Labor Pains From British Establishment “Leaders'” Hands Up ALP Budget Collapse

130516 JUST DEFIANCE Labor Pains From British Establishment “Leaders'” Hands Up ALP Budget Collapse Edition

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Letting myself delude myself that I can play ball with the genuine Intellects of the media and political realms, mainly because I'm given no option, by my masters, I scored a couple of touches last week when I booted a few online.

The article at “The Conversation” is brilliantly clear, putting the reasons behind the recent ALP/Greens?Indies government budget “blow-out” in straight forward language and ways. 

 So go look! 
It's this/these sorts of Intelligent minds covering and commenting on the disgustingly shambolic business we call federal palriament, that the masses need to read, and follow their ongoing commentaries, because it is - or was to me - easy to read and understand.

To me, being no academic, and one who loses it after a few paragraphs of that usual level of economics-speak, it rang of an unusual honesty, so much needed in politrix and, AND, in our media.

Has Labor’s tax aversion left them on the verge of electoral defeat?

By Richard Denniss, the Executive Director of The Australia Institute, a Canberra based think tank.

Here are my attempts at sounding clever....:

Max Cook

REALPolitik Outlaw Journalist
Good article! Clearer than we get elsewhere.

Simply defining the war going on between the two cults, showing the level of cunning.

To let this business go-on, only spirals down, and has to one day end with a "no-win" for all but those in that top 10%, who live and play in a different universe.

No matter what recession, depression or other major economic calamity might strike the lower 90%, the top 10%, most living off unearned inherited income - THE place to reform for a healthy tax intake - always ride it out.

But, as the article so clearly puts, only while all involved with policy avoid the crux of taxation issues.

"Naivety" seems too harsh a term for the last 6 years of this new day Labor-coalition, because it's not only the newer age group of elected politicians and advisers putting in. So this might actually be exposing - again - the "unseen hands" of the larger global managers in Britain and Europe?

2-sides of the same coin.

Labor has done a lot to lift the lower income earners, unemployed and pensioners up after the terrible 13 years of the other side, and has, it does seem to me, put the 90% before the right's side preference of showing nice budget figures.

But as the article points out, both sides are caught, perhaps, in the cycles of boom and bust, almost as pre-scripted for one then the other.
But the whole sham of politics today, everywhere, shows it cannot endure, without collapsing, then being reformed in major ways.
Sadly though, the top 90% are most likely to survive that too, in their nuclear war bunkers.

Oligarchs? Leaders? ptuwee!

"Laws" Sires! "Laws!"

Later, another day, I went back to gloat to myself for writing something perhaps 1% clever, saw another blokes comments about needing a NUTHA leader, so I flung this at his flings...:

Max Cook
REALPolitik Outlaw Journalist
In reply to Phil Johnson

Obviously, it's a huge leap, of faith, of insight and understanding for voters mainly, to get passed the fallacies inherent - a larger term, with deeper meaning, than is today recognized - in all models of "democratic leadership".

Actually, "democratic leadership" is the same as "Christian Democrats" in that they are both oxymorons. In the least contradictory.

Phil writes, ".... What they really need to do is find / develop some real leaders to lead and sell what would seem to be a good vision put together by quality caring politicians and some smarter people to assist them put it in place without stuffing it up." .

I put it that this more narrow view, is the key failing in all democracies of our times?

A product I reckon, of the 15th &16th century "enlightenment" Yes, even then, long an unsubstantiated theory derived from the elitist upper class's greed, and long also, corrupted in the west, to being the dominant egocentric "norm" to today, of "enlightened self-interest".

This seems to influence our thinking in these terms of looking for an individual as leader, every voter's "alter-ego" in fact, who 1, we agree with, so does as our limited and always less-than able ideals and beliefs would do if "we" were given the power to run the world, 2, saves mememe from being properly informed about "economic, thus taxation laws", & 3, distracts us form the most honest forms of government.

Phil, it's not "leaders", but "Laws" we need. This, even stands as more important in the political process - itself a completely and wholly unscientific fabrication, designed to stave-off giving "the People" government - than the less ego-oriented "policies" hyperbola.

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