and uncomplicated enough for everyone, from laborer to scholar to learn, fully comprehend, remember, know as true, and live by, in the knowledge that it is entirely equitable, everyone knows it, and lives by it.

No need for debate, argument and war over differing "opinions" (unsubstantiated theories), but especially, government is by law and by the knowledgeable people a steady and "side issue", removing the need for this farce and fraud of regular local and national elections, always biased toward private, now corporate, interests.

Corporations being the modern-day version of corrupt monarchies, etc.

The vast majority of today's social divisions and crises, crime and vicious business practices - and ever-rising govt taxes - arise out of the bad laws of land distribution, which enable that factor to be speculated upon, thus land prices rise constantly, demanding ever-greater incomes to keep the roof over our heads.

Were land out of the inflationary equation, all other monetary issues would "settle", and balanced wages would reduce the money wars everyone has to deal with each working day.

"Land" is the same as "utilities", and should not be in private speculative markets.

Less to pay for real, scientifically valued land, more to invest in small or large honest capital enterprises, etc etc.

Law is God!

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